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We Power Our Way Through This Material Life & World

As an individual, I believe it's important to make the most of our lives and pursue our passions. We should be mindful of becoming overly reliant on AI and vendor services, and instead take joy in the economic product that comes from doing what we love and engaging with the material world. Click through to learn more about how to make the most of your life!

Power Your Life: Find Joy in Pursuing Your Passions and Engaging with the Material World.

By Michael Levin

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Many of the angels involved in debating whether the game of life should even be a thing believed it was so far impossible ad to not even be worth trying.

Stick a fork in a daemonized gnu screen session and you’ve got a monitorable service. You can connect to its console through the standard gnu screen terminal connection ports. Otherwise the output of services is quite invisible.

The mysteriousness of your own custom services that you built is entirely up to you. If you want to be able to watch the console as something runs, funnel it through a gnu screen session. Log into that session whenever you want to watch it run.

This is modern generic plumbing of tech 101. If you’re showing someone who’s supposed to be hot shit this stuff and they’re surprised by or misunderstand what you’re showing them, they’re vendor puppies. They’re information-starved imposters feeding at the teats of vendor white papers—worst being Oracle. Oracle: stop buying and ruining FOSS companies like Berkeley DB. We could have had FOSS NoSQL years earlier. Watch carefully what Microsoft does today with Linux.

Linux Free, Linux Awesome, Linux Easy, no strings attached — except for all those slippery slopes into vendor-tool dependence like VSCode that lead you to vendor-service dependencies like Azure and OpenAI. Watch out for your AI-dependencies. It’s not healthy. Think for yourself. That’s a gift you’ve been given. It’s almost like the whole point in my opinion. So don’t defer to some robot parent too soon. Listen to its opinion like that of a very smart mentor. But then weigh what it says against your own unique experience.

For your experience to not necessarily be one of the easily averaged away may be the point. It’s not necessarily a genetic contest. Perhaps it’s something on the neighborhood of a unique information contest. Make the data of your life appealing to pursue. Don’t necessarily strive to be average if your interests pull you in some other direction. Pull on that thread.

Those who “made it” are supposed to be able to stop working. But if you do what you love then to ask you to stop working is to ask you to stop doing what you love. Those of us who produce with our hands and minds to make product take joy in the production of economic product as a result of practicing our craft. It’s not stock trading or clock punching. It is engaging in life, engaging with the material world, in a way that you love.