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Future-proof your technology-skills with Linux, Python, vim & git... and me!

On YouTube Since 2006

I've been on YouTube for 16 years and have published over a thousand videos. I'm at a modest 11,000 followers, but slow and steady wins the race, right?

My First YouTube Video

Here’s my first video on YouTube when I launched HitTail, a now retired writing suggestion tool for bloggers. It was work-for-hire, so I never really took it to it’s conclusion personally, but it did have a nice 15-year run.

I don’t have many million-view videos, but when I do it’s from hardly even trying. I like this one because I touched the lives of many thousands of children teaching them this most important right of passage.

My First Million-view Video

I was the 2nd person to unbox a Raspberry Pi online, but probably the first genuine “civilian” not associated with the foundation. It was also my first million-view video, notable for being edited on my phone on the NY Subway.

A Video Most Special To Me

I never actually had the original Commodore 64 as my dad guided me to the Coleco Adam! But this meant even more, getting to know Barry Altman the true hardcore C64 champion, running cable TV stations with them and making this:

Trying My Hand at Whiteboarding

I was comparing computer languages to each other back in 2014 before everyone was a programmer. I think I helped quite a few people sort out their decisions in this video that comes off nearly as well today as it did back then.

Sharing My Love for Python Language