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Commodore - Just when I thought I was out

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in!  While most people had girlfriends or the college campus experience during their formative years. I had Commodore. Yes, I was a bright-eyed, enthusiastic student intern, and the ultimate fanboy who was just beamed up by the mothership… just as somebody hit self-destruct. I led the local Amiga users’ group, infiltrated their Bahamas fortress for shareholder meetings, and worked for a spin-off for 8 years. Commodore Computers colored a good portion of my professional career, and taught me many of my key lessons in life. I thought I finally had it out of my system, and Barry Altman goes and brings it back from the dead… and I gobble it up. And damn it, I have to recommend this thing…

Here is my FAQ about Commodore

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We live at a privileged time, because the history of computers is being written in our lifetime.

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