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Future-proof your technology-skills with Linux, Python, vim & git... and me!

Multidisciplinary Knowledge Worker

Peter DruckerI am a multidisciplinary knowledge worker. That’s Drucker-talk one of the most influential business business gurus of our time. The mission of every company is to get and keep customers, and the reason to work for a company is because you can be more productive as with access to the resources of the organization than you could be on your own. So, that’s my field in broadest terms. I’ll learn anything and do anything that’s fun and interests me, and lately that happens to be marketing stuff, and person-to-person interaction through IT systems, in particular. For about 15 years, that was SEO. Now, it’s something different and as-yet unnamed.

Here is my FAQ on Strategy and Accomplishment

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Here is a FAQ about Cross-Platform tech issues

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