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Future-proof your technology-skills with Linux, Python, vim & git... and me!

Tech Doesn’t Always Mean Churn

You deserve to achieve spontaneous mastery of your tech tools the way a musician does their instrument. That you can’t is by vendor design.

Learn The Unix Philosophy

Whatever works… is fine for other people. Not me, no, no, no. I’m really only in tech for love of the tools and the process. It’s craftsmanship! I fell in love with tech on a kooky old computer of seemingly alien origin called the Amiga, then it went away and I was heartbroken. Ever since, I’ve been looking to recapture that magic, and slowly but surely it has solidified around a minimalist sub-set of all the old’s kool stuff that’s been around forever, namely Linux, Python, vim & git.

LPvg is The Pee In The Pool of Tech

It’s in there and not coming out without a full draining of the pool, which isn’t going to happen. Some might say that’s true of JavaScript and NodeJS. I say not so! Sure, on the browser, but that’s about the equivalent of PostScript on laser-printers. The Web is just the preferred consumer-facing user interface of the day. JavaScript on the server, while a recurring theme, is still a fad. It’s Python that’s replace PERL on Linux distros, and that matters even more than what’s built into browsers.

Muscle Memory Forever!

Why is it even important? Because vendors pushing fads and trends keeps you always relearning and retooling. That’s how money is made. They don’t want you settling in on a small set of free and open source (FOSS) tools that will serve you forever in your career in tech for life. Where’s the money in that? Vendors have no interest in your skills consistently improving over the years with time-tested battle-proven instruments, having the same opportunity to focus on skills, craft and mastery as a musician or athlete.