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SEO & Social - All You Need to Know

Genuine noteworthiness can’t be faked… anymore! The pendulum is swinging back from tech-savvy SEO’s to the opinions of legit folks.

SEO and SocialDespite all this tech stuff, I’m a social media guy, and this is my message: Each page you create must be the very best page on that topic that was ever created—or maybe more realistically, an idiosyncratic exception to the standard per Seth Godin. Such pages play well in SEO & social, no matter the landscape or algorithm tweaks. Some call it link-bait, but I call it old-fashioned word-of-mouth—the second most powerful force in the universe.

Word of mouth is what Google was built on. It’s what Facebook was built on. And all these systems really just amplify ideas that were noteworthy already, anyway. On the Web, the concept started as viral and most recently labeled content marketing. But it’s all the same. The fundamentals of SEO and social are easy: become great at what you do, develop a unique—and sometimes contrarian—voice. And then create new URLs sparingly, making it the home for all sorts of engaging stuff which themselves don’t necessarily need to be “optimized” (Ajax, video, etc.). It’s the long-lived never-changing URL that’s important, which is the great unchanging truism of the Internet, on which everything else, including the all-powerful word-of-mouth, relies. Oh, and occasionally make a really brilliant choice of subject-matter to get just a bit ahead of where the public’s attention is about to be.

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