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Google Value Proposition

Ah yes… I can’t have a “My Field” area of my website without mentioning Google. Google is a one-trick pony and a castle built on clouds. But it is a very good trick, and a very powerful castle. However, have you ever heard of sudden soil liquefaction? That could happen with Google, because most of their revenue comes from fundamentally non-loyal advertisers who will switch their budgets to wherever the eyeballs are. So Google’s mission in life is to ensure that the eyeballs stay there, and that they get some bedrock under that castle—in the form of diversification and significant alternative revenue streams. In other words, become more like Apple. That’s why they’re buying Motorola Mobile. Google, like every other mega-net-co like Amazon and Microsoft, is trying to become more of the necessary and inextricable fabric and infrastructure of the Web and business, much the way DNS is. They’re doing this in the battle over logins, email, social and messaging platforms, office software, and all that happy good stuff that’s becoming cheaper in attempts to lock us in. How do I fit in? So long as Google’s got the eyeballs, they’re the kingmakers, and I tweak things this way and that, trying to affect who becomes and stays king.

Here’s an FAQ about the Google Data API

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