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vim :b1 Commands Much Force Like Obi-Wan

by Mike Levin

Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Yep, the poetry pops into my head, what I need when I need.

When I jump around between journals, I type :b1 to get back to the first and most important one, my personal private one. Oh, be 1. Obi Wan. LOL, yep. This is too good not to share. And you really should share this kind of shit. The thinking goes:

And so now I copy/paste THIS entry over to MikeLev.in, which seems to be for things like this that are journal-like, publish-able, and don’t better belong in one of the other sites.

I also by the way can leave the original entry in my :b1 journal because it never gets published and so will never cause duplicate content issues.