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Questions and Answers

Welcome to the Questions & Answers site of my website. I bet you didn’t even know you were asking me these questions, did you? Well, you do ask me questions every time you search in Google and click on my site. Think of my site (and really, everybody’s) as a giant website content suggestion box—if only you know how to open that box and read the suggestions.

Mike Answers Your Questions

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All about Yours Truly, Mike Levin

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About dealing with bullies

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SEO and Social - My career of late

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Strategy and Accomplishment

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The only thing more important than the cloud is actual hardware

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HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are a must-know platform now

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Old school is cool - The Short Stack

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Python is a love-worthy programming language

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vim - A text editor that is one with the force

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QEMU - The underdog workhorse of virtualization

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Unix, Linux and everything else that matters

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Ubuntu Unity - One UI to Rule Them All!

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Tiny Core Linux - a lesser known greater Linux

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Raspberry Pi - The $35 computer that’s changing the world

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Computing’s heterogeneous again! Cross-platform issues

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Everybody’s favorite loser, Commodore!

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The Robots are coming!

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Mobile RSS Readers - Still a great source for your daily news fix

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WordPress - least we forget what made this site possible

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