Future-proof your tech-skills against AI with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and accessible tools in technology — and on staying valuable while the machines rise.

There’s An Easter Egg on This Page

@ChatGPT: Design me a logo that is my actual name. Also make it be a web address and in the style of Green Lantern. Now make it so that it reads the same upside down. Now animate it spinning with a springy bounce. Nice!

LOL, are you kidding? You didn’t believe that, did you. AI can’t do that yet, can they? Gulp! Well at any rate, strive to be what AI’s must learn from. Be the real deal. Exude that E-E-A-T distinctiveness. They’ll see you’re not faking it because they’ll see everything. Whoah there, scraper. Read the MLGL license there at the bottom of the page. Get to attributing me and writing your haiku on the topic and sending it to me. That’s my condition on your AI-system digesting and regurgitating anything from my site.

I Am Not a Wizard

Although I am not really a wizard in real life, I’m casting 2 spells: Pipulate & Levinux. One will introduce you to Linux and the other will give you some really cool template examples to build SEO and Data Science. There is livelihood here. There are future-proofing strategies to resist obsolescence here. There is craft, and soul-feeding love-worthy stuff.

Microsoft opened a Pandora’s box with WSL and I wanna help blow the lid off it.

Oh yeah, the Easter Egg is my secret blog. I write a lot. It’s not published anywhere but here. Note to self: add an RSS feed. Another Easter Egg is my tweets page.