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WSL2LXD is now lxdwin, Apt & Pip Installs Done. Graphics Implemented.

I'm feeling productive this morning and I'm on my third great-twenty-eight. I used an open-minded craftsperson's approach to tool selection and use, and after running install.bat, apt_installs.sh, and requirements.txt, I debugged a script and did a full reboot. I'm happy to say I think I nailed it and renamed the repo to lxdwin. Read my blog post to find out more!

Reigniting the Fire: I'm on my Third Great-Twenty-Eight and Nailing It with lxdwin!

By Michael Levin

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Okay, it’s 7:00 AM. I’ve been having these enormously productive days on multiple fronts. If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. If you want ungodly amounts done, get rid of the daily commute and other profoundly intense distractions in life. POOF! It takes awhile to get back into that productive mode. You have to essentially fall in love with the process again. I’ve known such zone-full flow-states in life before. It was probably my great twenty-eights at Scala Multimedia. Since then, it’s one version or another of trying to recapture the magic. The thing is if you keep an open mind and take a craftsperson’s approach to tool selection an use, you can rekindle the fire. You can have a second and third great-twenty-eight. I think I’m on my third. I did a second when I switched to Linux, Python, vim & git.

Now get to it. Do one more wsl2lxd install.bat run to assure yourself you’re at a good starting-point. And then:

All tests out well. I made a few tiny refinements to the install scripts. Administrator is not actually required for install.bat if you launch it under PowerShell or probably even COM without doing it with the icon from the desktop, LOL! There’s a statement there. Okay, onto the above two implements which should be easy, breezy, 1, 2, 3esy… 1?

Find the closest example of doing this in the install scripts.

All done. Wow, this is excellent. Going to rename repo (again), but this time to lxdwin.

Wow, just spent time debugging the script and it was spaces after the equals where a bash environment variable was being used.

Wow, I think I have it. Doing full reboot.

I think I nailed it.