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Future-proof your technology-skills with Linux, Python, vim & git... and me!

You Can Take it With You

Virtual machines are terrible. Docker has persistence problems. Get both performance and persistence with LXD Linux containers.

Future-proof Yourself With Noah’s Ark of Tech

Did you ever find yourself suddenly obsolete? It happens all the time in the field of tech. It’s because you’re on a platform that has to go away so the vendor can make more money. Did you ever wish there was a sort of Noah’s Arc where you could take all your knowledge and know-how and survive? Well then this video (and LXD Linux containers) are for you.

LXD vs. Docker

Yeah, yeah, docker, docker, docker, rah, rah, rah. Wanna know why Docker’s so popular? It was first and panders to pre-made consumerism. If you’re using it for development work, you have to map /home/username/ to something outside docker for persistence. Want a database? It’s got to be outside docker too. Apt install? Pip install? Not into a docker image, you won’t.

It’s All About Persistence

There’s ways to mitigate persistence resistance, but why? Start with LXD and your home folder can be right in your main container image. Git clone. Apt install. Pip install. Use databases. Do all those things that Docker users need to find clever ways to make possible. And once you map your local writes to outside the docker image, why even use docker for development. It’s a consumer product. Look at how everything needs to be “composed” as if Photoshop layers.