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Why Programming Is Easy But Math Is Hard

As someone who has struggled with math since high school, I have used Python and other tools to make it easier for me. I recently created my first Jekyll blog post and am now working on adding headlines. I'm excited to share my journey and hope it helps other people who are also struggling with math. Come read my blog post and join me on this journey!

My Journey to Make Math Easier: Read My Blog Post and Join Me!

By Michael Levin

Saturday, April 23, 2022

I realize I’m hyper-literal in my internalization and application of “da rulez”. High school algebra in particular limits my capability for the sort of abstract thought required for higher mathematics.

I hit the point home with this video where I show a division operator in Python (/) being overwritten by pathlib and the default Python slice API being overwritten by Pandas.

If I’m going to do better practicing what I preach, I can’t have these long journal pages as my main homepages of these various sites. So, I need to think about slice & dicing the sites… and releasing the potential of the tools I’m using, doing as little re-invention as possible UNLESS it’s absolutely called for… in which case it wouldn’t really be re-invention.

I have done a WordPress to Jekyll import (MikeLev.in) and I can look at it as an example… but why? Go for the ideal if it exists. See how Jekyll WANTS you to blog. Lean into the strengths of the tool.

We are NOT migrating a blog. We’re starting from scratch, so this page: https://jekyllrb.com/docs/posts/

I put a file in location to test the system.


Great success.

There’s much still to learn, especially about controlling that URL (categories & tags)… but this is a “success assured” moment. All I need to do is add a slice & dice process to my master publishing script.

Okay, wow, so I got the title logic in. Now slap some headlines on these blog posts. A few with, a few without.