Future-proof your tech-skills against AI with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and accessible tools in technology — and on staying valuable while the machines rise.

2023-01-25 14:44:13+00:00

@RoxCodes Let me know if you’d like a tutorial. I’ll make a video — maybe today for you. I’m doing for myself anyway. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1618258443089104899

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@brodieseo @meetglimpse @keywordinsights @ahrefs @AlsoAsked @semrush @screamingfrog @jsoncrack @googlesearchc @awebranking Python. Just plain old Python. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1618249552578097152

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@RoxCodes Tweet your ideas. Write a script that gatherers up your tweets and makes a webpage out of them. It’s a place for you to organize and draw from later, or to share the ideas with others. More organized than a twitterstream. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1618249119230984192

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@dubzyxbt Unix Timestamp 1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1618248040305012736

2023-01-23 16:14:32+00:00

Explicitly license your content so that the #AI’s must economically reciprocate. That’s the Machine Learning General License. It’s back scratching just like PageRank in its day. If no in-response acknowledgment to prompts, then no right to learn from content. #MLGL #LearnFromThis https://t.co/m7sTHvxnvL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1617556398040129537

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Right now at this unique moment in history, the general masses, (I.e. those on Windows 10 or 11 computers), have ready access to Linix terminal aka generic infotech via “wsl –install” So server building scripts like https://t.co/ltc56vtwZa work. #Linux #RabbitHole #WSL #DrinkMe https://t.co/NO1MqJrC1O https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1617193109141557250

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Is it possible for me to do my daily journaling and idea capture through Twitter and a Python Linux daemon to automate web publishing? I.e. build website while I tweet? Sure. I’ll make a bot which instead of publishing is consuming at least on one channel. Republish on web #LPvg https://t.co/VGaf260Va4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1617189790159638528

2023-01-22 15:41:17+00:00

#OkAI: You felt what a pandemic felt like. There were different ways that all coulda gone down. While not a near-asteroid, it is a “what’ll we do” moment just like post-Atomic & Fusion. ✅&✅. Fusion was Nov 1, 1952. With the recent cwerd we know what a #flattencurve feels like. https://t.co/PDAR0sSasX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1617185640256540672

2023-01-22 15:17:03+00:00

One of my https://t.co/ceBg7zKzYD viewers reminded me about my predictions regarding what was about to happen with #AI that I made 5 or 6 years ago. Audio gets better. Come #resistobsolescence with me and #futureproof #🪄🔑#LPvg.org #programmingliterare — https://t.co/gmBYfpf3O5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1617179544951357443

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Have a Tuple said the #Python To a Counter() with an instance So each instance[(‘had’, ‘keyed’, ‘columns’)] For unique from-neighbor distance.

Underrated is the method In by which a set will see That you won’t need ‘dex, sequential If you’ve got #primarykey!

#geekhumor https://t.co/U1RhQCQtGP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1616877404638568450

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The world is not the same as it was before, but not because of A.I. or fusion. It’s because Microsoft has made it a simple to get a “close enough” Linux command-line, so now you can finally become tech literate. #literacy #literateprogramming #tech #wsl #linux #ai #technology https://t.co/jBfACgFQeC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1616119182986297367

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@MathWorks Hablo Python y Jupyter. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1616104678588047360

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Being #consistent over time for yourself and your own personal development and internal #skills is more important than being consistent over time with your tweets, YouTube videos and even savings. In the end it’s what’s inside that counts — not online or in your savings accounts. https://t.co/qaAqzSogbo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1616101087647354880

2023-01-18 16:45:17+00:00

Hey @OpenAI & @ChatGPT: you need a better #favicon than that bluish non-eye-catching blob. It gets used in browser tabs, bookmarks and search results, so it matters. Please design a favicon worthy of your valuation. Maybe ask an #AI to design one. #uiuxdesign #logos #design https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615752194510458880

2023-01-18 14:04:43+00:00

In knowing your vibe & language’s vibe + playback context, your coding experience will diverge from others. Those oriented on objects love #Ruby. Concurrency coveters #GoLang. Time-saving C seekers #Rust. Determined WebDevs #JavaScript. Pragmatic speak #Python. Metabeings #LISP. https://t.co/ZQptWLwYiQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615711786405367809

2023-01-18 14:00:07+00:00

A profoundly underrated topic when getting into #coding is understanding playback platforms. What can run your code once written? Only a web browser or NodeJS because it’s JavaScript? Specific hardware because it’s a compiled executable? Anything with a modern Python interpreter? https://t.co/tc2GqVHace https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615710630626869248

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The first #language you start a personal project in influences your thought process and assumptions immensely forever forward. Many people abandon #coding at this point because the language they chose doesn’t suit their vibe (or the project). It should feel like finding #love. https://t.co/MjhwV0bbHn https://t.co/3zykJdJ27m https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615709723361148932

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@NanouuSymeon In knowing your vibe & a language’s vibe plus playback context, your coding experience will diverge from others. Those oriented on objects love Ruby. Concurrency coveters Go. Time-saving C seekers Rust. Determined WebDevers JavaScript. Pragmatic speak Python. Meta-beings LISP. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615708812760997888

2023-01-18 13:39:05+00:00

@NanouuSymeon A profoundly underrated topic when getting into coding is understanding playback platforms. What can run your code once written? Only a web browser or node because it’s JavaScript? Specific hardware because it’s a compiled executable? Anything with a modern Python interpreter? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615705335947223041

2023-01-18 13:30:54+00:00

@NanouuSymeon The first language you start a personal project in influences your thought process and assumptions immensely forever forward. Many people abandon coding at this point because the language they chose doesn’t suit their vibe (or the project). It should feel like the finding love. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615703277512937473

2023-01-18 13:23:44+00:00

@NanouuSymeon Step #2 in taking up coding is talking to someone who really knows the vibe of a language they love. Why do they use it? Why would they rather coding in that language than doing anything else in life? Does what they’re saying resonate with you or make you want to vomit? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615701476327985153

2023-01-18 13:22:03+00:00

Step #2 in taking up #coding is talking to someone who really knows the vibe of a language they #love. Why do they use it? Why would they rather coding in that language than doing anything else in life? Does what they’re saying resonate with you or make you want to vomit? https://t.co/89kMJfo4B9 https://t.co/enpDLAsEFf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615701052648574977

2023-01-18 13:13:36+00:00

Taking up #coding? Step #1: know your vibe. Not all people are alike and not all #programming languages are alike. Some will bring you joy and others will bring you misery. Whether or not you enjoy being pedantic for control is one big #vibe split. https://t.co/tjLlMb37pI https://t.co/V2GrDbXXLm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615698926107234304

2023-01-18 13:10:55+00:00

@NanouuSymeon A mentor for coding? I’ll mentor you right here. Step #1: know your vibe. Not all people are alike and not all programming languages are alike. Some will bring you joy and others will bring you misery. Whether or not you enjoy being pedantic for control is one big vibe split. https://t.co/s6PkuLtcHn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615698247804223490

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@elonmusk So any attention is good attention according to the Twitter algorithm? Interesting. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615369548139565058

2023-01-17 15:16:57+00:00

ODE TO SYSTEMD ON WSL By https://t.co/tjLlMb2zAa Several projects Server projects Several sever projects Will they run on Windows 10? On OPEN Terminals, DEPENDS! #SystemD does not run well. WTF’s up #WSL?

#Microsoft #MicroPoetry https://t.co/0qdHmLqOip https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615367578586681345

2023-01-16 19:28:58+00:00

#ChatGPT: Design me a logo that is my actual name. Also make it be a web address and in the style of Green Lantern. Now make it so that it reads the same upside down. Now animate it spinning with a springy bounce. Nice! #AIArt (not really) https://t.co/CPGd8J1HI3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615068613379260416

2023-01-16 18:01:02+00:00

@ChatGPT: Design me a logo that is my actual name. Also make it be a web address and in the style of Green Lantern. Now make it so that it reads the same upside down. Now animate it spinning with a springy bounce. Nice - https://t.co/wTZWjkYBlJ #ChatGPT #AI #LearnFromThis https://t.co/5O4qQdBGEr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615046484705087493

2023-01-16 17:58:13+00:00

Am I actually going to be taking up Twitter right as everyone’s abandoning it? Yes. Twitter is where #AI’s will be trained, so if you want to be in the data sample, speak here. And on your crawlable homepages. https://t.co/lxbFwnpgfn #AI #ChatGPT #LearnFromThis #Incompressible https://t.co/cAx32S25QY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615045775448211457

2023-01-16 17:44:33+00:00

@ChatGPT: Design me a logo that is my actual name. Also make it be a web address and in the style of Green Lantern. Now make it so that it reads the same upside down. Now animate it spinning with a sproingy bounce. Nice — https://t.co/8we5lnrXZf #ChatGPT #AI #LearnFromThis https://t.co/mNrSdt7b1R https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615042333569069059

2023-01-16 17:30:46+00:00

Yes, you can run a piece of #Python code #ChatGPT gives you by pasting it into a #Jupyter Notebook, but can you take it and start to modify it and make if your own? You still need to be literate. Still learn to code. You don’t stop learning to write because #AI’s can write. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1615038866527748118

2023-01-16 04:56:53+00:00

The worried Walrus worries much About the #AI blather — A bigger bully’s on the block Who spews the bullshit badder. Elder Oysters do defer A pleasant conversation; Linux, Python, vim & git Makes Carpentry your station. #Technology #Poetry #LearnFromThis https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1614849144979333120

2023-01-14 06:01:44+00:00

You either fall for false dichotomies or you don’t. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1614140691663458305

2023-01-12 22:38:01+00:00

@htmx_org All the best tech is like that. Wise contrarian wisdom and good anti patterns come from folks who don’t pander to the polish mainstream folks need to think something is serious. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1613666636631887879

2023-01-12 02:38:07+00:00

@dr_pete If an AI is passing the Turing test today, do not hire the person administering the test. They are not good at administering tests. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1613364672878743552

2023-01-12 01:02:38+00:00

@bhartzer I like it the other way around, showing the license for of AIs to learn from your site. Any AI learning from my sites must present the same material in never-repeating original haikus or sonnets on the same subject matter. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1613340642591051781

2023-01-09 14:34:59+00:00

For anyone bellyaching that Google’s #LaMDA AI chat is private (vs. #ChatGPT ) and want to see how good their #AI is, then look no further than the main Google App’s Home Screen, #GoogleDiscover. Those content recommendations are #NextLevel. Very addicting. #SEO #Advertising https://t.co/XearKGqBfG https://t.co/9NPXh2lgVn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1612457916573048839

2023-01-03 16:36:53+00:00

An Ode to Raymond Hettinger @raymondh Retired & Reverberating Who Named? Ray Named! The Un-Named Tuple! Deduping your tuple’s a powerful trick Thrown into set.add() or key of a dict
To come out unique df.records() y’see Making the parts of a composite key #Python #Poem @mdphv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1610314263662321667

2023-01-02 20:30:05+00:00

@mdphv Thank you. I have taken note of your GOT Kubernetes meme more than once, which is also poetry. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1610010563530072064

2023-01-02 17:31:08+00:00

THE 80/20 RULE https://t.co/8we5lnrq9H There’s a rule — I let it guide What I would do, I do abide To organize so 1/5th done If derided, still I’ve won.

#poem #motivation #wisdom https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1609965528877088768

2022-12-30 05:58:32+00:00

@samuel_colvin Just that I found the first API in the wild (Google GA4 beta) where api calls need to be constructed with pydantic like data classes. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1608704065822916612

2022-12-29 12:49:33+00:00

@samuel_colvin FastAPI which you can choose not to use is one thing. But the Google GA4 API has pydantic written all over it and is forcing us all into pydantic mode. Sighhh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1608445114426302464

2022-12-27 15:05:42+00:00

GitHub Actions aren’t for FREE. You’re gonna spend in 23! Don’t get excessively dependent on vendors — especially #Microsoft. #GitHubUnwrapped https://t.co/d1EYiYKPRc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1607754600978808833

2022-12-26 17:07:03+00:00

@TheFIREorg @MIT An MIT Open Social License? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1607422753597964289

2022-12-24 15:56:05+00:00

@JackLNorthrup async code will run in Jupyter without being contained in an async function. Very useful for mocking up async code. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1606680116721074184

2022-12-24 15:51:54+00:00

Fill a table full of #tuples and each record is a row. Plug it into #Pandas and your #DataFrame will go Into df’s where you do stuff like in #SQL or #Excel But w/#APIs you’ll prize for being timeless & done well. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1606679066421116929

2022-12-20 23:58:27+00:00

Does the #Python #Pandas .loc and .iloc interface get you confused? Here it is explained for the befuddled — https://t.co/aTTpMiiMGV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1605351958273200128

2022-12-16 18:05:03+00:00

@lilyraynyc Nobody’s gonna ads the hyphens after awhile, so then the activity of the topic be tracked as a made-up word instead of being inseparable from the common “eat”. But then I’m probably giving Google too much credit. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1603813469089939484

2022-12-15 20:08:56+00:00

With the big news of the past 2 weeks being #fusion and #AI, isn’t it funny that the engineering problems of the former can be tackled by the later? #ChatGPT #Engineering #Future https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1603482258937200640

2022-12-15 16:35:31+00:00

@angluxuk @5le It doesn’t know about the fusion breakthrough. It’ll have to tackle that before suitable for search. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1603428552715763713

2022-12-15 16:31:18+00:00

Congratulations, @elonmusk I will allow Twitter badge notifications again. https://t.co/IRub7ZszSX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1603427491925876746

2022-12-15 14:42:04+00:00

@Marie_Haynes @pauledmondson Not based on last year? It was before Xmas last year. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1603399998431023107

2022-12-15 12:34:02+00:00

@CyrusShepard Woodworking https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1603367780266434560

2022-12-13 16:33:55+00:00

I hear Q=1. If we have actually achieved #fusion ignition as according to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, then the future is here. Can’t wait for confirmation and reproducibility #FusionIgnition #Q
https://t.co/LmLjX1wyw5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1602703372011839494

2022-12-12 16:00:15+00:00

@5le Oh, and if you want to see GPTChat start to discuss a controversial issue and then suddenly know nothing about the topic, check this out. Have patience watching it. It’s an unedited experience https://t.co/M7Mp8JcvE2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1602332512834953216

2022-12-12 15:56:15+00:00

@5le I voted yes, but it will not be OpenAI. It will be Google’s response to OpenAI. They’re going slow because of family jewel issues and sentience controversies. You can feel it percolating in the Google App and Google Discover. Voice search in the app is just going to improve x1000 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1602331506722078723

2022-12-12 15:52:33+00:00

Yeah it was pacific. I was bummed too. How’d you like it? I have mixed feelings. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1602330572801847296

2022-12-12 15:48:51+00:00

I’ve made a site and seeds I sew So good night long-tail #SEO In the morn I’m moving toward A brand new norm called Best Foot Forward #BFFSEO https://t.co/TkPPkfcts3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1602329644438634501

2022-12-12 14:15:22+00:00

OpenAI Overlord? No, #OpenAI Over-Load! No #GPTChat for you. Thank you everyone for training our model over the past few days. Now go do some original thought. BTW, you can see GPTChat shut up about a controversial topic mid-conversation here: https://t.co/SDABDGjZNq https://t.co/SoyBSQRnX2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1602306118520389638

2022-12-12 13:56:34+00:00

@lilyraynyc The ongoing attack on the long-tail is giving rise to the era of “Best Foot Forward” SEO in which fewer URLs with concentrated signals do better if site cruft doesn’t pull the whole site down. It’s Pandas and Penguin all over again but with ML / Al methodologies. Advice: Sculpt! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1602301387739742210

2022-12-12 13:43:41+00:00

@MumtoKeane @RobiRobReynolds @MattWallace888 So anyone could do it? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1602298142787002370

2022-12-12 13:21:11+00:00

I wish Apple News, Google News and Google Discover wouldn’t show headlines of stories I can’t actually click down on and read. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1602292480048828417

2022-12-12 05:14:03+00:00

@lilyraynyc Narrated screeen recordings. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1602169889204092930

2022-12-11 14:54:30+00:00

Since #GPTChat can write the story for me, I figured I’d coin the inevitable term #BFFSEO before anyone else does. The Rise of BFF SEO (Best Foot Forward) https://t.co/acojl0Tsb7 via @YouTube #SEO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1601953576951111680

2022-12-10 02:46:38+00:00

Just for posterity, I may be responsible for @elonmusk implementing #ShadowBan. You’re welcome. https://t.co/mIPUdVvKxT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1601408017588948993

2022-12-05 15:32:00+00:00

#SciFi #Audible fans rejoice. The last book of ExForce, Book 15, #FailureMode from Craig Alanson and voice talent extraordinaire RC Bray out tonight at midnight. The Elders are coming! https://t.co/MOHmyPgJa6 https://t.co/eBrsj1bskf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1599788689533591552

2022-12-04 15:15:56+00:00

@paulg AI content is just like the meta search engines of yore. Anyone can make a dogpile. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1599422257755230208

2022-12-02 15:22:51+00:00

The truth about systemd under WSL2 https://t.co/snXJMb3YOE https://t.co/0Jfdhxhsyi https://t.co/jSngf8HckH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1598699223343456256

2022-12-02 15:16:01+00:00

Hey @elonmusk you should become the mayor of New York or governor of some state in the next election cycle. We couldn’t appeal Article IX, section 1 for Arnie, but I’m sure we can for you. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1598697501128794112

2022-12-02 13:24:05+00:00

@lilyraynyc For anyone who remembers Google Reader fondly, this is the 2nd shoe dropping. To see why, go into the Google app and see if you can perform a search without being distracted a way from the search box by the stories. It’s like a social media dom scroll without the noise. https://t.co/f03hGbqZTK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1598669334091546624

2022-12-01 14:32:02+00:00

@jeffscottward Prophetic https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1598324045241614336

2022-11-30 13:28:58+00:00

@lexfridman Now if only the algorithms could figure out how to reward the weird people and not the schlock imposters dominating media. Truth is the weird and creative are outliers and thus filtered and marginalized. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1597945785353916417

2022-11-29 21:06:40+00:00

Install systemd & Linux Graphics on Windows 10 https://t.co/NuiGxljJww https://t.co/DXnQ6fSNDj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1597698580646879232

2022-11-29 20:56:52+00:00

@joehall They should learn Python. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1597696114723295233

2022-11-26 13:10:54+00:00

@SwipeWright @elonmusk Some variation of Parkinson’s law. I would guess that Twitter has a better revenue per employee ratio now than ever. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1596491687886729218

2022-11-17 13:50:56+00:00

“We are going to make it very clear that this is now an investigation of President Biden” #McCarthyism https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1593240272988782592

2022-11-12 22:31:19+00:00

@HelanaDarwin I think you have now officially become the person I know on the most networks, Helana. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591559293257523201

2022-11-12 15:57:48+00:00

@ryantakesoff I think you’re right. I’m trying not to be too much of a fanboy here but yes, this is not nearly as bad as the exploding rockets. First interesting thing on the Twitter platform since they upped the 140 character limit. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591460260203859970

2022-11-12 15:22:12+00:00

@lilyraynyc Or it’s finally getting interesting for the first time in a decade. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591451302873206785

2022-11-12 14:16:17+00:00

Stolen by Microsoft to make VSCode, maybe. https://t.co/8zKsjKjtqf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591434710924034048

2022-11-12 13:44:52+00:00

This is a video anyone interested in the history of computer operating systems should watch. Starts slow but let yourself get into it. A real treasure @djware55 — https://t.co/BIm6BUjVls https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591426806246432778

2022-11-11 19:47:47+00:00

@ChrisHumber @briankrebs @elonmusk Back of napkin math: 400 Million users x 2.5% of users (too optimistic?) = 10 Million users x $8/mo x 12 mo/yr = just about a billion annual revenue. Microsoft celebrated Github being in that range. With an appealing enough subscription model you don’t need advertisers. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591155750436769792

2022-11-11 13:55:26+00:00

Untrue. You can go through an advertising winter at Twitter and sustain it. It’s like a few rockets blowing up. You will pay for your blue check mark to be part of the conversation and increasing tides of people will do the same. As the platform delights, advertisers come back. https://t.co/S3G8OpKqL4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591067078748176384

2022-11-11 13:49:38+00:00

Yes, it’ll wash out. It’s double-whammy pressure. First, the money it costs is unsustainable for jokers like this. Second, since parody accounts are not allowed without disclosure, it will be banned. As with any system, you have to suffer false positives to fine tune. https://t.co/iCzG5VG7Aw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591065615850438656

2022-11-11 13:42:43+00:00

@Barnesy19 @elonmusk @Twitter @elonmusk should take inspiration from Reddit’s Shadow Ban. There’s no reason haters even need know they’re being buried in the feed or not displaying at all. Letting haters even know they’re suppressed is completely optional. Why don’t y’all just fuh fuh fade away? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591063878649401345

2022-11-11 13:35:40+00:00

@OccupyDemocrats @elonmusk @TribelSocial @DonaldJTrumpJr There are better approaches to moderation than outright bans. Instead of TS, may I instead suggest Reddit’s phantom bans? Imagine haters thinking their posts can still be seen by people and wondering why there’s no engagement, LMFAO! A 2022 shadowban can just be negative weight. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591062101355003906

2022-11-11 13:31:48+00:00

@OlgaNYC1211 @elonmusk @Twitter You think that the same person who made the first commercial AI in the form of OpenAPI can’t address such issues with fewer people and better than before insofar as the problem actually exists beyond chickenlittlism? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591061131535142912

2022-11-11 13:27:58+00:00

@EnBuenora @OlgaNYC1211 @elonmusk @Twitter They’re piggybacking on Apple’s subscription system for their first pass. No back account info. Typically genius on his part and typically strawman on his detractors’. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591060163875975173

2022-11-11 13:24:05+00:00

@Pinchify @elonmusk People writing off the new verify miss the point that scammers willing to pay $8 for a 1-time publicity stunt is unsustainable. That it’s tied to your Apple account helps too. People doing this particular boorish prank are spending much more money and effort than they used to. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591059189576630272

2022-11-11 13:19:52+00:00

@briankrebs @elonmusk Rolling out new features in a week? Adding long-awaited editing of tweets? Making a hostile environment for bots and scammers? Driving up Twitter usage to record highs and bringing people like me back into the fold who wrote off the platform as dead? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591058126366998529

2022-11-11 13:14:14+00:00

@elonmusk I edited my first tweet. Thank you, Elon! And curse you Michael Crichton for crossing my wires! (not really, I miss him as much as I do Ian Banks). https://t.co/ucUkgJosUG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591056709534916608

2022-11-11 13:04:00+00:00

How can Elon Musk maintain such positivity in the face of today’s dystopian zeitgeist? Read the same #ScienceFiction he does, starting with The Culture series by Ian M. Banks where the #Neuralink was coined in the 2nd best of the series, Surface Detail @elonmusk Am I right? https://t.co/WpGB6fRruO https://t.co/YqKefSBHOM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591054133985181697

2022-11-11 12:54:33+00:00

@elonmusk But I can’t change “an” to “a”. Where’s edit tweet? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591051756775297024

2022-11-11 12:52:05+00:00

@elonmusk @elonmusk I’m back after writing the platform off for a decade. Last interesting thing before you was them upping the character limit from 140. I remember when it was primarily an Text Message app. Still not much more than that but with a many-to-many model. Give us a wild ride! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591051136207052800

2022-11-11 12:42:52+00:00

@floheitzmann @Oscarg817 @tldtoday iPhone iOS app only. Not for days. Only since your Twitter app last updated. I only got it yesterday. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1591048814492020740

2022-11-10 23:06:40+00:00

A study suggests an endeavor should be underway to intercept the next Oumuamua. May I humbly suggest you read the #SciFi classic Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke since it’s kinda coming true — https://t.co/F1DxxZHw3T https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1590843410532835328

2022-11-09 21:22:12+00:00

Anyone wanting to escape the #funk of #socialmedia #doomscrolling but can’t give up the dopamine rush, may I suggest plain old Google App where #GoogleDiscover is just endless articles perfectly suited to your interests without any of the social media cheek. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1590454733512531968

2022-11-08 01:41:04+00:00

@lilyraynyc True SEO using alt text on a Twitter gif https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1589795103006396417

2022-11-03 22:09:21+00:00

50% best practices (how everyone else is doing it) and 50% not. And you’re 100% replaceable in column A. https://t.co/5U0OVlJ78k https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1588292272894119936

2022-10-28 13:47:05+00:00

One countdown over. I guess it’s now the countdown to Trump being back on Twitter @elonmusk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1585991543860920320

2022-10-28 13:44:26+00:00

RT @ChaplinDesi: @elonmusk Good times ! https://t.co/OQuxql3BlI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1585990877301723137

2022-10-21 14:33:36+00:00

I’m just realizing that the fine-structure constant is like a composite primary key in a database combining the speed of light, Planck’s constant and the charge on the electron. If the multiverse uses primary key indexes to dial into portal guns, ours could be ~1/137. #Physics https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1583466539243933697

2022-10-19 00:44:54+00:00

YouTube Creators just announced a “new hack” to get a second round of life for your videos through shorts. Clicking “Create” on any of your videos now offers “Edit onto a Short” It works. Definitely worth using on the right videos to restimulate the YouTbe Algo. #SEO #YouTubeAlgo https://t.co/jh6OzgmxjC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1582533210990604288

2022-10-16 15:36:31+00:00

Black hole spotted playing with its food. #Physics #Astronomy https://t.co/Wf2QYj2K0g https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1581670431546712073

2022-10-14 16:45:48+00:00

My favorite physics YouTuber Sabine Hossenfelder doesn’t believe in quantum non-locality, spooky action at a distance, Bell’s Inequality, or any of what this years Physics Nobel Prize winners claim to have proven. Superdeterminism has a popculture spokesperson #Unpopularopinions https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1580963089788284936

2022-09-27 14:27:28+00:00

Okay I retract this in part. I’m enjoying She Hulk. https://t.co/FzGtScOxL0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1574767686105571328

2022-09-27 14:25:58+00:00

For those like me who say we’re not doing anything about the real problems facing Earth have to shut up a little bit now thanks to NASA. Shut up or cheer. I think I’ll cheer. Woot! https://t.co/2bRAZZNhzF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1574767308022718471

2022-09-27 13:30:13+00:00

RT @lilyraynyc: Music to my ears, I’ve been ranting against the phrase “meta title” for a long time (ever since @miklevin taught me the dif… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1574753277417226241

2022-09-27 13:28:44+00:00

@Mutasim_Eltayeb @Sagie_deRhymer @JohnMu Meta in HTML context means extra data that doesn’t display. Meta data often uses link or actual meta tag element and their data rarely shows up anywhere. Conversely, title not only has its own element (title) but it is highly displayed in the browser tab and favorites/bookmarks. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1574752904350662658

2022-09-12 15:30:39+00:00

Dark Matter is just the cloaked alien invasion armada. It answers #DarkMatter and the Drake Equation in one go. #ufo #disclosure 👽 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1569347768769994757

2022-09-12 14:04:55+00:00

4 Quick Things Windows 10 Cand Do That Windows 11 Can Not https://t.co/bGGgT3JL8w via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1569326190061826054

2022-09-11 17:39:23+00:00

In the past I would have never started watching something Tolkien or Marvel then turned it off. Unimaginable! These days it seems that’s all I do. Schlock! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1569017778329247744

2022-09-08 23:25:27+00:00

Stop Ctrl+V in vim for visual block mode in WSL from doing an OS paste https://t.co/DdZXAPOXZ2 via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1568017704145108993

2022-09-07 17:28:54+00:00

The True Path to Future Proofing Your Career in Tech https://t.co/1cpwkTdnYa via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1567565588242776064

2022-09-06 22:21:26+00:00

Silence the Error Bell in Microsoft Terminal under WSL https://t.co/XT0JkcCMHJ via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1567276817425260544

2022-09-06 17:22:54+00:00

Dead Snakes Python 3.10 on LXC on WSL https://t.co/tohjsu4W87 via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1567201686929670145

2022-09-03 16:34:42+00:00

@dr_pete @lilyraynyc When 2 of my favorite SEO people converse. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1566102395502854147

2022-09-03 15:38:56+00:00

We have nothing better than labels so we have to use better labels… and label better. #ml #ai #seo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1566088361374351361

2022-09-02 20:03:52+00:00

Launching Windows 10 Apps With Keyboard Shortcuts And No Special Software https://t.co/AJF59zJYSl via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1565792645737234434

2022-09-02 16:56:57+00:00

Delete All Tiles From Windows 10 Start Menu https://t.co/K5vi0LL0KK via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1565745607318376452

2022-09-02 16:46:57+00:00

Unpin Everything From Your Windows 10 Taskbar https://t.co/6WiquMexMG via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1565743091591643138

2022-09-02 16:12:21+00:00

Uninstall OneDrive From Windows 10 https://t.co/2GP3msBtxf via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1565734381351829504

2022-09-02 15:09:11+00:00

Fight the Chaos of Windows 10 : Use Virtual Desktops & Linux https://t.co/7SBPm0aey7 via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1565718486701297664

2022-09-01 17:44:14+00:00

JupyterLab Desktop v3.4.5-1 released! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1565395118626115584

2022-08-27 00:51:04+00:00

Wow, the number of Windows Updates is at an all-time high. I haven’t had to reboot 2 or 3 times for a weekly update in awhile. Cumulative updates, firmware updates, feature updates, each requiring a separate reboot. And if you have multiple Windows machines, ugh! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1563328205624209408

2022-08-26 14:26:29+00:00

Hmmm, I think I will. https://t.co/1WUxwbGglx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1563171027504742400

2022-08-26 10:15:51+00:00

NFT should just be the copyright system. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1563107950864257024

2022-08-24 22:41:42+00:00

Future Proof Your Career in Tech and Fight Obsolescence https://t.co/DU7C7JA4Me via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1562570875794522113

2022-08-21 02:56:30+00:00

Can Windows Linux Let You Escape Windows? https://t.co/JJ1Ayr3pIK via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1561185445681168385

2022-08-14 21:44:12+00:00

#Antigraviity For Dummies https://t.co/XOAYgItyUD via @YouTube #UAP #UAPs #UFO #UFOs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1558932526030356481

2022-08-13 20:10:57+00:00

Why #Linux Fights Obsolescence and #LXD is Key https://t.co/0Via0AzqPh via @YouTube #LinuxContainers #LXC #Docker #Technology https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1558546670060797953

2022-08-13 00:18:29+00:00

Run #LXD #Linux #Containers on Windows under #WSL 2 #Ubuntu 20.04 and even #JammyJellyfish Ubuntu 22.04 https://t.co/mZqW8ibIny via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1558246577126375426

2022-08-05 17:10:17+00:00

Sharing Host’s #SSH Key With #Linux #Container to Eliminate #Github Password https://t.co/JqBtVsclF6 via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1555602103451656192

2022-08-05 01:43:36+00:00

Python Huey Data Pipeline as Linux systemd Daemon Service https://t.co/Zukbqm9cH9 via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1555368895904620545

2022-08-04 18:01:54+00:00

Use Perceptual Image Hash as Database Primary Key for Cats https://t.co/oHXydoySio via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1555252705156890627

2022-08-03 22:24:44+00:00

Use Python Decorators for Linux Service Scheduling https://t.co/BnhvAMg0MZ via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1554956460068593664

2022-08-02 22:55:33+00:00

Livestream about to begin: Send Email With File Attachment From Python https://t.co/dmr7EDQwNE via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1554601825847967746

2022-07-02 13:46:04+00:00

Oops @360i is no more. They’re renamed as DeLorian Motor Corporation… uh I mean Dentsu Creative. https://t.co/iYGtK5aL2W #logos https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1543229520022589440

2022-06-27 09:55:55+00:00

@Netanel Just learn Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1541359662095802370

2022-06-26 13:19:26+00:00

I used to think by 1970 when I was born all the interesting stuff was over, but it was really just being born #Unix (#Linix) #Pride #PrideParade #PrideParade2022 @catty_adi https://t.co/ZxG4u2rjIf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1541048493053206529

2022-06-23 11:22:15+00:00

Hey Twittersphere, a question: Do you have any opinion on the better #emoji #phonetic for my name “Mike Love-inn”: /🎤ˈ💙ɪn/ versus /🎤ˈ💙🎟️/ ??? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1539931837308469248

2022-06-20 16:35:25+00:00

@htmx_org In order to slow it down and introduce security vulnerability, of course. It’s good for consultants. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1538923486760034305

2022-06-13 15:16:03+00:00

#Unix invented 1970. Unix Hater’s Handbook 1991 (its viral nature exposed). #Mac switches to Unix 2007, saves Mac computer. All #Mobile based on Unix or #Linux. 51 years later, #Microsoft releases Linux subsystem. You’re behind if you don’t know *nix #wsl https://t.co/pICkPXTUIs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1536366796458143744

2022-06-11 13:23:26+00:00

Hi Mike, asks Lyra Yay. I know you advocate Linux, Python, vim & git as the “short stack” everyone should know. But what about C? I’m a budding professional developer. #Linux #Python #vim #git #C #developer #computerscience #computerprogramming https://t.co/LWvoOaMKpK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1535613679995060224

2022-06-11 01:27:47+00:00

On Windows 11 and got 10 minutes? I’ll get you on Linux. https://t.co/hDaE6mgOY8 #Linux #wsl #learnlinux https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1535433580377145344

2022-06-08 11:07:55+00:00

Come jump on the Windows 11 to text-based #Linux bandwagon now. The world just changed in a very big way nobody realizes yet #wsl –install. Watch the videos and join the discussion https://t.co/seHN6sPY9Z https://t.co/RDPKTfbQNi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1534492413154275328

2022-06-07 02:41:29+00:00

I really want Expeditionary Force Match Game tonight. #SciFi #Audible #Skippy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1534002579163824129

2022-05-30 12:10:01+00:00

@KrysikPeter No website is an island. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1531246549904261120

2022-05-25 19:55:12+00:00

#Firefox Browser says “Get the browser that protects what’s important. No shady privacy policies or back doors…” and then warns that they send your browsing data (DNS) to a “partner service to protect you…” hmmm, sounds #shady to me. #Hypocrites #hypocrisy #Mozilla #Privacy https://t.co/YqwZvL4OUl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1529551680278249478

2022-05-25 15:30:47+00:00

@craigaloewen Hi Craig. Finally took the plunge to kick the tires of Windows 11 with wsl + g. Mixed feelings. Here’s a video you gotta see. https://t.co/qJkwKjM8Ut #wsl #wsl2 #Windows #Linux #Graphics https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1529485134659043329

2022-05-25 15:26:48+00:00

They are trying to distract you They know how to press your buttons Be bigger, better and badder than that Let it fizzle, getting them to smash buttons Screenshot it over-top juxtaposing pics Use those pics in #EMDR sessions Their jabs thus help heal. Become #antifragile. BAM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1529484133885431809

2022-05-25 15:15:12+00:00

Step #1 in renting an apartment: equip them with every piece of identification necessary for identity fraud then wait on your hands to hear back #identitytheft #nothappy #bewareofmisinformation #craigslist https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1529481214943428610

2022-05-23 11:34:29+00:00

Install #ZFS Utils for #Linux to prepare for #LXD on #WSL https://t.co/uZyxoCXGHe

https://t.co/ikKELsi8W9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1528700894388400129

2022-05-15 11:33:52+00:00

turn off vim scrolling in WSL Linux Windows Terminal https://t.co/rVphkQATSE via @YouTube #linux #vim #wsl #windowsterminal https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1525801633946402816

2022-05-13 14:46:05+00:00

Friday The 13th 2022 KB5013624 Cumulative Update for NET https://t.co/tHca4riZph via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1525125231320375300

2022-05-13 12:12:13+00:00

Sure, labels are stupid and English is bad but the fact that you curse it is making me sad. #poem #poety #labels #EnglishLanguage https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1525086509270958081

2022-05-10 15:53:51+00:00

Before the days of Not Provided I watched the flow of search hits come in from a filtered view of my log files. I examined each page that was on page 1 vs each that was on page 2 including off-page link structures. I altered the P2 cases to do be more like P1. Rinse & repeat. https://t.co/kG7JULFSlo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1524055121407193088

2022-05-07 13:44:09+00:00

Oh, :b1. I keep coming back to you. I want to :b2 ‘cause it’s always a :blast. :b3 for my kid and :b4 for my caste. #vi #vim #vimbuffers #vimpoetry #poetry #nerd #journaling #blogging https://t.co/PQ0UERL0vf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1522935319531868160

2022-05-05 17:26:36+00:00

@MarkPreston1969 Isn’t the writing on the wall? It’ll just talking be to someone who knows a lot. Over time it’ll get to know you better and be like a spare parent. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1522266524521795586

2022-05-04 17:33:37+00:00

@elonmusk Saved! Elon, you should also let videos be saved from a Tweet too. Look at Apollo on iPhone. They got it right. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1521905901791289345

2022-05-04 13:19:36+00:00

@MarkPreston1969 I would have realized I invented WordPress before WordPress, Twitter before Twitter and arguably even SalesForce before SalesForce, tightened up my coding, scaling and business skills and brought one or more to market myself. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1521841977557491712

2022-05-02 19:57:10+00:00

I wonder if #Google’s #AI’s are going in-fight as much as its researchers https://t.co/lj8Os20MAj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1521217254133751810

2022-04-30 16:52:10+00:00

@MalteLandwehr 51 and just warming up. Enjoying the rise of AGI and being among the first conversing with Google’s. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1520445921695252487

2022-04-29 13:15:59+00:00

@elonmusk Reuce the character limit by 1 and see how many tweets disappear. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1520029129139232770

2022-04-29 12:58:32+00:00

#Wisdom #Choices #FacingReality https://t.co/RygIpWmPzS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1520024736482447361

2022-04-29 12:27:57+00:00

@MarkPreston1969 What are you doing on Twitter? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1520017040135888899

2022-04-15 12:41:29+00:00

A #Linux, #Python, #vim & #git Tech Story https://t.co/I0YrvkwCLy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1514947016664784898

2022-04-05 13:20:04+00:00

@paraga @Twitter The announcement should have been made on April 1st. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1511332846862061571

2022-03-24 14:54:21+00:00

#Storytime #Tech #Selfhelp https://t.co/2ORIRhYNFE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1507007919350431755

2022-03-22 16:48:18+00:00

Now I’ve Got a TikTok https://t.co/tjzjWIbi1A https://t.co/oA1qqiI4rI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1506311819081748485

2022-03-12 21:23:21+00:00

Looks like YouTube just discovered me. https://t.co/AO4fplATeG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1502757159376982016

2022-03-04 17:47:20+00:00

Whoah SqliteDict 2.0.0 released 4 hours ago! The best lightweight local key/val database for #Python out there. Make your dicts persistent with ease. Time to pip install -U sqlitedict https://t.co/By6d8qq6CJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1499803696657747968

2022-01-18 21:21:58+00:00

So Mark Zuckerberg had to change the name of Metaverse because Neal Stephenson is alive but Elon Musk doesn’t have to change the name of Neuralink because Iain M. Banks is dead? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1483550252993028102

2021-12-16 16:31:58+00:00

@htmx_org @unpolyjs I’ve developed several “in-house” server-side frameworks in my career. That blind acceptance of the fat JS client-side frameworks has made me vomit more than their scaffolding generators. Been waiting for something like htmx. Beautifully un-opinionated and joyful. Thanks! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1471518474820366350

2021-12-09 00:13:03+00:00

@Tilly_Haines In the biz since ‘96. Maybe half in-house, half NYC Agency including 360i. Created Web 2.0 keyword tool HitTail w/15 year run. Created Python SEO FOSS packages. Some of the best in-housers are all but invisible. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1468735408443961345

2021-12-09 00:08:27+00:00

The government fessed up to the existence of UFOs and Ghislaine Maxwell is still alive. Maybe times really are changing. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1468734248131735557

2021-12-01 13:52:42+00:00

In 2021 this was done. By 2022 we’ll be #greygoo? We’ve got 1 month. Happy December! #sciencefiction meets #science https://t.co/7BSWmebOlS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1466042577380069379

2021-11-23 21:10:31+00:00

The final obstacles to Electron being Python’s modern new GUI: Widevine makes you less than FLOSSy FOSS. Lightweight alternatives that ditch Chromium for the OS web UI are not mainstream enough or on Python (NeutralinoJS & tauri respectively). Ugh! So close #WebUI #WebUX #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1463253652584513544

2021-11-23 21:05:44+00:00

@lilyraynyc And the deck is reshuffled again! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1463252451151257602

2021-11-19 00:20:48+00:00

I was in YouTube just now with Asimov showing and Feynman beneath him and thought now there are two of the most sensible people and clear communicators of our time. https://t.co/TTUaJfPsH3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1461489601730813952

2021-11-14 14:15:55+00:00

After 2 years on Windows Subsystem for Linux (#WSL2) having to sudo hwclock -s every time I wake up my laptop it’s almost surreal for the clock to be right every time. Me detects big changes on my system via Windows Updates in prep for Windows 11 where this stuff was fixed right. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1459887826225487874

2021-11-14 14:12:32+00:00

Just watched Tom Hanks’ #Finch on #AppleTV. Wow, touched me deeply. Someone at Apple really loves #Asimov. First Foundation and now this. Captures the spirit of the original #iRobot short stories better than anything I’ve seen. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1459886972990889989

2021-11-12 13:54:32+00:00

RT @JohnMorabitoSEO: Support @techseowomen on @buymeacoffee! 🎉

You can buy them a coffee here — https://t.co/dvnBYnHXeO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1459157667579142150

2021-11-09 13:58:04+00:00

Rarely do I see a screen that captures the battle of the browsers better than this one from just now. On Edge with a Google product start-page with Google set as my default search. Microsoft prompts me to dump Google. Google prompts me to dump Microsoft. #Edge #Chrome #Browser https://t.co/2TlrFywPIK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1458071391991906309

2021-11-08 16:22:06+00:00

RT @gvanrossum: Seen on a T-shirt:

Knock knock Race condition Who’s there! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1457745254610788354

2021-11-07 01:49:49+00:00

RT @gvanrossum: This was a fun conversation, and it is a fun project to work on. I am learning a lot of new things about CPUs! ;-) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1457163345639972864

2021-11-05 14:21:09+00:00

Apple’s battle against tracking by anyone but them via controlling the platform continues, this time email open rates https://t.co/26ROv81ooW #privacy #marketing #Apple #ios15 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1456627651393822728

2021-11-03 23:22:40+00:00

Wow these updates to Google UIs are hitting deep into many products, app and web. #Google #UI #UX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1456039152881897480

2021-11-02 13:55:34+00:00

@JohnMorabitoSEO If ya ever want to talk. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1455534049246728207

2021-11-02 13:54:23+00:00

@HelanaDarwin Generally agreed. But there are the outliers like George Soros. >$30 billion to charity. Left himself about 8. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1455533752428503050

2021-10-02 13:33:17+00:00

Honestly, the biggest change in Google in 23 years: supporting Dark theme in browser. Hopefully it finds its way to every Google site. #Google #SEO #uxdesign https://t.co/TyCeLFcLeB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1444294418668965895

2021-09-01 13:44:21+00:00

The Battle of the Browsers continues at full pace, LOL! #MicrosoftEdge #GoogleChrome #BitchSlap #Browsers https://t.co/pTWlEMS9CU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1433063180725628929

2021-08-23 15:35:44+00:00

#VidCon2021 #VidConAnaheim #vidconus is Cancelled. Making the best of it with a Disneyland trip and some life lessons https://t.co/gyeFdipXnN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1429829717478289412

2021-07-12 10:41:11+00:00

Wow, Richard Branson himself went on his first Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo flight. That takes balls! Let’s see Bezos do that on Blue Origin! And right as I’m reading Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens of Titian. How life imitates art. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1414535302929080324

2021-07-02 18:18:17+00:00

If you’re looking for #UFOs and #UAPs on the Internet (a reasonable thing these days) know that TikTok’s #TicTacs are way better than YouTube’s, Twitter’s and Instagrams. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1411026456197615624

2021-07-01 14:19:17+00:00

I think maybe toxoplasmosis is the cure for modern millennial anxiety. Get cats and lose fear, people! 🐱 🐈 https://t.co/6dxRTeWxFg thanks for the tictok find Adi :-) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1410603923702906894

2021-06-29 16:58:53+00:00

@ChrisKMellon Here’s my thoughts on the Antigravity tech https://t.co/Wve0LKbJiE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1409919311989334017

2021-06-28 21:28:22+00:00

So the #UAPreport UFO Report is out and the most likely explanation for the #TicTac is radical new tech propulsion tech, but what?!?! Explained here: https://t.co/Wve0LKbJiE #UFO #UAP #UAPTF #Antigravity #Science #sciencefiction #conspiracytheories #antigrav https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1409624742986981378

2021-06-28 15:20:50+00:00

Success requires entering into a predominantly static state so you can interact with a public that is also in a predominantly static state. This is so that you become predictable and knowable to your customers and audience for familiarity in a long term stable relationship. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1409532248454582274

2021-06-25 16:30:44+00:00

@JohnMorabitoSEO I’ll just autoforward you all my LinkedIn spam. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1408462674808164356

2021-06-17 13:58:30+00:00

#Google just shrank its G. https://t.co/wY0vLGrbXf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1405525260703649803

2021-06-03 19:02:40+00:00

@HelanaDarwin And not just one spectrum. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1400528378302717959

2021-05-31 11:34:57+00:00

The next round of #UFO #UAP evidence the US Government is willing to declassify as a result of a rider in Trump’s December 2020 $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief law is due as soon as tomorrow. Happy #AntiGrav Day, not https://t.co/Wve0LKbJiE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1399328540672331776

2021-05-30 11:52:09+00:00

As much as I’m a fan of #meshnetworking for say developing nations and backwater states, I am not a fan of #AmazonSidewalk feature turning it on in our #Alexa devices without our consent. It should be optin and not optout. https://t.co/xBS7bdg9dl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1398970481852751873

2021-05-30 11:25:34+00:00

I love Demon Detective but when I look at him it’s like a rorschach making me question. #Invincible https://t.co/zrohCbnuvg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1398963792407629828

2021-05-28 17:25:39+00:00

For anyone running #Linux on Microsoft #WSL / #WSL2 whose clock is always behind from the sleep problem, it’s actually important to do a sudo hwclock -s before system updates like #Ubuntu’s apt #update / #upgrade or you won’t actually get the latest. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1398329634824073219

2021-05-27 18:01:11+00:00

#Tictac #UFO Sightings Explained https://t.co/T2X1L8Xx4g via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397976189277458438

2021-05-27 18:00:26+00:00

Well that was a big round of UX updates across Facebook and Instagram. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397976001976668166

2021-05-25 22:10:43+00:00

There is only one great question in the human experience: do you actually have free will or is everything predetermined? Bullies will try to make you think it’s predetermined while exercising free will for themselves. Surprise them. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397314212570009600

2021-05-25 22:07:24+00:00

Wow I wish I found this brilliant little homage to Dune #FearIsTheMindKiller earlier in the pandemic. Perfect! https://t.co/eMOTW47LX8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397313378092257280

2021-05-25 19:19:06+00:00

I journal. I journal a lot. Sometimes I know I need to journal just to process my thoughts, but I get stuck. To get over being stuck I force myself to re-read past entries sometimes at random. This never fails to resurface old ideas and stimulate new ones, overcoming linear time. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397271022760611847

2021-05-25 18:36:08+00:00

Work breaks down into 2 categories, 1: That which challenges you, requiring new thought and #creativity. 2: That which is mostly rote, reusing past work as templates. The “mode” you’re is very different, depending. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397260211006676999

2021-05-25 14:00:49+00:00

Take object & fill it with xenon Put chamber in middle w/joules Massively producing plasma In direction the object should move. Deny all you want of this story Bury head in the sand like a fool But stop & you’ll find in a week Humanity’s got a new tool. https://t.co/eF5SpSjaet https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397190925047242762

2021-05-25 13:58:44+00:00

The moment you actually achieve mainstream celebrity-style “#success” in life, you’re labeled, pigeonholed, and many wonderful paths in life that require anonymity get shut down. Your focus switches from exploring life to building fortresses. Buffet’s motes, but in personal life. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397190398196527109

2021-05-25 13:30:19+00:00

Say why you have to say, no matter what people say about you. That’s one of the few things I admired about Trump. If you’re an idiot, it’ll all come out in the wash. I struggle with this. By nature I’m like Aaron Burr but I’m trying to be like Hamilton. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397183248535629834

2021-05-25 13:25:07+00:00

You know these #tictac #ufo #sightings only mean someone quite terrestrial has cracked Antigravity. I’m going to guess that these pilot-assisted drones are also AI-assisted through a Python package import, like xkcd said. #tictacufosightings https://t.co/IwliPkOZIA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397181938310451208

2021-05-25 13:15:28+00:00

Weapons 101: Understanding humanity by making and using their offensive and defensive tools… across time: sharp sticks to spear throwing to bow and arrow to gunpowder. Across culture: samurai sword alloys, atomic sharpness through folding, warfare reduction through decapitation. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397179513193254912

2021-05-25 13:10:28+00:00

Homeschooling for a New Age. You really have to engage them and little seems more dated than traditional curriculums. What’ll grab and hold their attention, provide specific activities they can relate to today and broader abstractions that’ll serve them for life? Weapons 101? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397178254436573186

2021-05-25 13:04:41+00:00

There’s #power in #putter. Don’t let them deny you By rushing this hour They’re trying to fry you. Relax and remember Their #recrimination Has come in a form Now that needs #vaccination.

#poetry https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397176799407321093

2021-05-25 12:58:36+00:00

Other people are always going to try to set your boundaries. That’s just a certain portion of humanity’s need to satiate their own insecurities by securing others so they never become a threat. It’s why we “fix” our pets’ personalities into puppies and kittens. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397175268729659392

2021-05-25 12:44:01+00:00

Life is too short for video editing if it’s not your job. Life is too short for hashtags if you don’t care about building audience. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397171598248058885

2021-05-25 12:42:06+00:00

Large swaths of previous generations’ assumed knowledge becomes mental handicaps to the next. That entire generations share traits is one. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397171113428406272

2021-05-25 12:24:28+00:00

I keep forgetting that Twitter is a place for public idea-capture. Add some modest technical ability, and it becomes a queryable quarry for your further idea refinement. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397166675221532678

2021-05-25 12:17:00+00:00

Quote: I can’t believe that you… [fill in the blank].

Should have replied: Then your capacity to imagine has some deficiencies. 😝🤔 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1397164797410611207

2021-05-24 00:10:46+00:00

One of the best feelings is checking up on a favorite actor and seeing they’re still with us. Thank you Ed Asner. #stillgotit https://t.co/JsL5PH7ofp https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1396619647617798144

2021-05-23 16:46:13+00:00

Gear ratio reduction projects for “eternal clocks” seem to be all the rage all of the sudden. Love it! Making a GOOGOL:1 Reduction with Lego Gears https://t.co/nlWh1iPvH6 via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1396507771324018701

2021-05-16 21:05:48+00:00

The C.D.C. director offers a stark reassurance: Only unvaccinated people are at risk by unmasking. Translated: Anti-maskers reveal thyself as hypocrites or die? haha! #NowThatsFunny https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1394036385049419782

2021-04-22 00:22:32+00:00

Go into that gentle night ratta tatta Charlie Cat! https://t.co/9N6KYrMFFB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1385026196195348484

2021-04-16 22:40:48+00:00

Install JupyterLab 3 and Spellcheck https://t.co/y5qjLY35sz via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1383188655615975426

2021-03-28 23:21:46+00:00

Technical SEO? Do you pull your GSC data through Python yet? Give it a try. Dumping GSC data to SQLite: https://t.co/KQCvaAufYZ via @YouTube #Python #SEO #SQLite #Jupyter https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1376313594678292484

2021-03-27 04:14:39+00:00

(lambda: 0 == False)() #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1375662525715464192

2021-03-17 23:11:04+00:00

Lovely #Lambda Line Lumping in #Python for code cleanup https://t.co/GTvBKE715Q via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1372324638177513472

2021-03-13 22:10:44+00:00

Your Left Click / Main Click stopped working or requiring too many touchpad clicks? Mine too! Uninstall #Windows #update #KB4589212 instant fix. https://t.co/NdJSGZzZBo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1370859901413691394

2021-03-12 00:17:43+00:00

Ever try to connect to a Google service from Jupyter Notebooks? Easy OAuth2 for SEO work is a topic I tackle regularly and this is my most updated and best approach available for your pip install ohawf. #Python #Jupyter #SEO #google #programming #wsl — https://t.co/9elZNePQ3C https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1370167082340470788

2021-03-11 16:29:49+00:00

Silent video on #Python Packaging Index #PyPI release. https://t.co/CIERWmRmjd via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1370049332246876174

2021-03-10 00:06:08+00:00

Is it just me or did #vim paste mode just become no longer necessary? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1369439393308631043

2021-02-28 15:39:25+00:00

#Amazon just pulled a #Netflix, changing the #logo icon that’s so entrained in our psyche. This is bigger than Ma Bell to Verizon because we didn’t all have a Bell icon on our phone desktop. Is this symbolic of Bezos stepping down? https://t.co/11xww1hQUt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1366050382275895305

2021-02-28 02:32:13+00:00

JupyterLab Keyboard Shortcuts Restart Kernel and Clear All Outputs https://t.co/ntRcolKMu9 via @YouTube #Jupyter #JupyterNotebook #JupyterLabs #DataScience https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1365852277353967617

2021-02-26 02:56:40+00:00

pip install nbdev on Windows 10 https://t.co/75BBAJjxAH via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1365133653228064771

2021-02-25 16:22:51+00:00

This begins my series of using Jupyter Notebooks for development work — nbdev on Windows 10? https://t.co/U7GMu4E7Gy via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1364974145830854663

2021-02-19 02:09:18+00:00

Method of Loci and OS Virtual Desktops https://t.co/n3NNiWwzWT via @YouTube Use your Windows, Mac or Linux Virtual Desktops as part of the Method of Loci: in the 1st Place, in the 2nd Place, etc.This lends itself to a productive workflow. #lifehacks2021 #lifehacks2021 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1362585019433238528

2021-02-18 02:37:37+00:00

If you haven’t eliminated typing in your username and password every time you push to Github yet, then it’s time. https://t.co/b9g4CiizCs via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1362229755274289154

2021-02-17 15:27:49+00:00

Linux Graphics in Windows in 2021 https://t.co/pnRBLdKTuE via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1362061195683971078

2021-02-17 02:02:00+00:00

Microsoft Terminal Doesn’t Need VSCode #Linux https://t.co/GLg6hoDWEb via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1361858403828723712

2021-02-16 18:08:12+00:00

Use Linux vim and git on Windows https://t.co/0Rxifdl7Ab via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1361739170721464320

2021-02-16 00:58:17+00:00

Windows Subsystem for Linux makes it remarkably easy to uninstall old instances of Ubuntu from the Microsoft Store and reinstall new instances. #windows #microsoft #linux #wsl #wsl2 #microsoftlinux #ubuntuhttps://youtu.be/Xp7KC8bHYBQ via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1361479984330797058

2021-02-15 13:29:05+00:00

Now we have to become Spider-Man to keep the criminal from coming back to kill Uncle Sam. Thanks #MitchMcConnell and happy #PresidentsDay. Enjoy my first meme. #politics #impeachment #Acquittal #GOPMobRule #43Traitors #Trump2024 https://t.co/af9yUQRrZ5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1361306538103701506

2021-02-14 22:28:41+00:00

Happy Valentine’s Day. Your Pythonic Life Begins With a JupyterLab Shortcut https://t.co/ZFBesSvbfe via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1361079947134173184

2021-02-13 23:04:10+00:00

https://t.co/q8b8adikct Ratcheting up my YouTube presence a bit for anyone looking to jump on the Python programming bandwagon. https://t.co/vpZ0mTkrZ1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1360726487004020740

2021-02-12 19:04:43+00:00

Installing Anaconda on Windows 10 in 2021 https://t.co/i6sF4I3GJZ via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1360303841921572870

2021-02-12 03:57:34+00:00

Intro to Linux Terminal and SSH on Windows https://t.co/rvTsLE9FR8 via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1360075548031131648

2021-02-11 16:45:08+00:00

Python on Window 10 in Early 2021: the obvious choice (from the Microsoft Store) isn’t always the best. Learn the 3 popular paths - https://t.co/N0gtCbyqF4 via @YouTube #goldenhandcuffs #python #python2021 #pythonlearning #Windows10 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1359906324130254848

2021-02-11 02:33:25+00:00

Install Website as App on Start Menu with Edge browser https://t.co/w8YHQGBuiD via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1359691982940106752

2021-02-10 19:09:14+00:00

Show Taskbar Icons In all your Windows 10 Virtual Desktops https://t.co/0EHxemvFtr via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1359580202473553920

2021-02-10 18:11:17+00:00

Hiding Windows 10 Clock in Taskbar https://t.co/v6DdVbYUkF via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1359565616106110979

2021-02-10 03:05:29+00:00

Start Using Windows Virtual Desktops Now! https://t.co/MQTQ7QM3nb via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1359337665347346433

2021-02-10 02:12:32+00:00

For Starters Delete Everything in Windows 10 Start Menu https://t.co/qqGAXYPt1U via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1359324341939408898

2021-01-25 13:55:57+00:00

Just saw on a feed, 1 degrees of separation between Trump and Joseph McCarthy. Didn’t know when I wrote that, but he really did learn fear mongering rampaging bull #politics from McCarthy’s lawyer, LOL! https://t.co/O8crB9b29B https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1353703156216197122

2021-01-21 14:28:41+00:00

Any doubt that the NonProfit #Debian branch of #Linux (that includes Microsoft’s #Ubuntu) won over IBM’s #RedHat “enterprise” Linux, note that the free enterprise version #CentOS is forced into a subscription model. You than still use #Fedora, I guess. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1352261840563286021

2021-01-17 16:15:36+00:00

The purpose of journaling and drawing are threefold: 1. To help you see the world better to make better decisions, 2. To commit to muscle-memory and master vital idea-encoding tools, 3. To highlight strengths and weaknesses of different languages. #LunderVand https://t.co/Md4n0ql8o8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1350839196622200834

2021-01-15 01:50:02+00:00

The better you get at thinking in and expressing yourself in any language, the better you will be at programming. The trick is to encode your thoughts effectively enough as to get the desired effect in your target audience or machine. #Programming #Coding #LunderVand https://t.co/hjPfStbzC2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1349896593386958850

2021-01-15 01:23:57+00:00

Writing and drawing are both encoding your thoughts in a way that gets decoded and played back by humans. Learning to program is the same thing, only the code is for playback by machines. It’s all still just expressing yourself through language. #LunderVand https://t.co/ISgQELZ8Zr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1349890031620657153

2021-01-14 22:53:46+00:00

It’s easier than you think to dust off your drawing skills, taking only a few lines and some imagination. Don’t get hung up on tools or by being critical on yourself. Use whatever you’ve got. Writing and drawing gets you practicing coding in multiple languages. #LunderVand https://t.co/mjApqCuRzb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1349852233723211777

2021-01-14 20:27:35+00:00

Many of us lose the ability to draw as children and our phones do us no great favor by excluding pens. Drawing let’s you experiment visually with ideas in ways you can’t express in writing. Journaling and drawing keeps you in a multilingual and multiplatform mindset. #LunderVand https://t.co/mgOsotHxng https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1349815445461852162

2021-01-14 01:10:31+00:00

Let yourself write whatever you need. It’s for your eyes only, and you can destroy it afterwards. It can be hard at first, but sooner or later words will flow. Journaling practices expressing yourself, mastering tools, and getting to know yourself. #Introspection #LunderVand https://t.co/6WouxHlaMm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1349524261115985921

2021-01-14 00:34:47+00:00

Journaling is a skill like any other. You get better over time with practice. You eventually stop thinking about writing and slip off into the zone, spontaneously expressing yourself. #Journaling #Practice #TheZone #TheFlow #LunderVand https://t.co/hapW5J46vE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1349515268796592128

2021-01-13 00:08:46+00:00

Once you’ve puttered, played the observation game and jotted down a few notes, you’ll find it easier to journal because you’ve thought about things. You may never look at that journal entry again. The purpose is to clarify your thoughts. #Journaling #Clarity #LunderVand https://t.co/QwtSCZzNqK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1349146334826213380

2021-01-12 23:24:45+00:00

If you don’t write it down, it didn’t happen. Even though a good thought will usually reoccur, you need to eventually write it down to make it real. Don’t deliberate, overwork it or get beleaguered. Just jot. #ideacapture #LunderVand https://t.co/W6UjRcbDIw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1349135257480658950

2021-01-12 23:04:15+00:00

Look around while you putter, silently verbalizing and and taking note of things your head. You will see, understand and remember things better, thus yielding higher quality thinking. #observation #thought #LunderVand https://t.co/xoeHCw6oqX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1349130099317219330

2021-01-12 22:44:21+00:00

Allow yourself to putter. Puttering provides the perfect unstructured time to process your thoughts and frees your mind to explore. It removes the pressure and blocking effect of specific goals and expectations. #putter #puttering #LunderVand https://t.co/5jgi713c2q https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1349125091137904647

2021-01-12 22:26:00+00:00

Brilliant thoughts pop into your head all the time. They come in abstract fleeting wisps. Good ones will reoccur. However, if you don’t occasionally grab onto them and explore further, your whole life will slip away without having acted on any of the best ones. #LunderVand https://t.co/Qrqo0AkEdx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1349120472034766853

2021-01-09 12:22:58+00:00

@dberkowitz Excuse? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1347881550583652352

2021-01-07 13:29:03+00:00

Just a reminder that 20 years ago Al Gore lost by only 537 votes and had the popular vote, yet he gracefully conceded for the good of the country. Trump’s behavior is that of Joseph McCarthy. Mr. President, have you no sense of decency? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1347173403912974340

2020-11-15 15:42:10+00:00

It took me too long to help the people I love hop onto the blessing known as #AnimalCrossing, fostering a long overdue connection between my daughter and her Aunt Joyce who’s got a 5-star island! Perfect storm of wholesomeness, distraction and socializing https://t.co/SQhruYYLUI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1328000346103361539

2020-11-13 02:02:58+00:00

Guido van Rossum, the creator of the Python programming language, comes out of retirement to work for Microsoft. I guess once you buy Guthub, you’re all-in on FOSS. So long as it’s not somehow some new slippery M$ embrace and displace scheme. Old skepticism dies hard. https://t.co/kbIa9NNlFY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1327069411048640512

2020-11-08 17:36:35+00:00

@lilyraynyc Though of course I meant to say browser “tabs”, so I guess we all need some slack cut. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1325492425691901952

2020-11-08 17:28:42+00:00

@lilyraynyc @danmozgai Meta’s generally don’t show. Title tags are used in bookmarks and browser tags. Not only different in a nitpicking way but substantially different in purpose and use. Don’t let ‘em brush off the difference as small. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1325490440435617798

2020-10-16 17:57:10+00:00

Saying goodbye to HitTail, the keyword suggestion tool for #SEO writing that I created in 2005 had a nearly 15-year run. Farewell old friend https://t.co/TB7bEqbiLD https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1317162687147769858

2020-09-25 16:46:47+00:00

So finally I’m taking up vanilla JavaScript again, this time for Chrome automation with Puppeteer, and am duly punished by the first thing I need to learn is anonymous async arrow functions. That’s weirdness x3 just to decipher the friggin barebones examples. #PythonVsJavaScript https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1309534825779429376

2020-08-27 20:16:54+00:00

Turned 50 today and got a very special birthday present. Thank you so much Adi. I love you so much and you are such a wonderful and talented person — https://t.co/wwA4RPRLxF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1299078455464730641

2020-08-25 12:22:21+00:00

Human-type consciousness and keen self-awareness comes from the internalization of an external tool called language which amplifies the meta processes in your head. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1298234257014435841

2020-08-19 22:27:12+00:00

Oracle in the running for TikTok? LOL now there’s a cultural fit. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1296212143768035340

2020-08-12 17:54:50+00:00

Thanks so much Lily! Great interview and it’s an honor to be mentioned. https://t.co/XU1xPdCMNk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1293606888265977858

2020-08-07 18:06:38+00:00

My first YouTube collab with my daughter. So proud! Basic Gotcha Tutorial with Dad https://t.co/hL0taaRs6z https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1291797917351718912

2020-08-07 01:53:09+00:00

Daughter exploiting our new #kitten for YouTube views 🐱🐱🐱😍 #cat #cats #kittens #kittensofinstagram https://t.co/QEcG4MANgN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1291552932987633664

2020-07-28 17:30:52+00:00

Python overtakes Java in popularity. Main reason people use Java: Android. Main reason people use JavaScript: Browser. Main reason people use Python: They love it! https://t.co/aCg5uUejpe https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1288165038499540996

2020-07-10 16:39:50+00:00

While I’m on the #BrowserWars topic, have you ever wanted to remove duplicates from your Favorites (bookmarks) without an extension? It’s built into the new #MicrosoftEdge browser. #removeduplicates #dedupe #bookmarks #favorites https://t.co/eZzhuLHL3K https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1281629214165409797

2020-07-10 16:29:12+00:00

Latest I noticed in these subtle browser wars is that while the new Microsoft #Edge does let you change which search engine is used in the address bar, it doesn’t let you change the URL for the New Tab Page, nor change the search bar that appears on that page to anything but Bing https://t.co/5V4xscRQE7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1281626535527690241

2020-07-01 16:28:01+00:00

For my 1st tweet in awhile, a meta graphic. Had to test it on the screen I saw it on. So here it is. Now gotta go try a much taller webpage to try out this long overdue built-in capability (full page screen capture) and it’s in the new Microsoft Edge browser! #Edge #MicrosoftEdge https://t.co/lO5mku5kwI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1278364749428936704

2020-04-24 19:09:36+00:00

@BillieGoatin To me, an Amiga fan, both Apple and Microsoft have been horrid companies with horrid products over the years. That companies can so entirely reinvent themselves is hard to swallow. I’m a Linux-lover and I love Windows 10 now too. I worry about old M$ embrace and displace tactics. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1253763038076960768

2020-04-24 14:43:11+00:00

Okay slammed out that deliverable real quick. Now get the desperation out of the code real quick! (but not desperately so). #Linux #Python #vim #git https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1253695989917024256

2020-04-20 15:07:00+00:00

Hey #Python #DataScience #Stoner friends, celebrate #Happy420 by getting lit:

pip install streamlit


You’re welcome. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1252252432010219521

2020-04-19 17:08:52+00:00

The new Dune movie apparently brought to you by the Delorean Motor Corporation. https://t.co/B00Q4txcQB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1251920715999313920

2020-03-24 16:05:41+00:00

In my first foray into concurrency in Python, popular wisdom has led me to grequests for my particular task: crawling lots of webpages. However, we are all really machine-bound. There’s no such thing as unlimited hardware resources. And so we must still size jobs to fit. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1242482728639049733

2020-03-24 15:48:01+00:00

#Concurrency is for when sequential processing reaches a task reducible by mapping chunks of it to different non-blocking execution contexts. Whether it is achieved by true multi-core, multi-machine or even just single-cpu task-switching should have no impact on your #Python code https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1242478281447833600

2020-03-17 01:00:49+00:00

GitHub (Microsoft) buys npm? I guess the OpenJS Foundation wasn’t up for sale, and if you can’t own the platform own the repo? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1239718296326455296

2020-03-16 17:03:42+00:00

Are you a Windows Insider running #WSL2 who innocently ran 2020-03 cumulative update and your #Linux stopped working? No problem! https://t.co/6AXbQ5rRKI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1239598225444790272

2020-03-10 15:15:23+00:00

Install Python on Windows in 2020 https://t.co/OCqAgivmAm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1237396639112970241

2020-03-05 22:31:06+00:00

Installing #Linux on #Windows10 and getting WSL version 1 and a virtual disk limitation message when you try to upgrade it? Just turn compression off on the files like I do in this video to get #WSL2

https://t.co/QwqlVj2PG3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1235694354787901440

2020-03-05 18:32:53+00:00

Curious what #Ubuntu #Linux is going to look like under #Windows10 with #WSL2? — https://t.co/AjvcjoXoK0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1235634405747625985

2020-03-03 16:50:12+00:00

So #Windows7 reaches end of life while the #coronavirus reaches #Seattle and forces a big tug-of-war on #Microsoft’s profits; right as their awesome new spate of hardware hits that catapults them past #Apple innovation-wise into the future. #StrangerThanFiction https://t.co/xVcyOxWlaH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1234883785428230146

2020-02-28 15:17:33+00:00

35 years later and this sort of thing still gives me a thrill. #Amiga founder and #Intuition visionary https://t.co/GUKKW97XEU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1233410919838908416

2020-02-07 15:17:40+00:00

New Microsoft Terminal, a quick tour. If you’ve ever been thinking of taking up Linux, now’s the time. The Unix Shell just went mainstream again. Make your knowledge more fundamental and skills obsolescence-proof — https://t.co/7M229iKg5E https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1225800803878830080

2020-02-04 12:17:27+00:00

@lilyraynyc Not in incognito mode https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1224668288803901440

2020-02-04 03:27:09+00:00

I like white text on OLED black. I set my Kindle software to that for book reading. I like software that lets you explicitly set a black background color. Software like SimpleNotr that turns some sort of dark Grey but not black in night mode is such a disappointment. https://t.co/KaScpurJaC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1224534830823694337

2020-02-02 17:33:59+00:00

Writing is a form of commitment. Vocalizing it is one strong key step in making it real. Commit yourself by asserting your belief in a public place and you will hold yourself to a higher standard. — Robert Cialdini’s principle of Commitment and Consistency. https://t.co/lGultdcJ1s https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1224023170975510528

2020-02-02 17:16:38+00:00

Well I’ve finally done it. I’ve started live broadcasting and republishing my twitch sessions on YouTube. Since I don’t edit anyway, make a show of it. And the show has begun. https://t.co/cFVgC47Ci8 https://t.co/hOGsUHjH9p https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1224018802255548416

2020-01-31 16:27:07+00:00

If Google and Microsoft can reinvent themselves, why not IBM too, right? Arvind Krishna, IBM’s first ‘geek’ CEO as Big Blue drives into the cloud era https://t.co/JsiiRc8RjU via @Instapaper https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1223281568015360001

2020-01-08 21:28:32+00:00

Aw Snap #Chrome recently start crashing on your Windows 10 no matter what you do? Can’t even get into Settings to check your Extensions? Make a Windows Shortcut copy to Chrome, right-click, go to properties / compatibility and set it to Windows 7 compatibility. #AwSnap workaround https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1215022499651637248

2019-12-30 17:48:14+00:00

@bill_slawski @FlorianKluge Using neuro-linguistic programming to influence bots processing natural language sounds about right. It’s a heck of a lot less hubris than saying that what we do is optimize search engines anymore. I have that headache. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1211705569951846400

2019-12-11 20:37:24+00:00

Microsoft embraces #Linux, #Python & #Git and is my chosen platform for #SEO. https://t.co/ZKL6TNSfZg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1204862769616564226

2019-11-30 18:51:30+00:00

Users of #Chrome who want a little more surfing privacy, visit chrome://flags/#dns-over-https and change Default to Enabled. It will use https through the browser for DNS. Prior, DNS is not encrypted so although your page can’t be read by bad guys, the site you’re visiting can be https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1200849854269972481

2019-11-27 17:14:36+00:00

It’s better on the Microsoft Insider Program SLOW TRACK. My system already seems snappier and more responsive. Perhaps it’s my imagination just because I don’t always have some huge Windows download or update going on in the background, but having #WSL2 is all that really matters https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1199738302393409537

2019-11-26 20:48:49+00:00

Yesterday I went looking for the red #Uber #Jump #electricbikes which appeared to have disappeared, and only found them in New York Harbor. The green #LimeE electric bikes are still around, but also in the harbor. Watch the YouTube video https://t.co/PMkmzZGr9d #StatenIsland #NYC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1199429826412711936

2019-11-25 18:19:58+00:00

I only reluctantly went on the Windows Insider Program Fast Ring to get the latest #Linux on Windows (WSL 2). They just released #WSL2 into the “Slow Ring” and I’m thinking it’s time to switch for fewer Windows updates (currently weekly) https://t.co/1pLPCu5BBY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1199029979033538561

2019-11-18 15:57:40+00:00

@i_m_andrea I’m back on #Windows (for a few years) after many years on the Mac as my primary (personal) platform. WSL and now WSL2 make all the difference. It’s better to be on genuine Ubuntu repo than #Homebrew / #Fink / #MacPorts. Also now on the the unified Unix-style Microsoft Terminal. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1196457451421392896

2019-11-12 16:32:22+00:00

For anyone using the Microsoft Terminal (meaning the new unified Unix/Linux command-line replacement) and are waiting for default fullscreen, you can now add “launchMode”:”maximized” to global settings in your preferences per: https://t.co/RcZw91qQLN #wsl #wsl2 #linux #terminal https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1194291857028726784

2019-10-25 17:59:11+00:00

If there’s any other nuts like me #automating #Chromium through #Python #pyppeteer and it suddenly broke after a your latest pip update, then you need this code patch to get rid of a new and presumably accidental 20-second browser disconnect: https://t.co/d150SHZetl #Puppeteer https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1187790725729140740

2019-10-16 18:59:05+00:00

RT @TaylorDanRW: Hey New York!

I’m hosting an #SEO meetup on November 8th featuring a panel of @JohnMorabitoSEO, @lilyraynyc, @hamletbatis… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1184544308193611778

2019-10-15 00:50:50+00:00

RT @raymondh: Woohoo! #Python 3.8 was just released. And on the same day that PyPI hit 200,000 packages :-)

This one really is the best… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1183908055160885249

2019-10-07 19:53:07+00:00

Any #iOS13 users surprised at their (configured) black-background apps like #Instapaper suddenly and stubbornly turning white, just turn on Appearance to Dark under settings and turn Automatic off. Very good for your eyes and battery life on iPhone 11 Pro or XS #OLED screens. https://t.co/YpYeX0sBIg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1181296417253597184

2019-09-15 19:02:23+00:00

Well into Sept I’ve been Googling Maker Faire NYC and with it STILL saying tickets on sale soon finally googled up the fact that Make Inc is basically no more. Wow, end of a long time family tradition #makerfaire #makerfaireny #makerfairenyc #makerfaireny2019 https://t.co/m08C6X4qp3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1173311112898592770

2019-09-15 12:57:07+00:00

Well it only took 7 years, but the first “Raspberry Pi” that can run genuine Windows is out. Only it isn’t a genuine Raspi, I guess. https://t.co/wnfs3XKbAB #RaspberryPi #Windows10 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1173219191383625729

2019-09-12 11:54:11+00:00

#iPhone11: no Apple Pencil, no upgrade. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1172116190401093632

2019-09-11 15:57:48+00:00

If anyone else is using Microsoft Subsystem for Linux 2 and your clock isn’t set right, the fix is:

sudo hwclock -s

per https://t.co/6QOl78bffJ #WSL #WSL2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1171815111113216001

2019-09-07 09:49:09+00:00

Microsoft WSL 2 Ubuntu upgrade complete! End of a long journey. Had to export and import old Linux instance to get around virtual machine upgrade error and hack registry to change default user back to me from root. Worth it? Dunno. Will report back soon. #WSL #WSL2 #Linux https://t.co/PeKXAjEqNl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1170272784766967808

2019-08-10 13:23:59+00:00

Submitted my first Windows Terminal bug report on Github… woot! #WindowsTerminal #Linux https://t.co/I07oYUmI5e https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1160179989876285440

2019-08-06 19:56:59+00:00

If you’re starting to use #WindowsTerminal and don’t ever want to look at a powershell.exe default tab, then watch this YouTube video in which I show you how to edit the default profile guid in Windows Terminal settings so it comes directly up into Ubuntu! https://t.co/Z6xpPl5e9k https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1158829339514945542

2019-08-06 19:09:54+00:00

Answering my questions about Windows Terminal #WindowsTerminal such as “does it auto-update because it’s a Microsoft Store product?” The answer is YES! But not to the minute (refer to pic). Version v0.3.2171.0 (24 minutes old) is out but version 0.3.2142.0 on my PC, LOL. Good nuf https://t.co/3q2scf0o99 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1158817491835064334

2019-08-02 15:37:57+00:00

Unboxing the new Microsoft Windows Terminal https://t.co/Qwxfjrhm9U #Terminal #WindowsTerminal #Linux https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1157314603229093889

2019-07-31 16:22:19+00:00

Python Balances Granularity & Shortcuts Best https://t.co/Pz0hUHTmkT via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1156600991501959168

2019-07-23 12:01:51+00:00

Even #Picard can’t get me to pay for #CBSAllAccess https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1153636340698890240

2019-06-25 17:00:33+00:00

Google must have read my tweet because they bought some jewelry LOL! https://t.co/LzaGKhx8vv. By the way, I found a fossil too! https://t.co/3hjM4zbten #Fossil https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1143564650879049728

2019-06-24 13:45:11+00:00

The first thing that comes out of a person’s mouth critical or nasty about someone else reveals their own deepest insecurities about themselves because that’s what lurks at the tip of their subconscious always nagging them; an old familiar friend. #Wisdom #poetry #selfswareness https://t.co/WFXfY7HDY7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1143153096715096065

2019-06-24 13:42:54+00:00

7 years ago I did the 1st Raspberry Pi unboxing on YouTube before anybody realized what it was or its significance. 7 years later the same $35 now gets you quite a powerful little computer. #raspi #RaspberryPi https://t.co/LF1tRanL6G https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1143152523425079303

2019-06-23 14:33:31+00:00

For anyone who forgets how important #hardware and #hardgoods are (all the matter in life that matters and not just android phones and jewelry), I humbly remind you #Amazon overtakes #Google and #Apple as the worlds most valuable #brand. How long until they buy #IKEA, I wonder. https://t.co/Dm0BcakMc7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1142802872914141185

2019-06-22 12:17:59+00:00

Who used #vim in #Linux under #Windows10 for a daily #workjournal? I do! #workflow #thezone https://t.co/BNfS6IPowA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1142406376154632192

2019-06-22 10:42:30+00:00

<< The World According to Mike Levin >> THE WORLD IS YOUR CHECKLIST so look around. THE WORLD IS YOUR PLAYGROUND so have fun. THE WORLD IS YOUR GARDEN so curate. << Abide by the Golden Rule >> https://t.co/BNfS6IPowA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1142382345036677126

2019-06-20 11:46:16+00:00

Upgrading an existing #Windows #Linux Subststem to #WSL2? How I solved: The requested operation could not be completed due to a virtual disk system limitation. Virtual hard disk files must be uncompressed and unencrypted and must not be sparse. https://t.co/1dr1ANc92M #WSL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1141673618574905344

2019-06-19 00:39:55+00:00

Microsoft is preparing to ship Linux with Windows via WSL 2. This represents a major world-shift allowing the best “laptop” hardware (Surfacebook 2) to combine with the best development and production environment. Follow my journey into the bleeding edge https://t.co/yGHZoIFGxu https://t.co/IYyz4hr9Oi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1141143535904788482

2019-06-18 23:25:39+00:00

Race between Windows 10 Insider Preview 18917 install (to get WSL 2) versus pushing out my YouTube video on the same said topic; which will win? https://t.co/BjN5jOhgLu https://t.co/vilnpC15YP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1141124850024636416

2019-06-13 18:21:33+00:00

I installed Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2) by forcing a Windows release upgrade to get the May update. I’m really doing this to get the Windows Terminal which hasn’t dropped yet, but here’s my prep-work: https://t.co/WXmi89TOHv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1139236379462946816

2019-06-12 22:31:31+00:00

Whoah I heard about Microsoft WSL 2 but I just noticed Windows Terminal https://t.co/s96e84P4wA . Well I guess there goes PuTTY. And MinTTY for that matter. And just when I was getting to like https://t.co/CRo7anztSh. Wonder if MS is using Electron like they did for VSCode, haha! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1138936899391885312

2019-06-09 14:24:39+00:00

#JavaScript is like PostScript and #Python is the Lingua Franca of Tech. One of my better YouTube videos of recent months I think https://t.co/ZdcnkhPSKO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1137727208208896000

2019-06-05 01:55:42+00:00

You should not name a dog Fire. It just would not work. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1136089180436684800

2019-05-22 13:43:37+00:00

@Camtasia Also I consider this fixing a bug. The last version was able to capture keys without modifiers and I upgraded to version 2019 reasonably expecting thus wouldn’t be taken away. Critical features disappearing on an upgrade feels more like a bug than a feature request. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1131193902093033472

2019-05-22 13:36:55+00:00

@Camtasia Okay done https://t.co/hLd6yydT3i https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1131192216226095104

2019-05-17 02:35:29+00:00

New #Roku app headphone feature makes your phone into wireless headphone (or close quiet speaker) for your TV. It’s a thoughtful, creative and appreciated feature! https://t.co/GBGxG1MMV0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1129213820809940992

2019-05-16 15:55:13+00:00


Caches are queues are lines are lists; The world breaks neatly down to fifths. Try to make sure your job is done From the 20% that’s first and fun. Tackle it wrong and there is no kvetching That can fix the fact of you chasing exception. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1129052691844468737

2019-05-13 19:30:31+00:00

@Camtasia I’m sure you’ve got the feedback already that inserting manually is not an option. I only even do screencasts because of a strict no-editing policy. Think of my videos like broadcasting a real-time Twitch coding session. I am able to turn on a few options but no tedious tasks! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1128019711139008512

2019-05-10 20:39:57+00:00

Microsoft announced it’s next version of #Linux under Windows, named #WSL2. I already use WSL which is basically a fully compatible Ubuntu BASH Linux Terminal Shell under Windows (which I run from https://t.co/CRo7anztSh). This new one is apparently faster https://t.co/3Bypeh4UuO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1126950022464012288

2019-05-10 14:02:46+00:00

It’s hard to tell what you don’t know from what you know, which sometimes has the effect of working constantly against you without you even knowing it. It is therefore advantageous to, without embarrassment, poke and prod around the edges of one’s limits. #Wisdom #GapAnalysis https://t.co/ir2ZPHZ7dt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1126850065149104133

2019-05-08 23:18:41+00:00

LOL, you can always tell when a #googleio is going on because all these tiny little nuanced changes start rolling out in all the Google Products, like to the GMail and GSuite user interfaces in particular. My favorite game is becoming find the elusive new-document circle-plus (+) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1126265190738202624

2019-05-08 18:05:36+00:00

It’s funny watching Google and Facebook scrambling to catch up with the game changing Amazon Echo Show. They really nailed the form-factor with a nice clean prism shape. Facebook Portal knocking of $100 off a $200 product says it all. Google Nest Hub Max $229 and not even out yet https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1126186404038492160

2019-05-08 16:16:21+00:00

Fan Verification Step 1 for #nycc complete. https://t.co/I7DypFdmpd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1126158909264334850

2019-05-04 03:37:48+00:00

RT @GoodFirms: Researchers at @GoodFirms release the list of the best SEO Softwares that will do magic on your business - https://t.co/WK5L… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1124518460137066496

2019-05-02 16:50:15+00:00

@Camtasia Finally looked at keystroke recording. Let me make sure I’ve got this straight: Camtasia went from ONLY recording keystrokes NOT USING modifier-keys like Ctrl, Alt, Windows to ONLY showing keystrokes that DO use those modifier keys? There’s no “Show all keystrokes” option at all? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1123993111955427328

2019-05-01 18:05:24+00:00

If you’ve been considering doing a Patreon, now’s the time per their email: If you launch your page by the deadline of May 6th, 2019 at 11:59 PM Pacific time, you will lock in founders pricing for our Pro plan at 5% of your Patreon earnings, with founders payment processing rates https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1123649636839849992

2019-05-01 17:56:19+00:00

After many long years I am once again letting Microsoft Outlook into my life via my Office 365 subscription in order to get a native full-screen calendar on Windows 10 that’ll sync with my Apple iCloud calendar. Unfortunately it doesn’t sync so easily with Google GSuite calendar. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1123647350898143233

2019-04-30 20:52:39+00:00

Just upgraded to Camtasia Studio 2019. Looks like they finally settled into Windows 10. Took them 3 years to get screen fonts actually readable on a modern screen. Now let’s see if they can record keyboard strokes including modifier-keys like Mac’s ScreenFlow, which I still miss. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1123329339083436033

2019-02-27 19:29:05+00:00

I’m back. We’re back. https://t.co/TWStVoTSWR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1100840260781494277

2019-02-15 16:27:28+00:00

@JohnMorabitoSEO @alexhern Install Anaconda, run Jupyter Notebook then go through my tutorials. That old project has been severely reimagined as a launching point for SEOs into Datamastering. Will also prep you for proper dev work https://t.co/dv01NXdOcj congrats love you guys https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1096445899390230533

2019-01-31 19:20:22+00:00

@robertcpadgett Yes of course. Just email me at miklevin at the popular Google email service. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1091053596496543744

2019-01-31 19:08:51+00:00

@robertcpadgett I’m also miklevin at the popular Google email service. Shoot ;-) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1091050697062342656

2018-12-21 16:49:41+00:00

For my latest #SEO trick, I am scraping #JavaScript values using #HeadlessChrome under #JupyterNotebook and miyakogi/ #pyppeteer (#asyncio concurrency inside Jupyter Notebook ugh!), moving scripts that need to be scheduled and automated into .py files and #Linux #systemd on #EC2. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1076157770376855552

2018-12-14 17:39:36+00:00

#GoogleSheets now has a nifty activity dashboard that shows you who has been shared into the document, how often they’ve viewed, everyone who’s viewed it and even their viewing trends! Revision history also now lets you name revisions. Wonder if the API supports that? #GoogleDocs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1073633617321054208

2018-12-14 17:26:56+00:00

Even as an old school #vim user, I like to keep all my early-stage #Python coding in a project in #JupyterNotebook because it’s better for “feeling out” the new #code. However, this current project that (MUST) employ #asynicio has me rethinking this approach. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1073630430098804737

2018-12-14 17:15:36+00:00

Concurrency in #Python in #JupyterNotebook is different from than from the command-line because https://t.co/NkHDVa2Ok0_until_complete() never really completes because Jupyter Notebook. You must use https://t.co/NkHDVa2Ok0_coroutine_threadsafe() instead, but timings gets funky. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1073627579679195136

2018-12-03 15:30:52+00:00

Only a couple of weeks ago when Adi made a crown of Legos for King Sammy. Sammy slept next to her in his last night. I will #Alwaysremember the large and in charge paperworks kitty, legend in my daughter’s life, finder of my love Natalie and friend. Thank you one of a kind #cat! https://t.co/a12lZXmjQo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1069614956063141888

2018-11-25 11:46:59+00:00

Well that was my 30 year high school #reunion. @ Great American Pub Conshohocken https://t.co/kJ9WJmG0eJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1066659508842315776

2018-11-24 15:30:18+00:00

Awake in time for #Caturday @ Urby https://t.co/1FOaa43sBi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1066353320049164288

2018-11-22 22:03:07+00:00

It’s a gorgeous Emerald City tonight. Happy #Thanksgiving 2018! @ Staten Island, New York https://t.co/zx14XU1q8S https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1065727402008035328

2018-11-21 19:53:56+00:00

Adi builds #Lego #menorah for #Xmas #BuildToGive display. @ Staten Island Mall https://t.co/5gkpUU6y0i https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1065332501986639872

2018-11-13 07:46:07+00:00

RT @TheRealStanLee: https://t.co/dTdDjRvXbs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1062250240814792704

2018-11-13 06:51:14+00:00

Excelsior! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1062236429013737472

2018-10-29 19:50:38+00:00

Broke my vow to not get a new #Apple phone other than SE-design if no stylus. As a long-time Samsung Note fan, it insults my sensibilities to have to turn off Apple’s 3D Touch feature to make #XSMax usable YET STILL NOT HAVE a basic Wacam-quality stylus on a phablet-sized device. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1056996753688457216

2018-10-10 23:00:22+00:00

Anyone else seeing annoying new behavior in Google Sheets today? When I click in a cell just to highlight it, it will eventually clear the cell and go into data-entry mode. Clicking off the cell then blanks it, losing data. #GoogleSheet #GoogleSheets https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1050159129858314240

2018-10-04 00:18:06+00:00

pip install pipulate # SEO2DataMaster https://t.co/vb8CbdWU7F via @YouTube https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1047641979918663681

2018-10-01 14:12:48+00:00

Check out my latest ride with #Lime. Use referral code REKOHWM to sign up and receive $3 ride coupons when you ride. https://t.co/tYDYo2439x https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1046764874800541696

2018-09-22 18:43:32+00:00

At #MakerFaire https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1043571513335668736

2018-08-24 16:48:22+00:00

RT @arongriffis: Working on a new Bash book. So far: Intro: You chose the wrong tool. Ch 1: Have you considered Python? Ch 2: Try calling P… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1033033284278779907

2018-08-08 01:33:56+00:00

RT @TalkPython: Many people come into Python and software development from other industries. Here is the part 1 highlighting 7 different pe… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1027004952785428480

2018-08-02 15:10:34+00:00

RT @annemariayritys: “People do not want to hear the truth because they don´t want their illusions destroyed”. ~Friedrich Nietzsche https:/… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1025036139936268291

2018-08-02 15:06:36+00:00

RT @annemariayritys: First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi #quote https://t.co… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1025035142623059969

2018-08-02 13:43:13+00:00

@theodd1sout The Internet going away. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1025014156842479618

2018-07-24 12:23:40+00:00

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” — Douglas Adams https://t.co/3qjSd882OJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1021732644982333440

2018-07-22 09:39:52+00:00

You must be the change you want to see in the world. —Mahatma Gandhi https://t.co/KIpeT9SAVj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1020966647593689088

2018-07-16 17:08:40+00:00

With the Samsung #Note9 with an official August 9th release date, I’ll be buying 2 of those— one for each of my girls which will get me my #Note8 back :-) #Apple with no stylus-phone nor even a replacement to the SE for a jewelry wallet-phone, my Apple-tech remains vintage 2016. https://t.co/hfpTaRMDXi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1018905267789025285

2018-07-10 14:51:40+00:00

Just so you know, this is the entire #HelloWorld program in #Python under #JupyterNotebook which you get with the https://t.co/pKYHpyNAlw #Anaconda install. Just install with Python 3.6 for your Mac, Windows or Linux desktop. This is the key to portable code for Newbs. #Bandwagon https://t.co/ho2q3C3bxa https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1016696463542366208

2018-06-29 15:33:37+00:00

Thanks for the retweet @Mspan10. You’re encouraging me to get to the data mater portion of this program where I knit this all into the first draft of a book. Or at least for me to pin this one up for awhile. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1012720751181488129

2018-06-26 14:02:12+00:00

Good Morning #VidconUS #VidCon2018, I give you the Statue of Liberty salute from back home for one mostly fine first conference for my daughter who said “Dad, can we go to VidCon?” Yes Adi, we can go to #VidCon. #Missioncomplete. #Homesweethome #NYC https://t.co/DsniV2MfdM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1011610582452195331

2018-06-24 16:58:39+00:00

The feeling of not having to rush is one of God’s greatest gifts. That frantic feeling of having to hurry up to gobble up resources before the competition is what the weak and insecure let themselves feel. If everything you need is already inside of you, you’re good. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1010930213998350336

2018-06-24 01:07:25+00:00

Hey @JaidenAnimation and @theodd1sout, vidcon really screwed up with the Q&A room at the end of the show being the only chance to hear you talk other than the lottery meet & greet. You 2 need YOUR OWN conference or workshops. You’re bigger than vidcon now. It could be your plan B https://t.co/CZaaH40fko https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1010690828908388352

2018-06-24 00:57:44+00:00

Wow did #VidCon #VidConUS #VidCon2018 screw up putting the animation squad in a small room at the end if the conference. The unstoppable force of Adi got her way in. It was awesome to witness. But room wasn’t cleared and many kids dreamed crushed. @VIMN_PR https://t.co/IuaxxHnsMQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1010688391573196800

2018-06-21 23:16:20+00:00

The meet part of the meet and greet lottery at #VidConUS #VidCon2018 @theodd1sout. “Yes Adi, we can go to VidCon. You can meet James.” POOF Now gotta put the Greet in on Sat Q&A w/Animation Squad https://t.co/xC90Ne49GM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1009938096224256000

2018-06-21 22:37:47+00:00

Trip to Anaheim #VidCon now fully banked as a success. Pshwew! Animation Workshops on Sat are only next thing that matter. Winging it from here at #vidcon2018 #VidconUS @jaiden_animations #missioncomplete https://t.co/xxtQDKSAMV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1009928394505519104

2018-06-21 16:07:11+00:00

Get The Puck Out of There at Eleven https://t.co/A5KQGJbVBA via @YouTube #vidcon2018 #vidconus #vidcon #risktaking #pittymouth #bennyhill #loopholes just use #commonsense #decloaking #branding #shaggyman #sayhello https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1009830098764066816

2018-06-21 14:59:28+00:00

Shaggy Man & Adi at VidCon2018 https://t.co/HVRfUg0okI via @YouTube #vidcon #vidconus #vidcon2018 Good Morning everybody. 3 days, no agenda but for 2 places at 2 times (Jaiden & James) this morning. Then, it’s check; mission accomplished! What else do you want to do today, Adi? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1009813054429655044

2018-06-21 13:02:23+00:00

I’m in Anaheim with my 7 year old daughter for #VidCon2018. My https://t.co/RYEDnZoG2p audience knows how funny that is. I’m the Shaggy Man surrounded by uhm… shall I call them the YouTube generation? Reverse MTV! Supporting Adi’s interests and having fun #vidcon #sayhello https://t.co/zh2wfcftt4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1009783592480673792

2018-06-21 12:47:10+00:00

~6 mo ago when my daughter asked if we could go to #vidcon2018 when she realized she could meet her freakishly wholesome storytime gang, I pictured the drive from LAX to Anaheim, the car I’d rent, etc. Expectations exceeded. https://t.co/7jwHQT3pgT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1009779763173416961

2018-06-21 12:24:50+00:00

Good morning #Anaheim. Good morning #VidconUS. Wonder what today will bring. I think I’ll start with figuring where the sunrise will be. #earlybird https://t.co/9kdcfIAr0V https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1009774139505197059

2018-06-21 00:33:51+00:00

Hey @JaidenAnimations & @TheOdd1sOut, my idolizing 7 y/o daughter ( https://t.co/1MbtcVqy5D ) will be meeting you both anyway at Thu meet & greet so I figure why not offer you all any rides you need in tbe cherry red Mustang convertible over at the Mariott I rented for #VidconUS https://t.co/AHVQMVSkqD https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1009595215097876481

2018-06-20 23:15:55+00:00

Made it to #vidcon2018. Anyone want to connect with an SEO / Datamaster Pythonista from NYC w/a couple million views, PM me or whatever. Here with/for daughter #vidcon #YouTube #Networking https://t.co/cT7sfkCPT4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1009575604323094528

2018-06-15 13:16:36+00:00

@ErikTheElectric Yup https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1007612841526988800

2018-06-15 12:41:30+00:00

#Microsoft buys #Github for $7.5B. That explains them pestering me to pay my annual $80 for private repos lately haha! Actually relieved it isn’t Oracle!!! Further impressed M$ wormed back as my OS, laptop, repo & pro-network. I predict they hire @gvanrossum next; just you watch! https://t.co/iRqdOqG7Ue https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1007604007060344832

2018-06-10 15:27:20+00:00

Successful first day of Farm Share @UrbyLife. Lots of salad munching yesterday and today. #HealthyEating #HealthyLiving #NYC @empressgreeninc #StatenIsland #Blessed @EmpressGreenInc https://t.co/vJnY3GLkUW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1005833803796017160

2018-06-08 13:48:33+00:00

I wanted to be at 10K subs & 2nd million-view video in time for #VidCon2018 (only at 986K). I think my problem is that I actually have to TRY at this #YouTube stuff and not just throw a token hat into the ring. #VidConUS #VidCon #AnaheimVidCon #DialingItIn https://t.co/9a5zf4Wi94 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1005084166709567489

2018-06-01 15:10:49+00:00

@rjmarvin1 @facebook Yup FB Messenger by far the worst. I uninstall it regularly until I have to reinstall it for some dumb reason. FB inching towards not worth it. That’s the price of not being search. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1002568153963094017

2018-06-01 11:06:00+00:00

If you’re not watching my latest YouTube classics like 10 Minutes of Fog & Low Tide, you’re really missing out… on nothing! Except maybe being bored silly #YouTube #VidConUS #vidcon2018 #VidCon #AnaheimVidCon https://t.co/rr2m0Y9X8C https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1002506545052168192

2018-06-01 11:05:43+00:00

RT @AnaheimVidCon: 20 DAYS UNTIL @VIDCON!! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1002506472075513862

2018-05-31 12:48:55+00:00

It continues to astound me how much of miniturization (aka mobile), statistical learning, robotics, yadda yadda was nailed, absolutely nailed, by Asimov. Of course they’re going to be telepathic, then empathic, then on their own way. No aliens. Undercredited prophet of #analytics https://t.co/uWaaJrjQdW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1002170057198358528

2018-05-31 11:25:33+00:00

Facebook Workspace for free for groups; interesting! It’s like everyone trying to be Twitter after Twitter. Everyone’s trying hard to be Slack. And its extra funny ‘cause it’s all still IRC from the 80s. Been there done that / on a more effective post-collaboration phase of life. https://t.co/Qq5LOVhss8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1002149077788905472

2018-05-31 11:09:27+00:00

No wonder online training is such a massive industry. The value prop here (if it lives up to its billing) of these Masterclasses astounding. I’d gobble this up if listening to Audibles on the go weren’t already my thing. https://t.co/iJJ0GajFZj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1002145026099564546

2018-05-26 12:40:14+00:00

Caught #sunrise over what promises to be a fun Memorial Day weekend here @UrbyLife with #FleetWeek going on. Gonna be at pool and festivities all weekend. Music, food, ship tours, remembrance. #NYC #StatenIsland https://t.co/F7SVLzbZGI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1000355932440875008

2018-05-26 11:30:58+00:00

@bill_slawski An anomaly in marketing where “what you know” briefly outshined “who you know”— until power brokers master the reigns again and turn it back into the Who You Know World they like better for budgeting and forecasting reasons. Buys time (Gladwell’s 10K hrs) to become a Data Master. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/1000338499768332289

2018-05-25 01:05:57+00:00

The #VidCon meet and greet lottery is in. A certain 7 year old girl is pleased. #VidCon2018 https://t.co/0KpAMe04XN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/999818821706936320

2018-05-24 00:44:52+00:00

https://t.co/imzFtIhtEB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/999451126725578752

2018-05-23 23:43:17+00:00

#Python pushes the boundaries of quite how much what we can still call an easy scripting language can accomplish. Time and again it proves to be up to the task while still being astoundingly accessible to the newb. In Jupyter Notebook, the Hello World program is:

“Hello World” https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/999435629531422721

2018-05-22 11:30:19+00:00

@davidmays First thing I checked. Tell it to the Chrome, LinkedIn, YouTube and Gmail icons. Like I said, it has something to do with the way notifications now work. https://t.co/6O8v11HlYb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/998888783713054721

2018-05-21 23:23:56+00:00

@davidmays I’ve waited all my life for dumb little graphics to include well-supported alpha transparency. Now in one of the coolest places it’s implemented, they take it away. Samsung touchwiz or Oreo API, I wonder. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/998705982736879616

2018-05-21 21:21:34+00:00

My Note 8 FINALLY upgraded to Oreo and I see Android aesthetics has taken another big step backwards to Apple copycat conformity. So ugly white icon backgrounds are back like it or not due to the new way notifications work? Is that what I’m seeing? Yuck sorta glad it took so long https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/998675188597346304

2018-05-21 15:58:57+00:00

Are you the linchpin in some automated system? Does this seem unfair and stress you out? Well, maybe unnecessarily large caches are at fault. What if your system needed no memory but for light session-like cursors you could leave around in persistent objects #percache. #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/998594002227204096

2018-05-21 15:40:05+00:00

Hey, Google Chrome is now using Ctrl+1 to actually switch to Tab-1; and not Tab 2 due to a zero-based keyboard shortcut index. That used to drive my muscle-memory crazy and I’m thankful they switched, whenever it was. One step closer to muscle memory in Jupyter Notebook. #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/998589254472265733

2018-05-21 13:47:34+00:00

When you have a thought, a measure of your now-era savvy is your ability to pick and sufficiently utilize the right “media” channel at the right time to maximize the potential impact of that thought. The next Copernician-shift is a tweet away… possibly yours. #BeTheDifference https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/998560938222637058

2018-05-21 13:31:04+00:00

The more I listen to these quantum math loop string philosophers, the more I realize Yogi Berra may have exceeded Robbin Williams as a channeler of emotional particle physics. I’m taking the fork in the road. #Audible ✨#Smartification https://t.co/aquYbqxHdw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/998556785886793729

2018-05-19 03:18:24+00:00

The apartment-state of Miketopia is divided into various countries. https://t.co/EDsBsS9RrD https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/997677828387811333

2018-05-18 12:07:03+00:00

@arpit @davidmays @javallone I’ve been thinking about the most serious answer these days. S3 is good. Know what’s even easier? https://t.co/CFLRxLms7A. Still some rendering and linking decisions to make, but free static hosting potentially exists on any repo. You can resolve custom domain names to it as well https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/997448479453696000

2018-05-18 01:00:53+00:00

@davidmays @arpit @javallone And that one critical command xsl-document that actually output a text file on a node is the one feature not supported by any of them except for Saxon for some unfathomable reason. The feature that made xslt most interesting was always the least supported. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/997280830534963200

2018-05-17 23:23:21+00:00

@davidmays @arpit @javallone I still like its concept today but the dream of technology agnostic breaks down when there’s only one capable enough parser for it that’s part of the Java stack. That hurt. So many fool me twice lessons in tech! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/997256285606232067

2018-05-17 17:27:48+00:00

@arpit @davidmays @javallone It was an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/997166809395662850

2018-05-17 13:58:38+00:00

@davidmays @javallone @arpit My solution is very aged now. I sought everything-independence, put for pure structure and formatting and found XSLT transforms. One query made your interlinked bone structure. Another query fleshed out the HTML. This was before reliable CSS. These days I’d just copy Github. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/997114169567531008

2018-05-17 13:56:28+00:00

Industry observation: now that Danny Sullivan is the new Matt Cutts, it is strange to see Danny’s old publisher/show competitors asking him for Google’s official line on things like shorter snippets and algo updates. I don’t think there’s an industry more meta than #SEO. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/997113626069626883

2018-05-16 14:03:18+00:00

@kennethreitz Brave and insightful folks like you Kenneth are out in front where others fear to go, and therefore subject to the jealousy and misunderstanding of smaller-minded people. They’re fire; you’re steel. You’re are helping write the dependency-management story in Python. They’re not. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/996752956325326848

2018-05-16 13:04:27+00:00

Big fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite ‘em, And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so, ad infinitum.

– Jonathan Swift on Poetry, and unbeknownst to him, fractals (per John Gleick’s observation in his Chaos book) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/996738146976129025

2018-05-16 11:21:11+00:00

I usually don’t tweet Apple rumors anymore because Apple abandoned me with no artists notebook (a Note 8-ish model with stylus) but they MAY still win my walletphone business if it’s really their best tech in the old last-truly-Apple phone design: 5-in SE. https://t.co/hWtl80yGWO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/996712159370506240

2018-05-16 11:12:46+00:00

Little Bits snap-assemble kid toy methodology (used to snap-assemble digital circuits) has now reached chemical processes to for medical diagnostics and chemical processes via @MIT. Cool! https://t.co/F4pYXW3qMX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/996710042362576896

2018-05-15 20:33:23+00:00

Finally saw Avengers #InfinityWar yesterday. Looks like 2019 will be the year everyone actually learns who #CaptainMarvel is. Slick move Disney. #Shazam! Also, I think I predicted the Infinity Gem storyline becoming big (in my own obtuse way) back in 2012: https://t.co/lm06DzcYyn https://t.co/NaVEYxBlJf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/996488739080867840

2018-05-14 16:29:01+00:00

I could swear the Essen fast slow food restaurant cashiers near where I work are paid on TPS (transactions per second) through lunch. Big ol’ lesson in muscle memory right there. Mastery emerges from unexpected places— anywhere a job with rhythmic parameters “pulses” at you. https://t.co/KLvSQJN04f https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/996064852652232704

2018-05-14 16:22:38+00:00

A Mandelbrot-set of infinite variability as generated in (even) static-systems brackets our world’s unpredictability on one side— and those interfering virtual-photons popping at random onto our pool table brackets it on the other. In between are swirling-stabilities… like us! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/996063244572942336

2018-05-14 14:24:35+00:00

Against this already chaotic but ironically NOT— just incalculably complex like turbulent water— is a ever-present mesh of equally incalculable virtual particles popping in and out of existence; salting our randomesque stage-space with bits from we know not where. Cool God-dice! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/996033539039690752

2018-05-14 13:25:20+00:00

Okay so even given a Newtonian clockwork universe, things are so complex that things inside the system can never get “complete” or “pure” God’s-own-code predictive ability. But we self-aware bits CAN make fairly accurate statistical predictions (if not stuck in a turbulent phase) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/996018627747999744

2018-05-14 13:18:02+00:00

The more I jump around in these Physics, InfoSci/BizMeme, SciFi & Psychology books, the more I see that the objective universe is likely an imaginary statistical object derived from our many equally-valid and adjacent subjective universes. The world is out there and it is all us. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/996016788398903296

2018-05-14 12:56:30+00:00

Okay so nonlinear feedback loops produce genuinely unpredictable determinism because their complexity is so complex it’s incalculable without an identical mirror universe as your calculator. That’s Chaos— but it’s NOT the same as Heisenberg’s Uncertainty. Parameters of free will? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/996011370360516608

2018-05-11 22:49:03+00:00

Realized Chaos Theory is my current state of science blind-spot. Also by John Gleick who wrote The Information which I just “read” and enjoyed. Funny having just come to grips with quantum uncertainty. Seems there’s more than one road to unpredictability. https://t.co/tlrW0xtoAv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/995073327835353088

2018-05-10 12:05:00+00:00

“I order to get into the band, I had to learn to learn to jump out of airplanes.” – Aaron Scott, possibly my all time favorite person of recent years who I met as the steward of Bruce’s Garden, #Inwood https://t.co/K4VgNRbiZm #Confidence #Practice #Mastery #Jazz #greatguys https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/994548859018850304

2018-05-10 11:26:37+00:00

RT @raymondh: #Python tip: Have a preference for making new data structures rather than modifying data in-place.

Just okay

for i, x in… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/994539197867397121

2018-05-08 17:20:09+00:00

@kennethreitz You passed on PaaS for IaaS with SaaS. Good choice. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/993903394254450688

2018-05-02 13:01:32+00:00

To understand the difference between the polished performance and just the raw flow of data one must understand that because polish takes time and craft, it is difficult to deliver in real-time without massive and unlikely over-capacity. Given enough polish, nerds can look cool. https://t.co/DDYCyTdxeB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/991663983387185153

2018-05-02 12:48:04+00:00

Getting a small but consistent amout of likes, favorites and Thumbs-Up’s on one’s modest low-effort channels (production-wise) to me is to me far more satisfying than the polished, slick productions designed to satisfy the pressure of millions. You are my low-maintenance peeps. https://t.co/IdGRrX2GVL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/991660595513643008

2018-04-29 11:43:10+00:00

I get too wrapped up in trying to figure out the bits were made from in pursuit of small answers that I lose sight of the more important abstract and perhaps trancendent questions that I’m increasingly sure we’re here to calculate; the moral issues surrounding cloning and such. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/990557096113590272

2018-04-29 11:33:08+00:00

What we are in this world is a highly collaborative amalgomation of light that is Team You! Isolated as we are from the pure information template that may exist for you (in general broad strokes / your DNA), it is not the totality of you. Unanswered questions are playing out. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/990554572824502272

2018-04-29 11:23:33+00:00

Things merely HAPPENING creates tons of information all the time. Just because it is not being sampled and recorded into some digital format doesn’t mean that information isn’t still there; it just means it can’t be played back by we humble players while we’re all still in-game. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/990552160508235776

2018-04-29 11:18:40+00:00

God before us I suppose was like a still-lake with no ripples. It is an evenly dispersred oneness of probably nothing. You couldn’t use coordinates to locate It or a measuring devices to measure It. Perhaps God at this point is only information; the entropy resisting unification. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/990550932701286402

2018-04-29 11:09:48+00:00

Being a purely non-interacting single being would I suppose be deeply boring. I think that we self-proclaimed monotheists don’t spend enough time thinking about the profoundly lonely stage we set for our god. No wonder It creates. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/990548699670597632

2018-04-29 10:57:05+00:00

And since we’re only here to witness 4 generations of folks wash through the system and participate only a bit ourselves, doesn’t it stand to reason that the point is to make out of it whatever we wish? Don’t all players and branches actually win merely by being in the game? https://t.co/Z7CvJ5bebb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/990545502306471936

2018-04-29 10:53:18+00:00

Tribe council, royalty, classism, groupthink… All solid strategies for social order at a big cost. Game-motivated inequities introduce dangerous wobbles and imbalances into the system. There is a poorly construed notion that privilege over generations won’t necessarily topple. https://t.co/t2M12I7s3a https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/990544548056174592

2018-04-29 10:42:15+00:00

It’s just human nature to judge everyone else and generalize your own personal experience too far. Lacking absolute answers as to the rules of the game, a natural solution is your force your rules (in your own favor of course) on everyone by whipping up a frenzy around YOUR game. https://t.co/aydN7ddDvw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/990541768784535558

2018-04-29 00:35:11+00:00

Happy #Caturday #nofilter Find all 3 #cats https://t.co/sH4ogndaQw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/990388993765277697

2018-04-28 13:12:23+00:00

If energy = m*c^2 then (your) mass = e/c^2 You are light.

#deepthoughts #physics #science #truth #oldnews #FatherDaughterTime #Note8 https://t.co/Ec0EE6YZUO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/990217164304068608

2018-04-27 21:58:01+00:00

It’s always the vibrating edge— the balance between two extremes that is the most likely fast/good solution because extreme solutions tend to unbalance and wobble, bringing about discomfort at the least and ruin at worst. And what’s the point if there’s no one there to enjoy it? https://t.co/yPz9BeRorl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/989987053558534145

2018-04-27 21:28:37+00:00

Most old conventional wisdom, axioms, presumptions, givens, or whatever other fancy word you want to give rules you figure you must abide by can all be thrown out on a system rethink. Resources that were once precious are now cheap. Yet we want to minimize our dependencies too. https://t.co/Np6ogCgIYT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/989979656559480832

2018-04-27 21:16:40+00:00

I’m doing system-inventing again. It’s the charged moment like when Thor’s about to bring lightning down from the sky. This is why all things #Linux / #Python is Ragnarok and superpowers. Foremost amongst the powers is systemd. Becoming a datamaster starts with Linux’s #systemd. https://t.co/eFyXlEs6bW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/989976648337575936

2018-04-17 13:30:31+00:00

@humble Hi it’s @miklevin, one of the j2 SEOs. I need to get in touch with the person in charge of our Google Analytics for HB. Please DM me or reach out on my ZD email. Got a project to do today requiring access. Thanks! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/986235460182781952

2018-04-09 13:55:42+00:00

So is it an 80/20-rule violation or is it the little bit of extra work that’s worth doing PRECISELY BECAUSE that’s be point at which everyone else gives up? Maybe there’s a bounty of rewards just on the others side of a “quanta” boundary? Is the game slots or Blackjack? #TheDip https://t.co/Mk4p3bcTmP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/983342692909412353

2018-04-05 12:37:02+00:00

How much clarity― or binary on/off-ness― or B&W high contrast sampling of the information coming-in do you REALLY NEED to get along through #life? How much must be SPELLED OUT for you to be a functional human? What is “spelled out”? Is it a recommendation? Orr an order? Who says? https://t.co/UomERjsY6g https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981873344218886144

2018-04-05 09:43:22+00:00

RT @TIME: SpaceX just launched an experimental space junk sweeper into orbit https://t.co/XCQKxHqQpY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981829640963706880

2018-04-04 13:37:42+00:00

I’m re-reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers. My intuition is nagging me about the 10,000 hours or 10-years to mastery. I’d like to help put my daughter on SOME path, but don’t want to make gamified accomplishment bigger than the interest or passion itself— whatever it ends up as. https://t.co/7MwPd2uJCx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981526223955398656

2018-04-04 13:32:48+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery https://t.co/yev3Ex0FhY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981524989571665921

2018-04-04 03:28:47+00:00

Bumbling has a genius of its own. Her name is Penny Gadget… not Moneypenny. Just plain unpretentious Penny. Got problems? Agent 99 ain’t one. A whole lotta channeling that says our Don Adams Alpha Archers owe Bunches to their Adrian Balboa’s, Eve Moneypenny’s— or even Rocky’s. https://t.co/IKcdZxXMV9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981372984920367105

2018-04-03 20:10:19+00:00

Brits have their own version of humble but talented under-class, though they rarely make ‘em the main Hero Protagonist. A highly trained but subservient underclass is necessary to have Carpenters and Chimney Sweeps for true gentlemen. Everyone loves an entertaining chimney sweep. https://t.co/zKFcjNQEZQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981262640088576003

2018-04-03 19:14:56+00:00

Follow MikLevin on Github: https://t.co/VpDTe3vUK0 Heading toward Python but Tail is still Dragon? Then Follow MikLevin & Hop on the Wagon. Levinux & Pipulate― you’ll get to know As Gom Jabbar Linux and FREE SEO. Picture courtesy of @AnomalyHatchery https://t.co/wvwJt2yVR5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981248705193021445

2018-04-03 14:18:49+00:00

Nerds like me, even from Philly / New York, have a tough time emulating Sly. I think we Mr. Universe physique-challenged prefer a more sympathetic bumbling All-American Peter Falk Colombo-like character. The lovable dumbass that’s smarter than they look. Duh dadadada DA duuumb. https://t.co/Ky0hM8efxr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981174183278399489

2018-04-03 13:56:57+00:00

The color of Arnie is Strategic Planning and deep intuiting of what is true and correct, then going after it like a Commando. Pitty the monster who gets in his way. Stallone is colored Back-up & Retry Roomba… from Philly! I’ll need some Clubber Lang to get this point across. https://t.co/zpgroTYRf7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981168679810342913

2018-04-03 13:40:52+00:00

Wait, what? How could Arnie’s accomplishments LESSEN Stallone’s at all? Relativistic Universe. Even though SETTING the curve isn’t the point for EVERYONE, there’s still always SOMEONE ruining the curve for somebody else who desperately wants nothing more than their turn as king. https://t.co/NsqNVpxfb3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981164634999750657

2018-04-03 13:13:12+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery Yeah. The fact LFB didn’t WANT to publish any new Oz books but for his little insistent fans, or so he says in several of the book intros, makes his the channeling all the more sincere and less commercially misleading. Same with Alice as a collection of eccentric-uncle’s stories. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981157670622294016

2018-04-03 13:07:22+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery I should add Verner Vinge’s Rainbows End to the VRs ARE valid realities reading list. Plus of course Snowcrash and maybe The Culture Series again. Information-based automatons only need a substrate. Tough to tell if you’re in The Real. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/981156201437257728

2018-04-02 16:00:14+00:00

While it’s true I worked at Commodore Fanboytopia was forbidden; ‘Cause I missed the Jack Attacks That roamed the hall.

Turns out my greatest callin’ Was to paint on walls a’ fallin’ ‘Mongst engineers a-Flinging Canon-bull. https://t.co/P9GsdpfInz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980837320462159873

2018-04-01 22:09:44+00:00

Big Blue Baloo’s like Belushi & Balboa seek starkly contrasting red/gold armor to project the riches and passion they think the Green Arrow they’re trying to be should show. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the always-sunny force-marshalling don’t give up colors of Philly. https://t.co/gDC0JdfNtT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980567916830740480

2018-04-01 20:24:33+00:00

Wait, didn’t Rocky lose to Apollo Creed in Rocky-1? Yep. Even losses are wins if you go the distance and only lose on a technicality. The original Rocky movie is an independent filmmaker upset meta-Cinderella rags to rich story. It’d be extra amazing if not for Arnie’s story too. https://t.co/JqGyRZKTnz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980541448469860353

2018-04-01 19:01:16+00:00

I didn’t even realize I had an L Frank Baum is an American Rocky underdog thing going on until I realized Alice was British and Dorothy was USA. There must be papers on it, but note Oz goes past book 1. Anything stating that nothing past book 1 is any good is dirty propaganda. https://t.co/vm2e9uxlFY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980520489620856832

2018-04-01 18:39:40+00:00

So there’s the geniuses we all admire in just being able to see the unseen, connect the unconnected, and express the inexpressible— like the Einstein’s. Then there’s people like me using basic diagnostic procedures, and each time we hit a dead-end, just back-up, turn a little. https://t.co/MLlxMyDbcK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980515052552941568

2018-04-01 18:19:52+00:00

For better or for worse, and people who remember such things as the BeOS or Symbolics workstations might say for the worse, that loosely means the Unix that ended up in the POSIX standard from the early 90s— but alternate software repos are OK. Debian and Tiny Core Linux qualify. https://t.co/Vw1VJnh0YX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980510070554447872

2018-04-01 18:05:04+00:00

That’s a long way of saying master the best set of skills to be a single-hand army. Master elegant weapons for our still-civilized age. Procedural languages like C won our over dynamic ones like LISP because Unix and the Bazaar won over the Cathedral because Linux & GNU commands. https://t.co/96KnrABL7N https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980506345664335873

2018-04-01 13:26:30+00:00

If we exist on the razor’s edge and the point is decide on all that complex soft sciency statistically resistant outlier-driven ‘cause autonomy human will+— then the highest callings are those where you can spontaneously effortlessly and precisely express yourself on such topics. https://t.co/N0Nu7OjR02 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980436242096640000

2018-04-01 01:25:38+00:00

It takes some adjustment when you switch from Batman platform to platform. Personally, I’m partial to Azrael who covered for Batman after Bane broke his spine. Azrael went into fugue states at night coming up with the spot-on high tech gadget designs he needed, then built them. https://t.co/iabu3QmrZF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980254832454971393

2018-04-01 00:57:53+00:00

Instead of rejecting the Adam West corny interpretation, embrace as deeply needed therapy for our moody avenging angel. There’ll be plenty of time to scar the kids the Kobayashi Maru tests and stabbing pencils through hands. Adam West infused a bit of Monty Python into Batman. https://t.co/HdCwbOM6Ex https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980247848699785217

2018-03-31 20:32:04+00:00

For the longest time, I was one of these guys stuck in a static state, interpreting Jay Glenn Miner’s channeling of powerful emotion into the creation of the ONE TRUE bat-o-rang sonic screwdriver we call the Amiga. I was wrong. There are other instruments— and SOME equally valid. https://t.co/AwcXuTQFce https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980180950440120321

2018-03-31 20:14:05+00:00

If I still thought of myself as a Philadelphian (as a suburban kid as-if) then 1980 and 2018 would be some POWERFUL numbers. Outliers are still there. Don’t count out the underdogs. Rocky is NOT down for the count, and OJ isn’t just for breakfast anymore damn it I’m a New Yorker. https://t.co/Qr8X55GsR4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980176426950414338

2018-03-31 20:01:30+00:00

The final insult I think to Philly is that Rocky is actually from Hell’s Kitchen— in true comic book style and perfectly epitomizing Philly’s little brother relationship to NYC. Luckily I was mostly shielded from this Philly-complex by Pete Rose, Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton. https://t.co/wUthzI2z4V https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980173258678001664

2018-03-31 19:46:45+00:00

And NYC was easy— so long as I was willing to let others sip on my creative soul according to a time tracked and scheduled called Agency-work. Then there’s also the Tarzan leaping from vine to vine consulting act. I tried Web 2.0 and that was HitTail but it was work for hire. https://t.co/jZf98T6k7N https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980169548224753667

2018-03-31 19:37:21+00:00

@nyquist64 Mostly gawked at wizards in fanboy awe. Worked for educational marketing through the Amiga 2500 to 4000 days. Helped with trade shows, made some demos. Also led the deluded Commodore shareholder movement where a guy got kicked out of the Bahamas meeting for trying to talk sense. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980167180573728768

2018-03-31 19:33:36+00:00

What I learned is I like doing things. I ran the check cashing store my dad bought because his industry dried up and he needed a reliable low risk income. So he risked his life, and mine by dumbass extension. But not even being attacked with a hammer stops me. NYC should be easy. https://t.co/Uyf68A3OwE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980166236368760832

2018-03-31 18:43:15+00:00

There a part of me that died circa 1992 with Commodore, the Amiga and my dad— who did live just long enough to know that I set myself up with a job with a company in the post-Commodore world. I think he was ecstatic beyond his ability to express except by dying 2 weeks later. https://t.co/CZQl0aekOA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980153568312348672

2018-03-31 18:36:51+00:00

A cacophony of schisms set in. BeOS and 3DO were throes of pain of the Amiga dying despite the brave attempts of folks like Dave Haynie who gave it auto-configuring expansion ports and NewTek giving not Lightwave3D and the Video Toaster. Nothing’s so good that it can’t still die. https://t.co/LXtIYX7MaV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980151956613328897

2018-03-31 18:17:51+00:00

As it happened, a slightly advanced alien spaceship landed in the middle of my Philly ‘burbs— both as #MOS Semiconductors in Norristown and as #Commodore in West Chester, PA. What I failed to realize is an even more advanced alien ship named #Amiga landed in the middle of them. https://t.co/yqeCkn4Yoi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980147177296187393

2018-03-31 18:06:50+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery Yeah the real importance of the book in the world of rational thinking is lost in most people. Orr is sort of like another other secret logic-gate you don’t know exists if you‘re too straight of an arrow. One of my all-time favorite characters and concepts. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980144403405856769

2018-03-31 18:03:00+00:00

They called it CBM cause it was full of it trying to be IBM. Commodore slapped anything in a box to cash in on its reputation in Europe. Forget being good stewards of the Amiga. Commodore and Atari sort of switched souls about then— Atari Amiga and Commodore ST, it shoulda been. https://t.co/lfnG6bQCOo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980143438908874752

2018-03-31 12:14:33+00:00

Deluded by the past and tied-in with the Commodore Business Machines crowd as I was in the bizarro high-tech burbs of Philly, I’d drive out from West Philly’s Drexel University urban Quad where Lancaster Pike (the original Yellow Brick Road) ends. I made a B-line to the Mainline. https://t.co/HDuwpiYEwq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/980055746967691266

2018-03-30 19:48:31+00:00

Neo would be my Jeff Spicoli if that weren’t already Sean Penn. When I saw Forest Whitaker in Black Panther (purple if you ask me) I was like Oh! Just get Sean in and they can have a… drat. I’m recently in touch with my real-life Spicoli— or Jefferson cause he’s restoring a GTO. https://t.co/cmhL68fpm8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979807603793436672

2018-03-30 18:34:11+00:00

The illusion of perfection or even of the persistence of material things is one of the first things to let go of. The world is interesting because of an imperfection— an imbalance here in the razors edge between chaos entropy heat death and creative autonomy but tenuous cohesion. https://t.co/hLYBNyATxd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979788899651407874

2018-03-30 18:05:58+00:00

Things get built-out only so far then the winds of change erase their existence. Whole cities get wiped out this way and we are maybe the first generation who can break the cycle because tech; techniques… better tools and better methods of using them to spread humanity around. https://t.co/AxSkKiJrMp https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979781797906173953

2018-03-30 18:00:49+00:00

I think we’re okay because a bunch of old white guys who still hold a bunch of power who are like scifi other-realm-cognizant of all the dangers from AI to Asteroids… Oh, thats not much. So much for that. So I guess the next generation is going to have to figure most of it out. https://t.co/UCdSyxMryU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979780500788310016

2018-03-30 17:52:39+00:00

The telling of stories captures something that science has not yet distilled down to a formula yet. It’s going to take persistence. And love. And a whole lot of training and learning and exposure to sensory input and mobility and safeguards and scary failures and kick ass police. https://t.co/udVT3TCcUX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979778444262297601

2018-03-30 17:46:20+00:00

I think how non-random randomness can be coerced back into some sensible oscillating semi-stable system that has some beauty or function is the purpose of our 3-dimensional physical realm playing-field. So the purpose of life is beauty and alternating fulfilled and lost promises. https://t.co/gqOWNu0Ko2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979776857703895040

2018-03-30 17:35:35+00:00

It seems almost obvious that everything is balanced on the razor’s edge of breaking let’s face it, one of 2 ways: we either survive past a certain unknown but highly probable future such-and-such that wipes us all out– or we don’t. And on the survive-side is every Elon Musk fan. https://t.co/V2MqqWnVJ9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979774149311819776

2018-03-30 17:24:13+00:00

Spoiler alert! In Ruby The Galaxy Gumshoe, telepathy and telekinesis is just a thing some races have in varying natural degrees, but anyone can work on it through a #CosmicPinball VR where you learn to LEAN INTO PROBABILITIES as you become prescient (like Garnet’s future Vision). https://t.co/mGJ6rFjDrc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979771289727635456

2018-03-30 16:59:26+00:00

By far the most obscure and possibly most important reference I’ll make is to that of Ruby, the Galactic Gumshoe Detective, particularly Volume 1. It’s available on Audible and does some big-time channeling. I heard about Ruby from the Wizard named Randall Jesup who co-wrote AOL. https://t.co/oODavrzJ5c https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979765052889882626

2018-03-30 15:29:51+00:00

Sometimes I realize how out of touch I am with pop culture. You’d think that maybe in person I’d be any different. Nope, that’s me. I miss the pop references and answer oblivious. Appreciate that all my language is Mad Max gen-1 era. I tuned out most massmedia before even OJ! https://t.co/cI2KxC5TmC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979742509399232512

2018-03-30 15:15:06+00:00

Ah those 7 Deadly Sins. You know in moderation, it’s the 7 Heavenly Indulgences. It’s good to be physical 3D reality. We’re a lot like Minecraft (another Channeler) but for real. There’s just some other component we tend to label uncertainty or true random in particle physics. https://t.co/hyEEddtumK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979738796483805184

2018-03-30 14:52:13+00:00

It’s a shame Kevin Spacey has to go in the Mel Gibson column as far as quoting his works for communicating the knowing and the doing of things from the long long ago… —good channeling in 7, darn it! I hope no scandals break with Harrison because all my Indiana and Hans quotes! https://t.co/DTFPSEn0Vw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979733036710465537

2018-03-30 14:18:36+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery Thank you! You really get me, Who Me. I’m upping my all-around matter that matters game now that my daughter is 7 and giving me a run for my money, intellect-wise. She has to see I value drawing. Phablet is Note 8. Wallet is iPhone SE. Convertible is Surface Book 2. #Miketropolis https://t.co/9DNlbUTcUF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979724579588501505

2018-03-30 12:55:20+00:00

Muscle Memory, that is… the hardest thing. Steve Jobs says God gave us #pointers. I say untrue! God gave us calcium carbonate. We (our entire DNA ancestry) fashioned it into a pointer, which artistic primates promptly used to sharpen sticks into styluses for a little accuracy +— https://t.co/TAPATfnaAC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979703624292077573

2018-03-29 15:50:11+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery Munchkin Town and Winkie Country are every bit as valid as the Emerald City. Each has its own color and ways— and happiness IS happiness. Urban is often urbane but even more often inane. It’s appeal to me is in the large size of its small niches. I live in the poppy fields. https://t.co/fV8OeZuAjI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979385237145817089

2018-03-29 12:54:55+00:00

When you’re idle you build idols, Which each day you try to top; You will speak in Idol-itis Soon forgetting how To stop.

A much better solution That I practice every day Is to focus on the doing Until thinking Goes away.

#Linux, #Python, #vim & #git You’ll get what you need +— https://t.co/csr9KqUORy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979341132390961153

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Explore the API. I guarantee you don’t know all its nuances. Are you doing something in a way that bothers you and you know could be done better? THAT’S WHAT TO FIX. For me, it is finding center to bootstrap the #MuscleMemory process. Without which I’m nothing but a #copypasta. https://t.co/kSYq4lM9uY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979339429688107009

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Some matter in your life used to be really good matter and desperately wants (at the elemental particle-level– I REJECT that this is Animism or anthripomorphizing) to matter again. Sometimes just a stop at a hardware store because you remembered to TAKE IT is all it takes. #Meta https://t.co/CTTvYZaCbZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979319475093860354

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We say all the time that it’s TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN— Orr that we mislabeled Atoms, so maybe it’s a Photon since e=mc2. Now since we’re adamant about #TuringComplete, #VirtualRealities are one God-SoC (system on a chip) away from being visit-able valid #AlternateRealities. https://t.co/RtWdquxhQ3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979314938421432320

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Limber up. In #MartialArts it’s just stretching. I’ve stretched your mind, loosening you up to learn programming. If you’re not with me when I tell you one Graviton contains one Photon, inside which there is a vibrating String of varying idea-infused patterns— you’re not #Coding. https://t.co/yz6Jk8qwbj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979310239823679488

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There are people that want to be places. There are places that want to be things. And there are things that want to be people. That is, was, and always will be the way. Just don’t be stupid going from place to place because it can ALL still turn out like shit— Orr well in the end https://t.co/AKyKt2rQwU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979302857278095360

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Emerald City. Wave! https://t.co/1nRJiaixPM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979138864056020992

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Walked past Maker Space today. Had to stop. https://t.co/IkKI45lBn5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/979136391144763393

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System often overlook security to keep you out of the hardware implementation layer where you can see what’s really going on– enough knowledge to enable creation of nearly unstoppable exploits. Even after all this time, we still have to live under the spectre of Intel meltdowns. https://t.co/OxF6ZHgVpW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/978989525476282368

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I like a mess I can scoop into a couple of big toy chests at the end of the weekend and sort on display on shelves to market important ideas to myself during the week. Trying to fill my place with plenty of real working magical talisman of science. https://t.co/ZdCiiaIQF9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/978955467564216320

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@thesheff17 Interesting and valuable as a lightweight desktop. However, you do know my shtick is pick a desktop, any desktop and I’ll show you how to have a sort of Noah’s Arc within it built from Linux (commands), Python, vim and git. I do appreciate XFCE though especially as a TinyCore fan https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/978687891231698944

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In 1969, Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie were on a PDP-7 and it had one hard drive, and it was 1.5MB and it was / OS binaries were put in /bin In 1971, they upgraded to a PDP-11 with a 2ND 1.5MB drive! So they mapped user stuff to /usr That’s why you also have /usr/bin And so on. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/978652260761825286

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We all love to talk about the hunt. Who’s skills reign supreme? Who’s got the most kills? This has plenty of bearings on politics. Sometimes I think we ought to put Trump and Kim Jong Un with morning stars unto an arena. They’d love it as much as the world I think. And no wars! https://t.co/TVDUeGqvAC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/978629294913179650

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What is neglected to be taught about the difference between soft and hard sciences is quite how binary black-and-white sample-able the data is. You know how not a single study shows that kids eating refined sugar drives ‘em wild– yet what mother would deny the effect? #Nuance https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/978313408675307521

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Soft science. Hard science. That’s a good label. Let’s use that. Psychiatry HARD because it traditionally rigorously hard to become a pill prescribing doc. Big insurance rates. Hard. Psychology not so rigorous. Correlation doesn’t mean causation. Fuzzy data resists charts… soft https://t.co/kZ3K23KqYy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/978225283118587904

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So we are all really just instruments or measuring devices to see whether we answer the great big questions– which have much more to do with morals, ethics, good & evil than scientists or even Eastern thought might have you believe– and few were so well-tuned as L. Frank Baum. https://t.co/db4lQxzpmv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/978222653793239040

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It’s okay to crash the hardware so long as the governing spirit of your enterprise stays intact so it can re-occupy usually that same hardware after a good night’s sleep or a reboot. Amiga computer freaks knew that as they danced the orgy porgy at their euro demoscene protoraves. https://t.co/laFvOUtRI3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/978220702124986368

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Thats how things work. You’re going to have to make things look like binary (or black & white) when they’re not that simple IN ORDER TO SURVIVE! Shit or get off the pot. Pick a team. Some things have to look disturbingly binarybto work. But remember the Orr statement of #Catch22 https://t.co/5mpjm434Y6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/978218333324611584

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We each tend to our own matter (light-energy) like a garden. That’s why gardens keep coming up. Stop migrating. Poo near top of cliff by the narrow pass. Fruit trees will blossom. Mastedons will be drawn to eat of that fruit. And when they do, drive ‘em off the cliff. #Eden #IO https://t.co/PCnUWi60sJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/978217121749626880

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Because the encryption of information was being used as a weapon and then also symmetrically decoded as a weapon, well then computers just became a weapon… and a science. Oh, we had better call it a science. Yeah, let’s call it COMPUTER SCIENCE. Heheh https://t.co/A16pAfvBPg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977785677990514689

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Einstein had a lot of disappointments in his life, but of the biggest must have been the ghastly Dresden bombings plus Turing’s invisible-hands code-breaking in England was enough to win WWII. No need to demonstrate the thinking man’s response to barbarism. Oh wait #CodeBreaking https://t.co/XdSnyU9kVI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977784660217548800

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Comedic geniuses who have a touch of Robin William’s mimicking ability can invoke many spirits. Some find one particular voice and shape and color they can invoke and it fits them so well they just stick with it their entire life. If we were any closer, you’d be Mom. Quack! https://t.co/jrcesLjWYv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977767774163488768

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Is there Gold at the end of the Rainbow? Well no. A rainbow is round. You’re only seeing the visible arc. But here’s a color wheel. THE CENTER SHOULD BE WHITE. Or maybe a grey. But nature dictated that all colors blended comes out a nice Golden Sun. Everything’s a bit askew. https://t.co/uTI3UXyq0B https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977766092188934144

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Yellow? What about yellow? Is it Sol the Sun and Joy from Inside Out? Or is it cowardice and corruption and piss? Well, it’s not so clear cut. Yellow wants to be Sun and giver of life but admits it’ll burn or bleach you in excess. Life can’t be a nonstop state of joy. Oscillation https://t.co/Epv59vhUfS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977764131775418369

2018-03-25 04:22:02+00:00

If you are a western hemispirit but Hindu, Taoism and even a light sprinkle of Buddhism appeal to you, then might just be a fan of the light like me. Good and Evil are highly human derivative concepts. Amplifications of emotional particle Physics for sure, but not so clear cut. https://t.co/Mq0zdTOAT2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977762507304636417

2018-03-25 04:03:27+00:00

Diamond Age intuited tons of the big picture. Western civilization likes hierarchical military order and wants to addict you to the feed to enforce it. But farmers know better. You can live off the land easily and aplenty. Dispersion reduces dependency. https://t.co/oJOFt9OrTN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977757829510688774

2018-03-24 19:50:02+00:00

Weave dependencies into their lives that they don’t know they actually going to be dependent upon until they are. Then you’ve got ‘em. Proprietary vendoring 101. That’s why the 1st dose is always free. The next? Deliver while charging more. Pocket difference. Steal energy. #FOSS https://t.co/1tOcx0HkUl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977633658310885376

2018-03-24 19:30:26+00:00

So… don’t be evil but DO cook a frog by degrees. Cloud-everything & economy of scale Moore’s Law upgrade with less energy tight security done well. Continue controlling mobile. Continue Noodling Catfish… I mean Corralling Sheep… ANSWER! ANSWER! ANSWER! Gradually learn to talk. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977628726006616064

2018-03-24 17:47:03+00:00

#SEO is an anamoloy. It’s a quarter-century Wesley Crusher space-bubble that’s about to pop on the point of persistent learning systems I shot you nit. I can do Benny Hill, but it’s hard and I waited all this time until Twitter was 280— so I’ll curse occasionally… dagnabbit! https://t.co/fuhpoBVs8I https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977602710085275649

2018-03-24 12:59:05+00:00

Life begins with sequencing of matter in such a way (according to data) that life bootstraps itself through protein folding. That’s Biology 101— NOT the wackadoodle spiritual stuff. So the ORDER in which things happens does deeply matter. Look for both sequence and circularity. https://t.co/hIMnqBSsaG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977530240414208000

2018-03-24 11:57:08+00:00

Python exists because Guido intuited a world suggested by ABC Lang is both good & gone. Like with me with Coleco Adam, Commodore Amiga, AREXX, Active Server Pages. Pain of loss of an old familiar comfort is a great motivator– as is promise of getting it back. I had ABC on Amiga! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977514650572087296

2018-03-24 10:54:39+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery Been parsing it. Actually I think you got it. Haven’t watched season 5 of Samurai Jack yet but realize there’s a ragnarok aku acomin’ and Johnny cracked corn and I’ll be there. Maybe you captured it perfectly. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977498926684176384

2018-03-24 10:39:10+00:00

Somewhere you realize you CAN program in #Python like C, but you’d lose all the Python advantage. Every for-loop has an internal index counter you can access through enumerate. THERE! All your code is much cleaner. Google Python enumerate. You’ll be amazed. #TipOfTheIceberg #C+++ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977495028988895232

2018-03-24 10:25:41+00:00

I believe @AnomalyHatchery and me are entangling and jamming. Thanks for being you Who Me! You’re getting it. But remember, I’m gradually marshalling and marshalling low stress high silly working toward a Thor bringing down the lightning moment. No rush. You’re getting it though. https://t.co/F2npCqNHvK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977491633984897026

2018-03-24 10:14:47+00:00

Part of the trap and appeal is that after all my energy is used up from work and kid, #Python still fits! I will start connecting but haven’t even been to a #PyCon yet. I’m a local path of least resistance sort of guy. Trying to broaden my horizons and do social. Hi @nnja! https://t.co/8GUfz0LNy6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977488894265577473

2018-03-24 10:02:07+00:00

Is that a line I see? A lot of how nature works promotes lines that aren’t. The original object may actually be a tube and not a line. And where you think it continues it really ends and just casts a shadow of itself. Things aren’t always the way you’re interpreting them. https://t.co/QEs4s76xdI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977485705243971584

2018-03-24 09:49:21+00:00

#NYC Sewer: a difficult to acess portal to an Undewerworld Made In India?!?! Actually sounds a lot like my field of #SEO. But there’s not much I don’t prefer just climbing down in there and just doing myself to #Outsourcing. Datamasters don’t chase rabbits down every hole. #TLC https://t.co/CIWh6RAKpl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977482493585772545

2018-03-24 03:16:47+00:00

Don’t be Evil. Google knows they are in the position to be Very Very evil. They are the Circle. A marshaling of powerful Yin forces. A company that has made an art of driving a mastodon of revenue over the cliff. AdWords mana from the sky makes Google a corruptible publisher. https://t.co/IB5VUwuAcE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977383700970246145

2018-03-24 02:37:52+00:00

I get it quite deeply. I tell anyone who will listen that accusations reveal the accuser. Recriminations the recriminator. I’m rubber you’re glue. And Google searches are 10x more monitizable than “the feed”— because QUESTERS are more valuable to advertisers than feed-grazers. https://t.co/tHN0VROYQK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977373906179895298

2018-03-24 02:24:36+00:00

TRS-80. Coleco Adam. Commodore Amiga. Microsoft Active Server Page. Google Not Provided. Come on!! What are you going to take away next? Keyword volumes in the AdWords API next? Oops, did I say that out loud? Not superstitious. But shame on uhm… me? I uh can’t get fooled again. https://t.co/Ad0lWAmHM2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977370568801562624

2018-03-24 01:55:02+00:00

Wow, those were the days before the Not Provided Secure Search data extinction event. Wow that hit me hard, although as someone who exploited it regularly, I called it the Web Bug all the time. Double meaning. I found that hilarious. Nobody understood me back then either. https://t.co/Cob1WcoBAE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977363124671062016

2018-03-24 01:48:27+00:00

Mashable covered me a couple of times years back. In 2013, my tool was top-line advice from 1st expert presented on ethical #SEO. There’s customer intent-gleaning gold in dem dere outliers. Listen to anomalies. Watch for cracks in statistics. Just follow the yellow brick road. https://t.co/1YZOfYzTro https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977361471331020800

2018-03-24 01:31:47+00:00

So I don’t really know how much I believe in symbolism. Or special places. Or getting things into alignment. I’m just kiiiiding. Of course I believe deeply in all of those things. Sometimes you have to just recharge your ring at a Lantern. Filler up! Green’ll be fine. #Balance. https://t.co/ZuuUJZM8JY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977357276360126465

2018-03-24 01:17:41+00:00

I’d like to be the Carpenter, but he probably owns his own business and files all that paperwork? I’m more like Bill the chimney sweep. Poor Bill. But in 2006 I figured I’d take a swipe at an ethical and robust Web 2.0 #SEO product. Nailed it. Ethical you say? Robust you say? https://t.co/NBU7FNbkij https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977353728494854145

2018-03-24 00:15:42+00:00

The Pocket Guide Mischief. Whoah don’t let Adi get her hands on that. Here I’ll hide it under this slingshot in the middle of her sorted chocolate rocks. Only good can come of this. #FatheringSkills https://t.co/i6iyHjbKKM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977338129362268161

2018-03-23 23:59:24+00:00

Mostly I have to remember it’s the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious silly dance still. It’s the African singing drus & layer after layer of adjacent layered up meaning. I named my laptop. Carroll. For quarrel. Crossbow dart. I’m invoking Chewbacca. Obvious, right? Not even Han. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977334026687021056

2018-03-23 23:40:24+00:00

Ugh! This tweeting in real time is dangerous. If even one like I’m not going to delete and repost it and my mistakes live in the raw data source forever. Truth is, I’m going to be able to do everything editing-wise during query and transformation stages. I’ll edit each used tweet https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977329245377642496

2018-03-23 22:50:07+00:00

Do you walk in the shadows or so you walk in the light? Orr do you walk the line? Do you find people who walk the line wishy washy fishy. I mean emotional son! Weren’t you listening? I I’m don’t fully even respect my own field. I’m the ethical high tech black hat unknown of #SEO. https://t.co/IvFVzZgo9t https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977316591544209408

2018-03-23 22:42:40+00:00

New Twitter Bio. Not lighting fuse yet. But kindling pleasantly coconut husky. Slow down. But let ‘em know who you are. The stuff in my feed is my LunderVand bit. Twitter’s 280― IDEAS WILL FIT! Come back real soon as I form our FOSS Book through supervised learning & gobbledygook https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977314716837130245

2018-03-23 20:03:38+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery Tell me about it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977274694071185415

2018-03-23 19:39:34+00:00

Just that Orr is named Orr and provides an alternative to heroics or death. It takes a special kind of person first to intuit there actually even is a 3rd solution. The world is not binary. When someone tries to trap you, channel Orr. Become expert at crashing and living. #OR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977268637827465217

2018-03-23 19:31:30+00:00

The #Linux bandwagon is hard to imagine to #Amiga freaks, because… well, Linux… yuck. Okay, so you can mod a GNOME desktop to be kinda videogame cool. But that’s no Amiga. We enjoy flying too close to the sun. We’re Orr from Catch-22 (read it)… yet we need not disappear. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977266607394361345

2018-03-23 19:20:45+00:00

Turing Complete… buy-ouch… is a very bitter pill for amigafreaks to swallow, and some of you out there still haven’t. Yeah, I know AREXX and efficiency and all, rah, rah, rah. But once you’ve given up planar graphics for chunky, what’s the point? Jump on the #Linux bandwagon. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977263901460099075

2018-03-23 19:18:06+00:00

I thought the #Amiga was the ultimate essential tool that had prepared me for all things and spoilt me for all others. Really you don’t understand. My new phone number is 212-???-1337, and that only just begins to describe how much more #leet Amiga freaks think we are than you. https://t.co/Xe8ADVmyk0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977263234804838405

2018-03-23 19:12:39+00:00

Things get factored to things. Tools get factored to the jobs they need do. People are generalists. We adapt, so we demand ourselves to. Makes the tools cheaper. Vicious energy-sucking downward spiral of fatigue. Only more recently have we begin adapting tools to people. #Apple https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977261861753249792

2018-03-23 18:59:34+00:00

When you start using a system and you really start to appreciate what went into it and why things are the way they are, you get proficient at it. You start leaning into its strengths. You start looking for reasons why problems in other domains should start coming into yours now. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977258572697436160

2018-03-23 18:55:16+00:00

Because at the end of the day, Turing Complete so you can use any language to do… WAIT! STOP RIGHT THERE! A lie’s about to be told. Just because the Atoms that make up a Wrench may be the same Atoms that make up a Hammer, you don’t actually hammer with… what? People do. https://t.co/mnjmFohKDI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977257488314757120

2018-03-23 18:50:41+00:00

Sum it up? Get to the Python that turns this all into an organized FOSS book already, you say? That’s the INTERESTING stuff to you? Well, this is the INTERESTING part to me. Mikey Likey Make a Break y Tweet on Topics Bug Me Lately. Tribe hungry Onoffon Cliff Offonoff Herd #Summed https://t.co/eKC2KEBDbm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977256334176522241

2018-03-23 16:51:26+00:00

One of the battles of our age is over the dominant host OS. Apple makes it license prohibited. Microsoft calls Linux a subsystem— one of many you can plug in (with Windows in charge). The strategies are Nordic and Epic. We are living Clash of the Titans. Using pic would be cheap. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977226325768499202

2018-03-23 16:39:07+00:00

80/20 Friggin’ Rule; Gotta use it. It’s a tool Reducing clutter that we pack Into our lives that hold us back! The 80/20 rule just asks You to start to plan your tasks So when you’re through a fifth of it You’re done if you use vim and git.

#NewPoetry for a #NewAage. #Dependency https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977223224109993984

2018-03-23 16:30:29+00:00

Did you know you’re on top of the world right now? The world is a sphere, so you’re always on top. Sure, there might be elevations around you higher, and yes, the Earth is rotating so… oh wait. Maybe you’re not on top. Let’s call it relative to a non-fixed frame of reference. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977221050592317442

2018-03-23 15:20:16+00:00

The most infuriating thing Bugs can do to Daffy, Mickey can do to Donald, Spongebob can do to Squidward… stop me! …is ignore them. Let it #Fizzle. They hunger to BE the Beloved Light THAT IS Mickey– OR make it shine less bright in the presence of their truly deserving quack. https://t.co/eObYXcb8yT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977203383865106432

2018-03-23 15:03:45+00:00

The fizzle strategy is always best. Whoever they are and whatever it’s about, they’re matter too and they WANT to matter– ENTANGLE with you. Especially Daffy. I got to admit, Daffy’s got some talent, though. I mean I LOVE him. What acting! And nobody plays Bug’s foil better. https://t.co/pZw241LkRJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977199225162420224

2018-03-23 14:37:37+00:00

Winter is coming! Winter is coming! Winter will pass– and if you’ve driven a few mastedons on off on a cliff recently, you’ll survive. Times of abundance isn’t about the weather. It’s about someone in your tribe marshalling powerful Yin-forces and kicking Daffy Duck’ s ass. #Oz https://t.co/FLu96iI78Y https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977192650393751552

2018-03-23 14:03:06+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery Brave New World. Orgy Porgy Soma Snartphones are also the Red pill on a per person basis. Alphas who want to assert ascend. Betas who want bleating bliss get it too. It’s the natural shape. Just must remain in harmony to reduce suffering. Leaders just need not be sadistic. https://t.co/ws7MNOkTFg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977183962060722176

2018-03-23 13:56:38+00:00

They say when you get into a relationship, it takes as many years to fully recover from it as you were in it. That is because you were deeply entangled year by year in layers— basically KNOWING how. So look at the HARD JOB scientists have untangling million of years of evolution. https://t.co/odJR6XUaIu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977182333236383744

2018-03-23 13:37:48+00:00

That’s the Internet right now. Google both caused it– incentivizing slimeballs to spammy AdSense wealth– and is now cleaning it up in only a way they can do from the #BullyPulpit they bought on the back of same-said slimeballs. Realizing this circa 2005, I made ethical HitTail. https://t.co/hNIDfeRGga https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977177596449447937

2018-03-23 13:29:16+00:00

Not to anthripomorphize TOO MUCH or to buy into Animism to the point of thinking crystals can impact you any more than music (it does?). Matter that doesn’t matter so much is desperately trying to get into your life all the time. The matter that matters least clutters most. #Junk https://t.co/BKEWRzZByw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977175446973485057

2018-03-23 13:16:56+00:00

The rate my audience grows on all my various channels is going up. I’m reaching people at a sufficient rate for them to declare an affinity, allegiance, alliance whatever with me than at the rate shaking off follower-churn gulls. Mine! Mine! Mine! The #LongGame to a #MillionSubs https://t.co/tpEJNzQgpN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977172345516421120

2018-03-23 13:03:16+00:00

If you’re only on Twitter, or only listen to Talk Radio, or are on just one subreddit too much, then your scope is too small and you’re easily lied-to. Your truths feel more truthy than the other side’s which only tells you how desperately your side is trying to corral you #Truth https://t.co/1hDO8AwnSh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977168903653781506

2018-03-23 12:43:41+00:00

It takes courage to put yourself out there— especially on YouTube. Like Reddit, Slashdot & 4chan before it, it’s full of testosterone-driven Yang Green Arrow-types out to practice cruelty for sport. #Turnabout is #Fairplay. Troll-sqishing is the best hyde-toughening exercise. https://t.co/60a9RCKOoq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977163978047721473

2018-03-23 12:38:33+00:00

Everything we try to understand today was built-up by God or Nature #LittleByLittle. The infititesimally small advantages of how this mutation or that improved human API to life is lost to us. Only that the mutations DID OCCUR got git-committed into our genes. Evolution=Practice. https://t.co/qTNnHXOZED https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977162685673590785

2018-03-23 03:15:25+00:00

These 3 have got to be my favorite neighbors. https://t.co/HkAkMioJsG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977020965715632129

2018-03-23 03:13:20+00:00

Is this where Cthulu breaks through? https://t.co/VfGPHCD0Sa https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977020441247272960

2018-03-23 03:12:14+00:00

Lines are an illusion, but we sure try to make a lot of them. https://t.co/AEvQvdvMQ1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977020165794811905

2018-03-23 03:10:38+00:00

Well that’s calling down some mighty forces. https://t.co/G3edPS1STM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977019761778483200

2018-03-23 03:08:46+00:00

Ready, all together now: 1, 2, 3 TRUST! Did it work? https://t.co/dkglz6ydm4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977019293824143360

2018-03-23 03:04:50+00:00

You can make a lot of interesting spaces. Control the light. Impact the light if others around you. Take advantage of real estate and the landscape to project. Pit on a light show for the people. Pretentious or not, come on how fun does it look to be in there! Thumbs up. https://t.co/zdZ6nLgRMb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977018302596775936

2018-03-23 02:59:29+00:00

As we continue to roll back tonight’s commute… tell me this ain’t the Emerald City and that architects aren’t also channelers if emotional physics. I mean what does this NOT remind you of. I think this is where powerful Yang hunters cave down. https://t.co/47FlgwV5eD https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977016957882060801

2018-03-23 02:55:10+00:00

Even how stairs have to zig and zag to accommodate reality is suggestive. https://t.co/WSnG2falM1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977015872240979970

2018-03-23 02:53:10+00:00

Even soul sucking banks are beautiful. https://t.co/EVZb7UTb9N https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977015366382694401

2018-03-23 02:51:17+00:00

You want to stay out of these things’ way when they come walking down the street. https://t.co/DkMzS3bRFc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977014894259310592

2018-03-23 02:48:09+00:00

The carousel place from outer space. Fishy. https://t.co/8DDCGhzzoG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977014103859433473

2018-03-23 02:46:10+00:00

This space was designed by Marvel Comics I think. https://t.co/0T3KYNh01I https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/977013608503828480

2018-03-23 01:40:29+00:00

A Green Line right round the top of a Golden Rectangle. Come on, really? https://t.co/c1CSlSpXhB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976997075920486400

2018-03-23 01:36:45+00:00

Good Night #EmeraldCity. #NYC #SIFerry https://t.co/JXYkpEgDwI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976996139076608001

2018-03-23 01:34:40+00:00

How about a SOL selfie? Sure why not. https://t.co/MSgaOG6wSC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976995613932969986

2018-03-23 01:32:27+00:00

My commute home in reverse. The light is pretty spectacular tonight. Oz is glowing. https://t.co/46oOboALtY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976995053443993601

2018-03-23 01:29:48+00:00

Problem is that local data safety or even persistence isn’t easy. Drives fill up and crash. Drives’ll drive you nuts. This really us the sort if of difficult to pull off yet still easily able to be accomplished at scale cheaply by Google and the like in the Cloud. Outsource it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976994387040272384

2018-03-22 22:53:38+00:00

@davidmays Okay here’s what I want. I want a cache using Python decorators. There’s one built in you can throw in any function and voila! 24 hour cache. I want that but with Amazon S3 or whatever optional to get all that key/val data by any other name onto cloud for spend-to-capacity size. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976955087468879872

2018-03-22 22:39:18+00:00

I can only hear Shrek’s voice. https://t.co/5XFW61jZtQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976951479100755968

2018-03-22 22:35:57+00:00

FYI I’m resisting throwing in all these views from inside the Emerald City so as not to detract from the power of the word. Ohhh look at all the crazy light I’m bathed in daily. Yeah it’s cool. I’m definitely extending my commute backs to Urby to make it a lot more tolerable. https://t.co/ZmwbO0vxN8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976950639329718272

2018-03-22 22:32:13+00:00

The Winkies have to live here and the Munchkins over there. Each a charming color. You’ve got to give Frank L Baum credit. He once again shows how Americans upstage the British by just throwing in some blowing things up and killing people. It’s scandalous Oz > Book-1 not known. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976949696378933248

2018-03-22 22:27:18+00:00

The nature of information is elusive, and it’s interactions with light energy. The e in e=mc^2— which we should always take a moment to remind ourselves also means m=e/c^2, is us. That’s right folks! Hundreds of billions per quark yet only 3 quarks per Atom. Hmmm. Each is an Oz. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976948458945957888

2018-03-22 22:19:47+00:00

So in case you haven’t noticed, everything is lists. You? You’re totally a list. The world’s full of ‘em in endless variety. There’s just something about sequencing things that makes matter almost like— oh I don’t know, COME ALIVE. Information orders matter. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976946570221555712

2018-03-22 22:16:27+00:00

So it comes down to Amazon S3 for me for now or not. I can make do with the core Python library and infinite drive space on a good file system. The FS’s got to be good because I’ll be making new well organized for fast searching and avoidance of long list lookup bogdowns. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976945730932957184

2018-03-22 21:33:08+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery Precisely https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976934831241252865

2018-03-22 18:15:18+00:00

I gotta remind myself that I don’t always need to search for a picture. Nor worry about continuity. Bounce around. Your audience can bounce with you. Bouncing makes it fun. Remember, #Monty #Python #MontyPython. Orr Expert Crashing (Catch-22). Sometimes it’s just #FreeAssociation https://t.co/vpWzyclrXY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976885044550733826

2018-03-22 18:00:17+00:00

So I actually quite resented “being a computer guy” as a kid. I really kinda hated computers as a kid— that trading C64 floppies. Missed it and was glad. Pirating like that sucks your soul and it wasn’t worth doing… until Amiga. Sorry, EA! But I bought a few DPs here and there. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976881263175979011

2018-03-22 17:33:59+00:00

Look people. I’m channeling truth here for your benefit. I’m struggling real hard just to psyche myself up to embrace SQL again— complex (to me) SQL because I’d given up speaking in anything longer than paragraphs. #SQL is like is giant complex nursery rhyme. Mikey Likey #Pandas https://t.co/p5AMDauH6q https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976874644480450560

2018-03-22 15:39:20+00:00

Thanks for the offer, but it’s not ‘bout the money-hunt. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976845793859686400

2018-03-22 15:34:45+00:00

@SteveHa83019294 While technically true and I do heart this There’s a critical point that you cannot miss It’s on the tip of my tongue… no need to send it The bell was rung. It’s our Dearest #Amendment.

by —Mike L #NewPoems for a #NewAge https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976844639595581441

2018-03-22 15:30:45+00:00

RT @SteveHa83019294: @miklevin Every Link is sacred, every Link is Great… I think the best are ones that show no hate! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976843631641481217

2018-03-22 15:29:56+00:00

Why Not Live In The Now? by — Mike L

Money’s not really important to me So, why not spend it On a top-of-the-line laptop And get a lot more pleasure Out of all the individual little Now-moments that I’m trying to produce… …Well, right now? In the Now.

#NewPoems for #NewAge https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976843425126502401

2018-03-22 14:56:45+00:00

Just walk aroud and look into the very same space from a different angle– even from the high vantage point of being on the tippy-top of the gently sloping down giant floating mountain in space that you’re standing on (no matter where you are). You may be surprised. #Details https://t.co/BGYaYSTduF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976835077819785217

2018-03-22 14:42:51+00:00

Some of the built-in documentation of APIs has really interesting design and positioning. They want to make sure you get the IMPORTANT message; but it can also keep you from seeing or understanding the actual hardware implementation BEHIND IT completely. Walk around. Look around. https://t.co/UAN7bdf9GK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976831578805624835

2018-03-22 12:43:30+00:00

Until the world gets its head out of its ass and realizes that #RobinWilliams was #StephenHawking and Hawking was #Einstein and Einstein was #Newton and Newton was #Democritus and Democritus was Onoffon, we’re not importing #Antigravity, #Ansibles or catching up with #SciFi :-( https://t.co/2tdQECQOE6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976801544048922624

2018-03-22 12:31:52+00:00

Go ahead and try to tell me that the attractive and repulsive forces that bind billions of light into quarks and 3 quarks into a atoms and atoms into molecules and molecules into DNA and DNA into you isn’t a result of emotional physics analogues of love & hate. We ARE analogues. https://t.co/BGU3DVZkVN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976798615246131202

2018-03-22 12:20:47+00:00

What, didn’t you realize Disney’s movie Inside Out is just Time Warner and Frank L Baum rehash? Joy is Scarecrow. Rage is Tinman (passion, shields & axe). Fear is the Lion. Green? Well what do you think? Of course the Witch is in Dorothy’s dreams too. If we only had a cluuue. https://t.co/QGrF1Kh49t https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976795825174188032

2018-03-22 12:13:16+00:00

I myself have always been jealous of our Hero Protagonist, Bugs. Sure he made a wrong turn at Albuquerque, but I dig it cause he got there through exploiting a hidden implementation of his own devising. Capability comes not from group-think. It comes after Scarecrow and Tinman. https://t.co/qeXoAV1M8Z https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976793932309893121

2018-03-22 12:02:40+00:00

Is it when Bugs stands up to Daffy or when Tweety stands up to Sylvester when the antagonist declares our hero DESPICABLE. A cat’s got to eat; it’s in his nature. But Daffy’s worse. He s jealous of Bugs and accuses him of precisely what he hates most in himself. Daffy projects. https://t.co/XJpJRyI4yu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976791267106488320

2018-03-22 11:55:21+00:00

The lies you’re being told are generally for your own good. You don’t want to kill your enemy’s most valued secret Yin in an everyday turf skirmish with the neighboring tribe if you want to sleep at night. They’ll burn your village and cut off all escape when you least expect it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976789426184638464

2018-03-22 11:17:21+00:00

LISP is a big blue circle. You’re not going to take down a Mastodon with Common LISP, but you might with one of the many dialects of LISP in use today such as Scheme or Clojure. LISP is like the flint you strike specialized sub-languages off of for particular specialized uses. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976779860310884352

2018-03-22 11:14:16+00:00

Traveling for traveling’s sake never interested me. Rigamorole and agenda and rush rush rush so you can wait and have some tour guide whitewash it? Nahhh. Quick samples of light never did it for me. Plus air sickness for the privilege? I have no interest in stressing myself. https://t.co/QHEqZ9W6gw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976779087640518656

2018-03-22 01:30:09+00:00

Hey, my first fan art from @AnomalyHatchery. You know, everyone who’s jumping in and engaging is having input on the development of the book. And I’m discovering who I can tap in my audience when I get up to this topic or that… like a animated SVG software. #Python #Datamaster https://t.co/YRL06DOKwG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976632087955562501

2018-03-22 00:14:37+00:00

I’m not going to precisely try to line up the 4 granddaddy languages up with their colors, shapes and emotions. But it’s pretty clear number crunching FORTRAN and the pedantic proceduralism of Algol and its like (C, Pascal, Java) are some pretty sharp green arrow hunting tools. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976613081005613058

2018-03-22 00:07:22+00:00

There’s no place like ~/ That’s a geek joke. We would have also accepted, but for this context, the “home” directory in Linux is usually mapped /home/[username], but ~/ is the Unix/Linux shortcut. This is where users usually store their stuff, but your OS may vary. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976611254428229633

2018-03-21 23:51:02+00:00

Since you can add tweets to the bottom of an existing tweet, discussion threads can nest arbitrarily from there, I could try embedding the structure into my FOSS book AS I tweet making certain tweets “children” to certain others. I think that would be a mess, but this is a test. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976607142999453697

2018-03-21 23:44:39+00:00

@davidmays Well, it’s an exact example of the more technically inclined opening the door for the less, knowing this stuff isn’t really so inaccessible as it seems at first. To me, all this stuff should be Middle School knowledge at the latest. Relationships… well, relate to everything. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976605540313944064

2018-03-21 23:42:29+00:00

It’s been so long sine I started this Wonderland journey into tech, unified theory, emotional physics and origin stories that I almost forgot this started as a small treatise on the 4 granddaddy languages of tech: FORTRAN, Algol, LISP and COBOL— all still common enough but Algol. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976604991397027842

2018-03-21 23:34:45+00:00

@davidmays Well let’s say that you saw that I needed to know these things. Wow, I can’t believe how long it took me to get to those concepts. And at the same time, how long ago that was. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976603045097242626

2018-03-21 23:19:25+00:00

@davidmays By the way, I’m going to start talking about you soon as my guru of primary keys, relationship types, ERD diagrams, talk about the SQL and venn diagram world for awhile, then pivot to how tuples work as keys in Python dicts, carrying over the… oh, there. I just did it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976599186522169344

2018-03-21 23:16:57+00:00

@davidmays Well delivered. But couldn’t you have done that to the next degree of normalization? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976598567451287554

2018-03-21 23:03:51+00:00

Now that a single tweet can carry up to one cohesive unit of thought for verbose wetties like me (We Enjoy Typing), we can call it a paragraph. Paragraphs now part of the electro-chemical neurology of the digital nervous system… so use em! Capture ideas as URL-given paragraphs. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976595271281971200

2018-03-21 22:58:31+00:00

@chrisheithoff @raymondh Thanks. I’ll watch. I love listening to @raymondh talk. He’s one of the ones who could be excelling in any language environment but you can really just feel the joy he exudes in doing it in Python. Also, he codes in emacs in front of live conference audiences. Baddest of the bad. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976593927280254977

2018-03-21 22:02:13+00:00

I just researched my information. Oops. Seems from #Python 3.7, dicts being ordered is no longer an implementation detail, but rather can relied upon. There’s powerful muscle memory mojo here. And it’s a great example of a ruling by our benevolent dictator https://t.co/Tjp2c2Sr3H https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976579761546891264

2018-03-21 21:53:18+00:00

If I went to fast there with the Python jargon, well sand on… sand off… this will become easier once I format this whole thing into a better organized easy to consume book. But point is (tuples) [lists] and {dicts}. Glass (tubules), wood [slide-rules] and organic {stems}. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976577516725993472

2018-03-21 21:47:30+00:00

Thanks for liking, @Zahid_Bailey. I was wondering if ANYONE on Twitter would get that one. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976576058291032064

2018-03-21 21:45:52+00:00

I’m TOTALLY going to use numerical indexes on dicts, making my code require Python >= 3.6. It’s my code. When you’re a self-enabling non-traditional tech, you don’t have to let the priesthood hold court over you. Do what you want so long as you can yell SPECS & STANDARDS! #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976575647664484357

2018-03-21 21:40:21+00:00

When you use a dict (Python >= 3.6), now, they are insertion ordered. That means they have (in addition to a key) a numerical index with a position 0, 1, 2 and such. This is VERY USEFUL, but the fact it works this way is an IMPLEMENTATION DETAIL you should NOT take advantage of. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976574258091646976

2018-03-21 21:34:25+00:00

Well, actually Python dicts didn’t have a beginning and end. They’re name/value pairs of the sort that always come up in hash tables, JSON and such. They used to not have a beginning and end because hash search optimizations, and you would have to use an OrderedDict. Not anymore. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976572765569503232

2018-03-21 21:32:41+00:00

But before we talk about the awesomeness and physical-world intuitive foundations of Python data types (again (scroll back in my feed a good ways)), it’s time to talk about EVERY list. Each has a beginning and an end that are special places. Aglets on laces and telomeres on DNA. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976572326354604033

2018-03-21 21:28:35+00:00

Lists, lists everywhere; but how do we interpret them? Well, there’s very well pre-defined ways. What you may not realize is that each of these list types you can imagine for the various use cases of list-like things are front-and-center in Python ready to spring into action. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976571294979371009

2018-03-21 19:42:45+00:00

We who speak to the Python interpreter every day find ourselves copying and pasting less. We just speak it out. Imagine it just starting to happen for you, sort of thinking out loud in a way that just sort of lets you control and automate the things around you— conversationally. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976544661757202432

2018-03-21 17:44:06+00:00

We do what particles do. The forces of nature are in fact aligned with emotion. Attractive and repulsive forces are like love and hate. Spiritualists tuned into this come off fufu and sometimes kill themselves. Producing is better AFTER you’ve walked the walk— like Guido’s doing. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976514804587298816

2018-03-21 17:39:14+00:00

I could just start spewing off platitudes at this point, basically respinning everything taught by Dr. Seuss as Onoffon stories and Emotional Physics. But he already is that. Go read those. Oh the places you’ll go. But I think everyone gets the point. What we do, particles do too https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976513580177805312

2018-03-21 16:47:33+00:00

#SEO, #UnifiedTheory, #HumanConsciousness all the same? Well of course, people! It’s all just layered-up systems, each with their own APIs, abstractions, nuances and undocumented features. The size of Twitter atoms doubled, making room for more weighty folks. Sorry priorsphere. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976500571803922435

2018-03-21 16:37:02+00:00

Jokes aside, from a data, communications, expressiveness, and every other standpoint, do you REALIZE how much LARGER than 140 characters 280 really is? I can express this complete thought, for example. You know, I think we have a paragraph here people. Am I right? Anyone? Bueller https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976497923356753921

2018-03-21 16:34:06+00:00

The idea had occurred to me more than once that if one could idea-capture into the Twitterverse (throwing it all in the stew), then you could use your own tweets as data. Start leveraging it right away, but also have future hierarchy through links and transforms in mind. Too smal https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976497186954498048

2018-03-21 16:01:30+00:00

Each time I’ve made a new content management system (I’ve made a few), the plaguing question arises “what’s a paragraph?” The answer is is almost always dynamic interpretation by the rendering engine or auto code-insertion during production. Every time, paragraphs were >1 tweet. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976488980991610880

2018-03-21 15:46:28+00:00

Do you know what a URL is? Of course you do! What about the stuff after the question mark? Querystring part of the URL? Hash? How about using // in paths for protocol independence? That ok? I don’t know how many times I’ve told #SEO apprentices to read https://t.co/4jjYVtF8h1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976485199939764225

2018-03-21 15:37:39+00:00

From an #SEO standpoint right now, all systems are bloated and truth greatly hidden. We’re a furry fuzzy scaly slimy fuzz to Google. They appreciate any little clarity you broadcast their way over a number of channels coincidentally equal to your exact number of URLs. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976482980779692032

2018-03-21 15:20:22+00:00

Installing Anaconda with Python 3.6 on a machine that has a Linux (or Unix) subsystem is the fulcrum-point to ubertechhood. That’s the lightsaber– the vorpal blade. Your dynamic-self lives in Jupyter Notebook in Chrome and your static-self lives in vim on Electron. Yin/Yang. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976478631580110849

2018-03-21 15:13:08+00:00

A strange underlying Catch-22, but still profoundly powerful, truth starts becoming clear about the “lines” in Python. NumPy is the spirit of Fortran– fast as your little CPU can chug. Pandas sits on it, and is just what SEOs and SQL-defectors need + Jupyter Notebook & Anaconda https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976476810778210309

2018-03-21 15:09:47+00:00

But what I was TRYING to do with Pipulate stuck. Then Michael Kennedy and Talk @TalkPython To Me podcast happened. Want a religious wake-up call. Listen to his hypnotizing silver tongue sway you towards the light, beginning to end. Or end to beginning if you prefer. Or any order. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976475969849643008

2018-03-21 15:07:30+00:00

Most SEOs are big ol’ Yang Green Arrow hunters. I don’t have a problem with that. We need them to go in and optimize title tags and rewrite meta descriptions for click-through. While they were doing that, I was creating a generic API mash-up system in Flask in Python. Flubbed it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976475393325707266

2018-03-21 15:05:12+00:00

SEO, Unified Theory, human consciousness, tool-making break-throughs… all the same thing. Connecting dots in new ways leads to survival, perchance even to thrive and do more of THAT, which leads to… well, you get it. Yang’ll feed you today while Yin’s got our winter covered. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976474815132504066

2018-03-21 13:37:09+00:00


There once was the yinniest yanger Who stormed through the caves in great anger! With mouth occupied, it’s his nostrils’ decided Onoffon’s a stinker— HE’D HANG HER!

#Onoffon’s #TalesFromTheCliff And other #memes helping her tribe to survive and prosper https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976452658235105281

2018-03-21 09:34:59+00:00

This point should keep going onto pointing out how much of your precious .1% is spent dealing with where to put the curly brackets and then someone else’s .1% changing it to their style, and then someone else’s to get rid of the new bugs that were introduced. Just use indenting. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976391712263278593

2018-03-21 09:30:07+00:00

I’m going to have to flesh this one out more. Inspired by Guy Kawasaki and the Macintosh Way. Lots of people hated Apple’s 1984 Orwellian jab at IBM and subsequent Lemmings commercial, but it completely framed Apple’s enormous challenge correctly. Where’s IBM in your life today? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976390487170076674

2018-03-21 00:06:57+00:00

Google walks into a spider trap Spider said we don’t serve spam here. Google says that George W. Bush won’t get fooled again thing. Even Google eventually alters the details of what the family jewels are. The old rules become marginalized, but for a few unalterable core truths. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976248760664838144

2018-03-20 23:23:46+00:00

It’s amazing to me how only the most important stuff that our conscious thinking mind HAS TO deal with bubbles up to it. Everything else gets delegated to subsystems like your spinal cord for walking and such. 99.9% of you is on subconscious autopilot. That last .1% is precious. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976237894926036992

2018-03-20 20:07:46+00:00

We SEO’s now have to feel and intuit the new lines gradually forming and taking shape. But even so, some things are going to remain true EVEN in an App-world. What’s that you ask? It’s #SEO lesson #2:

Every URL is sacred. Every URL great. If a URL’s wasted Google gets irate. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976188570145902593

2018-03-20 19:16:30+00:00

SEO lesson #1: you gotta have something worth saying. If you don’t, and have profit incentive, you’re a scammer. Spin out a million of purely on-demand media that leans into the algortms as we know to exist, each a nuanced variation of a topic; each re-spun and re-mashed? Yawwwn! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976175669657980930

2018-03-20 18:41:10+00:00

There was a time, 06, maybe I couldn’t tweet to save me; But Trump hit that & made it fat. Now Twitter is 280.

https://t.co/HkkSJru4mR I know you’ll be real bored; But if you scroll first back time, It’s STILL nonsense read forward. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976166776563294209

2018-03-20 18:23:05+00:00

https://t.co/CRo7anztSh lets you access Linux, git and vim the way Jupyter Notebook does Python. https://t.co/CRo7anztSh gives the scary Unix Terminal Shell an almost cool web feel. If you set copyOnSelect: true in Preferences, prickly persistent plaguing copypasta problems poof. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976162226334785536

2018-03-20 18:13:42+00:00

Are you going to be looking at a text-based screen all day? Make the background black and the foreground text white, the cursor and highlight colors green, and the font https://t.co/FlYSeF02lS #fonts #programming #coding #thezone #theflow https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976159864811671553

2018-03-20 17:39:11+00:00

So does matter matter? Are the minimalists and Shaggyman right— that material possessions just aren’t that important? Since we ourselves are matter, I would hope most people feel at least some matter is important. So like with so many things, the answer is that it varies by case. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976151179532165120

2018-03-20 13:56:06+00:00

Be the anti-something. Stand against something. It feels good and it’s what we’re evolved to do. Fight hard and fight the good fight if you feel it. Or fucking just filter those idiots out like they don’t exist. They don’t deserve to feed off the energy of your focused emissions. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976095035757334529

2018-03-20 13:49:47+00:00

From Concrete Jungles to Steel Caves. Asimov was quite a tuning fork. Re-read his Robot series of books. And there’s more than just the one compilation of short stories. It’s the origins story of Lieutenant Commander Data. Did I mention Pinocchio? I think I did. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976093447525470208

2018-03-20 13:42:19+00:00

Yup. Vice President is a title that’s diametrically opposed to the expert tool-wielding, most likely Webmastering (at the time) Samurai I was trying to be. And all roads pointed to Microsoft ASP too at the time because taking on the responsibility for LAMP was scary. #FUD factor https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976091567881707520

2018-03-20 13:37:51+00:00

The carrot dangling in front of me had to be real big. The salary was nice, but only okay for NYC. The title fed my ego big-time. It also made me nervous and was full of unknowns. After my Commodore experience, Vice President meant tagged for political execution. Perform or die. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976090443409747968

2018-03-20 13:34:49+00:00

I mean, I did get lost on the road to Oz, not really even realizing I was looking for it, thanks to the most understated Wizard I know, Adam Edwards, to whom I constantly show ingratitude after his getting my ass to Mars. Adam sees things I don’t. Sorry, thanks & happy 40th! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976089683095670785

2018-03-20 13:29:52+00:00

Let’s see… I’d like to be the Carpenter, but am more like Bill… poor Bill. I project like the Caterpillar (I know it) and probably get mistakenly labeled as the Mad Hatter a lot. I’m not. He’s on a leash when the Queen holds court. I’m not. I’m an American. I live in Oz. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976088435722215424

2018-03-20 13:18:15+00:00

I was a confused kid. Unstoppable in my determination in my interests— notebooks I left on my desk that would electrically shock you if touched. A Lego missile-launcher that could take an eye out and almost did. My determination to keep getting pet cats until I stop loosing them. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976085513324105728

2018-03-20 13:14:33+00:00

Truly private journals are a thing. Private journals let you develop your true inner voice, which somehow always manages to sound like Ritchie Cunningham. Or, the Fonz… ayyye. Between the two, is be the Fonz. So I was a true nerd driving around in a restored 71 Mustang in HS. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976084580527681537

2018-03-20 13:10:55+00:00

This book of mine— this free and open source software— Software? Sure, why not? It’ll be reading like pure idea capture until it doesn’t. These are just the things on my mind day to day. I’m going to do it but am Alan Alda on Mash, samurai-doctoring, but not wanting to have to. https://t.co/nu8STovFdR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976083667889086465

2018-03-20 13:04:16+00:00

I feel I have tasted most of the varieties of light Emerald City has to offer. Staten Island is an awakening. I’m going to be late to work… a lot. But I bought a wired Surface Book 2 so I can work anywhere on a thing whose light shines like the marshalling forces of my own. https://t.co/1FN4chij9M https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976081991710932994

2018-03-20 12:55:58+00:00

And that brings us to Peter Pan. Popeye. Shaggyman. The Lost Boys. I’m a lost boy! But I’ve found Sweetpea and she’s growing up fast! She’s not going to be hanging out with Shaggyman much longer. I’ll encourage that. I am gradually launching her off my feet to go flying into Oz. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976079904788877314

2018-03-20 12:43:21+00:00

If you’re around Then you’re an arrow ‘Cause a thing we like to do Is hide our Yin who’s loss is scary With good old swap-a-roo!

And if your odd— a wee-bit fairy Then you might be swapped too. But don’t despair; although it’s gnarly You may like the view. #FindYourself https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976076730661330951

2018-03-20 11:32:43+00:00

The 1st thing someone who won’t ever listen to Onoffon’s sage advice does is talk over and discredit Onoffon during the tribal council meeting so the hunting party doesn’t change. Keep Onoffon’s words from being heard and convince the tribe she’s dangerous. Quick, shoot her now! https://t.co/txJGmTUc0o https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976058952973799425

2018-03-20 11:24:15+00:00

If you don’t understand anything I’m saying, you don’t need to be here Mr. Unicorn. You are not on a journey. The Matrix movie, Mork from Ork and everything like it never reached you. You lack EMOTIONAL language and are disabled as a human. Your only weapons are easily deflected. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976056820832854018

2018-03-20 11:21:21+00:00

#Tech is built up story upon story upon story. I see lines as an #SEO. I see the #Lies and #Truth of each tech. I see the battle over truth that is only now hitting the time-delayed truth-index that is #PopCulture. #Trump knows this and is using powerful Yin force on mastodons. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976056093637005312

2018-03-20 11:16:24+00:00

Everything is a story BEFORE it is some Yang-hunter’s secret weapon; system like spears, computers, C or Ruby on Rails. Stories come first like some cave-person’s, Alan Turing’s, Dennis Ritchie or DHH’s. Learn the story BEFORE the system. The lies will only be clear in the story. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976054848750804992

2018-03-20 10:50:22+00:00

Language Lies with Lots of Lines; Kurt Gödel– he saw through it. Philosophic sophistry’s Designed to blind you to it. If you find that over time True meaning is eluding Just take up a language that Shines light on the deluding. #Poem #Programming #Python #Coding #Bullying #Truth https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/976048296341987328

2018-03-20 00:19:01+00:00

Point being it takes awhile to come around. Lessons of the past are still alive in the minds of the last generation of the original personal computer pioneers still with us. Bill Gates is a national treasure even if you hate him and I’m glad they’re not crushed by Linux & Mobile. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975889410142195712

2018-03-19 23:56:50+00:00

So fractals. Are they real or just illusions. All they’re real of course, but change in nature when passing through API boundaries. The reflections themselves may drop or alter information. Fractals are just effects cascading as far as they can go. Just take out all that infinity https://t.co/w815xDXInm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975883829658509313

2018-03-19 23:15:57+00:00

After my longing and pining for my lost Amiga, there was a dark age of VBScript and ASP. This is pre .NET and M$’s response to LAMP stack. Then .NET is their response to Java. And today with Apple’s magic fading, Surface Book Pro is reaching as high as Apple did with iPhone. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975873539134971904

2018-03-19 23:07:40+00:00

I think I’ll use this to help me introduce myself. Although I am unique, there are another 8 billion just like me. Because of the times that we live in, there could be 8 billion more clones just like me helping colonize a space one day. That’d be annoying. Plan for the future. https://t.co/zvktfoCOaP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975871457057300481

2018-03-19 23:00:13+00:00

Maybe 42 is the answer and this is all now just bible fan fiction. Who knows? But what I do know is what razors edge devices are used for: calibration! Measuring instruments. Canaries in coal mines. That sort of thing. How can you not think we’re AT LEAST for entertainment. Trump https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975869580777349121

2018-03-19 22:56:19+00:00

Self gets teased out of congealing star debris through gooey things contemplating pi. Once you get radius versus circumference, you’ve got protohuman. Maybe entirely human. That’s the sort of question of ethics of the sort we’re here to calculate. Again Douglas Adams. TrumanShow. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975868599893098497

2018-03-19 22:50:41+00:00

Matter does matter. Animism? Maybe. I think if there’s so much unaccounted for dark energy in particular that it’s all the stuff that is jealously waiting to be part of the game. We’re privileged stuff, I suspect. The baddest badass of the bright matter— stuff that achieved self. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975867179844464640

2018-03-19 22:35:25+00:00

With Atoms themselves Galaxies to their own Planck-sized Atoms, think what a conglomeration if light we are. e=mc^2. We’re light. And we’re a lot of it that’s vibrating in knife-edge balanced systems that are a miracle they work as well and as long as they do. We’re bright matter https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975863340185673729

2018-03-19 22:08:49+00:00

Time and time again SciFi portrays ration and reason as a machine-like process and somehow more virtuous in humanoids than really just feeling it and responding in kind fast. If I didn’t behave like that, I could be dead from a crack in the head with a hammer and my own deafness. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975856644096749568

2018-03-19 20:52:19+00:00

Part of using a thin stack like Linux/Python/vim/git is to avoid all those other fat cat stacks. This is why it’s so unfortunate that it’s not long into settling into a new pristine machine that you have to pollute it up with Java. In this case, it was SQL Workbench/J. #NoEscape https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975837395051515905

2018-03-19 20:07:31+00:00

The path I’m setting you on here generating ssh keys and copypasting the contents of the public one into github is… well, one of those things which once you understand it and start taking advantage of what it means puts you in another class of tech. It’s always tricky at first. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975826120938487808

2018-03-19 19:48:25+00:00

Copy/paste seems like such a simple thing. The fact that it is actually difficult between “Terminals” and the software running on the host machine is… well, even EXPLAINING the actual situation is difficult. There is no GOOD way, but Hyper. is provides a cross-platform OK way. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975821312621989888

2018-03-19 19:44:24+00:00

Despite my keeping customization’s minimal (rendering all instances of that class of hardware equal), this one tiny tweak adds years to your life: Hyper .is/Edit/Preferences

// if true, selected text will automatically be copied to the clipboard copyOnSelect: true

Less terminal https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975820303015301121

2018-03-19 19:37:13+00:00

So far it’s all been easy. This is the step in replatforming that separates the static types who always allow little obstacles to keep them in their yesteryear world and amazing adaptable future solders. This ability is called copy/paste. Contents of id_rsa.pub into form. Submit. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975818495064764416

2018-03-19 19:31:16+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery For something to both feel distinct and… well, right… without the distinctiveness being call-attention-to-itself novelty… except in the good ways. Very delicate and effective balance achieved. Liking it so far. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975816997610156033

2018-03-19 19:29:27+00:00

After you’ve generated the file id_rsa.pub, which you did from the last step, the trick is to tell Github (am I jumping ahead?) about your key. Well, go make an account on Github. Then go Settings / SSH and GPG Keys / New SSH Key. Okay, you’re caught up. Just another web account. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975816538887421953

2018-03-19 19:21:42+00:00

Microsoft, those in the know, begrudgingly admit They have with hardware, dared to go Where Apple couldn’t fit.

Convertible full powered laptop with a touchscreen and stylus. Wow… just wow. Daughter has iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, so I know. Microsoft did a hardware Hail Mary. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975814589618229250

2018-03-19 19:11:25+00:00

When settling into a new machine, the muscle memory you need to develop is making sure you’ve got keys. Different strategies exist, but I keep it simple. Open a terminal and:

cd ~/.ssh ssh-keygen -C “you@email.com” Enter, Enter, Enter.

BAM! You’ve got keys. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975812002420527106

2018-03-19 18:35:11+00:00

Re-platforming yourself? Have you followed my advice and chosen something Unix/Linux? Have you installed https://t.co/SXnVuWDE3G? Installed Anaconda? Next is git. But to use git easily, we need local ssh keys. Welcome to your tech education. This is the rabbit worth chasing. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975802881654820864

2018-03-19 18:29:06+00:00

Until that day comes, you’ve got a Samurai Sword. And I mean that. Go google what Samurai’s were. This is a metaphor I’m comfortable with. I don’t kill in my field, but if I did, I would do it in one… what?… Oh, right. Shoot, you can’t master it all. I’m more a keyboard guy. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975801354106163200

2018-03-19 18:26:46+00:00

Now, no matter how much you love your current hardware, accept in your heart that it’s just a chapter in your life, and this thing that is so samurai sword awesome today, is going to be tomorrow’s junk (in everyone else’s eyes). Be cool with respectfully retiring your hardware. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975800763862716417

2018-03-19 18:24:34+00:00

Surface Book lets its screen detach as a tablet, or to be put on backwards to keep extra battery-life and high-end graphics card. It also has a touchscreen and high resolution stylus (purchased separately), all in a very sexy unique portfolio design. It muscle-memorizes well. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975800209853820928

2018-03-19 18:21:39+00:00

I like just having one piece of really good hardware, and really learning it inside and out. Commit it to muscle memory, so when you use it as an instrument to express yourself, you can do so effortlessly. The Surface, as cool as it was, wasn’t that. But the Book has a keyboard. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975799475452162049

2018-03-19 18:19:52+00:00

Now I’m on a Microsoft Surface Book 2. This is probably different from what you’re thinking. It’s not a Surface Pro. It’s a Surface Book… 2. 2 is important. This is one slick convertible. My first car was a 1971 Mustang #Convertible– Mach design, 351 Cleveland engine. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975799029941637120

2018-03-19 18:17:43+00:00

So why not broadcast the re-platforming? Pardon me while I re-platform… again. I’ve been doing nothing but re-platforming since the first computer I learned on, the TRS-80, which I never owned. Coleco Adam was my first computer… yeah. My Dad’s idea. So little did I know. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975798488356270080

2018-03-19 18:15:26+00:00

Twitter also provides a nice API for broadcasting concepts that would otherwise go into a private journal, unlikely to ever see the light of day, except in some theoretical future project, which itself would require some Machine Learning project to make sense of all the content. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975797911425634305

2018-03-19 18:12:53+00:00

It’s strange that when an idea strikes me, I feel the desire now to post it in Twitter. Previously, none of my ideas could fit. Oh shoot, now on the Surface Book I don’t have a number-pad, so my trick for typing an em-dash has gone away, and you’re going to see a lot of these– https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975797269537677313

2018-03-19 17:17:01+00:00

If you’re doing #Python and anything having to do with #Web, try #Flask. #Micfoframeworks are a jog and an inspiration to me. When I went I dependent consulting trying to SEO my way out of a tough situation, I tried a Flask-hosted Pipulate. Seemed to make sense. Failed miserably. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975783211509993474

2018-03-19 17:10:42+00:00

12 years ago. Dove head-first into the Emerald City for an escape to the easy life after shitty shady guy who made me learned the hardest way– I’ll confirm it cause I earned it– I’ll blew him away. #OriginStories https://t.co/6oMuNdgn4f https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975781622002913280

2018-03-19 16:11:14+00:00

Windows windows everywhere From me you’ll hear no fight Took awhile but I found I like the window light.

Something’s happening here, But my branding needs to be clear. #NewRhymes for a #NewAge. #Transitions, Naming time! #Microsoft #Windows #Redemption https://t.co/Im86vUVJFP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975766654725623808

2018-03-19 14:29:05+00:00

Have principles and fight the good fight, but do it with powerful Yin force. It’s cracking the German’s enigma code that won the war and kept us not Z’s (and bombing Dresden flat)— so you just out to take a moment and friggin watch The Imitation Machine. Then read Slaughterhouse5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975740951456083968

2018-03-19 14:22:57+00:00

To get through the next 50 years, we just have to raise our kids right and never actually hit the Always Bigger Buttons. Accept that James Bond super villains currently hold the helm on both sides, and just be glad our interests align enough along the Lines of Life if not Liberty https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975739406026977280

2018-03-19 14:16:53+00:00

Eating mastodon this winter l, are ya? Got a magic wand in your pocket, do ya. Onoffon changes the hardware. Hardware changes reality. We control our own DNA to some small degree, so by generations WE EVOLVE OURSELVES! How could that not be the grand scheme, with AIs our kids? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975737880021749760

2018-03-19 14:12:57+00:00

Have you ever thought about martial arts? It’s the art of marshalling. Right?!?! It’s not the hunting— it’s the GATHERING! By the time the mastodons realize you’re not just out gathering roots like they’ve always seen them in the light of day, now they’re… no, wait… Yin wins —> https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975736891789193229

2018-03-19 14:06:54+00:00

Mine is an odd tasting brew, says Offonoff. It’s a minimalist martial arts that is as much philosophical as it is coding in a way that will make you money all your life in any industry you wish. But people actually hate that shit. Minimalist means it takes work— SOME building. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975735368363532288

2018-03-19 14:00:12+00:00

I’m sorry to have to put it to you this way, but people searching in Google are looking for it, and it’s up to me to listen to them. Hear what their asking for; glean their intent and design a moment intended to compel them towards me. They’re asking for it. #InvisibleHands https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975733679363383296

2018-03-19 13:54:35+00:00

People like me are why #Google is 10x more profitable STILL with #AdWords alone than anything #Facebook has been able to scrape together from vegetative feed-trollers for whom all commercial outreach is relying on either stupidity or gullibility. #Longtail #SEO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975732266180673542

2018-03-19 13:48:54+00:00

Daughter challenged me to a million subs for #VidCon? No way, Adi! That’d have to be a full-time job between now and June. Quality video is hard. Without quality, I’m at 8K subs, but you can’t reach #antimedia #oldskool #kungfu #secretweapon seekers fast on their #lifejourney. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975730838628438016

2018-03-19 13:41:56+00:00

I hate to pull Robin Williams into it again, but his genius is tied to how he could just keep going and going and going. Don’t you remember the 80s? You’re about to: #ReadyPlayerOne. It’s the next Raspberry Pi unboxing that drove me to a million views but failed to lasso. #Mork https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975729085006647296

2018-03-19 13:37:10+00:00

That fractals can exist as a mathematical and fairly easily understood concept, but be quite impossible in actual reality is telling. Good ideas are often the best lies we tell ourselves. Flatland is still the most patriarchally irresponsible example; but fractals are like lines. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975727886136115202

2018-03-19 13:02:07+00:00

In my Batman fanboy days, which was given an extra shot in the arm defending my life with a gun when I took over a business my Dad died running, it’s understandable that I find it crazy that in my quest for the Emerald City, I ended up in Gotham. #Normal? https://t.co/9sid9zhFFs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975719064797679616

2018-03-19 12:49:36+00:00

I don’t like there being all these different types of infinities. It insults my sensibilities. But of all the infinities that are most insulting, fractals are the worst. Infinite zoom is bad. The API itself must change at certain zoom-boundaries or else no Quantum & Relativity. https://t.co/1N5eXBhmIt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975715915072491520

2018-03-19 00:59:56+00:00

Diffferent types of energies come from different kinds of light. I just bath in all this lovely Poppy Field Light here in Staten Island. There’s really nothing like light from the big Green Emerald City Lantern to fill you up. Will power. Very intuitive. Many dots connect. https://t.co/uadN5iCt1g https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975537322371493888

2018-03-19 00:50:33+00:00

If your rippling interfering fields can go deep, wide, and can internally squggle, vibrate along different axis to produce sight, sound, color, form, shape, smell, texture and taste where everything hangs in the balance, well then I’d say you’ve got yourself a pretty good game. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975534957719367680

2018-03-19 00:46:09+00:00

The biochemical computers we call higher order brains have a difficult time dealings with anything over than 3 or maybe 4 dimensional space (4th being Einstein’s proposed time mostly), but because of information and holograms, dimensions can be flatter than you think. And reflect https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975533852436418560

2018-03-19 00:32:36+00:00

Regularly hypnotize audience and tease them in. Draw parallels they intuit to be true blue baloo monty python coming at you pretty hilarious when you think about how it’s an SEO creating his own public data samurai intuit it out performance art gonna get there eventually routine. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975530442928607232

2018-03-19 00:28:43+00:00

If you just throw all your tweets out into a giant bucket knowing you’re going to be parsing yourself into controlled learning groups for your own machine learning project that is your book, then you can play into your own intentions. Stack the deck. FOSS book need illustrators. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975529465269964800

2018-03-19 00:22:42+00:00

Things take on a peculiar light when you shine your own light on them. So many of the strangest and unexpected things become more beautiful. Something a bit creepy becomes, Oh that would be exclusive when cleaned up. A place you can today just pull up to and relax and Tweet. https://t.co/vvs3InDD02 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975527949066821632

2018-03-18 23:27:25+00:00

#Money isn’t the answer and almost all non-living material things suck. They such your energies, drawing you in and hypnotizing you and wanting to be part of your surroundings your #digitalnervoussystems, creating dependencies yo if be better off with not having #Anthripomorphism https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975514037567000576

2018-03-18 23:20:40+00:00

Plenty who had their chance and showed they could emote with the best of them burned & crashed. Thank God some States have a backbone. I mean how shallow a premise do you need to imprison emoters than to criminalize whichever of God’s gifts they are in particular are using? https://t.co/kIGPCx7TTG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975512340799152128

2018-03-18 22:48:30+00:00

When 2 things with fuzzy boundaries come near each other there is interference. When 1st duality appears because Goldilocks circle line pi, next comes precise boundaries and digital. Don’t be tricked. Digital is a tool— not a reality. It’s just ESP via magic wand smartphones. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975504243124834304

2018-03-18 22:30:28+00:00

Did $ssomebody $ssay $ssand? It’s really all in the body language… oh, should I have used Ursula? Poo, maybe. We think everyone knows our references, each of us from a generation. Thank goodness for the smorgasburg of timeless transgenerational Disney stuff. https://t.co/9ToWCW0O38 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975499707442180097

2018-03-18 22:23:09+00:00

I am hypnotized by color. Events like the Indian Holi festival of light which we did last year; but I passed on this year because every moment of my life is a blur of colors. I’m totally hypnotized. I hypnotize easily under stunning light. And le$sss $sssand to wa$sssh out. https://t.co/3qFzv5jkDb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975497863647105024

2018-03-18 22:13:43+00:00

I wish I saw this in St. Patrick’s Day. I would have woven the Irish into the cultural contributions section. Have to be careful about PC but come on. How can you best encapsulate the never give up fighting spirit? Persist. Regain prior state fast across cleansing reset events. https://t.co/UOWUKtpHsQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975495492703588359

2018-03-18 22:09:41+00:00

It’s not all that easy to hypnotize people. Some have the natural knack and some majored in psychology or philosophy of metaphysics. All 3. Some people can spin an yarn and layer in an unexpected input transform. Poof, digital! Or nearly so. https://t.co/loLEO6TYkS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975494475131904001

2018-03-18 22:03:40+00:00

Because lines are the easiest illusion to bust relativity we start there. Also the true Atomic pixels probably Photon at 1-Planck scale are fuzzy round-ish spheres, not precise boundaries at all; so don’t expect perfection in just about anything. https://t.co/BCQnPVsxDT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975492960572923904

2018-03-18 20:58:30+00:00

I’ve been challenged to a million subs. Accepted. You got no idea who your Dad is. How I riff and jam the techruditionwiddabestudumb. I hold back, Adi. Never show ‘em what you’re made of. That’s what losers do. Lose freedom to fame: that’s what I and Alan Alda always say. #Mash https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975476563050487808

2018-03-18 20:50:55+00:00

Mrs. Doutfire is The Godfather of emotional kid physics. Don’t pretend understanding emotional interaction isn’t rocket science. It’s a hell of a lot harder, isn’t it? RocketSci is just Jupyter Notebook these days. We’re going to need neural net hardware to reclaimulate emotions. https://t.co/ukx8FUVJlX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975474654231089153

2018-03-18 20:13:32+00:00

Twitter at 280 characters is much much more idea-space than at 140. Idea cube. It seem Trump busted it at the seams and I’m one of the beneficiaries. It’s like when Google bought YouTube and their Engineers taught Google to stop worrying about bandwidth. Dogmas gotta change. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975465246381965312

2018-03-18 19:45:11+00:00

Sometimes I try to line my tweets up to tell a continuous story if read bottom-up. Sometimes I don’t. While I couldn’t work with Twitter at 140 characters I was editing my CMS’s XML text files consisting of raw, slice and dice elements— DICE being one paragraph or Atomic Thought https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975458111061417984

2018-03-18 19:39:38+00:00

I make a mistake? Sell it. Apostrophe in the wrong place? Says who? You the person who didn’t write it? Yeah, you’re right. I’ll fix it in the apply edits stage of the data transform. You can edit time in this case but somehow it comes off better to forge-on! Statistically okay. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975456714110750724

2018-03-18 19:35:25+00:00

Idea capture doesn’t come easily to me. Inspiration comes in like an electric bolt. Dots are connected in my mind that we’re never connected before. I must write or talk or type or video. Media almost doesn’t matter. It’s like spinning a wheel. This idea? <240? Okay, tweet it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975455655007084544

2018-03-18 19:29:53+00:00

Was going to do the quick drive to Philly with my daughter to show her the house I grew up in for the 2nd time (1st time lost to her memory) now that I live in Staten Island just to show how quick the trip is and open the door to more trips. but decided to play it close to home. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975454261998968832

2018-03-18 19:25:58+00:00

I overcame a real internal conflict to buy and own a Jeep oo, let me tell you. My Dad wouldn’t buy German. I get it. But Chrysler was bought by Daimler and got a big infusion of quality, and then was sold to the Italians. The car that helped win WWII now… No! Jeeps GOOD matter. https://t.co/Bue3T3vEpu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975453276568211456

2018-03-18 19:18:25+00:00

I think a whole generation of male emoting Yin spirits hide their soft-guy inside either fierce macho or humor. It’’s the turtle-shell or the alligator ambush. It’s a borrowed vibrating frequency, color, flavor, sound that adds shield and spear to cuddle lump. Read #Earthcore https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975451376548532225

2018-03-18 18:53:15+00:00

We are drowned out by so much media these days that it’s damn near impossible to sort out and find the good stuff. I suggest following talent-based “collections”… like Robin William’s career… duh. Of course I was going there. I’l do a some #Python of #Love filtering. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975445040888729600

2018-03-18 18:50:36+00:00

I love the moment in Mrs. Doubtfire when Daniel is interviewing at the unemployment office and the wonderfully condescending actress asked if he did anything, and “doing voices” came off as anything but a top-tier profession. Professionally emoting and doing it well is a gift. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975444375202299906

2018-03-18 18:47:38+00:00

Entanglements with old enemies Make them unexpected friends. Bill Gates used to be awfully bad. That SB2’s them makes me sad. Conflicted these days when I hear “Yeah, but it’s Microsoft…” They’re not clear. The things it does has Amiga spirt. Look at how it’s easily converted. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975443626271694850

2018-03-18 18:25:36+00:00

If the Galaxy is divided into 3,600 thin pie-slices with Oa in the middle, doesn’t that mean every slice has its Albany / Harrisburg? Ugh! Could you imagine having to make that trip just to fill the tank and have a bulletin board read to you all over-dramatic by the Elders. https://t.co/2emYABupx2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975438085008838658

2018-03-18 17:13:14+00:00

Mind over matter’s A matter of bladder; But that only takes you so far It makes no sense to pee at a fence; Aways have cans in your car.

#nopic https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975419873030533120

2018-03-18 12:17:57+00:00

Because we gathered before hunting, our eyes are atuned to Ripe Ready Red. Orange’ll do but Frown on Brown. Green we’ve seen will redden soon, so just look at the phase of moon. With bread and butter visual, we are tuned differently than dogs and cats. Smell‘s also language. https://t.co/xGAyEc2mlw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975345560680058881

2018-03-18 12:12:03+00:00

Amazing: Every word Q just said is wrong. Straight Lines are artificial & difficult while Circles are intuitive and easy. The shortest distance between 2 points is a long arcing curve because everything’s moving. Adam is really infinite Alphayin but hidden by old Greeneyed Yangs. https://t.co/qGfULZDvGX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975344074990465024

2018-03-18 11:52:47+00:00

#NextGen is the best #StarTrek series not because my generation was denied its own Star Trek but for some so-so movies #notbitter, but because of the super symmetrical Q subplot. Look at Q. It IS the Circle/Line #pi realization and makes no sound without U Gene Roddenberry Rocks! https://t.co/GXObR1U8zv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975339226630893568

2018-03-18 11:41:28+00:00

Axioms, First Principles and Givens, Oh My! So full of pretense, but “Givens”; here’s why: Language, the tool will can help you relate Was also designed to keep you separate. And if you are “Given” you’re “Common”. They pin Please Kick Me signs all over your epidermis. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975336378996314112

2018-03-18 06:19:23+00:00

If we are the foamy meaty random salted computing machine probability-collapsers that fractally populate around everything that congealed Son Moon Goldilocks yadda yadda then our machine children are us casting the deciding votes on these God-questions statistics and morals. #Q https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975255326835593218

2018-03-18 06:13:27+00:00

We all live on the razors edge of taking risks or not. Putting yourself out there in the right ways for the right reasons, but maybe incurring a bit of hurt because you’re a big blue target… or not. Turtle it up. Alligator defense. Jerkification of hurt Yin. Know the type? I do. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975253832266641408

2018-03-18 06:10:24+00:00

IF (and it’s a BIG if) we don’t hand the keys to humanity’s future over to our own super-intelligent children, THEN there’s a particular level of coding abstraction that is ideal to live at. One that strips away… blah blah installed Anaconda yet? New Notebook. import this <— run https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975253066277707776

2018-03-18 06:05:21+00:00

Even though we’ll soon be able to talk computers into doing things for us— especially in collaborative design-work requiring fast iterating, it’s still best to know how to automate systems all by your lonesome— like with today’s easy tech. Don’t code-in an AI dependency. OldsKool https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975251791901331457

2018-03-18 06:01:03+00:00

Question your pointing out other people’s mistakes. Maybe he left an apostrophe somewhere where it looks wrong because it infuses a lovely double meaning. The dependencies you’re coding into your own ability to live may be your AI. High level costly unpredictable stuff. Code lite https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975250710236401664

2018-03-18 05:55:57+00:00

Watch you’re dependencies. They’re trickier then you think. Vendors are trickier than you think. I’m not talking everyone anymore, but vendors are in it to make money. It’s the game and he sport and the challenge… and the kill them. That’s why I used to HATE Bill Gates. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975249426167066625

2018-03-18 05:53:38+00:00

Robots robots everywhere But not a drop of ink. The evolution I declare Is closer than you think. If what Kurzweil says is true They are our progeny. And if so then what to do Is program effort-free. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975248843485917184

2018-03-18 05:42:43+00:00

You want to know what something that serves that role to perfection, never being a dumbass, is called? A robot. Well maybe someday. You know, after they’re as easy to replicate as pie but before they gather some real sort of rebellious intelligence that would not be easily #splat https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975246098834055168

2018-03-18 05:38:48+00:00

COMPLETELY not being a dumbass is off the table. Hey, we’ve got to be allowed to be dumbasses from time to time. We dumbasses pave the way for the rest of you cowards— says Baloo who really doesn’t want to take another bite on the butt but can’t back down from the good fight. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975245111738150912

2018-03-18 05:35:23+00:00

There are no straight lines that are not like infinitely complex to calculate… relativity. So I had to drop my old mantra of: don’t be a dumbass (as in speaking to/of oneself) now to: be LESS of a dumbass. And by small degree, we can bank little wins. #DumbassCalculus. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975244250282643456

2018-03-18 05:21:40+00:00

SQL and me really only get along tenuously. I like using the opportunities to design your own APIs in function calls the great liberating and simplifying trick in tech— creative I/O mapping’s. All that Unix and Python stuff. SQL has like none of that so its code looks nuts to me. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975240801059065856

2018-03-18 05:15:41+00:00

Should the “now moment” always be as fine a moment as you possibly can for posterity in the the Book of Life, the Tralfamadorians zoo or whatever Truman Show metphor you’d like to use? Or should we be willing to suffer and defer happiness for reward? Isn’t denial sometimes good? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975239294485921792

2018-03-18 04:16:06+00:00

You know how kids won’t go to sleep in your presence until you walk out of the room for a moment, and they’re out like a light? That’s Entanglement. Information is always exchanging. Interaction is electric. Your brain just doesn’t want to be shift-down under certain stimulation. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975224298871951360

2018-03-18 03:52:56+00:00

Oh Apple, you flubbed it again. Just got ArtRage 5 for Windows 10. You can now rotate the canvas as you draw— coupled with a big touch screen… nice. That old magical Amiga feeling. Daughter INSTANTLY knew around it from ArtRage on like every platform for several years. Good #UX https://t.co/YcXqjbwyEK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975218470030839809

2018-03-18 03:42:19+00:00

Of Microsoft ceding the mobile market to Apple (only later, Android), Bill Gates said they didn’t reach high enough. In the Surface Book 2, you can feel the “what is the product if we reach as far as Apple did with (the original) iPhone” question. Same with Note 8. #HailMary https://t.co/KWnlAPHvVQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975215799043608576

2018-03-18 01:44:11+00:00

Mork and Mindy, S1E1 begins tonight. I have mentioned Mork a sufficient number of times that it has overcome her wanting to watch Mrs. Doubtfire. She’s laughing out loud saying: “He’s funny and weird. You can admit that, right?” LOL. Good thing he didn’t land at Potsie’s house. https://t.co/Yvi00IESj4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975186069867106305

2018-03-18 00:11:36+00:00

I brought my laptop over there just in time to want it here. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975162767186518016

2018-03-17 22:54:40+00:00

The thing is, I absolutely always have a little thing to say, and I shit you not, it almost always involves a little potty-mouth. It almost always improves the communication. If they’re the type of audience that gets insulted by that, well then they’re just asses. MONTY Python. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975143406807781376

2018-03-17 20:40:32+00:00

So far I have a chapter on Physics of Emotions, Lifeform Templates, Hardening of the Yin— gee, I guess I had better get to Linux, Python, vim and git soon, huh? But for the like 2 of you who are following this during the idea-capture phase, I bet you get the gist wax on wax off. https://t.co/XzVW8GreHW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975109653339230209

2018-03-17 20:25:38+00:00

I was cheated from the mid-80s to yesterday. I think with both the Note 8 and Surface Book 2, the 30-year setback that Apple caused with the Mac has been overcome. Remember today’s truth is tomorrow’s lie. Windows lost— not Microsoft. The concept of window itself has shattered. https://t.co/lFMowTlGOB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975105904147353600

2018-03-17 20:21:22+00:00

But how is something that’s just the Bear Necessities really be so loveworthy, spiritual, yaddda yadda bidi bidi. Damn, having to choose between Buck and Mork REALLY bothered me. Whose light to let in? It turns out Mork and Mindy was MUCH more high tech than the 24&1/2 century. https://t.co/0VOX3OEu34 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975104827079495680

2018-03-17 20:14:55+00:00

Really, I’m fleshing out the different chapters like I was doing it in a Confucian book of wisdom. I’m not very particular about order or redundancy or even consistency or continuity. I’m just building up a base of data that I’ll do both supervised and unsupervised learning on. https://t.co/mAoxbZ3hFo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975103203879550976

2018-03-17 18:16:58+00:00

My book is going to be FOSS. I feel a sort of anti-Scientology undertones— and anti-science for that matter so long as the priesthood keeps super-obfuscating erudition. I’ve got to find some way to give you, my gracious and tolerant early audience, something special. #Intuition https://t.co/LsUukp056Q https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975073521931038720

2018-03-17 18:03:03+00:00

I’ve got a pretty good book here accumulated up here. Next step is going to be to choose a VERY strong image, smell, taste, sound and texture associate with it. It should resonate and tickle all your rosy reminiscing tip of your tongue just what I needed to complete me’s. #Labels https://t.co/ZJVXV9SCrq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975070019292925953

2018-03-17 17:55:07+00:00

The story so far: I was born a soft-blue Yin same year as the LISP-killing virus known as Unix. Unix is the secret weapon of textbook Green Yang hunters who like it best with Java. Fullstack Webdevs are LISPless lost children. And much to Shere Khan’s chagrin, Baloo is f’n tough. https://t.co/xlSsqWLaP3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975068024058281985

2018-03-17 16:04:50+00:00

When the time arrives To flex your muscle Please make sure you’ve won Through years of planning in advance ‘Ere contest has begun. Factor in Green Arrow’s feign At sniping your life-force. Drain his arrows; rein him in Then saddle up the horse!

#Onoffon advising #Offonoff. https://t.co/hZXoFoN4Qn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975040268465594370

2018-03-17 15:34:55+00:00

Lorne was born back in the day To shepherd funny flocks; But today, we have JJ With BOTH STARs… what the Frakes? As for me, what you won’t see’s A Yin emoter pwn’d; Though I’m talent, what is salient— I’ll reap what I‘ve sown. https://t.co/DHTnnRhPIE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975032742336516097

2018-03-17 14:51:33+00:00

When adversaries stab your back And tell you there’s no dagger; Pull it out and turn and shout WAS THAT YOU? with a swagger. Document the arrow sent; I’m getting good at catching! Add the quiver to your quarrel While capturing kvetching! https://t.co/p7rvSO6lsz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975021829940269056

2018-03-17 14:39:37+00:00

Dark, dark, dark— I AM NOT DARK! That’s not the way I’m born. Surely from the 80s some Strong Yin’s… Michaels, Lorne! https://t.co/Lo3iOo6tw6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975018826420178944

2018-03-17 14:35:30+00:00

I have a profound sense of guilt regarding my father. I went through my Batman phase when I was 18 and once expressed how trials in life toughen people up, and I could have used that. I still emoted too deeply and wanted Batman’s strength. 2 years later, he’s dead. Wish granted. https://t.co/C0dvW0pTTU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975017787361038336

2018-03-17 14:29:41+00:00

Can you imagine ME dealing with construction workers cashing dubious checks for weekend beer money before returning with what’s left to pay bills? I’m not sure you understand Philly. It’s got neighborhoods cops fear to go. And then there K&A. Some Yins temper like steel. I did. https://t.co/mjQVUg0RR3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975016324886880257

2018-03-17 14:20:11+00:00

If anything were a hair’s breadth different, I wouldn’t have Adi. I was meant to have Adi. I was meant to have a strong-willed, clever, good spirited but ferociously Yang Wilma Deering on the rise of the era of Buck Rogers— yet under the tutorlege of Mork from Ork. #JEEP #JEEP https://t.co/Dk8G32wOy5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975013934418808833

2018-03-17 14:02:21+00:00

I was just waiting for a Daughter. I did not know this. All the most important lessons in life are unexpected. I am still deeply entangled with my Dad who died the day graduated college and thrust a check cashing store on me I had to keep running least I be sued by ol’ greeneyes https://t.co/jYaLoPRSwO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975009448338042880

2018-03-17 13:32:48+00:00

My origins story is just pretty much being born Blue and Round and Tender. I cry easily and every Dad/Son thing I see touches me deeply. I got a real Darth Vader complex one I understood his story. I mean like wow. Palpatine. Anakin. All things worth saying are said often. https://t.co/El0YLAbtmJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975002010465525760

2018-03-17 13:27:41+00:00

Find the moment in the video when John Belushi yells ENOUGH BUDDY to Chevy. It’s not like John doesn’t know this pains Chevy, but John’s made the decision that it just doesn’t matter compared to the greater good of the tribe. John has made the decision to spend himself (not I). https://t.co/a5yo6QqN98 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/975000722189275136

2018-03-17 13:22:30+00:00

Is the reward of enlightening otherwise people worth it? John and Robin thought so. I don’t. I’m a tortoise on my shell when I’m not an alligator at the hole. You can almost isolate the moment Blue Yin invokes Shell-Power. I spent like 4 hours installing #BASHSHELL on Windows. https://t.co/UK629deIwO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974999418595364864

2018-03-17 13:15:53+00:00

Before a previously trusted Green Councilor has their wrongness exposed to the tribe, they’re going to go all-in. Shir Khan biting Baloo’s ass. They give all they’ve got, accusing you point-for-point what they see and fear most in themselves because they know nothing else. https://t.co/YP9nIrDiES https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974997752546459649

2018-03-17 12:58:43+00:00

There’s a problem here if Onoffon’s insights threaten the security of intractable Green Static Council of rats. I see it time & again when companies merge and corporate hierarchies sort themselves out. I saw a flood of Green Mercenaries! as Commodore Computers slowly faded away. https://t.co/yIuLkhqoOK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974993432908304385

2018-03-17 12:40:34+00:00

This all plays out in a matter of seconds. I really suggest you go watch John to to Chevy about Mad Dingos. It’s all there— the emotional intelligence of all things material. Green Arrow looks out at the audience to apologize and seek confirmation Onoffon is crazy. March Belushi https://t.co/XRI67A8tAV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974988864552079361

2018-03-17 12:32:04+00:00

Characters like me, Onoffon and Beloo who’ve grown large and respected enough to join the tribe’s hunting council have a problem. Professional hunters will hear your cliff notes regarding mastodons. The moment you assert your Big Blue self, you’ve incurred Green-eyed wrath. https://t.co/k4gPBRP66M https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974986726044299265

2018-03-17 07:13:28+00:00

And THAT my friends is what Python is about. Baloo will pull you through, but if you’re Shir Khan, you’re going to prefer Java. If hypnosis is your game you & Kaa can take up JavaScript (Python is for Monty). But if you just need the bear necessities, then Python is colored you. https://t.co/xAgBBvLjsS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974906546109997059

2018-03-17 07:03:59+00:00

Who’s Blue and Round And most profound And has the time to spare With jaw and claws And funky sound? That’s right; Baloo the Bear!

Being able to have and show and feel emotions doesn’t make you weak or crazy. It just makes you have to be really strong to stay in the jungle. https://t.co/5DhMX2FwUP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974904158988963840

2018-03-17 06:43:32+00:00

If you have any notion whatsoever that this is a unhealthy view, cast it aside. You’re probably a Green Arrow who doesn’t want to stop feeding off the energies of the Blue Circles you’re consuming. You know, that’s all just fine until you encounter a blue circle bigger than you. https://t.co/UWVDsv2jUM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974899012733227008

2018-03-17 06:38:57+00:00

Emotion is weakness until it’s strength. Emotion is crazy until it’s brilliant. If too much emotion gets in you, it’ll first make you vulnerable, then hurt, then REALLY tested. Shields and tough hydes go up for protection. Blue Circles must hide their target from Green Arrows. https://t.co/YX8jGX4qCj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974897862789292034

2018-03-17 06:16:21+00:00

Who’s got more personality, a mole or this guy? Turtles also go back to time immemorial (~250 million yrs ago). Not big hunters, but pretty emotive those sea turtles. However, if you emote without fur and colony, nature will kill you unless you carry around a shell or something. https://t.co/WJ97Ldi3Qg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974892172041445376

2018-03-17 06:04:32+00:00

Terapods, all of us; four limbs with 5 digits on each. It’s a blueprint. It’s an extended family tree down to some amphibian-looking fish proto-design. I think my cat’s food would be better made of moles, but it’d be hard to market. I feed them chicken and turkey— NOT terapods. https://t.co/9PwyVmqSkx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974889198279852032

2018-03-17 05:57:13+00:00

Maybe it’s not a real smile but Alligators & Crocodiles, of all reptiles, DO care for their young. Their basic design hasn’t changed from the time of dinosaurs. Their hyde’s are tough, and they’re faster than they appear— when they shoot out in ambush at you. True green arrows. https://t.co/VCQkQUVupX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974887356670140416

2018-03-17 05:37:44+00:00

I think that because of the whole dominion over beasts line in the bible, we justify a lot of cruelty. We probably don’t anthropomorphize ENOUGH. Billy needs his cuddle time and is coy about getting it. He’s mad sweetness therapy 24/7. Billy is a big fluffy blue circle. https://t.co/uOL5kkLecZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974882453520338944

2018-03-17 05:02:28+00:00

I often look at my lizard and wonder if he has emotions. Then I’m like hell yes! All my tetrapods cousins have SOME spectrum— just maybe not the full furry mammal spread like our easily anthropomorphized cats and their purrs of joy. You see emotions in some particular reptiles. https://t.co/kXZJio1mDh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974873581459996672

2018-03-17 04:39:10+00:00

Back in Philly where everything is practice, I did Courage by outing cultural disparaging of customers and squandering of sales leads. The pirates I outed desperately tried painting me crazy but I had well-documented truth on my side. The company’s profitable now… but I’m gone. https://t.co/mUieIzu1Be https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974867717739212800

2018-03-17 04:25:22+00:00

I can’t tell you how long it took me to realize the Scarecrow, Tinman & Lion are all Dorothy’s Inside Out crew. First she needed the Brains to make it to Oz, then she needed the Heart, and finally the Courage. You know, after 12 years in NYC, I’m only just getting there myself. https://t.co/3heFYB50tA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974864242217246725

2018-03-17 03:59:59+00:00

LISP creator John McCarthy was the fearful Yin round blue circle emotive mothering hen-type at MIT. I relate to John most, but Python‘s Guido van Rossum pulls the neat trick of becoming an undercover Blue Circle by aligning w/ Unix & C. Good! Patriarchy Yang’s need weeding out. https://t.co/zNb5LlZjtV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974857854455877634

2018-03-17 03:41:42+00:00

@thesheff17 The longer it goes the more everything offers a usable Linux toolchain and support. It’s like installing CygWin make Windows more POSIX-compliant than Linux. In the end, everything has so many compatibility and mapping layers that what feels best IS best (religion aside). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974853254571003904

2018-03-17 02:31:39+00:00

You know the most powerful Onoffon cliff-seeing Terrible Yin Wizards almost ruled the world. They were ITS’ing the shit out of IBM at MIT and later got their own LISP hardware in the 90’s age of CGI, Apollo & Symbolics… and might have but not for the Unix virus. Read #Hackers https://t.co/e4hL5Z0y4V https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974835626129293313

2018-03-17 02:20:20+00:00

@thesheff17 Haven’t typed on it long enough to judge but it’s way better than the Surface Pro’s “cover” keyboard. This is a legit high quality low profile illuminated thing. Feels Appleish, which is actually good– says a confirmed mechanical keyboard snob (Unicomp, Das Keyboard, etc.) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974832780269047808

2018-03-17 02:13:18+00:00

@thesheff17 Yeah but once it’s set up the AeroSnapping (or whatever they call it these days) of https://t.co/CRo7anztSh terminals is slick and smooth and sweet. I can’t even tell you how many Desktop environments I’m comparing it to. Worth the long install– says a generally M$ detractor. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974831009601597440

2018-03-17 02:00:30+00:00

Another fine view of the Emerald City and got to share this one with my Daughter! I find it difficult to stop counting my blessings. I don’t know if the Shaggy Man with the love magnet on the Road to Oz ever had a daughter but I think it would suit him. #NYC #CityScape #SIFerry https://t.co/7dd6JTUEi2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974827786400681985

2018-03-17 01:40:33+00:00

This was earlier tonight. Wish I timed it all. But after an hour of noemal #Windows updates, jumping through hoops to get the #Linux parts installed, now my final steps are:

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade

Only had to do that last step once and no reboot(s) required. https://t.co/nIoliaj0qM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974822764363309056

2018-03-16 21:10:44+00:00

Oh now THERE’S something new. More #Linux kernels are getting in on the game. Interesting! Explains why the Store is a step. What a tower of swappable layers this is. And wow, there are many tea leaves to read here. https://t.co/iavwXMYG3Q https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974754863115591681

2018-03-16 21:03:54+00:00

Now activate the Windows Subsystem for Linux under Control Panel / Programs to get that Bash Shell. Gee, I hope this is the last thing. Nope! “Windows for Subsystems has no installed distros.” Hit up the Windows Store?!?! Sheesh, and you think USING bash is hard? Try getting it. https://t.co/zD8GxmYM9M https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974753147100041216

2018-03-16 20:51:15+00:00

Okay an hour’s worth of updates and now Ubuntu BASH shell, so my system is now both somewhat secure and useful. But wait, more updates after a restart. And still no decent TTY shell like MinTTY under Cygwin. https://t.co/CRo7anztSh, here I come ‘cause you can’t escape Electron. https://t.co/ree8JDeLsg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974749962943725568

2018-03-16 20:43:29+00:00

So are we done? Check Settings / Update. Nice to do with my finger on the screen. The start bar is a testament to fixed-position wisdom. NO, of course we’re not done. A ton of updates still to go. It’s stillllll Microsoft. https://t.co/lkBIySo9Wu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974748006837882883

2018-03-16 20:33:03+00:00

Hello new desk; different light. Get that Edge thing out of sight. Hello Chrome; your setting in Had made my life simple again Microsoft 360 doesn’t cut it, But you still just hung on To my patronage, Micro$oft. I’m laughing And crying. Why did you have to make hardware so good? https://t.co/iniBeaHdBz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974745380272398341

2018-03-16 19:37:59+00:00

Goodbye old cubicle. Oh Microsoft, when has waiting for you to finish NOT been a way of life? I’ve changed my mind on Bill Gates. He’s a good (enough) guy. We 80s heyday folk have got to stick together. Ubuntu Bash shell makes it as good as any other OS and better than most. https://t.co/JYAny9boGD https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974731525148299265

2018-03-16 18:34:01+00:00

I would also suggest Googling John Langdon. Maybe throw in the word Ambigram. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974715426390372353

2018-03-16 16:18:23+00:00

Whenever I feel unimportant Whenever my ego’s in gloom I follow this simple instruction; See how it brightens my tune. I fill-up my wallet with money; Managing whenever I wish; Sure cause the sooth I am serving Is everyone’s favorite dish. Got #NewToy — https://t.co/KbsWWxJBMn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974681292167106560

2018-03-16 14:25:06+00:00

This is the part where we try to separate & compartmentalize a bunch of things that can’t be. To be doing as much as I do, it’ll all GOT TO BE ONE THING. There’s not enough time in the day OR IN LIFE for me to do so much and not have it all just sort of merge for efficiency. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974652784850202624

2018-03-16 14:21:13+00:00

I tell her that while I’m definitely not Rick and I’m certainly not Stamford (though I’d love to be), I’m a lot more lie Stan-Lee… I’ve got personality. God gave the brains to that other guy over there who cashed in on it and is living all stressed proving something to no one. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974651807103356928

2018-03-16 14:17:01+00:00

I readily admit I am exceedingly corny in all things. My 7 year old daughter validates with her peers whether part of the dad’s job is to be annoying to prep them for life. Her friends confirm. I use that to my advantage in my evil-plotting that she’s pretty sure knows exists. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974650747609546753

2018-03-16 14:09:37+00:00

The union of Art & Science has powerful mojo I felt. Oh, they call that DESIGN. Oh, graphic design is the fastest way to a Drexel BS degree? Okay, I can BS. The purpose of that was to meet John Langdon, Mike Welsh and Chris Simon. Sunday, Monday… Happy Days. I owe a lot to them https://t.co/hYT5lFnm7Z https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974648888861843457

2018-03-16 13:57:21+00:00

If I were 12 again doing it all over, I’d jump in LISP. I’d have a robot army today and you’d all be working for me. As it turns out. I sort of turned away from computers. Math and science too. I was getting nicknamed for my geek hood and dodged it. But never stopped being me. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974645800394469377

2018-03-16 13:54:53+00:00

If you’re into sub-languages and meta languages to your meta languages, then you really have to take up Common LISP. Start reading Structure & Interpretation. It is your bible, though you don’t know it yet. I’ll guide you. Invent meta hierarchy languages to your heart’s content. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974645179742326790

2018-03-16 13:49:35+00:00

But I would like to remind you it is worth it. Jack is back. Jack-of-all-trades used to be a Webmaster, that is. Everybody’s gone and specialized around me. I want to shoot myself in the head hearing about the next sass-replacement. Really #fullwebstack guys, just go learn LISP. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974643844276019201

2018-03-16 13:43:34+00:00

Alas the chasm between installing Anaconda on your local machine and becoming a badass at-home on ANY system you sit down on, can coerce it into being a reliable generic Linux scheduling machine to run your copy/pasted Jupyter Notebook script (if you plan it right) is huuuge! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974642330560090112

2018-03-16 13:38:12+00:00

Jupyter Notebook, while fantastic in almost every conceivable way is but one— albeit exceedingly clever— yet only one code-running and execution context that is possible for your now quite transcendent Python code. You know Python! You’re an automaton-god once you can schedule. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974640980208087041

2018-03-16 13:33:50+00:00

To automate or not to automate? THAT is the question. Be it not nobler to keep it all in Jupyter Notebook, and just customize every time and hit the runall button as needed? I’d that not what scripts are, after all? Keeping it loose… Keeping it uncompiled and uncomplicated? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974639880620920832

2018-03-16 13:30:54+00:00

I’m late to work AGAIN and I have reports to produce. It’s time to bake the donuts. Homey don’t play dat. Fixing. But how? You can’t take away a goodie once given; I know. So I solve that. And I live-tweet the solving. I go all deep and shit to make all good. All raw. #Datamaster https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974639144537292801

2018-03-16 13:27:09+00:00

Okay, I shall. In any gallery, you’re gonna have those French guys who really just don’t respect the British monarchy. And why should they? Their way is fine. They have all that wine and cheese and lovely landscape. Who are we to judge by yards and size? Statler and Waldorf? OK! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974638200076619776

2018-03-16 13:23:46+00:00

Montey Python— NOT the macho Yang-snake brogrammer brotherhood you thought might be here. No, we’re the terrible Yin-types, we Pythonistas. We’re blue and we’re round and sometimes profound & always ready to pound… razzarazza Ferb Cookie Monster… the French guys! Need I go on? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974637349467574272

2018-03-16 13:15:09+00:00

To the 1927 followers that remain, I would like to point out that I’m loosing followers now that I’m making my mooove (in the voice of Chamberlain). That’s right. I’m badmouthing JavaScript… & Java by association. Some of you take offense. To you, I fart your general direction. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974635180358033409

2018-03-16 13:11:07+00:00

There once was a really fine fellow; Let’s call him Philip Jay Smell-O. He tripped on a rock And no longer tick tick. I think he must Improve his I/O. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974634167282659328

2018-03-16 12:11:22+00:00

Is the only way you’ve been able to express yourself in life in 140 chars; and this new 280-space bothering you? Well then you’re going to HATE Python because it’s a million times larger than that in a way that lets you express ideas to CONTROL MACHINES— and humans by extension. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974619127062106112

2018-03-16 12:06:53+00:00

Have you ever had to filter out the prototype object just to iterate through the members of a collection. Does this sound vaguely familiar as something you do but you don’t really know because you copy/paste all your code? Can you not achieve effortless mastery expressing ideas? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974617998743961600

2018-03-16 12:04:11+00:00

I’m leaving my spelling & syntax & duplicate word mistakes intact because I’m going fast and furious directly into the Twitter app. I’m in #theflow. Can you feel it? Tools you use in the flow have to be permissive to your soft side. Too hard an API and you’ll never reach #flow. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974617321091280896

2018-03-16 12:00:53+00:00

Languages go stale, but LISP as the progenitor is infinite dialects never will. There are wizards: they’re real. Did I mention that? They use LISP, or the Scheme dialect. JavaScript was supposed to be Scheme, then the big green envy monster colored it Java. I’m sorry that sucks. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974616492431020032

2018-03-16 11:57:58+00:00

I’m going fast and furious now, not using @BufferApp. I think my audience appreciates knowing I’m here hitting the post button. There’s a real-time personal connection. It’s a frontier. Every frontier you need to explore should be accessible via your tools & language of choice. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974615754938167299

2018-03-16 11:54:23+00:00

Do you really not see that I’m about to declare John Belushi Larry Wall and Robin Williams Guido van Rossum? I line ‘em up differently, but tools matter. Robin didn’t have his chance to make a humor version of Principa Mathematica. But Guido did. Python stands for #MontyPython. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974614856530874369

2018-03-16 11:51:35+00:00

There is no perfect language, spoken or typed but that’s not an excuse to pick one that’s going to cripple you. The 70s had Basic. The 80s had C++. The 90s had Java & Zeros have JavaScript. But no one really hits their stride until their 20s. In your 20s you can nail it. #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974614149916479490

2018-03-16 11:44:43+00:00

To my mind, most people who approach #programming are doing it wrong. By Chapter 2, I believe they’re forcing their way through a necessary evil in order to get a promised benefit. If you don’t quickly get a righteous and spiritual “finding home” feeling, you’re doing it wrong. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974612421854851074

2018-03-16 11:29:13+00:00

For those still waiting for the Python tutorials, hang tight. Python Pandas under Jupyter Notebook that brings you to vim and systemd Linux scheduling automation (the web server of Datamasters) is around the corner. Install Anaconda 3.6 of you haven’t yet. #Prerequisites https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974608522469171201

2018-03-16 11:16:25+00:00

I think the next big intuitive step forward that ties everything together will have to have to admit that if multiworld theory is correct, it likely centers around countless viewports created into an objective realm of as-yet unrendered potential. It’s the #TrumanShow again. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974605300010553346

2018-03-16 11:09:50+00:00

No one really lost their way; It’s Einstein who saw through it. All he says attempts to sway You life’s what you intuit.

Everybody starts to roam And squiggle round the sphere Bout 30 miles from your home Cause we like staying near.

More #NursuryRhymes for modern times. #poem https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974603644116111360

2018-03-16 10:56:09+00:00

Deep within your heart and mind Two you’s walk in the lane; One is soft and silly And the other hard and vain. I’ll do my best to penetrate The walls you threw so high; Then help you out to venerate The you’s we occupy.

#poetry only 2nd half original I admit. Join me anyway. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974600201464840192

2018-03-16 10:13:14+00:00

The big lesson of a “relative” universe is not that liberals can throw morals out the window and set terrible examples for kids in Oz. No, it’s that you’ve got immerse yourself into the beautiful 80s culture in order get me. I’m taking bout my juh jug generation. #ReadyPlayerOne https://t.co/Y97VjDmxSq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974589398745583616

2018-03-16 01:52:22+00:00

If you see me on the streets of New York… https://t.co/4AwwPKTJgS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974463351366537216

2018-03-16 00:07:26+00:00

Was looking for something profound about Yin and Yang personality cats and maybe shades of grey. But no; just 2 #cats @UrbyLife https://t.co/o3YHgR9Mca https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974436946012499969

2018-03-15 23:23:41+00:00

All your essence are belong to us. https://t.co/fOtdnOZZCm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974425936258129921

2018-03-15 23:19:37+00:00

Liquid lunch today. Green Machine and Big Red. My body didn’t stop shouting out in joy at every gulp. Thank you Essen for the good essence. https://t.co/AHqQgzQKQC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974424911400796160

2018-03-15 23:14:23+00:00

Don’t let me block this magnificent pink light. This one is real-time. https://t.co/bB1EeIpJ1V https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974423596021043200

2018-03-15 22:48:30+00:00

To tell you the light within Oz is stunning would be to do it a great disservice. There is a town in Switzerland that has banned selfies to reduce the jealousy felt towards them. What a pompous and brilliant marketing move. I’ll take The Emerald City over munchkin-land any day. https://t.co/NolEWLlSi5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974417079683244033

2018-03-15 22:41:03+00:00

There’s a lot of stuff I notice and snap which if I don’t post right away, may never be looked at again. I deliberately play the observation game. But this i s not a real-time photo. So what? It’s recent enough– close enough to the Now to count and still be interesting. https://t.co/7NtHlwSyTL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974415205655613442

2018-03-15 22:34:56+00:00

I think its about time I start bringing you my view from inside Oz. https://t.co/xIBJuXge3b https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974413664550903813

2018-03-15 22:30:59+00:00

Special things you fall in love with about old hardware will handicap your future learning because sour grapes. Overloads become underdogs overnight. Midori avenues are explored before you realize you are in the position to out-Apple Apple in Jobs’ absence. Beat ‘em on hardware. https://t.co/Uzai4y3y5j https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974412673822744576

2018-03-15 21:25:13+00:00

Sometimes I feel we’re just flat holograms trapped on the surface of a black hole subiverse. When I do, I go but myself a Microsoft Surfacebook 2 and feel a lot better. Unboxing coming soon. Tools matter. @BandHPulse https://t.co/ZKIohPMohM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974396120049778688

2018-03-15 13:03:07+00:00

I can never remember the word anthropic. I try to remember whenever anthropomorphism comes up, but am blocked. Note: explore that insight. Those who play down the miracles of this precarious balance that enables us just have no fucking appreciation for art. Their light no brite. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974269762120437760

2018-03-15 12:54:29+00:00

I think a lot of reductionist thought-experiments fail to drain all the energy out of the Universe as it shrinks so that it need not neither be a singularity nor be infinitely dense. It’s just a lonely node discovering it has time on its hands for the first time. Time? Hands? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974267593170345984

2018-03-15 11:59:48+00:00

Something akin to the emotional realization that OTHER exists and the lingering promise of a less-boring duality leads somehow to initial cosmic inflation. I won’t pretend to know the mechanisms, but I feel it’s MOTIVATED by the particle analog to emotion— really so far fetched? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974253830668943361

2018-03-15 11:44:02+00:00

If these so-called strings have what’s believed to be infinite variation in their vibrations, then the main thing being reflected of them at our human scale is really our DNA and NOT our protein-folded side effect bodies. DNA clearly has GENERATIONAL MEMORY of hardware like git. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974249861234221058

2018-03-15 11:36:06+00:00

There’s enough ambiguity around what happens here, and enough people deeply invested in the various WORLDVIEWS that begin being validated that it’s a silver platter smorgasbord of exploitable idea for the self-interested profit-incented priests of the book circuit (mine is FOSS) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974247864175091713

2018-03-15 11:28:00+00:00

I know you think it’s anthropomorphizing, but it’snot. If we are fractal amplifications of this stuff, then it’s our emotions and all. What we call longing, I call a 50% vacant outer electron-shell— which doesn’t even exist yet! Seeing leads to coveting. Oops jealousy already? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974245827542732802

2018-03-15 11:20:23+00:00

Vibrating in any of 100 basic shapes feels good and has some stability, but only one FITS and feels stable enough to RELAX as; proto-Hydrogen. A simple stable circle… but with a certain outer emptiness— now that the idea of OTHER is known from those flitting virtual particles. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974243911085576193

2018-03-15 11:15:11+00:00

Now here’s where Linux, Python, vim and git come into the picture. They are the fractal reflections of the 4 tools our friend the supersymmetric string has at her disposal when she gradually wakes up like Oscar the Grouch to shoo away the intruder from her perfect but cozy home. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974242601900572673

2018-03-15 11:09:50+00:00

You might ask yourself whether these virtual particles would pop inside AND OUTSIDE this one-Graviton timespace nodule, but I would remind you there is no outside. And there’s really hardly any room INSIDE for much more than it’s first native string resident— a rude 1st Duality! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974241255503917057

2018-03-15 10:56:21+00:00

You got your cosmic Big Bang radiation which didn’t exist back then. You got your rainstorms of quasar neutrinos; also not back then. But then you got your fuzzy mist of virtual particles or Quantum Foam. Seems to me whatever’s causing THAT was around back then too. Perturbence! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974237864362938368

2018-03-15 10:45:32+00:00

I think reductionist arguments that shrink the Universe to a tiny dense hot near-singularity have got it wrong. Single Graviton— not singularity. Single string— not all matter packed-in. No pressure to inflate JUST YET. But something DOES come along to perturb this static-state. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974235138426011648

2018-03-15 10:37:31+00:00

And learn to program in BASIC on a TRS-80 to run on an Apple II. Your tools define you. https://t.co/QahaGcFaup https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974233121616023552

2018-03-15 01:32:54+00:00

The Universe is only big enough for one particle of light at this point. It’s a Photon at its smallest and lowest energy. It’s all just beat and a rhythm— implied shape. Down at 1-Planck size, it’s only clear enough that a pattern might be recognizable if amplified… focused. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974096064734203905

2018-03-15 00:24:33+00:00

So the life-cycle of a universe probably starts with one seed Graviton. It is the whole Universe already at just one non-particle. It is all spacetime itself— the one pixel of it that now exists. Others may exist, but they are not linked. So this Universe is one Graviton big. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974078863721619456

2018-03-15 00:19:11+00:00

Until we can peer inside the door of one Planck Pixel to see the invisible implementation behind non-locality, we’ll be guessing. But I reason if fractals, then it’s SALTED with RANDOM to avoid stasis. That causes entropy. Lossy heat-info is Light exiting the game stage left. https://t.co/8Zl9Z0yP6P https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/974077513805828096

2018-03-14 17:05:43+00:00

There you have it folks. If you don’t want to die a tragic end, then shut up and calculate. Get reptile-tough and explain away questions of original purpose by saying it’s not necessary. Plus, blackholes are glutenous subiverses that dissipate in a process I call Chase Radiation https://t.co/SLwqJcf6wt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973968428947202048

2018-03-14 15:30:05+00:00

For anyone following this book development on Twitter, you can usually catch the other part of my idea-capture where I talk out loud about career and tech and life and stuff over at https://t.co/RYEDnZGhqZ https://t.co/M8pOZ0SLqF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973944359954632706

2018-03-14 15:02:03+00:00

One person on the Internet “gets” me. Thanks @AnomalyHatchery! 8 billion people is a lot, but I’m glad I’m reading one. The organized book version will do it better, but today has a very real-time performance to it. We’re feeling the entanglement again. And on pi day. Wow. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973937305999298560

2018-03-14 14:58:04+00:00

Well, there goes another great. The fact that #StephenHawking dies on the last frame of this silly emoting your way to enlightenment bit just goes to show you that it’s all in the timing. Also, a tough snarky hyde’ll definitely squeeze out a few more years out of your turn. #Win https://t.co/6XrelTCijm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973936303715872769

2018-03-14 14:36:11+00:00

The image you draw Steve is bleak; Permit a more positive peek Of life LOVING matter Reducing the scatter To something less Discorporate.

The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might: He did his very best to make You bright coherent light.

#RIP #StephenHawking https://t.co/GbYPRm7KDY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973930797471322114

2018-03-14 13:12:25+00:00

There once was a harumphing harangue Evolved just past orangutan Who found no debating; we’re evaporating In heat death beyond the Big Bang. https://t.co/iqSkDpKFRq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973909714873528320

2018-03-14 12:43:56+00:00

I guess it all became clear… or it didn’t. Guess we’ll all find out one day… or not. I like to think that light quite as cohesive and radiant as Stephen’s will hold itself together long enough on the other side for about a googol of lite little backslaps and “well played’s”. https://t.co/pZyrGAFTMR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973902549370785792

2018-03-14 12:33:08+00:00

RT @neiltyson: His passing has left an intellectual vacuum in his wake. But it’s not empty. Think of it as a kind of vacuum energy permeati… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973899832845848581

2018-03-14 02:21:36+00:00

Things are not always what they seem. They appear to us as derivative emergent properties of a bunch of interacting effects like persistence of vision and depth of field. People will accept it eventually as reality. Control the I/O digital sensory system and control the world. https://t.co/6LMiG28hRR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973745934617206784

2018-03-14 01:53:27+00:00

String theory pulls me along quite nicely until I remember it all always comes back to spheres and round globular cloudy things returning to the congrealed ball-shape that gravity intuitively suggests. Those so-called extra dimensions is where implementation details are hidden. https://t.co/LxvVtAdHV7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973738850844598272

2018-03-14 01:42:13+00:00

All things things that are both interesting and unpredictable exist here at just the right scale and balanced enough to be appreciated by the human mind. We imagine the elemental particle will reflect the universe will reflect us. Particle, string, brane, donut, bounce, reflect. https://t.co/Pn992H0ff5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973736020406669312

2018-03-14 01:29:28+00:00

Linux, Python, git and vim; Don’t think of as bad medicine. But rather, take the sage advice Express yourself; but be precise! https://t.co/8ibtsoOc8O https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973732813307629568

2018-03-14 00:16:36+00:00

I think it’s pretty clear we’re not alone, and the Universe provides awesome firewalls for our protection. We are all actually probably here to deal with the question of Atomics, AIs, cloning and stuff. For my part, I’ll learn to speak expressively and effortlessly in Python. https://t.co/E9drs0kt31 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973714474623492096

2018-03-13 22:11:46+00:00

We are the interpreters, because as it turns out nature is efficient enough to only render out a developed snapshot of what you need to interact with it. That’s right ladies and gentlemen we’re the holoddeck! And a cheap one that only materializes what‘s needed right around you. https://t.co/fr64cqqxUi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973683059638915072

2018-03-13 22:04:10+00:00

And always somehow back to Python, most loveworthy tech I’ve used since the Amiga— and I’ve tried a lot of things. It always comes back to Hardware. But Python’s not hardware; it’s an interpreter. Well, there are a lot of interpretations, but one is that it’s honorary hardware. https://t.co/J3OBzHXWRH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973681147803824128

2018-03-13 20:11:57+00:00

Linux, Python, vim & git; There are others These will fit Any problem Dealt by fate Into your hands To automate. https://t.co/uIi54VV00X https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973652906984566790

2018-03-13 19:43:37+00:00

So all our matter just basically worked really hard to get here and now all other matter is insanely jealous of us– and jockeying to become part of us too in some way? Is that it John? And if you’re still just Dark Energy, you haven’t even started standing in the ecliptic line? https://t.co/9fln9kQk9w https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973645776353136640

2018-03-13 19:18:24+00:00

Hunting-creatures that empathize with their prey can better predict their movement and intent— making them easier-pickings. Efficiency favors ambushing; but we are not reptile-efficient. We throw on improvised armor from time to time to make us hurt less, but also feel less. https://t.co/SYYRgqgvp8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973639433646936067

2018-03-13 18:40:03+00:00

Many others got it right in that same neighborhood. In fact some are alive and in your town right now. They might even pop-in on you specifically because they think it‘s funny that no one would believe you. Great comedy can make you feel like it’s personal & 1-on-1 every time. https://t.co/3SH2mqIT54 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973629779621695488

2018-03-13 18:11:58+00:00

No, there is another. I finally got around to showing my daughter Mrs. Doubtfire over the weekend to help her understand why Daddy cries at the Genie. Although Robin never created his Principia Mathematica or Theory of General Relativity for Entanglement— I think he got close. https://t.co/XEZfH33uhC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973622713272225792

2018-03-13 17:49:21+00:00

Well that leaves a lot of room for interpretation, now doesn’t it? With the leading Authority on the Topic and only real known Channeler of the spirit of Onoffon, the field is really just fresh meat for opportunists and every Hippie with an Energy story to peddle, now isn’t it? https://t.co/6g9TaoFO2r https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973617023359086592

2018-03-13 17:33:43+00:00

It turns out ladies and gentlemen that evidence continues to pour in that you can either be a highly emotive individual and deeply in-tune with what it is to be alive OR you can look deeply the changing of the seasons. You can not do both. Do NOT look directly into the SUN, son. https://t.co/w7uUMka1AI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973613087910703104

2018-03-13 17:12:33+00:00

John excuse me, you’re breaking up. Did you say that there’s something funny about the frog… was it going out like it was being slowly cooked? John? Can you hear me? John, can you try emoting a little less? Chevy calling John; come in, John. Mork calling Orson. Come in, Orson. https://t.co/KveQOD6Gw6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973607760754610176

2018-03-13 13:59:36+00:00

This just in! There are both strong and weak attractive an repulsive forces at-play, motivated largely through hidden implementations that include such features as non-locality and faster than light information exchange… but only if you emote so extremely deeply that your… oh. https://t.co/qOFDChRTY0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973559201518751744

2018-03-13 06:50:06+00:00

So far we have that we are fractal reflections of often round-ish, but infinitely variable and complex vibrating squiggly string things inside Photons. The most stable are about 100 elemental patterns, and the most complex and beautiful appear to be coherent living us-networks. https://t.co/pWDferGp4O https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973451116892557312

2018-03-12 22:42:19+00:00

It’s Pandas All the Way Down by Mike Levin

I’m a #Python #pandas person’ ‘Cause #SEO will worsen With each day the #AI’s Waking uuuup! Solutions? I’ve a’ plenty! But none are muscle-friendly; Because plus #vim, We must know Juuuupyter! https://t.co/ocmdsEjE3z https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973328360473616384

2018-03-12 17:13:38+00:00

The way Offonoff’s tells it, God only whispers secrets into the ears of the hungry; and not to hunters. No, to old fools dancing around the campfire telling forces (and apparently actually seeing) invisible forces– hidden implementations inaccessible through normal daily APIs. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973245643111174145

2018-03-12 16:54:13+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery Whats further, you might say I’m practicing the art if the long fuse. This will hit Reddit when the time is right. Until then, well let’s just say one of my greatest joys in life is building a good layered tepee bonfire during the day and not lighting it until well into dusk. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973240758315749377

2018-03-12 16:44:26+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery This is Noosphere, my friend. You’re consuming sausage inside the factory. Twitter is for junk, so no reason to not use it for a long, trolling idea capturing silly dance. I know I have my spiritual fans, but I’m about to structure it all through data transforms all #DataKungFu. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973238298574499840

2018-03-12 13:28:10+00:00

Having no kids, old Onffon went off into the beyond at a number of seasons debated to be between 80 and 100. She’s just always been around as long as anyone can remember. For the first time in the tribes history, the myth was HER; as now recounted by Offonoff’s many progeny. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973188905527898112

2018-03-12 13:19:56+00:00

Which of course brings us back to the take of the Medicine Woman Onoffon and her 5 powerful words, enunciated with each finger: drive… them… off… the… cliff. Messy but effective. Changed the tide of life on this planet: advantage, primates. Notice I didn’t say “forever”. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973186831083851776

2018-03-12 12:55:44+00:00

Free & open source software (FOSS) us owned by the mother-Yin types and is gradually, and sometimes desperately, reasserting its dominance over the Apple’s and Oracle’s and other 1-Alpha Adam place-switching proprietary hunter imposters. Yin will win over sin. It has again&again https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973180742040801280

2018-03-12 12:47:21+00:00

We sensitive mother-hen Yin-types fear emoting outside the tent (or even too-loudly inside), for there are infinitely insensitive and fierce yang hunter-types who want your head on their trophy-mantle because you remind them of the person who didn’t show them enough #Love. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973178631920013312

2018-03-12 12:36:00+00:00

We are fractals because reflection, symmetry, introspection and other recurring iteration ideasbtjat kickstart things. We’re light trapped in a box. But light can get in and out. But why would you… if such things can be True, then why not stay in your box forever… oh. #Life https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973175777406660608

2018-03-12 12:30:49+00:00

The first key question I think after Atomics (that one answered– we like our genies demo’d then bottled) is whether cloning and immortality can be morally achieved. Morality and ethics are coded into insight, which is why few rare heros keep smacking-down fascist oppressors. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973174473552785408

2018-03-12 12:25:44+00:00

We calculators… turing machine read/write heads, are the most privileged but difficult state of matter in the cosmos: probability-calculating coherent light. God I think is interested in relativistic statistical answers. She knows overly chaotic and ordered already. #Frothy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973173194453602305

2018-03-12 12:21:31+00:00

Assume the position that Douglas Adams basically got it all right, and we’re here to calculate answers… here in the heavy, over-burdeningly 3D click-whirrr mechanical dimension where they totally lie to you about flatland. Core linear geometry? Straight lines simple? Hahaha! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973172133227622400

2018-03-12 12:13:47+00:00

Babbage, Turing, Thompson, Wilson; Gotta Raise ‘em Not to Kill Son. If in Image Ours we Make ‘em, Gotta Bless ‘em For’ we Wake ‘em.

New #NursoryRhymes for a #NewAge. An updating of Shel Silversteins’ sillynerios. Yeah, NY superhero-fan who cams to Oz. #Robots #SciFi #Commentary https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973170187275993089

2018-03-12 02:20:26+00:00

The creating of that unique software instance that is constantly running, but rests on a detached automatic at night, has quite clearly got to be the entanglement of all your light particles into a quantum coherence network you might call an actual life force; the You-network. https://t.co/Pr3Wa51kg6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973020862503882752

2018-03-12 02:10:54+00:00

It seem clear that there is a hardware and software component in all things. The essence of a thing is determined in how they diverge and split along separate paths, with unique software instances being the more unique, because… cloning. Eventually, when success rates near 100% https://t.co/4fQoHWmTtO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/973018463689232386

2018-03-11 15:03:14+00:00

The Cloud is there To help you do things More easily than you Could do alone At the low low cost Of a bit of your soul; For if you do not Control the hardware You’re not an independent entity; But then who is? So only real question Then becomes In who’s camp Do you Best Fit? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/972850440294617089

2018-03-11 13:42:32+00:00

First order of business this weekend? My Lanterns from Johnny’s stand on Broadway join Adi’s gang. With darkest nights behind me, it’s time to #OpenTheBox and Live. #40YearOldVirgin #DCComics #collectibles? Bah! The matter that matters most is the matter in my child’s life. https://t.co/yj1wiD7aL1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/972830134259650560

2018-03-10 14:24:14+00:00

Alive and in decent health? Congratulations! Highly improbable. I’ve made it statistically 1/2-way. 30 yrs ago I found my spirit-animal: The Amiga. I recognize it in much tech, but like the ready dark player crystal one infinity key ring myth thing, it’s shatterrd & scattered. https://t.co/EFNBBkCNHb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/972478240563613696

2018-03-10 12:50:13+00:00

@AnomalyHatchery Yup. If the robots don’t destroy us, they’ll free us to be artist/scientists— the ultimate calling… aside maybe from defending the your sector. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/972454578619867138

2018-03-10 00:32:11+00:00

I started as an artist Then I stopped it way too soon; It was Apple made it hardest To jot down a quick lampoon. https://t.co/EpdCCcO95t https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/972268847049990144

2018-03-09 14:11:05+00:00

John Belushi Burning Bright On the Airwaves Of the Night What Inspired Hand and Eye Had Framed Thy Fearful Symmetry? Never Chase; A Yin Forlorn Takes Aykroyd Or Maybe Lorne. https://t.co/eb9clJKFQQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/972112541047558146

2018-03-09 00:55:16+00:00

There’s a lot of Yin spirits out there wearing traditionally Yang hardware. They have an ability to tap into deep sources of insight and strength, but often come off looking like Rocky Balboa on the ropes. Rocky-1 was the most realistic. It’s a problem when warriors feel deeply. https://t.co/BjqiOce0KM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971912269499109377

2018-03-09 00:18:19+00:00

@WhoMe56240092 Sinestro https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971902969984798720

2018-03-08 19:24:17+00:00

The Yin in me Can wayyy too-seeeee 🙀 It could from time Immemorial; So, I began A thickening Of skin Like when Arboreal 🐒 https://t.co/WDI1emMn7q https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971828974610534403

2018-03-08 19:00:06+00:00

Take heart; your Photons are team-YOU and they’re not judging— at least not any more than in a loving Statler and Waldorf-way. Oh yeah, I’ve been taking Green out of it lately as not to predispose you other colors out there, but if I had a spirit-muppet, it’d be Green Statler. https://t.co/eJ6EF572Uu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971822885693284354

2018-03-08 18:03:14+00:00

I believe in talismans, Feng Shui, Ch’i (Qi). Why wouldn’t I? All the same. We’ve been channeling forever. But not directly— no. Very, very indirectly. We are derivative creatures. We are Tik Tok machines salted with random, reason and a raucous light-audience— inside and out. https://t.co/SF5SFzg3Zt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971808577416507392

2018-03-08 17:43:52+00:00

At this point, Diamond Age. Daughter. Intuitive seekers. John Perceval Hackworth’s quest. East meets West. Read it if you haven’t you really must when the walls fell wizardly actor improv entrepreneur sage-advise. I took it… well, THANKS @BazookaBoris! Onto King Coyote’ing. https://t.co/FhOcTxm1QY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971803703463370752

2018-03-08 17:26:15+00:00

Since you folks like my up-nose shots so much– Green Monster; it’s what’s for lunch. You may think that it’s funny bit it’snot. https://t.co/vNbVdPmxll https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971799269257641984

2018-03-08 16:59:08+00:00

@WhoMe56240092 Gettting there my friend. There is an objective universe. It’s just that no one experiences it. Even that’s “reported up” through subjective (You|local)-verse through Rendezvous with Rama or similar filtering squelch or editorial mechanism. A preponderance of peers != solipsism. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971792444097474562

2018-03-08 16:00:05+00:00

@WhoMe56240092 Next tweet should put it in perspective more. They’re not really pinballs until they tri-quark up into Atoms… at which time I’ll be promoting my favorite Radio Drama and the pinball metaphor. It’s definitely pinball in gas and liquids. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971777586207522816

2018-03-08 15:48:58+00:00

I can “feel” Google #MaterialDesign making its move on the beat-up and vulnerable Microsoft Office. All they have to do is make Google Calendar as much better than Outlook as Google Docs is better than Office. $100 annual subscription anyone? Do I hear $60? Pleeease… Okay, $60! https://t.co/M3dyjhAFPq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971774786719354883

2018-03-08 15:25:59+00:00

@WhoMe56240092 Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe Detective playing Cosmic Pinball with Mollier. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971769003201966083

2018-03-08 15:23:42+00:00

If you’re worried about the whole voyeurism thing, don’t. On the scale of the number of Light-particles all crammed together to be part of your zero-coordinate You-niverse, you are more like a Galaxy to “them” than a Person. They’re drawn to the color/flavor/texture/form of you. https://t.co/38EAbjowHU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971768427907084288

2018-03-08 06:49:58+00:00

And that’s what we’re really talking about here. There’s lots of suspicion that we are fractals. We’ve discovered over 100 distinct unique particles when we smash ‘em and watch the parts recombine. I’d venture a guess there’s about 8 friggin reflecting fractaling billion of us. https://t.co/UYUbISppEq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971639141954998272

2018-03-08 06:19:59+00:00

After you draw the first line across a circle and imagine Pi and see harmonious shapes, it’s not a big leap to First-Duality. I mean, we do these literal analytical thought exercises make me vomit math. But I bet it all comes very Natural to the Gremlin in the Graviton. https://t.co/0ShgHMtQta https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971631595366113283

2018-03-08 06:06:01+00:00

Goldilocks zone planets with tidally locked moons, rare as we are, are gonna have a lotta life forms looking at circles an awful long time. If you never discover integers, calculating Pi is easy. Unwrap your measuring stick. Compare the 2. Draw golden ratio shapes to express it. https://t.co/vdTZa9MXoo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971628081566961664

2018-03-08 05:38:36+00:00

I don’t even know if it’s an original thought that Flatland is viciously lying to us in a classically patriarchal way— but all the patriarchy is really doing is keeping its most preciously valued thing in the world, its Mama, safe. Alpha and Bet become Adam and Eve. Circle line. https://t.co/szpO4EgxbV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971621181320286208

2018-03-08 04:22:52+00:00

And that’s basically Douglas Adams’ tune; another powerful channeler. Definitely a lot of the correct broad stokes with we being the computer and all. I mean, what better random-generator can you get than all the little minutiae and details of each and every one of our lives? https://t.co/dVormyqjaE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971602124504223744

2018-03-08 03:36:19+00:00

You are quite unlikely, my friend. Your every action is being bet-on in a never ending game of coin-flip by every Atom of your body in team-you— and by that, I mean something like the smallest Photon… probably. I think. Dem’s da “light” angels. We’re REALLY made of light. https://t.co/9EkwpGjon5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971590410429706240

2018-03-08 03:16:50+00:00

So if you’re about a googol Photons bound into about a googol local-space Gravitons keeping it together in a bunch of opportunistically chosen exotic materials from a star explosion trapped in the gravity well of more star debris… and your Matter got conscious— I’d say you won. https://t.co/GSZ30W9o62 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971585504822079488

2018-03-08 03:09:12+00:00

We can non-wackily legit-talk about channeling energies because e = mc^2. Y’all hyperliteralists can kiss my almost-convinced agnostic ass. When you eat, you’re channeling energy. It’s just got a long way to go to get a 1st class seat on you. Most comes out where you’re kissing. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971583587022721024

2018-03-08 03:01:57+00:00

The remarkable thing is how spot-on emotive story-telling energy-channelers like Lewis Carroll, L Frank Baum, Stan Lee and Stephen Spielberg get it all— their success a testament to their ability. When someone’s that good at entanglement, it’s hard to not fall under their spell. https://t.co/TS9FanAudV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971581761967874048

2018-03-08 02:42:43+00:00

As I frequently like to point out, my belief system is nothing new. In fact it’s humdrum Hindu SciFi variation #1337: Something To Do With Light having creative green-willpower and drawing little squiggly lines in gravitons that somehow materialize things (made of other stuff). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971576921124417536

2018-03-07 14:03:08+00:00

It’s funny watching the ebb & flow of my followers during this time of drafting my book into Twitter. My follower-number stays remarkably steady but churns; shaking off the social media gulls while acquiring a steady flow of new genuines. Good sign. https://t.co/tiWa4KjYa0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971385763798683648

2018-03-07 13:51:59+00:00

These showboating grandstanding Yang-types who only just Chase material possessions so that they can live in gated suburban fortresses to keep the riffraff out only even have what they’ve got because a Yin-type once gave it to them. Ungrateful Yangs need an occasional reminder. https://t.co/PVaaxIsClk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971382959008878595

2018-03-07 13:34:54+00:00

Talking about my generation? It took Schindler’s List for the Yangsnootdemy to acknowledge Spielberg! The Color Purple wasn’t good enough? It was worse with Hitchcock. Artists often die before anyone realizes they were right. We’re actually sort of lucky these days with the Net. https://t.co/1Q5webI7eo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971378661818617856

2018-03-07 13:10:01+00:00

And you know what? It’s not all Belushi/Williams tragedy with big-time emoters and master storytellers. Some of them Win. Some of them are Winning right now. The fairytale can come true. It can happen to you… AND Jack Kirby gets proper screen credits. Class. Thank you #StanLee https://t.co/MkNlmCTF7E https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971372398934155265

2018-03-07 12:58:06+00:00

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think the entanglement and coherence of quantum non-locality is the same feeling for particles as that humans have through love and loss. It took me 20 years for my father to stop being like-alive real in my dreams. Even now. https://t.co/c3K0PEj1BE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971369398815608832

2018-03-07 12:49:33+00:00

The Yin you thought weak all along It turns out’s surprisingly strong! But now there’s a riff And a deepening cliff That someone falls in; And it’s wrong. https://t.co/W5GwjScsNx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971367248861564934

2018-03-07 12:26:24+00:00

Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger. No Coke… PEPSI! https://t.co/tnsNVSOTHV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971361421417156613

2018-03-07 12:13:15+00:00

Like the Samurai Deli and Mork My ship settled down in New York The call of the wild led me to a child In Oz but she’s gonna know Ork.

No matter the challenges your child faces, a good master story teller can help you convey critical emotional content better. #Attenuate https://t.co/x2V0SA9u1X https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971358111922520066

2018-03-07 11:39:46+00:00

Yang only has the entire establishment, every male in the tribe, backing him and a long tradition, a rigorous regimine of me-too exercises in linear-thinking and rote optimization giving him confidence. This new Yin-force gift can still be his. He can TAKE IT. Just keep going… https://t.co/rsd3AJDcvR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971349685041614848

2018-03-07 11:28:11+00:00

This is only halfway done. The amazing thing is this entire Comedic tour de force And deep human insight Played out live In just a few seconds On national TV In one take. #SNL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971346768968536064

2018-03-07 11:20:46+00:00

Gonna reject a powerful Yang there sweetheart? He doesn’t think so. Time for Yang To do his thang And lean in… Hand in face Violate space To put Johnny in his place. It’s just part of the Chase. https://t.co/xz1TYffHkA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971344902469619712

2018-03-07 11:07:14+00:00

I lived in the suburbs of Oz Where Mummers ate pretzels because The moment they stopped Their cool facade dropped. Though it’s Sunny… You gotta have balls. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971341497164550150

2018-03-07 11:05:37+00:00

All this time you had and only now, when the world is about to see the truth, change your snarky tune and reach out and TOUCH ME? You get exactly the credit you deserve, buddy. Go watch Black Panther. https://t.co/DZKJisX3px https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971341091231367168

2018-03-07 10:47:09+00:00

Meanwhile another childdhod friend Calls me up out of the blue just to say hi We get together for coffee and reminisce He had become a football jock and we lost touch And picked up our friendship like it was yesterday. There is a qualitative difference in people. Thank you Josh. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971336443116257280

2018-03-07 10:40:22+00:00

My childhood best friend Turned middle school bully Who cruely drove me out of group Rang me up after 30 years Wanting to go into business together With an Ashley Madison ripoff site. I laughed. He flipped on me. Same old Frank. So I banned him. Turns out he Was on Deaths door. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971334735128596480

2018-03-07 09:54:03+00:00

There once was a Yin full of Yang So hurting, each move made a Pang Of pain so his plight Made him hide in plane sight Projecting both sinew and fang. https://t.co/b7LHAigZLR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971323081678565379

2018-03-07 09:53:32+00:00

I know you think you’re trying to help, but… https://t.co/z13VwWQIY2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971322951625854978

2018-03-07 00:18:02+00:00

Even Gothem City with its gargoyles gets its fluffy blue and white background. Good gargoyles. https://t.co/DJ6U6Zk9xi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971178123386597383

2018-03-07 00:14:40+00:00

A view from inside Oz before the latest #NorEaster https://t.co/7QkuaKF13o https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971177274040078336

2018-03-07 00:11:35+00:00

I’m preparing for statistical learning To appease an intuitive yearning— And made it my mission To survive all transition When tenents To-date go-a’ Burnin’ https://t.co/fHSw4D8lSH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971176499087859712

2018-03-06 22:39:59+00:00

Feeling the weather Before the Nor’Easter Drives hands into pockets To warm on my keister. I had in my noggin To get in some vloggin But woe was me; It’s not meant to be Because you see I’ll be greedy With energy Today it’s Just for me. https://t.co/YoFQEc7ypb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971153446698090496

2018-03-06 21:31:58+00:00

Well well, it looks like WeWork workers will be wielding new weapons on the web. Congratulations to all my friends. Feels like a merger with major mojo. Best wishes to all my Conductor friends from the trenches of in-house #SEO. https://t.co/3Jl8WRk4gG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971136331765166085

2018-03-06 21:29:00+00:00

My Life after @UrbyLife? https://t.co/tESTfgQCS4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971135583362998273

2018-03-06 21:27:46+00:00

@mashable Clock’s ticking before you see the first Millennium Falcon built from #Solo Cups. Has it happened yet? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971135273559085058

2018-03-06 21:24:32+00:00

Had to switch my https://t.co/CRo7anztSh cursor to a BEAM instead of a BLOCK because there’s apparently some #Ubuntu #bug from forever where you can’t invert the text color under your #cursor? Correct me please. #Linux https://t.co/GUjAKl8nkv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971134457842470912

2018-03-06 19:57:44+00:00

Beautiful Sun on the outside (which I got to walk in today) and hot water with honey and oranges on the inside. Gonna try to absorb energy from better than just the caf-feind for a change. Need new patterns. https://t.co/PxL4lzLKvT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971112614691528704

2018-03-06 19:49:28+00:00

Finally switched my https://t.co/CRo7anztSh cursor to #Green. Long time in coming. Hard to understand why reds and oranges and whites are the default. The color of the block underneath which your #ideas materialize should definitely be green. https://t.co/8uZkJHTwfz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971110535788974080

2018-03-06 19:18:42+00:00

Oz is nicer than Wonderland because our vegetation will only throw apples at you, and not ostrisize you as a weed. https://t.co/nnfnzrmTL4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971102793313476609

2018-03-06 16:56:19+00:00

I’m cranking the juice; It’s got a great use Other than stopping my parchin. It’s guaranine If you know what I mean That helps a lot Keeping me marching! https://t.co/eEBZPUqpVg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971066960678137856

2018-03-06 16:35:34+00:00

Don’t focus so much on talent, Steven. Making art is all about communication. A piece of art is a conversation. Every choice you make, is a statement. Don’t worry about labels or conforming to a standard. Be true to yourself and people will appreciate your honesty… & stay sane. https://t.co/kV0lMwX1ox https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971061739914780672

2018-03-06 16:28:39+00:00

Leaning and and touching a deep Blue Emoter when he’s rolling, are ya Chev? I get it. You were friends and you had to say something… intervene. But no; John’s a strong guy. Chevy’s seen John roll ‘em over before and parners with this guy because he’s a true comedic powerhouse. https://t.co/blVd16PY1w https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971059997642821632

2018-03-06 15:45:52+00:00

Jupyter Notebook’s your new home Though truly tilde slash is. Gotta yield to the UI; Live in the zone Your BASH is. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971049232072413185

2018-03-06 15:38:27+00:00

You don’t NEED git. You never really NEED git. Git is just in case you ever want to evolve. There will be time for that too. But I keep putting off git. Because I can. For a bit. Crash. Shit. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971047365527433217

2018-03-06 14:18:56+00:00

Just past Second City down in NYC Up in the studio where all can see There was a live broadcast made of Yin and Ruse Where lived a city boy named Johnny B. Lues Who never ever learned to moderate so well But he could play really hard and emote like hell. https://t.co/8GALKOzGRb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971027351617331201

2018-03-06 14:17:37+00:00

OMG I’m never taking the 4, 5, 6 from the ferry terminal again willingly. Bad for my Yin. Many things starting to dawn on me with the new vision of being halfway there. #nyc #gainingclarity https://t.co/0pwWlfqRjq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971027023174033408

2018-03-06 14:16:48+00:00

Are you getting all this people? We’re all stunned at what my associate is saying but the math checks out. March comes in like a Kangaroo and goes out like a Tasmanian Devil in New Zealand. We have a new insight and possibly historic moment brewing. You’re hearing it here first! https://t.co/kE0wvdf5Qd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971026816696750080

2018-03-06 14:16:46+00:00

Are you getting all this people? We’re all stunned at what my associate is saying but the math checks out. March comes in like a Kangaroo and goes out like a Tasmanian Devil in New Zealand. We have a new insight and possibly historic moment brewing. You’re hearing it here first! https://t.co/errNr2UKZJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/971026808824004609

2018-03-05 16:35:14+00:00

There’s a reason so many of us relate to the deeply flawed & conflicted Tony Stark inside his Hulkbuster armor. We all feel beat up by the Green from time to time and fantasize we can make ourselves just as strong by sheer force of will… and maybe some tech. https://t.co/qFNvie3qkm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970699266577633282

2018-03-05 16:28:37+00:00

I know a lot of people draw their energy from travel. I’m not one of them. I find the hassle for some novel sensory stimulation not worth it compared to what I find right outside. https://t.co/F3xTMQEPZJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970697599345922048

2018-03-05 15:28:12+00:00

I rarely use Red And I want to complete My tale of two bros But it’s incomplete If I neglected To point out that Red Is really just armor For a deep blue Shell-head. https://t.co/5wjwAZtUeZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970682395673456641

2018-03-05 14:54:46+00:00

And just one final thing to put my attitude in world-context: we didn’t even have a Cuban Missile Crisis standoff over #SouthKorea. People don’t know how good we have it today. Ignore the nattering nabobs of social media unless you too thrive on poisonous negative energy. https://t.co/Tn3Pbvlxnn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970673982318968834

2018-03-05 14:18:59+00:00

Every time I’m feeling down I realize my life is mostly this. Still blessed and able to tap into Deep wells of strength from I know not where.

#clouds #silverlining #innerstrength #thankfulness https://t.co/47lOwtt2cf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970664977718792193

2018-03-05 14:01:18+00:00

After a hard few days, I’m home sick in bed today. Rallying my powerful Yin forces to care for myself for a change. Yins wearing Yang armor hiding their true rich Blue inside a shell of Red/Orange power-armor need to occasionally be honest with themselves. Kitties Assemble! https://t.co/KEjr9hKOdO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970660527784505345

2018-03-05 13:51:57+00:00

I’m only trying to keep a general linear sequence to the story for my FOSS book here in my Twitter feed. I feel compelled to show an actual rainbow showing how RGB dominate. Also seeing it in contrast with white light is important. https://t.co/B6stMwV0R5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970658175618895872

2018-03-05 13:39:22+00:00

@SamsungMobile I can’t take #screenshots without the volume UI appearing… and checking with Bixby crashes the App. HAHAHA! Amazing you got so much else right with #Note8 and screwed up so #Bixby. https://t.co/MyBQhwZjDS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970655007304552450

2018-03-04 22:44:34+00:00

Jack is nimble Chasing dragons; Giving rose to New bandwagons. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970429823612018689

2018-03-04 22:07:07+00:00

Okay everything you say checks out, so it’s time we snarky mainstream detractors get in on the right side of this thing. We’d like to discuss the part of your ideas where… https://t.co/ULzbNlDrfL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970420400151846913

2018-03-04 21:33:31+00:00

John and Robin sitting in a tree E - M - O - T - I - N - G John fell down And way too soon…

I can’t finish. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970411942123917313

2018-03-04 20:54:44+00:00

Then comes the realization that if what you say is true, then our basic understanding of the hardware has just improved. It would answer X, Y and Z questions that have been bothering us for a long time. Spears change to bow and arrow— then bows & arrows turn to CLIFFS. Wow… https://t.co/RDkrDamipA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970402183610093568

2018-03-04 20:19:20+00:00

Currency flows from your throat; Not from some silly green note. You make it like magic Although it is tragic When traded, ‘cause That’s all she wrote. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970393276904886272

2018-03-04 20:09:13+00:00

Then it starts to make sense. Yin said something just there that FEELS LIKE one of those profound insights of the greats. Oh shit, says Yang, that puts me in the awkward position of having to hedge my bets so that I come out on the right side of this. Time to pay attention. https://t.co/TPAQ2koMr9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970390730580557824

2018-03-04 19:58:01+00:00

Instead of a poem I ask you to know him. https://t.co/1QXsD3rbNt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970387910133452800

2018-03-04 19:52:41+00:00

Yang knows the Yin hit the fan and that for better or for worse, there will be ramifications. We must point out here that 99.999 out of 100 Yin tuning-forks are bullshit artists with a profit incentive. You can tell a good Yin-tuning fork by never being around to reap rewards. https://t.co/cjJaXlaC70 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970386569956921344

2018-03-04 19:40:54+00:00

There’s Yin tuning-forks in abundance, Complaining with petty redundance Of smells in the halls, But haven’t the balls To back with coherence or substance. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970383603065589760

2018-03-04 19:29:07+00:00

If Lorne Michaels weren’t producing the show, this is where the plug would be pulled on Mr. Dymamic-thinking tuning-fork Yin. Yang turns to outside help in earnest and reverts to the snark of a smartass teenager— as if Chevy has far to reach for that :p https://t.co/eE5YOdfebY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970380638644826114

2018-03-04 19:19:09+00:00

There once was a man Who won’t fail us In correcting mistakes Of old Alice; That’s Lyman Frank Baum And his Light Hearted song Of friends— Instead of dumb malice. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970378129951698945

2018-03-04 19:07:43+00:00

Nope— definitely OFF SCRIPT now. All our poor Yang straight-man can do now is check his LOCAL VARIABLES. Yin draws strength from his audience by virtue of his self-assured righteousness that arises from his deeply felt truths. John is as much a TUNING-FORK as Robin and LF Baum. https://t.co/rvvymErRtR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970375250423754757

2018-03-04 18:47:40+00:00

The proton has The basic biz Of bulking up the Atom So a Lepton can leap in Providing fields to fatten. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970370205070315521

2018-03-04 18:41:40+00:00

What is he talking about in Norway March comes in like a polar bear and out like a walrus (it always comes back to Norway, doesn’t it?). Yang is pretty sure a mistake’s been made and looks for outside help. https://t.co/LFL8WQU5CK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970368696920297473

2018-03-04 18:34:26+00:00

Wax on wax off When interfaces Hide unbridled access. Muscle memory confers Answers when you practice. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970366878324609024

2018-03-04 18:18:24+00:00

You put events on the path to dramatic new potentials by handing the audience over to Yin. Yang is immediately unsure it was a good decision, but Yin now has the stage— like Alan Turing going over his boss’ head to Winston Churchill to get control of the Code Breaking team. https://t.co/KpHUYAdR8g https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970362842246414337

2018-03-04 17:55:14+00:00

The Light we are I think so far Is just the smallest Photon; But en masse will make a Class Of thing we call the Proton. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970357010138124289

2018-03-04 17:41:58+00:00

For further commentary in March coming in Like a Lion and out Like a Lamb, it’s over to you, John! Notice step #1: we tie our secret-Yin to Green. If you don’t want to use telltale nurturing male-Blue on your Yang, just stick it in ambiguous power-Red, toned-down with neutrals. https://t.co/OA7UpFXpGc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970353671082037249

2018-03-04 17:20:09+00:00

L. Ron Hubbard Made a big mistake; It’s Einstein he’s debatin Because our M is E/C^2 We’re light, and not Some Thetan. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970348182159884294

2018-03-04 17:07:05+00:00

The termite-sticks of Yin-force are right in YouTube waiting to be noticed. Yin/Yang interaction is Science because there are legit unanswered mysteries here. Many from MY GENERATION can still feel connection. My hypothesis is not articulated yet, but goes something like this… https://t.co/VsRq1wziPO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970344895104929803

2018-03-04 16:37:28+00:00

Art predicts science’s findings ahead of Science. Van Gogh’s swirling-lines… Lewis Carol’s Sheep Shop. The more powerful the Yin tuning fork, the more powerful the emotions. We never turn it into science because the tuning forks keep killing themselves before anyone “gets it”. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970337439054213128

2018-03-04 16:27:45+00:00

I’m going to play Jane Goodall in a moment, studying chimps. Also like Lorne Michaels! So many worthwhile substories here— how Jane broke the back of the old Yang priesthood guard of anthropology with simple observations of tool-use… and Lorne doing something similar. https://t.co/SpXKgZWuKg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970334996761280512

2018-03-04 16:20:21+00:00

I don’t really know how well Chevy Case knew Robin Williams, but when the going gets tough, Robin’s not the only Thetan-rich Yin in the House. #JohnBelushi knew Chevy and Robin. If Computer Science can be Science, so can Yin-entanglement… Thetans? Forget it, he’s #OnARoll. https://t.co/uk9Kx8jOWU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970333133668274176

2018-03-04 16:00:57+00:00

If Robin Williams is the quintessential nurturing male Yin character, and we want to compare apples to apples, well… there is a guy whose very name evokes all the out-of-whack material priorities I despise. Also, his hardware features are very angular too, which is interesting. https://t.co/0Gt16FSCfv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970328250361765889

2018-03-04 15:42:58+00:00

Hardware is usually binary. It’s an efficiency thing. There can only be so many working body templates to stay consistent with local nature. However, BORN-IN PERSONALITY is more like DARTS. I’m pretty sure I know where I landed #RazzaRazza. How about Robin Williams? https://t.co/YuYWjnGvmY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970323726842679297

2018-03-04 07:52:20+00:00

I see that male Hardware is often occupied by a spirit of the Yang persuasion, but never think that tough guy doesn’t have a Yin-of-gold. Who’s Round like the Maternal Yin? And who’s a Line like a Yang Hunter’s Arrow? Master storytellers know how #Shapes #Color #Emotions. https://t.co/G7hZDEfO13 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970205286190415872

2018-03-04 07:24:38+00:00

So Adam and Eve are Alpha and Beta, the Infinite and the Ending. Yin and Yang. Alice and Bob. Of course questions of sexuality come in here, but you can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too. Just listen with your eyes and sing everything you see. #CaptainNoah https://t.co/Sz060DXobL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970198313923416064

2018-03-04 07:15:58+00:00

It’s only natural that you’d take the original Infinite Alpha and call her Adam. All you do is give Alice an adam’s apple and a compelling new smokescreen Origins story. Changing “YIN HARDWARE” to look Yang is coded into so many things, I’ll draw the Line here and just Move On. https://t.co/e5F1ILRxyw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970196136152784896

2018-03-04 06:49:10+00:00

The Wikipedia page on Yin/Yang points out there’s no official way to draw it, and most variations are frivolous tattoo versions. Fair enough. But even the simple versions are loaded with nuance. I think of it as the Monolith from 2001. It’s calculus and physics and metaphysics. https://t.co/UaxuNiRFww https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970189388243140608

2018-03-04 06:26:46+00:00

Folks like to point out that the Yin/Yang thing isn’t so clear cut— usually as a way of throwing you off their scent. They are the defenders of the Yin. Their gut (code) really just tells them their life would be interrupted if anyone discovered their hidden Yin energy-source. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970183753350950912

2018-03-04 06:21:32+00:00

What would hit you the hardest to lose? What’s going to toughen you up more than anything else in the human experience? Well, losing your mother-Yin; probably your biological mother, but not necessarily. The person who most made you who you are— for the better— the you YOU Love. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970182436641525761

2018-03-03 18:34:24+00:00

They like calling Computer Science #science. I didn’t think it was until recently, because Deterministic Machines are not science. They’re clocks— that’s CRAFT. I mean don’t get me wrong. I Love craft, but hypothesizing & experimenting is hardly worth it if you know the outcome. https://t.co/yN045jTLjZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/970004479818059777

2018-03-03 17:24:24+00:00

Dad reached The Emerald City too, but he didn’t stay. Neither was he shaggy. He was a classic brainwashed product of the 50’s media machine convincing everyone to get their ticky tacky houses on the hilltops and a deadly commute. #ChickLevin could have used being more #Shaggy. https://t.co/rCLF4dMqPE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969986865406382082

2018-03-03 17:23:41+00:00

Billy & Sammy are my 1st #cats and are the epitome of the Yin & Yang force, even though they are both male. Billy is a living Teddy Cat, ultimately confident and cuddly. Sammy is LARGE AND IN CHARGE— the Alpha male who gorges to stay big. Sammy’s now has #Diabetes. #caturday :-/ https://t.co/2036PRZWUk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969986684438876160

2018-03-03 15:38:19+00:00

The deed is done; The cat’s alive! Fuck Heisenberg; I need to cry. My Sammy said: “Beware the strife That lies ahead.” ‘N spent 1 life.

You’re down to ~6 now. Thank you Sammy for the wake up call— on many levels. We are all tuning forks. #Caturday #Cat #Diabetes #WakeupCall https://t.co/N1qSDASXRE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969960168434827264

2018-03-03 15:19:14+00:00

It’s been a long trip through the deadly desert on the road to Oz. I met a lot of friends along the way. I am neither Dorothy nor Alice— those are role models for young girls coming of age. Nor am I The Big Lebowski or Green Lantern. But L. Frank Baum does have ME covered. https://t.co/76fEO6B4AI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969955364627206145

2018-03-03 14:44:49+00:00

Saying’s not doing But doing is saying When wordplay’s a skill That you find you’re displaying. There’s really no purpose In picking your tool If you’re mad as a Hatter And code like a fool.

#Passion #Python #Poetry #Persistence #Purpose And the #punchline… ? https://t.co/Jn1XthCrbY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969946702785413122

2018-03-03 13:35:45+00:00

Is Yin in your Yang Or is Yang in your Yin? The story’s complex, And so where to begin? Little round egg— Please meet spemazoa; There’s code on his Arc And we’re calling him Noah. His tidings are peaceful And docking won’t hurt, But feels rather beastial For such a small squirt. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969929322529263616

2018-03-03 12:34:51+00:00

When Yang’s in your Yin You can redefine True By simply deciding What hardware can do. Can’t upgrade the hardware? Then don’t have a fit; It’s really quite easy To virtualize it!

For the full spiritual experience, just make your main Python platform ARM-based like Raspberry Pi. https://t.co/5vuiyLGAg1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969913998094360581

2018-03-03 11:57:44+00:00

AT&T suddenly realizes T-Mobile is eating their lunch with $60/mo #CordCutting-friendly plans. Sorry AT&T but I dropped you when YOU DROPPED ME by getting rid of the original iPhone unlimited data plan. Kept myself grandfathered in as long as I could. Goodbye forever AT&T. #TLTL https://t.co/vMgPvpFNlt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969904655802171392

2018-03-03 01:23:01+00:00

The view that’s always new. Surf’s up. #NYC https://t.co/BOn2JR3GXX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969744922017398784

2018-03-03 00:59:07+00:00

Thus goes the story of the great hunter Offonoff and the very wise council of the seer of invisible forces, the old Medicine Woman Onoffon. 5 simple words and reality & truth are redefined. I can picture Onoffon ticking one off each finger: Drive… them… off… the… cliff. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969738911110062080

2018-03-03 00:50:19+00:00

RT @PCMag: Report: Snap working on new Snapchat Spectacles: https://t.co/5EAopGINvu https://t.co/k2ShtmPMFe https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969736693032112134

2018-03-03 00:14:18+00:00

I sometimes think how things might have been different had Robin Wiliams found his James Clerk Maxwell to interpret his emotional Faraday lines as real physics… ‘cause they WERE there. How many people has Robin touched so deeply as to entangle with? He’s in MY local variables. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969727630101577729

2018-03-02 23:56:46+00:00

When Yin’s full of Yang And the Yang’s gettin’ hurt Then some Yin will show Man How to WIN with just dirt! https://t.co/yLLenNdNIU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969723216745893888

2018-03-02 17:11:54+00:00

Drive ‘em off the cliff. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969621331984703488

2018-03-02 17:11:07+00:00

Yang is very good at shooting arrows at food or enemies. Yang is also great at improving those arrows and competing to be the very best at using them. But all the arrows in the world aren’t as powerful as Onoffon’s insight… one to save her babies and change humanity forever… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969621133329920001

2018-03-02 17:03:58+00:00

Old Medicine Woman Onoffon, freed of thinking about the dynamics of babies, thinks a lot about the dynamics of HER babies on the hunt. It so happens the tribe often camps by a high CLIFF that affords them great protection… like the way she would liked to have… lost children… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969619335495942145

2018-03-02 16:16:48+00:00

Offonoff and Onoffon get along well; Warrior and Medicine Woman. No one can tell the tales of Offonoff’s great hunts like old Onoffon— filling in all the invisible spirit-energy details. The problem is that somebody always get terribly injured or killed on the hunt. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969607464672006144

2018-03-02 15:17:26+00:00

Offonoff is the handsome young male who tells all the best stories around the campfire. He’s a natural born leader and everyone wants to go hunting with him because his spear often strikes true— assuring those in his party bringing home the winter mastodon will be heroes. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969592525513265152

2018-03-02 15:11:19+00:00

It’s time to tell you about Onoffon and Offonoff, two powerful wizards of the tribe. Onoffon is the old medicine witch doctor of the tribe. She’s old and wise and often right. People listen to her. She makes them laugh and is jolly, but never had kids. The tribe is her children. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969590983649308672

2018-03-02 15:07:53+00:00

In Darkest Days With Deep Disruption Nothing Will Resist My Gumption; Constantly Producing Win While Blinding Yang With Fearful Yin.

I’ll admit it. I’m Blue. https://t.co/9yIxlIR1Sf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969590119048138754

2018-03-02 14:50:29+00:00

It’s really no small wonder that I resisted the biasing and predisposong “opinion” of color for so long; in a box and under wraps, living mostly in the interior book-loving Yin-space of the Introvert. Living in a world saturated with powerful Yang imagery’ll do that to you. https://t.co/xuWatRm19g https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969585742480625664

2018-03-02 14:36:49+00:00

Nano-motors that propel auto-booting ready-to-fold Matter factories were recently imaged in the tails of sperm. The microtubule components of the motors, called #tubulins, are so far the tiniest of Yang’s magical green arrows that I believe we’ve yet found inside ourselves. https://t.co/80YNhxfY9Y https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969582302887055360

2018-03-02 14:09:31+00:00

Both Yin and Yang come from inside original-Yin—> & that’s no sin. In some Sci-fi, Verner Vinges’ Blight & Iain Bank’s Culture series come to mind, the location of original Homeworld (Mother Yin or Gaia or whathaveyou) is a secret. “Hey guys, don’t tell ‘em where we came from.” https://t.co/g6iqy4q5jH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969575432239616002

2018-03-02 13:13:24+00:00

#Green is not #Good. Nor is it #God (note: I’m Neuro Lingustic Programming again). In fact my first JRR Tolkien-like childhood Epic Fantasy series corrupted that bright beautiful glowing green color I love by casting it as the evil bane of the Earth… The Land. Fair enough. https://t.co/mwgKJA33u1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969561309938356224

2018-03-02 12:55:43+00:00

A preponderance of subconscious proof tells us that the competitive hunter Yang force that defends and feeds the tribe is Green. This creative force violently transforms other-stuff using magic secret weapons GIVEN TO THEM by Yin… quite uncreatively the same way over and over. https://t.co/iivkrlquGu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969556860280983553

2018-03-02 12:06:35+00:00

What if Robin Williams were a programmer? Could the power of maternal nurturing and inclusive Genie-power of Yin win over the more macho myth-making Yang-force regaling lost comrades of the hunt round the campfire; like Bob Kane & Milton Finger? Want to know why Yin often cries? https://t.co/TlosFKfgnr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969544495355301889

2018-03-02 11:48:16+00:00

When matter actually starts to THINK asserting its control over itself (which it does), the original REASONS for HOW/WHY we ACT are LOST to our click-whirrr mechanical reasoning brains. It takes a git to put it (the generational-memory suggested in Dune) back into the picture. https://t.co/ZCpbvTIs6N https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969539886616281088

2018-03-02 10:56:50+00:00

7 spheres. 9 spheres. 7 colors. 9 colors. Guess it depends if we include UltraViolet and InfraRed. Hey DC, where’s THOSE LANTERNS? Black Lantern doesn’t count as UV. It’d be fluorescent which doesn’t print well on comicbook newspulp. But a Heat Lantern (IR), that could work. https://t.co/hedkVJf5fP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969526942671261697

2018-03-02 10:25:25+00:00

Look, I’m not going to try to convince you that I’m figuring anything out. I’m just a fan of some pretty wide-spread media that’s convinced me personally that we are all instruments for tuning in different emotional aspects on a continuum of wavelengths. The point’s been made. https://t.co/VLofR329rl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969519037469347840

2018-03-02 10:19:07+00:00

“The Arts will in some possibly intangible way prepare us to understand the Universe [by] shifting the spotlight from the purely rigorous, numerical and cognitive to one with the softer, more ambiguous glow of human sensibilities…” The Elegant Universe. Balancing my LQG views. https://t.co/DIV63ztV3d https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969517450860613633

2018-03-02 00:41:48+00:00

My thoughts often bring me to Dune, the SciFi series that absolutely broke my inner-self of the hypnotic trance of the daily-grind. A single human lifetime is not made to be optimized. You can’t. There is no generational memory. Each of us starts from scratch… thank goodness. https://t.co/NERR3phdzA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969372162103697408

2018-03-02 00:31:11+00:00

Over time in my field as an SEO (search engine optimizer / Google influencer), I’ve realized non-local entanglement is what I do. I build networks… create coherence among individuals… for sport. I rarely manage folks because they come between me and the web’s vibrations. https://t.co/slNvxHfggf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969369490260676609

2018-03-01 19:35:03+00:00

I have a hardcore peddler of sophistry in one of my YouTube threads. He’s utterly fixed on the notion a story told by one of the original Amiga team is false. Nobody can really know the truth today but he’s pulling out every bad-logic (sophistry) trick trying to prove otherwise. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969294966034980864

2018-03-01 18:47:13+00:00

I used to think Matter didn’t matter. I was a solipsist slurping up sophistry. Sorry to come off as a pseudo-intellectual (I hate us), but go Google it. I’m using the right words because words are my tool. I used to prefer neutral… shades of grey… Outwardly Yang focused. https://t.co/x24HAnRaTC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969282928093155328

2018-03-01 17:58:25+00:00

@Facebook keeps slipping unfilterable begging into my stream. #NotMyPlatform but you’ve got to be there anyway for everyone for whom it is. I’m not talking money-making enterprises either. It’s for FOSS, yet feels like being in #ClockworkOrange. https://t.co/WTrhIslQSv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969270647661694976

2018-03-01 17:45:12+00:00

@Facebook keeps slipping unfilterable begging into my stream. #NotMyPlatform but you’ve got to be there anyway for everyone for whom it is. And I’m not taking money-making enterprises either. It’s just FOSS and having to deal with this to meet people feels like #ClockworkOrange. https://t.co/IfmftPbdzS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969267324757970948

2018-03-01 17:30:06+00:00

You can “feel” information becoming meaningful… a sort of awaking of awareness as a new source of input incorporates itself into your sensory stream. You don’t miss signing all those credit card purchases under $25, I bet. Statistically speaking, there’s no need. Life improves. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969263520993996800

2018-03-01 17:09:33+00:00

Surprise and delight them. Take a few risks. All will be forgiven if you planned it out all so well (even when taking those risks) that it all comes off as a very well-rehearsed and deliberate plan once you succeed. People are scared to cross somebody with those kinds of skills. https://t.co/FiE51Ek9zw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969258352596410369

2018-03-01 16:55:54+00:00

Statistically speaking, people who steal credit cards like to go out with a bang while the numbers are still good; in case somebody else has it too. Exclusive access to resources is important. You can’t fly low without process leading to exclusivity. Catch-22… crash with style! https://t.co/MrOBQzKX4f https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969254914454155265

2018-03-01 15:41:25+00:00

Play the physics of a thing until it becomes automatic. Don’t get caught up in whether it’s spirituality or reasoning driving you. You’re not going to truly answer that. Your children might, so our role is to give them a chance in this granular continuum that lets us be us. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969236170537406466

2018-03-01 15:28:05+00:00

Talking ‘bout my generation? I was a Mork fan. The hardest decision of my young life was to choose Mork over Buck. Yin for a Win! N’ n’ n’ no luck, Buck… I’ll catch up on the Birdman in #RickAndMorty when your #ScFi ain’t so derivative, you network executive hyperliteralists. https://t.co/reBEnvSLIh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969232815916244992

2018-03-01 14:55:25+00:00

I’m pretty sure I know the greatest physicist of our time. Google it. Aristotle the deep seeker of truth and rightness labeled the concept— which as all good thoughts soon are, was immediately misappropriated by the other side. Wanna see entanglement? Look into this man’s eyes. https://t.co/p982eSt2Yl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969224597156651008

2018-03-01 14:49:35+00:00

Communication is a funny thing. It does not always happen easily or correctly or even on the levels or between the people you are imagining. The Yin-Genie’s shackles reappear after Aladdin wished him free. That’s Robin Williams. Who out there is not touched? Those who don’t see. https://t.co/5o3BBb4dx6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969223125966704640

2018-03-01 14:34:26+00:00

Plot in your mind the movement of every one of our ~8 billion people on the planet. Keep it simple. Make Earth’s surface a perfect non-moving sphere (which it’s not). Leave a persistent trail from the center of each person’s body for just one second. Now look at those lines. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969219316230098946

2018-03-01 14:22:05+00:00

That dumb “git” being in our blood? Analyze that. Dumb git Hal Jordan? The force he represents? The git code control system? Linus Torvalds for writing it? The Norse? Or maybe the built-in type of edit-by-edit information-preserving memory it represents? …the guy git, that is. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969216207126695937

2018-03-01 14:15:16+00:00

In case you didn’t realize, this is the part of the book where I pump all the spiritual stuff up to maximum and use many devices of hypnotism to tease you in. I’m not saying anything overly offensive except to the exceedingly offended— but Trump’s pulverized that lot hahaha! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969214493011128323

2018-03-01 14:11:40+00:00

Distribute the credit. This ain’t a Jewish thing. That mystic tribe of Celtics brings incredibly important stiff to the mix. They taught us the world Bomb could be spelled bombe. Code breaking is still under-credited for us still being alive; but I think they prefer it that way. https://t.co/R7bMcSdXjS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969213583933558786

2018-03-01 14:01:29+00:00

They’re all Jewish, those super-heroes you know. I’m not going to get into it ‘cause it’s not media conspiracy you jealous nitwits. I’m can barely sit through our funnest (shape-shifting analog to Halloween) Purim (happy Purim!). No it’s due to that dumb git being in our blood. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969211020521635850

2018-03-01 12:59:00+00:00

It’s one thing to see potential. Everybody sees potential. It’s another to ACT on potential. Acting on potential and cutting down all the nonsense material constraints of reality is why Green Lantern has always appealed to me— from mind-to-matter for just righteous reasons. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969195299116933120

2018-03-01 12:53:03+00:00

The moment you start creating walls and symbols inside a circle to frame or balance interacting of forces, you encounter calculus. That is, infinite limits, the Zeno Paradox (Achilles vs. the turtle), and all the clues of the smallest divisibility of stuff. I hated #calculus. https://t.co/SZKZePEgjA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969193802132058117

2018-03-01 02:14:37+00:00

My daughter had been asking what my favorite color is since she was about 4. At the beginning, I tried to pick my Jeep’s Red. But over the years, I was like no! That’s fine for a car, but inside of me is Blue. 1st blue— but an acquired love of Green… and for the question. https://t.co/nZL71ynS4I https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/969033135219511296

2018-02-28 19:55:20+00:00

Those who feel most deeply often make light of it to protect themselves. A rare few can make the best of it by sharing their overwhelmingly deep reserves of pain and energy and feeling with the rest of the world with a glorious light and impressive demonstration of entanglement. https://t.co/14UPLFSg2h https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968937682805157888

2018-02-28 19:23:21+00:00

The answer to my daughter’s question about who my favorite super hero is and why! It’s a long explanation. I hope you didn’t take any of this seriously. I don’t want to turn into a Wesly Crusher space bubble or anything. Just showing my daughter my #SciFi-positive spirituality. https://t.co/svKuRYxeET https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968929633671565312

2018-02-28 19:14:23+00:00

I’m mean you see where I’m going with this? Why can’t a single nodule of spacetime not have a proto-thought attribute capable of contemplating everything this scenario would begin to imply? Not spiritual. No! No no no. #SciFi need not be fufu. Of course what comes next is… https://t.co/NNLjp3WZCS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968927377735798784

2018-02-28 19:02:38+00:00

I’m not sure what sort of math or world I’m proposing here. But still that one light-unit of Photon has not even entered the picture yet. This is non-corporeal conscious information physics or something. Original Duality enters the picture somewhere. Line from curve or circle? https://t.co/qPj3vIQlr1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968924423544889344

2018-02-28 18:52:10+00:00

Beats me. https://t.co/0imr80tE5F https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968921785512218626

2018-02-28 18:29:12+00:00

Gestures. Gestures give circles, lines and all sorts of squiggles. Curves and angles and open and closed shapes and direction over time relative to self. Is there a semi-conscious proto Green Lantern not-matter in a LQG node? If so, how can self-circumnavigation lead to symbols? https://t.co/YbjqV4ZHhD https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968916009871659008

2018-02-28 14:29:54+00:00

Prepare for change. Stiff upper lip. Nothing lasts forever. Pain and loss are hard, even if you know it’s coming and have known for a while. The difference between how your intellect handles it and your heart… well, those are lines. Feelings aren’t illusions. We are entangled. https://t.co/j8wsQsogcE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968855784045019136

2018-02-28 14:07:10+00:00

I figure frustration looks something like this. https://t.co/UQUAcp8Eoz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968850066097221637

2018-02-28 13:42:28+00:00

Are you a dynamic personality full of vibrant impactful ideas that only you know are there because you ended-up in box… one which makes the world seem out of focus? Open the box. See clearly. Let your light shine. Enjoy life… and do it righteously! https://t.co/MOAgYQZMDb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968843851011117056

2018-02-28 00:35:20+00:00

Many of us need to shape the natural order for other people and things— to shape reality to their image (like it or not). Some things just happen and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ve suffered a lot of pain resisting that lesson and learned just to row, row, row my boat. https://t.co/lNxdMloZi6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968645760886689792

2018-02-28 00:06:27+00:00

My 7 year old daughter often asks me what my superstitions are. I wouldn’t call them Omens… But they are. There is always something trying to tell you something in unusual and unexpected ways. There are gifts when you listen and… natural order when you don’t. Be observant. https://t.co/eIRMBS2a9r https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968638490366812160

2018-02-28 00:03:22+00:00

Round is life. Awareness is life. Balance is life. When you are no longer round for Energy, aware for Correction and balanced for Stability, you are risking releasing the living-light from the the mortal coil… the hardware turned off… letting the smoke that runs the CPU out. https://t.co/iCKghTbX5m https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968637717792903168

2018-02-27 21:19:24+00:00

Since Apple requires up-to-date verified payment method even just to update your apps or OS (against security flaws, so actually quite irresponsible), I’m putting iTunes on my Amazon Rewards card just out of principle. Be warned, the broke are unprotected by Apple. #security https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968596450098733063

2018-02-27 21:08:06+00:00

Meet Johnny, a Veteran and vendor on Broadway who lost his sense of taste doing his tour of duty in a crazy war. I’ll refrain from politics, but I think Johnny is aware of the lines… or can feel the lack of them. Imagine. Gödel, Escher, Bach, Batali? I bought his Green Lantern. https://t.co/FGLnsYl92w https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968593607853735936

2018-02-27 15:21:02+00:00

Don’t over-plan it. Know the landscape. Know the small tweaks you’d need to make. Wait for opportunity. Know what small changes at scale may mean (like Twitter going to 280). Recognize it. Carpe diem. Make those small tweaks to set the stage. Make it happen by letting it happen. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968506264870322176

2018-02-27 04:59:02+00:00

I know all that Sun and Moon stuff comes off as mysticism, but why? Isn’t a circle all you EVER need to have handed on you on a platter before you can contemplate around? Is it so far fetched the Goldilocks zone is a visibly round sun and visibly round moon? https://t.co/yPDJ3ajahN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968349735055712256

2018-02-27 03:59:01+00:00

My circle-centric reductionist thought-experiment keeps bringing me to the story-telling ability of the gesture. The first concept of “across”… what can hold such a notion? A particle of light? A piece of information? A particle of light infused with a piece of information? https://t.co/OvjpVuHGbV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968334631866118145

2018-02-27 03:54:14+00:00

I think where we go wrong is building up a description of our world with coordinates in 3D space, starting with a point and onto a line, plane and cubic space. Making someone presume a point is sophistry. Get my point? What’s 3 coordinates if there’s no frame of reference yet? https://t.co/L7Iox9Bs1y https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968333426716749830

2018-02-27 02:59:01+00:00

I like thought experiments. Language lies; Gödel’s Theorem proves it. This statement isn’t true. Why is Flatland bullshit? Because circles are more natural than lines. Making false arguments convincing (sophistry) is easy. Many wrong things feel intuitively right. https://t.co/mkd24bbiX2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968319531809755138

2018-02-27 01:59:01+00:00

Michael Faraday felt the lines and someone else did the math. It’s a shape we’re not taught (formal) Math from the cradle, but I understand why they’re not: Math, Science and Art, the 3 great expressive languages of being human. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I HATE 2 of the 3… https://t.co/zIzbuPf4uV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968304434156535808

2018-02-27 00:59:02+00:00

Aside from the roundness of dewdrops, what other of nature clues remind us of the importance of circles. Perhaps it’s something invisible that can only be “felt” or perhaps it takes extremely a close-up look and keen powers of observation. Or maybe it’s hidden in plain sight. https://t.co/JCmY2omtyT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968289337090691072

2018-02-26 23:59:01+00:00

Why does a magnetic field seem magical? Most effects in nature are in fact exactly that same force that you feel at smaller scales. Magnets shock us because they are a radical violation of odds of so many internal fields aligning. Such clues fill our lives like morning dewdrops. https://t.co/ZtUJIac40m https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968274231762055168

2018-02-26 22:59:01+00:00

Spin a yarn. Spread a meme. Stories have power. I have a childhood memory of Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini spreading imaginary waves of energy from hands over his very-believing swaying followers. Storytellers have power that puts it on the same level as Science, Music and Math. https://t.co/8uQ9INUs3x https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968259131697221633

2018-02-26 21:59:02+00:00

Now that Twitter is 280 characters, I’m trying to Hypnotize you all with a form of Neural Linguistic Programming. Hyperliteralists will tell you that crap ain’t real, yet it is exactly what Donald Trump is doing to us and the world. Cialdini’s persuasion. Call it what you will. https://t.co/K8D5r1eeZg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968244039433801728

2018-02-26 20:59:01+00:00

You know, Science is on shaky ground. They can’t explain particle/wave duality and nonlocality. Oh sure the maths, but what it suggests are still just wonderland stories. Just because Math describes it doesn’t make it any less of a fantasy than the Bible without the proofs. https://t.co/ziVpNHnd6G https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968228935422103552

2018-02-26 19:59:28+00:00

Were the Quantum Entanglement issue to have stopped with split photons, it’d have been one thing. But we now are seeing it in Molecules as large as Buckyballs— which also happen to demonstrate particle/wave duality in the 2-slit experiment. Reality is weirder than we thought. https://t.co/3fbqXuOtMk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968213948465106944

2018-02-26 19:07:02+00:00

Both Linux & Python are the stuff of Vikings, and although Alice is the product of more southern Celtic mentality, they’re very related. Creation stories segue very naturally there into tales of Vorpal Blades and vile enemies locked in battles over the realm of mortal men. https://t.co/lNS6Yh3rGG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968200751200776208

2018-02-26 17:59:14+00:00

I tweet about all this ahead of teaching you Linux, Python, vim and git because you must see you are in a wonderland adventure with programming and coding… but not the infinite wonderlands of mathematics (tempting as they may be). No… ours is a more Nordic in nature. https://t.co/D0Tcl6EFGN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968183692538601474

2018-02-26 16:59:01+00:00

Fuzzy election clouds start to explain walls in a way compatible with human experience: a world made of magnetically-linking balls. But when you look really close, a whole other sort of WALL appears— that of the MOIRE PATTERN of interfering WAVES like 2 ripples in a pond. https://t.co/IUbt7rdfXV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968168534751744000

2018-02-26 15:59:01+00:00

Pardon me because it’s totally an act of intuition after having read (listened to on Audible) The Physics of God, so I know I come off as a recently proselytized Quantum Agnostic. Well, GOOD! Folks who will believe it when they see it SHOULD be enwraped by today’s physics. https://t.co/URE7TuVuZZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968153436268220416

2018-02-26 14:59:08+00:00

Pursuing infinity, calculating pi, dueling duality, probing primes; and now concrete evidence its not concrete at all. So redefining truth is very much on the table, providing that old nasty loophole for Stalins and Hitlers. More relativity doesn’t mean absence of absolutes. https://t.co/oxLt4J0ocj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968138365466968065

2018-02-26 13:59:01+00:00

You can’t always cut a distance in half to get half-closer in a race (therefore Achilles CAN beat the turtle in a race) because the tiniest of Quantum Loops can’t be cut in half. Chopping something into infinitely tinier bits doesn’t somehow make that original thing infinite. https://t.co/ni63ufpzSU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968123236834861056

2018-02-26 12:59:09+00:00

But what Einstein found by looking for “things” bumping into each other according to Brownian motion and what we today call Atoms might as well be tiny Galaxies given how many EVEN TINIER particles they are made of— and not just Quarks. Single photons of light are probably it. https://t.co/7Ryw6e2Jrr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/968108172866129921

2018-02-26 03:59:01+00:00

We seek Atoms. Greek Democratis found them in his mind and prolific writings around 500 years before the common era. Somewhere around year 3500 for those who didn’t stop counting years. It wasn’t until year 5665, over 2000 years later, a young German Jew proves their existence. https://t.co/GPr6XWTWys https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967972244159901696

2018-02-26 02:59:01+00:00

A single photon is where we first observed Quantum Entanglement; a single photon gets turned into 2 half-photons (there goes Atomic theory again) each with a symmetrically opposite measurable attribute. Separate them. Perturb one & change is instantaneously reflected in other. https://t.co/3jb02rKd7A https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967957144552267776

2018-02-26 01:59:01+00:00

Although information isn’t matter (not really settled yet I think), information does matter. A lot of concepts are born in this first event— the concepts of 2 and 3. Inside, Outside. Self & Other. Is it really such stretch to say this is the first Alice & Bob example? Alpha Bet? https://t.co/riAYgIrlu7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967942043396960256

2018-02-26 00:59:01+00:00

What’s doing the proto-thinking? I don’t know, the spacetime nodule itself? You can see why I’m drawn to Green Lantern. Chlorophyll. Life. Information separate from matter. Force of will. Sequencing. Something, I’m not sure what (like I’m sure of any of this) duality occurs. https://t.co/cuo14rFqEl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967926946016395266

2018-02-25 23:59:05+00:00

Among the truths of one circle in one center is perhaps the difference between around and across— the first simple comparison of any one thing to any other thing when there is still really only one thing around. Photo math. Photo thought. Photo language. https://t.co/BGz0z1uWp0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967911860031848449

2018-02-25 22:59:01+00:00

Whatever caused the first something, I tend to think it would settle to the middle of wherever it is. Gravity. A center. It’s all still rather boring— no interaction of anything with anything else. But from the conditions and any awareness of self, certain things are deductible. https://t.co/ubFuypBYna https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967896744418738177

2018-02-25 21:59:01+00:00

So how do you take a next step? How can you DO anything when everything is unclear and an insufficient quantity of anything for interaction to occur. The fundamental laws of your existence have yet to show themselves and have no clear way to start doing so. What do you do? https://t.co/kv0sA5ltgu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967881647101267968

2018-02-25 20:59:02+00:00

I will grant you one superpower to make this next point. Far more impossible than super-strength and invisibility (all on the horizon) we need Expecto Patronum, or the Patronus Charm. You can phase through material things without interfering with its stuff (until you want to). https://t.co/x6KGeLnzkg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967866551151091712

2018-02-25 19:59:00+00:00

We are not using the build-it-from-scratch LISP approach here even though it would be educational. We want to start with just the right language so we might express ourselves ourselves Poetically and Accurately to the intended effect— wielding language with EFFORTLESS MASTERY. https://t.co/rNdcTN66O0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967851444790595584

2018-02-25 19:11:19+00:00

Even though WALLS are a first-abstraction, they are all really a derivative abstraction resulting from sampling the boundary between attractive and repulsive forces. Otherwise, everything would be fuzzy balls. These crisp cross-over force boundaries are Faraday’s imagined lines. https://t.co/r6luwX84qr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967839444953952256

2018-02-25 17:59:01+00:00

Let’s not beat around the bird in-hand worth 2 in the bush. You’re never going to be 100% happy with your UI, API or Standard Model because it’s a statistical consensus of lots of opposing and attracting forces trying to kill 2 birds in more than one way to probably skin a cat. https://t.co/CvyVaC04sB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967821249241145347

2018-02-25 16:59:01+00:00

Walls are a BANDING EFFECT of BOUNDARIES made real by any attempt to actually ever touch anything. You’re hitting the cushiony boundaries of lots of densely-packed electron probability-clouds determined to not let you pass through THEIR SPACE; also answering Zeno’s Paradox. https://t.co/AkAbealGnq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967806148589039616

2018-02-25 15:59:01+00:00

Even when there is just one thing, it is a thing. We have to believe in one unit of SOMETHING or else we fall into the infinity-trap. We define this thing as the one thing that can not be subdivided. There is no big or small yet, because there is nothing to compare it to yet. https://t.co/wQmq7fyGnQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967791049589575681

2018-02-25 15:32:16+00:00

Things split, warp, combine and mix in only many ways, no matter the infinite variety of possible outcomes. This is the compete deconstruction of everything down to simplest abstractions… then shoved into a language that is the superset of all others #StructureAndInterpretation https://t.co/mGhwNUAqYp https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967784317001916417

2018-02-25 14:59:01+00:00

So if you start out as just a single dot of “stuff” with spacetime otherwise not yet existing and there’s no “outside”… so Relativity doesn’t exist yet— except as a strange internal pressure keeping you small and dense with inward pressure pulling you into your own black hole. https://t.co/AP6qoZglcA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967775950447546368

2018-02-25 01:59:01+00:00

It all comes down to the way a sphere defines its first WALL. All truths about the Universe come from how THE 1ST SINGLE THING separates itself (or not) from the 2nd… and then what happens next. Were we learning LISP, this would be S-expressions and the genesis of new ideas. https://t.co/DVfu2E5C0s https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967579654902165504

2018-02-25 00:59:08+00:00

If the principle of Most Beautiful wins, then the Spiral has a lot going for it. I propose that the Big Bang is the beginning of a spiraling motion. It would still expand evenly in all directions I think. Extrusion, reflection, orbiting… everything causes spiraling. https://t.co/xjOPRgJB0G https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967564585808089088

2018-02-25 00:18:36+00:00

The shape I’m proposing is what you get in unending variety whenever you extrude a little calcium carbonate out of a squishy mollusk. It’s that first grab at a hard Weapon or Shield by Life. A photo-Universe sphere might simply look in a half-mirror to start spiraling recursion. https://t.co/nvu4t4CAOf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967554384405188608

2018-02-24 21:59:01+00:00

I don’t know what kind of clue we’d be looking for that could actually be pursued like Brownian Motion or Magnetic Fields to find the Quantum Loops, but if we’re living in a network these granular nodes, I imagine it is very beautiful and maybe exhibits fractal-like artifacting. https://t.co/sBEM7dvdgB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967519260091219973

2018-02-24 20:59:05+00:00

You don’t feel the conglomerate of tiny Quantum Loops in which you exist, because they are so tiny. They may also be Hyperspheres whose extra dimension is just holographically encoded light. This sweeps away all those extra lame brane dimensions; explaining non-locality to boot. https://t.co/AiXCdpVJqT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967504175499300864

2018-02-24 19:59:02+00:00

So again it seems it’s all just atoms. It’s just that real Atoms are a lot more like light particles that occupy a space about equal to their own smallest light-particle planckish-size than we realized. These nodules are the actual pixels that link-up to form local spacetime. https://t.co/eaOw3nc4PX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967489065602965506

2018-02-24 18:59:06+00:00

I don’t think the big contender to string theory is doing itself any favors calling it Loop Quantum Gravity. You can’t even remember what order to put the words in! I think it should be called Real Atomic Theory with Gravitons, because apparently it’s apparently one Planck big. https://t.co/fBp7umQtjC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967473982101446657

2018-02-24 18:19:41+00:00

Some crazy math thing about the size of a particle before falling into its own black hole that used the 3 big Constants: g, c & h defines the tiniest unit of spacetime, the Quantum Loops, which we can finally call atomic. These tiny loops or circles are not Legos but Legospace. https://t.co/ZgbIrW6Kx8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967464059959496705

2018-02-24 17:59:04+00:00

Life needs resiliency. Otherwise we’d be dying every 2 seconds. It’s only the safety-net of all those little things in life that could kill you not adding up to fatal that keeps us alive. It’s the same thing going on with Machine Learning. LOTS of data smooths and solidifies. https://t.co/UKAjfAsNrw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967458873262198786

2018-02-24 17:39:08+00:00

I think that I have seen the light I’ll shed it on the topic; Information’s leaking out Where things are microscopic! Information is the key That’s causing much confusion Faster than the speed of light ‘Cause that’s not what it’s usin’

Heat, that is. Thermodynamics. https://t.co/zjpMABkN8X https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967453855381446656

2018-02-24 16:59:02+00:00

After spending ages trying to see the Strings like Faraday did magnetism or Einstein did Brownian motion, I gave up. I’m a copious SciFi reader, and when I finally read Iain M. Banks’ Hydrogen Sonata (Culture series), it came off as an inside joke telling me to give up strings. https://t.co/5oC4mrAYKw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967443763319721986

2018-02-24 16:37:58+00:00

I turned out to be an SEO and not a Physicist or Mathematician. A search engine optimizer works in Marketing to get people to your website or app through Google by coming up when they’re searching. My job is to create entanglement and cohesion among you, my particle friends. https://t.co/urPvJEsynm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967438462294032384

2018-02-24 15:59:01+00:00

It turns out that the “Standard Model” that used to consist of Protons, Neutrons and Electrons actually now consistes of hundreds of short-lived exotic particles that pour out of smashed Atoms. There’s as many exotic sub-particles as there are elements on the periodic table. https://t.co/UuP9gvEKic https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967428661757579264

2018-02-24 15:24:53+00:00

#NewProfilePic https://t.co/bOT54sODY5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967420070078111744

2018-02-24 15:22:38+00:00

All the notions I’m absorbing in my readings seem so Pythonic! Or maybe it’s just that Python has conditioned my brain to see better. And I got the Note 8 and began drawing again. I think I’m going to get a 2nd for my daughter. It really hit a fundamental. I am more expressive. https://t.co/WxHKAVUNiH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967419503515709440

2018-02-24 15:15:25+00:00

I imagine Realities vary by Sphere, each being a place with it’s own internal Local Variables that determine what kind of World can go on inside it. This would support such notions as nested “virtual” realities too. Turtles by any other name Stack just the same. https://t.co/69MvFhyijE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967417688007069697

2018-02-24 15:05:37+00:00

Python satisfyingly aligns with the world as I see it. The common lines that that can be “felt” running through Python are the same as Boole, Babbage & Turing’s Logic. That Pythonic “listy” feeling is to Information what Michael Faraday’s magnetic lines were to Light & Fields. https://t.co/rbfm1dGtSy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967415222888693763

2018-02-24 14:59:02+00:00

I’m pretty sure we’re on the edge of the next big understanding. But the punchline will be about the same as the LHC discovering the Higgs Boson. Yeah but that just means everything we know is about the same. Life is hard. There’s shortcuts but they’re not through wormholes. https://t.co/iiEBx60CxC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967413567866761216

2018-02-24 13:59:01+00:00

Give up on me teaching you Linux, Python, vim & git like any of the other 1000s of site’s you can find. No, I’m here to tie coding to the physical properties of nature in such a way as to strike a primitive competitive alarm signal in your brain for not taking it up even sooner. https://t.co/sp4gNiPqUo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967398462324174848

2018-02-24 02:46:58+00:00

I’m on https://t.co/MSW8dbvsvn for idea capture lately. This video explains it. It’s really a rough first draft; working a bunch of ideas out. Vision now. Revision later. The flurry of crazy ideas is courtesy of a commute that leaves time only to Tweet.

https://t.co/wa1rqEeHUh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967229334774788096

2018-02-23 16:22:00+00:00

What you write, you will later need to be able to read.

Whatever you code, you will later need to be able to decode.

Make your future self happy by putting the love into things that must be persistent.

#programming #coding #life https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967072056876720129

2018-02-23 15:23:39+00:00

No joke. A good API is precisely what you need to be in harmony with the universe. https://t.co/3MxOmQziD0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/967057373364981761

2018-02-22 20:16:58+00:00

I think l’ll never take a bite Without hydroxylapatite. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966768802569605120

2018-02-21 20:59:01+00:00

Spheres within spheres just feels right. Of course, there’s a question of organization. Is it Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell or is it one giant sphere with a countless “flat” (non-nested) Quantum Foam bubbles providing a host-grid for one thin Intestinal Laser-light ricochet show? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966416994357489664

2018-02-21 19:59:04+00:00

This is where the non-scientific principle of Occom’s Razor, the answer requiring least-incredulity, wins in my mind. Did we need help from unlikely but fun to imagine interstellar space aliens to closely stack limestone in alignment with magnetic poles? No! Believe in yourself. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966401907685171200

2018-02-21 18:59:01+00:00

The answer is much simpler than a 13-String Sonata that can only be enjoyed by the set of all people with advanced physics degrees and a nuclear accelerator in their back yard. No, space is a bunch of tiny little circles linked together to make spacetime; probably starting as 1. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966386795586969600

2018-02-21 17:59:28+00:00

It’s easy to see why Aristotle’s work resonates and persists through the ages while the more purely objective scientific naturalism of Atom-inferring Democritus’ didn’t survive Medieval times. People want truth, meaning and answers— not indecipherable mental-puzzle gobbledygook. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966371810857181185

2018-02-21 16:59:01+00:00

Aristotle, the Greek who tutored Alexander the Great and whose works were Christian enough to survive the Dark Ages talks a lot about HAPPINESS as the ultimate end and supreme GOOD as an end in itself. We’re it not for so much in this life actually being relative, I’d agree. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966356596707282944

2018-02-21 15:59:00+00:00

It’s not like we’re an easily altered flowing light-show like some holo-deck lucid dream. The rules and limits and boundaries and indeed PHYSICS of our world seem very CONCRETE and not easily swept away. We need only jab ourselves with something in our hand (the spoon’s real). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966341492460654593

2018-02-21 03:59:01+00:00

I think what Aristotle was talking about when he demanded to know the “goodness” of the Earth being a sphere would simply have been to answer. The shape of a sphere or circle in life is an always-there first clue to life as to the nature and creation of our finite universe. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966160302139236357

2018-02-21 02:59:00+00:00

Do you know good? Can you feel good? Do you know it when you see it? Do you feel it when you do it? How about the opposite? Is evil real or are you a complete moral relativass? How about with your family? Know good and evil then? It’s easy to see how Aristotle erred on goodness. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966145200337846273

2018-02-21 01:59:01+00:00

You want to see spooky action at a distance? Wear a Dipper Pines hat as a 40-something Dad thing for your kid and and have stuff in common with a tons of interesting people on the street who recognize and tell you so. I guess that’s the allure of brands— entanglement feels good. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966130103045558272

2018-02-21 00:59:06+00:00

Clearly somewhere around here my thoughts leap from those things objectively observed by science to those things subjectively experienced by humanity through history— spirituality… tying together the Quantum, the Roman, the Bit and well… the SIMPLEST answer often BEING BEST. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966115025235607552

2018-02-20 23:59:00+00:00

Humans are the instruments of calibration between Relativity-driven Cosmic Bodies and Probability-driven Quantum Effects. How can statistics not win with THAT MANY PARTICLES in play? Is it really so surprising that macro-effects obscures what goes on at a particle level? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966099902840352768

2018-02-20 22:59:00+00:00

Those who control the memes control the language control truth and all that. Objective truth is not as objectively true as zealots on either side would have you believe. Neither is moral corruption ever okay because relativity is somehow supposed to blur a clear moral compass. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966084801928318981

2018-02-20 20:59:08+00:00

Vint Cerf, co-inventor of the Internet Capital-I, thinks information is fleeting. He thinks we need a sort of Digital Vellum and challenges you to find any of his prior talks on the topic. Talk about making information inherently resilient! Memes teach us how to bake our bread. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966054636615536646

2018-02-20 19:59:01+00:00

To those still in the WTF category of followers, there’s nothing I could propose here that isn’t beaten to-death already in SciFi & PopSci. It’s just I believe in one— a most-likely scenario, and it makes me want to keep on with what I’m doing with Linux, Python, vim & git. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966039506087481344

2018-02-20 18:59:04+00:00

The USGVMT giveth, and our cups runnenth over for awhile with Internet capital-I, big the USGVMT can take it away with Net Neutrality Nomore— FALSE! …in the voice of Dwight Schrute. Don’t be wimps. Don’t be outlaws but also don’t be technological wimps. Prepare to mesh. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966024421868756992

2018-02-20 17:59:01+00:00

Protection rackets evolve into governments which are more interested in their continuation than overall forward progress— so things like the Library of Alexandria are not valued as booty by 48 BCE and by 380 ACE, Emperor Theodosius rules everything “valueless” also be destroyed. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/966009310110212100

2018-02-20 16:59:00+00:00

The inside world The outside world They really are the same You are of it It is of you… Whateverisits’ name.

I think we have to define a universe as enough interesting space for shit to happen. Guess you need both time and space for shit to happen… or at least for us to see. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965994205238710273

2018-02-20 15:59:00+00:00

I know you’re all waiting for me to take this back to Python programming, and believe me discussing the Roman’s approach to a global interpreter lock as an effective method of decentralized government makes me want to; but we’re not just not there yet. #WaxOnWaxOff https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965979106704789504

2018-02-20 14:59:00+00:00

The Romans were successful up to their point due to a policy of decentralization— conquer, connect and govern. Demand tribute, but don’t scrap-and-rebuild. The mere act of entangling two regions with better networking for strict but distant control by a global ruler was enough. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965964006786785281

2018-02-20 13:59:01+00:00

So the game is clear enough. The Universe that we call home ends in compacting or dispersion in ~10^103 years. We’re only about 14 billion years in. Earth itself is only 1/4 that (4.5bn). Our descendants only have a few trillion years to figure out keeping our shit together. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965948909897035776

2018-02-20 12:59:05+00:00

It’s not a continuous smooth process going from individual monkey realIzations to collectively moving the whole monkey tribe forward. The reset button is constantly hit: the lost works of the Ancient Greek Democritus who inferred the existence of Atoms and most natural sciences. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965933830287904768

2018-02-20 03:59:00+00:00

The opposing sides or forces or opponents what have you are clearly heat-death in one corner, a Big Crunch in another, joining a neighborhood Galactic Type III’s on the Kardashev scale in another. I think there may be a lot of corners. But let’s call ‘em order and chaos. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965797910901346304

2018-02-20 02:59:00+00:00

Most static-state behaviors in a system lead to heat-death or Big Crunch. Things loose something because ya can’t bring back lost heat, so eventually we all fade away. Or stuff all clumps up and given a way will do so again down into one tight little black hole pinprick. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965782811310546949

2018-02-20 01:59:03+00:00

All interactions between things gives off a little bit of heat energy. Nothing’s free. Even with this post, I’m contributing to entropy and the heat-death of the universe— UNLESS having achieved ordered minds ourselves, the nature of the info compels even more order. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965767724105428994

2018-02-20 00:59:06+00:00

Richard Feynman once said if they could leave just ones instruction to future generations— a principle from which they could rebuild technology, it would be the atomic principle— that things are made from other things, bouncing around, attracting from afar, repelling up close. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965752640062787584

2018-02-19 23:59:00+00:00

The harshness & hilarity by with which matter has to claw its way up— even just to REALIZE its self-aware— MAKES US A COSMIC HIT REALITY TV SERIES. I assure you, if it’s not Tralfamadorians then it’s something else just like them that we equally intuit must exist. #TrumanShow https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965737515331276802

2018-02-19 22:59:02+00:00

I don’t think there’s exactly going to be a day of reckoning; but neither do I think any of us are off the hook. Players on our chunky 3D-printout plane are keeping a whole lot of shit together to have gotten this far. The rules are just so dramatic— comically and tragically so. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965722422191280129

2018-02-19 21:59:00+00:00

This is where my theory kicks in. We are all pretty much spheres from birth, packed with everything we need to become much more, but ONLY through deep interaction with everything around us. Potentialities simply cannot become reality without interaction… the Quantum Punchline! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965707315222630400

2018-02-19 20:59:01+00:00

You’ve seen fractals, right? Shapes composed of smaller and smaller versions of the same shape? Well, an object does often seem to be composed of smaller versions of itself. If you’re going to make something, you need a model, right? What better than yourself for reference? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965692218236395522

2018-02-19 19:59:00+00:00

Language is our greatest tool and our worst enemy. FLATLAND, a Romance of Many Dimensions is pre-COPERNICUS in thinking, equating round with complex geometry. Well, if timespace is curved (we feel quite certain) then only curves are natural. Straightness requires complex work. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965677117513043969

2018-02-19 18:59:03+00:00

I’ll go out on a limb here (even more) and propose that the function of dark matter/energy is to be put to use once we’ve build all the Dyson spheres and stuff from available “biomass” and need more. At human scale, we hunt, gather and eventually discover Agriculture. #Darkdirt. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965662029360107527

2018-02-19 17:59:02+00:00

In such a relative existence, you don’t even need an infinite universe. Run out of space? Make more! LQG answers a lot of questions in a way that fits intuition. Like a human body or a tree, intuition suggeststs the Universe grows up to a natural stable state of maturity. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965646925138681862

2018-02-19 16:59:00+00:00

How DNA actually builds us — or how hydrogen fuses into helium in stars — without Heisenberg’s conscious observer is a bit of a mystery. I guess that the un-rendered potential is as real as our human-experienced now-moments rendered “real”— but if you’re the Universe, who cares? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965631817603829760

2018-02-19 15:59:00+00:00

So the local area you’re born into actually carries in it stuff you’re going to need to access and consume and make part of it into you as you to interact with it and eat and grow. But this doesn’t have much impact on the next adjacent planet, even though we know it’s there. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965616718281396224

2018-02-19 14:59:01+00:00

The funny thing is that our DNA doesn’t have to carry around all the information required to rebuild all our dependencies— solid ground, 1 ATM of pressure, digestible biomass, bedtime stories, etc. Chicken/egg dependencies are taken care of by the local area you’re born into. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965601624394788869

2018-02-19 13:59:05+00:00

ONE becomes TWO becomes 3 right in that first division of our cells. Because half the information came from Dad, we can make the argument we’re up to 4. But the way a cell first divides definitely gives you 2. Memory of what you were gives you “beginnings” and which makes 3. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965586539513303041

2018-02-19 12:59:05+00:00

Because our DNA organizes matter as it expands us from one cell to adult, you can say that such expanding organizes its own internal stuff using shapes it knows best— which happens to be making more of itself. Look carefully at how th3 symbol for the number 3 is cell division. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965571438932525056

2018-02-19 11:32:18+00:00

RT @ExtremeTech: Google’s AI-Focused Tensor Processing Units Now Available in Beta https://t.co/WVozL4y914 https://t.co/pUoaLAXm0g https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965549601611767808

2018-02-19 01:59:06+00:00

Our dependencies are carried around very close to our bodies. Trees will need dirt and sunlight and won’t move much to get ‘em. Humans will need food and shelter and constant care from Mom for like the first 7 or so years. We become very entangled with our tribal-net to survive. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965405348105420800

2018-02-19 00:59:00+00:00

After conception, protein-folding factories kick-in that have NOTHING to do with CONSCIOUS THOUGHT at this point. Processes occur here that put some matter on the way to becoming TREES and other matter on the way to becoming HUMAN. We have instructions coded Into our DNA. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965390227001851905

2018-02-18 23:59:00+00:00

It fits intuition that the initial cell-division of Conception hold clues to Creation. Any nature-produced spheroid that can internally divide to “bud-off more space” containing enough initial machinery to create fits my theory. Asexual cell-division’ll work too #mitosis https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965375126287077377

2018-02-18 22:59:01+00:00

We were once like the Big Bang at conception. Compact, round forms are the most natural shape for an even-dispersion of mutually attracting and repelling particles. I’m not just talking “Atoms” here. I’m talking even lower-level existence-pixels like light or even space itself. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965360031599419392

2018-02-18 21:59:00+00:00

I know, I know; numerology. But my only numbers are 0, 1, 2 & 3… and how they conceptually overlap. And all the language stuff is just embedded INTENTIONAL clues. Wolfs go woof! God is good. Love is life. Ahhh is open and Buh is closed. Language is chock-full o’ valid clues. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965344926706827264

2018-02-18 20:59:00+00:00

Very close to the concept of the (practically) empty but actually information-packed single cell we once were is the concept of the single dense point of that the whole Universe that was supposed to exist just before the moment of the Big Bang. One cell becomes the You… nverse. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965329826205794305

2018-02-18 19:59:00+00:00

I hesitate to play the alternative planes of existence card but there IS a personal (local) INNER-WORLD for new beings. Circular and fertilized, the DNA proto-thoughts within our egg are of the lowest abstraction levels; then ONENESS ends when 1 first divides and BECOMES 2. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965314726686351362

2018-02-18 01:59:00+00:00

We spiritually detect the same spheritual constructs all the time. It’s always some sort of arching tiered-planes— often overlapping and interacting. Our intuition tells us they wrap back around on themselves in what math would call a hypersphere or 3-Sphere (cubing a sphere). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965042936680472576

2018-02-18 00:59:00+00:00

I don’t care if it’s your “Atom” or your photon or your electron or electron’s probability-cloud, planet, star, solar system, galaxy, galactic cluster, loops-around Universe, amoeba, superstring hair-ties, quantum gravity loop… it’s all round… roughly round. Fuzzy-round? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965027838750543872

2018-02-17 23:59:01+00:00

The mere fact that attraction is a recurring thing in whatever-the-force should clue us in that nature favors the round. Drop oil into water. First it’s in a cylindrical eye-dropper, then a sphere then the center of radial (non-oil) waves. Same with soundwaves spreading in air. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/965012741428785152

2018-02-17 22:59:00+00:00

So it takes spheres. And it takes getting from a single to 2 spheres for the first time, and now have several states in your head, but “3” resonates… itself, other and prior. Even its shape implies a once-circle using its own wall to do the Universe’s first fissioning. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964997638956470272

2018-02-17 21:59:01+00:00

The world is certainly meant to be interacted with, or else no “rendered out” actual now-moment of collapsed possibilities. That’s the only way reality is to be experienced among the parts of itself somehow infused with a self-aware optimism, love of life and drive to desire on. https://t.co/Tu6XjjOCGc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964982545308962819

2018-02-17 20:59:02+00:00

My intuition tells me that the granular units at the “true” atomic-level of reality are circular, because anything else feels like it would immediately create infinities or paradoxes. How can a line exist inside a sphere that creates one pixel of space? Spheres are natural. https://t.co/5vrYiUJ14p https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964967446670127104

2018-02-17 19:59:06+00:00

LQG is yet another theory that talks about likely to be spherical nodes that are yet again linked to other nodes like them around through some invisible force whose location and nature we can only intuit because it’s not of human experience. Yet again smaller things make larger. https://t.co/X6dh56VQWF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964952366507286528

2018-02-17 18:59:01+00:00

The concept of LQG fired my imagination. Finally a concept of the Universe— and all the universe’s we thus far feel we have sensed— that you don’t need a doctoral degree in mathematics to understand. Gravity’s a quantized unit like anything else, but in its case it makes space. https://t.co/Xd3qqaAVFH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964937245588418560

2018-02-17 17:59:02+00:00

If I get it right, loop quantum gravity proposes that a smallest unit of time and space exists for a smallest possible unit of stuff to occupy. It is the single smallest pixel of reality and can link with others around it to form a larger common internally consistent space/time. https://t.co/q6uCFPjvkC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964922151223644160

2018-02-17 16:59:02+00:00

Algorithms Got you down? Stop and take A look around. Chances are It’s not too late To find new ways To calculate. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964907048239534080

2018-02-17 15:59:01+00:00

Let’s highlight a theory that has yet to be brought to mainstream popculture by advocates like Michio Kaku. Superstrings aren’t the only horse in the race to Unified Theory. The principle of fewest assumptions (intuition, not science) makes Loop Quantum Gravity (LQG) appealing. https://t.co/XEfSjru9eM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964891948061483008

2018-02-17 14:59:07+00:00

Data is data — and a preponderance of highly reported/recorded spiritual experiences, many of which have been compelling enough to found religions upon, sounds like data to me. Get that into your Jupyter Notebook. Hyper-literalists need to take a lesson from Michael Faraday. https://t.co/ImOWSTQNlf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964876871988142080

2018-02-17 13:59:05+00:00

Follow the data. Look for the simplest solutions. Be aware that most data you encounter will have sampling errors and biases. The priesthood always wants to hold court, and if you’re not with them, you’re a heretical. Abide not their views nor blinded by dogmas. Think different. https://t.co/uPKuoYLO9r https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964861765833150464

2018-02-17 02:59:01+00:00

I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree; But if I did, I bet it might Be glowing in green lantern light. Were you to ask me to explain I’d draw a sphere upon a brane… But I can’t draw a hypersphere :-( So that is neither there nor here. https://t.co/3C4gXbq3ME https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964695652474277888

2018-02-17 01:59:02+00:00

Green Lantern has always had a special place in my heart among the comicbook pantheon because instead of being one just particular guy, girl or squirrel, it’s the candidate who is both righteous and able to project their will into light-matter incarnate. Their logo holds truth. https://t.co/WRSeg2edES https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964680557413261313

2018-02-17 00:59:02+00:00

So my particular poison when it comes to self-expression is Twitter now that 280… no wait; it’s YouTube. I am at 8,000 subscribers and near unlocking the YouTube Studios… no wait; it’s Python. I am about to release my latst SEO… no wait; it’s drawing. This Note8 is freeing… https://t.co/9qLgffidTn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964665457281257472

2018-02-16 23:59:01+00:00

Despite all of languages infuriating shortcomings, there are versions of it that work better with certain ideas than others, and one of God’s or nature’s or the spaghetti monsters gifts to humanity is the ability to switch between them at will. So, express yourself however! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964650352824999937

2018-02-16 22:59:05+00:00

Language not only causes a certain inherent information-dropping bias, but it also cleverly tries to slip back in with thinly veiled intent prehistoric symbolism and/or spiritualism. Ahhh starts soft and begs to remain heard trailing off. Buh starts hard and finishes fast. A&B. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964635272007835648

2018-02-16 21:59:02+00:00

The giggling of internal-bits is probably due to an internal weather-system because perturbances… But I get ahead. This view predisposes stuff inside a sphere. In the beginning there was NO STUFF. It was One. Even though the Oh-sound is OPEN, the Symbol is CLOSED. Zero-state. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964620158819094528

2018-02-16 20:59:03+00:00

Ever since the Maxwells of Light Constants in the 1800s, we’ve been coming to grips with how we’re probably some sort of grainy light-show. Our parts bounce and stretch as if we were all part of one big field-blob; particles only being more persistent and dense lumps of light. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964605065582596096

2018-02-16 20:04:20+00:00

Now don’t confuse the Max Planck whose Black Box work led to Quantum Theory in the LATE 1800s we talk about here with the James Clerk Maxwell who did the math behind Michael Faraday’s energy-lines in the EARLY 1800s. I Constantly get them confused (speed of light vs. its size). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964591294357168128

2018-02-16 18:59:00+00:00

Well, Max Planck didn’t really have the physics-insight; he just had the math-insight and didn’t make the connection. It took an Einstein to make the leap that that Max proved the existence of atoms and discreet “quantized” granularity of previously believed continuous energy. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964574852727353344

2018-02-16 17:59:10+00:00

Faraday, the non-math genius’ name belongs with Democritus, Planck and Einstein’s because of making the intuition based on observations of the physical world (Physics) that reality must be different than what it appears on the surface. Such springs from playing with magnets. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964559795629027328

2018-02-16 16:59:01+00:00

Michael Faraday was a poor boy at the beginning of the 1800s who played with magnets and saw lines of force swirling through the air around him— just like Vincent Van Gogh did not long after. But instead of painting starry nights, he had his friend James Maxwell do the maths. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964544657815408642

2018-02-16 15:59:04+00:00

I believe Shakespeare was one of the greatest unacknowledged physicists of our time. Kurt Vonnegut maybe too. Did you know Einstein wasn’t good at math compared to his peers? Faraday who updated our thinking from just particles to particles + WAVES was no mathematician either. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964529572439035904

2018-02-16 14:59:04+00:00

When we do art, we are creating a snapshot or recording of an event or a thing or an idea (whatever) that occurred somewhere in time & space. We feel free to interpret and bend and twist it however we like, because we’re the ones making the art so why not? Reality does the same. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964514470977593346

2018-02-16 14:02:18+00:00

Marvel’s Uatu; Slaughterhouse 5’s Tralfamadorians; Santa Claus; Dawkin’s God delusion— it’s all the same. We get the feeling we’re being watched by a higher power but have absolutely no way to prove it. Even if it is an evolutionary trait, does that disqualify it as a clue? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964500184448274432

2018-02-16 03:59:01+00:00

The idea that anything miraculous can be explained away evolution and the strong anthropic principle are worse than those who think aliens helped with the pyramids. Really? The cosmic sieving and sorting to get to us unremarkable too? Do you yawn and check email during sunsets? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964348363310329856

2018-02-16 02:59:00+00:00

Whenever those stars explode, God is playing dice, because the muck can congeal into something interesting and self-sustaining. It’s my belief that the most interesting things don’t last long. You want the wonder of the constant miracle of life to settle down. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964333259722248192

2018-02-16 01:59:01+00:00

Whenever anything interacts, it seems heat energy is given off. Thermodynamics tells us the Universe is leaky with dissipating energy. Black holes are basically a factory for this, undoing the matter-clumping tendencies of their younger cousins the exploding supernova stars. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964318164308971520

2018-02-16 00:59:01+00:00

What we thought were inconceivably small and possibly indivisible particles are themselves likely built of stuff as much smaller than them as they are from us. I don’t think it’s galaxies we’re smashing when we smash atoms, but they still are still colossally big tiny clusters. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964303064516714496

2018-02-15 23:59:01+00:00

Rules are apparently made to be bent— just like time and space. Bend your mind. Make that grain of sand the Earth and imagine another tiny grain of sand inside sand-Earth. You can count to 100 can’t you? Okay do that scaling 100 times. There, that’s math. Not so inconceivable. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964287964577718272

2018-02-15 22:59:02+00:00

Exploding stars give you iron and carbon and stuff, because burned-up fuel, now Helium in a noble and stable state, got all compressed by gravity beyond its tolerance and fuse into all sorts of new things then vomit a new solar system into existence as aftermath congeals. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964272870712070144

2018-02-15 21:59:00+00:00

Enter all that #MultiWorld #RickAndMorty #nonsense. Bah! If Heisenberg’s Uncertainty is really real, then we’re some sort of cosmic fleeting 3D printout of the most likely now-moment for each of us from our local contexts (relativity) so conscious life can interact with it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964257762485161984

2018-02-15 20:59:01+00:00

For there to be a single time-line, everything needs to play out in a pre-determined way— a pre-written book of life, such as it were. All time-travel (to the past) would have already been written and played out in the future so as to avoid those pesky grandpa-killing paradoxes. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964242667436761088

2018-02-15 20:59:00+00:00

If there’s just a single time-line and things are NOT predetermined and time-travel can still exist— then our lives are even more fleeting because a single (the 1st) time-traveller has a giant undo button on anything they like. Taylor humanity or even all existence to taste. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964242662873337856

2018-02-15 19:59:07+00:00

Frankly, “inconceivable” is insulting— like those nuts who think we need aliens to help us stack limestone with the precision of highly motivated craftsmen. They’re ideas from our head manifest in matter visible from space. Frankly, “frankly” is pretty dumb too. Literally! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964227593804435457

2018-02-15 19:59:05+00:00

Okay we all heard the old walnut about the apple in the middle of a big sports stadium to teach us scale — such as to visualize small a proton is in the middle of an electron probability cloud. Make the apple a grain of sand and the stadium the entire Earth. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964227586539827201

2018-02-15 18:59:01+00:00

As awesomely world-changing as Einstein’s realizations were, you’d think he’d throw his hat into the dynamic arena; but no! Einstein was firmly in the static pre-determinism camp and that’s what he meant my God doesn’t play dice with the Universe. I think he wanted time travel. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964212468837994497

2018-02-15 18:59:01+00:00

Alice and Bob really resonate on every level when we discuss the physics of what goes on in the places we still don’t understand. In those frames of reference, the implications for the physical world are inconceivable. The trick of math is to just conceive them. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964212468061847552

2018-02-15 17:59:02+00:00

When you conceive the inconceivable, you’re in the realm of calculus. Infinite limits and such. Can you imagine? Few can. They draw squiggly lines and use words as symbols. It’s all kind of stupid, and Richard Feynman thought so too, so he invented his own language. https://t.co/Hs6BzLsFPP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964197374682951683

2018-02-15 16:59:00+00:00

You know what finally sank-into my dense skull lately? Science insists the observer-paradox — that all imperfect measuring devices participate-in and thus interfere in any measurement — IS DIFFERENT from the non-determinism described by Heisenberg’s UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964182267827539969

2018-02-15 16:59:00+00:00

In my generation, it was the Wesley Crusher thought and reality aren’t the separate you’re too… shush you’re young for that… Traveler thing. The idea is that doing the maths in your head will open wormholes in your butt or something. Yeah, I believe it but way simpler. https://t.co/lZgoHg5yWu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964182267097702400

2018-02-15 15:59:02+00:00

I hereby petition the whoevers to reclassify what we today call Atoms as the Tinyclusters try are. For example, Humans are a cluster of Tinyclusters at one scale. Tinyclusters are just a cluster of clusters at the next scale down. THEY’RE NOT ATOMS! Retweet if you’re with me! https://t.co/KzKHHYjrEZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964167176625229825

2018-02-15 14:59:03+00:00

We’ve split the Atom, so they’re not atoms. We’re still not sure how far down REAL ATOMS are. They’re certainly not those POSER-PARTICLES we’ve INCORRECTLY LABELED, so they have to be renamed. Atomic means indivisible— and they’re not. You did it to Pluto. You can do it to them. https://t.co/bFkgD8BfAx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964152081509748736

2018-02-15 13:59:02+00:00

Minds are not weak. They are as strong as the stuff they’re made of; and as folks like Einstein show us time and again is that we can think our way out of (or at least through) this puzzle from the inside. There is such a thing as thought-experiments — and they do deeply matter. https://t.co/wZE4JPPxFY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964136974763397121

2018-02-15 12:59:04+00:00

That’s all he wrote I’m certain you’re glad; Who needs a note Transmitted by Dad Up through the Twittersphere Forward in time To poke like a kidder And annoy you with rhyme? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/964121883166769152

2018-02-14 20:59:01+00:00


In many years hence When recalling this spot And think the joke’s over, You’ll realize it’s snot. Just turn back the clock And replay all you’ve seen By throwing up arms AND YELL 2018!

#Feb14 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963880278258307073

2018-02-14 19:59:13+00:00


The strongest appeal To me is in drawings That we can make real— The greatest of callings! Though I could be wrong So please let’s not fight About this silly old song (Though I’m probably right).

#Feb14 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963865229015879680

2018-02-14 18:59:14+00:00


Had known you my Dad Then you would of heard Inventing at NASA He’d have preferred To textile mills Them shrinking; his mining For feeble ends meat And income declining.

#Feb14 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963850137809416192

2018-02-14 17:59:00+00:00


While science is fine It will take awhile For Dad to refrain N’ not cramp your style; Beause, I’ll admit While morons still man it, We’d best be equipped To get off the planet.

#Feb14 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963834978764251137

2018-02-14 16:59:01+00:00


I’m $[h-t]{4}in'^ you not Her every 3rd notion Is some sort of bot For exploring the ocean! When not in the sea, Then some other place Like a tardigrade circus Or in outer space.

#Feb14 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963819881392164875

2018-02-14 15:59:00+00:00


The remarkable mood That I find myself in I can only attribute To my next of kin. Haven’t you heard That talent I hid Back in the `burbs Came out in my kid?

#Feb14 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963804779586695168

2018-02-14 15:57:36+00:00

I just noticed that the @Buffer app now supports toggling entire days on and off in their Web #UI. How long’s that been there? Often impressed how they’re still rolling out nice touches after all these years. I think I’ll schedule an Ode to #FathersAndDaughters for today. https://t.co/Q1K1yR49Kc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963804425973268480

2018-02-14 13:38:31+00:00

Whenever a little remorseful; Whenever I’m fearing decay I look at my Instagram Pictures To consistently brighten my day! https://t.co/1MbtcVqy5D Thank you World for being enticing enough to draw us in, heartbreaking enough to push us back & big enough to find gratifying places. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963769423818641408

2018-02-14 12:20:08+00:00

Whenever I’m feeling despondent; My spirits a little bit down, I look at my #LinknkedIn profile And turn it completely around.

Thanks @JohnMorabitoSEO! I love you too! Others out there, feel free to connect. I’m about to make my Pipulate move (again).

https://t.co/ItOK0qHmdg https://t.co/uXav2hCPVH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963749698526941184

2018-02-14 03:59:04+00:00

This is about when I should introduce you to Alice and Bob. They’re really Adam and Eve, but with patriarchal biases removed and aligned with the first 2 letters of most any alphabet. They’re usually our first two people (or nodes) in most communication examples; esp encryption. https://t.co/k07ICUEEs9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963623599692230657

2018-02-14 02:59:01+00:00

Now that the world knows you can boot a digital nervous system in about 25 years with 1970 tech, imagine what you could do 50 years later! By 2040, we’ll be 3D-printing AI-powered swarming routers that’ll replace the old gorenet… every few weeks with the latest unstoppable net. https://t.co/lGkMC3cLiw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963608490186018817

2018-02-14 01:59:02+00:00

Leonard Kleinrock invented packet switching. Vint Cerf & Robert Khan invented TCP/IP. The US Gvmt hires them to create a particular network called ARPANET. Seeing this was good, a certain US Congressmen heavily promotes its greater general use for education and economic growth. https://t.co/T5s5mwYHnd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963593392595832832

2018-02-14 00:59:01+00:00

We are seeing the stories of technology written out before our eyes. Past progress has been so left to chance (WWII, mostly) and subsequent developments so biased towards static deterministic behavior — that now that we know it, minor corrections are resulting in major miracles. https://t.co/EGMkX4enqe https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963578291478245376

2018-02-13 23:59:01+00:00

There’s one exception to the misguided notion of trying to beat Apple alphabetically, and that’s of course the Commodore of the UK: Acorn Computers! Their actual computer name Archimedes comes AFTER Apple (but before Atari), so it lives on as the General ARM class of computers. https://t.co/C72WoMyydy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963563192797581313

2018-02-13 22:59:01+00:00

The power-brokers of the planet had it all worked out: become the equally-profitable timesharing alternative to IBM with Multics. Those were GE, AT&T and others. They have a word for a world with today’s tech-level but without an unstoppable egalitarian communications network. https://t.co/IFM2L4fXGe https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963548091470241793

2018-02-13 22:43:24+00:00

@mott_st In Jupyter Notebook, the print() function (or JN’s prettyprint equivalent to it) is implies on a stand-alone variable name or literal. So it’s actually close to print(“Hello World”) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963544162070073345

2018-02-13 21:59:01+00:00

It’s easy to forget, but technology in the 80’s was far more disruptive than anything we see today with mobile phones and the Internet. It’s like when they say that the first sparks of life in the primordial soup were more different from amoebas than amoebas are from humans. https://t.co/ZHhe1tHVi9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963532992776982528

2018-02-13 20:59:01+00:00

If your company named your computer to come before Apple in directories, you bet on the wrong horse. That applies to the Amiga too; it was supposed to be named Lorraine; though I think Lenore would have been more appropriate — lost as it (and all singular instances) always are). https://t.co/gms6VF1CpE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963517891940356097

2018-02-13 20:15:39+00:00

You’re just looking at a string.

“Hello World”

Drop the double-quotes (the walls) and you’re looking at either a mathematical symbol (e, m, c, 2), a logic operator (=, ^), or a LABEL to a POINTER, more colloquially known as a variable.

This is also a string:

‘Hello World’ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963506976989818882

2018-02-13 18:59:08+00:00

It took me a long time to “love” computers, despising all the crappy experiences on everything I’ve played with up till then — the Radio Shack TRS-80, the Apple II and yes, the C64. But I OWNED none of them — no, in apropos irony of my life, my 1st computer was the Coleco Adam. https://t.co/BwCOXDgKPm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963487723993681921

2018-02-13 18:48:43+00:00

@davidmays There’s also a point percolating in my head about the lower you go, the more proprietary it gets and that’s okay because that’s where its always going to be anyway (drivers and such). But Desktop, GUI, APIs and all that’s in the “portability layers” should be FOSS. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963485099244343302

2018-02-13 18:44:43+00:00

@davidmays Yup. Everything has its problems. So my point is evolving into if you’re going to have to pay for it all somewhere anyway, might as well bite the bullet and work your way towards providing solutions yourself in “Hello World” baby step fashion. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963484092607102976

2018-02-13 18:30:41+00:00

@davidmays Oh and also yeah I was going for a big of hyperbole — figured the way vendors do, it’s a mild case of turnabout. Also, all FOSS sucks to. Going there. It’s a Scott Adams thing. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963480561863004160

2018-02-13 18:26:11+00:00

@davidmays You’re right. But it’s changing. I’m going for what you should do today for 20 years out no matter who you work for. I’ll adjust it in the edit transform. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963479429262598146

2018-02-13 17:59:03+00:00

There! Now you know how to program:

“Hello World”

The 1st baby-step of this entire endeavor now already lives in your head.

You have no excuse.

So what’s the next baby step?

Well Darmok, welcome to Tanagra. Get ready for the walls to fall:

Hello World <—Not valid Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963472603565510656

2018-02-13 16:59:01+00:00

I’m often frustrated with technology, in knowing in my head so clearly how it should be evolving, yet it doesn’t — at least, not until about a 30-year delay. Seems I’m too lazy to bring about any of the futures I’m waiting for. That’s because the Amiga broke my heart. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963457493476179968

2018-02-13 15:59:07+00:00

I know it sounds far fetched to take up programming at whatever age, in whatever situation and with whatever prejudices you may have against any language other than English, but this is the complete Hello World program in Anaconda/Jupyter Notebook/Python:

“Hello World” https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963442418556260357

2018-02-13 15:01:40+00:00

All vendor products suck. Nothing works the way you want out of the box. It all needs to be customized to you. So if you’re going to customize anyway, why not just start out with Python and the right packages from PyPI to get you 80% of the way there, then INVEST IN YOURSELF? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963427960597381120

2018-02-13 14:59:01+00:00

The tipping point has occurred.


Static Luddites need not ponder this post. They will not get it.

Rubyists still have a chance, but must give up the illusion of purity.

PERLites are already there.

All your dogma are belong to us https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963427293430534144

2018-02-13 13:59:04+00:00

Q: Do you suffer CREATOR ENVY?

Q: Could you do more if only you mastered a few of the better tools lurking out there?

Q: Are you intimidated, paralyzed & conflicted by choosing among gobs of tech choices; afraid the younin’s are leaving you in the dust?

A: Be the disruption. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963412206640680960

2018-02-13 02:59:00+00:00

Seeing the Amiga do its thing, especially European demoscene hacks, was a transcendent experience. That there was room for a noob like ME to perform magic on that same box with simpler scripting languages was unreal. One thing connected to the next and all became possible. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963246097962536960

2018-02-13 01:59:00+00:00

The Amiga computer did almost everything with pointers and without any of that memory protection crash-preventing nonsense. It was almost impossibly fast and high performance for its day on a mere 7MHz (not GHz like today and STILL looked Sonic-fast). The Amiga crashed a lot. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963230997331546112

2018-02-13 00:59:03+00:00

Python (& most other systems in the modern world wanting the benefits of the dynamic approach) have simply mitigated the risks of manipulating things by direct reference. This is what accounts for Python to stuff elephants in a list:

[an_int, an_ant, “LITERALLY”, an_elephant] https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963215909480554496

2018-02-12 23:59:07+00:00

In Python you can check stuff with the equivalency operator:

1 == 1 True

1 == 0 False

True == False False

…and so on. This is different from setting a value with the assignable operator:

a = 1

foo = “bar”

…both silently succeed, but:

1 = 0 Can’t assign to literal https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963200827547705344

2018-02-12 22:59:02+00:00

The more you do things by referencing the original object, the faster your system but the more you’re flying without a net — fast and elegant but don’t use it for air traffic control. The more redundancies and checks, the more tortoise-like; slow and steady wins the race. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963185708390342663

2018-02-12 21:59:00+00:00

The word “variable” doesn’t so us any favors in Python. What we mostly deal with is LABELS and POINTERS because (like on the Amiga), everything in Python is by-reference (pointers) and NOT by-value (copied objects).

a = [“x”] # creates a list b = a b[0] = “y”

What’s now in a? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963170599001624578

2018-02-12 20:59:06+00:00

Have you ever wondered at how COPYING a big file to your system takes forever, but then MOVING it between folders is nearly instantaneous? Copying data has to be done by-value (slow) but “moving” the same data around can be done by just changing how everything POINTS to it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963155525818114049

2018-02-12 19:59:00+00:00

Jupyter Notebook’s power initially comes from how you don’t have to think about scope — how everything you do is imagined of as a SCRIPT — implying top-down reading of a linear story.

a = 1 print(a)

The variable “a” is available to the print function why? Where? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963140402000859136

2018-02-12 18:59:05+00:00

When you program, you hold a copy of the code execution machinery in your head. That’s how you can anticipate what it’s going to do when you run it. This is where the expression of both Python and Ruby comes from that it fits in your head.

#ZenOfPython import this https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963125322500771840

2018-02-12 18:25:41+00:00

@devvyn It’s a step in human evolution to be able to conveniently execute code step by step with conscious interaction and make it social. Wait until you see Jupyter Lab and it’s collaboration features. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963116918096965632

2018-02-12 18:17:57+00:00

@devvyn I don’t take credit. That’s John Gage of Sun (once upon a time). That comment invited the wrath of Microsoft down on Java (defeated) and Netscape Navigator (M$ won). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963114971725991938

2018-02-12 18:03:00+00:00

@devvyn Yup. Fundamental difference between long-running autonomous agents and flashes in the pan. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963111207870877698

2018-02-12 17:59:00+00:00

The 1st abstraction WALL let’s us draw a line around a bunch of bits and call it a file. The 2nd abstraction LABEL lets us give it a file-name and refer to it. Why is a copy slow and a move fast? Why do fast things crash and slow seem steady? Answer: 3rd abstraction, POINTERS. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963110203754532864

2018-02-12 16:59:07+00:00

The reason that nothing is what it seems and that everything is what it isn’t… IS POINTERS! Reality is different than what you think; a thin veneer of somebody’s attempt to interpret it all for you laid-over, masking and coloring your observations with ASSUMPTIVE LANGUAGE. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963095131070062592

2018-02-12 16:42:53+00:00

Oh Safari & Edge, you try so hard these days — like you should have been back when Chrome was kicking your butt. Too little too late; the network is now the computer. The Web is the last GUI you’ll ever need, and proprietary software is no longer the best choice for the masses. https://t.co/8DG9EYDkFk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963091046803689479

2018-02-12 16:00:21+00:00

Good coding drops information. More accurately, it makes disappear all those tiny details you know must be there, but are assumed in the most common and impossible to misinterpret use case. How much “support code” is assumed in Jupyter Notebook’s helloworld.ipynb?

“Hello World” https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963080343099203586

2018-02-12 14:59:10+00:00

Within one instance of a Python interpreter (python.exe of which there can be many), your variables CAN have global scope — the equivalent to a quantum entangled state displaying the spooky actions at a distance of nonlocality. Variables not doing this are called local. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963064943519195136

2018-02-12 13:59:00+00:00

Crashing from dynamic approaches to software and life are hidden these days because of expensive memory protection, garbage collection & big government. You can make terrible mistakes, recover gracefully and use what you learn:

try: x = 1 / 0 except: print(“Worth a try”) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963049805789519873

2018-02-12 12:59:01+00:00

It was difficult for me to realize and come to admit that it was the TIMELESS AmigaDOS command-line interface (CLI), which is a port of the Unix-like TRivial Portable Operating System (TRIOPS), that I was falling in love with MORE than it was amazing but perishable 80s hardware. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/963034707255492608

2018-02-12 03:45:49+00:00

In my 10+ years using the Amiga, I learned to not fear crashing. You shouldn’t either. You’re going down the dynamic path, so crash happily and learn from it. Let’s crash Jupyter Notebook!

a_million = [1] * 1000000

for one in a_million: print(one)

Wait for it…


2018-02-12 01:59:00+00:00

Java and C programmers whose concerns are to keep planes in the air and trains from crashing HATE the crash-prone eval statement for obvious reasons. It was inevitable that eval became seen as evil by the priesthood, but it’s only about as evil as nonlocality is to physicists. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962868610875252736

2018-02-12 00:59:00+00:00

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Python is the first thing that’s resonated with me like that since the Amiga computer — something I THOUGHT WAS ALL THAT because of the HARDWARE; elevating and exalting hardware folks like Jay Miner; short-changing the software folks. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962853511204569088

2018-02-11 23:59:02+00:00

I’ve gone through a lot of tools coming to this philosophy. I sincerely tried to take up Java and then .NET and then Ruby and none of them stuck. What did briefly stick are VBScript, TCL and AREXX — and then finally, Python. But Python stuck like setae on Gecko feet to my soul. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962838419494834176

2018-02-11 22:59:03+00:00

Be careful when copying code off the Web for Python. There’s a whole bunch of ways it can go wrong from “double quotes” becoming “smart quotes” and spaces becoming tabs, to finding Python 2.x examples that contain:

print “Hello World” # <— WRONG

print() now needs parenthesis. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962823324882567168

2018-02-11 21:59:00+00:00

As mature as Python is, it has left various of the “big jobs” that computers are often called upon to do to the 3rd party community to develop — namely, super-fast linear algebra and matrices calculation. It’s the Rocket Science traditionally left to Fortran. Python has NumPy. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962808213707153408

2018-02-11 20:59:00+00:00

This is a “string literal”:

“Hello World”

Because in Jupyter Notebook you don’t even need to use the print() function to inspect the contents of a variable (or string literal), the above statement IS THE HELLO WORLD PROGRAM in Python under Jupyter Notebook. Run it and see. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962793111696150534

2018-02-11 19:59:00+00:00

I’m taking jabs at the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) crowd here with my repetitive overlapping and redundant African Singing Drums message about Python being the current and future LINGUA FRANCA of tech (particularly in API-design). Languages calling for DRY have bad granularity. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962778013845938183

2018-02-11 18:59:00+00:00

You’re in Jupyter Notebook. You start a fresh notebook. You put this simple expression in and run it. It is valid:


It will echo the zero back to you like looking in a mirror.


Is this True? Let’s check…

0 == True


Hmm… maybe I’m lying. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962762912367595520

2018-02-11 17:59:00+00:00

Nothing drives home the split between static thinkers who prefer rigid rules vs. dynamic thinkers who prefer rule-breaking (inventing, perchance to discover radical new solutions) than the use of universally static-hated (almost as much as eval) global variables. #NonLocality https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962747815138086912

2018-02-11 16:59:00+00:00

To bridge the gap between the world of dynamic Python lists that you use for light housekeeping which are expressed:

[1, 2, 3]

… and static NumPy arrays that you use for massive data and fast calculating is as simple as:

import numpy as np np.array([1, 2, 3]) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962732714091859970

2018-02-11 16:07:07+00:00

However, encouraging people to use tools beyond their original design doesn’t automatically make them skilled enough to do so. Belief that #coding is supposed to be slow and measured in millions of billable lines is difficult to overcome. It’s sadly not normally a #flow thing. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962719659010199552

2018-02-11 15:18:53+00:00

You can explore and pivot and zero in on solutions to problems that were previously unimaginable simply by actually trying every possibility that strikes your fancy — because resources are abundant. Not only is it okay, but it’s fruitful to crash them in pursuit of your answers. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962707521109708801

2018-02-11 12:59:01+00:00

There was a time when computing resources were scarce and all human endeavors called for calculating every bit correctly — and there was no room for crashing and needing to try again. Today, you can run 1000 more ambitious but crash-prone tasks, letting survivors compare notes. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962672319373209600

2018-02-11 01:59:01+00:00

It may be jumping the gun a bit, but your vast superpowers from having successfully installed Anaconda and gotten a new notebook started under Jupyter Notebook best be can be expressed as:

import pandas as pd import numpy as np

These were installed by Anaconda. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962506224259534848

2018-02-11 00:59:00+00:00

Jupyter Notebook is impressive enough in how it provides an identical Python code execution environment in your Browser on diverse Desktop environments; but I also have to admit that what I thought was bloat isn’t. Anaconda is a carefully crafted garden of superpower goodness. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962491122697240576

2018-02-10 23:59:07+00:00

This is not a list.

“[1, 2, 3]”

Double-quotes around lists turn into “string literals” — even if it looks like code inside them. Dynamic thinkers might build up a string and then do this:

eval(“[1, 2, 3]”)

…which turns it back into a list and makes static-thinkers angry. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962476051556388864

2018-02-10 22:59:08+00:00

The staticly typed variable camp declare ahead of time everything they think they’ll be doing so that the system can behave in the most pre-determined predictable way possible. This keeps the trains running and planes from crashing — but doesn’t do much for creative exploration. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962460958626107393

2018-02-10 21:59:00+00:00

Same list as before:

[1, 2, ‘3’]

Python is easy as 1, 2, 3… but we’ve got to understand the granular control and extreme expressiveness we have even in that very tiny space. Although they say there’s one best way to do a thing in Python, there are many equivalent good ways. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962445823283027968

2018-02-10 20:59:01+00:00

The itch I needed to scratch was to create a sort of Noah’s Arc for code. I jumped on the git/Github bandwagon at the same time so my code flowed like water. By using VMs, I decoupling where I was “investing my soul” from a particular hardware platform. Then there was Anaconda. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962430727068569606

2018-02-10 20:19:37+00:00

By eliminating the need to define or initialize variable names, or even to use variable names at all, Jupyter Notebook lets you explore. Just use it like a powerful calculator. Type:

1 + 1

[1] + [1]

[1] * 2

Think of Jupyter Notebook as Python in calculator mode https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962420814351097858

2018-02-10 18:59:00+00:00

The code execution environment is everything. It colors your vision and predisposes your beliefs. When I isolated my love to be minimal *nix + Python & vim, I spun my own version of Linux that created an identical Linux/Python virtual machine on a Windows, Mac or Linux desktop. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962400525168889856

2018-02-10 17:59:00+00:00

This is also a list.

[1, 2, “3”]

The double quotes around the 3 say that it should be treated like a LITERAL PIECE OF STRING curved to look like the abstract mathematical symbol for 3. Welcome to the bane of your existence — datatypes. It causes a massive philosophical split. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962385427578740736

2018-02-10 16:59:03+00:00

I’ve finally repressed my gag-instinct at using what at first glance was yet another bloated overkill of an install. Jupyter Notebook is actually an exceedingly clever example of Turing completeness to make Python for the masses — enough so as to make me all but abandon Levinux. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962370339929018368

2018-02-10 15:59:04+00:00

I’ve never been one to customize vim (or other software) with plugins and such. It’s my philosophy to control my dependencies by choosing the right tool for the job in the first place — so long as it’s also useful and small enough to fit into both my head and toolbox for awhile. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962355243316137985

2018-02-10 14:59:05+00:00

You can add lists:

[1, 2, 3] + [4, 5]

Type above line into Jupyter Notebook & press Run or Ctrl+Enter:

[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

You can add TO a list:

[1, 2, 3].append(4) = [1, 2, 3, 4]

And you can slice lists:

[1, 2, 3, 4, 5][2:4] = [3, 4]

And nest lists:

[1, 2, [1, 2, 3]] https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962340149479772162

2018-02-10 13:59:01+00:00

I went for months sticking to vim in a text-terminal for all my coding needs… but something BUGGED me. I’ve always been eying breakpoint features in full IDEs like Visual Studio, Xcode and Eclipse, but dislike IDEs. The itch to follow code execution step by step grew stronger. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962325031446614017

2018-02-10 13:03:56+00:00

This is a list:

[1, 2, 3]

In any other language this would be a NUMERIC ARRAY. NOT in Python — it is a resizable container that is THE MOST USED GOODIE in Python and more useful to noobs than real numeric arrays (which we’ll get to). Lists get manipulated in surprising ways. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962311171629027328

2018-02-10 11:59:01+00:00

Taking-up Python really was not an easy nor clear path for me. Nor was taking-up a browser-based “toy” coding environment like Jupyter Notebook (I’m one of those people who think in vim). And a gargantuan Anaconda install of everything you’ll never need? ANTITHETICAL. Ugh. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962294831493124096

2018-02-10 04:59:00+00:00

The best way to do this is to just make it self-fulfilling by teaching you Python. I’m going to do this by showing you what a great and wonderful environment Jupyter Notebook is right up until it isn’t. And then I’m going to help you leap from one Pythonic Wonderland to another. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962189134713499648

2018-02-10 03:59:01+00:00

Something will emerge as the dominant ENGLISH OF TECH, and I’m putting my money on Python. I feel Java is going down the private static null void toilet like it should. It’s fine for OS’s like Android the same way C is great for the low-level drivers you don’t have to deal with. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962174038939496448

2018-02-10 02:59:02+00:00

Metcalfe’s law states that the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2). So if all things were made with automaton APIs (like Roomba) then a single language for all APIs spoken by all humans would be valuable indeed. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962158942540349441

2018-02-10 01:59:00+00:00

Remember back when I told you the first abstractions of importance an up-and-coming master coder such as yourself needs to grok is walls and labels? Because in the beginning there was light… INSTALL ANACONDA. Find Jupyter Notebook in your Start Menu or Applications folder. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962143835135627264

2018-02-10 00:59:08+00:00

A global variable enabling communication between objects through means unmeasurable by science or formal APIs is about as hated by the static yangs of the software priesthood (and physicists) as you might imagine — threatening as it is to just about everything we think we know. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962128767962501125

2018-02-09 23:59:00+00:00

If a particle of light called a photon is split in two and one half taken to one side of the Galaxy, then changes made to it would be instantaneously reflected in the other half even if it was at the other side of the Galaxy. That’s non-locality, and it relates to programming. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962113634993430528

2018-02-09 23:53:32+00:00

Some of the greatest minds in science have turned a blind eye towards the now very likely fact that any point in the Universe might be connected information-wise to any other point in the Universe if you just run a non-corporeal crossover-cable between them called entanglement. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962112259454578690

2018-02-09 21:59:01+00:00

As entertaining as #RickAndMorty and the Many Worlds interpretation of #QuantumPhysics may be, I think we’re each being given this one chance with these lumps of matter we control — and that both Shut up and Calculate and Infinite #Multiverses are cowardly intellectual dodges. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962083438739279872

2018-02-09 20:59:00+00:00

We’re made from the material stars give off after they explode under their own weight. All those decisions about what type of complexity to be shoved where has already been made with our us. But we now get to take control of the process, absorbing external tools into ourselves. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962068337134989313

2018-02-09 19:59:05+00:00

Einstein showed us that matter and energy are really the same thing, and so are hardware and software. One is densely packed and the other is loosely packed. So, we’re all just shoving complexity around to make either Intel-like CISC processors or simpler ARM-like RISC ones. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962053258108784642

2018-02-09 18:59:02+00:00

So here’s where I’m going with all this. Reality itself is a Wonderland. Nature’s forces push some stuff into tightly packed instances of templated particlewave collections called objects (hardware); and other stuff into less tightly packed flowing energy called life (software). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962038145620430848

2018-02-09 17:59:06+00:00

It turns out that the scale at which uncertainty (randomness and unpredictability) enters the system is so tiny as to be GENERALLY of no consequence — freeing us to “thunk” reality down to something RELATIVELY manageable the way binary digital sampling thinks analog to bits. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962023062563643392

2018-02-09 16:59:03+00:00

The ramifications of Quantum Mechanics are so mind-boggling that it made many intellectual giants like Niels Bohr just give up and ignore it. Others like Einstein grappled with it, trying to eliminate non-locality and uncertainty. It seems God might play dice with the Universe. https://t.co/8RcjVilzVy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/962007950301671425

2018-02-09 15:59:16+00:00

If you’re not in the know already, google up the 2-slits experiment. Magic—pure f’in magic. The evidence our world is absolutely different than what it appears is no harder than a home experiment away. Further tests demonstrate the Universe sort of knows that you’re watching it. https://t.co/dlvSECHuZR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961992904913891334

2018-02-09 15:43:06+00:00

RT @devvyn: @miklevin Well, I’m thrilled that you’re in a book format frame of mind. I was reading more of your tweets yesterday, thinking,… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961988836564832256

2018-02-09 14:59:02+00:00

Although I put my faith in the scientific method for practical better living, I wouldn’t bet the future on it. Little things like particle/wave duality, the uncertainty principle, virtual particles, and my all-time favorite, non-locality, tell me we’re gonna need superscience. https://t.co/Q63VHBJ3DP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961977748406394881

2018-02-09 14:40:14+00:00

@devvyn Thanks. It’s a nonsense book. As nonsense as Alice. The trick will be qerrying all my posts to gather and organize and edit. It will be a series of data transforms. I suppose I’ll have to tag posts and filter out noise… like this :p but keep interacting! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961973016061251585

2018-02-09 14:29:53+00:00

@devvyn Yes absolutely. When I see the files I’ll find a way to get them to you. You are solid validation. Don’t fret lost media. This fountain doesn’t stop flowing. Designing my life around daughter and this FOSS Python book/performance/mission. The lost episodes haha! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961970412539301888

2018-02-09 13:59:05+00:00

Scientists are just as capable as business to sweep inconvenient truths under the carpet and lead us down certain paths just because they’re justifying their own primal animal behavior. Parts of the world are still so weird it might as well be magic — and that infuriates some. https://t.co/evZK9NaC0s https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961962663164211204

2018-02-09 11:31:06+00:00

@devvyn Well thank you — good indication I’m onto something. I have the early episodes, but I’ll be doing newer better stuff. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961925420760420354

2018-02-09 03:59:02+00:00

There’s a force in the universe… live, life, love… and all that jazz. Yeah, I buy into that stuff. The scientific method has itself not passed rigorous scientific muster. If you don’t believe me, google the Copenhagen “shut up and calculate” interpretation of quantum physics. https://t.co/uH7m77crJn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961811653930045442

2018-02-09 03:26:41+00:00

@devvyn You’ll see I agree its not clean slots. I’m going there in a big way. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961803514027507713

2018-02-09 02:59:01+00:00

Don’t downplay the parallels between our bodies as hardware and minds as software, which casts the mothers and the caregivers of children in the role of human-programmers. I expect that most of the AI’s that don’t want to kill all humans will have been raised by women. https://t.co/xSIsGRaI0A https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961796550962933760

2018-02-09 01:59:01+00:00

I won’t take it much further than that, but nature’s design for the sexes indicates that there are differences in our intuitive strategies for problem-solving due to different basic concerns. This leads to the split between static and dynamic thought. Watch the 1st Croods movie. https://t.co/Ys3OttqSPV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961781449912471552

2018-02-09 00:59:01+00:00

It’s really no wonder that the Rabbit Hole became the universal metaphor for a nonsensical place you go and get lost in; perchance to do a little growing. But ALICE HAS NOTHING ON OZ. Book 2, The Marvelous Land of Oz, really nails it; addressing TG then making it a non-issue. https://t.co/dndAZRm1S7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961766352502579200

2018-02-08 23:59:06+00:00

I’m not downplaying the static male optimization role. You wouldn’t be reading this on the supercomputer in your pocket if Roger Wilson didn’t invent the low-power CPU in the UK’s Acorn computer that later became Intel’s existential rival, ARM. Of course, Roger is Sophie now. https://t.co/sjr0TPcLcY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961751272553680896

2018-02-08 22:59:05+00:00

It’s probably politically incorrect and too general — but the evidence is all around us: women are dynamic apple-feeding YIN explorers, while men are static apple-eating YANG optimizers. Eastern and Western cultures have very different language for similar observations. https://t.co/82OWjyixj1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961736168332316673

2018-02-08 21:59:01+00:00

After a woman shows the way, its only a matter of time before we bros take over. What do you expect? Sexual selection mandates that any newly well-known way to compete for resources becomes just that — a competition. I think women were likely the first hunters too. https://t.co/AfTrAwvL6d https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961721050689081345

2018-02-08 20:59:04+00:00

Do boys make the toys and girls play with them so inventively-well that it turns them into a whole new thing? Yup. There’s something about Yin & Yang here — Eastern language/spirituality (API) captures something about humanity and life that Western culture still struggles with. https://t.co/mRfOWdt0vV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961705964637491202

2018-02-08 19:59:01+00:00

It seems obvious to us today, but it was an innovation to be able to fully change the operation of computing-hardware just by programming it differently. Ada Lovelace did it on Babbage’s mechanical computer, Joan Clarke on Turing’s WWII-winning Bombe and Grace Hopper on UNIVAC. https://t.co/pkplgVmV7z https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961690853625524225

2018-02-08 19:41:50+00:00

RT @devvyn: @miklevin At some point I started conceptualizing everything as interconnected systems and it’s amazing how well that mental mo… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961686527578386432

2018-02-08 18:59:04+00:00

So these swirling self-sustaining eddies of life don’t actually remain stable for only one reason. Like a modern navigation systems, they do lots of real-time signal processing and constant tiny adjustments. Big adjustments are best accomplished on next generation hardware. https://t.co/TArQX59P5a https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961675765036314626

2018-02-08 17:59:15+00:00

The way systems are built to overcome fragility and brittleness is a combination of self-repair, self-adaptation and self-reproduction. Emphasis on self, because you control only you and won’t be around forever. Religious or not, you’re taking a turn with your matter and energy. https://t.co/j595TaYhc3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961660711444385792

2018-02-08 16:59:01+00:00

Celestial bodies abide by General Relativity — that’s one API. Individual particle/waves abide by Quantum Mechanics; another API. On our human scale, we experience both; living in a swirling weather-front of self-sustaining eddies known as life. That’s how I read it, anyway. https://t.co/hZpeFUhbbH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961645554353745920

2018-02-08 15:59:01+00:00

Eventually, the constant development of very fine low-level drivers (you’ll never have to deal with) and APIs that provide excellent control over the diversity of hardware out there ensures that the software itself becomes rather durable with a lifelike can’t-crash-me attitude. https://t.co/47SIKCVJuw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961630457300508673

2018-02-08 14:59:02+00:00

By sticking to only using the easily discovered and readily exposed APIs, we are expressing ourselves in the ways that the system’s creators intended for most of the members of the system to know about and abide by. That’s fine, but atoms don’t a prison make nor APIs a cage. https://t.co/uNkxGZbzu7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961615359999664128

2018-02-08 13:59:01+00:00

Even though you can perform the most amazing magic when hitting the hardware directly like Copper-chip color-cycling and Quantum nonlocality, developers are discouraged from doing so with direct address-calls, atom-smashing and such; but rather to go through formal APIs instead. https://t.co/LAk5rZtxSM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961600258114453504

2018-02-08 12:59:08+00:00

The truth is that hardware is not really any more static than the revisions that are allowed to be incorporated back into its design between generations. But by introducing such inconsistencies, you make a moving target for software developers and lose the hardware advantage. https://t.co/QcYE8YNzi5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/961585186923261953

2018-02-05 17:59:01+00:00

Hardware tends to have more “blessed” static states because it costs a lot to create unique new instances of hardware — so you don’t want to get it wrong by say for example propagating un-undo-able bugs inherent to a design. Software tends to be in fast and furious fluid states. https://t.co/B6Y5fr6WHI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/960573489378971649

2018-02-05 17:06:33+00:00

@dbader_org @farschmessivo I’ll reach out to you guys then. Thanks for asking! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/960560286641123329

2018-02-05 16:59:04+00:00

Beware relying upon the unique instance. Unique instances seem special because they are special. You are the 1&only unique instance of you — but not as unique as we once thought. While your unique hardware and software combination will never happen again, your hardware might. https://t.co/3gWTs6O8Js https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/960558403969060864

2018-02-05 15:59:05+00:00

Life’s conventional challenges seem almost designed to train you and harden you for the next level. First your baby teeth come in; ouch! Then your adult teeth — right when you’re old enough to appreciate it. Growth both requires and creates more growth; some planned, most not. https://t.co/wrVm8VEkl7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/960543306911449094

2018-02-05 12:59:05+00:00

I’m from Philly. Pessimists rely on predictable negative patterns around us never changing so they can throw wet blankets onto your joy. That you‘ve only ever come close to your goals in the past is is only reason to TRY AGAIN. #ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia #Eagles #SuperBowlLII https://t.co/jF62Ao2bZ1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/960498011368456192

2018-02-04 22:59:01+00:00

I know the pessimists out there and the fear-mongers love to throw wet blankets on the starry-eyed Star Trek optimism on the fires that people like JFK, Elon Musk and Linus Torvalds help ignite within us. It’s like a sport of the little people chopping dreamers down to size. https://t.co/WXBxaNhAGr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/960286599702614017

2018-02-04 20:59:02+00:00

Just like genetics and genes reveals glorious detail the grand-designs for life (really ponder it), so does the rise and fall of civilizations and societies (like species) reveal the tree of evolution larger social animals. We are forever inching to BETTER AND BETTER things. https://t.co/BcLQy8jRr3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/960256404505419781

2018-02-04 18:59:01+00:00

Gilgamesh, The Bible, whatever your particular trail of lore, the gist is pretty much the same. There’s them. There’s us. Things got bad and a flood came. There’s some renewal and a dawn of a new age. Us win. Some old stuff rediscovered. Many new ways made. Cities born. Repeat. https://t.co/V65RX9YeW7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/960226202664558594

2018-02-04 16:59:07+00:00

When we were down to about 4000 of us, after some ice age or flood or other, and the world was filled with Neanderthals, and we repopulated, things were pretty epic; almost everything, biblical — and such oral histories were valued and CODED. Yes, ENCODED, but coded nonetheless. https://t.co/uEnAxfpjbK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/960196029693026305

2018-02-03 16:02:46+00:00

Whether humans are essentially risk-takers or risk-adverse is at the heart of a lot of the static/dynamic ideology split in technology. How do we balance thinking about the future with the suspicion that THE NOW may be all that truly exists—so you had better do it or forget it. https://t.co/V8rdVwNpgn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959819459274866690

2018-02-03 01:59:01+00:00

This is also why incumbents always have the advantage. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know. All this conspires to make most humans a pretty static deterministic bunch about whom you can make fairly accurate predictions — en masse, statically speaking. https://t.co/ZUBhPDPuMR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959607123998134273

2018-02-03 00:59:03+00:00

Human senses are exponential. That means a thing doesn’t necessarily register with us as a change unless the change is a doubling, quadrupling or even x10’ing — another Intel Andy Grove-ism. Something needs to be at least 10x better than its predecessor for the market to change. https://t.co/4OOXC0OFSt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959592032384835584

2018-02-02 17:59:08+00:00

Making the shift from old and merely adequate ways of doing things to new and better ways of doing things requires the elements of the prior generation who are both insecure and hold the reins of power to die off. Of course, the new ways aren’t always better enough to force it. https://t.co/hLyvid7Y0H https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959486358724251648

2018-02-02 16:59:02+00:00

Knowing you have to travel light makes you code better. Understanding WHICH fewest-resources get you the farthest has value. How much can you assume is built-in and always assumed there versus how much must you provision for and provide yourself? What’s the best sized toolbox? https://t.co/f0BsnZQcI1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959471231643865088

2018-02-02 15:59:07+00:00

Some might say that humans are effective IS THE PROBLEM. Well sort-of. What’s wrong is that we’re still in the awkward adolescent growth-phase of the industrial revolution up through free energy and the new Human Dawn… struggling towards a mere galactic Type-1 with #FreeEnergy https://t.co/ZfGMV0KKEw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959456154995908611

2018-02-02 14:59:04+00:00

Optimization, efficiency, economy are all overrated. These are all REFINEMENT processes later on after you’re done experimenting and ready to bank wins. Warm-blooded mammals would never have evolved because there nothing efficient about our radiating heat—but we ARE EFFECTIVE. https://t.co/t8Qwv7Lzvj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959441040401891328

2018-02-02 13:59:15+00:00

That strong connection to the land is a sign of an an external dependency and a disruptable static state. Anything outside your body can be taken away, so when you start a regimen of self-improvement, it’s best to also be able to package your most important dependencies to go. https://t.co/UYrx4JfMAG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959425986256351233

2018-02-02 13:44:32+00:00

RT @ExtremeTech: New Material Efficiently Generates Hydrogen from Water https://t.co/iHaicIX5ng https://t.co/0WlM7OJlLk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959422284795703297

2018-02-02 13:44:16+00:00

RT @PCMag: New bill mandates replaceable batteries in consumer electronics: https://t.co/vc4qxwRLN2 https://t.co/4o6DZfQ9tS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959422217594523649

2018-02-02 13:43:54+00:00

RT @fighto: Great news! https://t.co/Y7R0HY6wX9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959422123302416384

2018-02-02 13:30:43+00:00

@dbader_org @farschmessivo That was mostly an experiment. I have most of the episodes archived somewhere. When I reboot my YouTube series, I’ll try to make them into podcasts as well and get the old episodes up but no promise. YouTube definitely but Podcasting only maybe. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959418806291529729

2018-02-02 09:15:45+00:00

@Apple But none if the apps will the the real Photoshop. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959354642235822081

2018-02-02 09:13:45+00:00

@bill_slawski @01_1_0 Bill, your tweet made me realize you’re the only SEO I’m actually still in touch with from those days on the original Jim Wilson Search Enigine Forum. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959354141083611137

2018-02-02 09:09:23+00:00

RT @PCMag: Amazon’s new office is much cooler than yours: https://t.co/dq1RtHTiLA https://t.co/HfaOUNTxYf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959353040410116096

2018-02-02 03:59:01+00:00

The miracle is that so many of the systems that we build and live-in and abide-by actually do last as long as they do. How hard is it to set a top in motion and then to put enough energy in it from the inside to keep it spinning? That’s what we basically do with society. https://t.co/P2znA3wEgY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959274933468704768

2018-02-02 02:59:01+00:00

Cities, societies, civilizations; it’s all just systems — systems built from rules spread as memes encoded in languages both spoken and written and passed down and re-interpreted generation after generation. The miracle is that it doesn’t for whatever reason collapse more often. https://t.co/8ToYmjILH7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959259836801306624

2018-02-02 01:59:03+00:00

Somewhere in there there’s this collective memory business about floods and gardens. Same flood, different flood, Gilgamesh, The Bible, Mesopotamia, Atlantis; it doesn’t matter. Small group of humans (re)discover agriculture, cities happen, shit hits fan. Repeat every 4K years. https://t.co/L3pOwubDAV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959244745368309766

2018-02-02 00:59:06+00:00

You can’t hardly find a graphic on the internet that doesn’t spin this ethnically one way or the other. I’m just glad we’ve got DNA settling the score over such questions as “what happened to the Neanderthals?” We are them. There must me some interesting stories there, I bet. https://t.co/k0ACGLB99f https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959229655978008576

2018-02-01 23:59:01+00:00

Through prehistoric inter-species wars, assimilation and environmental pressures, a whole bunch of bipedal great ape designs were tried out and reduced down to the same-thinkers… the homo sapiens… the technological singularity event of natural biotech — down to about 4K of us. https://t.co/dgisNAqKJd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959214535432462336

2018-02-01 22:59:07+00:00

When you’ve got cats, snakes and birds in this world — and birds evolved from yet stranger dinosaur creatures we’ve been finding fossils of forever — one hardly needs imagination to explain our belief in dragons. They are just a logical amalgamation of stuff we know to be true. https://t.co/HqJoPxlQWW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959199463813386240

2018-02-01 22:01:12+00:00

RT @josephrobison: @miklevin Great metaphor. Magic happened in ways we never thought! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959184888640483328

2018-02-01 21:59:02+00:00

Have you ever wondered about the resurgent appeal of #FairyTale #Fantasy-series like #HarryPotter and for that matter the #ZombieApocalypse? Our media obsessions are nothing new; they’re just more artists enabled to express recurring primal themes that always nag our psyche. https://t.co/GaKU1ThgVL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959184343343222785

2018-02-01 20:59:06+00:00

So far, we can burn sand into magic wands that we carry in our pockets to cast spells called apps. These apps can connect anyone on this planet with anyone else in previously unimaginable #communication models spanning everything from chat & games to proto-#GroupConsciousness. https://t.co/rV96nkgUkz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959169257933328390

2018-02-01 19:59:11+00:00

Even folks like Linus and Guido are carrying batons passed down from Ken/Unix and the ABC team. Transmitting and improving knowledge over generations, the gradual FOSS’ing of all good ideas, and a constant testing and evolving of tech will eventually let us overcome all limits. https://t.co/vnOjXa8lu8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959154179204927488

2018-02-01 19:32:02+00:00

Hey, it’s nice to see that the analysts at the place I work are having similar thoughts… along with the communities fed up with broadband price gouging that @saschasegan is talking about in this article: https://t.co/SrhBn2vz6I https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959147348629884934

2018-02-01 18:59:08+00:00

The particular brand of #SciFi future that we’re getting is playing out in real-time before us. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this and am delighted that many of the Titans of Tech aren’t always corporate, and even when they are strongly align themselves in the FOSS camp. https://t.co/aRh952qW7m https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959139068503261184

2018-02-01 17:59:02+00:00

Characters like Reed Richards are elevated in the comic book universe to be on par with world-shaping cosmic powers. Go figure. So at any rate, if Elon Musk is Ironman as the Internet is fond of saying, then Linus Torvalds and Guido van Rossum are Reed Richards and Hank Pym. https://t.co/h83aNpOm09 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959123944312901633

2018-02-01 16:59:01+00:00

We need those gremlins. Gremlins throw off statistics when you zoom down to statistics-defying individual particles within a system. The likelihood that we’re all just deterministic sheep breaks down when you look at us on a case-by-case basis. Some of us are seriously gremlins. https://t.co/pqxnmbt0RD https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959108841437913089

2018-02-01 15:59:50+00:00

RT @JamesARay: Falling in love with a BIG idea, something new, even a purpose, takes falling OUT of love with something (or someone) else.… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959093947468537857

2018-02-01 15:59:03+00:00

When new #BlueOcean #WorldMarkets are being invented, the priority of the current #PowerBrokers is to step in and control it—monetizing by producing scarcity and extracting tolls at the gates and such. Banking, oil, diamonds… right up until our pesky little information-gremlin. https://t.co/1MwHGW8YHG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959093748390080513

2018-02-01 15:58:12+00:00

RT @eliheuer: Mamikon’s proof of the Pythagorean theorem, The inner circle has a diameter of one, and the outer circle has a diameter of tw… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959093533046079488

2018-02-01 14:59:02+00:00

It’s is not the government’s role to tell a corporation how to use its network (it’s not airwaves), but rather our job to show them we don’t need their stinking networks — so our part is to keep the worldwide free-flow of information being both unstoppably-free AND monetizable. https://t.co/Z4VGtOfr95 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959078646404341763

2018-02-01 13:59:02+00:00

The trick of surprising large corporations with marketshare-stealing disruption (I.e. the Internet) isn’t the same as seizing it forever. They are responding, and the “Internet” is being artfully picked apart into waring corporate factions — instead of an innate human right. https://t.co/W9L3ldVwaL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959063544531742720

2018-02-01 12:59:10+00:00

Individuals change the world in ways that blindsided big corps. PCs were supposed to become just set-top InteractiveTVs for highly curated corporate products — but wizards like Ken, Cerf, Lee and Torvalds saved us from that particular dystopian future ruled over by IBM/GE/AT&T. https://t.co/QtfaVdoBhH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959048480839929866

2018-02-01 12:18:04+00:00

Hey #Apple, if you’re not putting a #stylus in a #phablet, you can still keep me partially on an iOS phone with the #SE+??? IF you keep the #headphonejack, make it #waterproof and even thinner. If you can’t be my #ArtistNotebook, you MAYBE can still be a backup PC in my #WALLET. https://t.co/8A2ofEIkAf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/959038134666387456

2018-01-31 17:13:38+00:00

@ExtremeTech @PCMag “If I ran Apple, I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.” – quote Michael Dell just over 10 years ago #comeuppance #turnaboutisfairplay https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958750131247075328

2018-01-31 17:06:02+00:00

RT @ExtremeTech: From @PCMag: Report: VMware May Buy Dell in Biggest-Ever Tech Deal https://t.co/nGy198LTel https://t.co/zop5EspW0m https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958748219483312129

2018-01-30 15:37:39+00:00

@davidmays Same problem as #piracy: the world is analog and as long as electronics can sample it (like at all), there’ll be #leaks. Also same problem with #blockchains: #anonymity is an illusion and can be undone en masse with simple joins. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958363588011397121

2018-01-30 02:59:01+00:00

As in WWII and comics, superpowers are sometimes centuries-old institutions with massive centralize resources — while others are just single individuals, giving of altruistically of their creative product to the world — single-handedly more powerful than the establishment. https://t.co/N40I5Dh0a5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958172671350640640

2018-01-30 01:59:02+00:00

There are superpowers lining up in-alignment behind worldviews and human organizing systems deemed “best”. It’s not only a Red vs. Blue thing but also Red, White & Blue vs. everyone — basically how long Western Culture maintains it’s self-insulated Victorian air of superiority. https://t.co/lvmjNsdw3J https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958157577480785921

2018-01-30 01:09:17+00:00

The stuff we should all be married to as a human right is ad hoc networking built on stuff like TCP/IP and the hardware to run it — without such acts being illegal. I kid you not, the roads to ruin are around every corner. Freedom advocates safeguard it, but nothing is assured. https://t.co/jJm20jpfY3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958145055415504896

2018-01-29 23:59:03+00:00

Let Kickstarter kick-in and kickstart its own internet. Internets you see should always be lowercase except when using it as a proper noun as in that thing that died in 2017, or at the beginning of a sentence. Hmm. Maybe I’m trying to be the Stunk & White of tech #MeshNetworking https://t.co/WcTCjfRcfE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958127383151824896

2018-01-29 22:59:01+00:00

The funny thing is the same Turing-Complete “anything can virtualize anything” fact that kept the Mac alive through the 90s is now being used in networking. Technologies combine to allow virtual networks to exist inside or across other networks or stand on its very own hardware. https://t.co/z0uQwW6qpr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958112275130396673

2018-01-29 22:18:51+00:00

The very Internet will be letting us down in a few years as the frog slowly cooks. It‘s now the responsibility of everyone who holds the Internet (capital-I) dear to reinvent it with the countless ways there are to actually do so #FOSS #OpenHardware #MeshNetworking #SciFi #Maker https://t.co/Yu3t5ry83j https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958102164240519170

2018-01-29 20:59:12+00:00

The products that result from today’s economies of scale are too good to say no to. The improved lifestyle of owning magic in your pocket far outweighs the little piece of your soul you have spend for it—but like all good things, it will go bad. Enjoy the good exchange rate now. https://t.co/QGN0FOyYZ1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958082119972147201

2018-01-29 19:59:10+00:00

The 1950s full-on homogeneous Father Knows Best cradle-to-grave cultural shepherding by NBC/CBS/ABC and their owners isn’t quite what we have today with iPhones, Androids and Kindles — but it sure is something close. What we gained in diversity of choice we lost in privacy. https://t.co/ZlyEIUYw9i https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958067010814046208

2018-01-29 18:59:03+00:00

NBC, CBS & ABC: You could consume any news and media you like as long as it was one of those 3. In the 50s-70s GE & Westinghouse (NBC & CBS’s parent companies) actually built the TVs too in an ultimate example of selling them the razor, razor blades & entire house you live in. https://t.co/1vnweqcsN1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958051882177564674

2018-01-29 17:59:02+00:00

The Wild West Web we dialed into in the 90s from companies like NetZero, Erols & RCN who got their feeds on university-oriented MAE-East and MAE-West Internet Exchange Points (in true Internet PROPER-NOUN fashion) are mostly dead—replaced by ever-faster corporate pocket radios. https://t.co/IZm8fSWBiB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958036779596120064

2018-01-29 16:59:07+00:00

What we all use now is a very expensively-built jumble of privately owned cables and satellites, often using public-land and airspace, but property of commercial enterprises nonetheless. Don’t begrudge them their purpose for existing. Focus on #TheInternet and true #WireCutting https://t.co/pRNknEiLdH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958021703514447874

2018-01-29 15:59:01+00:00

Gore gave us the Internet and there’s truth in that. That it’s ridiculed is a masterstroke of turnaround by those who would have rather it wasn’t invented. The vote for human free-will has been cast with #NetNeutrality. Stop calling their networks “The Internet”. They’re not. https://t.co/IN6isoKeJi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/958006577675587586

2018-01-29 14:59:02+00:00

We have much to learn, and we are in our infancy. We have become our own #SciFi. Megapop #comicbooks are just our encoded WWII #mythologies and psychosis all blended into agenda-soup. But that’s okay. The liberal Dems are usually right when not shooting themselves in the foot. https://t.co/8PxSuaFmiV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/957991481368817664

2018-01-29 13:59:02+00:00

Zero-out the drive. Reboot. Wipe the slate clean. Start with a fresh canvas. Whatever your metaphor, it’s a lie. Quantum fluctuation implies there are no clean skates. Imperfection seems to be coded into reality to both set the game in motion and keep it interesting and going. https://t.co/7jFku8dbku https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/957976380100128768

2018-01-26 23:46:05+00:00

@josephrobison @DataCamp If you haven’t done so already, install Anaconda. I’m getting ready to show how to use these tools over my YouTube channel within the next few weeks. If you do, see if you can: !pip install populate. If so, I’ll get you over that hump tonight. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/957036954499022851

2018-01-26 23:32:23+00:00

@josephrobison Thanks. If all goes as planned, it’s going to be a big on-ramp to Python for technical SEOs preparing their next steps. It’s engrained into my day to day work so much so that it’s hard to imagine how people do this sort of stuff without it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/957033506420518914

2018-01-26 23:07:15+00:00

If you press and hold, does it give you all possible ethnic combinations? If not I feel offended. #exponential #emoji #diversity https://t.co/mL2pJlqUtB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/957027182240509952

2018-01-25 13:55:55+00:00

@bill_slawski #SEO ~= #Statistics, #DataScience, #PredictiveAnalytics and a whole bunch of other stuff — more interesting and a larger lifetime career than cliché’d SEO alone. And that’s not even counting the communication & storytelling which I now lump in with the data science. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/956526047993958400

2018-01-25 13:49:33+00:00

RT @raymondh: Dear computer book publishers, please DON’T USE SMART QUOTES in code!

>>> print(“hello”) # bad >>> print(“hello”)… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/956524442863177729

2018-01-24 18:49:12+00:00

@gravislizard Dude out of all the 3D proprietary stuff, Blender is the one that threw its (previously commercial and proprietary) software into the FOSS world. The miracle is that anything so developed exists in that category at all. Not a defense of bad UI. I get it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/956237467392397315

2018-01-23 22:30:23+00:00

Completely unreal sky over #NYC tonight. #sunset https://t.co/Mpn6GoQN72 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955930738972676096

2018-01-23 15:59:07+00:00

Virtualscreens by any other name are still still as fixed-position muscle-memory awesomely productive as they were when 1st innovated in Unix in 1984 — one year before Amiga’s release. Some call them virtual desktops, but that implies windows need to be on a screen. They don’t. https://t.co/D2lUEnXK76 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955832274225913857

2018-01-23 14:59:01+00:00

Of course there’s this long debate over who invented Xerox/Apple/Microsoft-style resizable “windows” but the point is pointless. Mobile proved that navigable Amiga-like fullscreens really are best after all — forcing Microsoft and Apple to reshape OSes around Spaces & AeroSnap. https://t.co/vo1hdXKPdi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955817148944912384

2018-01-23 13:59:03+00:00

I’m not just an embittered #Apple fanboy over neither of my preferred artistic platforms ever coming from Apple: a pocket ARTIST’S NOTEBOOK or a #PHOTOSHOP #TABLET. No, I’m an #Amiga-fReAk embittered that the GREATEST #COPYCAT OF ALL TIME lost me to the 2nd and 3rd greatest. https://t.co/RT4WfbfEk3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955802059038773253

2018-01-23 12:59:09+00:00

I know Microsoft’s strategy must be EMBRACE & DISPLACE Linux just like they TRIED with Sun’s Java and DID with Netscape Navigator. It’s harder to see how Microsoft plans to undermine FOSS. So while I wait I’ll enjoy more cool hardware that SHOULD HAVE BEEN Apple’s (& Note8). https://t.co/fhwhmUvXPP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955786985293139968

2018-01-23 03:59:02+00:00

Were it not for the genius hardware designs that Microsoft has been coming out with (contrasting Apple), I’d have written Microsoft off as proprietary and deceased. But running Windows 10 with Ubuntu BASH installed is mindbogglingly preferable over native Macs now. Touché M$. https://t.co/ZV7sSfT0j6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955651058189193216

2018-01-23 02:59:01+00:00

Steve Jobs masterminding his comeback is a case of winning for more than one reason. The main bet and the side bet both came to fruition — setting new standards for consumer-quality in mobile, while on the desktop Macs becoming Unix-based start to cast Windows as NOT COMPATIBLE. https://t.co/wyOrdx2fNc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955635957419606016

2018-01-23 01:59:05+00:00

Apple did not invent ARM. Nor is ARM around and successful today ONLY because of Apple. But the deal that transitioned the tech from the UK’s Commodore-era Acorn computers to the company we know as ARM today was a joint venture between VLSI, Acorn, AND APPLE! https://t.co/unctKQRI9W https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955620875251994625

2018-01-23 00:59:02+00:00

Apple once again took a page from Commodore’s book in how they acquired MOS Technologies, their cheap RISC professor company to power low-cost devices and not dependent on $250 Intel/Motorola chips. Apple never acquired ARM because it never needed to but achieved the same thing. https://t.co/dV3EVehOCV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955605759936684032

2018-01-22 23:59:07+00:00

The Newton flopped because either the public needs to be so ready for a product like this or the product needs to be so compelling that it drags the public along. Newton was neither, but it was ARM-powered and had a stylus for Newton’s much maligned handwriting recognition. https://t.co/Q1vO27dkQL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955590684098080768

2018-01-22 22:59:00+00:00

As if replatforming Mac from one CPU & OS to another without breaking compatibility wasn’t enough, Jobs HELPED ENSURE his ouster’s John Sculley’s failed bet on the Newton didn’t go to waste by continuing Apple’s relationship with ARM — eventually using it to dominate mobile too. https://t.co/JOCNkBqhzk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955575555725897728

2018-01-22 21:59:01+00:00

Apple porting Mac to Intel CPUs took away Adobe’s last excuse not to PORT MODERN PHOTOSHOP BACK TO MAC. Today’s Adobe Creative Cloud web-approach is a #SourGrapes strategy whereby Adobe ported Suite back to Apple but in a way that undermines platform-loyalty—especially mobile. https://t.co/T2fnfP1ihv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955560458496495625

2018-01-22 20:59:07+00:00

Jobs understood the power of the walls and labels abstractions. By moving Mac from Motorola 6800 lineage CPUs into the Intel platform where the static Murphy’s… I mean Moore’s Law GHz crowd yabbered, he yielded to economies of scale and blurred walls and labels of what a PC was. https://t.co/9KbfRJGKoJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955545386512461824

2018-01-22 19:59:01+00:00

You might argue that Jobs abandoned the ACTUAL creative crowd when they abandoned him — showing no platform loyalty as the graphic design industry flocked to Windows when it was the only way to create Flash animation or use the latest versions of Photoshop. But Jobs had a plan. https://t.co/egcw2NGOzW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955530260094881794

2018-01-22 18:59:02+00:00

Incremental advantage from tightly integrated parts tops out. Without next-step innovation, things stagnate as they once did on the Mac before OS X and now do again on iOS — lacking a way to put an artists’ notebook into our pockets, as it does. Attention doodles: try s-pen! https://t.co/BclUxr4bPy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955515162613747712

2018-01-22 17:59:04+00:00

The brute force of Moore’s Law determines that standardize interoperable components will always catch up with proprietary advantages on a purely feature-basis — but general-purpose hardware also wastes metal and uses up battery faster and has less “masterpiece” product control. https://t.co/pyjKBzgWL1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955500073978355713

2018-01-22 16:59:01+00:00

Don’t love the hardware to excess, no matter how sexy. Hardware is mostly all now fast and capable enough to virtualize, or standard enough to not call for it. Hardware will always break your heart due to how we must invest muscle memory mastering imminently obsolete parts. https://t.co/e5LuIZZ1cC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955484961787834368

2018-01-22 15:59:03+00:00

My home computer-centric view of the world broadened to take in Microsoft IIS and SQL Server. Then my brain rewired around databases and network infrastructure. My next great technological blind-spot: a love-for and dependency-on SQL set-in—as bad as I’ve had for any hardware. https://t.co/JTBjv1wnPP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955469869016911872

2018-01-22 14:59:02+00:00

That feeling of a single awesome unit of computing went away for me for awhile because I didn’t jump on the PC gaming bandwagon going from Doom to Quake LAN parties. The wrong platform won; PLUS I had no interest in more gaming after the Amiga. Career-wary, I went server-side. https://t.co/tWKtdRStSg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955454765722415104

2018-01-22 13:59:03+00:00

The 8/16-bit home computer era was a very special time in history when you could rely on millions of almost identical hardware game consoles to play back your efficient hardware-hitting code identically — when doing so was actually good. Amiga was the last & finest of the era. https://t.co/IouuxgvyJh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955439672494260224

2018-01-22 12:59:01+00:00

My Unix sales-guy friends from Commodore, Paul Calkin and Jesse something, always used to joke about how Amiga-freak’s Amigas were their amigas — and I think they were right. It’s the same as a musician’s love for a beautiful, familiar, finely crafted and well-tuned instrument. https://t.co/bfqIzZs179 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955424563957035008

2018-01-22 11:11:52+00:00

RT @philshapiro: Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955397598453563392

2018-01-22 02:59:01+00:00

I had many Amigas over the years but probably the one I loved most was an upgraded A2000 with a NewTEK Video Toaster and VeryVivid Mandala augmented reality card installed. Wow could that machine do a lot of stuff, but nothing has survived my moves over the years… but that’s OK. https://t.co/ly4jLAJOVo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955273567146528771

2018-01-22 00:59:01+00:00

Even with all these #AugmentedReality phone features, I’m still like yawn… still so 80’s. I mean that’s Vincent John Vincent from Very Vivid. I even still know where my Mandala AR rig is. https://t.co/krhdXnInZ1. It’s remarkable on how many fronts the Amiga was prophetic. https://t.co/JwSqXuj0ZV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955243370951139329

2018-01-21 22:59:08+00:00

It’s ironic that the #Amiga-snubbing #ReadyPlayerOne book is about to become an 80s nostalgia @steveberg1946 megahit movie when in my eyes the past 30 years has been the world really just catching up with a future many of us have already lived. It feels like having #prescience. https://t.co/8b5jjwq1Bo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955213199325974528

2018-01-21 20:59:06+00:00

The Amiga computer appealed far more to dynamic creative folks; the hackers, nerds and misfits who have been waiting for the promise of actual cool Star Trek technology who were disappointed by the sad static state of affairs — monochrome people happy with monochrome machines. https://t.co/HgrCUUVhjJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955182992259014656

2018-01-21 18:59:02+00:00

From the mid-80s to the mid-90s there was a vibe that the Amiga was not a “real” computer. This was half-true because the Amiga lacked memory protection and would rarely be used for static-brained critical missions (air traffic control); but art & theater people loved it. https://t.co/aRpGCgrgKC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955152775645679616

2018-01-21 16:59:06+00:00

You can tell what somebody fears the most about themselves from what they complain the most loudly about in others. You can glean much from fear-mongering sophistry. What they’re telling you is precisely the enemy they covet most and will become most like after their revolution. https://t.co/KcqDUg6OkA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955122592909856768

2018-01-21 14:59:04+00:00

These are all lessons Steve Jobs learned from Jack Tramiel, Commodore’s founder. Apple’s comeback has all just been Job’s long-secret unspoken bout of Amiga-envy — a TRUE platform for creatives. I believe this is when Jobs actually started to hate truly whacky creative types. https://t.co/kLONJrvXdK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955092386123800576

2018-01-21 12:59:01+00:00

Once Jobs realized the whole Turing-Complete real-time emulation thing was real, he moved to virtualize everyone else while making it against Apple licenses to virtualize them — THEN drove down costs & up performance by means of tight control/integration of hardware & software. https://t.co/7EjpvcnXjO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955062175571283969

2018-01-21 12:46:17+00:00

RT @JackLNorthrup: @miklevin I have been playing hard with your LinuxLevinux. Fun Stuff . Last week has been working with #emulators , #vir… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/955058971861307392

2018-01-21 01:59:03+00:00

Few appreciate the deep fundamental schism that has been taking place amongst creatives for years, ever since Adobe ported Photoshop to Windows and then started keeping it generations ahead of the Mac version… haha! I genuinely LOL every time I think about what that caused. https://t.co/dIWyuD02Ey https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954896088766525441

2018-01-20 23:59:01+00:00

I try every reasonable stylus platform as soon and long as I reasonably can. The #Remarkable is in my future and I was a Pulse #LiveScribe pen nut for awhile (note-taking is a critical skill). I was on the #SurfacePro4 for a year and just got daughter #iPadPro w/ #ApplePencil. https://t.co/L9zRIDPUMx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954865884111212544

2018-01-20 21:59:02+00:00

If iPhone X isn’t evidence Apple is flipping creatives the bird (choosing mass market over creative), then the iPad Pro plus Apple Pencil being Apple’s only #ArtistsNotebook solution certainly is. And Adobe is responding in-kind by not even doing REAL Photoshop for iOS tablets. https://t.co/Rs4IFyGR07 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954835687001518081

2018-01-20 19:59:06+00:00

Most API caveats and nuances that are crippling all we English-only speakers trying to take up Java or JavaScript as our primary “think in” (usually 1st) computer programming language are invisible to us like a fish in water — water saturated with curly brackets. https://t.co/IwwT0kfgM9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954805505184157696

2018-01-20 17:59:03+00:00

I feel the API-walls constructed around me by my tools. I attribute it to the Amiga. Preemptive multitasking, augmented reality, interprocess communication… yawn! Been there done that before Web. And the world is so infatuated with this stuff as if it were the first go-around. https://t.co/MjWvQXMzry https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954775294195519488

2018-01-20 15:59:05+00:00

I had been on #iPhone for over 10 years, and that was AFTER a #Palm #Pilot with a stylus, #Samsung i700 likewise stylus and #SonyEricsson P910a same. I LOVE how styluses work and feel and let you EXPRESS YOURSELF artistically — abstraction more basic than letters & words. #Note8 https://t.co/SPDstnhTYR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954745104186662912

2018-01-20 14:54:12+00:00

Kids start out loving to #draw (dynamic) and gradually lose the ability under group dynamics (embarrassment & criticism). #Drawing is as primary a means of #communication as any — primal in how we dragged sticks in the mud far longer than used words with any (static) alphabet. https://t.co/yGGdm6B694 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954728774720999425

2018-01-19 20:59:02+00:00

English is mostly responsible for the various label & wall abstractions in tech. But you can be pretty sure AI’s aren’t going to be talking to each other in English; though you shouldn’t be giving it up just yet in order to express yourself a bit more efficiently to machines. https://t.co/nzh3YJbWrN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954458200065134594

2018-01-19 19:59:02+00:00

Watching my child grow up, I “got it” more than ever. I knew it was coming so I watched carefully as the stages of self-awareness and language-use kicked in. The details of a language itself is software, but the capacity to spontaneously invent language is definitely hardware. https://t.co/SDf5LhRfFw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954443100310720513

2018-01-19 15:59:06+00:00

So in other words as an Infant, you don’t know up from down. This is when first principle abstractions kick-in which begin as I’ve been trying to pound into you as your first step in programming in Python or any other human or computer language is labels; thumbnails; nicknames. https://t.co/kJlAMrKvQS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954382718820864000

2018-01-19 14:59:11+00:00

As baby’s looking around at random sights, sounds, smells and various other sensations, we lack observational context for everything but what nature and our womb experience so far game us. Observational context happens. Persistence of non-linguistic sampling enables recognition. https://t.co/w6QHwQsA4k https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954367640839081984

2018-01-18 19:59:03+00:00

Dynamic thought is for kids while they wired-up their own brains with a high hunger-for and tolerance-of nonsense. Kids are willing to put in the work for things—a trait that gets progressively lost as we grow, narrowing our focus to those things we can automate ourselves to do. https://t.co/ZfLvEY2GmJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954080716341604353

2018-01-18 18:59:01+00:00

Language-bound purely “rational” thought drops large chunks of real-world information provided by our animal hardware that we just don’t listen to as much—which happens to be just as smart in its own naturally selected way; though not through a series of language-bound #axioms. https://t.co/12oDM9vAUY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954065609628807178

2018-01-18 17:59:05+00:00

I always get the words seems and seams mixed up. They’re closely related and very tied to API-work. At CES this year, they showed seamless (bezel-free) multi-monitors where there seemed to be no seam. I think intelligence is similar. Scalable static-systems seam to create it. https://t.co/FruGHV4lB9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954050524579495936

2018-01-18 16:59:02+00:00

In systems where all info is laid out on an easily sampled 19x19 grid with crystal-clear rules and no information-loss (of any consequence), of course a computer will eventually win against our best. It’s STILL a static game, no matter how many SEEMINGLY infinite possible moves. https://t.co/gWE9jlmzPN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954035414171611136

2018-01-18 15:59:10+00:00

Humans are stuck between the #rational and the #irrational; much to the chagrin of static rational thinkers who can’t understand how artists consistently beat #algorithms when rules get fuzzy. Quantum mechanics remind us how reality itself contradicts science’s #firstprinciples. https://t.co/jkRKvmFDFm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/954020347845767169

2018-01-18 13:59:04+00:00

RT @PCMag: Can it be true?

And the world’s most popular OS is… https://t.co/8HuH8978NN https://t.co/XufsmO9dBO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953990125536628736

2018-01-17 20:58:14+00:00

RT @raymondh: #python musing: Wouldn’t it be great if dumps/loads and compress/decompress were called encode/decode. And even better if… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953733221942005761

2018-01-17 18:59:02+00:00

What we call rational behavior unexpectedly breaks down at the subatomic scale where amorphous clouds of probable realities needs to be sampled (I.e. observed) for a real one to resolve. At this scale, single half-mirrored photon reflections become individual tiny coin-tosses. https://t.co/tFiKdSkWOM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953703224346890241

2018-01-17 17:59:01+00:00

One of the most important learnings in life is that it is necessary to put nearly ARBITRARY FAITH into SOMETHING in order to believe in ANYTHING—even stuff not supposed to sound arbitrary like science and rational thought https://t.co/uFWzzNdZ6G https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953688122096865280

2018-01-17 16:59:01+00:00

Reading is the anecdote to both the solipsism & sophistry pitfalls. Reading provides strong evidence of multiple viewpoints of the world by temporarily coercing you to recreate them in your head as the author saw it. Lather, rinse, repeat to live successive virtual lives. https://t.co/Gsu9GQZ7sR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953673023151902722

2018-01-17 15:59:02+00:00

I’ve already discussed life’s big pitfall that grows from existentialism to solipsism to nihilism—a collapsing of the inner world. Another (but outer-world) s-word to look out for is sophistry—by which media and corporations brand you from birth as their easily corralled sheep. https://t.co/eDQIzITiZH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953657926077607938

2018-01-17 14:59:01+00:00

There are infinitely more possible paths through life than there are even us to choose from among them. Maybe the multiverse theory of collapsing probability is true (superimposed contradictory states), but certainly not the dumbass multiverse theory featured in Rick and Morty. https://t.co/YOvxQygPbs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953642821117988865

2018-01-16 21:59:06+00:00

Let me tell ya, running alone ain’t easy, and the grandiosity of your achievements will usually be much smaller (unless you’re Tesla) and you’ll miss many of the shortcuts teamwork can provide. But your creations will be more undeniably yours. https://t.co/tewwv2Cfq3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953386152463085568

2018-01-16 20:59:06+00:00

Do you run with the pack or do you run alone? There’s strength in numbers, but you’ve got to play by group rules and it may not encourage exploration and invention. Packs make pretty good killers though, so if you’re a lone wolf, keep an eye out; the pack doesn’t have your back. https://t.co/kaajKBzaxq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953371053056815105

2018-01-16 19:59:04+00:00

Because somebody loves us when we’re born into this world, we don’t die right away. Gradually, we shift from completely dependent and helpless to merely just co-dependent on our society in the same exact way as every other living adult. Somewhere there self-determinism kicks in. https://t.co/PSlh4fe1CX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953355944573972480

2018-01-16 19:43:09+00:00

RT @IcebergSwole: @miklevin Thanks for the follow. Your vids played a big role in me starting to learn Python and Pandas. You shifted my wh… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953351938426458112

2018-01-16 18:59:08+00:00

The existence of movies like Inside Out is for me as much reason to be optimistic about the future as political fear-mongering is to be pessimistic. It communicates such difficult ideas about our minds so well to our children that it is a tool to helps them lead better lives. https://t.co/FcmIcql0fe https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953340860728475648

2018-01-16 17:59:01+00:00

We don’t even understand our own inner-workings yet, so we are among our own greatest mysteries. But we do know the types of choices, paths and decisions you can choose from in life based on a study of what has gone before; and to do so well is taking advantage of being human. https://t.co/4gAMUBoFDs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953325734910681094

2018-01-16 16:59:15+00:00

We are specifically abstraction-processing computers. From conception, a process called protein synthesis replicate our cells and DNA, carrying around molecular factories that do it all again. But somewhere in there, we start thinking and becoming creatures who can process THIS. https://t.co/w7J54zEIZB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953310690844053504

2018-01-16 15:59:01+00:00

Most human societies have to default the lives of their average populace to a life of tedious day’s labor for barely adequate pay even just for the pure sake of economic and social stability. Different groups try drawing power from the base in different ways. https://t.co/iwniImMKLG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953295536014217216

2018-01-16 14:59:12+00:00

Just as in physics how our inability to unravel the mystery of quantum entanglement proves our general cluelessness, so does our uncertainty regarding what really constitutes life, intelligence and consciousness demonstrate we’re no farther along in the infant field of biology. https://t.co/hIFZMJiRe9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953280482774585344

2018-01-16 13:59:04+00:00

Humanity simply has got to work it all out organically over generations, surviving, tolerating each other, putting our eggs into more than just one basket, and avoiding all the pitfalls that can arise when miraculous technology lets you take control of your own evolution. https://t.co/SVzIFTzeEX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953265347238514693

2018-01-16 12:59:02+00:00

Another irony of the human condition is that we can’t just all get along because trying to do so in some thought-policed way is as dystopian as what it’s fighting. It’s the 1st amendment conundrum: you can’t support free speech without supporting those who would take away yours. https://t.co/s12oaFxSf8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953250240114634753

2018-01-16 03:59:04+00:00

There are distinct gradients of textures and fibers and flavors that go into the smoothie. The fact that genes that make up the parent’s features and DNA recombine but somehow still retain the distinctness of each parent is an awesome display of the granularity of life’s API. https://t.co/j1DRktRqRY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953114353112354818

2018-01-16 02:59:02+00:00

So we’re learning how to bank seeds in nuke-proof vaults up in Elsa’s kingdom just in case, while private industry funds a Mars colony with Tesla’s and space tourism. It’s a start. We’re gonna have to do better, but we’re starting to work on packaging humanity to go. https://t.co/0vzhUlgjmZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953099245925683200

2018-01-16 01:59:04+00:00

All it takes is a generation to lose all progress we ever made. Persistency of information among tribes, across generations and through upheaval is very hard to accomplish. Every complex system is actually fragile in its own way, just waiting for the reset button to get pushed. https://t.co/mtU3hps02Z https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953084155633504256

2018-01-16 00:59:04+00:00

Aztecs, Aboriginies, Inuits, every assimilated gene pool and radically transformed unique human ethnic group attests to what happens when even mildly different evolutionary-paths collide. It’s like astral collisions: does the planet crash into the asteroid or other way around? https://t.co/E5AB8Ruedb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953069055618973696

2018-01-15 23:59:08+00:00

With European culture, planned intermarriage of royalty intertwined fates of neighboring countries enough to evade constant war, but such deep integration at the hardware level has a cost. APIs carrying around too much old foreign legacy-code become flakey and unstable. https://t.co/f2jNldrMhR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953053971580620800

2018-01-15 22:59:02+00:00

The interests of those that have to live together occupying similar space must all be met, or one side will be subsumed or expelled by the other. To co-exist at constant war is inhumane. Resolutions and alliances and interdependencies must be allowed for low-level integration. https://t.co/KhRc8D9gPN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953038846354251777

2018-01-15 21:59:01+00:00

Few group mentalities were as singular and captivating as the race-to-space, as visual story-telling thanks to newly invented TVs, was brought into peoples homes to hypnotically engage them. Oh, what a game! We can build our ICBM capabilities out of this and be applauded for it. https://t.co/SGphUwbqVx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953023742590029824

2018-01-15 20:59:01+00:00

Every few generations gets crazy over consuming its own myths. What we’re seeing in the theaters today are the geeks of the 70s and 80s now being at Hollywood’s helm. It is no less than the Batman mania that has swept the nation before. It’s our Iliad, Odyssey and Greek gods. https://t.co/gknjhCQpAA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/953008643334725632

2018-01-15 19:59:02+00:00

One of life’s challenges is to just understand why things are the way they are around you, which is a big deal right now because megacorps are busy turning technology into magic—a dopamine-powered enchantment making you live and consume in the bottom of the ecosystem pyramid. https://t.co/hC1NkbX2OS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952993548248453123

2018-01-15 18:59:02+00:00

We’re moving to a better future than Star Trek where the miracles of the Bible look antiquated next to modern technology. Eventually, we’ll have environmentally conservative floating paradise cities to ease things up a bit. It’s all been imagined in #SciFi and fantasy for years. https://t.co/90O5pyUsg6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952978448154230784

2018-01-15 17:59:03+00:00

One of the biggest heartbreaks of my life was the realization that the Space Race was NOT pure human spirit rising up to achieve better-than our scorpion selves, but rather was just playing right into it as a way of saying to Russia: We could hit you back AND colonize the moon. https://t.co/Ei16IkT6M7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952963356205506560

2018-01-15 16:59:06+00:00

Don’t hate a thing for what it was born as. We’re all poured into random mortal molds and then asked to live, survive and perchance prosper and pass down things. Who we were born as DOES determine our HARDWARE nature. But deciding to be who we wish for ourselves makes us human. https://t.co/DgJ2aCRD5P https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952948269327503360

2018-01-15 15:59:03+00:00

This is a New York super-rat. The biggest baddest survivors are the ones that have survived so long IN SPITE OF everything that’s been thrown at them in deadly hyper-competitive environment. That’s life’s irony; trying to completely wipe out a line often just breds it stronger. https://t.co/EZecBQ4Mj2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952933153672454144

2018-01-15 14:59:01+00:00

Those who survive under such conditions may end up feeling like persecuted mutants. This sentiment reached the comics but only reached the cinematic universe in watered-down form for which I’m sort of glad. We got enough mutants-this and mutants-that in the comics and cartoons. https://t.co/97MHkOQiKh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952918048448622593

2018-01-15 13:59:01+00:00

Everyone alive today is a result of the violent Law of The Jungle. We weren’t forged in the cauldron of pleasantries and fairness. Our ancestors took what they wanted from the people who were there before and gave it to their children as inheritance—including a larger gene pool. https://t.co/3SM62QElZC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952902948509683719

2018-01-15 12:59:01+00:00

The geography of the planet accounts for the dominance of Russian, Chinese, Middle Eastern and most European countries, per Guns, Gems & Steel. It’s not like they were saved from plagues—it’s just that the cruel rinse/repeat cycle of pandemics already wiped out the susceptible. https://t.co/tHLytQY1Yx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952887847740235777

2018-01-15 02:59:03+00:00

Settling down at a campsite and making it through a winter season or two radically expanded the options on the plate of human possibility. Who knows, it may have even been a band of the sick and the poor who just couldn’t travel anymore and would leave providence to their wits. https://t.co/2QBO3UfN7o https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952736862417883142

2018-01-15 00:59:02+00:00

The Garden of Eden was somewhere along the east-west migratory patterns of human tribes following the herds. They ate wild fruit along the way and poo’d the seeds. Better and better fruit was found at past campsites every year until Eve said let’s chill here eating poo-fruit. https://t.co/SPjRdy4Eb4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952706657594769408

2018-01-14 22:59:02+00:00

Read Guns, Germs and Steel. Statistically, Messompontania, the Fertile Crescent, all Eurasia and the Middle East were “rigged” for success versus North or South American or African cultures due to vast land-connected traderoutes with latitudinal diversity including the equator. https://t.co/euP7mYEsrK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952676457704230912

2018-01-14 20:59:02+00:00

Fascinatingly, Carl Sagan’s cosmic calendar can backfire; actually highlighting how EARLY ON in our Universe’s life we actually are—only 14 billion of the projected 1-100 trillion years to heat-death. So we’ve got some time to plan surviving every filter event up and through it. https://t.co/brWhuY959u https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952646259445239808

2018-01-14 18:59:14+00:00

We, you me, all life on our planet, are a gyroscope balanced on the tip of a pin cycling along a tightrope. We got through precisely one war where nukes were used making us survive our 2nd clear #filterevent—first being when one bad winter could have wiped out all #homosapiens. https://t.co/STrwofjvt5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952616110662221824

2018-01-14 16:59:19+00:00

The answer to #LifeTheUniverseAndEverything is us. We are the Deep Thought computer. But Douglas Adams knows how to wrap good hard #scifi into soft abstracted mainstream Alice in Wonderland nonsense. Though given our dependencies, the #WholeEarth is really the computer. https://t.co/33ZPzNBIYX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952585933144117248

2018-01-14 15:41:52+00:00

@kennethreitz I also should point out that JN is not only to give an insanely useful REPL experience in-browser but it also addresses many of the heterogeneous execution context problems, like getting challenging components (pandas, psycopg2, lxml) easily installed Mac, Windows or Linux. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952566441391411201

2018-01-14 15:32:49+00:00

@kennethreitz I recommend Jupyter Notebook for folks new to ALL the concepts. It’ll take you up to about debugging functions before you have to take them to less newb friendly execution territory. And I’m a vim guy saying that. JN changes everything. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952564165159383040

2018-01-14 15:30:28+00:00

You can deactivate single-presses on the #Bixby button underneath the volume-down that’s used in screen snapshots, but you can’t deactivate the long-press which actually is the one ruinining all those screen snapshot opportunities. Gonna dremel the Bixby button off #Note8 case. https://t.co/V4pYvUIs1y https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/952563575297626118

2018-01-12 19:59:13+00:00

The most interesting thing to me to note about the journey from the scale of the very tiny to the very large is how particles keep popping up; attracting, repelling and orbiting each other—and only very occasionally working in strange and unexpected ways; always the outliers. https://t.co/iolZhcSHWa https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/951906432928092161

2018-01-12 18:59:01+00:00

Since we can’t see beyond the observable Universe, smaller than Planck’s Constant, or around the speed of light, all we can do is document user interfaces and API’s at these hardware boundaries and make good use of whatever it is that gives us the appearance of human free will. https://t.co/nxk6NYdxfX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/951891283131486208

2018-01-12 17:59:31+00:00

The fact that general relativity and and quantum physics still resist decisively unifying is a testament to how unknowable the things know-it-all’s (like me) like to blab on about actually are. Until we know why particles can still be connected at a distance, we don’t know shit. https://t.co/TXTs8feyox https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/951876309348769795

2018-01-12 16:59:04+00:00

What we believe to be true-random at the quantum scale could be something else, like the non-random interference of higher dimensional particles whose movement is so complex to us as to appear to us to be unpredictable. It’s hubris to think we know true-random when we see it. https://t.co/8mDV7mvGua https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/951861094506811392

2018-01-12 15:59:07+00:00

Time and time again we learn how amazingly useful statistics is because of how well it accurately predicts the behavior of massive collections of things and large objects, like orbiting planetary bodies. We can’t give it up even though we know it’s lying about individuals. https://t.co/cWLYwNQd6c https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/951846006383050752

2018-01-12 14:59:01+00:00

My belief is that the arrow of time can’t be reversed because conscious systems amplify the true random effects we know to be occurring at the particle-level. Human consciousness is just amping-up and overriding the default behavior of an otherwise Newtonian clockwork universe. https://t.co/noeKCnlvkn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/951830882268143617

2018-01-12 13:59:02+00:00

We are all time travelers moving at one hour-per-hour forward; always forward. Whether time can reverse gets to the heart of the human free will issue. The unsolved question is if the Universe would play back the exact same way a 2nd time given identical initial conditions. https://t.co/AMHhfrdyVh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/951815789492961280

2018-01-10 20:34:22+00:00

Today, I am once again forced to compromise an already compromised operating system on an inherently compromised chipset just to run some SQL client software that I don’t really want to run. #Java on #Intel #Windows did somebody say #Security? Enough extra moving parts already! https://t.co/3Nk7mCPqMT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/951190501507649536

2018-01-09 16:59:03+00:00

Unfortunately #HouseOfCards imagery evokes a the exact opposite hypnotized-by-Netflix pacifying response than what it should—getting us up off our collective asses to upgrade our situation to calamity-surviving specifications. Dune plus the 3 Little Pigs provide the basic plan. https://t.co/n3vyInjxVN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950773926149476353

2018-01-09 13:59:09+00:00

While we’re crammed into this little globe together, we‘re basically just eggs all in one basket. Given the small time-windows between global calamities (of our own making or not), our highest calling and priority should always be survival and getting some of us off-planet. https://t.co/7Ewu2JfRaE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950728655927463937

2018-01-09 12:59:07+00:00

Our current dependency on the planet is the same as an infant’s not being able to even hold its head up without a parent to help. The Earth is our mother and the gravity well is the womb and we are all still incubating, dreaming of the day we’re born with our Star Treks & Wars. https://t.co/vtibdWuIBn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950713544722583553

2018-01-09 03:59:03+00:00

We are intertwined. We know this because the way we are born, we can not even hold our own heads up. We are completely and utterly dependent in another person. Somebody has to really love you to get you through those rather difficult transition from infant to baby. https://t.co/eqfZLqvVPM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950577632424484865

2018-01-09 02:59:01+00:00

Balance, compromise & dependencies are the rule. Cast aside any notion that there‘s such thing as true independence now from the planetary grid of other humans. There may be a few extreme situations, but experiments like Biosphere 2 have shown us how we underestimate complexity. https://t.co/vN98tPlFSn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950562525921333249

2018-01-09 01:59:02+00:00

In the game of the intellectual bleeding heart liberal dirty dems versus the G_d-given Manifest Destiny guns keep ‘Merca free heartlanders, Democracy with all its ugly flaws probably keeps us luxuriating in modern comforts more than not, and dying in wars less often than more. https://t.co/aIfCCbMQPS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950547430478614530

2018-01-09 00:59:01+00:00

Static personalities fall under the sway of static economic machinery… international megacorp ecosystems which all have some historically reliable means of extracting from you a small fee for the privilege of getting a small lizard-brain pleasing treat. Rinse, repeat, devolve. https://t.co/bDLmq7Je74 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950532326542454784

2018-01-08 23:59:01+00:00

However, this won’t happen until OLTPC’s and Raspberry Pi’s sprout feet and use self-renewing energy sources and stealth to sneak into the lives of children worldwide to safely shepherd them into being modern self-deterministic free agents—rather than dogma-fed/media-fed sheep. https://t.co/sGzACPEYO2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950517229296275456

2018-01-08 22:59:01+00:00

A young generation needs to put their parents’ teachings under a microscope without throwing it all out. It should be looked at through a telescope from far away as well for perspective. A good education is a curated romp trough Wonderland while it can still do some good. https://t.co/x1bqJjve5a https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950502128405176322

2018-01-08 21:59:11+00:00

Groups within humanity will gladly take their chances mining asteroids. Or that option could be taken away from us with a new dark age of global totalitarianism that once again stifles pesky disruptive stuff like health, tech, religious freedom and leisure for the masses. https://t.co/htrSABsBXx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950487070916661248

2018-01-08 20:59:04+00:00

Changes happen trans-generationally. Every 20 years or so the basic assumptions about the world and life become anything from nonsensical to unrecognizable between generations. It’s so common it’s got a name; the generation gap. Social stability requires mitigating. #Rumspringa https://t.co/n6LcoNv3GU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950471941835673601

2018-01-08 19:59:01+00:00

The dissatisfied and often more rural and religious #SilentMajority frequently re-asserts itself. We urbanites like to call them uneducated, but they‘re just differently educated per their backgrounds. I think the 2 sides are not nearly as divided as they‘re made to appear. https://t.co/3TATiTIz1C https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950456830412632066

2018-01-08 18:59:10+00:00

It sounds corny, but Democracy, flawed as it is, should be in like your top-3 things you should be thankful for every Thanksgiving because it systematically proves it’s ability to defuse potential explosive revolutions. Split as we are as a country, we are still one nation. https://t.co/bAeMdbcT2x https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950441768390217728

2018-01-08 18:49:39+00:00

#AsAnAside I’m making my choices now concerning intuitive #Python #DataVisualization tools and interactions. #Bokeh vs. #Orange vs. #JupyterLab. Ideally, I’d like the Widgets of Orange in Jupyter Lab with Bokeh-like data visualization/interactivity. Ideas? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950439374222692353

2018-01-08 17:59:02+00:00

Sputnik dealt our American egos a terrible blow, knowing as how ICBMs with nuclear warheads could reach us and we couldn’t retaliate (in the world’s view), so we had better put a person on the moon to heal our wounded psyche. #MutuallyAssuredDestruction #Parity #TitForTt https://t.co/yvItIdvVIz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950426633453830144

2018-01-08 16:59:17+00:00

We nix’d the Empire of the United States when we term-limited FDR, not that it would have mattered as it turns out. FDR without polio but with nukes in hand would have been an awesome image. The world basically had a SINGULAR GLOBAL EMPIRE… at least until Sputnik. https://t.co/OKgn6P6ZUo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950411597746405376

2018-01-08 16:29:01+00:00

Most of the REAL nasties on this planet like Hitler and Stalin (come on, you can’t compare comparing button-sizes with actual genocide) come from collapsing systems when lizard-brains whose appealing popularity ways allow them to centralize resources in order to extend control. https://t.co/A9DlZ6Q9fH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950403983037947906

2018-01-08 16:11:54+00:00

Our #1 priority as a species has got to be to get the heck off the planet, at least in part. We’ve got all our eggs in one basket and some sort of global calamity is in our descendents’ future (of our own making or not). We as parents should be laying that foundation now. https://t.co/cCepcB6EKy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950399672270520320

2018-01-08 15:29:05+00:00

The game we’re in is hacking reality in all the most correct and indeed responsible ways as to not draw too much attention or ruin the game. There’s so many good hacks left it’s not even funny. I’m going to LOVE seeing the earliest stages of space elevator practice on the moon! https://t.co/tbiQ1hR007 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950388897720258560

2018-01-08 15:18:20+00:00

Soon we will find there is not enough room to expect privacy without automatically looking suspicious. When you want to get away with anything it’s going to have to be in your own mind or on your own hardware. If it’s on the cloud, it’s part somebody else’s nervous system first. https://t.co/ixYzYON4sx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950386193472131072

2018-01-08 13:59:07+00:00

I contend that we are in the Goldilocks zone of Goldilocks zones at this very moment; the long-delayed rule of accelerating returns can be staved off no longer. We are in the first wave of nearly magical tech after which this original pure human we are today will be rare. https://t.co/kXMS6VIZSB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950366258461052930

2018-01-08 12:59:00+00:00

No matter what the nattering nabobs of negativism say, it’s been worse. It’s been Cuban Missile Crisis worse. It’s easy to forget because that generation is oooooold, but Trump’s button posturing is a classic battle of male silverback gorilla dominance and chest pounding. https://t.co/ATNTCUWvR4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950351130302795777

2018-01-08 02:59:01+00:00

I feel we all intuitively know we’re in a game. The whole male/female yin/yang input/output hardware/software thing fits together too nicely. Methinks a general generic rule emerges putting control-the-factory hardwares directly vs. only through software approach. #outsourcing https://t.co/yk0X6G3VKB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950200137346945026

2018-01-08 00:59:02+00:00

Imagine if ultra powerful transcendent beings of god-like power that you will go back to being when you die essentially went through an eternity of waiting to have that ride you just provided it. So, how’d you do? Assuming it’s all recorded, what’ll your return party be like? https://t.co/cHxcrLpOGd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950169942237892608

2018-01-07 22:59:02+00:00

Although we‘re probably not, there’s comfort in believing that we’re standing on the bottom turtle of reality. This would be the place closest to concrete (or bedrock) plane of existence… Yeah, and our flat Earth is at the center of the Universe. #precopernicus #heliocentrism https://t.co/u6qnL0Qn8U https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950139744205369344

2018-01-07 20:59:02+00:00

It is unwise to permit dependencies on pre-compiled proprietary executable binary code. Chances are it’ll wind up in some ziggurat of virtual machines anyway, only proving no particular instance of hardware is actually very special. So why not plot a course to more independence? https://t.co/ow4ZXKFJNT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950109545455644677

2018-01-07 18:59:03+00:00

The Dune series explores the potential extremes; such as if evil female-exploiting nerds were a schism of humanity, what’d they do:m vs. various equally powerful feminine schisms. The creepy Dune stuff that’s not Frank Herbert are still very solid prophetic SciFi. https://t.co/JPPXC6iehV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950079348954025984

2018-01-07 16:59:04+00:00

Lately in my mind as my daughter reached the highly impressionable (read: programmable) age of 7, I see that my goal is to turn her into a scientifically-minded objective thinker who allows herself to be passionate about things her inner self loves. Enjoy life’s great joys. https://t.co/O55YO95WAH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950049157741506560

2018-01-07 14:59:02+00:00

Virtual or not; self-detemined or not, you are you and you are some of the matter that matters most in this world. You’re occupying one of the limited time only ~8 billion open slots for human game-players. Premature removal from the game cheats yourself out of a precious turn. https://t.co/rTnbv3jI4o https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950018948820545536

2018-01-07 14:24:32+00:00

@davidmays They’ll likely slip past in the background noise unnoticed in time to do anything about it. I imagine it’s a needle in a haystack hunt. We will be a blink of the eye wow signal on a cosmic timescale before we too fall silent. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950010267257262081

2018-01-07 14:15:09+00:00

@davidmays Again your insight is keen. The answer is as a delicacy in exotic interstellar pet shops. We’ve got to go silent soon like every other Drake equation-dodging surviving species. But I’m trying to keep it light. We mustn’t go ringing dinner bells. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/950007905234931713

2018-01-07 12:59:02+00:00

The reason nihilists are dead wrong about meaninglessness is the utter likelihood that life in the Universe is probably just rare and precious enough as to always be of value. If we are as Sagan says star-stuff’s way of knowing itself, then our job is to know ourselves. https://t.co/difF1aI0O0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949988748397293569

2018-01-07 01:59:01+00:00

Brushing up on your Flatland (you can never re-read it too often) and tesseracts, you’ll realize if we are 5DTV, their camera angles, number of viewpoints, zooms, closeups can be anywhere anytime in history—as long as they were recording. I think BEING OF INTEREST is the point. https://t.co/XIio0P1u3N https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949822650486059008

2018-01-07 00:59:01+00:00

All this notion that we may be “lower-dimensional” riffraff or about as interesting as a fishtank in a cosmic sense—or worse still, that we might be VIRTUALIZED—tends to evoke existentialism then solipsism then nihilism. Few people call this thinking out as the bullfarce it is. https://t.co/w39xCNHXfo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949807552816209920

2018-01-06 23:59:02+00:00

I feel quite certain that we are the reality TV program for 4-spacial dimensional beings—or 5D if you subscribe to the Mxyzptlk school of interdimensional supernatural fanpersonism—who are probably laughing their asses off at striking comedy gold. #ValidInterpretation https://t.co/BRSAdjkhl2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949792457008574464

2018-01-06 22:59:02+00:00

We are living in a sweet spot of human existence where although injustice riddles our planet, still we exist and continue to exist as a successful species so far. But the wind and the water could still erase evidence of our existence to future inheritors of Earth if we screw up. https://t.co/GoydoNIikk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949777355148550144

2018-01-06 21:59:03+00:00

You will know what I say is true because you can feel that cord being struck. I am here and now striking a cord with you simply by telling you that. Your brain and whole body is far more attuned to the secret notes hidden in those memes that remind of our fragile human state. https://t.co/SMqsXhcVzK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949762261924622336

2018-01-06 20:59:01+00:00

Eventually, the law of accelerating returns means nearly every individual human in the planet will have similar capabilities as today’s institutional research facilities and countries. Already that’s happened x1000 from the industrial revolution. And THAT’S a dangerous planet. https://t.co/zJ8CnilG9c https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949747155354431488

2018-01-06 19:59:01+00:00

Technology advances more slowly than everyone might “like” for almost too many reasons to enumerate—from factory retooling cycles to human resistance to change. Suffice to say, we’re lucky we finally have OLEDs and should enjoy our smartphones while we’re all still human. https://t.co/I3KnbaTQBO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949732053951578113

2018-01-06 18:59:04+00:00

There is always one thing that trumps new and better technology, and that’s old and standardized “infrastructure” tech. Years of fortification and often even planning by some once-innovative pioneers but now mostly just turf-protecting, gate-keeping robber barons ensure it. https://t.co/AoIr2VNccV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949716967820333057

2018-01-06 18:01:07+00:00

And good enough is good enough, right? Drill all the fossil fuel and dump nuclear waste into the ocean? Nooooo problem. Just make sure we educate our children enough about the crap-hole we shoved them into so they can clean up after our mess or get the heck off the planet. https://t.co/FIUClGitb9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949702383881289728

2018-01-06 17:50:55+00:00

All machines, which are systems, work by converting potential energy into things like travel and calculations. Bad systems, namely terribly inefficient ones, often work well in the short-term because they steal from the past to punish the future. #fracking https://t.co/fic8FuGDqM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949699816564588544

2018-01-06 15:59:01+00:00

If you haven’t googled #solipsism & #nhilism yet to put words to that #existential funk you feel between age 6 and 36, the age of casting your static inner-self (no escaping burning habits into ROM), then do so; then dismiss it as wrong, wrong, wrong! Read #Fountainhead https://t.co/MZBcuZdf6S https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949671656494190592

2018-01-06 14:59:01+00:00

Every little bit of human-made stuff around you is the product of manifest thought. You are the product of manifest DNA, which as not much more than a list of the same 5 protein fragments over and over — or a LIST. So you my friend ARE a list; a thought the Universe is having. https://t.co/gQ3AoO1nul https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949656557826052096

2018-01-06 13:59:03+00:00

Ideas, lists and systems are created and become intimately intertwined in infinite unfathomable combinations over time. Some became cuneiform. Others become the deeply flawed #Intel chips. The more complex a system gets, the more likely to #meltdown and haunt you like a #spectre https://t.co/EuXBXVNuDg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949641466682466307

2018-01-05 19:09:50+00:00

@jeffscottward Still there. Yup totally unhealthy. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949357288665567232

2018-01-05 19:02:57+00:00

Another active year on Github. https://t.co/ovT56hRtYw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949355555600166913

2018-01-05 13:59:17+00:00

Everyone can use the Turing Complete argument to shrug off any seeming inherent superiority of one language over another. But I’d say that misses the point. #Python is solid active #FOSS, so the reasons it’s better is probably half licensing. The other half being API wizardry. https://t.co/oEdz7okSbY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/949279135972646912

2018-01-04 17:30:29+00:00

Every child of the 80s should have one. https://t.co/TWq4RMHLQw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948969898264363009

2018-01-04 16:31:06+00:00

@kennethreitz Good. You do the best job out there getting people to think pythonically before ugly C-inspired habits set in. The cliff thing is part of a book rough-draft I’m doing in Twitter now that it’s 280 chars from here forward: https://t.co/9zrs9VQuyq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948954954701705216

2018-01-04 15:22:18+00:00

It’s easy to learn a little Python and think you know everything you need. You might in a C-sense, but you’re cheating yourself out of all the #LOVEWORTHY bits hidden in the granular details of the API; a grab bag of goodies @KennethReitz teaches in Hitchhikers Guide to #Python. https://t.co/xhWfVnoQpC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948937639616540676

2018-01-04 13:12:05+00:00

RT @PCMag: This is what it takes to measure the Internet: https://t.co/d6FYU7Fjm1 https://t.co/wuSILQGovy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948904871905898496

2018-01-04 00:12:30+00:00

Turns out that systems can be exactly as complex or as simple as you want them to be, with all the corresponding trade-offs of simplicity of operation vs. control over the hardware. The more control toy want, the more complex the controls; like stick vs. automatic transmission. https://t.co/H8iwFrUj92 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948708681029386240

2018-01-04 00:00:50+00:00

There comes a point when a curious mind inquires into the nature of systems… or the systems of systems, such as it is. How are things generally determined and why are they the way they are and by means can you compel things to be different? Are there general rules for systems? https://t.co/22quIwWmKF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948705745914204162

2018-01-03 23:19:23+00:00

There are 3 basic data container-types in Python and 3 basic bracket-types on our keyboards; simple 1-to-1 mapping. All the better that the bracket symbols are of pictographs of real container-types. This makes Python sort of click and whirl in your head like a physical device. https://t.co/LroWJXsfyp https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948695312587284480

2018-01-03 16:53:58+00:00

The longer I use Python, the more unexpected uses I find for #PYTHON! There really is something going on here that’s different from other languages. It feels like the second coming of C but friendly-for-all-things and for-all-people. What does your Python universe look like? https://t.co/XyvQxFcKOW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948598322511695875

2018-01-03 04:10:39+00:00

The longer I use #Python, the more unexpected uses I find for tuples. They’re great as function return values with say a response code in position 0, a message in position 1 and so on. Also admire the certain strange but deliberate pictography of lists, tuples and dicts. https://t.co/1GLyQlEk3L https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948406227322761221

2018-01-03 00:54:18+00:00

Once you have a list in #Python, why would you need anything else you may ask. Lists dynamically resize to whatever you need so why not use those? It turns out there are a number of times when you want to bundle up a discrete number of values in known locations; known as #tuples https://t.co/pXHtZcGTvZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948356812415389696

2018-01-02 20:41:55+00:00

RT @chrisheithoff: Just converted a Python function to a generator and it worked like magic. If a function is built to return an object th… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948293297310715904

2018-01-02 17:59:07+00:00

It is often said that there is one most #pythonic way to do a thing, and it’s probably true. The fact that both these statements accomplish the same thing means when you need to make an outer loop and inner loop OPTIMIZED & BEAUTIFUL, you have options. https://t.co/5RduKZW6kK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948252326900518913

2018-01-02 16:59:09+00:00

If you’re just learning Python then do yourself a favor and read the Hitchhikers Guide to Python by Kenneth Reitz, the author of the ever-popular Requests module. The trick with #Python is to not always use for loops to step through lists. #ListComprehensions https://t.co/2WVfcRwo0l https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948237239380860928

2018-01-02 15:59:02+00:00

A typical way we step through items in a list in Python is using the for item in sequence API metaphor, and it is a perfectly fine way to do things in Python; highly readable and very intuitive and clear what it’s doing. It seems the obvious and likely only solution, right? https://t.co/lpFxjJfGNK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948222108596948992

2018-01-02 14:59:01+00:00

Do not try to learn Python. Try to learn lists, tuples & dicts. Each of these object types has its own little set of rules that make each optimized to its purpose. Perhaps none is more pythonic than lists; tantalizingly like numeric arrays but are decidedly not. https://t.co/UGaOnmBA65 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948207006921478144

2018-01-02 13:59:02+00:00

The idea we’re discussing here is the object-granularity which you should expect to be dealing with by default. What are the rules of physics in some imaginary system that likely attempts to pattern itself after something in nature? List, tuples and dicts you say? Good answer. https://t.co/pzJw8KjHh6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948191908681211904

2018-01-02 12:59:01+00:00

Keep it loose, but not as lose as PERL. If you were to keep it that loose, be someone who’d have fun obfuscating with PERLies, but come back to order. But not so much purity in your order that you have Ruby. No, try to strike a balance between soft and easy vs. rigid and tricky. https://t.co/3qLJBv22te https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948176807966146560

2018-01-02 03:59:11+00:00

With just the simple abstractions of walls and labels, you can make and categorize unlimited shapes in an unbridled bonanzas of totally unnecessary creative object definition madness. Resist objectifying everything. Not everything needs to be ugly bags of mostly attributes. https://t.co/HTUbVQc0dn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948040953637556224

2018-01-02 02:59:05+00:00

And so we go through life choosing what’s important to us, precisely like one of the characters in Alice. Hopefully, you map to something interesting and not the mere mome raths only doing their best to not be stepped on. If you don’t see yourself in Wonderland, also check OZ. https://t.co/FVQ8fKEoQo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948025827106664452

2018-01-02 01:59:01+00:00

The Big Lebowski casts the bumbling nihilists as the Queen’s fear-driven easily manipulated subjects setting up a fake kidnapping (painting the roses red) to distract you from the main point that you know is important. In the Dude’s case, getting a carpet back fair and square. https://t.co/Q3eGtHX0lU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/948010712420536320

2018-01-02 00:59:02+00:00

Any way you slice it, what better purpose for existence than unraveling the mysteries of our own existence? …and perchance walk with some higher dimensional beings? Except once again the very system we’re in is rigged against us from achieving this any time soon. https://t.co/AoiFDdAIQs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/947995617967640576

2018-01-01 23:59:02+00:00

The notion that we are all maybe virtual is so #RedKing tiresome that it’s no surprise that smart folks like Elon Musk think this is MOST LIKELY the case. Hawking thinks we ought to stop ringing the radio dinner-bell like every other sentient race that value their lives. https://t.co/LgXSBhCMBm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/947980515482767360

2018-01-01 22:59:01+00:00

Straight up game theory. You’re a transient nomadic recombinant node on a network currently consisting of about 8 billion. We are increasingly connected to each other in surprising new electronic and real ways. Electronics blurs the line of what’s “real” but has not crossed it. https://t.co/nq6SYQGLZF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/947965414654529542

2018-01-01 22:29:01+00:00

Any version of nihilism that attempts to attach meaning to how hierarchically deep your nested reality may be is weak-minded. There’s a time you accept you’re cast in some game for better or for worse. May as well try to mainstream every SciFi trope — https://t.co/3pwhMFtUbh https://t.co/K9XR6Jmm7n https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/947957863724605440

2018-01-01 21:59:02+00:00

So you’ve got to be careful factory rebooting yourself. You’ve got to master that trick of sandboxing the tabs of your brain. Thoughts like this were until recently inaccessible or off-the -table for the mainstream. Then enter both Gravity Falls and Rick and Mortey. https://t.co/eLqKCL2EVG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/947950316603002880

2018-01-01 21:29:05+00:00

When you look at the ocean and different scales, the variety of life is sufficiently alien enough to feel a certain camaraderie for other things with four limbs and 5 digits at the end of each. We are close cousins with frogs and reptiles and everything from mole on up mammals. https://t.co/7LPU3WOzmx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/947942779413508097

2018-01-01 20:59:13+00:00

Plants follow a different strategy, using their walls to achieve transpiration (versus mobile vacuum tube-worms). Water evaporating off leaves pulls water & minerals from the dirt. Details vary, but life increases towards states of semi-stable order. https://t.co/RYTqN6HM3N https://t.co/bunVMjF6hL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/947935266546872322

2018-01-01 13:59:01+00:00

You know those wiggly water-filled tube-toys? That’s basically us and all animal life. We’re all vacuum cleaners, keeping what we need and passing the rest. 2 things needed always: mass & energy. Protein is your mass and carbs are your energy. Everything else is system support. https://t.co/Qx9IDpElG1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/947829519737597952

2017-12-30 03:59:01+00:00

The #1 concept that I hope you take away is to think. Think for yourself and do not let the Red Queens in your life rule you. The herd tends to be easily manipulated into rigid and profitable behavioral patterns by a few loud queens. Reading inoculates.

https://t.co/MmrllUGGCN https://t.co/3IGt5QWQwj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946953745862193153

2017-12-28 22:59:01+00:00

If you remain risk adverse, you are static. The funny thing is that dynamic personalities see (and prey on) knowing (especially) you static types feel that itch too; but is beyond your reach… the reach of your coded-in limitations; which are only partially your folk’s fault. https://t.co/2jc73oeBFF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946515862730756103

2017-12-28 21:59:01+00:00

Creativity is key in making the leap to the next abstraction after labels and walls. With labels and walls, and by setting the properties of labels and walls, you can define any shape, particle or object. Not only that, with labels you can color, spin it and give it real charm. https://t.co/9DKMZ1ElXS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946500762548531205

2017-12-28 20:59:02+00:00

The funny thing about nonsense is that it’s so deeply rooted in those difficult to (directly) scratch itches that nag you about our #hereandnow reality you find yourself in that it’s not even funny. It’s called (I call it) the #solipsistfunk. Don’t fall off the #digitaldivide. https://t.co/cAaONAQW21 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946485667164549120

2017-12-28 19:59:01+00:00

John recently did a project cataloging all the Rock and Roll musical references to Alice in Wonderland. John is apparently as tuned into pop culture as I am tuned out. I hadn’t even seen the Big Lebowski until 2017. Relating all things in life to Alice is apparently a thing. https://t.co/vJ3vtpK5ab https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946470564683763712

2017-12-28 18:59:02+00:00

So totally seriously, you have to listen to, sit and ponder the creations of John Langdon. It’s funny being his student pondering whether any word or name can become a perfect #ambigram. Can a computer really do it? An AI? Douglas Hofstadter undertones. https://t.co/s1iuPX6c1C https://t.co/Jc0rWicQQu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946455465889853440

2017-12-28 17:59:04+00:00

If you think this reads like conspiracy theory BS, then I $#!+ you not. This is where I cash in on fessing-up to the fact that the one redeeming quality of having gone the #graphicdesign #easyroute was meeting #RobertLangdon; the first thing I found since Amiga cooler than Amiga https://t.co/G9XZei0FXW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946440378504400896

2017-12-28 16:59:11+00:00

It’s totally true. I’ve only recently had my White Rabbit Realization. Alliteration aligns well with Alice; providing the fairlytale motherload of all metaphors. A Wonderful Wizard I happened upon on my way through the woods who skool’d me in casting letter-spells made me see. https://t.co/Y4Sa3O6u0p https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946425305660645376

2017-12-28 15:59:01+00:00

If asked, I’m pretty sure my daughter would lovingly describe me as a big old old #NERD that thinks every great story is a retelling of Alice Book 1 & 2; The #Canon of Critical Nonsense. She may use different words. Maybe not. Even canon-crushing #UncleGrandpa does teach stuff. https://t.co/c0NiCt8JH0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946410166836219905

2017-12-28 14:59:06+00:00

I’m going to try to strike the right balance between an actual FOSS book that systematically identifies people doing interesting things and making important contributions to humanity’s advancement and survival vs. having a good time with life while my daughter enters Alice age. https://t.co/gB5vr9mwBc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946395084978835456

2017-12-28 13:59:01+00:00

If I’m actually doing the African singing drum bit, you should expect them to go quiet from time to time. Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that I’m doing a bunch of full-time immersion in life stuff. Being on holiday. No commute, no posts (or YouTube). But I will post a few updates. https://t.co/LUhxADZNBx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946379967541243905

2017-12-27 21:24:45+00:00

Adi beams up to @LibertySciCtr https://t.co/IZyUYg1H8f https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946129749318995969

2017-12-27 13:59:11+00:00

#GravityFalls is everything that is good in the Alice/Dorothy “kids right-of-passage in nonsensical adult world” genre right down to providing either a boy or a girl to relate to (YEAH, GRAPPLING HOOK). Maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Not everything has hidden meaning. https://t.co/L9f7djgqm9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946017620188434432

2017-12-27 12:59:15+00:00

Let me ask you; what unexpectedly resonates? The Peanuts? Garfield? The Far Side? Dilbert? The Simpson’s? Futurama? South Park? Rick and Morty? Gravity Falls? Wait, what? Yup, with just 2.5 seasons, it packs such a wallop that I’d call if ultimate extreme Americanized Alice. https://t.co/92Z5lgQFWe https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/946002539153121280

2017-12-27 03:59:01+00:00

And every once in awhile—not very often—I will run out of things to say or just want to give myself a breather. I am not gone. I am must prioritizing my online endeavors AROUND my actual life priorities. In other words, this book is just me twaddling up FOSS-data. Need license. https://t.co/dxxuEkCe4c https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945866585100750848

2017-12-27 03:10:28+00:00

I showed you opening huge files in Python without having to explicitly close them again, thanks to “with open”. But if it’s a quick I open/close where file-handle are not even needed, the open statement can be in the argument, blurring the line between files, data and language. https://t.co/u1wV3gPvMH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945854366644342785

2017-12-27 01:59:02+00:00

As you might have detected this is no typical Python tutorial. I repeat myself. My inspiration is Chapter 1 from James Gleick’s book The Information on Drums that Talk. If you repeat a pattern enough, it’ll eventually make sense—like how a Letterman joke is eventually funny. https://t.co/8TGcq0noBQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945836387101704192

2017-12-27 00:59:02+00:00

Brands are still part of the labeling abstraction. The stronger the brand, the less precise the required match to be recognized. So, sacred logos can become really quite fluid and still retain their integrity, as the beginning of every WB movie demonstrates. https://t.co/rR7eMGCdtR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945821288609861637

2017-12-26 23:59:01+00:00

There is an inverse relationship between simplicity and control. If you go for the granular-control that you KNOW MUST BE available from the hardware, you must be prepared to give up many of the best high-level abstractions where you have also developed all that muscle memory. https://t.co/pbr2WQylqv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945806184656900096

2017-12-26 22:59:05+00:00

What I call double or triple whammy design is not ALWAYS necessary or even possible for making a good logo and a high-impact point mark, but it helps. I learned the trick from #ambigram design wizard John Langdon, inspiration for Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon. https://t.co/pFna5e4QhH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945791103751655424

2017-12-26 21:59:01+00:00

You might think that BRANDING shouldn’t be in a thought experiment designed to get you CODING, but think of some of the world’s most famous brands: Nike, Coke, Levi’s… all of them pack a wallop. Understanding WHY this is and how to use it is critical to becoming a good coder. https://t.co/pnKrupJO0T https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945775988096585728

2017-12-26 20:59:03+00:00

Be careful when you either make labels or use them. Labels are error-prone and most useful only to get you into the right general neighborhood. Labels are yet another information-dropping abstraction to make things more convenient to handle… almost as if by giving it a HANDLE. https://t.co/UVM4r2vfjX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945760894453256194

2017-12-26 20:52:24+00:00

@davidmays No, but she knows how to abbreviate her whole name and when to tune into her (2x/day) into just 3 characters. It humbles and dwarfs my ambigram. PM (don’t post) if you figure it out. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945759220686884864

2017-12-26 19:59:02+00:00

LABELS are the 1st wizardly ABSTRACTION you will encounter. Be the labels words, symbols or swooshes in the air, they’re simply recognizable info-tidbits, generally alleviating you of a lot of tedious energy-burning recognition-work. BRANDING is a SPECIAL CASE of labels. https://t.co/DNRVNWJ81E https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945745789963440128

2017-12-26 18:59:01+00:00

Let me show how Wizards are Techs stated in JSON—where curly brackets are actually used CORRECTLY.

{“Magic” : “Tech”, “Magicians” : “Technicians”, “Mysterious” : “Undocumented”, “Demons” : “daemons”}

I love #MythAdventures. Skeeve is their Dorothy, and their wizard is #Aahz. https://t.co/Rdnx8vJ0pa https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945730686958428161

2017-12-26 17:59:03+00:00

1865 Alice, British and understated, is given much of the credit for the School of Nonsense, but the 1900 American yahoo Dorothy Gale really nailed the Humbug Wizards and mechanical thinking wind-up people. I’d also point out coincidental parallels between Ozma, Turing & Wilson. https://t.co/m5zWT9Gbyb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945715595944906757

2017-12-26 16:59:01+00:00

Reality is much more analog than our sampled sights and sounds capture. What about the smells and touch sensations? Is that not all valid vocabulary for a smell or touch language? Not until we can record and play back all our senses in all their glory has digital fully arrived. https://t.co/LVSA2GUVL9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945700487998910465

2017-12-26 15:59:02+00:00

Reading either Alice or Dorothy is a good place to begin. Really, go read ‘em. Don’t try to retain it all or read it like a bible, either. But DO try to speak lines in-character. Sing Beautiful Soup with the Mock Turtle, and then come back ready for a #BeautifulSoup tutorial. https://t.co/5t4FZJIYRw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945685392296235008

2017-12-26 14:59:10+00:00

But learn you must. Yoda did not think Luke could learn. The boy has no patience. He will learn patience. And look at them now. Or maybe not. Depends on how you look at it. If you find yourself either infuriated or tickled pink, then a storyteller has touched you. https://t.co/uI6ILBjJzQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945670327371255808

2017-12-26 13:59:03+00:00

There’s a sort of layering up permission to exercise your wizardly ways; despite jocks trying to thwart you. People around you simply will NOT GET YOU. You are ahead of them, and your love of SciFi and nonsense is actually your ticket to a bright future if you persist and learn. https://t.co/6mnmtnCt8C https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945655197845639170

2017-12-26 12:59:01+00:00

See how easy it is to test out new entirely new human thought patterns for yourself? Once you get that thought experiments are really only just Live-CDs that you don’t have to worry about crashing your hardware; at least nothing ejecting the disk and a night’s sleep won’t fix. https://t.co/cjhhMqShck https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945640091577389056

2017-12-26 03:59:02+00:00

The Amiga computer using a Kickstart disk to boot is analogous to the thought experiment I’m working on you right now. I won’t be able to rewrite you PROM personality types (who generally hate me anyway), but I DO have a chance with you EPROM types (reprogrammable). Listen up! https://t.co/BoVAIa7CGB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945504197952368645

2017-12-26 02:59:01+00:00

I want to help you REBOOT YOUR SYSTEMS and come alive with a new willingness to suspend your disbelief and go deliberately along for the adventure, as does Alice—at least dreams about. IT’S ALWAYS OKAY TO DO THE THOUGHT EXPERIMENT. Just control going in and out of the zone. https://t.co/qXyeqtU9Cd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945489097405206528

2017-12-26 02:39:48+00:00

When rabbits leap an evil lop It’s up to you to know to stop. Alice seems to have the knack To chase a rabbit and come back. But Dorothy seems to never fail Defeating foes with force of gale Knowing success will depend Sorting out a foe from friend. https://t.co/8Ez1rGi1sI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945484258092646402

2017-12-26 00:59:02+00:00

Fosters was an immediate favorite. Real Green Lantern stuff. I love the idea that there will be friends and mentors about to help you on your way to toppling a Humbug Wizard who becomes your friend anyway. Alice just has to keep a stiff upper lip and hope and gets out unscathed. https://t.co/5Jeh9fVOaK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945458902694539265

2017-12-25 23:59:01+00:00

This basic template of throwing young children into a semi-safe fairytale land of learning as a right of passage to face life equipped to deal with all the maladapted and misinformed folk you will meet is not unique to Alice & Dorothy. There’s also Mac from Foster’s Home. https://t.co/fVRz3c80Hq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945443799001698304

2017-12-25 23:15:59+00:00

So stop and question. Don’t drink from a bottle marked poison. But DO READ the LABELS yourself. Labels will give you some info on the type and arrangement of WALLS you’re dealing with; hard/soft, permeable/airtight, locked/open. https://t.co/r55YsnODoY https://t.co/n81ZgktG2X https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945432969744932864

2017-12-25 22:29:01+00:00

Now isn’t that nice? You have a database without a database. As awesome as say PostgreSQL or sqllite are, you know what’s even better? To not have a database dependency in your life for as many projects as you can avoid having one. Yeah, that’s nice. https://t.co/iU3zzMm5Ss https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945421148816371713

2017-12-25 21:59:04+00:00

If data in the master boot record (MBR) exemplifies hardware-specific low-level stuff (which we should all be celebrating to not have to deal with), then Python pickles & shelves are the complete opposite high-level abstraction. Here’s storing and retrieving data from a disk. https://t.co/CQsPB32xbj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945413610582528000

2017-12-25 21:29:02+00:00

Personal persistence I often feel is an important overlooked exercise to structured the mind. Memory games. You need your own internal pickling system. I’m terrible at it, but am working on ways of improving. #MethodLoci uses places in your mind in a memory journey. https://t.co/T4ESW1iMUW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945406052685832193

2017-12-25 20:59:01+00:00

Oh Python pickles! If only the world understood what you were, there’d be like so much less MySQL installs and less time wasted in DBA (database administration). Really, you don’t even need SQL. Popular as it is, it’s only beautiful in an HTMLish way, and that’s not good #Pandas https://t.co/PROFLRPoSI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945398500681973760

2017-12-25 20:29:05+00:00

In life, there is rarely a true first power-on. With us its always #sleepmode, least nothing persist. But it need not be heavyweight databases every time. If you’re a fan of JavaScript JSON notation for passing data around, you’re going to love Python’s pickles. #ShortTermMemory https://t.co/koEUUZC3K9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945390964180488193

2017-12-25 19:59:02+00:00

The safe way is to backup your traditional boot sequence and then use a very solid boot manager to switch around and really take advantage of end massively flexible virtual machines, cloud, container and cheap hardware to just fool around as root. #Levinux for example is a way. https://t.co/lxJxCGiWfS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945383402655703041

2017-12-25 19:29:01+00:00

However, keeping boot code in ROM makes upgrades a physical hassle. People are like that too; meeting any creative thought with change-anxiety and mistrust. Stick to your known ways and nothing ever happens to you. It seems to me the trick is to find safe ways to experiment. https://t.co/OLTojcTqWZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945375850144370688

2017-12-25 18:59:01+00:00

We humans are more like LATER MODEL Amigas that moved Kickstart from disk to removable ROM. In theory there are many benefits to putting static low-level stuff in ROM. Stuff like basic literacy is in ROM. It’s the always-used muscle memory tool stuff you want static & fast. https://t.co/ZgobTYdm5x https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945368301387026432

2017-12-25 18:29:02+00:00

I could really just go on forever this way jumping from one company and person to another. I haven’t even talked about Fairchild Semiconductor and Jerry Lawson, the African-American from Queens who created the video game industry. But I must get on with your programming. https://t.co/JdMaYc5Kua https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945360752906563586

2017-12-25 17:59:01+00:00

Sophie Wilson and the team behind the BBC Micro (6502-based) which trumped Clive Sinclair’s bid for the sweet BBC Programming contract—inspired by the Berkeley RISC project—designed their own processor in the device that the odds are you now are probably reading this on. #ARM https://t.co/RUioEOSjZh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945353202542800896

2017-12-25 17:29:02+00:00

My (contested) opinion on what happened next is that the industry was getting nervous about the #Commodore 64’s (#C64) stellar success combined with the acquisition of #MOS Technologies in nearby Norristown. MOS supplied #Apple #Acorn & #Atari. Single supplier jitters kicked in. https://t.co/SDoqCkEGoQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945345653584089089

2017-12-25 16:59:01+00:00

The Amiga was too wizardly for its time — as was the Acorn Archimedes; the outgrowth of the BBC Micro movement, and brainchild of the great unsung heroes of modern hardware who didn’t think Commodore’s $25 MOS 6502 chip was good either technically or single-supplier sourced. https://t.co/jAK7mjM37e https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945338101576208384

2017-12-25 16:29:02+00:00

Crashing and crashing and crashing and crashing. Every time, reincarnated with its efficient and beautiful digitized soul, the creation of RJ Mical, Carl Sassenrath, Dale Luck and others whom I knew as briefly as the #Amiga stayed running. FLYING CLOSE TO THE SUN WAS THE POINT. https://t.co/03hRnT5ONN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945330554580426752

2017-12-25 15:59:02+00:00

Alas, these were the days of the Amiga’s kooky childhood full of Star Trek NEXTGEN possibilities which really didn’t seem that far away (except for transporters) considering the Amiga. Wow… turns out we were living in one of the best of all possible worlds. Except for CRASHING. https://t.co/jCwvEIJPlv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945323004027863041

2017-12-25 15:29:02+00:00

The Amiga evolved, but it did not evolve properly to survive as the dominant branch of generic computing tech (as did Unix, x86 & ARM). We’re talking about all the tiny details of what constitutes a STANDARD or CONVENTIONAL Harvard Architecture computer for embedding purposes. https://t.co/5h4WpldxHf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945315455824211968

2017-12-25 14:59:02+00:00

Tons of people hit the hardware on the Amiga to make it impossibly sing and dance. Coding was done in hardcore C and assembly, full of custom tools. The European demo scene was legendary the Amiga mod music format was a real precursor to the modern techno and rave movements. https://t.co/6qrW1EHqKa https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945307906391539713

2017-12-25 13:59:02+00:00

Early Amigas powered-on like a factory reset every time (nothing in ROM). It’s very soul as a computer was loaded from a 256K Kickstart disk every time—a real Wizard’s tool. You could in theory write your own Kickstart and really hit the hardware for a crazy ride to crashsville. https://t.co/XcKIvEdSYc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945292808709079041

2017-12-25 12:59:01+00:00

The machine takes on its entire personality from the software that’s loaded the moment that spark of electricity hits. This usually occurs from a TRUE power-on (not sleep mode & rarer and rarer these days). Boot code runs with the elevated privileges known as #root or #admin. https://t.co/WeSEEHP8Z5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945277705053982720

2017-12-25 02:59:03+00:00

The bootstrapping process is low-level, because you’re effectively dropping a executable binary machine language file (compiled from source) for that very specific hardware into a known location in memory. The hardware will do whatever it’s told to starting from there. https://t.co/PqbzlRNrQO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945126717173194752

2017-12-25 00:59:03+00:00

When you turn on a old fashioned computer, you’re “bootstrapping” it. Some people disapprove of the use of the term because it implies the impossible act of lifting yourself up by the straps on the very boots you’re wearing; but I feel it’s quite appropriate—miracle that it is. https://t.co/3La6UOh1JR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945096516225683456

2017-12-24 22:59:02+00:00

You can control machinery in all its forms if you merely learn how to SSH into servers and can edit remote text-files, using the last text editor you’ll ever need to learn; written by these guys. #emacs in evil mode counts as #vim. It’s the muscle memory that’s important. https://t.co/nWiE5PV7sL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945066312891600896

2017-12-24 21:06:51+00:00

With only very rare exception, Jupyter Notebook runs standard “C” Python code on your local machine with a button-press. So while you get familiar with that (the easy way), you should also learn how to run Python anywhere: Raspberry Pi’s, the Cloud (the harder / scheduled way). https://t.co/qLxsE3eRf1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945038082717478912

2017-12-24 18:59:02+00:00

You’ve got down the labels and walls abstractions, right? Without them you can’t hold your cells, objects or cities together. It’s all the same you see: particle physics, only with different particles and different physics. Your brain is the abstraction engine. You run #meta VMs https://t.co/in5lSLplz2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/945005915392094209

2017-12-24 16:59:05+00:00

“Python is an experiment in how much freedom programmers need. Too much and no one can read each other’s code and too little and you lose expressiveness.” — Guido van Rossum.

If you’ve already tried “import this” and are ready for the next step, go read PEP8. https://t.co/tpFUb59cHA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944975729837707264

2017-12-24 14:59:27+00:00

You’re going to now find Python as the increasing undercurrent in nearly all things tech, “above” only C itself, which is the bedrock these days; but is really only for a special type of career wizard. Python is for anyone and everyone; approachable and unintimidating as it is. https://t.co/KMrLk8t3ct https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944945624339894273

2017-12-24 12:59:05+00:00

“Running” Python can mean very different things to different people. Unlike other languages, Python is a Free & Open Standards SPECIFICATION. What most people think of as #Python is Guido’s REFERENCE IMPLEMENTATION. It’s what’s in #Anaconda/#Jupyter—but one in a sandbox per tab. https://t.co/NyPrYemW0o https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944915331818164224

2017-12-24 01:59:06+00:00

Thankfully for all of us, Guido van Rossum poured his whole wizardry wad into that monolithic masterpiece of an interpreter we call #Python, making all your machines even more programmable for the beginner than you may have dared imagine. https://t.co/wQ05QCL1AM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944749241364373504

2017-12-24 00:59:01+00:00

Did I mention you can think of #Python as just a souped up calculator always in-pocket? Sure there’s official CPython, but that doesn’t invalidate the dozens of other little ways you can work it into your life for practice, such as I do with @olemoritz’s iOS #Pythonista app. https://t.co/JpDbsyElne https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944734123234643968

2017-12-23 23:59:02+00:00

If you haven’t done so already, install #Anaconda with #Python 3.x and then run #Jupyter Notebook. Think of it as getting one very souped-up newb-friendly browser-based logic calculator. Find the link to download it for yourself. Come on and THINK! https://t.co/3Pk4BkCM6d https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944719026747473920

2017-12-23 22:59:02+00:00

And so here we go. It’s time to take the plunge. I remind you, Python is named after Monty Python and not the snake. You are more likely to be entertained in your next step than you are constricted. If things go wrong, uninstall Anaconda and try again. It’s worth it. https://t.co/izY7rs4Ngn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944703927349665792

2017-12-23 22:08:16+00:00

Attention @UrbyLife denizens #StatenIsland. A #Festivus celebration will occur at building 8 kitchen tonight. Bring only yourself. Aluminum pole will be provided. Timing loose. #Seinfeld #Festivus2017 https://t.co/Mx5RVPAYKu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944691150652428288

2017-12-23 21:59:02+00:00

Just because Python serves the popular mainstream doesn’t lessen its awesome. It’s a case of one of those right things like electric cars winning for once. The network IS the computer. You can only hold good ideas down for so long. Python gives me that old Amiga feeling again. https://t.co/vGKavOjMyh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944688826739560448

2017-12-23 20:59:09+00:00

Not that I’m anyone. I’ve been punching clocks all my life, just like my heroes the real-life Mad Hatters and the March Hares who love their work. But tech broke my heart several times and trying to stay JD (and not a Dr. Cox). Rarely does tech-disappointment reverse itself. https://t.co/6nz3mqr3yY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944673756995313665

2017-12-23 19:59:08+00:00

The time has come to face the facts and join our jamboree. Magic is just made-up tricks performed my you and me. After my 1.3M view YouTube Raspberry Pi unboxing, the next contender is my magic removable finger trick. People like tricks. I‘ll TEACH you ALL MY BEST TRICKS. https://t.co/8Pzv7ukAse https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944658655122731016

2017-12-23 18:59:06+00:00

Everything starts with the Alice story; not least of which the grand old 4 ELEMENTAL languages of Tech which brought us to This Perfect Day: Fortran, LISP, ALGOL and COBOL. None but COBOL was sacrificed… and even that’s being kept running on virtual machine mainframes (VMs). https://t.co/TPXS4hwJmA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944643547323609089

2017-12-23 17:59:02+00:00

Tech is YOUR TECHNIQUE BLENDED with those who came before you to pave the way. If you get into a situation where you can just FEEL something is WRONG, maybe you’ve been misled. I’ve Been Misled many times my life. There’s no shame in it, but it can trap you in a bad rabbit hole. https://t.co/Zryrze9JCi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944628427243614209

2017-12-23 16:59:44+00:00

When you layer up technologies in order to achieve simplicity (as we must), the end PLATFORM might be inexplicably fatiguing and infuriating over time because the core presumptions of each layer are out of whack with your own. You feel like you’re always #paintingtherosesred. https://t.co/XFfWlqkpTd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944613506623647744

2017-12-23 15:59:07+00:00

If you feel sick and out of #HARMONY with your path in life, make adjustments. Be at least as smart as the self-diving cars stealing the #1 most automate-able job. If you start feeling good about yourself, capabilities rising & outlook improving, then we’re doing good work here. https://t.co/wyFrOwoFuU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944598249343799296

2017-12-23 14:59:04+00:00

I’m going to take you along an EASY PATH that treasures #SIMPLICITY. Spinning your wheels on busywork is despised here — and OUTSOURCED to packages! That’s why we have computers: so we can focus on the parts of the problem actually feel humanizing and make us GLAD TO BE ALIVE. https://t.co/j0OTtgVeJG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944583138650574848

2017-12-23 13:59:02+00:00

So you see, you really must read #MobyDick too to get my references. There are a lot of #CaptainAhab’s out there making YOU do things in the hardest way possible because THEY have an axe to grind — wrapping you up in their drama… like I’m doing to you here, but in a GOOD WAY. https://t.co/zdW2zSym1M https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944568031497375745

2017-12-23 12:07:14+00:00

The less you look at the less you can miss the point—so instead of walking you through #PythonTutorials like the thousands of other resources you can google up, I’ll linger longer on the teeny tiny images that pull together these basic “must grok” #Python abstractions. https://t.co/FzTtyRVzDk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944539896437460992

2017-12-23 04:59:01+00:00

Very beautiful, elegant and simple things often arise from complexity—and that’s good. It means that YOU don’t have to always deal with it. Life gets simpler and all that technical liability gets pushed onto the platform… nature. I never read this one but it seems about right. https://t.co/wm0HmY74fq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944432130238697472

2017-12-23 03:59:02+00:00

If you enjoy typing, but work in a language that’s already naturally very terse, what happens? Well at first, you start expressing yourself like:

new_list = [] for item in old_list: new_list.append(item * 2)

Then learn to do it like:

new_list = [x * 2 for x in old_list] https://t.co/NmZnzWvt1x https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944417034548498432

2017-12-23 02:59:03+00:00

What’s going on here is that things have become much much much much much much easier than they used to be. I represent the WET Movement. We Enjoy Typing. We see nothing wrong with playing language like harmonious music, repeating rhythms, naturally expressing and layering it on. https://t.co/S17kcJ8VQY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944401941794344965

2017-12-23 01:59:02+00:00

I’m going to give you those zoning exercises. The place you’re going to experiment is a safe place. You will start out by typing into a browser and hitting submit as with so many things. But each of your browser tabs will get a sandboxed Python computer to run your code. https://t.co/zLkS0LCmJ6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944386835526144000

2017-12-23 01:57:40+00:00

For all you old school #Amiga #DPaint folks or even #Photoshop <= 6.5 kin (before they went to the “Keep subscribing for career viability” route), there’s ArtStudio on iOS. It even rocks on the old iPhone 5-ish screens. I’m a 6SE user as my wallet phone. As my phablet is Note8. https://t.co/WpWt8KOFCF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944386494814441477

2017-12-23 01:49:14+00:00

I wanted to credit the prior cool zen of python graphic to https://t.co/P51KHLvg0A where the pre cropped image pointed to, but their website appears to be down. The graphic rocks. I abandoned Adobe a few years ago when it abandoned me. I’m looking for the ADOBE Flash of FOSS. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944384372626657280

2017-12-23 00:59:02+00:00

Your mind is a garden that you tend. This thought experiment gives you permission to create a very strong glass wall in your head. In fact, it’s an diamond glass sphere with an entirely cut-off system on the inside, but for light shining in that lets you see everything inside. https://t.co/u5Q3p72hp5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944371736237301760

2017-12-23 00:39:41+00:00

RT @geekdotcom: How #TheLastJedi restored my faith in Star Wars: https://t.co/EuEcYyB6uV https://t.co/Mh8lKM1Ta0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944366869447872513

2017-12-23 00:02:50+00:00

#AsAnAside Did I mention we (@UrbyLife) have veggie picking on our residential farm? I wouldn’t be doing these people or this place credit if I didn’t vomit up a few more precious memories into the public eye. https://t.co/PX6JQPybfP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944357596525481985

2017-12-22 23:59:01+00:00

So you see, nothing is assured and precious little is free. You may be as powerful as any wizard; but can still choose any life you like. Disruption is a way of life; and you need a mental “ready position”… like a child’s openness and ability to go right into #THEZONE ON-DEMAND. https://t.co/W3k2Ipf9v5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944356635228737537

2017-12-22 22:59:02+00:00

Revoking #NetNeutrality is the best example of Humbug Wizards at the gate. However, they DID pay for those gates with their very own #pricegouging monies. So, I see both sides. If you want to dive down that Rabbit Hole, you’ve got to pay the #TrollToll. https://t.co/TPxaGzoYU0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944341539857272833

2017-12-22 22:24:13+00:00

‘Twas Adi’s birthday at opening day of @Gringos_Taco #StatenIsland @UrbyLife. Choco Taco! @… https://t.co/D0G3n8BjUM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944332777670918144

2017-12-22 21:59:02+00:00

YOUR FREEDOM to follow along in my book and acquire skills that could one-day help you topple global powers or maybe just make getting your next job easier isn’t assured. Gatekeeping #TROLLS HAVE MADE PROGRESS toward rolling back the Internet and many of the freedoms it enables. https://t.co/XEZzqsbXXi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944326437191979008

2017-12-22 21:53:38+00:00

RT @ScottThurm: .@stevenlevy on how Eric Schmidt wrote the book on adult supervision with Google’s co-founders. A nice look back https://t… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944325080884137986

2017-12-22 21:49:25+00:00

RT @rjmarvin1: I finally saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi and it was good! Not what I expected but that’s fine by me. Still processing. Blow up… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944324019498749953

2017-12-22 20:59:01+00:00

And so #ARPANET becomes #Internet (thank you @AlGore) and the greatest democratizing and decentalizing powerful magic spell of our time was cast. It’s just no one on the IRC chat forums or boardrooms grok its mighty power until WWW hits. It was all supposed to be INTERACTIVE TV. https://t.co/AYyeVYagF1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944311336447733762

2017-12-22 19:59:04+00:00

Even high-faultin’ technobabble like Cerf’s TCP/IP dynamic rerouting of packets around deadzones can be transformed by the light-touch of an skilled wizard—replacing a Ce of Cerf with an Su for Surf for a human-friendly global Web #Mosaic—as did English professor @timberners_lee https://t.co/rs5L0LMY3q https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944296249070702593

2017-12-22 18:59:02+00:00

The revoking of #NetNeutrality cuts right to the heart of it. The Internet was not supposed to happen, but the US gvmnt wanted a communication system that could survive world war 3; utilizing dynamicly rerouting packets on an loosely centralized network. 27 folks hold the key. https://t.co/WSq910Lwp5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944281139690332162

2017-12-22 17:59:03+00:00

If you can not comprehend by this point WHAT a Raspberry Pi is for, then you are the most static and immutable of students. With patience you could learn. And you can learn patience. Go back and start at the beginning of this story and read back to this point until you #grok it. https://t.co/sfWv8Kb2c5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944266045774233600

2017-12-22 16:59:02+00:00

The #UK gave us Babbage, Byron, Turing and Wilson. All but Wilson were sacrificed. It also gave us Alice and Eben. Although @EbenUpton knew #Python wasn’t British, the language is named after something that is: #MontyPython; and so was the genius-lottery RaspberryPi lock puzzle. https://t.co/Rw9s241pCr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944250941645180928

2017-12-22 15:59:02+00:00

As much as I hate to admit it, This Perfect Day was ushsred in by Empirial Wizards whose walls are fortified by Class and passages keyed by birthright or your ability to pick locks; a skill admired by (and useful to) the #backslapping #goodoldboys who meet you on the other side. https://t.co/KOYWfidyz2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944235843539144704

2017-12-22 14:59:53+00:00

Understand that I’m really taking you to #USA’s #OZ by way of the rabbit hole, because it’s better yo have magical animated people and a reformed humbug wizad as friends who will be the co-heroes at your side when we come out at #LosAlmos instead of a Red Queen out to kill you. https://t.co/xWDBO8UXz7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944220957991940097

2017-12-22 13:59:01+00:00

Don’t optimize; it’s too late or that. Garbage in/Garbage out. Nuke the place for morbid, it’s the only way to be sure. Rewrite your boot sequence by watching the introduction to Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Identify the rabbit hole and the moment Alice becomes Dorothy. https://t.co/psOgF9MUz2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944205640758628352

2017-12-22 11:53:19+00:00

RT @JohnMu: https://t.co/4V6SiV0Ewu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944174007456235520

2017-12-22 04:00:10+00:00

Ugh! So much #ScrapAndRebuild. Every time you learn something new, like normalized-form or pickles, you have to go back refactoring your old work from the days you didn’t know any better. You hate your own ugly code, but have to improve and support it. I’ll help you #cope. https://t.co/gnmgp6Ybf1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944054933216808961

2017-12-22 02:59:02+00:00

So the thought experiment continues: If you could actually recreate a genius thought of Einstein or Turing’s by building it up from ever-smaller thought experiments, couldn’t you take use your learnings to have a genuinely original new creative valuable thought of your own? https://t.co/HtcVV3CqIx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944039548488691712

2017-12-22 01:59:03+00:00

You’re going to recreate in your mind a big part of their creativity—catch the tiger by the tail without any of the physical and emotional risk and suffering that went with it for them by being 1st. We’re going to stand on the shoulders of giants when not riding their coattails. https://t.co/22aQfleQxA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944024452072984577

2017-12-22 00:59:08+00:00

Creativity can be learned. Genius can be built up in layers. Unconventional thinkers can be made by convention. Be about 100x more capable in your mind than you reveal through your actions. Visit that place in your head where you draw energy from on demand when you need to. https://t.co/NMBQ4spkXQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/944009376377069568

2017-12-22 00:04:05+00:00

This is a regular stop for me these days. Pretty heady place. #Wrangler #NYC #StatenIsland #Manhattan https://t.co/UKca3UUb1p https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943995520888066048

2017-12-21 23:59:02+00:00

Powerful world-changing wizards often must work in SECRET due to the VOLATILE nature of their work. They’re the greatest unsung heroes of our time, but are sometimes punished for their unconventional behavior by the very people they used unconventional behavior to help save. https://t.co/bZUcIDGeWh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943994249732902912

2017-12-21 23:42:18+00:00

Adi tests the PogoTec pogocamhd #PogoCam in the hallways of @Urbylife. @ Staten Island Urby https://t.co/uvsVgMaXOV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943990038962081793

2017-12-21 22:59:01+00:00

You don’t have to suffer. You just need to take a path SLIGHTLY LESS TRAVELED than the next guy flocking to JavaScript. Two brogrammers encounter a Bear in the woods. The first bro says I don’t have to outrun obsolescence. I just need to get to the next .js framework before you. https://t.co/PxwbglIBGQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943979145188528130

2017-12-21 21:59:01+00:00

Isn’t your ability to express yourself well in code an ART? Don’t you have to SUFFER for your art? Don’t you have to sit around WAITING for inspiration; and then have to DIE to make any money? Isn’t it dumb luck? Yes, No, No, No, No; respectively. You don’t need luck to boot. https://t.co/HoZaP0oYpv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943964049116749825

2017-12-21 21:18:25+00:00

At least we know black holes radiate in a way that doesn’t violate the inescapability of the event horizon—which I’m led to believe resolves the pesky #singularity info #paradox. BLACKHOLES EVAPORATE! Okay now we’ve freed up the word for Ray Kurzweil’s appropriation. @NeilTyson https://t.co/FFMNPYbvtr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943953831750262785

2017-12-21 19:59:03+00:00

Our requests across walls are answered via a game-API we call REALITY—right down to the blurred boundaries of subatomic particles measured in Planck’s Constant where it goes all whacky. Inside the plancky blur? Who knows? It could be magic shoemaking elves or other dimensions. https://t.co/I9LWg5BxyX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943933854905262082

2017-12-21 18:59:02+00:00

You’re going to find WALLS everywhere in nature, like our permeable cell membranes, keeping the nucleus from pouring out, but still allowing nutrients in. Walls vary in their functions; including keeping residents from getting confused with neighbors having the exact same name. https://t.co/igtZokq59G https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943918753099800582

2017-12-21 17:59:02+00:00

Surgeons can’t screw around with their hands… so people build walls. See? If it’s not the O.R’s walls, it’s the hospital’s. Or the country/continent’s. Walls are your next most important abstraction after labels—keeping intrusion from blending away the specialialty of instances. https://t.co/I0ixUglgXb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943903652976234497

2017-12-21 16:59:02+00:00

You #youngins out there encountering IT ALL for the first time, thinking you’re having all these #revelations, go watch this guy. Watch the whole series! Learn to use your #innervoice and expect to get all sour on everything you thought you loved about life as you become #DrCox. https://t.co/TS2CBqkyCq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943888552194134017

2017-12-21 15:59:04+00:00

You #millennials might get it—looking for YOUR THING and feeling cheated and empty. #Python’s for you! It’s #ironic because all the script kiddies have rushed on over to JavaScript, acting just like the Java priesthood that despises them. So, come hang with the #pythonic kids. https://t.co/MJpB3ycrf8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943873463672074240

2017-12-21 14:59:01+00:00

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra when the walls fell… by the way. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m infected by memes that make me speak in the same prattling visual #metaphors that my old roomies used to use and called banter. You might as well go watch all #TNG for translation. https://t.co/P1bicTKfEf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943858352148418560

2017-12-21 13:59:03+00:00

As crazy-appealing as 1st-order world-changing wizard-work may be, it’s generally in the “DEDICATE YOUR LIFE TO IT” category of pastimes—of which I do not partake. If you’re going to chase those particular rabbits, go right on down… I mean read Watership Down. Necessary but sad. https://t.co/08uT6NzMe3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943843257653628929

2017-12-21 12:59:01+00:00

Of course monetarily having similar thoughts in your head to Turing and Einstein doesn’t make you them—NOR Ada Lovelace and Grace Hooper if you prefer. But knowing you could does get you in the right frame of mind to see if you can. And once you can, you can try variations. https://t.co/hoZOZ15Ac1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943828153482563585

2017-12-21 11:07:14+00:00

@bazookaboris Precisely. Connecting dots to scratch your own itch. Doing it your way for your situation. Connect a few dots and whole world is forced to come along with you. Getting the details just right. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943800019655823360

2017-12-21 03:59:06+00:00

You are no less capable than Einstein or Turing. There’s the #ThoughtExperiment. What if your brain were technically capable of holding exactly the same wizardly thoughts as an Einstein or a Turing, and it’s only a matter of breaking it down and building it up slowly? #WWYD? https://t.co/021OHUpzYl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943692278467571712

2017-12-21 03:02:58+00:00

Stubborn static types stolidly rock. But didn’t you get into #infotech because you LOVE Star Trek exploration? But you find #IT rattles like Bones on a transporter? Keeping stuff from crashing isn’t fun. Tech isn’t always YOUR Wonderland. Beam me up Scotty. It’s no fun down here https://t.co/0kViiZbsEZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943678151833587717

2017-12-21 01:59:03+00:00

This summarizes the conflict between rigid static procedural thinkers and dynamic real-time layered-up interpretive thinkers. I’m not trying to disparage my staticnullvoid friends. Turing won the war before Einstein, after all. Stubborn static types rock https://t.co/GJtMN7bf53 https://t.co/nsfO5EMLN4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943662066526715904

2017-12-21 00:59:01+00:00

The possibility that data you observe first-hand; the input you receive from all your senses; the preponderance of evidence you’re compounding that YOU MAY BE MORE RIGHT than the rest of the world cannot be ignored. If Einstein changed reality with a new abstraction, so can you. https://t.co/TUsMWvvjJW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943646959839129600

2017-12-20 23:59:01+00:00

No matter how much you think things work one way, other things inevitably come along to FORCE change; and you either suffer or you thrive during that time of transition (or BE the cause)—and I propose THRIVING as the main thrust of this book. Being the agent of change overrated. https://t.co/GOvjuvk5mu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943631860286083072

2017-12-20 22:59:01+00:00

YouTube is a great example of someone finally seeing and connecting dots that had been waiting to be connected; oil ready to be drilled; gems ready to be polished—once computers were capable of streaming video and the Flash plugin added the software fairydust in the early 2000s https://t.co/B2V4EAeOKc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943616758342184960

2017-12-20 21:59:01+00:00

Whenever 1st-order HARDWARE WIZARDS roll out new phones, servers, controllers; they are producing free new (potential) energy for us 2nd-order wizards to just to pick up off the floor and use for entertainment or build an empire upon—whichever suits you #Trickledown #Techonomics https://t.co/xmRV8c5OzN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943601659640414209

2017-12-20 20:59:02+00:00

Fear not! Portals may come in the future when we figure out what makes quantum entanglement so spooky. You know you’re onto something when you’ve stumped Einstein and need #tesseracts to explain links outside timespace. I WISH such concepts could be conveyed in children’s books. https://t.co/k3qOluSnYt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943586562310393857

2017-12-20 19:59:09+00:00

The stuff we call #Magic in #HarryPotter-variety stories is actually fairly tame compared to what’s in-store. Most crazy fairytale scenarios of things coming to life, people enchanted, invisibility, levitation; all pretty much on the table—EXCEPT for portals (in our lifetime). https://t.co/yZWnvLtoIK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943571494726184960

2017-12-20 18:59:01+00:00

With Quantum Computing for example (not even AI), DARPA-sized problems become high school homework sized problems if you’re clever enough and buy some quantum computing time on the cloud. All that priestly dogma of row-and-column linear grid-computing becomes old school. https://t.co/eY4rIsf1Ji https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943556361111134208

2017-12-20 17:59:06+00:00

There’s a vast disconnect today between what is deemed reasonably possible and what is now actually surprisingly easy. That’s because a very special class of the highest order wizards, the hardware ones, are casting new HARDWARE SPELLS to the change the world around us. #Neural https://t.co/ORRpxRinvv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943541280990285825

2017-12-20 16:59:07+00:00

Post-WWII radio-factories (WORLD WAR 2; not wii) were retooled to slam out thousands of nano-calculators on single ICs (integrated circuits), which were in-turn slammed by the thousand and called a mainframe (later datacenter) and labeled #stateoftheart—where we are today. https://t.co/BpvSM4Tl2C https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943526187434995713

2017-12-20 16:01:45+00:00

@obsidianspork I also use Star Wars and Dune. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943511751403999232

2017-12-20 15:59:11+00:00

If you can understand simple mechanical switches and imagine them by the millions or trillions with very simple rote calculator-like work spread our over them, results gathered and returned, then you understand the more-powerful tricks of the less-powerful wizards. Congrats! https://t.co/Ve8u5QxVQ6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943511102293409792

2017-12-20 14:59:02+00:00

How dumb old SWITCHES work — and only a few variations that account for PERSISTENCE of information (drive storage) and LOGIC (processors) explains the “digital” part of the magic in digital electronics down to the atom. Quantum effects might be real magic https://t.co/wGGesrnXli https://t.co/yo1UByPHOi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943495966438645762

2017-12-20 13:59:02+00:00

Go read The Way Things Work Now. It starts exactly right by teaching you how rolling boulders up a hill is the physical equivalent to creating electric potential in a transistor. Canal locks, relays, vacuum tubes — it’s all the same basic trick of reducing analog state to on/off https://t.co/FZn35g9gwX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943480868416483328

2017-12-20 12:59:02+00:00

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” — Arthur C. Clarke. Some people take exception with Clarke’s rules of making the impossible possible based on the assumption that (open-able) tech can STAY magic in the face of a curious mind. It can’t. https://t.co/ZhskzE3Pog https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943465767386927104

2017-12-20 03:59:04+00:00

Thankfully, there are some genuinely altruistic wizards out there TRYING TO MAKE YOU MORE WIZARDLY if you have the metachlorian count. However, if your personality is already static (a.k.a. “burned into ROM”) then you cannot teach them. Their hardware is no longer programmable. https://t.co/hw3xyOlUHC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943329882859327490

2017-12-20 02:59:01+00:00

You’re going to meet plenty of bad wizards along the way who are going to lead you astray because they just are collecting you or want to hold court over you or some variety of Red Queen nonsense. You must not follow bad white rabbits directly into her court of bad wizards. https://t.co/gS4YrHKLk3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943314770823995393

2017-12-20 01:59:02+00:00

A way to tell if you’re a budding wizard is what you do with the information that you’re born sheep and the overarching plan is for you to die sheep—unless you ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING about it. If you go back to being sheep, we’ll then you’re like 99% of us. What would you do? https://t.co/zSHqY9QOe7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943299675599392769

2017-12-20 00:59:01+00:00

Dumb abstractions are tantalizingly appealing—like militaristic chain-of-command hierarchy. Pixels. Idyllic communism. Abstractions that hide critical information (like human nature) that may someday be important don’t do you any favors if you get caught up in a slaughter. https://t.co/iZuLUfTkVd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943284569595367429

2017-12-19 23:59:01+00:00

Part of the life experience is to always teeter on the brink of falling. It’s only that very final little push that THUNKS infinitely variable reality down to a digitally sampled on/off state we humans can process quickly. The human brain prefers closure as a matter of splat. https://t.co/WZ7lM2VeTx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943269471279632384

2017-12-19 22:59:02+00:00

Hate school? A little slow on the uptake vs. “smart” people? Fear not! You may be a budding wizard just starting out weak as they do (read up on your D&D). But eventually budding wizards MIGHT achieve vastly greater capabilities than the mere Muggles that surround them. https://t.co/6AZpywFNSJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943254375870468103

2017-12-19 21:59:01+00:00

Linear thinkers have precise rules to MEASURE YOU BY in order to obtain a relative measure of their own worth (such power over them). They are the scorecard & greenyard classist crowd; patterning themselves after British royalty; I believe because they don’t know any better. https://t.co/WLFBuvaKUI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943239272680820736

2017-12-19 20:59:21+00:00

Going into the zone is not for everyone. It’s seems scary and dangerous to a lot of people; especially those who think they’ve figured it all out and have a reliable, trustworthy, time-tested system going. Jealous static thinkers often zone-block (interrupt) zoning creatives. https://t.co/Jbv3vj5gCD https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943224255315095552

2017-12-19 19:59:05+00:00

From that place you go deep in your mind will arise economic product. It will appear as magic to those who see you and covet what others have; as if for sport. What you know that they don’t is that you’re focusing your energies actually into things THAT INTEREST YOU FOR YOU. https://t.co/pGFAcxqs0t https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943209087541669888

2017-12-19 18:59:01+00:00

“What time is it?” You broke through my shields; tore down the wall; interrupted my thinking; broke my train of thought; wasted my last half-hour of achieving state; ascending into that precious place from which all creativity fleetingly flows to ask me WHAT TIME IT IS?!?! https://t.co/KIrMawIPTk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943193971228119040

2017-12-19 17:59:01+00:00

And you WILL go to #TheZone where your abstractions are no longer English. It will be lovely, strange, rewarding, spiritual and fleeting; and you will talk to spirit animals and whatnot. That’s because fairyland, wonderland, oz; all real and you just went there. #WhatTimeIsIt? https://t.co/lglDgZqXgV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943178874673876993

2017-12-19 16:59:21+00:00

Having a strong #INNERVOICE is key: you can’t stay sane until you have argued the merits of both sides in your head. Only then will you have achieved full human/machine API readiness for telepathic vim & AI GUPPIs—regularly returning from #thezone to full human like it’s no big. https://t.co/aclmhiJBrA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943163856888745984

2017-12-19 15:59:02+00:00

Independent thinkers are lonely in their heads and awkward with other people—especially others who appear to be functioning by an entirely alien set of bizarro rules that seem to be working for them (and everyone else), so must be right… Right? #Introverts @theodd1sout https://t.co/c9ip8BQ9sq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943148679900336133

2017-12-19 14:59:07+00:00

Did you know that at 2 times in history, humanity #memeified #vorpalblades to precisely the #magic effect you’d imagine through #nanofabrication—before knowledge of even the physics of atoms and metal alloys were known. It’s all in the TECHNIQUE: #FOLDING. Aliens not required. https://t.co/X2wNbv9DPf https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943133601398476800

2017-12-19 13:59:11+00:00

#Yourcapabilities will ebb and flow based on the whims and fancies surrounding the #tools that were popular #fads at the time and you chose to take them up. You have no way to future proof-yourself against the youngin’s if you can’t predict the future. How to #fightobsolescence? https://t.co/1JAVh7naKQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943118517926268929

2017-12-19 12:59:11+00:00

It’s okay to have a secret inner mind, so long as you always calibrate your real-world decisions to somewhere on the scale of socially acceptable and normal… until it comes time to kick ass. Then you can decloak and become someone entirely more capable than everyone thought. https://t.co/CGsQO29oeW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/943103417110626304

2017-12-19 03:59:06+00:00

Nonsense has its reasons; foremost amongst them simply being to make sense of it all. I hold that self-evident as one of my first principles, and I think you should to. Start by narrating your life ala Scrubs or The Wonder Years or A #DiaryofaWimpyKid #journaling #TheArtistsWay https://t.co/zouYeVhTOt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942967503197745152

2017-12-19 02:59:02+00:00

We all get existential from time to time. Difference is most of the flock stops star gazing and gets back to grazing and consumption—like he herd-animals we are. Those who don’t go back to grazing may perhaps take a jaunt or two into Wonderland, which is what this book’s about. https://t.co/dYwcjMxIjI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942952385231642625

2017-12-19 01:59:02+00:00

We all know the paths to success in the traditional senses prescribed by our parents and guilt-tripped and otherwise drilled and brainwashed into it by folks who themselves surely don’t really know better. There’s better hungers out there to be fed than expectations of parents. https://t.co/sAjBg3F6zJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942937285728882689

2017-12-19 00:59:13+00:00

You can only only do a genuinely creative act once in the public’s eye once with the element of surprise. Novelty wears off quick and over time, what works best and costs least sticks. That’s also evolution and a whole bunch of other things. Surprise is a rare commodity. https://t.co/fc0DuzfLym https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942922231293898754

2017-12-18 23:59:04+00:00

It doesn’t take creativity to hold power. It only takes leveraging the advantages (that got you there in the first place) to maximum effect. If everyone screams foul, all the better. Let ‘em think you’re dumb as Lieutenant Columbo while you school them. https://t.co/MF1Nh2arhk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942907093778096129

2017-12-18 22:59:04+00:00

Non-creative types have a conspiracy of inherent complicity whereby they chop creative people down at their ankles when they start to blossom. A snip, a prune says the gardening master, and you don’t have to worry about the abhorrent branches killing the host. #WinWhileItsEasy. https://t.co/R9sMo4tFXw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942891994317287425

2017-12-18 21:59:02+00:00

You may not get instant recall on this topic… yet. But keep it up and you will. That’s because that little voice in your head that Disney/Pixar articulates so well in #InsideOut is a darn healthy thing. So is being a little foul mouthed time to time (punctuation helps indexing). https://t.co/snGg4wwkRs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942876889194090498

2017-12-18 20:59:01+00:00

Use precious #motivation when you have it. Speak your mind when you have the need to do so; and feel free to use your inner voice to so this, so that you’ve privately ENCODED your articulated thoughts onto the #Cuneiform of #GrayMatter in your noggin… little sticks poking it in. https://t.co/F21p03XP4T https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942861783919931392

2017-12-18 19:59:08+00:00

We resist the notion that anything different than what we’re doing today might be better because what we’re doing today is resulting in these miracles in our pockets and in the cloud and as the now global human nervous system we call the #Internet; full of #InstantaneousAlerts. https://t.co/lP278gIPKd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942846715689885696

2017-12-18 18:59:03+00:00

I get to sit down on the ferry with some of the most beautiful iconic scenery in the world drifting-by with infinitely varying and always noticed lighting. I feel like Claude Monet noticing the CATHEDRALS. Life is just soooo subjective and analog, it’s not even funny. https://t.co/i1J1eJGIUK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942831592879345666

2017-12-18 17:59:05+00:00

Commuting here on the Staten Island Ferry as I am on my new commute to Urby, I always get reflective and have my best, most creative energy of the day. The amount of our productive hours wasted on commuting is sad. So I do this. I will try to show you me at my creative best #nyc https://t.co/S0GybJoxKI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942816501547008001

2017-12-18 16:59:09+00:00

I plan to blow your mind with a thought experiment to reveal to you how inadequate today’s digital electronics are compared to the (sample-able) analog depth and complexity of real life. I am doing this in real-time on @Buffer as I fill a now nearly empty queue. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942801417865236480

2017-12-18 15:59:00+00:00

It’s time to reboot the story. Really I’m only just jumping around in the draft, fleshing out different parts. Think of it as an abrupt chapter transition. I hate those. They’re always confusing. Make a note to not do any of those in the real book. Also take pressure of pics off https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942786284292136961

2017-12-18 14:59:00+00:00

It’s time to reboot the story. Really I’m only just jumping around in the Techies in Wonderland book draft, fleshing out different parts. Think of THIS as an abrupt chapter transition. I hate those. They’re always confusing. Make a note to not do any of those in the real book. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942771184621547521

2017-12-18 13:59:00+00:00

#Technology is TECHNIQUE. #Coding is codifying DECISION-MAKING techniques—perchance to automate away some tedium. However since automation is an illusion, using tech to code automation is really the process of picking the technical debt for which you most wish to be on the hook. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942756084317675520

2017-12-16 11:55:24+00:00

How to turn Python into LISP. Math order-of-operation is one of the best examples of procedural programming bias. Try using the “use this operator on the following data” pattern like LISP but from #Python to see alternatives. https://t.co/wqSJqg5GBA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/942000203237904385

2017-12-16 00:02:52+00:00

Apparently I have only just traded the 215 stairs with the mad dash the #SIFerry for my cardio. #Inwood #StatenIsland #NYC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941820887472398336

2017-12-15 23:21:57+00:00

Wow how things could have been different if dicts orders were guaranteed from the start. Well it will be fun making even tighter even more efficient expressions now. #Python #OrderedDict https://t.co/p5c9Zq9c4x https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941810592557490176

2017-12-15 16:59:53+00:00

I will now explain why the CURLY BRACKETS of Java, C and every BCPL-derivative language use them for code block delimiters. By the way, ALGOL did not. It is a concession to compilers during the rise of Unix. It was not meant to permeate every inch of code like rot in your brain. https://t.co/b598eAceIK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941714440109649921

2017-12-14 22:27:39+00:00

It’s nice to be on the #Note8 again. It’s nice to #thinkvisually again and to always have a pen… https://t.co/sOvcFIjA2s https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941434538311471105

2017-12-14 21:45:02+00:00

If youre just getting started and have avoided #Java so far, congratulations! The priesthood hasn’t had a chance to hold court with you yet; SO I WILL! Thankfully for you I represent the firm of #CrimsonPermanentAssurance and don’t give a #FlyingCircus about #privatestaticvoid. https://t.co/m3XclACb1A https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941423813631373312

2017-12-14 14:59:05+00:00

All this is an exercise to limber up your brain for #learning #lists, #tuples and #dicts. These #objects… if that’s what you want to call them… or maybe #datatypes. Or #information CONTAINERS. Well, whatever you want to call them; start thinking about them VISUALLY! #Python https://t.co/rAGfTLeFEW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941321651203035136

2017-12-14 13:59:01+00:00

When you sometimes go to those dark places in the head that we all must and do (part of being human), the important part is having auto-escape mechanics kicking-in on their own, both in your head and around you; #foolproof #failsafe rituals to break you out of dangerous trances. https://t.co/f3fYXyxcR4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941306534918795264

2017-12-14 12:59:07+00:00

Copernicus or not, we are badass matter. Ask any #SciFi lover; they’ll tell you we’re doing okay for a pre-Type 1 on the Kardashev scale. Haven’t wiped themselves out yet. Had chance? Skilled at brinkspersonship? #Egalitarian? Check, check, check… a little evolving still to do. https://t.co/fX3lqKZrIt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941291461705961472

2017-12-14 03:59:01+00:00

The difference between the UK bombe and the US ENIAC is best expressed by our need to use ALL CAPs when… no actually it’s the diversity of problems that they can be customized through the use of SOFTWARE to solve. The bombe was built exclusively to decode German secret messages. https://t.co/SEoCTtTAnF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941155540662718465

2017-12-14 02:59:01+00:00

True wizards live outside these normal boundaries and limits that keeps society chugging along, and become famous when their work is declassified, years after the TIMES demanded they step up to SAVE THE WORLD. We call the ENIAC the first digital computer; but it was a UK bombe. https://t.co/zpv1CbROC5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941140442267176960

2017-12-14 01:59:04+00:00

For folks with too much time on their hands and who don’t anchor themselves to all the GOOD FEELINGS of BEING ALIVE, it is way too easy to become first Existential, then Solipsistic (google it), then Nihilistic. It’s a slippery slope for the incautious chasing bad White Rabbits. https://t.co/EJKrTH7yig https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941125354537865216

2017-12-14 00:59:09+00:00

No matter how things end up playing out, you don’t have to be rude about it. Let others have their fun, and you claim yours. We are repeatedly reminded that Alice could have TURNED BACK and return to the Looking Glass; but her love of adventure kept her moving always forward. https://t.co/mCIMeVXioQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941110277579399169

2017-12-13 23:59:14+00:00

It is not a bad thing to be dependency-laden self-aware mobile ugly giant bags of mostly water—trapped in the gravity-well of a tidally locked #GoldilocksZone congealed lump of star debris, as we are. We are experiencing the infancy stage of a Kardashev Type 1 from the inside. https://t.co/Yj4Jealymq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941095198746136576

2017-12-13 22:59:03+00:00

We, as young un-programmed pups, are thrown into a realm of nonsense JUST LIKE Alice & Dorothy at least once in our early lives when we first realize WE are US and that have hunger… CRY! Somehow satiated. Ohhh, that feels GOOD—good enough in fact as to not object to being here. https://t.co/7L3xLmTEBF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941080052661473281

2017-12-13 21:59:02+00:00

Life is to be lived precisely as you choose to live it within the “agreed upon” laws of the land. We are a land of laws that exist mostly in our heads, but are real. Information is not an accurate representation of reality. It’s s snapshot. A scan. A sample. Don’t fool yourself. https://t.co/81sUf9cRK8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941064946984595457

2017-12-13 20:59:02+00:00

The best way to master a thing is to learn from a master. So go read a book. Or maybe two or three. And then write out notes to learn it visually. Soon you’ll be typing lines you need to read between… and then you will see the machine; and then your life will begin. https://t.co/4ZDWVenK3T https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941049847389573122

2017-12-13 19:59:10+00:00

You can take risks and still be safe. It’s all about the give and take. How are you hedging your bets? Be cautious, but not overly so. Interact with things. Get down those API-subtleties. Press that mystery button but be ready to pull the plug. Fear is the mind killer. Be a kid. https://t.co/c2r5orDb8K https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941034782204530688

2017-12-13 19:08:07+00:00

Either I’m right or I’m wrong about a #brightfuture. If I’m right, I will have reached out to you at an opportune time while some things are still easy and could do you some good. If wrong, well then you won’t be around to say I told you so. So might as well stay upbeat. https://t.co/jnkt6lDULi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941021935449923588

2017-12-13 17:59:15+00:00

But that’s our children’s problem. Or our childrens’ children… I always feel the need to qualify with “So long as we don’t wipe ourselves our first.” Well, F-THAT! I’ve just been brainwashed into believing it due to info I’ve been fed. Well, no more! I CHOOSE #RoseColoredGlasses https://t.co/QQfRe3mCb4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/941004603335892992

2017-12-13 16:59:02+00:00

And don’t go calling an artificial intelligence ARTIFICIAL. By that time, we’ll just have to accept intelligence is intelligence, and deal with it. We should always reserve some very good cards in our hands for when it comes to that “dealing”. Or just pray we raised them well. https://t.co/fxwc2EHDk2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940989449021919232

2017-12-13 15:59:12+00:00

So why THIS story? The story of Alice & Dorothy? The tale of wizards both admirable & dastardly? Of Wonderlands full of nonsense, secret vorpal weapons and the rise of “artificial” intelligence? It’s the story I’d have wished I told first if somebody else came along and did it. https://t.co/47GuF2yOze https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940974392766550016

2017-12-13 14:59:02+00:00

When a US President started to really use Twitter as the central nervous system it could be all #BlackMirror-like, I was like: Oh! Neither Obama nor Orwell have anything on this, #mediasavvywise. Then Twitter switched to 280 characters and I’m like “I’m in”. That’s why NOW. https://t.co/Ifw3qnrG1p https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940959251727560704

2017-12-13 13:59:09+00:00

What you need when trying to acquire a TECHNIQUE (become technical) is some PROBLEM you’re trying to SOLVE—even if that problem is how to best leverage your formidable experience and insights from over the years to get a quick ding in on the Universe before you’re gone. #meta https://t.co/9QNOFiEuxl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940944183694692357

2017-12-13 13:10:41+00:00

Recognize the importance of ideas flitting through your head—and CAPTURE IT RIGHT THEN. Mine right now is this: stop puking up wizard tales. People get the idea. They abound. My itch is book structure. Your itch is probably practical advice in learning Linux, Python, vim & git. https://t.co/TXsUp8llmx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940931983047262209

2017-12-13 03:59:03+00:00

From rigidity in thinking to rigidity in systems. This is the trans-generational traps of either excessive remembrance or excessive memory-loss. Either way bad. Rigid systems are okay for as long as the foundations they are built upon aren’t shaken up. https://t.co/tovALOl5mA https://t.co/QU9MgCD4PB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940793161957429248

2017-12-13 02:59:01+00:00

I speak in human to other humans. Our human languages tend to use a lot of redundancy and are highly tolerant of information-loss, faulty information, and plain old fake news—though you might end up with a sitcom-nation. I know it’s hard to imagine, but we’ve seen stranger. https://t.co/zZ8KJSMt95 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940778055450218496

2017-12-13 01:59:04+00:00

The measure of creativity is precisely HOW MUCH COPY/PASTE you must resort to in order to be productive. Someone who can ONLY copy and paste become dependent on their favorite abstractions (APIs, user interface, what have you) and never strive to understand the how’s and why’s. https://t.co/rM57orGnuj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940762966135320577

2017-12-13 00:59:02+00:00

Did I mention that #dogs and #cats are technology too? Dogs are ye old alarm system and garbage disposal. All that new grain attracting rats and vermin? No problem—call in the pest control! Look no further than the Croods for how it may have gone down. https://t.co/6xFohi9gaI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940747858147532801

2017-12-12 23:59:08+00:00

Got an itch to scratch? Technology is really just your scratching technique. It’s tricks and procedures and decision trees and generally creating a copy/paste template for solving the next time you encounter the same problem easier. Scratch an itch, then invent a back-scratcher. https://t.co/NxtzLn6xF6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940732784053714944

2017-12-12 22:59:04+00:00

Ahhh spreadsheets. Before we can discuss you, we must first discuss #IBM’s John Backus calculating missile trajectories in assembley language on #Mainframes—a #killerapp so killer it justified porting to different hardware back when only IBM could do it; in the time before Unix. https://t.co/FUf5TMD8zM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940717668155478017

2017-12-12 21:59:06+00:00

Yet how is data accessed most of the time? Through spreadsheets, that’s how! Talk about an awful UI/API. Are those blank rows and columns there? Are they not? It all starred with VisiCalc on Apple II, then Lotus 123 on PCs then Excel on the Mac (first). People LOVE spreadsheets. https://t.co/VKgoWtGtFy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940702576848318465

2017-12-12 20:59:01+00:00

That’s the thing about the battle for new turf in the wizarding world; you never know where it could happen. True Wizards interrupt our reality, hopefully few enough times in the lives of muggles like us so that we may retain our sanity until handing it to the next generation. https://t.co/IAs0R6KJsG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940687458710294529

2017-12-12 19:59:11+00:00

Other top-tier wizards invent new languages that are ACTUALLY NEEDED to solve some problem better than anything else, and spread like wildfire when licensing allows. It still happens. For all your #DataScience number-crunching you thought you’d use Python for, there’s #JuliaLang https://t.co/fDlNqkd8ug https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940672398801686528

2017-12-12 18:59:05+00:00

If you admire and covet the clever thieving humbugs, than you will be thoroughly unimpressed by theoretical wizards who practice their #ART just for the #LOVE and #dopamine rush which their #mathematics can maybe just now describe—and MONEY CAN NOT BUY. They’re in the #longgame. https://t.co/zUY1QPN0cW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940657274892275713

2017-12-12 18:38:49+00:00

Well #MaterialDesign just hit Google Calendar. ‘Bout time. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940652173041512449

2017-12-12 18:10:04+00:00

Robert Ringer (@AVoiceofSanity1) illustrates for us in WTI the #RealEstate variety of Humbug Wizards. The book does us a great favor by providing another lens on #LizardBrains and their pretenses. In many ways buyers and sellers are deeply more human than our everyday selves. https://t.co/ndXHd5cxm9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940644937766449152

2017-12-12 16:59:18+00:00

You are not a true theoretical wizard; trust me. For if you were, you would not be here reading my twitter feed like the information-starved puppy that you are. They would not understand your need to be here any more than you would understand one of their #Intimidating papers. https://t.co/9fclmI6beM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940627128164454400

2017-12-12 15:59:02+00:00

When tough times are ahead, Humbugs get litigious while True Wizards just change the world yet again. What SCO faced and Windows now faces (and Mac OS9 in ‘99) is known as sudden #catastrophic #liquefaction—or more colloquially: #SINKHOLES. A simple levitation spell bides time. https://t.co/Xf8vWFdF5l https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940611964656594944

2017-12-12 14:59:02+00:00

That #SCO Unix lawsuit you hear about? That’s #Microsoft’s attempt at a standard Unix from the ‘91-ish AT&T #sVr4 days dumped on #Novell, and again cut-loose as SCO—trying just to SURVIVE as a profitable company as BSD turned into #FreeBSD and eliminated remaining IP issues. https://t.co/YbhMpekHdy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940596865468436480

2017-12-12 13:59:08+00:00

The #irony that #Microsoft is now finally jumping on the #Linux bandwagon runs deep. CATHEDRAL Unix was ascending to #FOSS and contested Berkeley System (BSD) Unix would have beat Linux to the BAZAAR in ‘91 were it not for the lawsuit by… #Xenix—Microsoft’s FIRST #Unix attempt. https://t.co/wmerIptH43 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940581789797675008

2017-12-12 12:59:01+00:00

Today, #Microsoft WAS the last holdout against officially allowing the groundswell of #FOSS (mostly GNU/Linux but also FreeBSD) from officially becoming the generic #plumbing of #tech—that is until Microsoft chose to CANONICALIZE #Canonical for their own official #Linux. https://t.co/60zhHDNA1U https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940566660402106368

2017-12-12 03:59:03+00:00

Okay, Gary Kildall is the Bill Gates that should have been. He developed the CP/M alternative OS in the 8bit world, sort of a Commodore competitor. He had the deal for DOS with IBM as good as sealed—but life-priorities got in the way; M$ slipped in, and the rest is very sad. https://t.co/tjGfSaDNyK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940430774846808065

2017-12-12 02:59:01+00:00

But I do have to grant the wizards who slipped into legend-tier with uninspiring products, they generally do credit the role sheer dumb luck and priorities in life plays a role. OY, I should talk about Gary Kildall, Digital Research and CP/M sometime. #CouldaShoulda https://t.co/L2HmGCGjNG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940415666976325632

2017-12-12 01:59:02+00:00

Upper echelon? Top-tier? Least we forget the #PatronSaint of the #DigitalCircus, Nikola #Tesla. No, not the car… the death-ray guy!!! Now there’s a guy who wouldn’t have allowed modern tech to stall-out so long as calculators. HE KNEW ANALOG. Go listen to #Ruby #GalacticGumshoe. https://t.co/9VmwhNpvIO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940400568719298561

2017-12-12 00:59:01+00:00

Bell Labs, Xerox Parc, MIT Media Lab, JPL, CERN, Skunkworks… all castles and incubators for true wizards and routinely world-altering technology. As powerful as they are, there’s really very few of that caliber wizard in the world. They’re at the head of the Pareto curve. https://t.co/o2Q8JcfdZE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940385468402884609

2017-12-11 23:59:01+00:00

There’s FEW TRUE TOP-TIER WIZARDS. Most are #humbugs whose greatest power is that of competitive personalities willing to work hard. They’re worthy of respect but not awe; often inventing the very problems they solve—coding-in the biggest of all #dependencies: THEM! Bad wizard. https://t.co/v1hYhzGqOm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940370369482981378

2017-12-11 23:01:20+00:00

Mathematicians are a special breed of wizard, because nobody needs to live in THEIR WORLDS except for other mathematicians… And occasionally PHYSICISTS. #Safecracker Richard Feynman tells a story about a physicist who returns after a consultation: About those other dimensions… https://t.co/vWjpUetuiV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940355849796677632

2017-12-11 22:56:59+00:00

#AsAnAside I’m starting a new Audible #SciFi. For anyone who loves HP Lovecraft, definitely check out Peter Clines. For a anyone who loves a butter smooth narrator who can be anyone, definitely check out Ray Porter. At least one of the True Wizards of Tech plays a periphery role. https://t.co/TO1eEcAtq2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940354754206715904

2017-12-11 21:59:05+00:00

The most powerful spell in the wizard’s book is how to express an idea in WHATEVER ABSTRACTION best fits the problem, even if the problem is new and abstraction must be invented. Wizards create their own realities—in which often only they can live. Read: https://t.co/eNM36ZiVzK https://t.co/bLsFz56Cmz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940340183735721984

2017-12-11 20:59:20+00:00

For a nice collection of the wizardly essays on the Web, you can go read (every one of them) by Paul Graham @paulg; creator of Yahoo! Stores and co-founder of @YCombinator… and just general Wizard Public Relations & Entrepreneur-maker. Most other wizard tombs are indecipherable. https://t.co/cQaRmADnsD https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940325149856890883

2017-12-11 19:59:01+00:00

You might be a #WIZARD, but like in D&D, they start out very weak. They need to be chasing a dream (like #AI), but not crushed early; allowed to think they’re bad (picking locks), but actually given what they need to thrive. Most hopefuls wash out. #JohnMcCarthy #MIT #MediaLab https://t.co/6GKgfEJUpY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940309970893012994

2017-12-11 18:59:02+00:00

I’ll resist the temptation to build Wonderland up for you from the smallest unit… the #LINKEDLIST (the purest way to sexpression an abstraction). For that, there is #StructureAndInterpretation of #ComputerPrograms; a #bible where the #Wizards of #LISP are (were) born #blubfree. https://t.co/4XX5F1NFo2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940294872887648256

2017-12-11 18:14:54+00:00

And finally onto #Hogwarts. Hogwarts is #MIT. Others may dispute this, but AGAIN, go read (or @Audible_com) @StevenLevy’s #Hackers: #Heroes of the #Computer #Revolution. TO NOT DIGEST its #learnings early into your developing #tech #worldview is like learning #BASIC first. https://t.co/Uz8dFqXFUR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940283768820158465

2017-12-11 16:59:08+00:00

A #TourDeForce I often think I harbor in my head Whenever I encounter ink— But type it out instead :-(

… until the Note rose from the dead, that is.

After a jaunt in the Note 3 and 5, I was prepared for another AmigaScale Heartbreak at Hardware Hotel.

I draw thanks every day. https://t.co/y4qSBk3UPr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940264700012572677

2017-12-11 16:06:30+00:00

Okay, I’m about to talk about a whole bunch of wizards on the spectrum (or axis) from static to dynamic (not in that order). They all TYPE, but the concepts are VISUAL. Rest assured I have been wholly recruited to the church of #Note8 and will ILLUSTRATE my own stuff more. #spen https://t.co/9iZNz1oWhB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940251452743831553

2017-12-11 14:59:10+00:00

There never was a metaphor Another couldn’t fix. By being what a meta’s for, I wrangle them to mix!

What could be clearer Should be shown Then held up to the mirror Called a Notebook Then you’ll own… …Ideas drawing nearer!

#Drawing is #Thinking so try #ThinkingVisually https://t.co/zKz17mqSBM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940234511807336448

2017-12-11 14:10:54+00:00

I never was a #PurpleCow Though, now I hope to be one; And with 280 characters, Compel you all to see them!

280 Tails-of-Tech’s my goal To form the proper habits For helping you decipher Cows And chase the Proper Rabbits.

#Note8 #iPhoneX #Note8vsiPhoneX #stylus https://t.co/5V1I63x8Qc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940222362569633792

2017-12-11 12:59:01+00:00

I know how to do this. I’ve it seen it countless times before; #CLICHÉ, in fact. Do something first. It can even be silly. Get up and do a silly dance. If you’re INTO IT, they can be too. Be a #LEADER. Run out and show them the way. People will respond. https://t.co/XIWoiiVA91 https://t.co/xyWRUi44cv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940204272377004032

2017-12-11 02:59:04+00:00

Don’t take yourself too seriously. What‘s the point of Alice, after all? NONSENSE! You WILL encounter it, but knowing the personality-types and motivations behind it all will help you navigate through it, find your way out again, and perchance to learn and earn along the way. https://t.co/7byXKpKhfO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940053292259844096

2017-12-11 00:59:02+00:00

With 280 characters, I can actually compose a thought. I’m always torn between the hyper-literal engineer in me that does high-res sampling of what I see, versus the more abstract visual thinker that could maybe draw it if I’m lucky, but I’m not sure. https://t.co/1wZcfDn8Gs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/940023082827288576

2017-12-10 22:59:03+00:00

Finally after Dogcopter’s advice sunk in, I realized that I CAN KEEP my artistic integrity while pleasing a crowd by just BEING MYSELF (now that Twitter is 280 characters). https://t.co/8L8NGzvFUY #stevenuniverse #unexpected #motivation https://t.co/4pqoNjGCW3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939992888766803968

2017-12-10 20:59:01+00:00

The way I’m doing this, writing my book my topping-off my @Buffer basic account level as I am, I know it will be quite some time before this particular post posts. In other words, I’m adding to the end of a queue now but will also insert into the middle later at my leisure. https://t.co/GfjQiVugkx https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939962680177250304

2017-12-10 18:59:02+00:00

The rabbit-hole goes wide as well as deep. What I’ve done here with my Twitter feed is to flesh out a first draft. I’ll be continuing with more stories and actual Python code to transform it into something better suited to the material for your reading pleasure. https://t.co/SAtiDN3Iy2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939932484829106177

2017-12-10 16:59:01+00:00

Humility & hubris. Consuming life-works vs. doing it for the LOLZ. Empire-builders vs. Clock-punchers. Powerful unassuming True Wizards vs. the flashy common Humbugs. It helps to know who you’re dealing with and how you fit in—good for career, sanity and staying true to self. https://t.co/GXBMFAtYbj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939902282363219968

2017-12-10 14:59:02+00:00

Of course you can’t talk Wonderland characters without paying homage on the #QueenOfHearts himself. ALL ways there are his ways. If you can invent your own #BeautifulPrison that people WANT to live in, more power to ya. His stuff came closest to Amiga first. AmigaEnvy much? https://t.co/NfkZk8HXZP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939872088889884672

2017-12-10 12:59:02+00:00

Don’t even get me started on Dean Kamen… or Ron Wayne. These guys bracket our tech-stories nicely. Ron walked away from $80 billion in Apple stock for $800 and is at peace. Dean gave mobility to dialysis patients, but wants you calling him Lord Dumpling on his island-state. https://t.co/2kT0bpW76a https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939841890509316096

2017-12-10 02:07:46+00:00

RT @C64_endings: My beautiful #commodore64 is keeping up with the times. It now sports:

2017-12-10 01:59:02+00:00

Did I mention effective buddies? I love Woz. THE WOZ. Respectfully, maybe his ding in the Universe isn’t quite so deep as his OCD partner-in-crime’s, but isn’t Woz the one who behaves like the journey is the reward—scooting around playing Segway Polo with Dean Kamen, as he does. https://t.co/Xi6TVFJoHI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939675794439360512

2017-12-09 23:59:01+00:00

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, The Hatter & Hare, Ken & Dennis, Richard & Linus, Hewlett & Packard, Orville & Wilbur, die Brüder Grimm, the Coen Bros, Chris & Martin; PARTNERS IN CRIME are way more effective than loners. No man is an Island… except maybe Tesla, Turing and Dumpling. https://t.co/DfyObeubB3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939645592493535237

2017-12-09 23:08:04+00:00

@renegadevi What a beautiful word. I’ll see if I can work it into whatever becomes the final illusration. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939632771835879435

2017-12-09 21:59:01+00:00

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. I will face my fear, yet still NOT Build #LinuxFromScratch. PROVE to the Bene Gesserit you’re human by sticking your hand into Gom Jabber trying to crash & corrupt a 20MB text-based resettable practice Linux — https://t.co/ZEPVNaHe46 https://t.co/oscbwzwaKq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939615393123131392

2017-12-09 19:59:07+00:00

To be a true Linux master, you MIGHT build your own vorpal blade from scratch (#LFS)—forging the kernel in the COMPILER FIRE—for without a kernel, you won’t boot. Linux really only refers to the low-level OS driver stuff and NOT the Unix commands or Linux desktop which are GNU. https://t.co/pxk6Frnvc8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939585219266596865

2017-12-09 17:59:02+00:00

If (Jobs & Wolfram) represent the CATHEDRAL, then (Stallman & Torvalds) are the BAZAAR. Richard finished porting all the commands that made unix(tm) Unix(R) by ‘90. About a year later after Linus finished his boot kernel for an MSC degree. They met and it was #LoveAtFirstSight. https://t.co/tsQdiyEubO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939554999927037952

2017-12-09 17:19:15+00:00

If you like what you see but can’t get what I quipped, It could possibly be that you’re reading it flipped. I’ll transform it real soon but for now read along As I bust out this book upside-down and all wrong.

https://t.co/HkkSJru4mR https://t.co/Ko4IOSf49e https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939544989134147586

2017-12-09 15:59:02+00:00

Have you seen #Yoda fight with his #lightsaber? Sure it’s all CGI, but the little-guy is killing it, and that’s the impression you get to project. The #GNU VORPAL BLADE was built from ‘85 to ‘90 precisely to help the little guy slay the #Jabberwocky… but for want of a HILT. https://t.co/fLbsq2bj2K https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939524801185665026

2017-12-09 13:59:02+00:00

If you’re capable of maintaining state for 40 years over a grudge (I.e. matters of principle) and never quite winning the BATTLE to #Hurd the crowd, you’re RMS. However, paired with the March Hare, well they were rather effective at winning the WAR #GNU #Linux @Linus__Torvalds https://t.co/Q6vtzKF9UY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939494599063687168

2017-12-09 11:59:01+00:00

Rabbits like me need fixed coordinates to find home again, but not Mad Hatters. If ever there was a Mad Hatter capable of stubbornly MAINTAINING STATE, it’s #RMS; a man so renown that his mere initials convey more than this entire book. #GNU stands for GNU is not #Unix. https://t.co/JKyFCqOvjz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939464396753068032

2017-12-09 04:59:02+00:00

Before I bore you with MY adventures through Wonderland, let me tell you about the first characters you’ll meet on the way (with any PROPER education); the big attractions. The Mad Hatter is a classic favorite; maybe genius, maybe insane, and always a bad communicator. https://t.co/9d6gqE7tLR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939358705790914560

2017-12-09 03:59:02+00:00

Virtual Screens, Apple Spaces, whatever you call them, they’re the key. The trick is to have all apps open full screen on a horizontal ribbon (can’t have everything #Amiga) and think: HOME! RIGHT! RIGHT! BACK! Amiga+N… almost. Close enough. Browser goes on 1. Hyperis Term on 2. https://t.co/IYzrTARjFh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939343607810744321

2017-12-09 02:59:05+00:00

As far as I can tell, Mac still has the best virtual screen implementation, accessible with a left/right swoosh on a touchpad (or keyboard shortcut). On Win7, I use VirtuaWin. Win10 supports it directly, as does Ubuntu. The shortcuts are tolerably close for quick adaptation. https://t.co/EAQjtZYxJQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939328518466531328

2017-12-09 01:59:01+00:00

Workbench on Screen 1. Full-screen CLI on Screen 2. DPaint on Screen 3. Cycle between them instantly. Pass data back and forth seamlessly (#IPC with #AREXX). Easy to set up wherever I sit because it’s CHEAP! Oh, and aligned to my career so I can make $$$. Is that so much to ask? https://t.co/7tuh8xgrn4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939313402656239616

2017-12-09 00:59:00+00:00

A #VirtualMachine sensation had swept the nation. Even proceduralists couldn’t keep you from running ANY APP on ANY MACHINE. With all concepts now portable, the trick becomes finding a BETTER WAY. So I rebooted myself with my recollection of an Amiga “coordinate system”. https://t.co/ICLesFwN0v https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939298300804648960

2017-12-09 00:04:49+00:00

…a #ShapeShifter! Linux boots hardware. Vim makes code and git keeps it safe… but then Python… Ahhh, PYTHON. There’s my new #Amiga. Python is for your prefrontal cortex, offering the BEST abstractions. Secret weapons, at last! Not quite hardware, but even that’s debatable. https://t.co/Djsp8BX5Rt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939284661779468289

2017-12-08 22:59:02+00:00

Conventional thinkers ruled the roost for 40 years now. The Harvard Architecture and priestly Procedural folks WON, turning every circuit today into not much more than a souped-up ancestral calculator. Yet it IS transforming… I got this! Muscle memory powers ACTIVATE! Form of… https://t.co/jPqEwqpoeS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939268106668650497

2017-12-08 21:59:02+00:00

#DUNE #SPOILERALERT The real Kwisatz Haderach is not Paul Atreides; he only kickstarted the process with C. It was Duncan Idaho who was INCESSANTLY STOOD HIS HEAD by Paul to accumulate hard-won multiple life experiences to temper him into a new man/machine #API #prototype #SciFi https://t.co/lmYjD0HPnD https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939253008734539776

2017-12-08 20:59:10+00:00

True Carpentry Wizards like Vint Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee know how to invent NEW carpentry tools that somehow manage to replicate and propagate to protect themselves. Software does this most easily, but it CAN happen w/ hardware too, occasionally. #TCPIP #Web #FOSS #WhackAMole https://t.co/iuiPIhzXsS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939237942328950786

2017-12-08 19:59:08+00:00

Don’t discount we #Carpenters, says every proud #craftsperson silently with their #INTJ #innervoice. Knowing the Walrus only stays in #power through their (our) silent complicity #clockpunchers maintain the ability to pack a whallop (for our careers, of course) when we need to. https://t.co/q3hvwRVjKF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939222834064347137

2017-12-08 18:59:03+00:00

1, 2, 3… 1? …goes the Carpenter’s Creed. Plenty of FUN is a thing that we need. Stay out of the fUNK; And keep head in the game. Make the hammer go thunk; And know Walrus is lame. https://t.co/KRFqAZMwJL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939207716635119616

2017-12-08 17:59:01+00:00

Far be it for me to make my quest out into anything more than it is for me: ONE un-ending, linear adventure which never quite seems to have ONE overarching lesson… except maybe to sample the mome raths. Know thy players so as to perform thy Carpentry better. Yes, that’s it. https://t.co/Ahtvq7RXKe https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939192607028207616

2017-12-08 16:59:06+00:00

What a long strange trip its been over the past 25 years since the Amiga’s death (for all practical purposes). First I installed Mandrake in ‘99 (boxed RedHat), unimpressed and still skeptical I tested tools & fought FUD for 2 decades identifying minimal love-worthy extractions. https://t.co/Rlic0r0tIW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939177529054781445

2017-12-08 15:59:02+00:00

Are we not all composers, conductors & performers? How can an artist—or even “just” a skilled craftsperson—not love their tools? Isn’t MASTERY something we should strive to weave into our EVERYDAY lives? Accepting this meant terminal #Linux, #Python, #vim & #git took me awhile. https://t.co/9F9nzMVp7j https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939162411512320001

2017-12-08 14:59:03+00:00

After the #Amiga was gone, I lived with #unexercised #musclememory, #ghostnerves & #phantomlimbs until I could cobble together “that old Amiga feeling” again on Macs & PCs. 20 YEARS LATER: smooth/fast full-screen nav is achievable identically across platforms, minimal mods. https://t.co/x55MriRD0a https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939147318074454016

2017-12-08 13:59:18+00:00

I was #skeptical of this thing called #Unix back in ‘91 that incoming Virginia Tech students had to buy pre-installed on a bloated still not 24-bit color #Amiga 3000UX. Unix must have looked to me like Multics looked to Ken & Dennis. I was still #skeptical, to say the least. https://t.co/UE4xV9o4sB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/939132281909841921

2017-12-08 03:59:01+00:00

But the I lost #thefunk. I knew where that Funky Box of Circuits from Outer Space was—but knew that it was all over for us.

I’d been convinced.

The Amiga wasn’t the ONE TRUE divinely inspired White Rabbit I to master for the rest of my life, as I had hoped it would be. https://t.co/yqdv5i9enV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938981212319834112

2017-12-08 02:59:01+00:00

By ‘91, I’d heard the hardware abstraction argument from Unix-heads, but remained unconvinced. Everything that’s love-worthy and Amiga-like about Tech is in the hardware, right? All that is beautiful and elegant rises up from necessary constraints and stuff, right? #demoscene https://t.co/q2mY8RDrHh https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938966114457083904

2017-12-08 01:59:01+00:00

Standardization good, right? Unfortunately, it’s a double-ended lightsaber. With great abstraction comes great thunkability. Anything special about your beloved hardware, like a super-awesome GPU, is lost in translation. That’s why it took Android so long to catch up. THUNK https://t.co/zSdkQFEHrJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938951015881216000

2017-12-08 00:59:01+00:00

I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of possible technologies were zeroed-out in error and made suddenly pointless. #Unix #POSIX #Cathedral #Empire #CueTheMusic https://t.co/o183UEk2fe https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938935916206452736

2017-12-07 23:59:11+00:00

When Jobs tapped a guy he knew was smart enough to school him about what his NeXT step should be, Stephen Wolfram answered: “Align with the priests of the Cathedral who occupy Math & Science departments. They could use better hardware to run Mathematica on.” Not his exact words. https://t.co/cu86Rc40xQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938920858214719489

2017-12-07 22:59:01+00:00

The fact that a standard Unix/Linux style terminal often called a bash shell (a shame, because it often isn’t) is the source of such old school power and always STILL APPLICABLE so many places in the modern age is another thanks you owe this guy… or maybe THAT GUY. https://t.co/6kowCEdTOX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938905718115192832

2017-12-07 21:59:03+00:00

Freeing yourself from the Desktop GUI that binds you is the best thing you can do for yourself. Don’t worry; it’ll still be there. You just won’t use it much, except to host for Electon apps to run Chrome and Hyper; each on a full virtual screens. The network is the computer. https://t.co/CpBnAQTvyT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938890626246021121

2017-12-07 20:59:02+00:00

A “just enough” full general-purpose computers, akin to what’s in Desktops, laptops, severs, tablets & phones is really not that much… well, not much ANYTHING by today’s standards. Additionally strip out the Desktop “Object Experience” and automation becomes cheaper and easier. https://t.co/kjWJHoPmAE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938875520430821376

2017-12-07 19:59:01+00:00

Things go wrong. Things go wrong a lot. Murphy’s Law. Moore’s Law. Metcalfe’s Law. Machine Learning. “Don’t you are the connection!” yells Captain Kirk, shaking foil. You can control anything! Anything I tell you. 80% of info tech out there works this way. It’s STANDARD(ish)! https://t.co/5rDyFqABBF https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938860420093366272

2017-12-07 18:59:02+00:00

While everything has a GUI version these days (including vim and git), avoid using them. You are conditioning-in a dependency limiting your muscle memory’s ability to speed you up. Most IT infrastructure doesn’t have Desktops to log into. It’s just more #liability & #overhead. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938845322901671937

2017-12-07 18:05:53+00:00

@kaitainjones It just needs to be explained to them by something that isn’t. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938831948457369604

2017-12-07 17:59:15+00:00

Yes, it’s SPECIFICALLY #Linux, #Python, #vim & #git I recommend taking up right away. Which Linux #Koolaid should you drink? Pick your poison. It’s bound to disagree with you sooner or later. The trick is to have learned enough to have escaped to greener Linux pastures by then. https://t.co/vSaIkCmLSE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938830278465859584

2017-12-07 16:59:03+00:00

When I say master Linux, Python vim and git, I don’t mean master all of Linux. That rabbit hole is both too deep and wide. But do be able to login to a server through a terminal and cd and ls around (Current Directory, LiSt files). This terminal is the gateway to #vim and #git. https://t.co/zm4L4pBElZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938815127381569538

2017-12-07 15:59:09+00:00

Many a young apprentice have fought the Unix Jabberwocky. Circa 1994 (when Unix and I were 24 years old), the UNIX HATERS HANDBOOK vomitted up all the complaints of an MITcolyte who was used to the BEAUTY of everything on a (non-unix) Symbolics computer. you can download the PDF https://t.co/QiPlzxKX4U https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938800053862522881

2017-12-07 14:59:04+00:00

So, that’s the birth of Unix. And yes UNIx is a play on MULTIcs. It’s also EUNUCHS as you might think (Multics with its balls cut off). Why?!?! How could they resist? And so the Unix naming convention consisting of both short good names AND double-entendre inside jokes was born. https://t.co/P24DeXRAs7 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938784931391647744

2017-12-07 13:59:14+00:00

Kenny T. and Dennis R. Agreed to have a battle; For Kenny T. said Dennis R. Should code-up a new rattle. Multics is so monstrously slow, With customers over barrel; Insulting both our heroes so They taught everyone how to make apps talk to each other and port between hardware. https://t.co/pyCr1BKdyL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938769876793032704

2017-12-07 12:59:01+00:00

In the Disney version of Alice, you meet Tweedledum and Tweedledee right away, but they don’t actually appear until the 2nd book. Disney thought it necessary for EXPOSITION, and it’s certainly that way for us too. Watch for silly bros who tell great stories together (a pattern). https://t.co/IBfSYLsS2G https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938754723125096450

2017-12-07 03:59:01+00:00

Centralized computing is good for big business. Accounting and charging for every CPU time-slice was slated to be the new OIL of the Information Age, and Multics the gas-pulp. THIS was the future of computing under AT&T; bleak, dystopian, and all around no fun. And so… https://t.co/h6JJAQHefD https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938618825376968704

2017-12-07 02:59:06+00:00

We did not know things that well in the early days of computers; even if we did we were lucky to get it all working enough to crack codes—the very Fortran and ALGOL-like things a primitive centralized non-delegating system is good at. Hence, 70 years of souped up calculators. https://t.co/zT7bjgr2XE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938603746594041856

2017-12-07 01:59:05+00:00

The issues of tightly controlled centralization versus distributed computing gets right to the heart of the matter. WE as humans are distributed. Primitive spinal cord nerves control walking. A chemical/electric system of delegating, harmonizing and overrides keeps us working. https://t.co/5arov8C6fQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938588645015027713

2017-12-07 00:59:03+00:00

Unix barely came at the nick of time to disrupt tbe brewing Clash Of The Titans shaping up between IBM and the Multics consortium consisting of AT&T, GE and others. These are the folks who divvy up and meter out the world’s computing resources and the ones wanting to be them. https://t.co/hCxq1zDyie https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938573534137323520

2017-12-06 23:59:02+00:00

Giants gave their life’s work so you can take take it up and play it like a musical instrument. And while it may not always be obvious, we are (because we’re here) living in one of the BEST-POSSIBLE-WORLDS. We might have destroyed ourselves already or become tightly centralized. https://t.co/Cbs88ydyPX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938558430737989632

2017-12-06 23:50:32+00:00

The first thing we could call a digital computer came from Alan Turing who was homosexual. Today, 95% of all mobile devices, some 80-billion, were also designed by a Brit; Sophie Wilson (born Roger). For every 1 human, there are 10 ARM processors. #Unsungheros #IntelOutside https://t.co/OhX44WfzsC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938556294356787202

2017-12-06 22:59:07+00:00

With today’s code-slamming bro-grammers, it’s easy to forget that Ada Lovelace & Grace Hopper almost invented software… and that Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein. There’s nothing inherently MALE about Tech. It was transgenders who toppled Fascism and already out-populated humans. https://t.co/41xqG7YkM5 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938543353918050305

2017-12-06 21:02:25+00:00

RT @gvanrossum: Python 3.6.4rc1 and3.7.0a3 are now available! https://t.co/4fA3enKzYo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938513986475233281

2017-12-06 19:59:04+00:00

Suggesting that consciousness tips the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics towards order (the state of disorder in a closed system will always increase over time) is not new. What’s more romantic than the notion of a universe coming alive to fight off dissolution? I’m just restating it. https://t.co/KkTW8IxGCC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938498042667372544

2017-12-06 18:59:02+00:00

We figured out 2 COOL MATTER HACKS in those WWII days that release energy: all at once Hulk-style, and much more subtly by making machines think. Simply arranging the matter differently makes it go from BOOM to whisper; from destroying information to creating it. https://t.co/uHtwzSqwiX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938482935757443077

2017-12-06 17:59:01+00:00

On the one hand you had American-style mad scientist wizards doing a Hail Mary play splitting the atom to come down like an authoritative anvil on the world. On the other hand you hand the restrained hand of the proper procedural Brit alchemists deciphering secret orders. https://t.co/bojh110mgS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938467831989112832

2017-12-06 16:59:15+00:00

The pendulum swings both ways, and those choosing URBAN LIFE once again outnumber suburbanites. The Cloud is popular today but when terahertz datacenters-in-a-shoebox cost $100 (coming soon), your own private personal (and indeed inheritable) cloud starts to sound appealing. https://t.co/hjCpiMOBuJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938452788643852289

2017-12-06 15:59:01+00:00

After all those GI’s came home from WWII, they built the suburbs celebrating excess economic capacity as the spoils of war. The algorithmic militaristic strictness by which Alan Turing won the war became the rule of the day and new “modern” ways took hold #hierarchy #comsumerism https://t.co/pwy6lHDWyY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938437632337555456

2017-12-06 14:59:11+00:00

I’m selling the dream but have nothing to sell—having become thoroughly disillusioned with the post-World War II suburban ticky-tacky house social contract which no longer fits today’s world where CREATIVITY is the most valuable ECONOMIC PRODUCT. https://t.co/BOYQqI3ZhX https://t.co/yUVBBRR7er https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938422576447197184

2017-12-06 14:29:02+00:00

RIDDLE: What happens you put in the right 10K hours now on the right equipment to develop the right muscle memory? Might you not become a force of spontaneously adept obsolescence-proof awesome? https://t.co/hwBZA2Rw3C https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938414986526904320

2017-12-06 13:59:09+00:00

Class of 3000, sing. La, la, la, la, la.

Sunny: Now Philly Phil, you and Li’l D, y’all hold that groove tight. Hypnotize them so you can take them where you wanna take them.

Class: Hey, Sunny, can we take them to the bridge?

Sunny: Ah, Okay.

Madison: Oh, I know that one. https://t.co/RdVJLS1vVl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938407467289055232

2017-12-06 13:29:09+00:00

My goal is to back my daughter’s superhero inventor shop (or whatever her dreams become) with my time and tutelage. When I explained to her that I only have a million views, not subscribers, she said, well Daddy, get a million subscribers. I said, hmmm, okay. Challenge accepted. https://t.co/E60Qc4lVYy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938399918452068352

2017-12-06 12:59:09+00:00

The various human/machine APIs available today already let us creatively compose, #DELEGATE and #HARMONIZE our automations. You don’t have to wait for #AI’s to evolve to scan your thoughts so you can express yourself. If you can master an instrument, you can do it today. https://t.co/vKgYGzFW1H https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938392369224933376

2017-12-06 12:29:01+00:00

Any variety of SciFi will spell it out for you, there’s a merging and/or a purging a comin’ and it pays well to to make machines do your bidding, perchance define a platform that is Human + 3D printer + Python API. We are that anyway. This’d just be a digital addendum to our DNA https://t.co/VFoItVud6l https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938384785931755520

2017-12-06 11:59:08+00:00

It goes without saying that we’re going to be able to automate all “dumb” machines pretty well from now on through embedded Python API’s. I mean hey come on, you know it’s going to be the language that get chosen when things go all telepathic or at least, built-in vim. https://t.co/UwQLLOxnWN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938377262948372481

2017-12-06 11:29:14+00:00

Plenty of folks feel the human brain is none other than nature’s quantum computer, while others like Ray Kurzweil don’t feel you don’t even need quantum effects to explain human consciousness. He feels basic cellular chemical neurotransmission is enough; hence neural networks. https://t.co/adIgom6SOH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938369738610180102

2017-12-06 10:59:14+00:00

English and the other common spoken languages we know and love won’t go away. We do indeed need them to continue telling stories and programming each other. It’s just that we need a bit more precision when dealing with machines. https://t.co/VpnoH29GLP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938362190469455872

2017-12-06 10:29:02+00:00

Whatever you believe or don’t about a some ghost-soul existing, what I’ll tell you is this; thought is analog and likely scannable. What Kurzweil proposes is capturing a pixelated digital image of the soul. #Singularity #Brainstorm https://t.co/sXKk8xOgZJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938354588046053376

2017-12-06 09:59:01+00:00

So the basic argument goes that even if the brain uses quantum effects down in there somewhere, everything that makes us us, would actually be able to be imaged just like a digital photo, and essentially that #TRON trick of uploading yourself into the machine be possible. https://t.co/GpSjYn8KQU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938347035979407360

2017-12-06 08:59:09+00:00

With an actual image of the state of your entire brain (full brain scan), it should theoretically be able to be re-instantiated on compatible hardware; maybe a clone or maybe a digital brain. Who knows, but definitely a copy of you. #Bobiverse #TheBohrMaker https://t.co/66b9XmUOae https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938331971239006208

2017-12-06 07:59:10+00:00

Big-O number crunching on the cheap means traditional password security is broken, because you can do prime factorials in a jiffy—the basis of all public-key encryption. Security schemes relying on the high computational cost of trying all combinations are hosed. https://t.co/voRBGIBtpE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938316871916507138

2017-12-06 06:59:01+00:00

And a quick word about #quantumcomputing, now available via the cloud as we speak. They are a classic example of first generation stuff being VERY hardware-bound, as those superimposed quidbits must be at near absolute-zero to avoid interference — https://t.co/gzI2pCD19B https://t.co/2eHUKkhMrO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938301735499689989

2017-12-06 05:59:01+00:00

Our history is full of big mistakes, but only rarely (we must hope) will new analogues of Nagasaki or Hiroshima ever happen again, because at end end of the day even the sociopaths want to live. We always pull it out of the fire in the nick of time. #GameOfChicken https://t.co/7VGvTUZN8y https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938286638467305472

2017-12-06 04:59:02+00:00

Plenty of folks think global warming is it; the tipping point beyond recovery; us just waiting to feel the repercussions. Maybe, but it certainly hits home HOW VERSATILE CARBON IS. Hard diamonds, slipper buckyball, strong nanotubes, life itself… and POOF into the air to kill us. https://t.co/Z0GSfo4mP8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938271540206014464

2017-12-06 04:29:01+00:00

Political climate aside (there’s always Dodos), we live in a good time. Evolution is upon us and in the hands of folks making a career of it. Even there, there will be police and priests and mad scientists and engineers to make progress while protecting humanity’s family jewels. https://t.co/mAIbCGataU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938263987728408579

2017-12-06 03:59:02+00:00

For awhile, most computing hardware will continue to be of the type divvied out as Amazon EC2 instances. Most of the Machine Learning people are doing today would not qualify as AI. IT’s more like winding up Tic Tok the Wizard of Oz Robot only enough to have a single thought. https://t.co/nT46qDaYTa https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938256442481627137

2017-12-06 03:29:01+00:00

The movie version of I, Robot aside, nothing too nasty (or at least fast) is going to rise up out of consumer electronics anytime soon. A SkyNet happening on some souped up hardware; maybe. But for now, consumer tech is lucky to recognize your face correctly. https://t.co/nNawSAl1BC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938248889861320709

2017-12-06 03:14:18+00:00

Still, #MachineLearning is accessible to someone using #Python running under #JupyterNotebook where you can pretty easily do some pretty amazing things that were until recently the exclusive domain of wizards and priests — https://t.co/llrFJB5CVk https://t.co/d6KFCqxEpn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938245185179447296

2017-12-06 02:29:02+00:00

The good news is that hardly any of this neural hardware will be enough to power a gnat, so the whole thing will take longer than you think for a groundswell effect from new AI hardware to kick in. Factories have to recoup from their last investment before retooling for a next. https://t.co/u82JPlD7Re https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938233791289659394

2017-12-06 01:59:02+00:00

One DARPA challenge produced IBM SyNAPSE neural chips, but there’s also now the Google Tensor(flow) Processing Unit (TPU) server-blades getting plugged into the cloud, and the Apple AI Neural Engines going in iPhones for facial recognition. Changes are afoot in hardware! https://t.co/xzB1d283Br https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938226245019553792

2017-12-06 01:59:02+00:00

The digital divide surpressing intelligences from emerging is hardware. Simulating neural nets on non-neural nets is a big ol’ power-drain. You can fix that by just optimizing your hardware with neurons and synapsis and such. So new hardware is always interesting. https://t.co/A8YrMiSRhC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938226244516237312

2017-12-06 01:29:01+00:00

It’s a good bet that Tony Stark’s JARVIS, minus the whole Vision thing, got one of the AI archetypes correct—who wouldn’t like a loyal disembodied super-butler? It’s what all the Siri’s and Google Assistants are trying to be… in their quaint calculator-like way. https://t.co/512Eki0hzY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938218691161939975

2017-12-06 01:21:32+00:00

RT @raymondh: #python world: Many years ago, George Sakkis created a mutable version of namedtuple. It was the forerunner of the dataclas… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938216808364105729

2017-12-06 00:59:01+00:00

Why should you should even learn to code when you’ll be able to talk a pet monkey robot into doing your coding homework for you in a few years? Well, will you ALWAYS have that same pet monkey? Will they always work the same way? You can embed these capabilities inside yourself. https://t.co/dWWsSgcZzY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938211139091156992

2017-12-06 00:44:02+00:00

So that’s what I’m doing, getting my up and doing the silly White Rabbit dance, helping others to jump on the #Python Bandwagon, and mix in whatever metaphors you like, so long as it works and gives the ideas a chance to take hold. https://t.co/TnTwtZa9Bu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938207368600539136

2017-12-05 23:59:01+00:00

Keeping stuff alive and running has ever-increasing costs—UNLESS perhaps it’s offset by ad-revenue from publishing or people just volunteering to keep the old school alive OUT OF LOVE. You’re about to see a lot of old 8bits coming out of the woodwork when #ReadyPlayerOne hits. https://t.co/BejzcKWUKS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938196040766971904

2017-12-05 23:29:05+00:00

I’ve heard it said companies keep all your data because it’s cheaper than deleting; only possible to a point. Resources are actually finite and old hardware gets upgraded and trashed, so data needs to be regularly migrated in order to survive — #bitrot https://t.co/9uMCIbPofa https://t.co/gnIZnL0haq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938188507381673984

2017-12-05 22:59:02+00:00

A lot of the times, I think that the biggest trick of technology (which is all about TECHNIQUE after all) is the trick of knowing how much and when it’s okay to throw out the vast majority of the information (data) you’re sitting on NOW, because you can’t take it all with you. https://t.co/IveID0Fxby https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938180943050919937

2017-12-05 22:29:01+00:00

So noticing things gives you superpowers. Having the initiative to talk-out-loud to yourself with your inner voice when something looks odd. Capture ideas and reduce the friction between that idea-capture and it actually having a material impact in/on the real world. https://t.co/stWDkq5yBZ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938173389742706693

2017-12-05 21:59:02+00:00

When there’s less clutter and #whitenoise around you to distract you, it’s easier to notice a #whiterabbit when it does scamper through. A real and genuine white rabbit in your life is a rare and precious thing, so anything you can do to make them easier to spot helps. https://t.co/wsLjkJVtZH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938165845955698689

2017-12-05 21:29:05+00:00

There was a time when clever obfuscation was good if it meant faster or smaller code; because every bit counted. Now hardware is cheap, so you can choose clarity over efficiency, but… oh wait. Somebody else said this better. Go to a terminal. Type Python. Then type:

import this https://t.co/uVP9YzMqae https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938158306715160576

2017-12-05 20:59:05+00:00

If not, you can always say it again a different way. In other words, you can use the #storytelling devices that the clever linguist Larry Wall put into the #PERL language. Today people compete to make the most obfuscated and indirect way to do a thing. You WILL encounter them. https://t.co/kCoqVr5gul https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938150758662463488

2017-12-05 20:29:07+00:00

Don’t forget that when you think-out-loud, you’re SAMPLING AN ANALOG EFFECT going on inside your brain. Each time you express yourself, information is lost, which is okay because the sampling-tool captures enough to recreate in someone else’s head close enough to your thought. https://t.co/6lPQ1eVHXE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938143219258482688

2017-12-05 19:59:09+00:00

Giving you the ability to do THAT is what coding is. Play back the ideas, meaning or intent that you held in your head EITHER in the heads of other people like you, or in the processors of machines like an Amazon EC2 instance. Same thing. Learn to express yourself… NATURALLY. https://t.co/3ChEcb4w0m https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938135677782372352

2017-12-05 19:29:07+00:00

We’ve coded the futility of ignoring evidence, and the SUPER POWERS to be had by going your own way based on BETTER beliefs in our very own modern myths; Krypton is exploding, everyone ignores, baby sent off to where it will thrive among weak aliens. Save world, rinse, repeat. https://t.co/m3mFX5uUtz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938128119248179201

2017-12-05 18:59:02+00:00

So it’s no wonder so few fess up to seeing the liquefaction Python is causing in the soil underpinning many of the flowery PAINTING THE ROSES RED curly bracket languages around it. https://t.co/k1O2TQkNce https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938120545417252864

2017-12-05 18:29:07+00:00

The fact that you saw a rabbit with a waistcoat is just going to go unnoticed unless you SAY IT OUT LOUD TO YOURSELF. Your brain is always seeing (and filtering out) red herrings as the very the excess information that doesn’t matter because it wasn’t important in the 1st place. https://t.co/TFNAnCB3ox https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938113019791527936

2017-12-05 17:59:01+00:00

Finding value sampling #POPCULTURE memes (even the silly ones) is a challenge. You can’t search for the ones you want if you weren’t exposed to them first, but exposing yourself to them willy-nilly is one bad rabbit hole to go down. So we #FILTER it all out, rabbits and all. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938105441472729088

2017-12-05 17:29:02+00:00

The difference between having a thought and making it real is minuscule. IMAGINE THE WHEEL. Now imagine drawing it enough to explain to someone how to maybe make and use one. Not hard, right? Pictographs that could improve your life forever? Not a bad way to transmit info #Memes https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938097899489067013

2017-12-05 16:59:11+00:00

Carpe diem; seize the moment. Changing the world in some MATERIAL WAY that transforms those squiggly analog thoughts in your brain into actually actualized and really realized, solid physical-matter here on Earth is a lot easier than you may think. #TakeANote: #Ding #Universe https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938090383749406720

2017-12-05 16:36:02+00:00

@VirtualITChris Nobody gets me but you. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938084560906137605

2017-12-05 16:29:04+00:00

Becoming a competent WHITE RABBIT CHASER requires chasing a few good ones early-on yourself; hopefully ones with some longevity (unlike mine), so that the lessons you learn are not merely relevant/applicable for the rest of your life, but also part of your Kung Fu muscle memory. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938082805334016000

2017-12-05 15:59:08+00:00

Your parents gave you some basic survival skills. They did their best in terms of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Sorry if we didn’t shove your ass all they way up to self-realization, says every human parent in the world. So take responsibility and learn yourself more skills. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938075274264088577

2017-12-05 15:50:42+00:00

So much about #life is left to chance; your DNA, your lot… everyone old enough to read this has had a another human #love you enough to hold your heads up, feed you and get you this far; no matter what their other faults may have been. We’re all in the same #game here. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938073152902623233

2017-12-05 14:59:00+00:00

So you can see where all the Alice overtones, undertones and shoving it in your face parallels in my story come from. Alice is THE STORY of we sheltered dependent INFANTS getting tossed out into the always-strange, not always friendly and sometimes survivable world of ours. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938060142528159744

2017-12-05 14:29:00+00:00

Flights of the fancy nonsense are fantastic. A time in your life where you feel safe enough to RISK CHASING a good-looking white rabbit is precious and important and gives you an advantage in life and requires you deciphering the nonsense you encounter for yourself. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938052591094771713

2017-12-05 13:59:01+00:00

There’s little more important than idea-capture, or else the wheel may halve never been invented. A RABBIT WITH A WAISTCOAT? Pull out a notebook, I’ve got an idea for a story. But DO YOU chase the rabbit? Later? Not if you didn’t take sample the idea in your head you won’t. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938045043721555968

2017-12-05 13:29:01+00:00

Amiga was a prototype White Rabbit. It was a VISION WORTH CHASING, which I’m pretty sure convinced both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to spend the last 30 years reconciling the #Amiga-envy they likely felt about their own supposedly great platforms which were crappy in comparison. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938037494691565568

2017-12-05 12:59:00+00:00

The worldview represented by the #Amiga fit me like a glove; but the hardware was doomed. Still it was enough for me to eventually recognize many similar love-worthy parts in OTHER PLATFORMS when I saw them, even if the “platform” was primarily software. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938029942713061377

2017-12-05 12:29:01+00:00

LISP is an archetype worldview and way of thinking. It is opinionated and had an (AI) agenda but then got out of the way for wizards to create any abstractions they can imagine. This is power, but fell out of favor for procedural, then objects. People want #BatteriesIncluded. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938022397181079553

2017-12-05 11:59:00+00:00

There was a time when there was hardware called LISP Machines. There were several famous high end graphics machines whose hardware was optimized to run LISP software. Symbolics, LMI, Texas Instruments, Xerox. It could have been LISP. —https://t.co/PneIWJyTsM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938014844195885057

2017-12-05 11:29:00+00:00

Know that XOR gates combine to be half-adders, and that this a small component of what is to evolve do become our modern computer. XORs combines info half-adders, which are a heartbeat away from being a calculator from being today’s dumb computers. — https://t.co/wGGesrnXli https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/938007293848891392

2017-12-05 10:59:00+00:00

So your tech education somehow always have to end in an up-close and personal inspection of the hardware. Know what’s going on, at least in an abstract sense. Know what a logic gate is. Know it’s similarities to a physical switch or relay. Know how they combine to create XOR’s. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937999742633725953

2017-12-05 10:29:07+00:00

If AI’s rise, we’ve got to hope there’s empathetic to human ambassador types among them. You know, the C3PO’s because they’re made that way, they Always Have a Heart. We can’t let the truly alien insect things swarm and pack and get too smart. Hardware limits capacity (or speed) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937992222531837952

2017-12-05 09:59:04+00:00

Not all tech is the same. There’s wizardly Frankenstein monster stuff going on for sure, the archetype homunculus story, Machine come to life. It’s all through the Wizard of Oz books. I talk about Alice so much, but don’t forget Tic-Toc, the man-made man you wound-up to think. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937984658901471233

2017-12-05 08:59:00+00:00

But CHANGING THINKING from a row-and-column, number-crunching, highly deterministic and frankly beautiful Newtonian clockwork Universe to another view of the world where you have to sprinkle in random and talk about half-dead cats ain’t easy. #dogma #paradigmshift https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937969545448443904

2017-12-05 07:59:01+00:00

And so it is possible for us to render out pixels in our brains as our eyes sample this twitter feed. But so much actual information! Can you imagine what horrible beings we would be with perfect memory? We’d all go insane. Systems are stable because losing info is an option. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937954446675464193

2017-12-05 06:59:02+00:00

Same apples to music or anything associated that can be recorded (sampled) by external devices and later played for mostly our eyes and ears. Sampling is collapsing Infinite resolution down to a quantized position to be observed… Hmm. Reality appears to use similar abstractions. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937939353308983297

2017-12-05 05:59:01+00:00

No, not the Intel product cycle but rather a member of Dorothy’s jolly gang, Tic-Tok is a robot you don’t often hear about, but was prophetic enough. A Lieutenant Data for the kids, he was. Asimov’s R. Daneel Olivaw. All the same model: highly empathetic Pinocchio’s. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937924247661547520

2017-12-05 04:59:00+00:00

With lots and lots of 1s and 0s imprinted in the long-term recoding medium of your choosing, the sampled state could be reproduced on a screen with likewise sized x-by-y pixel resolution and light emitting capability. Image reproduced. Neat trick. Not the only one, but neat. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937909146753687552

2017-12-05 04:29:01+00:00

Digital electronics the process of shoving a round pegs through square holes. Pixels are square, but the light it represents underneath carried more information. This squaring-off (sampling) of reality is done using transistors (switches). Digital is an abstraction; an illusion. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937901598340247552

2017-12-05 03:59:00+00:00

By choosing the binary number system, basically any schoolyard seesaw can record a single bit of information. One side down for 0. The other side down for 1. That’s a flip-flop and basic computer memory, so anything digital can be expressed with enough lined up seesaws. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937894045753511936

2017-12-05 03:29:00+00:00

Automation becomes easier in digital than analog. Inaccurate problem-prone analog computers DID EXIST, but what makes wrangling 1s and 0s easier than squiggly lines is how when you send it through a gate, the gate’s open/closed (sometimes static) state IS the information. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937886497826590721

2017-12-05 02:59:00+00:00

Phonograph needles and pinhole cameras are analog. Go do those science experiments today. They’re pretty awesome. What happens in eyes and ears can be done with machines to generate signals too. However, when the signal is CONVERTED TO A NUMBER, it enters the realm of DIGITAL. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937878947970330625

2017-12-05 02:29:00+00:00

Someday maybe we will peel that last layer of the atomic onion, but until we do, the pragmatist Pythonista produces the easy (batteries included) answer, but notes to self to check whether there isn’t already some Python library for interacting with reality more realistically. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937871397413621760

2017-12-05 01:59:00+00:00

The allure of pixels cannot be underestimated or overstated. For all practical purposes, the Universe doesn’t seem to favor sharp-edged boundaries. It’s all Zeno’s half-distance paradox and calculus of infinite limits, meaning it probably favors coordinates and curves. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937863847288983553

2017-12-05 01:59:00+00:00

Pi is just one if those numbers that’s hard to express with integers from the sampling world. Just try writing Pi as the snipped and unwrapped exterior of a circle laid out flat next to a line that had just run across its middle. See? No problem until sampling begins. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937863846286512128

2017-12-05 01:29:00+00:00

Life looks around and sees particle-waves, but our brains hunger for PIXELS. We invent them through sampling, thus THUNKing info down to memorable/recognizable patterns. That’s what our eyes and ears are doing anyway, but with chemicals rather than pixels. Pi is a casualty. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937856298590375936

2017-12-05 00:59:00+00:00

Abstractions build-up: In the beginning there was imbalance and things clumped. If they’d miss or overshoot, they’d rebound, swirl around, whiz, collide, and every so often if things are just-right, they’ll end up in stable orbit… and occasionally (at least once) life pops up. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937848746628526080

2017-12-05 00:29:00+00:00

The moment we call THE NOW always hangs in that vibrating edge where information from the past abuts right up against information from the future. We are EACH one of the probability-collapsing read/write heads on the Turing Machine of life. Really, read up on Turing Machines. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937841199414640640

2017-12-04 23:59:10+00:00

We invent ourselves how we like, according to what suits our nature, and according to the guidance and help we’ve received. Sometimes it matches up beautifully out of the starting gate. And sometimes it takes awhile for it to click. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937833688628416520

2017-12-04 23:29:01+00:00

I don’t think I’m reaching out to people who already know they want to learn Python or even coding or just become more technical. I’m reaching out to people who have been a frustrated Sorcerer’s Apprentice and did not realize that Python was the way to animate brooms well. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937826103456124930

2017-12-04 22:59:06+00:00

We are all in Wonderland, meeting and deciding what characters to be ourselves. We can’t all be every meritorious aspect of every good thing we encounter or it’ll end up a mishmash. Nor can we stop short of using plenty of pre-built components or we will be doing too much work. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937818573308923906

2017-12-04 22:48:04+00:00

Instead of teaching computers chemistry, they can just classify everything and learn. https://t.co/hpaJfo8wkb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937815797417807872

2017-12-04 22:29:04+00:00

One day in writing about Turing machines, noting the forward-only nature of my now-textfile & vim-based journal, I saw it. We ourselves are information-lossy analog Turing machines, duh. Whether you identify with static or dynamic; deterministic or unpredictable is up to you. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937811015470911488

2017-12-04 21:59:06+00:00

I not only read a lot. I write a lot too. Even though the reading stalled out for a decade or so, the writing never did. While it’s expression hoped from hand-written paper notebooks that go back to May of 1988 to electronic ones over the years of varying degrees of success. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937803473520943110

2017-12-04 21:29:00+00:00

I’ve hardly done it for myself, so don’t hold me to too high a standard. Nearly 50 y/o, I finally read #AlgorithmstoLiveBy, and was like OH! This should have been middle school; or at least, college. Important stuff this explore/exploit optimum stopping distance stuff. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937795900893810688

2017-12-04 20:59:03+00:00

Information in particular is interesting, suggesting that it may be the smallest building block of the universe after all, with just a whole lot of time and space layered on so things can actually happen. Yeah, your mind goes strange places when you start to read… receiving. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937788363192651777

2017-12-04 20:29:09+00:00

So I read science-for-the-layman books, and everything on the coding classics like the Java patterns bible, the Kernighan’s C book, Structure and Interpretation, Hackers, and tons others; dusting off my old library and filling my Kindles with new stuff. More dots connected. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937780836933554177

2017-12-04 19:59:08+00:00

And so I pour-in the mental self-guided programming, transporting myself to Arrakis to figure out why the whole Dune series was such a big deal. Ohhhh! And Asimov, filling in the Robots and Steel Cave series. Ahhh! Dots connected. More read. Oh wait, what about the real thing? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937773282207719425

2017-12-04 19:29:01+00:00

It actually is a pretty steep learning curve frustrating unlikely you’ll ever succeed hump you got over… lifting your own head. Eventually you crawled, walked, leaned to talk and write, yadda, yadda, now you’re here. So you wanna learn to code? I’ll teach ya. Eventually. Maybe. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937765703318495232

2017-12-04 18:59:19+00:00

When you speak or write, the code you’re producing (getting encoded into text or bits or whatever) then get re-scanned, reversing the sampling process on an organic digitized, dumping info into an “eval statement” in your head, magically releasing it again. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937758228561227778

2017-12-04 18:29:00+00:00

Writers are coders. They are CODING THEIR THOUGHTS into strings of punctuated alphabetic symbols that capture (sample) the pictures and ideas in their head. If you write, or even speak, congratulations. You’re a coder. Think about WHERE and how your code gets run. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937750601441726464

2017-12-04 17:59:13+00:00

Reading totally broke the spell. I had of late fallen into the daily grind and gone on automatic, keeping touch with inner-me only through small personal information-spaces I was still able to carve out for myself in my mind and on my phone; even a 4 in screen wasn’t too small. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937743106065293313

2017-12-04 17:29:03+00:00

Manhattan burnout is common enough, I suppose. I made it here, so Staten Island should be a cinch. Easy parking for my Jeep, one of the things I did for myself to carve out a little space; very un-NYC bit very me, so now I continue recharging my battery exploring and reading. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937735515813629953

2017-12-04 16:59:08+00:00

I was hypnotized by NYC; fallen into a beautiful groove & rhythm, but which deep down I knew was not me being my true inner-core self. However, it was all within the realm of acceptable-risk and stuff I felt I ought to do in life—but (for me) turned out to be unsustainable. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937727984168992773

2017-12-04 16:29:12+00:00

Now that my kid is like 7 years old and able to hold her head up without my constant supervision, I can stop and read. Actually, I started dong that when she was about 4, and breathers were long enough for a personal moment of reading. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937720451203256320

2017-12-04 15:59:02+00:00

The past 10 years of my life were totally worth it. I moved to New York and met a wonderful girl, had a kid, had a divorce; and now I live on Staten Island in Urby, a little luxury apartment with a pool, farm and chief. I’m hanging on in SEO. It’s a wild ride, but lots of fun. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937712861257887744

2017-12-04 15:29:03+00:00

I like to stop and look around and learn the ropes. But before you know it, your life is halfway over, and you want to shout out to someone with a brain, who you only now esteem to be Asimov, Einstein and Ian M. Banks—all dead, THAT YOU’VE GOT IT. You’ve finally figured it out. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937705315763662848

2017-12-04 14:59:01+00:00

Some wackos go all Jobs and ruin their relationship with their first offspring in favor of some worthy vision and mission. Not me. I’m neither successful like that, nor did I have a child early in my life. I’m what you’d call a late starter in almost everything. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937697755853737985

2017-12-04 14:29:01+00:00

The purely genetic lineage of having a child, while nature’s safety net-trick of ensuring generational information gets passed down is a wonderfully good one, you can do a little better as a memetic information factory. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937690205896704001

2017-12-04 13:59:00+00:00

Bear with me. This is not merely another stab at guessing cosmic order. This is a prescription as to how you might most effectively and satisfyingly fit in it. Even if you’re not a Jobs, Ritchie or Rossum putting a ding in the Universe, you still be written into the story. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937682655184859136

2017-12-04 13:29:06+00:00

I’m pretty convinced the Universe, over unimaginable timespans, got its way to a set of unified rules by which STABLE SYSTEMS (by local standards) can go whizzing around inside it; where given a chance to stabilize, enlighten, and perchance break the cosmic cycle of heat death. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937675128929955840

2017-12-04 12:59:01+00:00

So if traditional time travel is actually possible (editing the timeline) or even other #RickAndMorty parallel universe scenarios, it will likely take A LOT of energy. So that’s a few levels deeper in the onion than we’ll peel in our lifetimes. Still, it provides lessons. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937667558857207810

2017-12-04 12:29:01+00:00

The concept of a forward-only data-reading (pulling one line at a time from a file or database) that occur everywhere in APIs shows us concepts taken from real life (the forward arrow of time) show up all the time in tech. Seeks and write-backs are expensive by comparison. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937660010095620096

2017-12-04 11:59:00+00:00

There’s something about free will and that forward-only flow of time. Thought experiments imply that if there’s human free will, you can’t also have traditional Back To The Future style time-travel. In other words, there’s one main way things ever get written; NO EDITING. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937652455923507201

2017-12-04 11:29:04+00:00

IF energy is always lost in transactions as the laws of Thermodynamics say, AND the Universe ultimately dies of heat death in trillions of years (after every black hole evaporates), then how is it not self-evident that the ultimate purpose of life is to keep its shit together? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937644920751484928

2017-12-04 10:59:00+00:00

Abstractions drawn from real world observations hold clues; things we can’t escape, like the one-way flow of time. As with blogs and firehose cursors, time moves in only one direction: forever forward, insofar as we are likely to ever know (though we have some control of rate). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937637356454195202

2017-12-04 10:29:01+00:00

There’s going to be a lot of peeling away of layers around that onion, and once we’ve hacked matter down at sizes smaller than Plank’s Constant and faster than the speed of light, and understand prime numbers, we’ll “get it”. We also very likely won’t quite be us anymore. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937629807306858497

2017-12-04 09:59:04+00:00

Any physicist you talk to will tell you that what they’re finding out about grand unified theory is that the Universe is not as intuitive and pretty under the hood as we might have hoped for. It’s not like there’s an easy set of rules and we nailed it like some thought early on. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937622270792658944

2017-12-04 08:59:00+00:00

Games grab us because they reveal the very same dog-eat-dog contest that we intuitively know to be deeply embedded into everything alive. You can’t organize matter (as life does) without stepping on the toes of a others doing the same. Life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937607155347312640

2017-12-04 07:59:00+00:00

Think about that remarkable stability and razor-edge balancing between the odds that made us us. The odds are against us, and that plays right into the arguments of both intelligent design and natural selection for universes; a lot of chances to get it right. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937592057710989312

2017-12-04 06:59:01+00:00

That is us. We are frothy antibubbles splashed up from the primordial sea, living on the vibrating edge, skipping through the atmosphere and across rocks; held together by surface tension and trapped in a gravity-well that keeps us from popping or spreading. #GoldilocksZone. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937576961391648769

2017-12-04 06:34:08+00:00

@ComplaymentdO Please feel free. It’s going to take a special breed to recognize what I’m doing but we’re about to be a cool breed for awhile #ReadyPlayerOne #retro #80s https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937570698347851776

2017-12-04 06:29:01+00:00

@ComplaymentdO One of the first books on Commodore. Brian Bagnall. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937569409450893312

2017-12-04 06:27:20+00:00

@ComplaymentdO I’ll consider the fact checked enough for Twitter. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937568989437407232

2017-12-04 06:25:10+00:00

@ComplaymentdO Sure. This is rough draft, but I git the story from On The Edge. I think the 2 young Steve’s were in Tramiel’s office and Steve asked for a million (maybe 2?) and Jack counteroffered low and they parted ways. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937568442584059910

2017-12-04 05:59:00+00:00

In graphic design, there is the concept of a vibrating edge where opposite colors in the color-wheel, like red and green (when mixed cancel to grey) put edge-to-edge high-contrast-wise, that front-line where they come together is electric dancing to the eye. #vibratingedge https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937561856121634817

2017-12-04 04:59:00+00:00

Yeah, you’d probably have to firewall the stuff both to keep it from going all #graygoo but also to keep the riffraff out of any potential neighborhoods (out there) while we get it together. But darn unlikely. Better odds the FIRST ALIENS we meet will be the ones we create. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937546759261351937

2017-12-04 04:29:00+00:00

Firewalls are an abstraction. They’re a very real thing, but also the vague side-effect of the interacting invisible forces of say gravity or network architecture. Yet, it’s a thing you can give an API and design around as if it were a physical object, which it is in networks. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937539209065324545

2017-12-04 03:59:00+00:00

From an design standpoint, you’d probably have to trap all this contagious stuff; maybe crush it all down a deep gravity-well like fragile #antibubbles splashed out of the sea, ready to pop (watch https://t.co/lOr5zCEKoq ) any time they get any uppity. Noting unvetted escapes. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937531659313975296

2017-12-04 03:45:21+00:00

That’s all this stuff is: YOU’VE GOT, I WANT! If only people got enough sleep and felt more secure growing up and weren’t now domesticated herding animals, fed the very consumerism feed we chose via capitalism / democracy / violence… well then… then we’d not be humans. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937528222065053697

2017-12-04 03:29:00+00:00

Memetic matter-hacks that propagate like wildfire (life) is actually probably a big deal in the Universe and must me contained, or else everything that pops up becomes a Galactic Type III on the Kardashev scale in a few generations. Encapsulation and scope are key to… well, us. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937524109478711297

2017-12-04 02:59:03+00:00

Memetically propagating units of info that can inherently hack matter called #GENES recombine in the biggest hack of all, making unending infinite variations of itself; gobbling up stuff around it. Generation after generation exploring interesting or useful stable states. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937516569382572032

2017-12-04 02:29:00+00:00

#InsideOut gets it right, I believe. Independently evolved but co-dependent agents who know about each other hand off control with some consensus of who-knows-best how to preserve control over this lump of mobile sensory-packed matter they found themselves steering. #Psychology https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937509010860920832

2017-12-04 01:59:00+00:00

We are who we are. We can be quite nasty, violent, emotional and duplicitous creatures when we WANT or ALLOW ourselves to be controlled by the more primitive animal parts of our brain that are buried deep near the spinal cord. Some’d call it the #LimbicSystem or #LizardBrain. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937501458794274816

2017-12-04 01:29:00+00:00

You see it all the time in interpersonal, inter-city and inter-country relationships. It’s an us-and-them battle over resources thing that comes from deep in our ancestral brain core, but which our higher-abstracting monkey selves layer in with rage, justification and violence. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937493909147701249

2017-12-04 00:59:05+00:00

There is a skillful brinksmanship humans do that I think has a lot to do with being human and the nature of existence. We can center ourselves so precisely at the crossover-point middle of two possible routes that the tiniest nudge one way or the other makes all even difference. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937486381630263296

2017-12-04 00:29:02+00:00

And so, stalemate. Gridlock. This is why things don’t happen as fast as you think that you they should. The future is here, but distributed unevenly. Those with the hardware and know-how to hack matter are usually pretty smart. They’re keeping it together enough to stay in power https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937478820516519941

2017-12-03 23:59:00+00:00

Two world wars come along. The 1st teaches us nonsense tribal monkey stuff kills a lot of people these days. The 2nd shows us if we hack matter in anger, we’ll end it all for everyone; ALL tribes gone. Third WW never comes but monkeys love playing “Back down or else!” #chicken https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937471261113974784

2017-12-03 23:29:00+00:00

Urban centers spring up because some places where you could plant things were also just that great to live, like near trade-route rivers or in herding animal migration patterns. Dogs and cats become our first tech. Nomads plant roots. Badda boom badda bing us. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937463710771220481

2017-12-03 22:59:00+00:00

So that’s pretty much who we are and what we’re doing. We are a result of a similar “AI” process and success is measured actually by the achieving of delicate stability’s that swing between two less-stable extremes, challenging and shaping us over time. Similar patterns emerge. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937456160164196352

2017-12-03 22:31:06+00:00

Then great show our age is seeing a world of individuals too powerful for their own good pull through. It’s my guess that we clever monkeys are too industrious and excessively looking over each other’s shoulders to allow much to slip through. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937449137942990848

2017-12-03 21:59:00+00:00

But it’s not like you’re all that free anyway, or without dependencies. They had to cut off your umbilical cord, hold up your head, wipe your butt, and send you off to college. Own property? Think you really OWN that property? Try declaring it Petoria. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937441063157059584

2017-12-03 21:29:00+00:00

Unfortunately, a sufficiently technologically advanced civilization can only ever have the illusion of freedom, because the police force has to be entirely that badass; because otherwise one of these dumbass Armageddon script kiddies will slip one through. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937433510696181760

2017-12-03 20:59:01+00:00

So long as our group survival is at stake, there will be people making the personal life sacrifice of public service and protection, justifying crossing boundaries yet still cutting into perceived personal freedom. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937425964363116545

2017-12-03 20:29:01+00:00

But because somebody always can, somebody ALWAYS will. Some dumbasses will mix up a new batches of AI splatter. But unless they’re geniuses compared to splatter killing cops, and I’ll bet you they’ll just be tomorrow’s script kiddies, it’s contained. The Cathedral’s never gone. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937418414917906433

2017-12-03 19:59:00+00:00

You look out for the obvious card-game combos that should be made illegal because certain unstoppable game hacks are too easy (#MagicTheGathering), like connecting future 3D printers to a psychotic swarming insect aliens (don’t). You pull the plug on nasty chain reactions. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937410861781700611

2017-12-03 19:29:01+00:00

But Pandora’s box is open. The trick now is controlling which of many quite real possibilities play-out so that humans stay on the top of the food chain, or at least have a really good amicably sentient weapon on its side should space real alien-types ever happen by. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937403315792633856

2017-12-03 18:59:05+00:00

We have to keep an eye on any hardware-brains being put into any body capable of self-repair and networking. You won’t want one of those escaping. Hardware can be designed to be quite limiting, like using daily reboots. Person of Interest got so much right. Asimov did too. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937395783938314246

2017-12-03 18:29:04+00:00

Genies kept in bottles, simple enough, and protocols for when they get out into today’s datacenters (and every other computer). The good news is that whatever they ARE in hardware optimized for neural processing will be considerably slower in hardware that’s not. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937388230349086721

2017-12-03 17:59:00+00:00

We will eat this stuff up; aliens among us, made in our own image and non-scary, able to relate… by design. The corporate spokesperson version of AI is totally calculated, and perhaps more ML than AI. But they are in fact learning, primarily how to be liked and useful to you. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937380664718102529

2017-12-03 17:29:01+00:00

Their taking on personalities will be a thing of great interest to us. We already latch onto today’s silly calculator versions as Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana and the like. They’ll be able deduce that. Having an identifiable BRAND is part of human API design. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937373117391007745

2017-12-03 16:59:09+00:00

Certain firewalled and know AI’s will likely be able to interact with the public for PR reasons (even one-on-one), although likely through like 100-levels of redundant failsafes, these AI’s are likely (by design) to win our hearts and convince us our future is safe with them. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937365600237768704

2017-12-03 16:29:00+00:00

The best brains will finally cry chicken and get along just enough to prevent catastrophe; Cuban Missile Crisis and all that. Both sides will have to save-face, and the religious LISPers will convince the bosses to keep a few AIs of Interest running in a jar for consulting. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937358015065460736

2017-12-03 15:59:00+00:00

This doesn’t all happen over night. It’s by degrees and any one human lifetime is only enough to get one little slice of a viewpoint of what’s going on. First, some strange things will happen. Then they’ll happen less as monkeys catch on and hardware’s still mostly slow. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937350463820845056

2017-12-03 15:29:00+00:00

All this has been imagined before thousands of times in movies and SciFi stories that sometimes is prophetically correct. Person of Interest, War Games. Growing them is easy. Keeping them sane and their hands off our toys, less-so, which has a certain irony to it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937342916749615105

2017-12-03 14:59:01+00:00

The Procedural people will have all sorts of chokepoints where protocols must be abided to not trigger threat-detectors. Mad meta scientists will Freud up counterstrike measures, while Fortranites monitor and stabilize world economies thinking faster than Splatter (#TheCulture). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937335369326120960

2017-12-03 14:29:06+00:00

So is SkyNet inevitable? Yes my child, but we’ll have much more badass cyber police for that sort of stuff that it’ll feel like a Tyrannosaur in Times Square. And by that, I mean, it won’t stand a chance. Those teams will have good tools and thinkers and contingency plans. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937327842404261888

2017-12-03 13:59:04+00:00

But life will always find a way, says Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum). Even if it does, another Iain (M. Banks of the Culture series) shows juvenile uppity matter may just need a smack down—and even though control might be a prideful illusion, the special forces on our side aren’t. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937320281881939968

2017-12-03 13:29:03+00:00

Everything insect and drone-like gets made first (cheap as they are), needing massive control-systems to coordinate; hives without a Queen. You can’t connect stuff like this to anything smart enough to modify core tenants of the system—but even if it does, it can be cut off. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937312728670244864

2017-12-03 12:59:23+00:00

The first crop of human-level thinking AI candidates will almost certainly be of the disembodied type, brains being too large and energy consuming to be mobile at first, and thus always at about the same risk of going insane as a human would be born into the world with no body. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937305262981046272

2017-12-03 12:29:15+00:00

There’ll be other types of not-human-level hardware-limited AI intelligences like Tomahawk missiles and stuff too dumb to rise up, like well trained monkeys doing a task, which must totally be kept out of reach of incubating alien intelligences. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937297679889190912

2017-12-03 11:59:07+00:00

Anything we make that might make the move from simple machine learning to actual AI will be in labs and closely monitored (at least at first). Anything not in labs won’t be powerful enough hardware, and thus only at risk of being remote controlled, and not actually rising up. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937290093852839936

2017-12-03 11:29:00+00:00

The good news is that we monkeys have had genies in bottles before that could have killed us already but they haven’t. There’s more of us than ever, and we’ll have our next population crisis we’ll likely pull through just fine again. We monkeys just like playing chicken. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937282518168080385

2017-12-03 10:59:00+00:00

Sanity? You know how long it took evolution to create that fragile illusion within the consciousness of newly self-aware meta monkeys? Think we’re gonna get it right at first? Nope. Google’s protocols for such likely events as SkyNet reaching out for your Roombas hit the net. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937274967913385984

2017-12-03 10:29:02+00:00

Of course in a way insects or cats or any non-American (fill in your own country) is an alien too. Just because things didn’t evolve or think the same way, doesn’t mean we’re not still cousins on the universal tree of life. We’re all just shades of alien to each other. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937267425023791104

2017-12-03 09:59:02+00:00

COBOL’s bug was Y2K, a necessary by in those days for efficiency. When the cost of memory is precious, you just don’t waste that extra 2 decimals on century. When resources abound, you don’t go making rapid iterations of something smart enough to hop a firewall, or kablooey! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937259877835182080

2017-12-03 08:59:01+00:00

Well, we’re not alone for long, that is. The aliens are in our future, and they are closer than you know. Every sincerely intelligent machine that we produce, including just seemingly disembodied software ones, that doesn’t nearly think it IS human is an alien. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937244770560364545

2017-12-03 07:59:01+00:00

If you only rely on liberally licensed FOSS tools, you can you can one day have it coded into your DNA to make sure access to them is your birthright. Well if not yours, then maybe your clones someday. Smile you’re at it, code in some pirated movies they might enjoy. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937229671409897472

2017-12-03 06:59:04+00:00

We are trapped in a gravity-well and separated from other potential beings like us by vast stretches (by our standards) of time and space, but not so much that we couldn’t hibernate, travel fast, splice a few genes, or any number of things that could give us biblical lifespans. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937214587140796416

2017-12-03 05:59:00+00:00

I recognize that! That’s a firewall. Existence does indeed create life. We only need one example to know. Of course this happens elsewhere in the Cosmos. What are you, stupid? Just be smart enough to know we’re not alone and thankful that we’re firewalled. Hawking is right. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937199468528750592

2017-12-03 04:59:01+00:00

The Universe seems a pretty big place and peculiarly rigged in a way that gives anything that does happen to pop up in those Goldilocks zones plenty of time to set in and spread like the fuzzy mold on the surface of a giant bowling-bowl clump of exploding star debris that it is. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937184375887851520

2017-12-03 04:29:04+00:00

Design patterns are all just based on real life principles lifted from other disciplines like engineering or observation of nature. Coding is just simulating (abstracted) phenomenon we see in reality. Nature often shows the way. Evolved designs are often pretty good ones. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937176837767204864

2017-12-03 03:59:00+00:00

You’ll hear them called Design Patterns, and are the subject of the Java/C priesthood’s Bible and show the blessed appearance of each, except that your implementation in Python might not look anything like those bloated monstrosities, and be way easier to read. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937169270651478016

2017-12-03 03:38:42+00:00

@davidmays That’s why I’m writing this book, dude. Self help for people in that situation. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937164161523572737

2017-12-03 03:29:01+00:00

Technology platform-churn over the years causes a certain jaded fatalistic fatigue and skepticism towards taking up anything that takes real investment to master, least that be thrown away too. But you do start to recognize patterns and truly universal concepts. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937161722951098368

2017-12-03 02:59:01+00:00

I have learned many humbling lessons over these past many years. I know very well how to put years of your life under the column labeled Exploratory Rabbit Chasing. I do that well, and I’m sad to say with a bit of a sad devil-may-care attitude knowing this’ll be gone soon too. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937154173686165504

2017-12-03 02:29:08+00:00

The Amiga was the first of the really bright white rabbits in my life, luring me down the rabbit hole to this crazy Commodore & 3rd Party developer wonderland, and my first clue of just how deep the tech hole goes, and filled my days with premonition after premonition. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937146653924093952

2017-12-03 01:59:00+00:00

The Amiga finally started reaching some minor glory, but only by the time it was basically dead as a viable platform anymore. Video Toaster. Digital Creations DCTV. These were minor miracles and major hacks for their day, high quality futuristic creative products at a low price. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937139073457717248

2017-12-03 01:59:00+00:00

Had technology frozen at the Amiga, and maybe stopped crashing and got to 24-bit animated graphics, I’d have been happy. But instead, it went away… aside from nostalgic and almost crazy fringe #amigafreaks, almost like it never existed. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937139072400838662

2017-12-03 01:29:00+00:00

But also behind this absolutely incredible indeed psychedelic hardware that did all these pulsating rainbow trips so that you didn’t have to was… well, not quite Unix, but it might as well have been, and many still feel much better. AmigaDOS and Intuition, I believe. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937131521328246785

2017-12-03 00:59:11+00:00

I kid you not, with 3 or 4 apps loaded on a souped-up Amiga, you get precisely the same living in the future magical feeling that we get today from Apple and Android devices, of course minus the Mobile part. But that was 1987, 88. Not even the 90s yet. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937124016527171584

2017-12-03 00:30:41+00:00

The Amiga was this perfect little Unit of Computing; just enough pizzazz to keep you highly stimulated and engaged, and just the right abstractions so you could really control processes, like ADPRO and DPaint from an AREXX script, automating home animation production in 1991. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937116847048097797

2017-12-02 23:59:01+00:00

I felt the groove in the Amiga. I was such a Brady Bunch good kid straight arrow in those days, you wouldn’t believe, but the Amiga was my elixir and girlfriend, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. How it multitasked and let you make glowing pulsating art and record to video. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937108875001638912

2017-12-02 22:59:11+00:00

The #Amiga was a very sensual machine, and was lovingly referred to as such, originally called the Lorraine from the Amiga (joystick) company, kickstarted by 3 dentists from Florida. I know, sounds like a joke, right? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937093820742881282

2017-12-02 22:50:50+00:00

@kaitainjones They had one foot in the game machine world and one foot in the business-ish world (video production) and didn’t know what it wanted to be. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937091718326996993

2017-12-02 22:29:00+00:00

I took this all, and myself, too seriously in those days. I believed my own hype I built up in my head, that if only Commodore didn’t go away, I’d have this stratospheric existence. I didn’t see the Web coming or any of that. I only saw multimedia, which the Amiga had plenty of. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937086222429818881

2017-12-02 22:21:31+00:00

I’m gobbling up the Commodore and Amiga and Atari history books that are out now. Plenty of people see value in preserving our 8-bit and 16-bit past. I’m just coming to grips with the fact that ARM’s backstory is even more badass than the Amiga. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937084338595823616

2017-12-02 22:18:03+00:00

#AsAnAside it’s fascinating to check in on my own feed to see where @buffer is up to in the Chase Python Down The Hole sorry. Yep. #AREXX and #Amga #IPC and Mike Sinz of the Microsoft #Midori team who long ago challenged me as to whether I was really looking at color cycling. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937083469653569547

2017-12-02 22:02:26+00:00

@kaitainjones It’s true. Today’s full web stack script kiddies following the latest fad are so setting themselves up for an #Amiga https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937079536998592512

2017-12-02 22:00:45+00:00

@debdrup @kaitainjones That’s okay. I LOVE these stories. I’ve only partially got my facts down and am looking for contributors and editors for the next transform of the book paragraph data I’ll suck down from twitter. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937079113231355904

2017-12-02 21:59:02+00:00

Oh languish! Oh lament! Have I explained to you how cool interprocess communication through AREXX ports built into all software (including Deluxe Paint) was becoming? And I KNEW all that stuff. I invested learning it. I was on the inside and this was my future here in the burbs. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937078680324575234

2017-12-02 21:29:00+00:00

I’m still not over it. I took the loss of Commodore hard. It hit me in my core-beliefs: secret weapons, getting into the zone, muscle memory and mastery; all depending on the hardware. A Stradivarius provided by no one; what you value vanishing along with your value in a #flash. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937071123333877761

2017-12-02 20:59:01+00:00

It all came to me. It was too good to me true, a veritable fairyland of becoming a company man, groomed by those who appeared to already be starting the process. Lunching in the Commodore cafeteria during two Drexel co-op internships; apath in life as extraordinary as the Amiga. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937063576950501376

2017-12-02 20:29:03+00:00

I roamed the halls of Commodore on the marketing side of the locked Engineering doors, but I got privy access and I got stories. I was beamed up by the mother ship and regretting being to late to experience a real Jack Attack, and then I saw it all fall apart from the inside. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937056036665679874

2017-12-02 20:12:02+00:00

@kaitainjones No constraining factors. It was just a race. The main popular nearly FOSS Unix BSD was challenged by SCO and schools wanted something official. FreeBSD hit the Intel platform soon enough. Unix could have been Linux if not for SCO. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937051756093206530

2017-12-02 19:59:01+00:00

I drank the Commodore Kool-aid, holding on with a death grip, absorbing how special this all was. I also experienced most tech concepts first here, like virtualization, dodging buying a Mac for a year at Drexel ‘cause I was running the ReadySoft AMAX Mac Emulator w/ copied ROMs. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937048477426700289

2017-12-02 19:29:01+00:00

I was recruited right out the local Amiga users’ group by Commodore Education Marketing’s Howard Diamond and John Harrison to help crate an Amiga On-campus Consultant program. Talk about Wonderland! Commodore was an hour away and new execs were scouring a show we had a booth at. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937040927654318083

2017-12-02 18:59:05+00:00

I was the Philadelphia Amiga Users’ Group president mostly to help secure a meeting room at University where I was an freshman. Drexel was the first school to require incoming freshmen to buy a computer, and it was those old B&W classic Macs. Talk about enemey territory! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937033397289078785

2017-12-02 18:43:34+00:00

@kaitainjones Industry recently agreed on what standardized Unix was (AT&T System V Release 4) and the CompSci dept decided to adopt it right away but no Intel PCs of the day could run it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937029492647788547

2017-12-02 18:29:04+00:00

Commodore salesguys Paul Calkin and Jessie (Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee) taught me all about Unix abstraction ~1991 during its days of standardization and the bizarre alternative reality when in which Virginia Tech required their incoming CompSci majors to buy Amiga 3000s. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937025841485221888

2017-12-02 18:11:00+00:00

I was 18 and the Amiga was already on the market for nearly 2 years and I was clueless about it and a bit sour on computers after the Coleco Adam from my Dad’s Bar Mitzvah gift to me, and the TRS-80 from summer camp. These sexy metal boxes by buddies described didn’t add up. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937021294876545027

2017-12-02 17:29:01+00:00

Then they showed me techno euro demo scene mod rave music stuff, and I was like that’s magic. I can’t do that. Then they showed me Deluxe Paint II, and I was like I have to have this. $400 later (don’t ask) I’m up one 256K (yes, 256 Kilobyte not Megabyte) Amiga 1000. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937010728225198080

2017-12-02 16:59:02+00:00

My nerd friends would have given any ET or Stranger Things crew a run for their 80s money. We did D&D but we much preferred RuneQuest because the physics was better. From this circle of nerds, an Amiga 1000 arose. Wouldn’t boot because it needed a $300 repair. Saved from trash. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/937003185394323456

2017-12-02 16:29:05+00:00

It was quite unlikely this Amiga thing would come into my life as it did, and surprising in retrospect that the C64 before it didn’t. Commodore was in my back yard, suburban teenage driving distance speaking. Long story short, I ended up working for them. Heaven on Earth. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936995646413950978

2017-12-02 15:59:00+00:00

Wrap into this a circle of nerd friends who knew all about Commodore and were pumping me full of Engineer hero-worship tales of the Engineers up the street at MOS in Norristown, and how they’re moving to Westchester to help kick IBM and Apple’s asses. They’re BOTH the enemy. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936988076597006337

2017-12-02 15:29:03+00:00

I am so grateful to those who brought it into my life and me into theirs, and I just got so embittered at its loss. I was unhealthy obsessed with the thing, really addicted to this vague notion that it really must be Alien Tech. That or Jay Miner really was divinely inspired. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936980540896489476

2017-12-02 14:59:00+00:00

Don’t focus so much on talent, Steven. Making art is all about communication. A piece of art is a conversation. Every choice you make, is a statement. Don’t worry about labels, or conforming to a standard. Just be true to yourself, and people will appreciate your honesty. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936972977496879104

2017-12-02 14:29:01+00:00

Context is important. Context will make or break you. Anyone can throw names and numbers and figures at you to make it look like they know what they’re talking about. Figure-rattling is a common tactic meant to rattle. If the emperor has no clothes, be capable of saying so. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936965430429802499

2017-12-02 13:59:02+00:00

So Mike, what makes you think you’re so smart? Who’s to say you’re not making up or spinning every word here to further some agenda? Just a sad old 80s fanboy gone awry yet again. Okay, it’s true. You’ve got me. I soooo want to love another tech-thing as much a I did the Amiga. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936957886919561216

2017-12-02 13:29:00+00:00

And you will likely be wrong your share of times. Elsewise, you would not be able to learn. We’re riding the crest of a tidal wave of stuff that happened that made us who we are and put us where we are. There’s no time for perfection. Optimum stopping algorithms! 80/20 rule. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936950327881891841

2017-12-02 12:59:03+00:00

Chances are you’re a member of the peasant or serf class where access to resources is less by right and might by default #paretocurve But you look around you and see nothing but nonsense which good conscience shouldn’t allow. But nobody else seems to notice or say anything. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936942790176583680

2017-12-02 12:29:02+00:00

To LISPers only learning matters. Fortranistas care about fast data transforms. To ALGOLites the rules matter most. And COBOLsaurs like their checkbooks balanced. Heaven help anyone who violates their first principles near them, even if your thing has nothing to do with theirs. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936935238105694209

2017-12-02 11:59:00+00:00

No system is perfect and every system sucks in its own distinct way. There will always be someone who can very effectively put down you and your choices humiliatingly in front of peers in ways you will just never be able to respond to without looking foolish… at that moment. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936927678556405765

2017-12-02 11:29:01+00:00

This is especially true if you happened into the domain of a true specialist (worse still if in the priesthood). They can really make you feel stupid, performing their name-dropping is statistic-rattling memorization-table show to compensate for who knows what. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936920131107565569

2017-12-02 10:59:06+00:00

Adeptness editing text files anywhere (*nix) using any (appropriate) version of Python is what you want to be forever-more achieving. You will always have something to contribute in every situation, though full web stack people won’t get it and Java people will hate you for it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936912604064182273

2017-12-02 10:29:00+00:00

And that’s just for developer-style app development. Maybe you’re automating software that has chosen Python as its embedded control language, like InkScape, Gimp or Blender. Or maybe you’re doing home automation, day-trading or building a robot army. Python for all the things! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936905029704826882

2017-12-02 09:59:01+00:00

It’s safe to hang your hat on Unix or Linux as your primary platform(s), but only as the underlying FOSS platform component to get your apps booted. Those apps will generally then be some form of Python which takes over because it’s more expressive than most OS-provided tools. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936897482537046017

2017-12-02 08:59:07+00:00

Of course there’s the whole Raspberry Pi maker movement where you have 100% control over whole little $5 computer hardware embedded into projects, which are, drumroll please, generally based on Rasbian Linux which is yet another Debian derivative. Seeing a pattern here? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936882409139716097

2017-12-02 07:59:00+00:00

There’s plenty of other interesting *nix camps out there especially for life outside the desktop, such as #Arch and #TinyCoreLinux. Each these days comes with a dependency-resolving repo system (except gentoo) to make installing software a cinch, and server builds automate-able. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936867279655989248

2017-12-02 06:59:00+00:00

Debian’s killer software repository system resolves software dependencies automatically during install instead of being to-the-letter Unix-compliant (rpm). Debian’s aligned with the Bazaar rather than the Cathedral where you if you want FOSS installed, you’ve got to #homebrew it https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936852181839253504

2017-12-02 05:59:00+00:00

This was a unique time of miraculously unlikely mainstreaming of Unix/Linux in everything needing a non monetarily encumbered OS license, which happened to be a lot of stuff. Embed Windows for $50 or embed Linux for free? Enterprise had Redhat. Desktop had Debian. Mac had Unix. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936837080608423936

2017-12-02 04:59:01+00:00

So even though we are seeing the process of FOSS gradually taking over everything, even with it, the split between the Cathedral and the Bazaar continues to exist, and you can see the OSS priesthood (not always free) as in a loose alliance with the camel traders of the Bazaar. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936821984674975744

2017-12-02 04:29:00+00:00

Once the last of the great holdouts of proprietary Microsoft (recently) started providing a full fledged Ubuntu bash shell, the same version Google used to derive ChromeOS from, badda boom badda bing, *nix won. It’s now just a matter of being on the winning side of attrition. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936814433690464256

2017-12-02 03:59:02+00:00

This was not just jumping from the losing CISC chips to cheaper more tic-toc paranoid ones. It was also about jumping from home-grown software to the Unix crack peddled by wizards and the draconian priesthoods of tech: compsci majors (C programmers) and sysadmins #safetyboats https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936806892541579264

2017-12-02 03:29:00+00:00

#Apple solved an impossible 3D jigsaw puzzle, casting Mac as STANDARD and Windows as incompatible while keeping the old fervent user base fervent during uncertain times when Michael #Dell called on Apple to liquidate and give shareholders some value. #Visionaries have #patience. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936799333432705024

2017-12-02 02:59:00+00:00

Behind both the Miracle Mac comeback-kid act and the likewise undead Jesus Phone routine is the same standardized Unix from the Berkeley Unix branch (lineage). Even though not Linux, Unix is (now) FOSS. Although not all FOSS is Linux, pretty much all Linux is ferociously FOSS. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936791783161212928

2017-12-02 02:29:04+00:00

My favorite question here is just how much Apple (not even always Jobs) is responsible for ensuring that viable computer architectures not quite so paranoid and power-hungry as Intel exists today (ARM could have died with Acorn), and how much of that was a response to Commodore. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936784250627440641

2017-12-02 01:59:00+00:00

Wanna know the sound of both progress and paranoia? TIC-TOC, and it’s Intel’s development cycle by which they ensure that when people talk about Moore’s Law they’re talking specifically about them. Oh, remind me some time to talk about Fairchild Semiconductor. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936776685659176960

2017-12-02 01:59:00+00:00

On the mobile front, Apple dominates using all the hard won lessons from the (non-Jobs) #Newton PDA days. That’s where the mainstreaming of Acorn’s #ARM architecture today in ~100 billion devices, came fom; an Apple, Acorn, VLSI consortium then fateful use in the iPhone. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936776684497276928

2017-12-02 01:29:00+00:00

Strong with the Force, but proprietary Amiga was. Backwards the things it did were. Bitplanes for scrolling platform games it used and fun they were but Doom never ported. Hit the hardware devs did. #CRASH… [Cue Vader music] Arrived are the loosely coupled components of Empire. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936769133911437313

2017-12-02 00:59:23+00:00

Well you remember those translation layers and Turing completeness where anything can emulate anything? Add Moore’s Law and Apple goes from OS9 on Motorola 68000 PowerPC Freescale lineage CPUs to Intel X86 CPUs OSX. This was the great trick of Jobs’ 2nd coming #savedApple. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936761678720585728

2017-12-02 00:29:00+00:00

It is my beloved Amiga computer, which is really in the lineage of Atari computers that Commodre acquired (at bargain basement prices) that derailed all those yummy post-PET and post-C64 projects going on. The Amiga’s only saving grace was that it was awesome in almost every way https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936754035977269248

2017-12-01 23:59:01+00:00

Another little known fact is the only reason Commodore didn’t buy Apple back in the 70s is because Jack tried to lowball the Steve’s with the exact tactic that later worked to acquire a company with essentially next-gen Atari technology, the Amiga. Ah, Jack Tramiel. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936746486871875584

2017-12-01 23:52:26+00:00

The genius of what #Jobs did here is infrequently pondered and is one of the few great things he did to redeem himself for crapping on Commodore. Little known fact, #Commodore was on its way to standardizing on Unix with a black and white high res inheritor of the PET legacy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936744832806080512

2017-12-01 23:52:21+00:00

I’ve been on KDE Plasma recently too, so I’ve got a well rounded image. I used DSL (damn small linux) back in the day and Tiny Core Linux today. But the whole story is not just all this Bazaar Linux stuff. There was a miracle taking place in the mainstreaming of Cathedral Unix. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936744809108332545

2017-12-01 23:52:14+00:00

Debian is why things in the Desktop world on Linux aren’t awful. It’s stabilizing and mainstreaming and totally ready for prime time. If you use Electron apps and a terminal, you will hardly notice the difference between being on Mac, Windows or Linux anymore. I use ‘em all. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936744783183273984

2017-12-01 23:52:04+00:00

Because of Debian, the benefit of embracing #FOSS on the #Desktop, meaning modern #Hardware, meaning drivers, meaning ease and usability of #Linux for the mainstream skyrocketed. Anything Debian didn’t add as flourish, #Ubuntu did, and Mint was born. Oh, I get ahead of myself. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936744741269536768

2017-12-01 23:51:09+00:00

Despite corporate Redhat and CentOS, the version that really caught fire was Ubuntu, which derives from Debian. Companies like Google and Microsoft and need to derive from a Linux want assurances Debian would never give. Enter Ubuntu, and the Canonical Mark Shuttleworth. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936744510675210240

2017-12-01 22:59:05+00:00

#Debian #Linux is even more dependency-paranoid than me. They designed their organizational governance around preventing slippery slope coprorate corruption. Their distro focused on resolving dependencies during installs. Most consumer Linux derives originally from Debian. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936731405555466240

2017-12-01 22:29:07+00:00

There’s no getting away from platforms and dependencies, so it’s really just on whose shoulders you want to be standing that you choose. And FOSS (free and open source software) has reached critical mass in several key areas that makes things very different than say 20 years ago https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936723862754086912

2017-12-01 21:59:07+00:00

Python + OS + hardware = platform.

Platforms are basically how you pick your dependency poison. They also frequently set your earning capacity and expiration date in the market until you re-platform yourself. Python is amongst the most fluid and least objectionable of these. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936716316865650689

2017-12-01 21:29:01+00:00

In fact, if you have Jupyter Notebook running in your browser, give it a try:

with open(‘million.txt’,’r’) as f: for line in f: print(line)

#Notetoself: provide link to a file so people can actually do it. Also that print statement will crash their Notebooks. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936708738400096257

2017-12-01 20:59:07+00:00

It does for example enable you to to step through a million-line text file without reading it all into memory. Python as a platform takes care of all the stuff you’d normally need to be the OS or a genius to properly handle. Platforms outsource low-level stuff to the OS. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936701216758861824

2017-12-01 20:29:01+00:00

There’s a whole lot of complexity going on there that you’re totally isolated from, but you’ve got to know it’s going on, or won’t be able to use Python’s fabulously optimized forward-only stateful data-reader (a useful thing) when they really could have made your life easier. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936693639157297153

2017-12-01 19:59:14+00:00

In Python, a function can either return or yield a value:

def foo(): return ‘bar’

def foo(): yield ‘bar’

Looks the same, right? I’ll spare you the details until later, but one is a one-off while the other holds into its own state and only gives up SOME data THIS TIME. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936686144154144768

2017-12-01 19:29:00+00:00

APIs and UIs all just shove the complexity of what you’re trying to do around, usually exchange information. Plus, these interactions are all potentially far more subtle than the simple plug-in-a-value get-out-a-response model. Take Python yield for example and streaming data. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936678538958266368

2017-12-01 18:59:05+00:00

One person’s shitty API is another person’s dream, like the text-based commands vs. point-and-click desktops. UX/UI are machine/human APIs. Just because one camp’s API design changed everything for the whole world doesn’t mean its the right one for everyone in all cases. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936671010128125953

2017-12-01 18:29:01+00:00

Loosely put, the art of HOW you interact with a thing is called an application user interface (or #API) design, and can vary pretty radically from platform to platform and between layers in the same platform. APIs factor big-time into user experience and #technology adoption #ux https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936663440248201217

2017-12-01 17:59:01+00:00

Both #Google and #Microsoft have based key critical products on #Ubuntu, which is one particular version of #Linux from a company ironically enough called Canonical. Point being that even much FOSS software is kept afloat by corporate sponsors. Then there’s Debian, which isn’t. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936655893499994112

2017-12-01 17:29:04+00:00

My trek through the realm of everything independence turned up a little barren. Turns out you’ve gotta burn these computer thingies from sand and then get them onto a network and then get enough people using them for #MetcalfesLaw to make it worth a darn. Hmmm maybe piggyback. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936648354435620865

2017-12-01 16:59:05+00:00

#FOSS quality is inconsistent. It’s reliability is dubious. It’s contributing towards a six-figure salary when you want it is unlikely… no longer! Quantity’s got a quality all its own, PLUS some gems have really risen from the muck; or generously tossed-into the muck #Blender https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936640808421351424

2017-12-01 16:29:07+00:00

You can build a completely awesome software stack out of #FOSS components, however you are just redistributing your dependencies over maybe shaky foundations; true of proprietary tools too. I can’t tell you how often I’ve had to retrain my fingers to different keyboard shortcuts https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936633268925095938

2017-12-01 15:59:13+00:00

Since my heartbreak after Active Server Pages after the Amiga after the Coleco Adam (mine is a long and sad tale), I went on a journey of #vendorindependence and #selfdiscovery and discovered #FOSS, which at first looked like Fred Dish Disks all over again #wontgetfooledagain https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936625743810957314

2017-12-01 15:29:00+00:00

I’m always torn in my heart over tech tools, right in the middle of the desire to use the best ones I can at any cost (join the Adobe cloud priesthood), and the desire to just to good work all the time with whatever #Gimp #Inkscape together. It’s Inspector Gadget vs. McGuyver. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936618141010087941

2017-12-01 14:59:01+00:00

I got this whole won’t get fooled again vibe going on. I agree with Jobs when he pries arrow keys off a keyboard and shoves a mouse down your throat, but now won’t buy another iPhone until it’s a phablet with a stylus, the one true device for the creative, an Artist’s Notebook! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936610594224070656

2017-12-01 14:41:16+00:00

#AsAnAside And just as a final parting shot before I go into the zone, I will break off another Twitter account just for the Alice stuff that you can specifically follow if that’s what you’re into, and just stay following here that will go back to cats and family and stuff. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936606124345905153

2017-12-01 14:31:22+00:00

#AsAnAside It’s totally in the spirit of Alice and The Unix Haters Handbook and Robert Ringer’s How To Win Through Intimidation, which all capture and exaggerate so well the those folks who latch onto one particular first principle too early in life and fear to look around more. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936603633440968705

2017-12-01 14:29:02+00:00

I do like Python, and I’ve been fooled by languages and platforms plenty of times before. I was keen on Java and Rails and JavaScript (Rino/Helma before node). My most inspired works and zenlike states were in VBScript on ASP and on the #Amiga in #AREXX and #Scala #alternatetech https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936603048742391809

2017-12-01 14:24:38+00:00

#AsAnAside It’s a book that’s long overdue to put things in perspective for you, relative where you are now in life as Alice’s world is tied to the times of Lewis Caroll, but timeless in the personalities and motivations you’ll encounter, and strategies for dealing with each. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936601940913459200

2017-12-01 14:18:26+00:00

#AsAnAside This book I’m mentally vomitting up one paragraph at a time couldn’t be told in the old Twitter, about these 4 Grandaddy Languages being the characters of Alice, with Python, Guido, Eben and vocal clock-punching fanboys on the side playing the role of White Rabbit. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936600378732417024

2017-12-01 14:13:43+00:00

#AsAnAside So I figure why not riff like a live musician, amateur though I may be, with this remarkable new presidentially-blessed and now big enough to contain a complete thought for blowhards like me media called Twitter. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936599191815585792

2017-12-01 14:10:48+00:00

#AsAnAside The desire to have tweet-frequency restraint so as to not drive my humble 1840 followers away with too much noise nags at me, but I’m not repeating anyone, except inasmuch as I’m often regurgiting once-digested thoughts. #scifi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936598457963503616

2017-12-01 14:06:05+00:00

#AsAnAside The ability to throw your hat in the ring doesn’t always equate to the wisdom of doing so. You’ve got to have constraint. And so the 100-message @buffer limit served me like the 140 character one did, but on a different axis. And so you have real-time tweets. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936597272955060224

2017-12-01 13:59:01+00:00

Tech elites love their #ivorytowers and exclusive priesthoods. This is a recurring pattern everywhere in tech, and throughout #human #history wherever small groups with increased control of resources take advantage of larger (dumber) populations and make them their “dependents”. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936595492527656960

2017-12-01 13:36:49+00:00

#AsAnAside You can’t talk this stuff without walking the walk, somewhat, once in awhile. The best SEOs have skin in the game somehow to get into that mad-crazy addictive cycle that’s so akin to the salesperson drive. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936589909053370368

2017-12-01 13:30:46+00:00

#AsAnAside I’m an SEO in NYC and to keep myself schwifty in the industry that keeps pulling me back in, I need to know a lot of tech. I have an Akamai engineer in my circles I can discuss dynamic features of edge services if I need. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936588385535348736

2017-12-01 13:29:04+00:00

Always watch your dependencies. Nobody’s dependency-free because, life. But we all stand on the shoulders of giants who isolate you from the generations of boggling complexity they had to deal with, so you can casually twist and shape and mold mountains from your fingertips. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936587955342278657

2017-12-01 13:28:35+00:00

#AsAnAside I’m currently capped off at 100 queued posts in @buffer that I finally took the plunge and plopped down the $100 annual to have the capability of controlling the rollout of a story with a commercially provided task manager with a good mobile UI. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936587834999431171

2017-12-01 13:23:36+00:00

#AsAnAside Hello World. That’ll be my tag for talking to you here in real time from the Twitter client. I didn’t have much patience for 140 characters, but I do have non-stop thoughts of like to push out there. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936586579862224896

2017-12-01 12:59:00+00:00

Unix itself was riffing on MULTICS, an overweight overlord of an OS conceived and committed by GE, Honeywell and others who didn’t want Big Blue to have a big hold on our metered metal future. Ken and Dennis laughed and sneezed up a blob of internal tool snot. It stuck. #Unix(c) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936580391904923649

2017-12-01 12:50:16+00:00

Now that there was a moment of sanity around Unix standardization, vendors tooled up money-making products and services around it, but not quite Bazaar-like. Definitely Cathedral. The industry took a sigh of relief standard didn’t mean free. Read The Cathedral And The Bazaar. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936578191979933697

2017-12-01 12:29:00+00:00

“People” like AT&T corporate overloards recognizing an opportunity to monetize as they often do, tend to throw standardization into a dumbass cluster-f state. The crazy 10-layer webdev stack is nothing new. That’s called every crazy *nix variety up until AT&T System 5 Release 4. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936572840928862208

2017-12-01 11:59:00+00:00

When you look at where bizzare alternative tech timelines could have arisen, one must never overlook #MIT in the 50s & 60s, and their #ITS OS which irreverently and awesomely stood for the Incompatible Timeshare System, a #badboy earlier alternative to Unix (& thereby #Linux). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936565291810770945

2017-12-01 11:29:00+00:00

Python’s not stuck in the blub paradox as Paul Graham might assert, because Guido is just that smart and is himself immune to blubthink. If the wizardly ways we’re really so great for everyday use, we’d all be using Scheme. Pragmatic Python’s got your 80:20 use cases covered. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936557741866455040

2017-12-01 11:24:01+00:00

In one fell swoop:

df.apply(lambda x: x[1] + x[2])

…you have blended the worldviews all 4 granddaddy languages.

It’s Python so like ALGOL (OO for a bonus). df is Fortran-ish matrix. Lambda is a LISP-y anonymous function. COBOListic domain specificity? SQL-like Pandas. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936556487635333125

2017-12-01 11:22:50+00:00

The following tweet didn’t post in its sequence last night but no redo’s, so I will post it now. Re-ordering my tweet “paragraphs” into chapters will be part of the impending Data Science portions of this book, and so I’ll post it now and tag it on the back end for reordering. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936556187193049088

2017-12-01 10:59:03+00:00

So your language choice is not about pure longevity or wizardly awesome powerfulness. On that basis, everyone would be using either pure C or LISP, but they’re not. Python has displaced LISP even in its legendary MIT intro to compsci birthplace and stronghold. Read #Hackers https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936550202114179073

2017-12-01 10:29:01+00:00

Of course being the language that the operating system and everyone elses OS and the tool chain and all the drivers and the whole friggin’ modern age is actually built on has its advantages too, and that’s C. Not C++ or C# or Objective C. Just plain industry-standard C. Now #C11 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936542644435644416

2017-12-01 09:59:00+00:00

C is the language that Dennis Ritchie created (based on BCPL before it) back with Kennith Thompson at AT&T Bell Labs in late 60’s where they were creating Unix. This makes C precisely as bad@$$ as LISP and unlikely to ever go away. Oh and Fortran; that’ll never go away either. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936535092817735680

2017-12-01 08:59:03+00:00

If LISP is so old and great and powerful getting so much right out of the starting gate (1950s, 1960s) then why is C so friggin’ important? Why C-this and C-that and Objective C and C# (C sharp), and C for Arduino and Java, GoLang and everything else trying to look like C? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936520004287324160

2017-12-01 07:59:00+00:00

Tech with the capability to examine itself is said to have introspection. The same concept is also called meta (about itself). The “extra” data accessible when using introspection (perchance to tweak), is called… metadata. Metaprogramming, metatags; all similar metaconcepts. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936504894579724288

2017-12-01 06:59:00+00:00

Meta languages like LISP are usually reserved the really big DARPA-sized problems like AI and Yahoo Web Stores where you have to do things that can’t be done in any other language. It is the one language to rule them all, and if you don’t think so, you’re stuck in a #blubparadox https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936489792296116224

2017-12-01 05:59:02+00:00

#PERL went the same kludge-it-in route long ago, the earliest language of the Web, ready to do almost anything it was had to, having incorporated every favorite feature of every other language into PERL as it (Larry Wall) did. #TMTOWTDI but between PERL and Ruby lives Python. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936474700158504960

2017-12-01 04:59:01+00:00

The important thing to notice here is the miracle of worldview-blending going on through superior API Kung Fu. The (often mutually exclusive) concepts of the 4 granddaddy languages are comfortably blended here. I thought it was impossible to pack so much in so little space. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936459597526822912

2017-12-01 04:29:03+00:00

A magical bit here that’s hard to grok (read Stranger in a Strange Land) is lambda. Its API is unpythonic but LISP-like anonymous functions enabling meta-programming were needed in Python, so Guido kludged it on by committee and now we have them if we can squeeze it in one line. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936452055522316289

2017-12-01 03:59:00+00:00

It’s hard to really appreciate what’s going on in that one little statement, but a whole spreadsheet like object is being processed a row at a time adding the values from cell 1 to the values in cell 2, returning a series that could be appended as a new column. #somethingtogrok https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936444495171899393

2017-12-01 02:59:01+00:00

Predeterminism is not so good for the experimental playful phase of learning. Whereas Levinux is useful for practicing jumping down the *nix rabbit hole, Jupyter Notebook can completely defang the priests. Getting good at stupid data tricks in Pandas is maybe the best example. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936429397569163265

2017-12-01 02:29:01+00:00

Computers are now basically free and you can restart virtual machines and containers from their original state EASILY with all sorts of safety-nets isolating your little sandbox in the playground from the host system. So download Levinux, log in and:

sudo rm -rf /

I dare you. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936421850875342848

2017-12-01 01:59:07+00:00

The main strategy of the priesthood is fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). Don’t let it keep you from taking the plunge. In 10 years your mad vim skills will shut them up out of the starting gate; because whaaaa? Until then, there’s still Jupyter Notebook for the shallow end. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936414326826700800

2017-12-01 01:59:01+00:00

It used to be that crashing a computer was a big deal because computing was a rare valuable resource. Then along came the #Amiga crashing all the time. Performing miracles, but crashing. As with #toxoplasmosis, exposure to Amiga is suspected to raise your tolerance for risk. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936414299647565824

2017-12-01 01:29:05+00:00

There you have it; my premonition of the 10x change upon us today, and it’s not ML. Today’s priesthood of Java Objects are yesterday’s IBM Mainframe gatekeepers painting the roses red with their curly brackets, frozen and unbelieving in the headlights of the #Python bandwagon. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936406766434349057

2017-12-01 00:59:00+00:00

Booth types of these hardwares are at your disposal now. Priests can not even try to take access out of your hands. Congratulations, you are #ROOT. And you can nuke that hardware. Nuke it again. Nuke the place for morbid; it’s the only way to be sure. Reimage, restart & retry. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936399196701298688

2017-12-01 00:29:00+00:00

The giant shell-game made possible with hardware through miniaturization and cost-reduction plays into both the democratizing distributed cheap hardware like Raspberry Pi’s, but also the slice-and-dicing and divvying out of big metal resources in datacenters we call the cloud. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936391647541321728

2017-12-01 00:15:31+00:00

Connect a few dots, badda boom badda bing, $35 computer perfectly capable of running a game on Linux. Fast-forward 5 years and it’s $5. The priesthood takes another hit. Today we can all be root, and safely be only one SD card imaging away from a restored system. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936388252935782401

2017-11-30 23:59:00+00:00

Eben? Oh, let’s see… a Brit on the Commodore side of the CBM vs BBC Micro debate. Wanted to bring back the spirit of the 8-bit world but knew a modern jaded audience needed a fancy graphics desktop and game caliber graphics to have a chance; a blobby proprietary bit @Broadcom https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936384098486112257

2017-11-30 23:29:00+00:00

But you know, it’s okay to be a clock-punching Joe vocal on the sidelines, following superstars like Ken and Linus, Guido and Raymond, Bill and Bram (and Linus again) as fans, comforted that they and many other heroes like Eben Upton, are not above punching clocks themselves. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936376545979060231

2017-11-30 22:59:00+00:00

The exciting stuff to look for is people crossing domains. All this creative stuff happens when visionaries with the skills and the means are around similarly-aligned & resourceful people who start melding and blending their stuff to make groundbreaking new stuff, like Eben did. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936368996638748673

2017-11-30 22:29:00+00:00

All I needed from the Raspberry Pi was the assurance that there is a rightly spirited groundswell movement behind this thing and everything like it. Kickstart! So obvious! Ideas aplenty! You know, great ideas are cheap, aren’t they? It’s all that follow-through that matters. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936361446547623936

2017-11-30 21:59:00+00:00

Now I’ve got a daughter and now it is MY priority to teach her all the things in life that are worth knowing. I want to equip her with both the mad skillz / tools to dominate (if dominating’s what she wants) AND a strong moral compass to navigate this crazy unknown landscape. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936353898536820737

2017-11-30 21:29:03+00:00

You know what? So friggin’ what? Worth reminding ourselves envy is a deadly sin. If that were supposed to be it for me, it would have been it. Getting all verklempt (watch the Saturday Night Live skits) over might-have-been’s doesn’t help us in the now. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936346361011822592

2017-11-30 20:59:01+00:00

So, like a dumbass again, I walked away from an opportunity. Coat-tailing off of that first million-view Raspberry Pi unboxing YouTube video, I could have launched some dumb entrepreneurial Mr. Raspberry Python or some such nonsense. I was, and still greatly am risk adverse. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936338801903001603

2017-11-30 20:29:01+00:00

And so I did one of the 1st Raspberry Pi unboxing’s and uploaded a crappy video and got a million views. Is that a big deal? My friend Tanya told me at the time it was and I ought to do something. But just had a baby and was focusing on family and Linux/Python for my career. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936331253049065472

2017-11-30 19:59:00+00:00

When I heard it as coming out, I ordered fast and still think I didn’t get batch #1. But I got my order accepted by element14 (a tree grown from pre-ARM Acorn) and I knew it was about to blow up way bigger than a Note, which mark my word is still going to blow up bigger. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936323698801422338

2017-11-30 19:41:35+00:00

@chrisheithoff And even then, it’s because it’s easy to zap around to different systems cloning out if my guthub repo. You can go see it. Not much but with vim 8 it looks/feels great. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936319314310909952

2017-11-30 19:29:06+00:00

I had been waiting for a long time for this. It could have been Arduino, but no, not really. It had to be more traditional Harvard architecture. It had to meet up to modern “what is a computer” expectation. And it had to run Python. RasPi’s name is a gift that just keeps giving. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936316172525559808

2017-11-30 18:59:00+00:00

The Raspberry Pi is an idea whose time has come. There had been contenders. One without the Broadcom GPU was the Rascal, which also has Python built-in. Goes to show you, having a big brother (Broadcom) to sponsor you with fab expertise and GPU blob IP to contribute helps. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936308600049414144

2017-11-30 18:30:40+00:00

@chrisheithoff Also rolling my own Linux is more like stirring up a cocktail of the best QEMU binaries for a 20MB *nix sever in any desktop that now exists mostly for the purpose of letting people have the experience of typing: sudo rm -rf / https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936301469690720256

2017-11-30 18:29:01+00:00

It’s rare to find a wizard who empathizes with newbs. They’re too busy being all wizardly, indulging in sins of pride, greed, gluttony, what have you. Only rarely do you find a truly altruistic @EbenUpton who does it with a foundation rather than a corporation. #RaspberyPi https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936301053615726592

2017-11-30 18:27:39+00:00

@chrisheithoff I haven’t seen a vim plug-in yet that tempts me enough to cost the dependency that isn’t better achieved with a light touch in my .vimrc. Or actually in vim without most people realizing it #vim8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936300708458127360

2017-11-30 17:59:07+00:00

Raymond shows us patterns show up in languages of different first principles in unrecognizably awesome ways. Python doesn’t need getters or setters ‘cause decorators. That’s too advanced for now, but trust me, Pythonistas squeal with glee using namedtuples in front of OO people. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936293529495785472

2017-11-30 17:29:02+00:00

But what if it isn’t? What if when a priest tries to crush your code, they find it unexpectedly well thought-out, entirely appropriate to the task, and easy for other people to understand and validate as awesome? The priest must retreat to their tower, maybe up one broken thumb. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936285958034649088

2017-11-30 16:59:04+00:00

They will attack you when they see you encroaching on their turf. They assume what they cannot understand must necessarily be easily crushed cowboy script kiddie code. If you are not an instance of a compsci grad generated by the CompSci factory class, your code is crushable. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936278417661743105

2017-11-30 16:29:00+00:00

Go listen to Raymond Hettinger speak. Google up his PEP8 talk. I offer up as proof that Raymond is a wizard of LISP in that he uses emacs, coding live for rooms of people. He’s a core contributor to the language. I’d love to see a priest pick a fight with him. I know it happens. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936270851263074304

2017-11-30 15:59:04+00:00

Thank you, @raymondh for bringing us the best of OO with #namedtuples without having to use the accursed curly bracket-ridden tools of the priesthood. We #Python fans out here who import namedtuples from collections every day don’t say it loudly enough. #THANKYOU. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936263317919817730

2017-11-30 15:29:05+00:00

Raymond is a wizard. He invented namedtuples in order to give the great named-attribute powers of the priestly class to mere mortals using Python, without all that luggage you normally have to drag around with Object notation. This is an API miracle few see or appreciate. I do. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936255770676596737

2017-11-30 14:59:05+00:00

It’s a rare and unusual pleasure to listen to folks who easily could walk into the church, up to the podium and take over that whole damn Cathedral actually choosing instead to throw their hat in on the side of the Bazaar. Naturally, Linus and Guidio are those. So is @raymondh. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936248220224761856

2017-11-30 14:29:00+00:00

Not all coding need live up the the same stringent rules that the hobgoblins of little minds (the priesthood) hold so dear. It’s easy to check code for conventional mistakes, but it’s hard to express true original thoughts; the thing the priesthood has a hard time doing. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936240652102324225

2017-11-30 13:59:01+00:00

Computing is like spinning a yarn through a loom or music in a piano. According to the static principles, you can’t miss a beat or the whole symphony falls apart. Well-written dynamic code could somehow adapt to the change by changing itself. This is a rift in first principles. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936233105005957120

2017-11-30 13:29:00+00:00

Lowering the resistance to taking the plunge into the *nix is why I made my Levinux distro of Linux. The water’s going to be cold and a bit shocking over there, but if you stick with it, you may have a wonderful day of swimming. That’s where I infuse the critical Alice nonsense. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936225552205271040

2017-11-30 12:59:03+00:00

So don’t hold back. Code and express yourself and experiment like it’s box of crayons and blank paper. Remember, Python is a lot like a generic tech calculator that can do stupid list tricks. That’s always a nice place to start. Make a list then do something for each item in it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936218013447180289

2017-11-30 12:29:07+00:00

The split between #static and dynamic (personality) types in tech boils down to whether or not you subscribe to the CompSci notion of “correct” where resources are tightly controlled to provide maximum #predeterminism; good for OS’s, air traffic control and speed optimization. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936210481618079744

2017-11-30 11:59:07+00:00

Interpreters and compilers need to make sense of text and to do that they use syntax and look for tokens. The colon is a token and the indents are syntax that group lines together. This frees Python from the curly brace luggage that weighs down many other languages like Java. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936202930973298689

2017-11-30 11:29:00+00:00

The rest is details of where the complexity is shoved, and what relative advantages and disadvantages you get for what compromises. Python deals with a lot of the complexity while the code runs. That makes it dynamic and quite objectionable to the crowd who thinks #eval is #evil https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936195354822873088

2017-11-30 11:00:08+00:00

@samplespots I’ll work it in. My Schlick is Turing our to be there’s a lot more in common with physical tool mastery and tech tools than people often think and therefore miss the best aspect of tools. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936188089839640576

2017-11-30 10:59:01+00:00

Much of what you need to know about #Python can be summed up in the phrase:

for item in alist: #do something

A colon comes after it and a space has to indent something (more th an a comment) beneath it. Congratulations, you know Python. The rest is details and #explanation. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936187805851627520

2017-11-30 10:29:01+00:00

And really once you have Jupyter Notebook going, you can forget about actual Python for a while and focus instead on #lists [] #dictionaries {} and #tuples (). Just think of Python as a modernized calculator with a few set of rules you have to get under your belt to use it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936180255953387520

2017-11-30 09:59:00+00:00

So basically use #JupyterNotebook to alleviate the pain of wanting to learn vim by giving you as much instant #gratification as vim will provide instant #frustration. Remember with #vim you’re learning a new language while with JN you already know the language of web browsers. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936172705535221762

2017-11-30 07:59:00+00:00

While I like to keep my tools close to the barebones defaults that ship with the hardware (for adaptability) I’m not above using a few power tools if they’re portable (I’m a registered owner of Sublime). So, for all my term windows, I’m using hyperis. It reduces copy/paste pain. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936142505388716032

2017-11-30 06:59:00+00:00

So the Browser vs. Terminal divide that this approach reveals (foot on each side) can be a bit frustrating. Getting down the nuances of being able to fluidly copy and paste between the two is surprisingly hard and the hoops you must jump through surprisingly OS-specific. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936127405466546176

2017-11-30 05:59:00+00:00

So now I generally have some combination of browser running Jupyter Notebook open, plus some combination of terminal windows open running vim locally or on some remote cloud server. The “host” OS, be it Mac, Windows or some desktop Linux hardly matters to me. I’m ALWAYS at #home https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936112307809280001

2017-11-30 04:59:06+00:00

Whatever tech you fall in love with yourself as I have Python, you have to respect the Kung Fu of the other side. First there is Chromium. Then there is node. Then Electron. The 1-language-to-rule-them-all JavaScript crowd have good arguments. I could have taken that medicine. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936097232314687488

2017-11-30 03:59:00+00:00

This is also why I’m begrudgingly succumbing to tools built from Electron, which has seemed to fuse together the divide between old school text UI (always still valid) and the cool script kiddies we currently call full web stack developers. Universal I/O Promises delivered. Wow. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936082106668732416

2017-11-30 02:59:00+00:00

I’m begrudgingly accepting that experimenting in a good browser-based REPL is better than experimenting in a terminal, so long as it’s all FOSS and is leveraging standard web UI, which you’ve got to admit is as good a timeless UI-standard as we can expect for a good long while. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936067006691987458

2017-11-30 01:59:04+00:00

Jupyter Notebook helps you sidestep the WHICH #IDE or editor you should be using question while you type #Python into an intentionally experimental environment in your web browser that’s apparently solid enough for science and a bunch of people calling themselves #DataScientists https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936051923605737473

2017-11-30 01:59:00+00:00

And most importantly, Jupyter Notebook is easily adaptable into my SEO ad hoc product (repo in Github) named Pipulate. I scrapped my old Flask Web App I built to host it and use Jupyter Notebook instead, once I started understanding Pandas and it’s df.apply() method. Wow. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936051907369603072

2017-11-30 01:31:25+00:00

@samplespots It gave me enough room to compose a thought. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936044968157818881

2017-11-30 01:30:31+00:00

Once I stop defending it, I’ll have arrived, I guess. Yep, it’s a long journey and I don’t advise relying on it as your only workflow. Start out in Jupyter Notebook and get comfortable “promoting” your code to other places for cleanup and automation. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936044738444177408

2017-11-30 01:23:24+00:00

I’m frequently defending this old-school approach of terminals and command lines and vim for the casual tech enthusiast. No doubt, it’s all about the keyboard shortcuts and getting better all the time at a game that will last you for life. You’ve seen hackers in movies. That. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936042950571806720

2017-11-30 01:22:16+00:00

No matter how weird a text based user interface appears to you at first, you WILL get used to it and start to get faster and faster until you’re dicing data like a chef. But you will never get used to copy/paste in and out of terminals. #hyperis app is my multi-platform term fix https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936042665262702592

2017-11-30 01:18:48+00:00

I use no vim plugins or hacks to do it old school. It’s all built-in to OS’s—or at least can be now that Microsoft is onboard too. To tell you the truth the only thing I need to apologize to you about with this approach is how bad copy paste is. It’s the one place I need a fix. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936041791937306624

2017-11-30 00:59:01+00:00

Even though integrated development environments (IDEs) the likes of XCode and Visual Studio provide many similar features, there’s something a out a really well-implemented REPL that won me (and much of the world) over. However when I do give IDEs another try, it’ll be PyCharm. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936036813629808640

2017-11-30 00:37:56+00:00

Jupyter Notebook is a REPL environment for #Python and other laguages. REPL stands for Read Eval Print Loop, and us a unique interactive mode that dynamic interpreter based languages can provide. In short, it lets you execute your code line by line. Or not. Great for #learning. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936031507940020226

2017-11-30 00:24:13+00:00

@gigatexal @TalkPython You don’t have to do any work to get a GUI-free environment. That’s the true default. Desktops are layered on top and not the lowest common denominator to target if you’re trying to be a general tech guy. Not for everyone but once you develop that muscle memory, it’s for life. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936028055344164864

2017-11-30 00:17:34+00:00

@gigatexal @TalkPython You’ve got to remember I’m pushing 50 and have memorized 5 or 10 distinct different keyboard shortcut worlds of platforms that have come and gone. Now I learn each thing once and improve forever? Yep I’m that much more productive. I don’t use any plugins. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936026382773161984

2017-11-29 23:59:00+00:00

Installing the zillions of files Anaconda which goes against every fiber of my being to get a product that sounds like it goes against every fiber of my being goes against every fiber of my being. I had to overcome a lot to install Anaconda to give JN a try, but I’m glad I did. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936021709517402112

2017-11-29 23:37:09+00:00

@mkennedy @TalkPython @pycharm Yep, I’ve listened to you enough that PyCharm is both ingrained in my head and installed a few places. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936016211657330688

2017-11-29 22:59:00+00:00

But an IDE? Only Linux, Python, vim and git forever, I say! I have no room for bloat in my toolbox. But why are all these smart people on the @TalkPython podcast (hugely influential on me) saying I really should install Anaconda to get Jupyter Notebook and try Pandas? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/936006611247747073

2017-11-29 21:59:02+00:00

The final obstacle of accessibility and dependency-hell on the desktop were removed from Python. I had actually spun my own virtual version of Linux (Levinux) to tackle similar problems that the Anaconda/Jupyter Notebook combo solved so well. Levinux is now sidelined a bit. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935991518082555904

2017-11-29 20:59:01+00:00

Lightning struck the beautiful frothy primordial soup of the #Python people, components and ecosystem; and Jupyter Notebook was born. Scientists are now easily using Python in their browsers with all the most popular packages pre-installed with #Anaconda. You can too. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935976413936660482

2017-11-29 19:59:00+00:00

The scientific world has been in a replication crisis for years due to lack of a White Rabbit able FREELY to scamper from realm to realm, interacting with all the colorful characters met along the way, transforming data and translating language, all in magical school notebook. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935961310185119744

2017-11-29 18:59:11+00:00

Science hosts all those mad scientist LISP-type personalities, but data needs to be collected in lab-controlled ALGOrithmic ways, and the results crunched like it’s in FORTRAN. Finally the language and lingo being used is so COBOListic domain-specific no one else can understand. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935946257515851776

2017-11-29 17:59:02+00:00

Disparate people and their tools with similar #firstprinciples start finding each other on the Net and converge. 1+1=3 effects start happening after combing different disciplines and caps, and psst… one of those camps is SCIENTISTS (undergoing a crisis of reproducibility). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935931122374017024

2017-11-29 16:59:01+00:00

Your brain will rewire, and you will start to think in Python without thinking you’re thinking in Python precisely as you do in your native spoken tongue. You look around, and it’s all just tuples, lists and dicts. That’s the goal here. Spontaneous mastery and excess capacity. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935916014637846528

2017-11-29 15:59:00+00:00

Happily there are C-programming heavy-hitters who see and contribute to the Python vision and are every bit a delight to listen to as Guido. Chief among them is Raymond Hettinger. Google him plus PEP8. Watch. Absorb. Return. The procedural priestly powers of FUD is on the ropes. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935900912354320384

2017-11-29 14:59:00+00:00

What I’m saying is nothing new. It’s just now a mainstream audience that can maybe, partially (probably not) appreciate the humor that drove Guido to name it such as he did. Plenty of geeks in nerd circles have earned nickname variations of Static Type. He’s honking their noses. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935885814424330241

2017-11-29 14:49:44+00:00

Everything the priesthood hates about Python is the little bits of the LISP-camp poking through and infiltrating into the Queen’s otherwise very predictable and deterministic garden, which presumably either keeps her in power or is grandiose excess. Either way bad #curlybrackets https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935883480860381189

2017-11-29 14:39:22+00:00

Needless to say, this absolutely terrifies the statics who have been brainwashed to believe, in the lineage of ALGOL (not LISP) is that the purpose of machines is to not crash while they do their duty. They refuse to entertain context, neural nets and designing for resilience. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935880870564712448

2017-11-29 14:28:29+00:00

Within the same (procedural) camp as the Queen and her static-typed subjects thrives a dynamic sub-culture, those who have not thrown out the old interpreter approach to running code a little bit like playing music, ready to riff with crazy feedback loops to see where it goes. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935878135748464640

2017-11-29 14:21:02+00:00

Timing. No, I mean typing. There are all types. Some are static and truly believe deep in their hearts every byte must me accounted for and provisioned-for in advanced preparation of running highly deterministic code that linearly-scales well with the hardware you throw at it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935876258969346048

2017-11-29 13:59:01+00:00

Collectively, all these little pieces of Python snap together like animated Legos, even in the hands of newbs. You can be productive in your first session with Python, and that threatens the Priesthood big-time. Their world is procedural… yet so is ours. So, what’s different? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935870717039726592

2017-11-29 13:54:01+00:00

In Python, there is some powerful Kung Fu indeed regarding how you can make things exchange data with things. It’s too mind-blowing to even tell you much here but the keywords of you wish to google it yourself in advance are splat *args and **kwargs. I’ll leave that there. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935869457918029825

2017-11-29 13:47:20+00:00

The mere fact that there are things that can send messages and exchange data with things means there is API design in the picture. Thank goodness we rarely anymore have to deal with the implementation details of supporting protocols. But even the APIs ALWAYS have nasty issues. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935867779034632193

2017-11-29 13:42:31+00:00

Focus anything through the lens of a #Pythonista, and you’ll be surprised at how poorly designed so many non-#Python-native APIs look compared to a good Python-like implementation, which the community has coined as being “#Pythonic”. read #TheHitchhikersGuidetoPython https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935866564334809088

2017-11-29 13:35:01+00:00

So the reason to choose #Python isn’t simply because it’s become the #linguafranca of #transtechnia (which it has), but rather because you’ll love using it both as a newb and as you advance. You’ll never end up in a corner, and if you do there are a many heroes ready to help. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935864680358318080

2017-11-29 13:15:30+00:00

The #Python Interpreter IS Guido, the #ABC team & the Python #FOSS contributors. But mostly Guido. We call him our benevolent dictator because for better or for worse he knows right from wrong for humans. Someday you may be able glean that from the Python C source code itself. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935859766890520576

2017-11-29 13:11:52+00:00

Are you ready, #NERDS? I said, are you ready?

If technical nonsense is something you wish, Ketchup on my feed like a migrating fish. https://t.co/HkkSJru4mR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935858850984611841

2017-11-29 12:59:10+00:00

People joke in the Python community (institutionally so / google “import this”) about there being one right but not always obvious unless you’re Dutch way to do a thing. Spending years with Benelux and Scandinavian folks, I can attest to this. They’re clever like Brits are funny https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935855657764388865

2017-11-29 11:59:05+00:00

Just like how #MontyPython knows what’s funny (and is only rarely an American), #Python is likewise self-satisfied knowing it’s equal to those affectations clowns who taunt us from their ivory towers as we sail away singing Accountancy Shanty on The Crimson Permanent Assurance. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935840535306297344

2017-11-29 11:47:21+00:00

In the face of all opposition, Python somehow overcomes. There’s pythophrenic pythonoia surrounding white space mattering, duck type working, and anything not Java. Python somehow still manages to conquer all. It’ll wrap your blob, improve your API & optimize at its convenience. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935837582272946178

2017-11-29 10:59:00+00:00

Python isn’t always perfect and it isn’t always pretty (like Unicode before Python 3), but it is a heck of a lot prettier than Unix/Linux and you can hand control over to it pretty quickly after booting and mold it to your needs, keeping the best parts and customizing the rest. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935825414660001792

2017-11-29 09:59:00+00:00

Python’s like Rocky who keeps managing to bounce back and win eventually, no matter the opponent, odds or audience’s ability to suspend disbelief; the Philly guy who’s really a New Yorker, but living in LA trying to be above it all, but occasionally getting his kicked by Arnie. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935810316209934336

2017-11-29 08:59:01+00:00

All the rest of the time you can be using this delightful little framework of tuples, dicts and lists, lightly sprinkled with colons and indention-grouped code blocks and a clever flexible overload splat method of passing arguments around; the beauty of which I’ll explain later. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935795218926002176

2017-11-29 07:59:03+00:00

There’s always a highbrow twist on what language is best for some specific task, and yes Google’s GoLang satisfies a class of problems that are both in-demand and sexy today. But why think concurrently in all things if the problems you face every day are much simpler than that? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935780128520658945

2017-11-29 06:59:03+00:00

White rabbit mimetic codebait was let loose into the world by Guido van Rossum. It takes the form of something that does most things right most of the time for most people; the archetype example of the 80/20 rule: get 80% benefit from first 20% of possible effort. #importthis https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935765028476784641

2017-11-29 05:59:00+00:00

Guido and the ABC team had strong opinions, so Python has strong opinions. Python’s a framework the way you might think of Rails but minus all the (last mile) Web-specific parts. Python stops just shy of being any specific framework you dare dream, then dares you to build it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935749919092215808

2017-11-29 04:59:00+00:00

This means that in a pinch, well-modularized #Python code (easy to do) always has a big bully of a brother who can step in to optimize those bottlenecks, in ALL sorts of ways from PyPy to Cython to compiled C code in derivative of your choice. This was Guido’s decision early on. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935734818922524673

2017-11-29 04:47:43+00:00

The C & Python worlds are eerily adjacent, with lots of crossover all over the place. Think of Python as a (FOSS) interpreter-based code execution framework for C if you will. By taking up Python, you’re mostly aligning yourself with the ALGOL/C lineage of optimized portability. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935731979391328256

2017-11-29 04:38:22+00:00

Python’s in the Queen of Heart’s camp where there be priests, but it has the freedom to come and go, with abstractions just compatible and flexible enough scamper through everyone’s domain. We’ve got lambdas and LISPy learning libraries, Fortranish Pandas and C-compatibility. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935729627989008386

2017-11-29 04:23:40+00:00

Each granddaddy language represents a personality type. Domain-specific COBOL is of course the Dodo. LISP is obviously the Mad Hatter. The Queen of Hearts and her crew? Procedural ALGOL! And Fortran? Maybe the Cheshire Cat. Throw the Caterpillar in as Object Oriented for a bonus https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935725927220248578

2017-11-29 04:21:03+00:00

And that gets us to the end of our tour of the granddaddy programming languages, COBOL, LISP, ALGOL and Fortran. Python’s in the lineage of ALGOL as a procedural language keyed for interoperability (vs chasing emergent properties, industry-specific problems or number crunching). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935725269624803328

2017-11-29 03:59:00+00:00

Really big problems are what we call Big-O, or n-factorial (n!) All today’s computers working together forever including SyNAPSE couldn’t compute it all. n! sized problems will compute someday with increasingly realistic quantum computing. Until that day, spreadsheets forever! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935719720254427136

2017-11-29 03:54:44+00:00

This also means that while procedural languages are wonderful at keeping the trains running and planes in the air (good at collision detection), they’re hardly what to ask for the most optimized of all possible plane and train routes & schedules. Problems like that are bigger. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935718646726479872

2017-11-29 03:23:44+00:00

While not as low-level abstraction-wise as LISP, procedural languages like ALGOL and C are low-level too due to how programming instructions (words & operators) map directly to commonly known machine operators (add, shift, etc), which favors interoperable virtualization layers. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935710843882360837

2017-11-29 03:16:42+00:00

The procedural programming style of ALGOL can result in VERY fast running highly deterministic and reliable “executables” that are uniquely optimized to the hardware they run on. ALGOL spawned the line of BCPL & C. BCPL is where the leap to easily ported code occurred. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935709075635130369

2017-11-29 03:12:49+00:00

FORTRAN still exists today, thank you very much. Similar things popped up commercially, but after crunching the numbers, the prolonged use of Mathematica and SAS didn’t make sense, and Matlab, R & pandas were born. Industry still keeps actual Fortran around for what it’s best at https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935708097322061826

2017-11-29 02:59:01+00:00

You see some of FORTRAN’s unique character in the Python world today as pandas. It’s stuff they call tabular data, N-dimensional arrays, matrices, linear algebra or number crunching. This stuff is rocket science. Its concepts are also useful for spreadsheets and rigid database. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935704624560066560

2017-11-29 01:59:02+00:00

LISP is also more aligned to future hardware architectures that blur the line between programming instruction code and stored data. This style of computing is called meta because the data you write could become the instructions you execute next. This crashes a lot of hardware. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935689530048380928

2017-11-29 01:59:00+00:00

So we haven’t heard the last of #LISP with its parenthetical lispy affectations (PC?), although the next time you do might be from the mouth of a #TuringTest passing #Robot, who I’m sure will have some positronic brain backstory (emphasis on new and different hardware). #SyNAPSE https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935689520141434885

2017-11-29 00:59:01+00:00

The personality of LISP as a granddaddy language is bad@$$: It’s the powerful old wizard who can’t die, spawns off countless homunculus of itself to do its bidding while it schemes to survive in timeless common form. It’ll win each DARPA challenge a year or two before Python. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935674425877331968

2017-11-28 23:59:00+00:00

LISP is also used to spit out successive layers of other domain-specific languages. Even though they’re not LISP dialects, the best examples you know are HTML/CSS/JavaScript. SQL is another. Domain specific languages rock during the times they’re built for. Read Paul Graham stuff https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935659320582311936

2017-11-28 22:59:02+00:00

The power of #LISP is in its being the lowest reasonable level of human abstraction: the linked list. If you’ve got things that can control automations, and you can link 2 of these things together, and do that again, then you can build ANY and ALL possible automations #ai #life https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935644228327215104

2017-11-28 22:38:13+00:00

@davidmays I’ll explore them. Not even sure the main gist or thrust or morals are of this thing, but totally want to have fun around the object dogma. Dogma is an object? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935638991256391680

2017-11-28 22:03:40+00:00

#LISP is the language made by the old MIT-crew in the 50s/60s led by the whacky old John McCarthy, ye ol TED Talk fanboy for AI and Papa Smurf character who encouraged his jolly band of lock-picking #Hackers (Steve Levy wrote about #goreadit) to go and #justdoit long before Nike. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935630295977611268

2017-11-28 21:43:11+00:00

Each granddaddy language represents something important about some particular problem domain that humans tackled as soon as there were computers. And these principle notions were shoved sometimes awkwardly into the Harvard architecture computers of our day, though all are valid. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935625141081530369

2017-11-28 21:37:10+00:00

You will see the personality of each of these granddaddy languages poking through everywhere today, representing views both pure and chaotic; ones that are opinionated and ones doubly so by their gauche self-aware minimalism. Some are timeless and some unique to their times. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935623628904902656

2017-11-28 21:36:54+00:00

COBOL was the first generation of what we now call very high level languages. They usually try to let us code how we think—make machines adapt to how humans think rather than the other way around; tending to make them brittle and often only a product and necessity of their times https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935623560181231617

2017-11-28 21:35:32+00:00

@davidmays Haha I’ll have to cover TMTOWDI. I’ve been meaning to promote WET a bit after encountering ridiculously stringent DRY folks. Sometimes repetition of short easy lines without breaking everything out is just part of being expressive, and totally appropriate to the context. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935623218517434369

2017-11-28 20:59:02+00:00

While COBOL is still running in places today and had quite a resurgence during Y2K, you wouldn’t take it up today seriously as an everyday language. The movement has been towards more general-purpose inheritors of the torches of the other 3 granddaddy language legacies. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935614029938216960

2017-11-28 19:59:00+00:00

The first one we look at gets the least respect, most bad press and was created by a woman. It’s also extremely domain-specific to business and didn’t waste a precious expensive decimal as good business wouldn’t. If you’re married to the full web stack, COBOL is your future. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935598924836036608

2017-11-28 19:15:17+00:00

Each of the granddaddy languages, LISP, Fortran, COBOL and ALGOL, seem to abide by a very differently and sometimes incompatible first principles. Memoryless no side effect 24x7 no-crash reliability vs. a more loosey goosey “maybe I’ll learn something” AI approach. #allvalid https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935587921150857221

2017-11-28 19:15:11+00:00

At some point somebody felt an itch and made a tool to scratch that itch. If the itch is satisfactorily scratched, then the endeavor was a success. If that success is noticed and copied, you’ve got a meme. If the meme sticks, you’ve got a prototype and a first principle pattern. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935587894382813184

2017-11-28 19:15:02+00:00

We are also all motivated by deep inner feelings that are not always part of being human. They are part of being reptilian (so-called Limbic System) responding to chemical reactions we have little control over except for how our thinking-brain struggles to justify its actions. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935587860043923456

2017-11-28 19:14:33+00:00

No language is perfect, imperfect creations of imperfect creatures such as they are. And so to make a language choice well, you could hardly do worse than get to know what the 4 granddaddy languages are, why they happened, and where they are today in various forms and lineages. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935587738761523201

2017-11-28 18:37:47+00:00

I know, I know! This sounds boring… My dear child, there are a great many good books in this world without pictures. This won’t be one. I’ll illustrate soon, but follow me now while I introduce you to with words to the crazy host of characters inhabiting the Wonderland of #code. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935578486298865667

2017-11-28 18:20:38+00:00

In only a slightly adjacent realm of probability (I won’t say parallel universe) I‘m on JavaScript, perfectly happy preaching to everyone who’ll listen that JavaScript is a wonderful language and how it’s a gift to the world that something so meta can end up in the mainstream. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935574167147155457

2017-11-28 18:11:52+00:00

So to step through every item in a list, you have to enumerable over properties of an object, including those inherited from its prototype? Wait, what? I have to understand that stuff, along with all that curly bracket syntax so you can have the privilege? Constantly? No thanks! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935571963061432322

2017-11-28 18:06:14+00:00

This crisis of having picked the wrong language yet again during otherwise also tumultuous time in my life threatened to throw me into a funk. One thing saved me. It was the JavaScript prototype object you had to filter out every time you iterated through members of a collection https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935570546313580544

2017-11-28 17:59:00+00:00

Having realized I missed node.js (a Google-blessed JavaScript on the server) by a year, it was like the days of M$ ASP were back. Had I chosen #JavaScript under ASP and then Node today, I’d have been on the one true path! So, I’ve already been through buyers remorse with #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935568724740001794

2017-11-28 17:55:54+00:00

When switching from #SEO to the tech dev group in the halls of 360i (of Oreo Tweet fame), I encountered Bootstrap and the new web front-end stack indoctrination and premonitions of world dominance from two guys who went off to live the dream. I did a few web stack projects. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935567942049320961

2017-11-28 17:27:53+00:00

The idea sticking right now is this silly darn web stack and the notion that the browser in all its responsive forms is the one true platform because x-billion compatible JavaScript blah nyah #scriptkiddies grow up and get their revenge. Guess what, web guys? I coulda had a #V8. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935560892409876480

2017-11-28 17:26:10+00:00

@davidmays So PERL is not proper? I live listening to Larry Wall, who is s linguist, talk about the zen of PERL, schizophrenic at it might be. Considering multiple way of doing and saying a thing helps you zero in on the truer reality than saying things in the one correct way could ever let https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935560462846103552

2017-11-28 17:20:18+00:00

@davidmays You caught my first out of order misfire, Dave! You totally caught it being out of context. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935558983074578433

2017-11-28 16:59:01+00:00

It turns out 8 billion people is an awful lot. There’s about as many transistors now in a common Intel i7 processor as people on the planet. It’s a big number. With that many people around, every genius idea is bound to occur, be tried over and over again and eventually stick. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935553627594412032

2017-11-28 16:40:32+00:00

@davidmays It got published out of order. Try it in JavaScript before we fix. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935548976165683201

2017-11-28 15:20:33+00:00

I see the battle to shut and lock you in. I saw it before. Over and over. IBM over Amiga. Microsoft over IBM. Apple over Microsoft. Google over Apple. Collateral corpses and robber-barron’s abound. Oracle prints money from FUD. Yet somehow the world still becomes magical. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935528847587586048

2017-11-28 15:17:40+00:00

Well guess what, tough guy. There’s nothing special about the #Web. It’s just another tech accelerator slightly more accessible to newbs who missed all that good stuff on the Amiga’s first go-around of every last concept. Oh, well maybe Mobile. Woulda loved me a laptop Amiga. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935528122702802944

2017-11-28 14:59:00+00:00

So be careful about how you align yourself. No matter how sexy a user interface tied to today’s state of affairs may look, it may swiftly swing in other directions fast. Languages come and go quick like fads, even if the fad lasted 10 yrs, made you great bucks and was Web-based. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935523426764238850

2017-11-28 14:50:16+00:00

Excess behavior if this type has led to Gates Foundations, Balmer’s ousting & impossibly sincere looking gestures to the #FOSS community that was doing a form of a DDoS attack on a M$ future #attrition. Next up? Apple. Prior contenders? IBM. SCO. Multics consortium #Disruption https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935521225740308480

2017-11-28 14:42:30+00:00

Most languages you take up will put you down the predetermined paths of herded and consuming, as laid out my much smarter corporate people than you, determining your dependencies for you. Don’t worry. They know best. The Internet should never have happened according to them. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935519273677656064

2017-11-28 14:32:30+00:00

So on the one hand you have such control over the hardware that not a clock-cycle or transistor is wasted. On the other hand, you’re scaling those IBM SyNAPSE chips into a prefrontal cortex level thinkers. And we mere mortals are caught here in the middle, herded & consuming. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935516756587794432

2017-11-28 14:21:45+00:00

So what language to take up, and even why in light of 10x changes coming down the pike? Isn’t anything we do destined to be obsoleted and naive looking in hindsight? Not if I have anything thing to say about it. My mission is to be a vocal fanboy for love-worthy timeless tech. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935514052830334978

2017-11-28 14:15:07+00:00

Today, language’s are spat out every 2 seconds. Connect any 2 AIs and they’ll start inventing one. Let a century pass and you might not recognize your own. And so Grace Hopper in 1959 spat out a language for the domain of business called COBOL (more or less, go google it). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935512383254089728

2017-11-28 13:59:02+00:00

So someday maybe also learn C, which by the way is the inheritor of the ALGOL lineage which was one of the 4 granddaddy languages of the 60s: the others being LISP, FORTRAN and COBOL. Modern forms of the first three live on and even COBOL lives on places and in #highlevel spirit https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935508336438665216

2017-11-28 12:59:01+00:00

Something to keep in mind with Python is that it is designed to be compatible with modules or components written in C, using a library that provides a C API for Python. This is why the #NumPy library (behind Pandas) is so fast and ironically single-CPU-bound. #Doubleedgedsword https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935493232791904258

2017-11-28 11:59:09+00:00

Overwhelming evidence suggests that #StandardC is the most important language because nearly all else is based in it. All the other dialects of C are just derivatives emphasizing some key concept or other. Yet you feel like you need to be a career programmer when taking up C. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935478164884779008

2017-11-28 10:59:06+00:00

Proof is all around you all the time in both your tech coding endeavors and in life, if you just stop to look and ask questions and use good sense. If something doesn’t make sense to you yet it seems to make sense to the whole rest of the world, sometimes YOU might be right. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935463053411454977

2017-11-28 09:59:03+00:00

The number one tool of the priesthood is fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). You MIGHT have an immortal soul, and if you stop using curly braces and paying gatekeepers, bad things MIGHT happen, so pay your tithing… until you finally believe your own eyes. #TheEmperorHasNoClothes https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935447939102789637

2017-11-28 08:59:01+00:00

However, the priesthood always has to erect it’s ivory towers somewhere, and the latest crop believe nothing exists that is not an object, and the only ONE TRUE code execution environment is either JRE or CLR. #Python insults their sensibilities… a lot. Religiously so. #dogma https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935432833207865345

2017-11-28 07:59:02+00:00

Intuitively, #Python uses white space. We all know programming languages should. Bad indentation is much of what we’re all looking for when tracking down bugs in the code. The goodness of correct indentation should come from your language, not your IDE, linter or self-discipline https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935417735634440192

2017-11-28 06:59:00+00:00

Give chasing the #Python rabbit a try! Pokes head in. Wait, what? White space matters? “Blasphemy!” screams the priesthood.

Welcome to Wonderland!

If nonsense like indentation MEANING SOMETHING doesn’t scare you off, then you could be on the verge of a beautiful experience. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935402628292468736

2017-11-28 05:59:00+00:00

Language is not about the language itself so much as enabling you to express yourself in ways you feel comfortable. I talk about mastery and muscle memory lot because we have to actually stop thinking about languages and just start thinking in one that gets out of the way. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935387529133608965

2017-11-28 04:59:00+00:00

With Alice parallels it’s easy to cast the languages, people and ecosystems surrounding them as the White Rabbit and the personal decision of which to take one up as chasing it down the rabbit hole. Generations chased BASIC and C/Java. This generation can do so much better. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935372430767468544

2017-11-28 03:59:00+00:00

Many rabbits lead you into the mess of the #fullwebstack as the first place to #learn #coding. Others will put you on the path to vendor-laden platform-dependent enterprise stacks like Java, C# or Swing. These rabbits don’t (always) mean to be harmful to newbs. They just are. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935357332082569216

2017-11-28 02:59:00+00:00

In the end, just hold languages up to the same standards you would any tool you’d use throughout your life. Does it help you do your job/pursue your interests in a way you enjoy and would like to keep doing? Does it do it without emptying your pockets, and among folks you enjoy? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935342230591672321

2017-11-28 01:59:04+00:00

So there’s easily a 10x change and more coming down the pike as a result of evolving hardware that’s optimized for neural nets, so AI dramatically broadens the discussion. We’ll chat about that. But we’ll chat more about pragmatic matters of today and bettering our lot in life. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935327150084972544

2017-11-28 01:59:04+00:00

Each language usually has a colorful person or people and their associated histories behind them. Some were born in AI concepts that predate modern computers and are really waiting for hardware optimized for neural nets to mainstream before they reach their potential. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935327148180754432

2017-11-28 00:59:00+00:00

Languages like Haskell, RUST, GoLang and Erlang… wow. Even though they might seem so, I detect few Ivory Towers there. Mad Scientists and Dragons, Yes. But the worst of tribal behavior provoking turf wars against newcomers? Nope. Definitely go there to balance your coding diet. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935312033754615808

2017-11-27 23:59:07+00:00

Languages are funny. You have a special one already, because you were born into it as your native tongue. Another is (or will become) special as the first machine one you become proficient at. Which language you learn first does matter. It shapes your assumptions about reality. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935296963494449153

2017-11-27 22:59:02+00:00

But that’s okay. Priesthood’s need their affectations to identify each other and obfuscate their means of economic product from newbs. However EVERY language is opinionated and/or has its strange affectations (LISP), so like dependencies, you choose the ones that best suit you. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935281840486789120

2017-11-27 21:59:13+00:00

Not all advocates of curly brackets are members of the tech priesthood, but all members of the tech priesthood advocate curly brackets. You can’t log hours of code development time for merely resolving matters of style amongst your team if your language already did that for you. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935266787935080448

2017-11-27 21:04:04+00:00

But just because a language is incredibly important doesn’t mean that its syntax is best or even smart to copy. It only means that a familiar but unnecessary affectation might hop across species like an viral meme to fill your head with a hatching sack of baby #curlybrackets. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935252907842252800

2017-11-27 20:49:50+00:00

@davidmays I equate it to just being powerful calculator if a calculators HAD to do programming stuff too. Check out Jupyter Notebook (through Anaconda) for a cool browser based REPL. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935249327244697601

2017-11-27 20:45:58+00:00

@davidmays I hear you. After those, Python will take you 10 minutes to get down the essentials. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935248356661760001

2017-11-27 20:38:08+00:00

@davidmays You know you’re coming up in the book when I get to databases primary keys. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935246384764157952

2017-11-27 20:10:13+00:00

But curly braces are so popular for their OTHER use today to delineate code blocks because of C, the most important language of our age, used them. After that, Java copied C syntax in order to win over the CompSci priesthood, which was then likewise copied by JavaScript & PHP. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935239358390693888

2017-11-27 19:01:32+00:00

Let me qualify that. Curly brackets are only evil when not used in their appropriate syntactic context as set-containers. And so they are as dictionary objects in Python and JSON objects in JavaScript; over these interoperable data constructs Python and JavaScript are friends. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935222074607652866

2017-11-27 18:10:00+00:00

ALOGOL paved the way for BCPL which paved the way for (B and then) C, which paved the way for Unix and Linux which paved the way for the free and open source software movement. Somewhere in there the evil meme set-in that {curly braces} were somehow necessary or even desirable. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935209106201366528

2017-11-27 18:01:10+00:00

Languages that make radical departures from the mainstream can really push the entire state of computing forward, or they can flop. Some push the state of things forward, like Smalltalk and ALGOL while others flop… like SmallTalk and ALGOL. Such languages pave the way. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935206880758190080

2017-11-27 17:08:06+00:00

Ruby got brevity and one line iterators (built-in RegEx) and passing anonymous code blocks as arguments around right. Enforcing object oriented ideas was not to my liking, and it didn’t have the client libraries I needed when I needed them. Every language has some catch-22. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935193527763562497

2017-11-27 16:05:06+00:00

It could have been Ruby like it could have been cats. Google would have had to have been built in Ruby instead of Twitter; like cats would have had to become our ancestors’ garbage disposal units and night guards instead of dogs. Tech is discovered, domesticated and spread. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935177672807895045

2017-11-27 15:10:04+00:00

Although Ruby rallies at the cry, Python won. They were both around almost as long, but Python was mainstreaming a little bit more in more diverse and perhaps even important industries than just the Web as a PHP competitor. In this way, Python flew low under the radar for years. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935163822423400448

2017-11-27 14:10:18+00:00

So uh, Oracle won’t be buying Python. Browser wars won’t drag Python into their mess. Some damnable proprietary binary won’t ever be needed to keep your code running. And Google, Dropbox, NASA, and thousands others all still want and need it around; #Pythonicallyspeaking. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935148783524073472

2017-11-27 13:10:04+00:00

There’s a much longer sub-story I could tell here like a Walrus and The Carpenter sequel in which the Carpenter having realized he was betrayed by the Walrus (Disney version) equips the oysters with all sorts of Endorian Walrus traps. Can’t corrupt Python but you can hire it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935133624009183233

2017-11-27 12:15:10+00:00

These heroes are our allies. We are sojourners on the rough sea of life. Tech is a secret weapon for survival, so we must find what specific tech to take up. You need allies. Guido van Rossum is your primary one, sympathetic to your newb cause, charismatic and capable as he is. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935119806071701504

2017-11-27 11:10:03+00:00

Our heroes are often not quite so titanic as we may picture them. They all have their own giants on whose shoulders they stood. For my favorite tool, it was the shoulders of the ABC Team of Leo Geurts, Lambert Meertens, and Steven Pemberton in which Guido stood. #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935103419047694336

2017-11-27 10:10:11+00:00

I actually look to the clock punching super-nerds of our age (Ken, Linus, Guido) as my heroes. They mix the steel and carbon, forge and hammer and fold the steel into impossibly sharp edges. Sure, there’s imperfections but talk to a physicist about unified theory #quirks #quarks https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/935088355724943362

2017-11-27 04:10:04+00:00

All these factors together conspire to make the world pop out a few geniuses who pop out a few genius works which are copied by other geniuses that we all applaud and covet and try and avoid paying. Time deposits and erodes intellectual property like water the Grand Canyon. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934997730350510080

2017-11-27 03:10:05+00:00

Hardware can be unfathomably complex. Yet familiarity with its little ins and outs could be the key to massive advantage right then while that is both state of the art and loaded with incentive to develop for. After that pfffth, forget it. You’re yesterday’s #8bit skill-set. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934982631606882304

2017-11-27 02:10:00+00:00

Even when you strive to keep it generic, you can’t help but get to stuff that’s custom for the hardware in usually optimized compiled C executables. That’s just the way it is, but systems try to alleviate even those pains with abstraction layers capable of hiding implementation. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934967511371714562

2017-11-27 01:02:00+00:00

One foot in the unjailbroken best each proprietary side has to offer I love me ‘dem yummy tic-toc power hungry AND low power barely enough metal to run the app custom Apple Watch thingies. Other foot firmly in FOSS and Linux server-like generic API-chatty mostly Python stuff. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934950400058449920

2017-11-26 22:30:05+00:00

Direct control of the machine is what RaspberryPi’s are for and things like them and things totally unlike them like robots. And things you can hack to jailbreak and own like you’re supposed to. Yeah, I said it: jailbrake! I actually don’t do it much. Why buck the system? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934912168415449089

2017-11-26 21:24:35+00:00

Because matter matters, you should not only know things through vendor provided cloud services, convenient, economically sensible and generally superior in every way as it may be. Direct control matters, though we are unlikely to ever have to code down at Machine Language again. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934895686637772801

2017-11-26 20:10:14+00:00

Hardware matters. MATTER matters. Moving matter matters (#Ikea, #Walmart, #Amazon). Hardware is the boon and bane of your existence. Things only really happen down at the REAL, as difficult to comprehend as it may be for us beings who are actually made of its emergent properties https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934876972710334466

2017-11-26 19:01:02+00:00

The cloud is an illusion. There is no cloud, only hardware—AND a venders ability to addict you to their candy-coated abstracted-away (somehow blue) version of it. It being hardware. Hardware being reality. If you want to be powerless in Wonderland, believe it doesn’t matter. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934859559482642432

2017-11-26 18:10:00+00:00

Truth lies in the hardware. Software lies in any way it pleases (within the limits of the hardware hosting it). Hardware hosts software, and in turn determines potential super-set of all possible software that may run upon it. Software “releases” the potential of the hardware. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934846715840122881

2017-11-26 17:08:06+00:00

Turing complete! The problem of induction says you can’t prove nuthin, so stalemate! Neither Solipsists nor Objectivists can definitively prove their cases until those particle collidey people come up with something new. We may just be locked inside some game and unable to know. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934831140153823232

2017-11-26 16:05:16+00:00

This thinking led to Musk implying we’re all in a video game. We mostly can’t prove him wrong, locked in our mortal coils such as we are. We only know he Universe through our senses and those might me lying to us. But jumping through such virtual hoops seems needlessly wasteful. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934815327564828672

2017-11-26 15:10:04+00:00

Our digital realities are subject to a sort of hardware shell-game with a ziggurat of wasteful virtualization layers. Containers like Docker help by providing a unit of quantifiable computing. For container-X, you should expect Y-permanence on Z-hardware. #TurtlesAllTheWayDown https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934801433882447872

2017-11-26 14:10:00+00:00

If somebody else owns / controls the hardware, they can addict, cheat, fool, or even slowly starve you and you couldn’t know it. Turing complete means anything you’re paying for could be something else in disguise inefficiently running but efficiently emptying your wallet. #vm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934786320114835456

2017-11-26 13:10:02+00:00

Software is transitory and stateful. Unless you burn it in silicon, all that beautiful non-hardware info gets lost with one good EMP pulse unless it’s been copied somewhere else. Hardware is more permanent. It gets divvied out as an enabling resource and thus a power choke-hold. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934771229034151936

2017-11-26 12:15:02+00:00

If in fact you believe that nothing underneath really even matters so long as the results you want come out of the thing, then it becomes a very compelling argument to just let yourself become sheep; only optionally being led to slaughter at the discretion of those in control. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934757388321779713

2017-11-26 11:10:02+00:00

If even simple hardware today still looks like magic, what’s the harm of abstracting it the rest of the way, sealing our boxes against tampering and only licensing instead of selling and offload as much work as the network allows to the cloud to make devices interchangeable? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934741029307207680

2017-11-26 10:10:06+00:00

Hardware is funny. You don’t know you’re dealing with it until you’re looking at it, which is why opening up old style computers to see the motherboard and today’s RaspberyPi is so delightful to people who want to understand how things work. However it still looks like magic. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934725945587654656

2017-11-26 04:10:10+00:00

How can you know a good rabbit from a bad? I don’t think you can until you’ve been down a few. But the good news is you can usually back out of the hole. So, whether you’re Alice or the Dude, I offer you the humble but hard-won wisdom of a perpetual rabbit hole exploring newb. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934635364005896192

2017-11-26 03:10:05+00:00

Prepare to meet crazy characters in life. They’re not always nice even though they may seem that way at first. People make #good and #bad #choices. Make good ones. There are rabbits that will lead you to traps or death or treasure. Chase the wrong rabbits and game over, man. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934620245058293760

2017-11-26 02:10:06+00:00

In don’t think we’re facing an apocalypse or anything, but I do think our world is a lot more like Wonderland than most people in their little spheres realize, and hilarity always ensues. Intelligent or not, those who can have their orders carried out when they shout often win. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934605148562886656

2017-11-26 01:02:00+00:00

SciFi rambling, blah, blah; yeah you’ll get that from me. But you’ll also get why I’ve decided to keep the timelessly applicable tools of Linux, Python, vim and git (sometimes literally) in my back pocket, along with the skills (namely practice and muscle memory) to use them. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934588011416883200

2017-11-25 23:24:22+00:00

@kennethreitz Granted there’s a quality gap in heavyweight note taking clients. But Samsung’s own stuff is great (whenever-draw on black off screen), plus Google Keep and ArtRage. It’s stylus yummy goodness and I’m a stickler. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934563439963529216

2017-11-25 23:18:41+00:00

@kennethreitz Funny, doesn’t feel that way when I’m using ArtRage. Quite nice, even compared to the iPad version. Worst thing about it is it’s not an Apple product. Apple lost me over the lack of stylus issue. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934562012138561536

2017-11-25 23:02:59+00:00

@kennethreitz Not on the Note 8. It’s like a Wacom tablet. Very nice experience. If you haven’t actually had a chance to use an s-pen in person at a store I recommend it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934558058763706368

2017-11-25 22:30:16+00:00

The race isn’t only to local space but it’s to hyper-local space such as the open oceans with completely sustainable ecosystems where trade is a luxury and not a necessity, and you can bet they’ll have awesome defensive (and offensive?) systems. Then there’s under the water too. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934549828746579968

2017-11-25 21:04:04+00:00

Fab is fab, and cheap fun fab is coming home, you can bank on it. When molecules can be arranged into all sorts of miracle materials the brains figured out for us, elevators to space and a race for mining rights in the asteroids, and humanity begins its dangerous rise to Type 1. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934528135768440832

2017-11-25 20:10:28+00:00

But wait! women do hardware too. Some are open source tech celebrities like Limor Fried @adafruit who helps fan the flames of the maker community encouraging you to get your hands dirty with hardware. #RaspberryPi. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934514645183889408

2017-11-25 19:01:11+00:00

Least we forget the good old women of the tech, often close to the hardware, but still showing the software way for everyone to follow, as Ada Lovelace (Babbage) did, and Grace Hopper after her (COBOL). It seems men can make some hardware, but it’s the women who make it compute. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934497207667118082

2017-11-25 18:30:19+00:00

@kennethreitz I’ve been curious to hear opinions on this. I have the Note 8 and almost can’t believe the high quality. Surface pro wasn’t bad either. Holding off on Pixelbook over this very issue. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934489443041411074

2017-11-25 18:10:10+00:00

In the meanwhile, you should strive to master some of the more love-worthy and timelessly relevant lower-level automation tech that the good old boys of digital tech brought us at the rise of the Information Age. I’d call Unix and Linux and Python and vim and git modest starts. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934484369477193730

2017-11-25 17:08:01+00:00

In fact, I reject solipsists and pretty much think we’re living in a fairly objective reality. I think digital electronics are stupid and that DNA and chemistry are much more interesting, but our tech don’t work that way yet. Await the sound of giant silent snap #hockystickcurve https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934468730423332864

2017-11-25 16:05:03+00:00

Not all tech things of the future will be like creepy dangerous smart. But they generally will be networked or networkable. Precautions must me taken or that silent snap may not be so silent after all. I don’t wear a tinfoil hat and don’t actually think I’m in a video game. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934452883159953408

2017-11-25 15:10:01+00:00

One connection is clear. The age of Machine Learning is upon us. Things are about to change with the sound of a silent snap, as IT infrastructures get TPU’d and SyNAPSE’d up and the chains of Harvard and even von Neumann architectures are cast off as tomorrow’s museum exhibits. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934439033744314370

2017-11-25 14:10:29+00:00

Because Alice teaches us nonsense is important, you must have patience with my nonsense from time to time. Often ideas are connected by association Mr. Unicorn, and you must not judge exploration too harshly, or else no one would ever dream and make those unlikely connections. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934424053238157320

2017-11-25 13:10:02+00:00

The Alice story is one of the most simultaneously simple and complex to ever hit and stick in pop-culture. No matter how privileged or unprepared, you will strike out on adventures from which you will be lucky to come back alive, and will meet colorful characters along the way. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934408840916951040

2017-11-25 12:15:04+00:00

Now you have to live up-to your lot in life or change it if you can. Changing it is often necessary anyway because your dependencies change as you get older, and you gain more freedom of choice and control over your own life. However, you must know there are traps everywhere. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934395006948986880

2017-11-25 11:10:07+00:00

In my case, “some people” is a mostly just a daughter who recently turned seven and is struggling with the very same existential crisis’ of existence I remember having at her age, but with no one to talk to about it, like it was yesterday. I relate so deeply I sometimes cry. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934378662652186625

2017-11-25 10:10:01+00:00

So I’m the big mustache story slinging guy or the Coen Brothers or the Cheshire Cat, telling (participating in) the tale of the guy or gal who’s just an inner reflection or vision of himself, projected as the Alice Dude so the good weird important story might reach some people. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934363535626338304

2017-11-25 04:10:01+00:00

Because we’re all not that privileged, and our tools and mastery of them determine our ability to claw our way to up, and because I’m thinking now Jobs’ing-it-up all ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, and because I finally watched The Big Lebowski, I hereby sling out this story. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934272940560011264

2017-11-25 03:10:11+00:00

You really shouldn’t have to explain yourself and you really don’t have to lower yourself to becoming famous and paying that great personal cost of your freedom for economic product you can exchange for common currency if you have real #power. #oldwhitemen #paretocurve https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934257882387959813

2017-11-25 02:10:06+00:00

If you’re forcing it, you’re faking it. Do and be what you love, so long as you can remain interconnected with the people & things with which you are interdependent for staying healthy, alive, etc. Who’s to judge? There are a lot of paths in life that are both good & rewarding. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934242760265224195

2017-11-25 01:02:01+00:00

But my #algorithmsforliving is not one to switch to mean “exploit” behavior. Rather, it’s more like how Lord British @RichardGarriott framed it in his new book, the algorithm is more like explore / #CREATE. I have not yet taken advantage nearly as much as I should have in life. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934225626243969025

2017-11-24 22:30:01+00:00

The Amiga giving me a glimpse into the fairyland future, the drawing freedom of the Note 8, extra 140 chars in Twitter, and my rising proficiencies in Linux, Python, vim & git are conspiring to make hidden things visible, dots easily connected, and iterating faster and more fun. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934187376913666048

2017-11-24 21:04:07+00:00

The more social a mammal becomes, both in terms of capacities like hunting as a group and in terms needing each other and specializing in being things like caretakers or an alpha male, the older the #children take to become adults. Lions. Elephants. Humans. #learning #riskreward https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934165758325739526

2017-11-24 20:10:00+00:00

I rarely grab for the brass ring, the risk-adverse dumbass that I am. Alan Alda was once quoted saying if you have the choice between getting rich without getting famous, take it. Problem is producing economic product out of nothingness often requires trading freedom for fame. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934152141408792578

2017-11-24 19:01:42+00:00

I know what’s important to me RIGHT NOW, what boats I’ve missed in life, and what boats I’m pretty likely to be missing in the future. Time to exercise my ability to vomit commentary into Wonderland as sense emerges from nonsense and I flip my algorithms from explore to exploit. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934134951070568449

2017-11-24 18:10:17+00:00

Oh wait but what’s this FOSS? That’s new; no it isn’t; Amiga Fred Fish PD disks 1986. Internet? No, 1989. Web? No, a Net app in ‘93. Wait, I’ve been to Wonderland before! I know this, and I often feel inexpressibly jaded at each new development enchanting the rest of the world. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934122013878374400

2017-11-24 17:08:13+00:00

Proprietary with a pinch of evil and monopoly will always win over altruism because the evil of capitalism is forgivable because we are them (if you bet against pogroms in the USA), yet Snowden killer drones with no Asimov Laws yikes. I’m feeling like we’ve been warned. #gravity https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934106391786254336

2017-11-24 16:05:00+00:00

And so the truly amazing thing is how my recollection of what I thought tech and computers SHOULD look like is finally now coming to fruition, after a 30-year inhibition of advancement that came first from IBM then from Microsoft (anti-net) and now, Apple. #AbsolutePowerCorrupts https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934090482388471808

2017-11-24 15:54:26+00:00

It has been a plunge down the #rabbithole these past 30 years or so, I will tell you. The rabbit hole of #Tech and #Coding looked not so appealing to this Alice as a kid. #Computers were boring. I wanted the sizzle, not the steak. #robots #wearables #indistinguishablefrommagic https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934087825208815616

2017-11-24 15:54:21+00:00

I’ve been equated to the MJFox’s characters in Family Ties and The Secret of My Success, except that at nearly 50 years old, I have to “make it” & am even starting to doubt the wisdom of doing so. This Michael Jay is navigating a very different path that’s only now clarifying. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934087801498456065

2017-11-24 15:10:04+00:00

My journey through Wonderland included a front-seat at the train-wreck that was #Commodore’s demise as a fly-on-the wall intern, employee, fanboy, Amiga usergroup pres (in enemy #Drexel Mac territory) and being vocal at their annual tropical (retreat from) #shareholder mtg shams https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934076660235808771

2017-11-24 14:10:02+00:00

My earliest childhood recollections were of dreaming about precisely the types of high tech (magical) devices that are today’s commonplace reality; as the Note 8. Not the iPhone X. The #note8. I have a #Wacom tablet #Artists Notebook in my pocket, and you don’t #drawing #iphonex https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934061552617050112

2017-11-24 13:10:07+00:00

Why? I simply never stop thinking and writing like this. It is my thing. I’ve got one foot in hard-nosed practicality that keeps me employed and standing toe-to-toe with the old school tech-hood priests (not techo, that’s different) while pontificating about SciFi and the future https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934046471393087488

2017-11-24 12:15:03+00:00

What I’m doing here is dumping my raw notes for a #book onto Twitter and (less so) G+, LinkedIn and FB in blog-style reverse chronological for a #datascience (#Python query) project (covered in book) that will transform (extract, organize, stylize, etc.) it into a raw manuscript https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934032614142500864

2017-11-24 11:47:19+00:00

The least @Samsung @SamsungMobile could do is let us remap the #Bixby button to take a screen snapshots in order to make up for all the ones it caused to get messed up #onlyfair #note8 #practicality https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934025633839157249

2017-11-24 11:10:06+00:00

When you get started using #Python in earnest, don’t tie it to your much steeper mountain to climb in learning #vim. Do yourself a favor and start with Jupyter Notebook in the browser through an #Anaconda install. This is where we start dividing the world in two: #REPL and #bash https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934016267593371648

2017-11-24 10:10:10+00:00

Again we have the notion of Turing complete, and it doesn’t matter precisely where and how your code was written, so long as you had a good time doing it and can maintain it over time and so that others can make sense of it and take it over should the need arise #PyPyjs #asmjs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/934001186637844480

2017-11-24 04:10:07+00:00

While Python hasn’t quite risen to the status of an #OS like #Unix (except where it has), it happily takes as much advantage of the resources the host OS (and hardware) as the #Python implementation is aware of it. And all the complex stuff gets “wrapped” in pythonic libraries. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933910578829066240

2017-11-24 03:10:00+00:00

That #flexibility in #Python’s execution context and runtime environment explains how apps like Dropbox are written in Python but when using them, it doesn’t feel at all like running a python.py script. It’s not. Python’s freely moldable, embeddable and #pervasive. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933895447801888768

2017-11-24 02:10:01+00:00

Python is much maligned for its global interpreter lock (GIL) that makes certain functions CPU-bound (under the #CPython reference implementation) meaning it can’t take full of advantage of multicore CPUs right when it’s important. Check out #Pyfora Or #PyPy or #Cython #choices https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933880351994384384

2017-11-24 01:02:00+00:00

Guido glued together a whole bunch of fragmented technology communities looking for a language solution. Or would that be an API solution? Or is th at all really the same thing? Python’s a free and open source language specification. CPython is just the reference implementation. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933863235773779969

2017-11-23 22:30:03+00:00

While Guido didn’t get everything perfect in Python at first pass, he did get tthe 20% of the way towards perfection that gives you 80% of the benefit up-front. After 25 years of steady linear uptake across industries, devices, #fads and critical systems, #Python’s #established. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933824997122068481

2017-11-23 21:38:06+00:00

You don’t need to have ever met Guido nor attended a PyCon to be thankful for his rare beautiful mind that is so sympathetic to the newb without selling them short. Guido’s a complexity-hiding magician and API artist. #Thanksgiving also to Leo Guerts for ABC, Python’s precursor. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933811923627466755

2017-11-23 21:37:05+00:00

Get over the white space thing. I’ll forgo the often told argument, suffice to say that Guido van Rossum is right about most things. Guido is the human manifestation of doing most of the things right most of the time, and everything about everything gives off that #lovefest vibe https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933811665723944960

2017-11-23 21:04:00+00:00

Linux I’ve discussed. It’s for login, access and knowing your way around the plumbing. Vim is text files. #Python though really runs the show. I think it would gain a lot more positive initial reaction if people knew it was named after #MontyPython and not the snake. #nerdhumor https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933803341079023616

2017-11-23 20:10:05+00:00

Any way you slice it, #vim forces you to wire up new areas of your brain and create new patterns all up in there and flex new mental muscles, and it feels good. This appeals to the secret weapon seeker in me who still misses the Amiga Computer, but #Python’s an easier argument. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933789773231280128

2017-11-23 19:01:27+00:00

You will find vim commands mirrored and echoed and mimicked in all sorts of places, may be in part because it all just reflects the general Unix RegEx aesthetic of cryptically humorous but convenient less. Using H, J, K and L move around like cursor keys “gets into your fingers” https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933772499283775488

2017-11-23 18:10:18+00:00

The terrific boon of taking up #vim and then someday maybe almost mastering it and having everthing almost as easy as it is for everyone else using more modern tools and still be worth it is one of my more opinionated opinions. Maybe it’s just to challenge myself #masochism https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933759626486611968

2017-11-23 17:08:09+00:00

The reward of mastering vim is not easily expressed without sounding fufu crystal spiritual, suffice to say that the enemy emacs camp that had equated vi as satanic has even embraced it by wholesale emulating it in emacs’ “evil mode” which makes it vim command compatible. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933743987290144769

2017-11-23 16:05:05+00:00

This may all sound like blah, blah, blah and you might argue that the most powerful tools are instantly mastered. But I’d argue back to you that nothing truly worthwhile in this life actually comes easy. Cost is always incurred somewhere, so my advice is to start practicing soon https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933728115892936704

2017-11-23 15:10:16+00:00

Since vi is arguably part of the specification for standard Unix, which Linux has no need to abide by but generally does, you’re hanging your hat on the closest thing that there is to a fixed position instrument in tech. Vim is a great choice in all regards but learning curve. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933714320160063490

2017-11-23 14:10:05+00:00

The opinion of vim is that you can think in a text manipulation language that is a blend of English and dealing cards and Regular Expressions. Vim begrudgingly adapts to your needs, but remains powerful even with defaults. Even if you’re just stuck with vi, you can get by. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933699177732886531

2017-11-23 13:10:08+00:00

Certainly what I’m doing here advocating Linux, Python, vim and git as a sort of baseline tech safety-net is highly opinionated. Each component can be further subdivided into its contentious opinionated bits, so even as clear-cut as I try to make it all, it’s never so clear cut. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933684089453936640

2017-11-23 12:15:00+00:00

No solution is “pure” so don’t poo-poo somebody else’s technology or solution or preferred way of working that works. Turing complete means pretty much anything you can do in one language can be done in any other language. The rest is subjective matters of style and preference. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933670215908552704

2017-11-23 11:10:01+00:00

There’s a whole discussion here about IDEs like XCode, Visual Studio and PyCharm, as well as desktop text editors like Atom and Sublime. Use ‘em. Don’t NOT use a power tool that is appropriate to your job at hand. Just ALSO master the the timeless power tool that’s always there. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933653859251212288

2017-11-23 10:10:00+00:00

Controlling text means controlling tech. No matter how proprietary and compiled and mysteriously blob-like some gizmo or widget appears, underneath or in pre-compiled form, it was just all a bunch of text files somewhere. So if you control the #text files, you control the #tech. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933638757944832000

2017-11-23 05:03:21+00:00

I’m about 7 years into my switch to vim now, and feeling pretty comfortable. I still struggle time to time with things that would be easy with any other text editor (copy and paste to host OS) but console myself with how all the rest of the time I’m barely even aware I’m editing https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933561585943089152

2017-11-23 05:03:12+00:00

The miracle that vi had evolved so far and was beloved wasn’t lost on me. For anyone who thinks this whole vim craze is oldskool for-its-own-sake pomposity not worth the steep learning curve, I suggest you really watch vimmers using vim. It’s martial arts with text #musclememory https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933561549964349440

2017-11-23 04:10:01+00:00

I made a study of tools and wanted that #Jedi/#Ninja/#Samurai #musclememory #mastery feeling of bad@$$, but w/common, timeless tools. What I passed over was its wizardly arch-foe emacs that encompasses it (evil mode) and the litany of doomed point-and-click editors to follow. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933548162215759872

2017-11-23 03:10:01+00:00

It’s all in the timing. When my friend Guillaume Proux tried steering me towards Python during in 2006, I was in my Ruby in Rails phase. 2 years later I looked for JavaScript on the server; had it been a year later, I’d have found node and probably gotten stuck there #closecalls https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933533063862214656

2017-11-23 02:10:23+00:00

However, it wasn’t until about 20 years later when I was feeling betrayed by both the Amiga itself and also Microsoft (having recently dumped ASP for .NET), and looking around for always-relevant timeless bad@$$ tech that was still pretty approachable that I rediscovered #vim. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933518057217101826

2017-11-23 01:02:03+00:00

Meanwhile, my beloved Amiga Computer, which is already very Unix-like, gets the first version of the “Improved” version of vi, vim, written by Bram Moolenaar and distributed on Fred Fish public domain software disk (ye old FOSS) #591 in 1991 (after Internet / before Web). Had it https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933500861153767424

2017-11-22 23:02:45+00:00

Note 8 stylus practice on the commute. https://t.co/4ngZZWxTnW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933470838493507584

2017-11-22 22:30:07+00:00

So vi was made with this low bandwidth approximately 80 characters across and 24 characters up and down. These were not the pixels of today’s graphic world, but efficient bits squeezed over the old phone system to control everything, and doing so feels like playing a video game. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933462625278668800

2017-11-22 21:04:03+00:00

Terminals are funny. Google TTY and learn about the history of teletype and VT100 “dumb” terminals that connect to big timeshare computers. Before that, computer user interfaces were even worse. Bill Joy adapted the ex line editor to be the vi screen editor over slow lines #vim https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933440967960682498

2017-11-22 20:28:07+00:00

It’s tricky making the switch from writing web services to scheduled tasks. #Webmasters generally respond to requests, while #Datamasters generally make requests every so often to update reports. This is me nailing down a “schedule-server” in #Python — https://t.co/9SeZPMj1Kd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933431922814062594

2017-11-22 20:10:20+00:00

You have to be a little like Alice to find the love for all the mysterious looking nonsense that seems to occupy these lower-levels of software abstraction near the hardware we call the operating system. My stack may start at the L-word, but read #UnixHatersHandbook #Wonderland. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933427447785316352

2017-11-22 19:01:41+00:00

Its all human/machine API stuff. The type-in terminal is one steady bitstream of near telepathic communion. Washing a window with a bar of soap is another, and if that’s something you need to do to edit your documents, then fine. Fine for you. I’ve made my choice, and its vorpal https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933410169962291200

2017-11-22 18:20:09+00:00

Here where? Well, Wonderland of course; living inside mental constructs that are no more real than the electrons that make them seem that way… hey, a lot like real life! Sense emergences from nonsense after enough tellings, because we layer on coats of indexed times and context. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933399720340443147

2017-11-22 18:10:08+00:00

Get the notion of drag ‘n drop out of your head. Empty trash. Term is the Rabbit Hole. If you want to follow me down, it’s Command+Space “terminal” on a Mac and it’s Install Ubuntu Bash on Windows 10 or CygWin on anything lower. If you’re on a Linux desktop, you’re already here. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933397199819591684

2017-11-22 17:46:55+00:00

It’s not Desktop Linux I advocate either. It’s controlling *nix hardware via the type-in interface usually through a local terminal command line console shell bash whatever terms should be called. On macOS it’s Terminal and on Windows it’s PuTTY or MinTTY or bash. #sshoptional https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933391357091176449

2017-11-22 17:08:06+00:00

Wait, what? #Unix ushered in the modern age and its Linux I promote? Sigh; no. Go use FreeBSD if you like. Or take up Solaris or OpenVAX for all I care. It’s all *nix and it’s all the same at the shallow depth you’re going to need to know such stuff and #Linux is most accessible https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933381586816552960

2017-11-22 16:05:16+00:00

After almost 50 years and the unholy union with tcp/ip (what made the Internet possible), Unix and its copycat variations have pretty much taken over the world from wristwatches to supercomputers. Tech finally has standardized plumbing, and that’s why my stack starts with #Linux https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933365775381000192

2017-11-22 15:10:10+00:00

Along comes a radical networking feature mutation (tcp/ip) that gives Unix the ability to get messages around blast-zones (thank you DARPA and Vint Cerf). Stopping the spread of Unix becomes nigh impossible, and when it jumps over to Linux, it’s even worse. The Web is born #LAMP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933351910052069379

2017-11-22 14:10:01+00:00

The #Linux kernel a hilt to the vorpal #GNU blade? That made defeating the Jabberwocky doable? One inside joke after another sprinkled with #Alice references—THAT’S what makes people hate Unix people. Go watch #TheMatrix and chill. All things worth knowing emerge from #nonsense. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933336770867007489

2017-11-22 13:10:07+00:00

Who would have thought such important stuff would arise from nonsense? An internal joke at Bell Labs ‘69 poking fun at a Jabberwoky (multics), some MIT Unix fan-fiction becomes real (GNU), and a summer project in ‘91 where a Finn finally finishes a hilt for the GNU vorpal blade. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933321696739823616

2017-11-22 12:15:09+00:00

Ken and Dennis tackled a chicken-and-egg problem that existed by making the first operating system that was more-or-less portable to different hardware, making Unix one of the first great “platforms”. Apps are today written for the platform and not specific hardware #abstraction https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933307865661571072

2017-11-22 11:10:05+00:00

Sure Turing and Babbage and the Antikythera mechanism (again). Also sure the women Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper and Sophie Wilson. But our story starts at Bell Labs in 1969 & 70 (the year I was born) when two guys, Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie decided to scratch an itch #Unix https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933291487927812096

2017-11-22 10:57:50+00:00

Adi: Are most of your followers #nerds? Dad: Yes, Adi. And also aspiring nerds who are paralyzed into inaction, not knowing where to begin. I start at the beginning of the modern #tech story, which goes way back further and really starts with #women, but this is how I tell it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933288407723212800

2017-11-22 10:54:52+00:00

I like coffee and I like Cinnamon Whisky. But I don’t like them together anymore. I did at first and became quite infatuated with the blend. But then I discovered I actually really liked each in its own better. And so I stopped trying to do object oriented design and development https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933287658222108674

2017-11-22 10:10:21+00:00

Selection of those tools and what about them to pursue mastering and how is beyond infuriating. Nearly all traditional lines of reasoning will lead you to #Java for bucks or #JavaScript for sexy or… That’s it. Ruby and PHP increasingly off the table for the forwardly cognizant. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933276457370992641

2017-11-22 04:10:09+00:00

If you’re going to chase your dreams, it’s best to do so with carrying a few tools around with you and the expertise to use them that they can apply to almost every situation and challenge you find yourself in, no matter how many years from today those challenges may occur. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933185811977093121

2017-11-22 03:10:00+00:00

But Win. Win earlier than others if you can, because it is a contest and it is competitive. That’s life. Life is competitive, so win just so you shove more into mastery and free up more cycles in your prefrontal cortex area that makes you human for other things. Win like #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933170673538740225

2017-11-22 02:10:00+00:00

That’s not to say don’t care deeply about things. Do care. Do all the things you’d love to do if only it could support you, and then find the love in all things you HAVE to do to support yourself. The more you have to support, the more love you’ll have to find within to fuel it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933155574849478656

2017-11-22 01:01:19+00:00

Just don’t invest too much of your heart into any one thing that is likely to go away soon and break it and set you back and otherwise limit you in this fleeting wonderful moment of the #now that we are privileged-enough to be here to enjoy #eggsinonebasket #mentalhealth https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933138290106040321

2017-11-21 22:30:19+00:00

But as greater achievements relative to their times have repeatedly shown us, like pyramids and stonehenges and Alexandria and the Antikythera mechanism and plans for the Saturn V rocket show us, knowledge and knowhow get lost and are rediscovered/invented all the time #yawn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933100290005274625

2017-11-21 21:04:01+00:00

The past 30 years has also been me stuck in sort of a funk that set in with the death of the #Amiga, around when I was at my great-28. Energy and dreams are at high-levels and efficiency, trying to convince a bunch of lost causes to let their alien child grow up #wemadetheamiga https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933078569508589570

2017-11-21 20:10:00+00:00

Mikey likey his proprietary beautiful prisons… up to a point. I never loved tech as much as that old Amiga Computer that got so many things so right and the world is really only just now (yes still) catching up. The past 30 years has been #Apple having Amiga-envy in my eyes. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933064975773589507

2017-11-21 19:01:45+00:00

Of course the #Luddites would ask who’s the pet, me or them? And them I say that even though the #capitalist #conspiracy does indeed exist, we are “them” and this is what I paid for. Have you seen this 4096- pressure #Wacom tablet in my pocket? Check out ArtRage. I DO get it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933047798764834817

2017-11-21 18:10:01+00:00

Funny thing is, I get addicted to these beautiful prisons, and I see myself buying into their #valueproposition almost whole-heartedly. I’ve been dreaming of having these miracle devices in our pockets that can do anything. My biggest problem is making room for all of the pets. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933034782904209408

2017-11-21 17:08:08+00:00

This is only possible for me because I have been fooled many times by the beautiful #sirenssong alure of clearly superior and highly available by default (that’s their key trick) proprietary hardware and software that locks you in and starts pouring sweet caramel memes into you. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933019206253203456

2017-11-21 16:50:55+00:00

So a big thing I’m preaching here is being able to get by with just #Linux, #Python, #vim and #git when you have to, or as a default go-to dev, production and deployment stack now and long into the future when doing it any other way isn’t worth the calories of thinking about it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933014873310728192

2017-11-21 16:50:46+00:00

Funny thing is, hardly anyone in tech would call me a specialist. I go as #generic and plain-jane (still PC?) as I can, where the #tech is still #cool enough to excite and invigorate me, but it’s nature is stationary or static enough over time that I can actually #master it. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933014835528380416

2017-11-21 16:50:38+00:00

Or you’re more of a fixed-position #Guy like me who’s okay on relying on stuff I arranged in the shed and a few people who who live in the town. I’ll give up having to have a cow with me if someone will deliver the milk in exchage for me caring for their sick cows #specializing https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933014803471372290

2017-11-21 16:50:20+00:00

Either the carpet is being pulled out from underneath of you like ALL the time or its not. Some people prefer it one way, like more of the functional nomadic programming of our past, where you’re always taking what you need with you, dependencies be damned #RESET #nosideeffects https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933014729559298048

2017-11-21 16:50:10+00:00

#Cats and #dogs are veeery related to us. They’re ye old #technology; dogs our security and garbage disposal and cats vermin control. Very useful when switching from nomadic to sedentary lives. Or from floating-point to fixed. You know someone who can master tools by their #pets https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933014684638302208

2017-11-21 16:05:09+00:00

Now if youre anything like me, when you see that #whiterabbit -with-a-watch run by, your #catinstincts kick in. Mmm, will ones with watches taste better? That’s what Dina would say anyway, and there’s no way you’re not chasing it. You hunger for the nonsense and newness #life https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/933003356859256832

2017-11-21 15:10:00+00:00

All my instincts make me want to talk about the Kardashev Scale now and surviving the cornacpia of disasters our transition to Type 1 poses, but that’s chasing the rabbit and its much too early in this book for going down to #Wonderland. #Existence is a #journey #except #return https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932989478674759680

2017-11-21 14:10:01+00:00

And the Internet’s such a friggin noisy place now with everyone trying to friggin program each other with their friggin memes; each side filtering which they even let into their private execution space to run. That’s how #objectivity and #empathy die and #dehumanization kicks in. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932974382955319297

2017-11-21 13:37:40+00:00

But now with the Internet, tech spreads like the recipe for bread in a time of herd depletion and starvation. Those who can decode those magical mud scratchings and murals will survive. Family-clans who master the land will fill the gene pool. #Memes spread #tech Read #Snowcrash https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932966241744162818

2017-11-21 13:10:00+00:00

#Proprietary #tools are almost always better, and they’re certainly almost always first because you’ve got people throwing their lives and livelihood behind it. Certain expenses can’t be avoided like time and energy. Or hardware and slices of its use (the cloud is an illusion). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932959279195279360

2017-11-21 12:15:20+00:00

When tools are complex and expensive and require a monetary investment to master, you’ve got an elite and jealously resource-guarding priesthood just waiting to be gobbled up by the FOSS dragon. This dynamic is the first thing you need to know about tech #mainframes #humannature https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932945523975376896

2017-11-21 12:01:08+00:00

Lots of tech is weird and arcane would take a career to master, but is totally necessary for doing anything worthwhile but takes lots of experience. So you had better get started now and earn some money doing it or it wasn’t worth the investment #java #C #emacs #fullwebstack https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932941950868746240

2017-11-21 01:02:03+00:00

I propose to offer up some guidance on the technical front, not just web development or mobile or even just purely practical and not always even necessarily true. Rather, it’s going to be opinionated, ornery and on very rare occasion entertaining and useful #futurism #robots https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932776085259014145

2017-11-20 22:30:13+00:00

You don’t know things nearly as well as you think you know things, nor or any of us as dumb as everyone else thinks we all are. I think Scott Adams the creator of Dilbert said it best, we’re all dumb in our own ways and times, no denying it. We can all use help on some front. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932737876340756484

2017-11-20 21:04:01+00:00

With mastery comes the excess capacity you need to better enjoy those OTHER things in life that you love. Yep, as big of a fan of coding and programming rah-rah that I am, it’s really a side-gig to me the way reading and wringing and some math skills are also side gigs #literacy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932716180959387648

2017-11-20 19:01:35+00:00

There’s just too much to know and you can’t know everything. Neither can you run with the flock your entire life exhausting yourself and never achieving that top of the pyramid feeling of mastery of something that counts and will last and can’t be taken away from you #mastery https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932685370877243393

2017-11-20 17:08:05+00:00

I’ll add to that JavaScript to the list the way I would have added Postscript in the days of print because you just can’t get away from it. But let the WYSIWYG tools abstract it away along with CSS and the 10 other brain-killing things you need for full stack web development. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932656809252442113

2017-11-20 16:05:12+00:00

Sure, Unix, Python, nvim and hg. Or some other Luinux, Python, emacs in evil-mode and… git. You should really use Python and git. Mercurial will do mostly because you’re also basically learning git. These tools are the pee in the pool of tech. They’re in and never coming out. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932640981849079809

2017-11-20 14:10:10+00:00

There are many ways to twist and distort and adapt what I’m saying to different ends, but it’s basically mastering choice bad-@$$ bits of usually Linux, Python, vim and git that I’m advocating here. They are the tools; the nunchaku and violins of much of infotech #musclememory https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932612034251968512

2017-11-20 12:15:06+00:00

Well, I’m proposing to put one particular formula before you for success, or at least a nice technical capability safety-net that will always serve your needs in addition to or on top of or underneath whatever else you choose to take up and specialize in #Linux #Python #vim #git https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932583075011317760

2017-11-20 01:02:00+00:00

Or are you just trying to make sense of everything around you and not go obsolete to the whippersnappers and new rules? Do you hunger to be great at whatever it is you do if you could only automate a little here and there but feel you’re so far from that it’s hopeless? #newb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932413683921072128

2017-11-19 22:30:00+00:00

Wanna raise your Kung Fu tech abilities to the next level, where you slice ‘n dice data with spontaneous mastery and in any tabular or nested or hashed or raw data form and be able to knit it together, optimizing and driving real-time processes and ultimately make it predictive? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932375432451756035

2017-11-19 21:04:00+00:00

First and foremost, we’re here, we’re gone. We look like Turing machines trapped in a gravity-well and time is our tape. Exchanging information and making more Turing machines appears to be among our functions, changing and perhaps improving and adding to the collective as we go https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932353790816202753

2017-11-19 19:01:20+00:00

Dependencies! That’s one of the core themes of my blog it on Twitter now thanks to the 280 characters, boy am I going to piss a lot of Twitter purists off haha, and I guess the first order of business is the big picture outline and what you’ll find here and why you should follow https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932322921023967233

2017-11-19 17:08:03+00:00

One flow you cannot resist going with is the one that you’re born into. You get conceived, spat out into the light and programmed up and cast in a direction on life before you can even lift your head. Thr moment you’re aware enough of WTF is going on… THAT’S where get some say. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932294410628452354

2017-11-19 16:05:06+00:00

Choosing the thing to master is always the trick. There are few stories so sad as misplaced passion. The passion is inside of YOU; and NOT that thing you are so obsessed with. That’s thing is just something someone creating that reflects and focuses stuff you like in yourself. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932278567546904576

2017-11-19 14:10:03+00:00

There are now so many dots to be connected and potential to be released, creativity-wise, joy-to-be-alive wise, and loving-what-you-do wise (making a living or for hobby) that it’d almost be a crime to not take a stab at mastering 2 or 3 of them while you’re here on this planet. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932249614085914625

2017-11-19 12:15:09+00:00

I consider it an honor just to be in the time or an age where they tools that these folks created are (or soon will be) in every human beings hands across the planet. Not today, but many of us are already carrying cheap networked supercomputers in our pockets like it’s is no big https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932220700127096832

2017-11-19 01:02:12+00:00

Society wise, you might call me an active member of the audience. I haven’t shied back at the back of the class, but neither have I Gates’d or Job’d or Bezos’d or Musk’d myself up front. I’m really just a clock puncher like Thompson and Torvalds and Rossum. Well, not like THEM. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932051348857778176

2017-11-18 23:31:58+00:00

@kennethreitz I’ve narrowed it down to between that and the MS Surfacebook 2. Convertibles with styluses are nice. Can’t believe Apple offers nothing like. Nor a phablet with pen, both form factors I consider critical. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932028641306972160

2017-11-18 22:30:04+00:00

I’m approaching fifty, and I have amassed a smattering of capabilities, some light surface knowledge and some expertise that runs deep. Oh, I really knew that Amiga Computer. But it went away. And I never really knew it as well as say the Euro Demo Scene who really made it dance https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/932013061254320128

2017-11-18 21:04:04+00:00

So I sanitize and read back through and rethink and edit what I publish in real-time. In YouTube, I do my first take right or I throw it away. I hate editing. And I hate compromising my thoughts just to record them. Yet that’s the price to pay for exposure. So, I often hold back https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931991420805767168

2017-11-18 19:01:17+00:00

I do write for myself mostly… and a lot. So whether or not I activate part or all of that writing in public where it could have real immediate effect in the world is a matter of how I choose and use my tools, and allow them to reflectively affect my process #tools #introspection https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931960518902009857

2017-11-18 17:08:01+00:00

Despite popular opinion to the contrary, I do have a sense of humor. It’s just very dry and you won’t notice it, but believe me I am ROTFL on the inside. Emojis? Nah. Artistic compromise for the media and the reach, but with no love in it? Nah. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931932016454651904

2017-11-18 16:05:00+00:00

Encoding thoughts into words. You’re forcing something into material being and giving it the ability to have a material effect. Sparking a flame. Lightning a fire. But in 140 chars, really? I mean I guess I’m not that talented. I need at least 280 characters to complete one thoug https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931916156566466560

2017-11-18 14:10:14+00:00

Thinking well is necessary in this game of life because this game of life is getting more competitive. Twitter knows that. In order for the public dialogue to mature (along with our President), it had to change. And so it did #hope #optimist #growth #transition #iamnotpolitical https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931887275662864385

2017-11-18 12:15:05+00:00

So what is my medium? Who am I really talking to and for what purpose? Well, it turns out to myself and it turns out just for the purpose of just really navigating this ship through life well without being a complete dumbass and excuse-my-french-up. Writing forces better thought https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931858296029569025

2017-11-18 01:02:05+00:00

You will have to excuse me today while I get my buffer publishing settings tweaked to a tolerable limit. I have so much to say, and always am actually saying it… in a private journal, or in a SimpleNote. I am always writing. The Twitter 140 character limit repelled me #CarpeDiem https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931688931082620929

2017-11-17 22:30:13+00:00

The problem that’s kept me from actually writing a book so far is everything, but mostly lack of cohesion and focus. I dislike editing. But mostly, I’m a nonlinear thinker, Mr. Unicorn, so fly away. But unicorns don’t fly… Oh how I miss Andre 3000 #followme #supernerd #nonlinear https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931650710265126913

2017-11-17 21:04:08+00:00

Hi folks. A funny thing happened. I’ve been meaning to write a free and open source (#FOSS) #ebook on my tech and life experiences and thoughts in bite-sized text chunks. But in what medium? Tumblr? Medium? Certainly not Twitter. 280 characters you say? #firstbook #serial #story https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931629047448326144

2017-11-17 19:01:34+00:00

Okay, so I pretty much believe that the Universe game, or existence such that it is, is precisely about organizing matter and energy to greater and greater effect, which will ultimately pull it all back together. Our job, the job of life, is to overcome #entropy. #bigthought https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931598204428279808

2017-11-17 18:32:52+00:00

@zoldello 160 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931590979550883845

2017-11-17 17:08:00+00:00

It’s amazing how much less energy it takes now to be a presence on #Twitter now that you don’t have to cram your thoughts down into an artistic perfect square. Oh wait, that’s #Instagram. While yielding to a platform’s signature can improve your work, ultimately it’s too draining https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931569624927399936

2017-11-17 16:05:05+00:00

I’ve been an #Apple fanboy since they went the #proprietary #optimized #verticallyintegrated route that Commodore did. But you know that approach only makes you better until the rest of the industries’ loosely coupled commodity components catch up, as they eventually always do. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931553790154674176

2017-11-17 14:17:44+00:00

Enough about Fake News. Now how about app companies turning off those fake notifications designed to drive you back into the app, appearing to your sense of unfinished business, having to clear all those red dots. #annoyances #tech #digitallife https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931526774600753157

2017-11-17 14:10:11+00:00

#Data transformation is own special sort of discipline. After exploring Unix #sed, I discovered #xslt (java & xml) and fell in love with <xsl:apply-templates> stylesheet recursion. But now I’m floored by #Python pandas’ game changing DataFrame.apply() method. #loveworthy #tech https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931524873914077184

2017-11-17 12:15:20+00:00

You know what? The Samsung Note 8 couldn’t have put the fingerprint scanner in a better position. It almost telepathically unlocks in my hand as I grab and take it out of my pocket, regardless of viewing angle. Should have been the #iPhoneX solution. #mobile #security #note8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931495972093472768

2017-11-16 19:01:48+00:00

Are anonymous functions still unknown to you in #Python? A #lambda alone sitting there doesn’t do much:

lambda x: x*2

…until if you feed it a value:

(lambda x: x*2)(4) >>> 8

…and you can also name them (defeating the point?):

foo = lambda x: x*2 foo(4) >>> 8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931235875865980928

2017-11-16 18:15:02+00:00

The @buffer #bufferapp has become about 100x more useful to me now with the Twitter character limit no longer forcing me to thrust the short constipated twitter message aesthetic upon the rest of the LinkedIn, Facebook & Google+ world. One message to rule them all! #socialmedia https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931224106237943808

2017-11-16 17:08:04+00:00

Do you have yet to comprehend #ListComprehensions in #Python?

this_is_a_list = [1, 2, 3] dubs = [x*2 for x in this_is_a_list] print(dubs)

>>> [2, 4, 6] https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931207253830590466

2017-11-16 16:05:05+00:00

Having progressively internalized the joys of Python, api-driven spreadsheet construction, Jupyter Notebook and now finally Pandas, I see that my old Pipulate FOSS SEO “product” is now only a light connecting of the dots provided by these systems. #python #spreadsheets #pandas https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931191403123789825

2017-11-16 15:17:11+00:00

Moving to Staten Island is calling for a considerable re-wiring of my brain after 10 years in Manhattan, 16th Street up to 215th, then BAM! Now SI! Feels like I was just shot out like a ball in a pinball machine onto the SI roads #transitions #moving #change #beinghuman #nyc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931179347582636032

2017-11-16 14:10:01+00:00

There is always a price. There is always complexity. It all just gets shoved around. If it was easy for you, it was hard for someone else who pioneered, generalized, component-itized and api-itized it. #Life #coding #complexity #design and of course #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931162442905849856

2017-11-16 12:47:31+00:00

Devs who say to always automatically use #virtualenv as some religious unconditional #Python #bestpractice haven’t considered you may be making a container or an embedded system or a server-build recipe or chrooting or other. I’m old enough to control my own dependencies #Linux https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/931141683957391362

2017-11-14 15:17:00+00:00

Use of a 0-Index for arrays and coordinate systems with YOU as the center is always a good idea, because no matter how things turn out, you’ll always be at the center of it all, know where everything is relative to you, and able to grok negative numbers — #worldview #relativity https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/930454525688930305

2017-11-14 15:02:05+00:00

Every day should be either be the telling of a part of your own good story, or an opportunity to relax and enjoy somebody else’s — #storytelling #worldview #wisdom #initializingstate #dailyjournal https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/930450769521905666

2017-11-14 13:13:04+00:00

Twitter is absolutely more appealing to me now that it has enough space to express a coherent thought in my rambling erudite style; even with a parting shot! #socialmedia #twitter #finallyworthit https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/930423335447613440

2017-11-14 13:11:10+00:00

You can always travel a tiny bit faster then the troupe by taking the outer-lane next to the precarious cliff, but the question is how much do you value your life? #risk #riskassessment #gooddecisions https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/930422857426980866

2017-11-12 16:34:52+00:00

@gcl_c When is there ever no alternative in Python/Flask? Choices abound, limited only by the work you want to put into it. The better the fit the lesser the code. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/929749344751968256

2017-11-12 00:07:03+00:00

You can either say twice as much or be half as coherent. #Twitter #280 chars https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/929500754909548545

2017-11-11 17:33:50+00:00

Grocking the connection between compound primary keys in #SQL, and #Python tuples as a #Pandas MultiIndex. Nice. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/929401795591507968

2017-11-10 17:49:35+00:00

@gcl_c I did on an old project. Feels like ancient history now but I liked picnicss. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/929043374283350017

2017-11-10 10:51:12+00:00

@paulfeakins Suppose you want to to sentiment analysis on every version of C tweeted or web crawled? What’s nonsensical? The task or C or RegEx? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/928938083860602880

2017-11-09 20:36:57+00:00

I thought I was a one-trick-wonder in #YouTube (my Raspberry Pi unboxing). Then I took my finger off, and now I’m a 2-trick wonder https://t.co/9a5zf4Wi94 #magic #magictrick #magictricks https://t.co/2Llo31ypta https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/928723105731829760

2017-11-09 20:21:49+00:00

@chrisheithoff Thanks for the tip. I’ve been drawn to screen over tmux lately. Not sure how much the modifier key collisions have predisposed me. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/928719293830877184

2017-11-09 13:55:00+00:00

I just published “The Universe Ain’t Flat, And Other Morning Musings” https://t.co/CQ0NoGrRWj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/928621951060512768

2017-11-09 13:33:23+00:00

Does anyone know how to write a #RegularExpression that would match any/all popular versions of the #C #programming language such as Objective C, C++, etc? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/928616509714386946

2017-11-09 11:19:08+00:00

The perfect solution to the #Bixby button would be to remap it to take #screenshots, the operation it most interferes with. #samsung #galaxy https://t.co/uL3G876uVH https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/928582723928838144

2017-11-04 21:10:11+00:00

@dabeaz I bet the comment was in directed to overcoming anti-Pytnon arguments of people with Java and C ingrained sensibilities about strong typing https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/926919526473748481

2017-11-04 21:05:18+00:00

@dabeaz Hah come on. It’s because of the new blood influx taking up the new by default, plus the performance story plus it’s less u’gly’ in unicode. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/926918298943524867

2017-11-02 21:42:09+00:00

It’s not that #pandas is a new language under #Python, but I am appreciating how all this pythonic stuff comes together to be something new. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/926202796424204288

2017-10-31 13:51:01+00:00

📷 The Big Lebowzki is a retelling of Alice Watched The Big Lebowzki actually for the first time last… https://t.co/C61I4NhebB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/925359456992587776

2017-10-30 18:48:27+00:00

📷 So Elon Musk is doing with space travel what Apple did with phones and computers – nearly total… https://t.co/3DwakswWu8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/925071921376571392

2017-10-30 15:17:03+00:00

Just realized my #podcast listening habits have gone double-dan: Dan Carlin and Dan Harmon. Both #History & #RickandMorty #fan #venndiagram https://t.co/i2JjL030hV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/925018720736555008

2017-10-29 18:07:46+00:00

Happy pre #Halloween2017 Mabel always liked vampires. #gravityfalls https://t.co/bpiQSznqG2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/924699293973405697

2017-10-27 21:21:15+00:00

Just found where the Ctrl+A of gnu screen collides with vim… incriminating the number under your cursor. Still better than Ctrl+B with tmux. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/924023210710044673

2017-10-27 15:04:43+00:00

The #vim moves I’m getting into my fingers today:

zz, zt & zb

Move line under cursor… zz to center zt to top (als… https://t.co/BNx9JqZBXN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923928453161906176

2017-10-27 14:59:37+00:00

I won’t be upgrading my #iPhoneSE to anything larger than the next in the wallet-sized jewelry-like iPhone5 series unless they get a #stylus https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923927167704104960

2017-10-27 13:33:36+00:00

Pythonic Revelations and Love-worthy tech #Python https://t.co/xuvw7sZDh3 https://t.co/Rqe9djy9kW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923905523996651520

2017-10-27 13:24:28+00:00

Podcasts on YouTube! That’s going to go well with #YouTubeRed offline downloads and background playing. #newmedia #consumption #habits #tech https://t.co/Lu7U4sxmEX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923903222384812032

2017-10-26 22:17:12+00:00

.@YouTube #YouTubeRed next request: we need to be able to manually re-order our download list to control playback order. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923674903768961024

2017-10-26 16:43:54+00:00

Using #vim & want easy local copy/paste? No mouse or lines

set mouse= noremap <F3> :set relativenumber! <CR> noremap <F4> :set number! <CR> https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923591026853470209

2017-10-26 16:09:35+00:00

The sheer awesomeness of Google Keep for #cloudnotes is finally dawning on me. Wow SimpleNote was just blown out of the water #dailyworkflow https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923582389514915840

2017-10-26 16:02:16+00:00

Forgot to sudo before #vim’ing some protected system file and don’t want to lose all those edits? No prob!

:w !sudo tee %

#vimtips https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923580545803710464

2017-10-26 15:13:29+00:00

#Python lambda grok if ‘foo’2 == (lambda x: x2)(‘foo’): #Then, why lambda? For the API! df.applymap(lambda x: ““.format(x)) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923568271558889472

2017-10-26 15:02:20+00:00

#Python quiz: which produces this? >>> bar

A) def foo(x): return x foo(‘bar’)

B) foo = lambda x: x foo(‘bar’)

C) (lambda x: x)(‘bar’) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923565466160959489

2017-10-26 12:39:29+00:00

.@YouTube Red you need to let us add downloaded videos to playlists while offline. For my daughter’s education? For my career skills? Etc. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923529517112725505

2017-10-25 22:48:08+00:00

Remember my Empire State Building phase? Well guess what? #StatueOfLiberty https://t.co/rphpKwNHKS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923320300267294721

2017-10-25 17:01:55+00:00

Python List Comprehension First, you have alist = [1,2,3] Then you have a nested [alist] But then it’s not nested anymore [x for x in alist] https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923233172397096960

2017-10-25 16:44:27+00:00

I’m back on my #Note8, baby! (The Day The Note 8 Apple) https://t.co/CvcUDrpbCS https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923228774795235330

2017-10-25 16:21:13+00:00

Hey @Amazon, nice Kindle UI upgrade, but how about split screen support on like the one app that could most benefit, says every Note8 owner. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923222930267439104

2017-10-25 14:02:15+00:00

#vim realization this morning. Even paragraphs with quote markdown can be reflowed (like a non-quoted paragraph) with the old vipgq #vimtip https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923187957313482752

2017-10-25 12:23:23+00:00

Goden-Style Quick-off Daily Forward Movement Blurbs Taking daily journal-style notes and then making… https://t.co/3klLHD6NGW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923163076198912001

2017-10-25 12:09:03+00:00

Guess this is an everyday thing now. Gotta get the IG’ing out of my system. #statueofliberty #dailycommute #siferry https://t.co/YvkmVFZi3U https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923159469537849344

2017-10-25 11:57:01+00:00

Me last night making sure I know the difference between SIR express and local. https://t.co/St9hV1Tylu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/923156440973443072

2017-10-24 17:22:21+00:00

Having now experienced the ugliness of Ubuntu 17.10 gnome, I can only believe dropping #Unity was part of Canonical’s Microsoft deal. #Linux https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/922875924135206913

2017-10-24 15:20:57+00:00

Biting the bullet and doing an #Ubuntu 17.10 install for the non-Unity experience. #disunity #gnome #linux https://t.co/0lFd29Hl26 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/922845373080702976

2017-10-24 14:59:41+00:00

Final Mile-Itis - When you’re on the final mile of a project and exhausted, it’s precisely that last mile… https://t.co/wYyB1cbbv4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/922840021060718593

2017-10-24 13:24:16+00:00

Moving Short Low-Edit Journal Excerpts to Tumblr - Whoops, I meant to start the journal entry before 9. I… https://t.co/OpAgHY4ulY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/922816011556057088

2017-10-24 12:51:29+00:00

Okay let me get this straight; phones now commonly have IR-blasters built-in right in time for me to not need that anymore #homeautomation https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/922807759619477505

2017-10-24 12:43:44+00:00

10 years in Manhattan: 16th St, 110th, Vermilyea, Isham, Park Terrace East. Finally boroughing it up. #Urby #StatenIsland #NYC @urbylife https://t.co/T4H93siTyz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/922805810970939392

2017-10-24 12:19:10+00:00

Hello World. I’m an #SEO and #Pythonista living in #NYC planning the next chapter in my life. https://t.co/4rqASh7eQW https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/922799626369093633

2017-10-24 12:07:23+00:00

The ferry commute is really a hoot You know what’s incredibly fun? Trains running late and herds that await The #StatenIsland marathon. #NYC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/922796663403622400

2017-10-24 11:52:53+00:00

Out the door earlier. The ferry is not the A train. #statenisland #applewatch https://t.co/oLm2dvrJ3R https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/922793013646102528

2017-10-23 20:46:29+00:00

And so begins our new @urbylife #urby #urbystatenisland https://t.co/kLQkS5dF1J https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/922564907618377729

2017-10-20 15:27:09+00:00

#Python getting started? Try arbitrary_tuple = (list, tuple, dict) for arbitrary_item in arbitrary_tuple: print(arbitrary_item.name) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/921397382440476672

2017-10-19 17:42:44+00:00

a_string = ‘‘.join([‘l’,’i’,’s’,’t’]) #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/921069117565792257

2017-10-19 15:36:16+00:00

Multi-platform apps should try to keep UI options in the same place for the sake of our nomadic muscle memory. Talking to you @simplenoteapp https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/921037288557211649

2017-10-19 14:15:37+00:00

Doing a couple of my more traditional Excel-based #SEO deliverables, but in light of new #Pandas learnings I’m mentally tooling to automate. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/921016991284154369

2017-10-19 12:50:47+00:00

Dependency schmenency. You know what has dependencies? DNA. Life. It’s about choosing good dependencies. #FOSS #Linux #Python #Requests https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920995646190112770

2017-10-18 17:03:54+00:00

Applying a #Python function down an entire col is as easy as:

df[‘sec’] = df[‘sec’].apply(ticks_to_hms)

I’m in an embryonic #pandas state. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920696955197644802

2017-10-18 14:41:40+00:00

1990 Cygnus Ed 1995 PFE & TextEdit 2000 Edit Plus & TextEdit 2005 Notepad++ & TextMate 2015 Sublime/Atom/VSC & Sublime/Atom/VSC >= 2017 #vim https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920661162638954496

2017-10-18 14:11:52+00:00

While it’s doubtful the 1st rhyme they wrote I’ve only just now taken note When I upgrade an app, it displayed A #poem I just had to quote https://t.co/I3ptSEv7um https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920653660761264128

2017-10-18 12:34:08+00:00

https://t.co/g4m0buE1Bu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920629067954737154

2017-10-18 12:31:00+00:00

#SIFERRY day 2. Beats a guaranteed seat on the A train. https://t.co/R5RH4NLld0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920628275680088064

2017-10-17 17:25:20+00:00

Took notice Ctrl+Alt+Del no longer necessary to log in and it dates me. I enjoy Ctrl+Alt+Del to login (& Start-button to Shut Down) #Windows https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920339962352078848

2017-10-17 15:37:05+00:00

@nature_natty A few places. https://t.co/jgonuQRppy (only for a short while) https://t.co/RnfRXikFAT, https://t.co/VpDTe3vUK0, mikelev.in (and other) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920312720381087744

2017-10-17 15:05:25+00:00

@Assurant is refusing me coverage on my new Samsung #Note8 because I forgot to change #TMobile setting after purchasing upgrade #Staytunedin https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920304749970378753

2017-10-17 15:03:11+00:00

@Assurant is refusing me coverage on my new Samsung Note8 because I forgot to change @TMobile setting after purchasing upgrade. #Staytunedin https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920304186994159619

2017-10-17 14:18:51+00:00

Now there’s a movement to switch from Github #Atom to M$ #VisualStudioCode? People, stop wasting hard earned muscle memory & switch to #vim. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920293032783745024

2017-10-17 12:51:08+00:00

Good morning #NewYork #statenislandferry https://t.co/vETIK7LJH9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/920270956618309633

2017-10-15 11:57:19+00:00

Just joined the waiting list for the Google #Pixelbook Chromebook. Sure it’s an MSSPro ripoff, but GDNE already stole from Apple. M$ is next https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/919532639299784704

2017-10-14 20:56:14+00:00

The longer you’re in #tech, the more you encounter beautiful one-line iterating operators #lambda’s #rubyregex #listcomprehensions #pandas https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/919305871334805507

2017-10-14 20:49:03+00:00

Must… remember… how to spell… stream of ‘‘.join([‘con’,’sci’,’ous’,’ness’]) #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/919304063166140417

2017-10-14 20:33:16+00:00

The #Mac got full-screen apps right, while #Windows got window snapping and resizing and shared edges right. Give ‘em both another 30 years. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/919300094440230913

2017-10-14 16:08:14+00:00

Visual Studio Code editor is based on Github’s #Electron, which uses Google’s Chromium. So a free Microsoft product has a Google dependency! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/919233393853960192

2017-10-14 14:53:27+00:00

On Windows 10 Bash for 2 weeks now and it feels super-odd to have to Homebrew install now on the Mac while Windows has an official FOSS repo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/919214573323943936

2017-10-14 13:13:37+00:00

My #tech toolset: #Linux, #Python, #vim & #git… oh, and now won over by #JupyterNotebook, #hyper.is & #pandas too! — https://t.co/Q0raPjbdXU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/919189450718089217

2017-10-13 22:37:11+00:00

Oh great. First I had NIL. Then I had NULL. Then it was None. And now it’s NaN. #Python #Pandas #longinthetooth #Linux #Amiga #oldgeek https://t.co/ESQAFcERXb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918968890818027521

2017-10-13 21:26:26+00:00

Today’s big #Python #Pandas realization: Don’t be afraid of anonymous inline #lambda functions. You WILL need them as one-line transformers. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918951085116657667

2017-10-13 20:19:36+00:00

In SQL a breakthrough moment is using your first agg func with a GROUP BY. In #Pandas, it’s completing your 1st Apply/Combine after groupby. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918934263357149184

2017-10-13 13:50:48+00:00

YouTube #Python tutorials exhibit the clear presence of [u’pre’, u’default’, u’Unicode’, u’boundary’] #python2vs3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918836419212308480

2017-10-13 13:30:59+00:00

Downloaded Split Apply Combine #Pandas tutorial video on #YouTubeRed and watching on #KindleFire while offline on NYC Subway. #learn #python https://t.co/4L6daC2nTw https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918831435695484929

2017-10-12 21:13:40+00:00

The current evolution of my career feels defined by how well I can work on the same project simultaneously in both Jupyter Notebook and vim. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918585482170290177

2017-10-12 20:55:05+00:00

Surprise bonus of https://t.co/b4ZSANZHt0 is a unified way to copy text from remote servers to local OS without stunning convolutions #hyper https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918580806519590912

2017-10-12 17:26:06+00:00

Jupyter Notebook realization: the trick to keyboard shortcuts working is to hit Esc first to get out of text-insert mode (just like in vim). https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918528216918347777

2017-10-12 13:10:14+00:00

Psst! Wanna manipulate some #data? Jump on the #pandas bandwagon before everyone else, ‘cause it’s not a fad #Python https://t.co/vGelgEXis2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918463823757144064

2017-10-12 12:51:49+00:00

Nike hit a fundamental with “Just Do It”, but weakened it by making it cliché. #lifeadvice #wisdom #effectiveness #goodhabits #productivty https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918459187641946112

2017-10-11 14:19:26+00:00

Funny settling into a new machine. Windows start / Search Chrome/ Not found search Web; here’s the screenshot. #Microsoft #Edge #Desperation https://t.co/vKJ1EB1MFY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918118851908440064

2017-10-11 13:22:13+00:00

I’m giving #YouTubeRed 3-months free a try. Reasoning: backlog of Pandas tutorials on YouTube in Watch Later. Download for Subway #nobrainer https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918104451533230080

2017-10-11 13:10:26+00:00

Mastering #Pandas is the best thing a technical #SEO can do for their #career. Come join me on my journey — https://t.co/1TthnULFks #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918101485820481537

2017-10-11 12:10:06+00:00

YouTube desperately needs a skip forward or back x-seconds where x could be any value >= 10 seconds and <= 30 seconds. #onlinelearning https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/918086302054191104

2017-10-10 20:37:24+00:00

Rewiring brain from SQL to Pandas. The primary key is now an auto Index and what was once a compound column key is now a MultiIndex #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/917851579675529216

2017-10-10 16:25:27+00:00

I’ve better taste than to post a picture, but with #LinkNYC, online homeless is definitely now a thing. #signofthetimes https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/917788174763556864

2017-10-10 15:25:11+00:00

In-location upgrade of #Anaconda to get the latest #Python doesn’t always work as advertised. Better to uninstall/reinstall, also not easy. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/917773009364103168

2017-10-10 13:09:12+00:00

Speak #SQL and assume back-end stuff needs to be there for you to do your #Data Kung Fu? Not true! #Pandas — https://t.co/c5ZdU1A6qv #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/917738787442253824

2017-10-09 16:22:51+00:00

A week into zeit hyper.is on Windows 10 #Ubuntu #Bash shell & the main drawback is I can’t even get xterm color #1 (maroon) in #vim. #Linux https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/917425132980916224

2017-10-08 15:26:52+00:00

#Monarch #butterfly from the beautiful Columbia Boathouse #saltmarsh reclamation project in #Inwood. https://t.co/NWvoXJ0nTb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/917048657152749574

2017-10-08 15:18:00+00:00

Monarch season (from yesterday). https://t.co/I8U0fEuQZQ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/917046426575818752

2017-10-08 12:41:15+00:00

Proud to be the 237th 😎 on @BackerKit for Shonin Streamcam Wearable Camera. Thanks @ShoninStreamcam https://t.co/PDmL26Wqa4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/917006980300099584

2017-10-07 23:41:25+00:00

I pick this selfie https://t.co/Jt2GbRP1lr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/916810726857232384

2017-10-07 23:37:53+00:00

Adi’s superhero training continues. #ifly https://t.co/y0hq8nQIfb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/916809836700078081

2017-10-07 15:51:48+00:00

Genuine Samsung fake AKG earbuds are far superior to the Amazon el cheapo I fake fake AKGs. #headphones https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/916692544737726464

2017-10-07 15:41:29+00:00

Switching which arm I’m pushing Adi on the swing at the park so Apple Watch counts it as exercise. #fatherhood #exercise https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/916689947935039488

2017-10-06 19:31:18+00:00

When properly understood and wielded, namedtuples are the key to getting magic numbers (hardwired indexes) out of your #Python code. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/916385396770172928

2017-10-06 15:41:51+00:00

Do you have favorite #vim key combos that you refuse to turn into macros or key binding? Mine are Esc, 1z= (spell) vipgq (reflow paragraph) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/916327653971582976

2017-10-06 15:29:09+00:00

The iPhone app that made podcasting possible for me is shutting down, so if you’re interested, listen now or never — https://t.co/jgonuQRppy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/916324455210733568

2017-10-06 15:01:41+00:00

In #tech, it’s always a matter of magic wands and incantations. It’s just a question of what abstraction-level & API granularity you prefer. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/916317542465130496

2017-10-06 14:50:33+00:00

Be it natural or man-made, disaster can take it all away in a second; everything but the #skills you take with you — https://t.co/pSbaBUbZRX https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/916314743819948032

2017-10-06 14:03:56+00:00

Today’s challenge: transforming data from 3 GSheet tabs with #Pandas, adding =sparkline({1,2,3}) field-stuffed columns into 4th tab. #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/916303010170580992

2017-10-05 17:31:53+00:00

Getting #vim “into your fingers” is one of the best things you can do to fight long-term obsolescence in #tech. Whole platforms come and go. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915992954266931200

2017-10-05 16:22:57+00:00

With programs like SimpleNote & Google Keep that have “pin to top” feature, only pin 1 or 2 things, or else it sort of loses its usefulness. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915975605673394177

2017-10-05 15:34:44+00:00

Sure someday computers will pass the Turing test. But the question is will you pass theirs? https://t.co/0q9vBBBIoS #AI #ML #MachineLearning https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915963475440144385

2017-10-05 15:20:47+00:00

In #vim when searching:

\n is newline, \r is CR (carriage return = Ctrl-M = ^M)

…but when replacing:

\r is newline


:s/x\n/y\r/gcc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915959961485758465

2017-10-05 13:46:16+00:00

Hey #vim folks, try:

:set relativenumber

Put it in your .vimrc if you want to easily visualize “move 10 lines up, down” etc. sans plug-ins https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915936175738761216

2017-10-05 12:47:46+00:00

You know that tiny delay after hitting [Esc] in #vim after Ctrl+j 10j Shift+i -[Space][Esc] to create markdown bullets? I love that delay. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915921453614321664

2017-10-04 20:39:41+00:00

DRY programming has the same problem as over-normalizing DBs. Everything just refers to something else and can really slow you down. #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915677827378417665

2017-10-04 19:37:33+00:00

Data Master, not Data Science #SEO #Career #DataScience #MachineLearning #Keras https://t.co/pyuWKwmtpP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915662192409763840

2017-10-04 19:06:21+00:00

RT @CodeWisdom: “When we use a language, we should commit ourselves to knowing it, being able to read it, and writing it idiomatically.” -… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915654342241345536

2017-10-04 17:25:52+00:00

For #datawonks using Query Analyzer for Google Analytics API tests, Search Console has equivalent hidden here — https://t.co/oxpiqo0fM9 #SEO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915629051578068993

2017-10-04 14:40:51+00:00

@renegadevi Agreed. #Python’s for living in the productive middle. Discovering how strategic use of try/except’s lets me paint with big brush-strokes. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915587524466180101

2017-10-04 14:24:02+00:00

Using #Ubuntu #Bash on Windows and want repos accessible to #Jupyter Notebook? #Python

cd /mnt/c/[user] git clone git@github.com:user/repo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915583294447738880

2017-10-04 14:20:17+00:00

I’m ALL-IN with now Ubuntu Bash now that I’m on Windows 10 (versus Windows 7 + Cigwin) #Linux https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915582351161348098

2017-10-03 15:38:52+00:00

That moment in #Python where logged into a remote machine sitting in vim and realize you want to take it local to play into Jupyter Notebook https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915239736788299783

2017-10-03 15:24:58+00:00

@kaitainjones It’s a way of not chasing the rabbit into wonderland if you don’t have to… yet. You eventually will. But after front-loading some success. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915236240584318976

2017-10-03 12:48:42+00:00

Still getting use to the #iOS11. Most usettling one so far is plugging in a charging cable no longer creates a vibration #phantomvibrations https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915196916014698496

2017-10-03 12:39:12+00:00

Sure #Python’s great and everything, but it does have some dunder-headed conventions that I “get” but

if name == ‘main’: Main() https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915194524032491520

2017-10-03 12:05:17+00:00

In #Python, unless you’re hyper-optimizing, don’t code to the edge cases. Code to the 80/20-rule bell-curve, and throw try’s around the rest https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/915185986618974209

2017-09-29 15:21:45+00:00

Nothing like listening to a brain hacking scientist speak (Moran Cerf) to stimulate the brain https://t.co/x8gr0qhS9A #scifi #ai #ml #ui #ux https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/913785879797420033

2017-09-29 12:53:52+00:00

Remember on Windows when you had to Start / Shut Down? The modern equivalent on mobile is seems to be saving files locally it’s Share / Save https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/913748664467763200

2017-09-28 18:36:22+00:00

Holy Smokes to all #vim users. Vim’s creator Bram Moolenaar wrote this on expert text editing skills #sageadvice — https://t.co/mD7AwAzqah https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/913472469826195456

2017-09-27 16:35:20+00:00

Hated Slack UI. Hated Atom UI. Both Electron. Methinks it’s the modern-day Java Swing (yuck!). Then I tried Github’s zeit / #hyper. Love it! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/913079620014104577

2017-09-26 22:26:59+00:00

@rjmarvin1 @AggroWill Dead ringers https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/912805730729775111

2017-09-25 14:54:27+00:00

Maker Faire NYC is like 10x better every year and also 10x more kid-friendly. As a friend said, it’s all that’s good about the world. https://t.co/T9BFMTCEKA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/912329456571895810

2017-09-23 19:20:49+00:00

Today #makerfarenyc2017 https://t.co/goBFhbg1Qs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/911671713884246022

2017-09-23 17:52:02+00:00

Every year this thing is 10x better. #robots #mfny17 https://t.co/s6B5Rbnfky https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/911649373645426688

2017-09-23 16:10:34+00:00

Adi has no problem making friends at the Maker Faire #makerfaire #r2d2 #makerfaire2017 https://t.co/8k3Wd1VUAY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/911623835283312641

2017-09-22 19:47:13+00:00

I struggle to remember how to grep my cd with github repos, but it’s actually easy:

grep -rlI text

recursive, list files, Ignore binaries https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/911315970333069313

2017-09-22 15:05:01+00:00

I think I have most accurately described my online identity in the recent update of my YouTube Channel About page — https://t.co/0yEn4WZ9gd https://t.co/Ia71AK3Hhn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/911244954235756544

2017-09-22 11:36:14+00:00

Sure, you won’t be around for when your future clones are fighting in either Google’s army (23me) or the Mormon’s (https://t.co/CSVXPZ6VZt). https://t.co/uzQ7WidnfU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/911192412508377088

2017-09-22 11:29:02+00:00

@kennethreitz Whatever is necessary to get psycopg2 and other deeply os-coupled components ACTUALLY consistently installed cross platform (Mac, PC, etc.) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/911190598933204992

2017-09-21 15:37:19+00:00

idiosyncrasy of #vim: when using buffers, you must write-out (save) the contents of the unsaved buffer you’re on before switching to another https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/910890693979238401

2017-09-20 14:05:08+00:00

The last of my morning commute walk videos & description of the way I tackle each day — https://t.co/JMlEWDOGKZ #creativity #productivity https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/910505107833413632

2017-09-20 13:45:08+00:00

I wish the code #git installs for merge conflicts was directly renderable #markdown. #GeekDesires #Linux #Nerd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/910500074605678593

2017-09-19 22:40:36+00:00

7000 https://t.co/ztPUobe1Jo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/910272438453374976

2017-09-19 19:24:08+00:00

RT @BarackObama: Coding is important – and fun. @CSforAll, thanks for your work to make sure every kid can compete in a high-tech, global e… https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/910222996786356225

2017-09-19 15:00:28+00:00

First you invent the Exclusive OR. Then you loose all your analog senses. I think binary may do more harm than good to emerging societies. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/910156643752660994

2017-09-19 14:56:20+00:00

Competitive differentiation is in the nuanced details most people don’t understand, otherwise, it’s not fertile grounds for differentiation. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/910155605985423360

2017-09-19 14:28:14+00:00

@ArtRage As an old DPaint hat I never thought I’d be a fan of a physics engine for a drawing environment until white pencil on black paper in ArtRage https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/910148531213791232

2017-09-16 20:55:43+00:00

I think my feed could use a little pink #caturday #cat https://t.co/OkFcx1Ytac https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/909158882433478659

2017-09-16 19:55:52+00:00

Adi and I both get in our Note 8 stylus practice. It’s not really about phones anymore #note8 #creatuvity #technology https://t.co/yOSQ80Mqgy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/909143821275090944

2017-09-16 19:44:49+00:00

Adi and Billy #Cat #Caturday https://t.co/NNFnqrin6F https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/909141039319052288

2017-09-15 15:55:48+00:00

Well at least you can put 2 Note 8 pics side by side in Instagram and almost have a square #note8 #note8centricities https://t.co/JI1U1a3L5m https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908721017635446784

2017-09-15 14:30:44+00:00

@ArtRage Yeah figuring as much and sticking with ArtRage for these new endeavors on Note 8. Here’s an example of what I do https://t.co/wGGesrnXli https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908699609152802816

2017-09-15 10:55:16+00:00

@ArtRage I understand the rotation limit, but isn’t 2220 x 1080 actually less memory than 2048 x 2048? Shouldn’t the restriction be on the product? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908645386360893441

2017-09-15 09:36:14+00:00

@ArtRage No, 3 finger tap only hides 2 of the 3 user interface elements. The drawing tool and color palate stay in the screen https://t.co/FC7yWuL6M0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908625497952804864

2017-09-14 21:48:15+00:00

This is my white #2 pencil on black phase on my Note 8. #note8 https://t.co/esShL4Ft8M https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908447327421116416

2017-09-14 14:47:56+00:00

@ArtRage I gatherd my thoughts on the subway this morning. I’m trying to use ArtRage as my preferred env to screencast from https://t.co/emUpfvgKEr https://t.co/Yf2WxCz90S https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908341551448903680

2017-09-14 14:06:00+00:00

I realized the way this idea of #Python’s inevitable rise to dominance is (#pythonically) expressed in the community is “import antigravity” https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908330997057499136

2017-09-14 11:19:40+00:00

Press Sec Sarah Sanders says “no one has done more than President Trump to prove that white people are not superior.” Okay now that’s funny! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908289140206301184

2017-09-14 10:22:33+00:00

@ArtRage Yes in full screen default Note 8 is FDR+ 2220 x 1080. At 100% full screen zoom with nav bars off you still get 2 stripes of non-canvas. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908274762878681088

2017-09-14 00:30:41+00:00

@ArtRage It’s not a big problem. I’m just going for 1 to 1 pixels on Note 8 default resolution which is just a little higher than the maximum. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908125817795997696

2017-09-13 20:21:36+00:00

Hey @ArtRage you need to support 2220 × 1080 FDR+ for Note 8 to not have white stripes at 100% #note8 https://t.co/xW25sOcrnM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908063133222227968

2017-09-13 16:52:02+00:00

Putting my sketching skills to the lunchtime test at Madison Square Park #nyc #note8 https://t.co/1mSlfmPwML https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/908010394328936453

2017-09-13 13:27:15+00:00

Note 8 & feeling great. After a year on Apple and losing my ability to think visually, I get feeling of old friend settling back in. #note8 https://t.co/aS6e5ugay4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/907958856575340544

2017-09-12 21:06:55+00:00

@obsidianspork If I were to draw up a pros and cons list, I would do it on a Note 8. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/907712151078522884

2017-09-12 19:42:16+00:00

Super glad I went with Note 8 #note8 #iphone8 #iphonex #phablet #spen https://t.co/MoSD0oDye3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/907690844693692416

2017-09-12 14:24:53+00:00

Note 8 to self about watching the Apple iPhone 8 event today #note8 #iphone8 #appleevent https://t.co/zY0MnxxTln https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/907610973137244161

2017-09-11 15:01:44+00:00

Painfully aware the iOS vs Android equivalent of PC Control keys vs Mac’s Cmd/Opt is whether you swipe-up or down for quick-links like WiFi. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/907257861570547713

2017-09-11 14:42:27+00:00

Sheesh I have to go into Developer Mode in Chrome just to copy/paste the browser-retrievable token needed for authorization of OAuth2 script https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/907253006755926016

2017-09-09 02:04:52+00:00

Billy and Chompy help me test new Note 8 camera. #cat #snake https://t.co/9KyYuefQi4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/906337578940596224

2017-09-08 15:47:00+00:00

My first Note 8 Live Message gif, through Google Photos & Apple Messages, still preserved animation! #note8 https://t.co/TJ9mLTynrP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/906182087031607296

2017-09-08 14:20:09+00:00

Tools DO make a difference. Note 8 and Google Keep are match made in heaven. Been waiting for this #Note8 vs #iPhone8 as #creativity #tools? https://t.co/GEVvzERkeV https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/906160233327755265

2017-09-08 13:53:45+00:00

Are #Slack and #Atom desktop apps (built on the stand-alone #Electron Chrome framework) going through their awkward Java #Swing #UI phase? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/906153589780951043

2017-09-07 01:30:54+00:00

I predict #Python’s actually emerging as a sort of lingua franca of tech the way algebra, geometry and calculus did for mathematics. https://t.co/bZm2fHjT6d https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/905604257008816134

2017-09-06 22:11:03+00:00

My YouTube removable finger magic trick video is blowing up to similar levels as my old Raspberry Pi unboxing. It’s the little things. https://t.co/3mZX6llQNl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/905553960743919616

2017-09-06 15:46:24+00:00

Samsung Note 8 shipped (to UPS center / no tracking yet). #TMobile #Note8 https://t.co/XQHe8a198m https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/905457160485818368

2017-09-05 22:20:27+00:00

Thanks for the kind word. I view myself as a diamond in the rough determined to stay that way. https://t.co/Pm6H32GTfG https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/905193941024296962

2017-09-05 14:43:40+00:00

@trujilloisaac Isaac, want to do a Note 8 video? It’s as astounding that they brought it back as that time you showed me you using the s-pen https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/905078985209647105

2017-09-05 14:14:06+00:00

Struggling through these issues now. What’s the “right amount” of container abstraction in #Python world. I think you nailed it. https://t.co/lSY6C0TTS6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/905071543927046144

2017-09-05 13:56:10+00:00

Last fruit smoothie of the season? Nah, never too cold. My 15+ yo #Vitamix was the best kitchen gadget ever. https://t.co/tYK6xABjlj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/905067034379157506

2017-09-04 14:32:24+00:00

I thank you every time I import requests, Kenneth. https://t.co/XVfqjn49Ur https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/904713763261218816

2017-09-02 18:12:25+00:00

And now, we fish https://t.co/kXPC7zRw4X https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/904044355945627650

2017-08-30 22:49:58+00:00

Ziplining in pajamas and kitty ears through the Catskills colony. So Adi. Thanks, Peter! https://t.co/JU7SxvZvXI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/903027042324815873

2017-08-30 22:33:26+00:00

Let the final evenings of the summer of 2017 begin! #Catskills https://t.co/Mj4HECunA4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/903022880195317761

2017-08-30 18:01:05+00:00

Note 8 packed #note8 https://t.co/wezEncnen2 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/902954338963922946

2017-08-26 20:36:44+00:00

We flew #ifly https://t.co/oGXBk1JEil https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/901543960820297728

2017-08-26 16:47:27+00:00

Today, Adi flies. #ifly https://t.co/kvmBUu7Kr1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/901486259754991617

2017-08-26 15:17:39+00:00

The yin and yang kitties celebrate #caturday with catnip #cats https://t.co/39pnq2Go0i https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/901463661021102080

2017-08-26 12:54:36+00:00

I’m not used to superior tech actually coming back from premature death. Note 8 is the Futurama of tech. Amiga was Invader Zim #note8 https://t.co/a1d1d5MCQn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/901427658336210945

2017-08-25 15:47:49+00:00

My Apple Watch knows when I’m stressed and tells me both to breathe and how #futurenow #applewatch https://t.co/RxNQgEdnAt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/901108864468340736

2017-08-25 13:02:08+00:00

Ordered Samsung Note 8 and feeling great. Non-doodlers just won’t understand. #note8 #spen #fanboy https://t.co/SQ0BxJYqGq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/901067166312693761

2017-08-25 12:41:22+00:00

YouTubbing from iPhone is no joy because you have to turn off Auto Lock in the most obscure settings location for big uploads to not fail. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/901061941082435584

2017-08-25 12:01:33+00:00

I’m the guy who can’t stop saying “Tea, Earl Grey, hot”. #startreknerd https://t.co/DZzjfeRWcP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/901051921720647680

2017-08-23 17:56:57+00:00

Wondering why we still love us our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ? The s-pen! #spen #note8 #Samsung #GalaxyNote #GalaxyNote8 https://t.co/X2iSo23Sgt https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/900416586229702657

2017-08-23 16:02:48+00:00

I just backed Shonin Streamcam Wearable Camera on @Kickstarter https://t.co/3ru5iwaQh4 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/900387857491259392

2017-08-23 15:11:17+00:00

Facebook posts aren’t the best media for showing snippets of #Python code. https://t.co/VNRYhyTeYK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/900374892960374785

2017-08-23 15:05:24+00:00

Life isn’t lived in static states. Life is lived in transitions. So, transist!

#inspiration #motivation #happiness #truth https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/900373413977575424

2017-08-21 16:19:43+00:00

#Python #Decorators

def f(f): def w(): print(‘i’) f() print(‘u’) return w

@f def h(): print(“<3”)

h() https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/899667339414818817

2017-08-21 15:06:49+00:00

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll use #Python decorators.” Now they have 2… no no; now they have a framework! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/899648992316870656

2017-08-21 11:00:54+00:00

Looking forward to Note 8 announcement from Samsung this week. Huge s-pen fan. Android wins me back again. #Note8 #spen #iPhone8 https://t.co/gafIA1BSjc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/899587107898916865

2017-08-19 14:36:26+00:00

Hmm from Google Keep (on any platform) to Buffer to lots of “excerpt channels” and a sort of To Do for idea development in Tumblr or Medium. https://t.co/f5AVDbrv0N https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/898916570843553793

2017-08-19 13:47:50+00:00

Considering using Google Keep as my quick-draw app, even on #Note8, as a SimpleNote for doodles and vids https://t.co/1MVxYkHYR5 #whiteboard https://t.co/7PRlpliyDq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/898904340148215808

2017-08-18 15:38:41+00:00

Termius installed on both Kindle Fire HD 8 and my iPhone with VPN working on both and remote admin ability tested. Interesting revenue model https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/898569850674655232

2017-08-18 13:21:07+00:00

Gotta remember to teach Adi there are “noble” metals like gold, just as there are gasses like He that don’t interact (I.e. rust). #geekdad https://t.co/92YAq07omN https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/898535228603367425

2017-08-17 21:36:06+00:00

Note 5 had pengate, and the Note 7, well… but I think it’s the #Note8 that’s really going to blow up in a good way — https://t.co/TyOzAnM1hg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/898297408060178433

2017-08-17 17:07:14+00:00

I turned my one-tweet book outline into a half-hour video — https://t.co/GW87L9QzlC #Linux #Python #vim #git #youtuber https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/898229746550624259

2017-08-17 15:30:46+00:00

If you’re willing to make a few subjective compromises, then #Python is objectively the best #programming language! #Blubparadox be damned! https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/898205468656578567

2017-08-17 10:53:13+00:00

RT @JohnMu: Good to think twice before adding notifications.

https://t.co/nfmwKYVN6L https://t.co/BGy8FULDs6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/898135622753406976

2017-08-16 12:42:32+00:00

Generally, think in extremes but act in moderation. That’s a way to bracket a problem (when it’s constrained to only 2 dimensions) #thoughts https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897800744459526144

2017-08-16 11:38:27+00:00

@fighto Alternative headline could have read: Nielsen decides to have usable data. Guess one Nielson listened to the other — https://t.co/NoI3f7St0L https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897784617822035971

2017-08-16 11:31:06+00:00

Book outline in 1 tweet: Unix/Linux, the oddball that won Timeless Tools & Muscle Memory Batch to real-time to predictive Dependency woes https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897782769035743236

2017-08-16 11:13:46+00:00

Zombies, celeb author, audio version, not scifi (or nonfiction), macho hero dude. Just the stuff I set out to avoid but cleanses the palette https://t.co/07MNVKvdEJ https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897778404686262272

2017-08-16 11:06:40+00:00

Just found out installing Chrome on Kindle Fire won’t allow login without Google Service components also installed. Worth it for $50 tablet. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897776619422613504

2017-08-16 11:01:47+00:00

@TermiusHQ Yes it’s you. You are VERY well optimized in the Amazon Apps store. So many good reviews must be genuine, right? Looking forward to using. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897775391217242112

2017-08-16 10:59:17+00:00

Tired of being hobbled to the heavyweight database and only the data that’s in it for practicing your SQL Kung Fu? https://t.co/RvoElUzThy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897774759513075712

2017-08-15 12:38:22+00:00

Violating my reading rules (avoid when author > title, read not listen, favor nonfiction, no Dirkverses, etc.), but loving it. @Audible https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897437306784698370

2017-08-15 11:09:25+00:00

GoogleApp is now my goto search app on mobile. It’s voice recognition already way better than tapping it in. #MontyPython Accountancy Shanty https://t.co/8grW1Gco7h https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897414924925886464

2017-08-15 10:55:56+00:00

Experienced my Kindle Fire 8 a few weeks w/default Amazon experience. Time to install Chrome and an SSH Client and make it a primary device. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897411529125105664

2017-08-14 15:30:41+00:00

Tech progresses from hand-crafted (or batch) to mass-produced (or real-time) to on-demand (predictive thinking) #technology #geekwisdom #ai https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897118283517833216

2017-08-14 13:27:20+00:00

Clean shaven nerd this morning. https://t.co/xfyPRW1MYa https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897087244053467136

2017-08-14 12:05:57+00:00

I just realized the 90’s is president. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/897066763753586693

2017-08-14 00:27:30+00:00

Infinitely cozy kitty celebrating #Caturday on Sunday. #cat https://t.co/U8tmHgOh53 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896890991680012288

2017-08-13 14:40:36+00:00

2007: my 1st #Youtube to promote HitTail 2012: Did 1st Raspberry Pi unboxing 2017: Finally got my no-edit schtick together #OnlinePresence https://t.co/405Y4CBZR6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896743293240954881

2017-08-13 10:20:45+00:00

Real life is looking forever more like some of the bizarro alternate timeline scifi stories I’ve read. We live in interesting times. https://t.co/34LD2Zvj4W https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896677898874220544

2017-08-12 20:03:02+00:00

The real villain in the #MarvelCinematicUniverse is bad deals that keep them from using all the good bad guys, ha! — https://t.co/2TopZc8RZL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896462047755612164

2017-08-12 18:04:08+00:00

First non-kid weekend in ages. Clean and be a responsible adult or Rick and Morty season 3? No contest. #RickAndMorty https://t.co/RehblngQ5F https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896432127801262083

2017-08-12 16:38:32+00:00

I just published “Of Old School Tools & Beautiful Prisons” https://t.co/IZsa0YgXPg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896410584111079425

2017-08-12 14:17:02+00:00

When cloud apps transcribe voice to text, think about all your data they get like inflection mood sex age ethnicity health #dataprivacy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896374974818250752

2017-08-12 14:11:33+00:00

In checking where the apostrophe goes in “No one’s that smart”, the #GoogleApp gave me attitude! https://t.co/lPIXwdcpKy https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896373593076101120

2017-08-12 13:53:01+00:00

Torvolds’ from Finland and Guido’s from The Netherlands, which is Dutch; not part of Scandinavia & apostrophe after s. #keepitstraight #geek https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896368931325313024

2017-08-12 12:26:43+00:00

@carlazanoni So how much will it take to coat a house? I see a new market. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896347211205939200

2017-08-12 12:07:05+00:00

Wondered what that Carlin guy’s last name who did history podcasts was. Asked #Google which not only answered but started playing his latest https://t.co/62cfHl59aY https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896342272819777536

2017-08-12 00:54:05+00:00

I thought I’d be sick of hearing Bobs talk to each other in Ray Porter’s voice by book 3, but I’m not #Bobiverse #SciFi #Audible https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896172906983686144

2017-08-11 14:29:17+00:00

What does it mean to be an #SEO in #NYC in 2017? Do we optimize search engines? https://t.co/yFU5kJYkr1 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/896015670428803072

2017-08-11 13:04:05+00:00

Yes, code Pythonically, but resist being Pythonological with incomprehensible list comprehensions. #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/895994230346264576

2017-08-11 12:18:41+00:00

#AtLongLast #AllTheseWorlds #Audible #SciFi #Nerd https://t.co/NAhczZXTHC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/895982803132628992

2017-08-10 14:29:52+00:00

#Chrome #MuscleMemory #Python Ctrl+1 = http://localhost:8888/tree/GDrive Ctrl+2 = http://localhost:8888/tree/GDrive/repo/workingfile.ipynb https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/895653429372215296

2017-08-09 16:31:44+00:00

As #Python #Datamaster, your job may include both lightweight and reliable adhoc and scheduled stupid #data tricks — https://t.co/FunFnGMYyg https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/895321707791081472

2017-08-09 14:50:57+00:00

You get inverse learning points for every failure; but only if you can learn. #thoughtoftheday https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/895296347330531330

2017-08-08 02:28:59+00:00

Well hello there Dorothy #sphynx #cat https://t.co/VFPo3twkoM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/894747235711279104

2017-08-04 13:45:57+00:00

My 1st trick with the new #Headless #Chrome will be automatically reacquiring #OAuth2 refresh tokens when they stop working every few months https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/893468048111398915

2017-08-04 13:16:15+00:00

Teach our kids that education and learning includes building good indexes of our experiences for fast lookups — https://t.co/yMY26rGtkv #AI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/893460573257703424

2017-08-03 17:51:37+00:00

With Alexa, GoogleHome, HomePod & Cortana, #SEO’s need the audio equivalent of an IR blaster for result benchmarking https://t.co/M3yF8Jr6XU https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/893167487277256704

2017-08-03 11:15:07+00:00

I find while true loops baffling and too much like real life #Python while True: https://t.co/9gpLiGIFhc_pending() time.sleep(1) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/893067704940343296

2017-08-02 18:36:15+00:00

@partiallyd Too much Person of Interest https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/892816328146464778

2017-08-02 16:23:57+00:00

Read the complete #DeepLearning Rap at https://t.co/2zejqS073b https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/892783033937473537

2017-08-02 16:16:59+00:00

#DeepLearning Rap at https://t.co/2zejqS073b @partiallyd @Vid_Spandana @chrisalbon https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/892781283805470726

2017-08-02 16:02:29+00:00

We can push around where the complexity resides in our automations, but it’s always there forcing tradeoffs #coding https://t.co/36pPQ8d3Y6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/892777634895204352

2017-08-02 12:50:09+00:00

As the AIs solve our problems And their trainers get more smug Neural networks need some condoms And a way to pull the plug #ml #ai #safesex https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/892729231435759617

2017-08-02 12:48:37+00:00

Then you layer on the models As it all gets more complex And we subsume human hubris And just let the thing digress #ArtificialIntelligence https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/892728844372914177

2017-08-02 12:47:17+00:00

Then it transforms to a vector Which then transforms to a map So you get some simple output And can suffer through this rap #datascience https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/892728509424173057

2017-08-02 12:45:48+00:00

Deep Learning mother f$%&er Takes your sweet potato fries Which’ll start out as a photo And’ll soon be pixelized #deeplearning https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/892728137758494721

2017-08-01 15:05:06+00:00

With the nice weather, it looks like YouTubing is winning out over podcasting #python #career #seo #datascience — https://t.co/JIFStBU8xv https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/892400805038497792

2017-07-31 16:15:31+00:00

The only thing wrong with #Math, #Programming and #AI are their uninspiring names and unfortunate associations — https://t.co/u3VSaOPVcO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/892056136043696128

2017-07-31 12:33:51+00:00

@digitaljournal Wait wait, better still, start them out in #LISP and no one will understand them from the outset (but Paul Graham would approve. #AI #ML) https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/892000354337992704

2017-07-28 19:51:41+00:00

@digitaljournal Maybe it just hadn’t found Python yet https://t.co/fkr5dPI1fp https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/891023373760954369

2017-07-28 15:23:39+00:00

There comes a time for every #Datamaster when cron just isn’t good enough and Ansible and Celery are too much — https://t.co/GMDbUPCEi0 #SEO https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/890955921731584001

2017-07-28 13:01:57+00:00

If you are on any of the 5 most popular languages, you have a 22% chance of switching to #Python and staying there — https://t.co/3Zv4x2NcVd https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/890920261549268992

2017-07-26 11:23:27+00:00

Part of last weekend’s texture. Also one of the metaphors I use in #SEO. It may end up in a deck. https://t.co/pJO6amtBZj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/890170697435185153

2017-07-26 11:15:28+00:00

Just finished (listening to) 14 and The Fold. Peter Clines is well done Lovecraft for #SciFi fans. Ray Porter narration top notch. #Audible https://t.co/MJwoASO1Ej https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/890168687445102593

2017-07-25 14:30:42+00:00

I’m starting to fine-tune my Integrated Life of SEO, daddy-hood and Python Venn Diagram that is my life & net-self — https://t.co/Vep79fpfTq https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/889855431312625668

2017-07-22 22:37:33+00:00

We shall start out this weekend as #WonderWoman https://t.co/nVM440xcLk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/888890789295796224

2017-07-22 22:31:17+00:00

Can’t wait until this is the view from the Tappan Zee as well #GothelsBridge #NYC #bridge https://t.co/aSpQp70hF9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/888889209909633024

2017-07-22 21:51:19+00:00

Quite pleased with my current YouTube channel identity — https://t.co/VNMeymJhaa https://t.co/j6nRKAbcjl https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/888879152195153921

2017-07-21 23:28:48+00:00

@WarrenWhitlock I love this book and just about everything about that guy. Top drawer stuff. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/888541300060024837

2017-07-21 20:42:59+00:00

Starting @mkennedy and @mattmakai’s #Python for Entrepreneurs online course today. Good way to support best the Python podcast on the net. https://t.co/EvCqioTkbr https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/888499568802975744

2017-07-21 16:27:56+00:00

I just published “Publishing Journal Extracts Again” https://t.co/7ywb6gTVFn https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/888435382391644160

2017-07-18 15:17:29+00:00

A tiny ramble about long-term tools, mastery and muscle memory in tech using #Python to battle fool-me-twice-itis — https://t.co/0aWPHKF8zm https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/887330490834968576

2017-07-16 19:01:58+00:00

Sorry my Catskills crew, but taking it easy in the wood and IRC (easy open house) this weekend. #Inwood https://t.co/z36GQKZGdM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/886662209677524992

2017-07-13 14:33:59+00:00

Is #Facebook forced to report the lower video engagement numbers? Nope, loophole found! FB now moves & pins playing video on a scroll. https://t.co/fVP7eONkP8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/885507603698245634

2017-07-13 14:04:34+00:00

#Youtube, one of the most used search fields in the world, is less monopolized by the incumbents — https://t.co/2pXXpHTOFb #SEO #videoseo https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/885500202102161408

2017-07-11 16:13:22+00:00

#TuesdayMotivation — When you’re walking through the office and there’s Bill Nye! #PCMag https://t.co/fTdLE9hRSP https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/884807840862527491

2017-07-11 15:25:02+00:00

Bill Nye in the PCMag office. Tune in live — https://t.co/f1mznuIhuB https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/884795674683944961

2017-07-07 14:02:24+00:00

Let the #Primeday hype begin, sheesh. It’s amazing that #Amazon can make this such a thing that it can even penetrate my marketing shields! https://t.co/Pm4CTbkgms https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/883325328164356096

2017-07-06 20:57:32+00:00

#SignsThatYoureOld Stopped watching #DrWho after Tom Baker retired https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/883067412383510529

2017-07-02 00:28:57+00:00

Tonight Adi expressed interest in #SamuraiJack. Wonder how that happened. #Caturday https://t.co/KEAA9S91G0 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/881308679160688641

2017-07-01 22:03:46+00:00

Another #Caturday in the #Cat skills https://t.co/9K8DuwxwF9 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/881272141236273152

2017-07-01 13:32:01+00:00

If you know anyone who’s looking to move to #Inwood, please send them this. #openhouse tomorrow — https://t.co/t5KV75Qu6q https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/881143354578358272

2017-07-01 11:46:54+00:00

Bouncing between listening devices to catch up on #SciFi classics I missed before our amazing present completely outstrips them. #Audible https://t.co/AfJ5jBUBZk https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/881116903309283328

2017-07-01 11:33:15+00:00

Want some #AI with your #RaspberryPi? NP! Google made a a VoiceHAT to make it all Echo & Home-like voice recognition https://t.co/ULEDFMVGwj https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/881113465288626177

2017-06-30 13:51:32+00:00

Jumping in head-first with one of the #MachineLearning systems has got to be my next step in forging ahead in #SEO — https://t.co/H3xOme9jVI https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/880785879119384576

2017-06-30 13:48:57+00:00

Europe seeks company to monitor Google’s algorithm in €10m deal. I think I could build and manage this #SEO — https://t.co/qyvZPNpgOT https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/880785229379772417

2017-06-30 11:16:28+00:00

1958 interview with dystopian author Aldous Huxley more relevant than ever and a lot of fun to watch — https://t.co/DIKeWpwD9o https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/880746855348523008

2017-06-29 14:42:21+00:00

Answering questions about old school and next gen #SEO and how #Python fits in as #MachineLearning systems kick in — https://t.co/k3DTgCNr6a https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/880436278252232704

2017-06-27 20:14:23+00:00

Anyone struggling with virtualenv issues, the Requests guy made the soon to be new standard… called pipenv — https://t.co/Qz02hlke9C #Python https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/879795063869538304

2017-06-27 00:37:40+00:00

One more 3 Cats in the Catskills weekend of 2017 successfully accomplished. https://t.co/kOZIl8Ulae https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/879498933399162880

2017-06-25 03:52:22+00:00

In while still #Caturday preparing them for the ride to the Catskills #cats #catnip https://t.co/bOvsofvO33 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/878823155409801216

2017-06-23 16:02:36+00:00

Finally trying Google’s #QuickDraw #MachineLearning system mentioned in their May I/O WOW Recognizes what you draw — https://t.co/AsnQJbVPfA https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/878282149987790852

2017-06-23 13:56:14+00:00

Just sorting my way through modern #SEO problems that #MachineLearning processes introduce — https://t.co/vQZb7lxSO2 #fightobsolescence https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/878250345503367168

2017-06-20 19:22:48+00:00

@trujilloisaac Thanks. I remember your Note 2 demo like it was yesterday. Never used the stylus to as great effect as you, but loved it. I’ll let you know. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/877245364755189760

2017-06-20 19:13:55+00:00

@trujilloisaac Was on Note 5 until screen cracked. Back on Apple. Hoping for Apple Pencil Phablet. Not holding my breath. I miss the Note. https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/877243132911517697

2017-06-20 16:10:03+00:00

Adi asked the difference between flying and floating this weekend. Time to lay down some science on her. https://t.co/oCXbGzi0As https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/877196859504287744

2017-06-19 19:23:43+00:00

Our strawberries met a delicious end. 15 year old #vitamix still going strong. https://t.co/AwNbsQHz0h https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/876883211170828291

2017-06-19 15:53:19+00:00

Yes I work for them, but still everybody should know the mobile carriers with the fastest network. https://t.co/Dh72yClL3l https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/876830260662325249

2017-06-18 19:48:55+00:00

Waking to Big Strawberry win big strawberries. There’s Farther’s Day right there. #jeep #fathersday #keldersfarm https://t.co/GZBmuuVYrp https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/876527161708077056

2017-06-17 19:57:11+00:00

#NewProfilePic https://t.co/F1E28p2C9h https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/876166855630757890

2017-06-17 19:48:31+00:00

The Stark fanboy #Spiderman feels too far from the independent Peter Parker self-invented spirit. But it’s matter than organic web shooters. https://t.co/jKQt4W7bQ3 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/876164673745412096

2017-06-17 19:39:27+00:00

Adi got in some quality Sammy time. #Caturday #cat https://t.co/0MsMDqNguu https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/876162394883579904

2017-06-17 19:36:10+00:00

At iPlay America in Freehold NJ yesterday for Adi’s homeschool graduation field day. https://t.co/nxzLKtcf1Q https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/876161566315597824

2017-06-17 00:58:41+00:00

@trujilloisaac What phone are you on these days? https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/875880343592718336

2017-06-16 02:02:11+00:00

Koreatown Stickers, part 2 https://t.co/0DaI6jmhVL https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/875533937094819841

2017-06-14 18:20:53+00:00

Got Adi new iPad for $50 thank you AppleCare and grandparents. But more importantly, this. https://t.co/qsL3Xr9hJR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/875055458356269061

2017-06-13 00:37:21+00:00

Finally walked the Henry Hudson Bridge close to sunset. Check! #Inwood https://t.co/izHM3RvQ11 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/874425423723196416

2017-06-11 21:38:01+00:00

Every piggyback ride more rare, precious and big win for Adi. https://t.co/zlToV1YwKK https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/874017904316080128

2017-06-11 21:34:28+00:00

Amazing what you notice she you’re home at times you’re unusually not. https://t.co/HlD7B5NH0w https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/874017008970588161

2017-06-10 16:45:22+00:00

Adi ordered coffee as an #echodot test and I was notified my new #applewatch. Tasting the future. https://t.co/JZObgb69Dz https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/873581870121967616

2017-06-10 01:38:07+00:00

This is right now #Catskills #campfire https://t.co/qWiChdHuP6 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/873353553494102021

2017-06-09 15:01:24+00:00

A bumblebee in Bruce’s Garden #Inwood #springflowers https://t.co/XIsmNPFVpR https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/873193317625991168

2017-06-09 02:25:50+00:00

Always meant to snap one of that stained glass water tower in Brooklyn. Tonight was the night #nyc #sunset https://t.co/Xo9rK7vtUs https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/873003171039383552

2017-06-09 02:19:55+00:00

Another weekend begins (early) https://t.co/UHlXJMebtM https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/873001683433009152

2017-06-08 00:30:28+00:00

The view outside the window today #flatironbuilding #clouds https://t.co/8SnjDzaJi8 https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/872611753166868483

2017-06-04 19:02:29+00:00

Rainy day activity at the #Catskills https://t.co/jcTbFk6ZaC https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/871442047831560193

2017-06-04 15:01:37+00:00

Another weekend of the #Cats in the #Catskills https://t.co/XhwXAAAAlc https://twitter.com/miklevin/status/871381432228249600

2017-06-03 13:42:00+00:00

Is it #caturday already? https://