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Watch Me Struggle With Mermaid JS

I'm live-streaming my daily journal before my 9:30 AM call. I'm using NeoVim, OpenAI auto-suggest, and Mermaid JS to work on a data project with a deadline. I'm also using CoPilot AI Pair Programming and Github CoPilot to help me out. I'm avoiding full web stack technologies and changing the background to white. Come join me on my journey as I explore noosphere and create quick diagrams with Mermaid!

Exploring Noosphere with Mermaid JS: Live-Streaming My Data Project Journey Before 9:30 AM Call

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

An error at the beginning of my WSL boot sequence:

wsl: Expected '=' in C:\Users\mikle\.wslconfig:4

Hello World! I figured I’d get at least a few minutes of live-streaming of my daily journal before my 9:30 AM call. It’s just a short call on exactly the same topics as where I left off. I didn’t do much yesterday after the live-stream because… I was tired. But today I get clarity on the project and dive into it head-first. I’ve got a deadline (somewhat self-imposed, but will help my employer if I make it).

Commitment & consistency!

Mike Levin: wsl: Expected ‘=’ in C:\Users\mikle.wslconfig:4

Bing: This error message is usually caused by a syntax error in your .wslconfig file. The error message indicates that there is an expected = sign missing in line 4 of your .wslconfig file located at C:\Users\mikle\.wslconfig¹. You can open the file with a text editor and check if there is any syntax error in line 4.

If you are still having issues after checking your .wslconfig file, you can try running the command wsl --shutdown to stop all running WSL instances and then start them again³. If that doesn’t work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling WSL³.

I hope this helps!

Source: Conversation with Bing, 4/4/2023

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(2) Troubleshooting Windows Subsystem for Linux | Microsoft Learn. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wsl/troubleshooting Accessed 4/4/2023.
(3) Is this the correct way to Import a WSL export, overwriting "default .... https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63252225/is-this-the-correct-way-to-import-a-wsl-export-overwriting-default-installati Accessed 4/4/2023.
(4) windows - Win 10 WSL won't set default 2 - Stack Overflow. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65004930/win-10-wsl-wont-set-default-2 Accessed 4/4/2023.
(5) WSL: Using A WSL symlink folder from Windows - Stack Overflow. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57580420/wsl-using-a-wsl-symlink-folder-from-windows Accessed 4/4/2023.

Get Mermaid working for quick & dirty illustrations in your journals & blogs.

A “data use case” that is compelling, awesome and kills a few birds with one stone.

Do you know Mr. Rogers from the TV show? He was a source of self-confidence and courage for a generation of youth confused by the modern world, especially the strange messages they were otherwise receiving from the media (TV).

I feel like Mr. Rodgers when I pop into here for a vim journaling session. There’s you, me and ChatGPT. It’s not really ChatGPT but it’s an integration from Github / Microsoft/ OpenAI. So it will suggest something to say.

The world is going to be confused a bit like Mr. Rogers children as we adapt to the new AI realities.

This is my journal. It is being typed in software called NeoVim. It is the same thing as vim in almost all regards, except that it has better ways it integrate with outside software and systems, like this OpenAI auto-suggest you’re seeing try to type stuff on my behalf.

graph TD; A-->B; A-->C; B-->D; C-->D;

I decided to start a blog because it’s no harder than the daily notes I do to think out loud. It’s kind of like a side-benefit. A by-product of my daily journaling.

You may have noticed the “Pair Programming” concept in CoPilot. They market it as AI Pair Programming. It’s very similar to the Commitment & Consistency principle. They work well together. It keeps you honest with your time, and on-track as far as focus.

Hi Tushar. This is just my daily work journaling, but now with CoPilot.

I’m working out Mermaid JS for quick diagrams.

The word is noosphere (from the Greek νοος, nous, “mind” and σφαῖρα, sphaira, “sphere”). It is a term coined by the Russian philosopher and scientist Pavel Florensky in 1917. It is a term used to describe the sphere of human thought, the sphere of human consciousness, and the sphere of human communication.

But the “noo” in noosphere is also the same root as “new” in “newness”.

Plenty of people are CoPilot AI Pair Programming. I may be the only one out here pair journaling.

The auto-suggestions are Github CoPilot, which is a plugin OpenAI integration with “vim” (it has to be the NeoVim version of vim, not the original) because NeoVim supports special plugins that allow the grey type-ahead text to appear.

I’m somewhat adverse to “particular” technologies, especially “full web stack” because I get mad at things going obsolete just when you master them.

Mermaid isn’t so bad because markdown isn’t so bad. Timeless, in a way.

I did a bunch of experimenting and instead of changing colors on in Mermaid diagrams, I just change the background to white and lean into the defaults.