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The Crushling

I’ve taken to expressing myself much on YouTube lately, and you come across all sorts there. Sometimes it’s not until you’re a few seemingly quality conversations in that you realize what you’re dealing with isn’t what you at first thought it was. And when you need to cut the ties for your own sake, you can tell it crushes them. I call them crushlings.

I’ve got a little crushling Who knows not when to stop; That boils when I ban him, And I think he’s gonna pop.

He says that I’m a bully, And am ignorant in youth; Projecting rather fully, You just flip-it for the truth.

I’m thinking new-thoughts daily And expressing on YouTube Where know-it-trolls’ll rally, Playing pile on the newb!

There is no greater pleasure, It’s Columbo’s favorite trick, De-cloak the countermeasure: Oh just one more thing, there… Dick!

‘Cause when you are a thinker Who is making thinking art, Pedantic copy-pasters Can mistake themselves for smart.

Then, smelling blood and glory, They so promptly do commence To try to rip to pieces A galoot that’s hard to flense.

A mild, meek demeanor, It may be a big mistake To take for dumb. I’m keener Than a plagiarizing fake.

So, when you think to heckle And then copy-paste my code, Please go put away your schmeckle And go npm some node.