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Using AI to Streamline Blogging and Content Creation

I'm using the OpenAI API to simplify my blogging and content creation process. I'm writing my daily work-journal in a single markdown file and using AI to generate article summaries, meta descriptions, subheads, and keywords. I'm now looking to use browser automation and Github Copilot's API to save money. I also want to publish my Tweets, an Instapaper project, and read Daniel Kahneman's book. So many projects more approachable!

Streamlining Blogging and Content Creation with AI

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

There are so many distractions right now that it’s hard to focus on the work I really need to get done. But some of the work I needed to get done was “retooling” in light of the change happening in the world and distraction it’s creating. Namely, now that Intelligence as a Service exists in the form of the OpenAI API, I needed it active in my life. Foot in the game, as it were.

So as my last few posts covered, I overhauled the system by which this blog gets published. I keep this daily work-journal in a single markdown file called journal.md in which I add my new entries to the top, for a natural reverse chronological order. I’ve done this for years, publishing or not. But once I started doing an actual public version of my journal, it seemed obvious to do the whole data transformation thing to publish it.

This journal-slicing project is so tied to my field of SEO that it’s hard to imagine not doing it. So many insights arise from it, and so this is where I blended the artificial intelligence in, writing my article summaries, meta descriptions, subheads, and keywords. Now, whenever I write a new post (like this one), all that categorizing, keywording, and summarizing is done for me.

I am cutting the catapult-ropes of my built-up internal potential. I’m not one of these get-rich-quick overnight people. I basically hate business and the whole money thing gives me anxiety. I don’t save it much, but it does seem to come easy to me. So why not accelerate the earning? Do so by practicing your craft in a way that makes you a little more money?

Exactly how to do this, I’m not sure. But I do know that I’m at a new starting point. I’m going to get myself writing more every day, if only now because of the extra novelty of having OpenAI write my summaries and keywords. I’ll watch individual models get better over time, and I can experiment with new text models. I can layer in picture generation, find my best YouTube videos to embed on each article, and the like.

Practical use of AI today with scripting & scraping. I’ll have to bring the browser automation into this soon, so that I don’t have to pay OpenAI ever time. I should also see if Github Copilot has an API other than the one that just shows up in the editor. If so, I could maybe use that which I already pay for and which doesn’t have a pay-per-play cost model like the developer OpenAI API.

I need to carry through on more of my projects, like the publishing my Tweets one that I did a few months ago as an experiment. I should finish that project to actually get all my tweets going back in time to the beginning of an account. It piddles out some partway through. There’s a related project of publishing particular tweet-threads as articles, in order to make my experimental blogging via Twitter work also live native on my site. That’s 2 Twitter projects.

I also want to do an Instapaper project. It will be better now than I originally envisioned, because I can use the same AI summarizing process to read everything I Instapaper bookmark for me and put the summaries on my site in a way organized similar to my slice & dice blog system, now named ChopChop. In fact, I should extend my blogslicer tech to whatever projects it could apply to. Instapaper web article bookmarks is just such an obvious first pick.

Speaking of things I want to read, I need to read Daniel Kahneman’s book, Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment. There’s so much I want to understand and get on top of things as they super-advance. The whole “in our lifetimes” discussions that I have with Adi are getting crazy. If the technology acceleration hockey stick curve has not impressed you over the past 50 years, wait until you see the next 50 years.

Thinking through what’s coming and how to creatively and lovingly ride that wave is what this journal is becoming about. I didn’t realize that what I was doing was producing fodder for AI. I now have similar motivation to go back into my older blog posts and maybe republish the ones that are still relevant and that I still like. There’s merit to it for even historic value. We’re trying to increase our E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) per Google.

I also need to blend Google Trends, Google Suggest, and Microsoft’s Bing equivalents into something that keeps me informed every day with new keyword research. I need to build things to be something like a natural radar system. In such systems, you strike-off, black-list, or otherwise filter everything you’ve already looked at and considered. In this way, when new stuff pops up it’s easier to notice and consider because everything you have done so with already in the past is keeping new stuff that pops up that looks too much like the old stuff from becoming part of the noise. More signal over time, or a better signal-to-noise ratio over time is what you want.

Also now I can maybe put summaries of how sites are doing from a search, social and links perspective right on the published blog pages themselves. You know, connect to Google Search Console & Google Analytics while the pages are being produced and show how much traffic the page has received, what query terms are producing traffic to the page and the like. We don’t want to make it too spammy, but we do want to make it an example of what this very site is about.

Exude your competency. And finally you have a canvas upon which to perform which isn’t totally reprehensible to you, like the direction JavaScript frameworks and the full web stack have gone. Be just about the opposite to that sort of developer as you can be. I an not one of the cryptobros or sidehustle pros. I’m doing things not to make money, but because I enjoy them and can hardly believe that such things are now available to me.