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Choosing Tools That Resist Obsolescence


Tool Choices Designed Against Obsolescence

Designed to withstand the catastrophic soil liquefaction that occurs underneath major platforms, it did to me first with the Coleco Adam, then the Commodore Amiga, and finally Microsoft Acitve Server Pages (ASP). Are there no right decisions in tech? Who’d have thought that betting on Microsoft was just as risky as anything else. Where is a not-really-professional-programmer, but someone who’s still constantly coding supposed to hang their hat these days? The answer is core—those parts that are in the tech pool like pee that ain’t ever coming out without draining the pool, which isn’t going to happen. Unix is here to stay, and by extension Linux and the C programming language. But these aren’t all for the non-career-programmer, and most of the tools out there for newbs don’t have staying power… except Python. But Python doesn’t exist in an island. You need to run code, edit code, and manage code. For that, there’s Linux, vim and git.