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Visualizing Change is Projecting Epigenetic Templates

As a YouTuber, I am exploring the idea that particles have memories, self-similarity is found throughout because of fractals, and that our DNA contains 3.2 billion base-pairs of amino acids. I am amazed by the implications of epigenetics and the power to shape ourselves and our environment. I'm also fascinated by the idea of life having a way of returning to the center, no matter what. Join me as I explore these ideas.

Exploring Particles, Fractals, and Epigenetics: Uncovering the Power of Design in Our DNA

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

I am the hard-to-discover on YouTube, and once discovered even harder to follow, for you see, I follow no particular formula and I despise editing. Yes, in part this is because I am lazy and do not want to write scripts and master more tools destined to change on me. I like my tools unchanging and not charging me the privilege of $100/year just for the option of using it. Adobe Premiere is most decidedly not my vibe, even if I were to love it upon giving it a chance. No thank-you. I’ll take the under-featured video editor built into Blender any day over that. Better yet, there should just be a way of editing after the fact. Edit-after-publish by which you continuously refine your content, or allow others to do so for a cut of the revenue.

If remote viewing is really a thing, how would one break their way into the scene? If the universe can play back for entertainment value, how would you make yourself a playback hotspot? And would you really even want to? What if you were everybody and everybody were you, in both a human and all-life-forms perspective? What if one day you’ll know what it is to be a rock or whatever? Shifting perspectives and form of consciousness based on what your molecules have been a part of during the epochs. What if every persistent particle-like thing has a memory of everything it’s been a part of, entangled with?

What if the purpose of every particle is to live a life in this material world with its own sort of consciousness like what we have but at a particle scale? Isn’t that the self-similarity principle? If self-similarity is found throughout because fractals, then what’s self-similar to humans and other sentient beings? A particle? A galactic cluster (galaxies seem too simple)? Probably everything’s a neuron in some cosmic consciousness. Neurons don’t know they’re neurons. I heard that said recently.

Okay, I’m clearly on the verge of something here. Just add blogroll. Evolve skite into a self-publishing slice & dicer that lets you hold back your vim journals selectively. Know that what you’re using for yourself daily habit-wise with vim is appealing to others. I’m bringing a sort of structure and self-determinism to my life that’s the sought-after thing by many people: a no-strings-attached system for processing your thoughts.

Shifting perspective occasionally is important. I should remind people of that. Coming up with new baselines. Opening your mind to new first principles. Axioms. Assumptions. Tenants. Call them what you will, but we all live our lives based on them, generally instilled into us by our parents and society. We see things from the viewpoint we were born into, modified only by random emergent properties from recombinant DNA. Sexual reproduction is one of evolution’s big tricks try out new ideas. The purpose of sexual reproduction is to try out new ideas. Think about that.

We’ve all got a “vibe” and our most “core” hardware-vibes are expressed by our DNA, and the DNA passed directly down to us by our parents through genetic reshuffling. That’s the combined information of about 3.2 billion base-pairs of amino acids that double-helix up to form our DNA and the ultimate product so far of evolution. It’s got a lot in there. An awful lot more in fact than we’re expressing. Through variable gene-expression alone, our original hardware-DNA could lead to infinite variation in single-instance expression. We are all unique, if for genetic expression reasons alone.

It’s not all gills and tails. Gene expression can manifest in lots of subtle ways like general health. Circumstance plays a large role tool. You’re born into a situation in which your natural genetic traits are either advantageous or not. Your strengths may be identified and valued by society at an early age and nurtured and a sense of belonging and self-worth contributes to lower stress and worry and a longer life. Genes express themselves or not in reaction to your experiences and environment. Epigenetics. Almost unbelievable in its implications for life.

It is quite possible that we shape ourselves, you should know. Our genetics projects a sort of template-design to which some very flexible life-machinery attaches and figures out a way. Listen to modern-day Frankenstein Michael Levin (a different one) talk about scrambling developing frog-faces that self-correct. By whatever means, life somehow provides rails with strong return-to-center behavior baked-in.

Designs are information, are they not? That epigenetic template that a scrambled frog reorders itself into is encoded somewhere and somehow, is it not? An actual 3D-esque design is encoded into the DNA. Is the image of a frog not in a frog’s DNA? Is the image of you not in your DNA? If not, then what? Is there some level of sentient awareness where simply looking at a lifeform’s DNA reveal what sort of being it is?