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Raspberry Pi - The $35 computer that is changing the world

Raspberry PiOkay, it’s finally time for me to make a Raspberry Pi page. I’ll write a more proper article soon, but now that I have an unboxing video, I need to give it a proper home on my website, and start becoming known as a real Raspberry Pi experience resource. Despite these thing’s awesome graphics capabilities, my plan is to turn them into a headless Raspberry Pi personal cloud blade server farm. They are not shaped great for being treated as blades, but I suppose that’s all in the custom case-work. I can totally imagine the pi-plate connectors being used to lock a row of these things into place.

Why Raspberry Pi?

My original Million-view Raspberry Pi unboxing video

Raspberry Pi Model B+ Unboxing Video

Building Raspberry Pi into a Headless Webserver

My Raspberry Pi FAQ

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