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HitTail - Know What To Write About

HitTail provides a practical alternative to paying for search hits… and now, is also your insurance against Panda attacks!

HitTail Super NachoHitTail is a writing suggestion tool for SEO that I wrote back in 2006 which is still going strong today. My contribution included envisioning the application, designing the application, writing the code, configuring the hardware, installing the hardware in the collocation facility (before the cloud), promoting the site, approximately five years of network and system administration, and assisting with a seamless transition when it was acquired by new owners.

HitTail originally mined keyword referrers, and today uses API data pulls from Webmaster Tools to determine which search keywords are “almost” working for you, requiring just a little bit of deliberate focus to push them higher in search results. It’s a lather, rinse and repeat process that works as well today as it did back in 2006, still garnering new articles praising its unconventional but effective site traffic growth methodology eight years later.