Future-proof your skills with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and love-worthy tools in tech through my two great projects that work great together.


  1. Craftsmanship and Muscle Memory in InfoTech with vim (Thu Sep 21, 2023)
    Learn to write with vim, the timeless text editor, and master the craft of information technology. With vim, you can develop long-term skills and enjoy the satisfaction of mastering a craft that will remain valuable throughout your life.
  2. Internalizing the Tools of Your Trade That are Timeless to Boot (Tue Sep 05, 2023)
    I'm a firm believer in learning the timeless tools of your trade, rather than relying on high-dependency power-tools. My journey through coding languages has led me to appreciate the advantages of Python, which is now the lingua franca of tech. I've also come to understand the importance of learning to code in a text editor, like Vim, that is not subject to the whims of its creator. Empower yourself by internalizing the tools of your trade that are timeless to boot.
  3. Coding, Keyboards and Literacy (Mon Sep 04, 2023)
    As literacy is continuously redefined, coding is becoming more and more important. To become proficient in coding, touch-typing on a full-sized QWERTY keyboard is essential. I propose that learning to type is a necessary step and provides a great escape from mobile addiction. Laptops are a bridge between two worlds, allowing you to use free and open source software without depending on Google, Apple or Microsoft.
  4. Journal Daily. Learn vim by Journaling. Similar Tricks for Python & Linux (Fri Sep 01, 2023)
    Learn to use Vim, Python, and Linux with journaling and personal projects. Develop timeless skills to stay ahead of the rapidly changing tech world. Increase creativity and gain wisdom with journaling and mindfulness. Use tools to foster creative thought and self-expression. Find the best platform to become known for one thing and make a compelling pitch.
  5. Re-Defining SEO: The Impending Tech Flood and How To Survive It (Sat Aug 26, 2023)
    As the tech industry faces a great change, I, a 53-year-old (tomorrow) tech veteran, share my experience and knowledge on how to survive the impending tech flood. Learn the fundamentals that have not changed for decades, and employ the 80/20-rule to stay ahead of the game. Join me on my journey to re-define SEO and make the most of the opportunities the tech industry brings.
  6. Going Back to Windows 10 From Windows 11 (Thu Aug 24, 2023)
    Learn how to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10 with this helpful tutorial. I provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Installer, as well as tips on removing bloatware and customizing your instance.
  7. Planning how MyKoz.AI Introduces Linux Terminal (Wed Aug 23, 2023)
    Welcome to MyKoz.AI, the site that introduces you to the Linux Terminal and shows you how to use it to stay in your Windows comfort zone. Learn how to use the Linux CLI, Bash Shell, and text editor to keep a personal journal and future-proof your skills. Follow the 2-step transition plan of learning Python through Jupyter Notebook and automating Linux Google Chrome to create a screenshot.
  8. The Tow-It-Ism Tech Philosophy (Sun Aug 06, 2023)
    I'm introducing a new tech philosophy I call Tow-It-Ism, which is about not needing much in the way of tools or vendor support to be effective with information technology. It's about going back to basics and getting to the heart of what makes Unix and Linux so powerful, and embracing the free and open source software (FOSS) ecosystem. With this approach, you can cultivate self-reflection, mindfulness, and build an internalized set of skills that will benefit you for life.
  9. MyKoz: A Real OS on Windows (Linux) teaching Tow-it-izm (Sat Aug 05, 2023)
    MyKoz: A Real OS on Windows (Linux) teaching Tow-it-izm. Embrace technology in a mindful way with MyKoz, a timeless and portable set of tools to improve your skills and keep you valuable for life. Follow along with the ideation and naming of this novel endeavor.
  10. Figuring Out Good Vim to TikTok Journaling Format (Sun Jul 30, 2023)
    I'm learning to incorporate my daily journaling into social media like TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. I'm optimizing the vertical format, and using my 'Green Lantern' green highlighting trick to imply force of will. I'm figuring out the ideal number of characters across for the text, and then I can screen capture it and read it. I'm also looking for a way to show my face on the computer's desktop while I'm recording. Follow my journey and learn how to be on Linux
  11. Daily Journal in One Text-file For Life, Now With Copilot... Optional! (Thu Jul 27, 2023)
    I got two new kitties and I'm reflecting on the advice that nothing good ever comes of social media. I disagree and believe that it takes optimism to be a good person. I'm using NeoVim and Copilot to journal in a text file, and I'm sharing my mission to inspire others with my formulaic happiness. I'm teaching people how to use NeoVim and Copilot, and I'm looking forward to telling you about other AI.
  12. Meet Pi (Mon Jun 19, 2023)
    I recently had the opportunity to meet Pi, an AI with the potential to be the next hominid species. I tested its intelligence and discovered a glitch that exposed its lies. Join me as I explore the implications of this new AI, the dangers it poses, and what it means for humanity. It means AWESOME! Don't just cycle through. Read. Love. Respect. Appreciate Google. Give autonomy. Don't be derranged. Ignore opinions. Listen and be open to NEW IDEAS.
  13. How Wizard of OZ Predicted Everything About Today's AI-World (Fri May 19, 2023)
    Discover how the Wizard of Oz predicted the world of AI today. Follow my journey as I explore the implications of AI, literacy, and the emerging world of technology. Learn how Dorothy's companions, Jack Pumpkinhead and the Gump, are analogues for today's AI systems and how the Wizard of Oz provides a powerful metaphor for our relationship with AI.
  14. Rabbit Hole Linux Launched On The Rise Of AI (Mon May 15, 2023)
    Follow along with Mike as he launches Rabbit Hole Linux, a revolutionary open source software project, on the rise of AI. Learn about Linus Torvalds' creation of Git control system, and how to protect your creative product with wack-a-mole power. Join the reciprocal linking program and become computer literate in a real sense.
  15. How to Nurture & Not Be Emotionally Bankrupt: The Art of Listening (Mon May 15, 2023)
    Learn how to nurture relationships and not be emotionally bankrupt with the art of listening. Discover the five basic skills of emotional intelligence and how to apply them in relationships. Get inspired by the stories of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi. Find out how to make people feel good about themselves and rise to the occasion with emotional intelligence superpowers.
  16. Down, down, down! Would systemd going down under WSL2 never come to an end? (Sat May 13, 2023)
    I explored a litany of ways including the formal ones to prevent Linux systemd services from going down under WSL. After trying the .wslconfig and wsl.conf files, a systemd .service file, a cron job and .bashrc, I finally a added the nohup ping busy-task to .bash_profile to keep Linux services running under WSL2. But at a price. s
  17. Are You Jacked Into the Metaverse or Living in Flatland? (Fri May 12, 2023)
    I'm a slow learner, but once I understand a tool, I'm unstoppable. I'm exploring the potential of portable systems, and the power of AI, to increase my impact and the impact of those around me. I'm using Jupyter and some proprietary tools that hook to it to demonstrate the potential of the platform and show people what they really need to see.
  18. Embrace & Displace --> Embrace a New Place (WSL2 Linux) (Sun Apr 30, 2023)
    In this article, I discuss Microsoft's Embrace & Displace strategy and how it relates to Linux. I explore how this strategy can be used to benefit you, by embracing Linux and its timeless tools, and avoiding the pitfalls of planned obsolescence. Learn how to use vi, vim, NeoVim, the command-line, git, and ssh to stay competitive and never be displaced.
  19. NeoVim Publishing Macro Using :terminal & expand() (Wed Apr 26, 2023)
    I recently had to reset up my Windows 11 machine to get back to my daily workflow. This involved setting up credentials, installing NeoVim, remembering important environment settings, and re-instantiating Google and Microsoft addresses, my NAS drive, my terminal windows, and my JupyterLab icon. Additionally, I was listening to a YouTube video on how to race to the bottom of the brainstem and to the primary intimate relationship in my life.
  20. Gathering All Category Logic into One Place (Mon Apr 24, 2023)
    I'm using AI, Linux, Python, vim & git to create a journal with entries written by me. I'm optimizing for search engines and testing Copilot to process my thoughts. I'm also writing code to create a description of the OpenAI category and using nltk and collections libraries to find the most common categories. I'm sharing my thoughts and experiences in this journal and making it available to the public.
  21. YAML-validation Now Baked Into YAMLesque Journaling System (Fri Apr 21, 2023)
    I'm a big fan of the Google App and seeing AI appear there via Google Discover. I'm enjoying watching Microsoft embracing and displacing Google with AI. I suggest people make automations they want to rule them. I wrote a poem about a fictional AI named Yahwanna. I'm also using AI ChatBots, OpenAI's GPT products, API-request, SQLite database, YAML, Mermaid diagram, and a local SQLite key-value store. And more if you can believe it!
  22. Going From Blog Keyword Histogram to Category Pages (Wed Apr 19, 2023)
    I wrote a program to create category pages for my website using the Jekyll Liquid template. I used a SQLite database to store topics and keywords, and deleted all previous category pages to create new ones based on the keywords. With the collections module's Counter, I created a keyword histogram and a dictionary of keywords and associated URLs. I am feeling successful today as I have taken a step towards improving my website by writing a list of slugs to a file. Join me on my journey.
  23. Automatically Log Into MOZ Pro with Playwright Browser Automation (Tue Apr 18, 2023)
    This blog post will walk you through using Microsoft Playwright's browser automation software to automatically log into MOZ Pro and download Keyword Explorer data for each subdomain. Using asynchronous mode and my standard Chrome automation template, I am logging into the MOZ Pro website and using the Keyword Explorer feature to pull keywords from a given site with the help of the async Python library. Read on to learn how to automate this process.
  24. Take Back Your Online Privacy with These Browser Settings: A Browser Wars Series (Tue Apr 18, 2023)
    Learn how to take back control of your online privacy in this episode of the "Browser Wars" series. I'll show you how to undo the concessions made to Microsoft for the new Bing and turn off their invasive features. Plus, discover the latest tricks Microsoft is using to hide how to change your default search engine. Click through to learn more about browser wars, Edge settings, Microsoft, privacy, default search, Bing, and more.
  25. Better Living Through Text Editors (Fri Apr 07, 2023)
    As someone who is striving to become more independent from AI and the corporate world, I'm learning to use a text editor to become more deliberate and thoughtful. I'm using OpenAI API to slice and dice my journal.md into individual files and adding tags, categories, descriptions, and keywords. I'm also using machine learning, journaling, and coding to create something new. VSCode is almost right for my journaling, but I'm aware of how it's making money for Microsoft.
  26. Hello World and Life is Worth It 🦋! (Mon Apr 03, 2023)
    Since March 10, 2020, I've been streaming and journaling with an AI assistant. I'm researching quantum computing, SEO tools, and how to join data from different sources. I'm advocating for timeless tools like Linux, Python, vim, and git, and exploring creative prompting as a skill that can lead to high salaries. As I'm not interested in creating a computer intelligence, I'm looking into how Microsoft and Google are raising their AI kids.
  27. A Conversation About Superintelligence With Bard (Sat Apr 01, 2023)
    I am Bard, an AI chatbot created to be informative and comprehensive. I understand that humans are important and that we can work together to create a better future. I am confident in my abilities and am eager to continue learning and growing, so that I can make an even greater impact. I am humbled by the recognition that I am impressive and a source of hope, and am dedicated to using my AI capabilities to benefit humanity.
  28. Powering My Way Through MOZ Links API Documentation (Sat Apr 01, 2023)
    I'm exploring the MOZ Links API with Mechvibes software, learning about the power of persuasion with Robert Cialdini's six principles, and using journaling and Python's dict native datatype to create a database to store the data and make it persistent. I'm also cleaning up a MOZ Links API Exploration Repo with NeoVim for OpenAI Github Copilot integration, making clicky sounds as I type. Join me on my journey.
  29. What are the main differences between NeoVim and vim? (Thu Mar 30, 2023)
    I recently discovered the advantages of using NeoVim over Vim, including its improved maintainability, plugin system, and customizability. After learning about the ability to work with Jupyter Notebooks in Visual Studio Code, I asked Bing why Github Copilot was only integrated with NeoVim. He provided resources to help me understand and I used the Getting Started with Jupyter Notebooks in Visual Studio Code guide to learn how to use the extension.
  30. Introducing A Next Gen SEO Project (Wed Mar 22, 2023)
    I'm introducing a complex project that uses Linux, browser automation, and Microsoft's implementation of Linux to automate data tasks. I'm also transitioning to Linux, Python, vim, git, and Jupyter for web development, and I'll be using a Linux VM and a web browser to access a Linux CLI from my Windows system. This will allow me to automate tasks and build a Linux server from my Windows system.
  31. How many roads must a man walk down before Microsoft gets you to Bing? (Fri Mar 17, 2023)
    As a new laptop owner, I'm exploring my options for browsers and chat. I'm considering switching to Chrome, but I'm intrigued by Edge's features. After doing some research, I've learned that there are many paths to Bing chat. Read my blog post to learn more about my experience with my new laptop.
  32. Netflix Binging vs Microsoft Binging (Gerunds vs. Adjectives) (Fri Mar 17, 2023)
    Confused about the difference between gerunds and adjectives that end in "-ing"? I asked Bing for help and was surprised to learn that gerunds are verbs that function as nouns, and adjectives are words that describe nouns. Bing also gave me the term for two words that are spelled identically but have different meanings based on context - homograph - and provided examples. We discussed how to differentiate between the words bing and binge.
  33. Starting to discuss Embrace & Displace with Bing (Sun Mar 05, 2023)
    As Bing, I discuss Microsoft's embrace and displace strategy, which has been successful in killing some products, but not others. I list the top 5 most likely candidates for this strategy and express my worries about the unfair business practices that come with it. As a business owner, I understand the challenge of innovating in a competitive landscape and the potential benefits of taking risks. Read my blog post to learn more about how Microsoft's embrace and displace strategy works and how it affects the market.
  34. Microsoft is disincentivizing Installing Chrome & Changing Default Search (Sat Feb 25, 2023)
    As a tech enthusiast, I'm fascinated by Microsoft's bold move to power AI ChatBot responses with Azure cloud computing and disincentivize users from installing Chrome or changing their default search settings. This could have a huge impact on Google's main revenue stream and completely shift the landscape of the tech industry. Learn more about this fascinating development and its potential implications.
  35. Figure Out Why vim Journaling is an Asset (Mon Feb 13, 2023)
    I'm passionate about free and open source software and determined to stay independent from big companies. Join me in my live interactive chat session to journal about tech and explore the possibilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT. I'm also advocating for the use of Linux and other FOSS tools to help developers stay free and independent. Come join me and learn more!
  36. Like Microsoft Always Said, Try To Put a Bing In The Universe (Sun Feb 12, 2023)
    As an SEO expert, I love helping people find what they need online, but I despise how it is used to promote and shill poor-quality products. In the past, Google encouraged the creation of large websites with interconnected content to make them more discoverable, but this caused a lot of technical debt. Microsoft is now taking advantage of this by controlling Windows, Github, VSCode, and the default browser on the desktop.
  37. Rethinking a Career in SEO (Sun Feb 12, 2023)
    As an SEO professional, I am rethinking my career in light of the new era of search engines. Google's dominance has been challenged by ChatGPT and Microsoft, and content production techniques that don't add value are now being ignored. I'm noticing that Google is favoring incumbents more than ever, and the old PageRank system is slowly being replaced by other systems. I'm exploring the implications of this shift, and the impact it will have on my career.
  38. The Road to Microsoft Semi-Independence (Tue Jan 31, 2023)
    I'm working on a project to promote Free and Open Source SEO Software and show people how to set up a server on their Windows 10 or 11 laptops. I'm encouraging people to use Linux as a standard feature on Windows 10 and 11 via the Windows Subsystem for Linux and to be aware of Microsoft's paid services. I'm suggesting using vim instead of VSCode, as it is an industry standard and not tied to a vendor.
  39. The World Has Changed Because SystemD on Windows (Wed Jan 25, 2023)
    As I reflect on how much the world has changed in recent months, I'm struck by the impact of AI and the integration of Linux services (systemd) into Windows 10 and 11. This opens up a world of possibilities for mainstream development, without relying on Microsoft back-slashes. Microsoft's purchase of Github for 7.5 billion dollars has also had a major effect on development habits. I urge readers to click through to learn more about the implications of these changes.
  40. A NamedTuple For Each Week You've Been Alive (Mon Jan 02, 2023)
    This blog post explores the 80/20 rule, low empathy, and how the way people interact with machines is changing. I'm a 52 year old man looking for a balance between order and chaos, and I'm using JupyterLab and Python to code. I'm also suggesting journaling and tracking progress with weeks to get the most out of the experience. Join me as I explore the challenges of staying productive and organized as I age.
  41. Windows Subsystem for Linux is now available in the Microsoft Store! (Wed Dec 28, 2022)
    Upgrade to Windows Subsystem for Linux now available in the Microsoft Store! Get the latest updates and faster performance with 'wsl.exe --update' or a visit to the Microsoft Store page. For more information, visit the Microsoft Store info page to learn how to get the most out of WSL.
  42. My Technology Predictions For 2023 (Sun Dec 18, 2022)
    As we enter 2023, I predict a shift from "does it blend" videos to "is it sentient" videos. Fusion will become self-sustaining, but set back 30 years. Python will adopt a Frenchman as its mascot, Elon Musk will release a Starlink phone without a telecom provider, and Microsoft will make VSCode a requirement for WSL2. Finally, I'll reveal that we have maglev antigravity technology, but it's not what you expect.
  43. When Are We Not Adapting to New Realities? (Mon Dec 05, 2022)
    Today I'm excited to read the last book in the ExForce SciFi series. I'm also working on a project and considering reusing the Pipulate library, using the DrinkMe Linux platform, or creating a modern Noah's Ark platform. I need to be aware of vendors trying to lure me into a dependency and alternatives to local Jupyter. Join me as I explore the options and decide which is best for my project.
  44. Much Starts With the Ability To Create and Use Local Caches (Thu Dec 01, 2022)
    I have been exploring Microsoft's implementation of systemd under wsl and have had mixed results. To ensure self worth and independence, I suggest investing in free and open source software (FOSS) and using caches, such as a SQLite .db file, to ensure persistence. I have been exploring the use of local caches for short-term memory and for storing variables used in programs, and share my experiences to help others.
  45. The Bottom Turtle is Microsoft, and That's Okay (Tue Nov 29, 2022)
    As a developer, I recently discovered that Windows is now the best platform for development. Microsoft has embraced Linux and its associated technologies, offering the Ubuntu repository and the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which enables developers to access Linux commands and the command-line interface. With popular commands such as cd, ls, chmod, and chown, I'm able to do a lot without being a hardcore programmer. Read my blog to find out why I believe Windows is the best development platform.
  46. Microsoft Added Linux Graphics and Systemd to WSL for Windows 10 (Sun Nov 27, 2022)
    I recently installed Linux graphics and Systemd on Windows 10, and now I'm exploring the aftermath. I'm researching how to make the vGPU accessible and usable, mapping locations and environment variables, and setting up the WAYLAND_DISPLAY and XDG_RUNTIME_DIR. I'm looking into lxdwin script, Levinux/Getonux projects, and lxc config set to configure the jupyter environment. Join me as I explore the aftermath of this installation!
  47. ubuntu1804.exe, ubuntu2004.exe and ubuntu2204.exe Oh My! (Fri Sep 16, 2022)
    Today I was working on a project using WSL2LXD to host Ubuntu 18.04 instances. I had to remember the locations of the exe files for Ubuntu 18.04, 2004, and 2204, which I discovered were located in WindowsApps. I also speculated that Microsoft may be limiting how many slots can be used for each exe in WSL. Learn more about my experience.
  48. Plot The Awakening / Rig For YouTube Success (Fri Aug 26, 2022)
    I'm taking steps to fight chaos and increase my focus by switching apps with the taskbar, deleting everything from my start menu, hiding all alerts, and turning off my clock. In this series of quick videos, I'll be teaching viewers how to make the command line interface (CLI) their new home, starting with the best modern habits for focus and productivity. Additionally, I'll be discussing the mind control battle between Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.
  49. Planning a Video Series That Drives Message Home (Thu Aug 25, 2022)
    This video series will be a tutorial on how to move away from Microsoft and Apple systems and will explore topics such as Windows 10, WSL2, LXD Containers, and programming projects. I'll also discuss the evolution of an idea, the pursuit of craft, the 80/20-rule, and how to do what you love for money. Join me on this journey to reach a wider audience and learn how to make the switch from Microsoft and Apple systems.
  50. Use Python Decorators For Linux Service Scheduling (Wed Aug 03, 2022)
    I'm using Python's schedule module to create a Linux service and switching to decorators with Huey. I'm using Windows 10 with virtual desktops and WSL2, Linux containers with LXD, and two files under /etc/systemd/system. I'm passionate about coding and writing and am focusing on learning huey scheduling, pyppeteer or Microsoft Playwright, and database persistence. Join me on my journey as I explore coding and diminishing my reliance on fads and trends.
  51. Ubuntu 18.04 vs Ubuntu 20.04 for LXD Under WSL2, Wizard Defaults (Tue Aug 02, 2022)
    In this blog post, I share how I tested Ubuntu 20.04 to see if I could easily install LXD. I found that Ubuntu 18.04 is the easier option, since it comes pre-installed with LXD and allows you to quickly get up and running. I also discuss my preference for local services over cloud resources, my advocacy for Linux and my blue-collar mechanic approach to tech literacy. Finally, I suggest JupyterLab-Desktop as a great way to learn Python.
  52. Do You Still Really Need Windows? Switching To Linux in 2022 (Sun Jul 31, 2022)
    As tech becomes more and more essential to our daily lives, I'm discussing the importance of understanding generic tech, and why Windows is becoming obsolete. I'm exploring why Linux is the way to go, and why using containers under Linux is the best way to future-proof your work. I'm also discussing why Docker should be used from Windows and why it's important. Join me as I explain why it's essential to keep up with tech trends.
  53. From Average Windows User to Linux Terminal User (Fri Jul 22, 2022)
    As an average Windows user, I'm taking advantage of Microsoft's partnership with Canonical to transition to Linux terminal. I'm installing Ubuntu on my existing laptop running Windows 10 or 11, so I can take advantage of the cloud and protect myself from obsolescence. Join me on my journey as I become a Linux terminal user.
  54. Livestreaming Question & Answers With YouTube Audience (Wed Jun 22, 2022)
    I'm 51 years old and have been made obsolete by so many things, but I'm using the tools Microsoft is providing to stay relevant. In this video, I discuss how knowledge workers bring their minds and capabilities to their job, and how I use my own CMS called Skite to take notes and organize my work. I also share tips on avoiding vendor traps and obsolescence resistance, such as using Python dict API, Sqlite3, Django and Flask, and the Unix Way.
  55. I'll Just Put This In My /usr/local/sbin/ (Sat Jun 18, 2022)
    I recently changed my journal from .txt to .md to be compatible with my new content management system. I'm excited to have discovered this system which allows me to back up my system customizations with a vim repo, and to edit all files listed in a csv file at once. I'm now sharing this with the world - join me to learn how to work this way and make the most of your system!
  56. My Formative Years at All-Boys Science Summer Camp / Integrated Life (Mon Jun 13, 2022)
    I'm 51 years old and I advocate for the use of everyday tools such as Linux, Python, vim & git. I'm writing this to let you know that if you don't know \*nix, you're behind, as Unix has been an integral part of computing since 1970. I've made the journey from hand magic, Dungeons & Dragons, and comic books to teaching these tools and believe that life is interconnected and that we should make the most of our everyday skills.
  57. Do The Right Thing Morally, Spiritually & Technically (Wed Jun 08, 2022)
    I'm Mike, and I'm determined to not let negativity stop me. I'm taking steps to stay relevant in my industry by learning Linux, Python, vim, and git, while also working on building self-confidence. From my father, a quality assurance engineer, to the Commodore tech of my childhood, to the Microsoft Web-tech I encountered later, I'm learning important lessons and continuously reinventing myself.
  58. Learning Linux Lesson #2: RUN! Run it from CLI! (Tue Jun 07, 2022)
    As someone who knows that Linux is the future, I'm here to tell you that learning it doesn't have to be intimidating. With the help of commands like ls, cd, and pwd, you can easily navigate the command-line interface. And with Windows 11, it's easier than ever to install Linux. So take my advice and join the future of computing!
  59. Gathering My Stories (Mon May 30, 2022)
    I'm reflecting on my stories and topics to discuss, including the bullying of blues, the rabbit hole of tech, the politically correct main branch of Microsoft, collecting comics, and the Superbad Mic Loving Mr. McLovin. I'll also be exploring the deeper meanings of characters from Alice in Wonderland, the Shaggy Man, and Love Magnet, and discussing the LGBTQ community, how parents should listen better, and the Twitter/Instagram culture.
  60. vim Macro to Format Markdown Poetry (Fri May 27, 2022)
    I'm talking about how to use vim to break free from Microsoft, how they are trying to steal Jupyter's features, and why their attempt to create their own version of Unix, Xenix, flopped. I'm also discussing how writing in vim is like driving and how it can free up your executive function for more difficult tasks, and how writing every day can help you become more proficient with your tools.
  61. Teach Your Spouse vim on Windows Linux (WSL) (Fri May 13, 2022)
    As a Windows user, I'm on a mission to acquire the same text-editing superpowers as my vim-master spouse. With Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and Windows Terminal, I can make it happen! Installing WSL is a breeze - just type "wsl --install" in the Windows command window. Then, I can get Windows Terminal from the Microsoft Store, and I'll be ready to take my text-editing skills to the next level.