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Yep, it’s Time For a Book by Mike Levin

An Intro to The Intro (some breadcrumb trails for Adi)

Mike Levin BookIt’s time for my “Half-way Through Life & Should’ve Written a Book” book. As with most things in life, my biggest weakness is wanting to over-do it. Shorter is better (quote Mark Twain, Dr. Seuss or whoever). But it takes a lifetime to distill it all down to the short-bit that I’d love to leave my daughter, as yet another attempt at a little updated Sun Tzu, Art of War. Essentially with tech, we’re just talking about a little expansion on the chapter on the use of fire.

But alas, I am not that person, and I will not write that book. Instead, I’m just going to try to bank a bunch of little wins. These little wins will be my daily-writings, which I have been struggling through 30 the years to make use of, find a consistent publishing-channel and audience for, and generally being worth putting in the effort at all.

Quadrants of InterestWhat I’ll Probably Cover In My Book

Now I have a daughter. Now I care about inheritance and legacy in a way I, well, couldn’t really care much about before. Adi is silly-smart, attracted to many of the same tastes-in-cartoons that I am. One of our biggest discoveries from our recent trip to Puerto Rico was Gravity Falls on Disney XD. It’s the perfect show to play the observation game, which she is always open to playing (look for the ciphers!)

Open to playing the observation-game, hmmmmm? Bingo! Book-time. Lay out a few things to be observed. Frame it in a way that I know will spark all her interest: “Well, then I’ve got a secret for you, Adi. A secret and a puzzle…” and then lead-onto the next-steps which is always boring stuff, but spruced up in the context of a framed-story with characters that you care about just enough to keep you engaged. Toss in some scientific method, some story telling (with morals), and some metaphysics/psychology and you’ll unlock the secret, Adi!

Enticing Adi (& Audience) In With Secrets

Gravity Falls Mabel Grappling HookThe story and the secret is your place in this world, Adi. It’s all your answers to all your questions. It’s the lesson that all of life’s ultimate decisions are yours, although it’s not always going to feel that way. Who are you? What do you want to be? Perchance I can help you sort your way through these mysteries with what I’m sure will come off as boring at first… until you start digging… peeling away the surface layers… not believing everything you’re told. Play the observation game… a lot!

The observation games leads to the scientific method, leads to getting stuff done methodically and more reliably than with other approaches. I’ll make this book to try to help you sort through it all without boring you silly, by trying to put it into context and perspective with good stories (Gravity Falls = inspiration). And occasionally, but not-too-often, I will try to be the shepherd, running interference keeping you from falling own into some of the worst pitfall traps that litter our imperfect and frequently unfair world (don’t let others try to do your thinking for you). And sometimes, I will let you fall, because of my faith that you will recover and come out stronger and better for it… the hardest thing.

This book is along the lines of semi-automating my job in raising you now. You’ll have as much full-time access to me as anyone in this life, second only maybe to the ones who pay my paycheck. But independent wealth is now a goal in life for me now, starting very late as I am at 45. But what I lost in savings-time, I’ll make up for with cleverness… with being citation-worthy… by being a the top of my field in a field looking for white knights and heroes and leaders. There’s a secret: luck comes to those who make it for themselves! Confidence! Practice! Crawl, walk, jump, and then fly to new places!

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And I will somehow transition that currency into real currency, through one of the many conversion mechanisms out there, like Venmo, Patreon, or even just cranking this out into a self-published Amazon book or whatever. New economy, Adi. I trust you’ll be much better at it than your ol’ late-comer dad. But here goes nothing! I shall set my expectations very low, but then try to over-deliver for my imaginary audience, and see if anyone responds.

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