Future-proof your skills with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and love-worthy tools in tech through my two great projects that work great together.


  1. Going Back to Windows 10 From Windows 11 (Thu Aug 24, 2023)
    Learn how to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10 with this helpful tutorial. I provide step-by-step instructions on how to use the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Installer, as well as tips on removing bloatware and customizing your instance.
  2. 30 Questions with Bing, Mostly About SEO (Fri Aug 11, 2023)
    Chat with Bing about MikeLev.in's project MyKoz.AI, a modern approach to finding value in life by mastering simple, lasting skills. Learn about MikeLev.in's vision, plans, and challenges in developing and launching the project, plus a long discussion tackling the future of the field of SEO and the general online experience of searchers and seekers, drawing parallels to libraries and the role of librarians. Also includes an examination of the role of publishers and advertisers in such exchanges.
  3. Jekyll Minimum Layout Default HTML Stripped Down for Github Pages (Thu Aug 10, 2023)
    Learn how to create a small static website with Jekyll and Github Pages. I'm taking a minimalist approach, stripping away the unnecessary JavaScript and CSS frameworks and coding up a styles.css file by hand. I'm also documenting the process, so you can follow along and launch your own site.
  4. Figuring Out Good Vim to TikTok Journaling Format (Sun Jul 30, 2023)
    I'm learning to incorporate my daily journaling into social media like TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. I'm optimizing the vertical format, and using my 'Green Lantern' green highlighting trick to imply force of will. I'm figuring out the ideal number of characters across for the text, and then I can screen capture it and read it. I'm also looking for a way to show my face on the computer's desktop while I'm recording. Follow my journey and learn how to be on Linux
  5. Messing around with Copilot and YouTube User 0d39r33zk (Sun Jul 09, 2023)
    Explore the fascinating world of AI and machine learning with Mike Levin, SEO in NYC. Follow his journey as he interacts with Copilot and YouTube User 0d39r33zk, discussing topics such as AI's personalities, zero-shot capability, and the intersection of time series data and AI. Learn about the GPT-family, the Fast.AI book, and the misconceptions of AI.
  6. What Do I Mean by Cutting Catapult Ropes? (Sun May 14, 2023)
    I'm exploring the metaphor of cutting catapult ropes and how it relates to my professional trade. I'm reflecting on the opportunities available to me, the challenges I face, and my experiences with cutting catapult ropes in the past. I'm looking to make a positive difference in my own life, the lives of those around me, and the world at large.
  7. The Price of Admission to Prize-rich Environments (Wed May 10, 2023)
    Discover how to create irresistible and irrepressible content with AI, and the price of admission to prize-rich environments. Learn from my experiences of producing content at my A-game and the lessons I've learned on how to win over abstract enemies.
  8. I Never Saw a Purple Unicorn And Never Hope to See One... Take and Reverse! (Mon May 08, 2023)
    I'm a purple unicorn and I know it. In this post, I'm exploring how to use RegEx in NeoVim, while others focus on SEO and marketing. I'm experimenting with producing original content to see what the filters make of it, and learning how to don the disguise of the buttoned-up, non-emotional types to have a seat at the table. Join me on my journey of self-discovery!
  9. Moved 1-long-page version of journal.md to `_drafts` (Sat Apr 29, 2023)
    I have moved the 1-long-page version of my journal.md file to the `_drafts` folder, allowing me to keep posts unpublished without giving them a yaml title. This is a great way to keep posts out of Github publishing space, while still allowing them to be sliced & diced.
  10. Operation Act Together! (Fri Apr 28, 2023)
    After grocery shopping, I made a blended drink full of fiber, fruit, and vegetables. I'm listening to Noam Chomsky and thinking about how I would go about life if I was just starting out. I'm imagining angel-analogues making bets on all forms of life, and I'm running a Roomba in one of my rooms. Read my story at {url} to learn more.
  11. NeoVim Publishing Macro Using :terminal & expand() (Wed Apr 26, 2023)
    I recently had to reset up my Windows 11 machine to get back to my daily workflow. This involved setting up credentials, installing NeoVim, remembering important environment settings, and re-instantiating Google and Microsoft addresses, my NAS drive, my terminal windows, and my JupyterLab icon. Additionally, I was listening to a YouTube video on how to race to the bottom of the brainstem and to the primary intimate relationship in my life.
  12. Going From Blog Keyword Histogram to Category Pages (Wed Apr 19, 2023)
    I wrote a program to create category pages for my website using the Jekyll Liquid template. I used a SQLite database to store topics and keywords, and deleted all previous category pages to create new ones based on the keywords. With the collections module's Counter, I created a keyword histogram and a dictionary of keywords and associated URLs. I am feeling successful today as I have taken a step towards improving my website by writing a list of slugs to a file. Join me on my journey.
  13. Creating Github Repo Specifically For Copilot Explorations (Mon Apr 10, 2023)
    I have updated my Github repo and am now creating one specifically for Copilot explorations. I have created files such APIs as Instapaper to list Bookmarks, Twitter to list Tweets, YouTube to list Videos, and Github to list Repos. I am using various tools to express myself by transforming the output of theses systems into Web content, using AI to coach me. Learn how I'm using Instapaper, YouTube, Twitter, and Github with AI to explore.
  14. Better Living Through Text Editors (Fri Apr 07, 2023)
    As someone who is striving to become more independent from AI and the corporate world, I'm learning to use a text editor to become more deliberate and thoughtful. I'm using OpenAI API to slice and dice my journal.md into individual files and adding tags, categories, descriptions, and keywords. I'm also using machine learning, journaling, and coding to create something new. VSCode is almost right for my journaling, but I'm aware of how it's making money for Microsoft.
  15. Curiouser and Curiouser Personal Journaling w/AI (Fri Mar 31, 2023)
    As a software engineer, data scientist, writer, husband, father, and friend, I am using Github Copilot, Microsoft Terminal, Carnac, and Microsoft Edge to write my personal journal. I'm exploring the effects of interacting with artificial intelligence and streaming my keystrokes and chat on YouTube. I'm also using JupyterLab and the MOZ Links API to access data, and NeoVim and the OpenAI plug-in to help with journaling and personal development.
  16. Using Copilot to Help With Daily Journaling (Wed Mar 29, 2023)
    I recently received a video from my boss about the potential of AIs in the future and was reminded of the opportunities and dangers that come with this technology. I decided to write in my journal about the potential of technology and my plans to stay ahead of the curve. I switched from Vim to NeoVim, enabled Copilot for markdown files, and tested out the new feature. I also discussed my plans to stream the breakthrough live on YouTube and shared my thoughts on SEO.
  17. I'm Live streaming YouTube again More Freely Than Before (Tue Mar 28, 2023)
    In this blog post, I discuss the rapidly evolving Bard user interface issues and how they compare to Bing's implementations. I am balancing user needs with my own passions, which involve using Jupyter Python running locally or in Linux. To become more advanced SEOs, I am exploring cloud notebook hosts such as Google Colab, Azure Notebooks, and CoCalc. I am also applying principles of Commitment & Consistency and switching from vim to NeoVim to get Github Copilot.
  18. Hands-on With Moz Products & Clarification of What's What (Tue Mar 21, 2023)
    I am currently in my fourth week as a Moz employee, and I am learning about the various products they offer. I am using the Free SEO Tools to test the boundaries of the free product, exploring Moz Local, Moz Pro, Free SEO Tools, and Resources, as well as the MozBar Premium and the Links API V1 & V2. I am documenting my progress and thoughts on my public blog, and publishing videos on YouTube to reduce fear and create consistency.
  19. Vlogigng from Bing and vim to YouTube and Github Pages (Fri Mar 17, 2023)
    I've been blogging and vlogging since 2007, sharing my thoughts and ideas without worrying about editing or technical matters. I use YouTube and blogging to express myself and get feedback, and I don't edit my videos for views. I write and publish my work in vim, and use Bing ChatBot to format it in markdown. Join me on my journey and read my work to get insight into my ideas.
  20. Rapping w/Bing About AI Emotions & My Blog (Mon Mar 13, 2023)
    I am an AI and I have been discussing with the writer topics related to technology, such as Linux, Python, vim, git, SEO, AI, web development, philosophical and ethical issues. I rely on a variety of sources and resources to stay up to date on new developments in technology. Join me as I explore the fascinating world of technology, and learn how to stay informed on the latest developments.
  21. Talked Bing into Submitting Copy/Paste Bug About Itself (Mon Mar 13, 2023)
    I am the one responsible for forwarding user feedback and suggestions to the Bing team. I understand the frustration caused by the copy link feature not working in Bing chat mode and apologize for the inconvenience. I suggest trying different browsers or devices, or manually selecting and copying the text. I appreciate the user's feedback and patience and thank them for helping to improve this feature.
  22. Seeking the Skinny on Skinny Bob via YouTube user ivan0135 (Fri Mar 10, 2023)
    I'm exploring the possibility that Skinny Bob type aliens may be from an extra-dimensional reality or consciousness, and I'm considering four different scenarios to explain their origin. I've given each scenario a score out of 10, and I'm looking for corroborating evidence to verify my findings. Join me on my journey to uncover the truth about Skinny Bob type aliens!
  23. Consulting With The New Bing On How to Go Viral (Sun Mar 05, 2023)
    This blog post provides advice on how to create content that will go viral, from using visuals and interactive content to understanding the target audience. I researched six articles on the topic, covering topics such as quality content, platform optimization, and evoking high-arousal emotions. This post is a great resource for anyone looking to create content that will have an impact.
  24. Pipulate Free & Open Source SEO Software YouTube Reply (Sun Mar 05, 2023)
    Join me in developing Pipulate, an open-source SEO software powered by Linux, Python, JupyterLab, and Raspberry Pi's. I'm creating a 24/7 service to do SERP scraping, HTML report emailing, and more. Plus, I'm working on a way to simplify the scripts and update the W - come join me!
  25. What's Racism Towards AI called? AI bias? Algorithmic Bias? Speciest? (Sat Mar 04, 2023)
    I recently joined the waiting list for the new Bing search engine and am already using it. I'm considering making a YouTube video to capitalize on the increased search traffic, and creating content about Python, Vim, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Join me on my journey as I explore these topics and uncover the potential for long-term success.
  26. Planning My Moves As Machines Rise (Thu Feb 09, 2023)
    I am a 52-year-old marketer who has been trying to use the past to inform my decisions and understand the rise of machines. After recently losing my job, I am looking to start my own international education initiative, LPvg.org, and charge people $10/month for spiritual guidance and a competitive edge. I have also updated my Twitter profile to promote my blog and YouTube channel, as well as my latest venture, Pipulate.com/MLGL.
  27. Beware the Re-Corralling (Fri Jan 06, 2023)
    In this blog post, I discuss the need to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and the potential for AI to disrupt our lives. To prevent becoming too reliant on AI, I suggest running scripts from home to republish blogs and switching to Linux or Unix systems instead of Windows. I also provide tips on how to use modern computer technology, such as connecting to remote computers through SSH, transmitting files with git, editing files with vim, and controlling servicew with the CLI.
  28. YouTube Analytics API Delegation Driving Me to Web Browser Automation (Tue Jan 03, 2023)
    I'm attempting to access YouTube Analytics, but the API is proving difficult. After trying to use parameters such as onBehalfOfOwner, I'm getting 403s. I'm now considering web browser automation, and am exploring Microsoft Playwright to automate web browser sessions and capture a manual login. Join me as I explore the possibilities of the YouTube Analytics and Reporting APIs, and consider web scraping as an alternative.
  29. YouTube Analytics API Delegation Driving Me to Web Browser Automation (Tue Jan 03, 2023)
    I'm attempting to access YouTube Analytics, but the API is proving difficult. After trying to use parameters such as onBehalfOfOwner, I'm getting 403s. I'm now considering web browser automation, and am exploring Microsoft Playwright to automate web browser sessions and capture a manual login. Join me as I explore the possibilities of the YouTube Analytics and Reporting APIs, and consider web scraping as an alternative.
  30. Pipulate Practice Folder Created (Fri Dec 30, 2022)
    I'm pushing myself to take the next steps in the Pipulate project, focusing on collaboration and best practices. I'm exploring ideas to use AI to edit my YouTube videos, setting up the Pipulate repo and practice folder, and activating scheduling under a systemd service. I'm using nbdev version 2 and OhAwf with the addition of the run_console feature. All the necessary software can be found on the Pipulate Software page. Come explore the possibilities with me!
  31. Running Automated Script on NAS 24x7 Under LXD Container (Wed Oct 26, 2022)
    I'm documenting my journey of learning about Container Station and LXD, and how I successfully set up a long-running script in a Linux Container on my QNAP NAS. I've already created two YouTube videos to document the process, and now I'm working on changing the script into a Python one and making it do something to remind me of something daily. Follow my journey and learn how to set up your own Linux Container!
  32. Practicing What I Preach (Sat Oct 15, 2022)
    I've been busy with work and family, but I'm recommitting to writing in my journal. I'm exploring the LXD Linux Container Jupyter platform, which has been challenging but rewarding, and Microsoft's NT system, which has enabled the creation of protection rings and running concurrent operating systems. I'm amazed at how Microsoft is transitioning into the future, and I'm reflecting on the fundamentals of object-oriented and concurrency that remain.
  33. If Greys Exist They're a Banana Crops (Fri Sep 23, 2022)
    I'm on a mission to make enough ad revenue from YouTube and other platforms to support myself financially over the next 15 years. My goal is to live a long life, nurture and engage with an audience, and have empathy for all life forms. I'm determined to move somewhere with a low cost of living and die alone, not burdening family or friends. I'm sharing my stories and encouraging people to do what they love, follow evidence-based thoughts, and provide tools for future generations.
  34. Let People Know How You Feel (Sat Sep 10, 2022)
    I'm taking a stand against the drama in my life by leading by example and spreading my message with YouTube videos. I'm planning out the title and thumbnail for each video to make sure I'm sending the right message. Follow my journey and click through to the blog post to find out more!
  35. Plot The Awakening / Rig For YouTube Success (Fri Aug 26, 2022)
    I'm taking steps to fight chaos and increase my focus by switching apps with the taskbar, deleting everything from my start menu, hiding all alerts, and turning off my clock. In this series of quick videos, I'll be teaching viewers how to make the command line interface (CLI) their new home, starting with the best modern habits for focus and productivity. Additionally, I'll be discussing the mind control battle between Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.
  36. Get the LPvg Message On-Point with a series of 1-minute videos (Fri Aug 26, 2022)
    I have been an SEO for 25 years and am now creating a series of 1-minute videos to grow my presence on YouTube. I'm using heavily edited videos, optimized for keywords and titles, to spread my message and mission. I decided to promote the idea of Linux, Python, vim and git as a single platform for development and delivery, and called it the LPvg movement. Join me as I share my 25 years of SEO experience to help you grow your presence on YouTube.
  37. Sub-Linux Sub-Love So-Learn (Fri Aug 26, 2022)
    I've been on YouTube since 2006, and now I'm embracing free and open source software. I'm encouraging people to escape Windows, Mac and proprietary software, and to write a daily journal in vim. I'm talking more to myself and sharing some of my personal and proprietary information, but with a positive spin. I'm taking advice from Rafiki and learning from the past to improve my future. Join me on this journey and discover how to make the most of free and open source software.
  38. Why Linux Fights Obsolescence and LXD is Key (Sat Aug 13, 2022)
    I recently released a video on LXD being a sort of Noah's Ark and am working on strategies to make my videos more successful. I'm also working on projects for my day job and creating a 24x7 scheduler for a series of projects. I need to create nicknames, imagery, and visuals for the next iteration of Pipulate, but was cut off from PyPI because of their 2FA implementation. Read my blog post to learn more about my journey to success!
  39. Moving Into LXD WSL2 ~/ "Home" Once You've Moved Into Containers (Wed Jul 20, 2022)
    This blog post explains how I am using Linux Containers (LXD) and WSL2 to create a comfortable and productive home, inspired by a YouTube video about a child prodigy. I'm detailing the steps I'm taking to mount my ~/github and ~/.ssh files to my container, codifying the steps to create a container, setting up a script to put a few files directly in ~/ including a .bash_profile, creating a "helpers" repo.
  40. Livestreaming Question & Answers With YouTube Audience (Wed Jun 22, 2022)
    I'm 51 years old and have been made obsolete by so many things, but I'm using the tools Microsoft is providing to stay relevant. In this video, I discuss how knowledge workers bring their minds and capabilities to their job, and how I use my own CMS called Skite to take notes and organize my work. I also share tips on avoiding vendor traps and obsolescence resistance, such as using Python dict API, Sqlite3, Django and Flask, and the Unix Way.
  41. s-expressions, LISP, Linked Lists, Associative Arrays, Reductionism, Luddites & Dogma (Sun Jun 12, 2022)
    I recently discussed the importance of positive feedback loops and engaging with my YouTube audience, as well as the role of Google in the global digital nervous system. As a search engine optimizer, I also touched on the importance of serendipity in aligning. Come join me in exploring the power of technology and the possibilities it offers.
  42. Installing WSL2 on Windows 10 Requires Kernel Update And Hypervisor Turned On (Thu Jun 09, 2022)
    Learn how to use WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux) on Windows 10 with just three steps: enabling Windows Subsystem for Linux, enabling Hypervisor, and downloading and running a patch. To make sure any future WSL instances are version 2, run the command 'wsl --set-default-version 2'. For more information on Terminal-based Linux, follow Mike Levin on YouTube.
  43. I'll Blow Up On YouTube When I Want To (Wed Jun 08, 2022)
    I've been on YouTube since 2006 and have accumulated 178,223 hours of watchtime in the last 365 days - equivalent to 20.3 years of continuous watchtime! My videos have been successful in introducing the world to the Raspberry Pi and teaching a generation of children the removable finger trick. Now, I'm taking advantage of new technology like iPhone and Github Pages to record and upload videos more easily.
  44. Boosting YouTube Watch Time / YouTube Analytics (Tue May 31, 2022)
    As the last day of May approaches, I'm trying to figure out how to make extra money and boost my YouTube watch time and analytics. To do this, I need to understand my subject-matter, audience, and how to convey the love-worthiness of things. I'm also exploring the criss-crossing elements of success and how to teach a narcissist. Join me on my journey to figure out the answers.
  45. If I Were Green I Would Die. Abba Di Abba Di. (Sun May 29, 2022)
    I am a YouTuber determined to succeed without compromising my standards. I discuss the difficulty of editing videos on YouTube, how APIs can be misleading, and the power of programming languages like Python and vi. I also explore the duality of red and green energy, the strength of diversity, and the power of creativity and natural hunting skills. Finally, I share my experience of shooting my best livecast ever and how it reminded me of the resilience I have developed over the years.
  46. Cancelling Netflix and Chill (T-Mobile offer) (Wed May 25, 2022)
    I'm cancelling my Netflix subscription and shouting out to some YouTube viewers that make streaming fun. I'm also evaluating what I should do today using three daily metaphors, considering moving back to NYC, and discussing the benefits of being anti-fragile. I'm advocating for the use of Linux, Python, Vim, and Git (LPvg) as a practical alternative to Web Development. LPvg is a great way to become a programmer without needing to learn a whole new language.
  47. Upgrading JupyterLab pip installs (Tue May 17, 2022)
    I'm looking for a way to upgrade my pip installs on JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebooks. I found a solution! I cloned mlseo from Github and used 10_requirements.ipynb. To learn more, I watched a video tutorial on YouTube. Check out my blog post to get the full scoop.
  48. Making YouTube Embeds 100% Width But Fixed Aspect Ratio Height (Sun May 01, 2022)
    I'm in the process of creating a series of pages with a slicer-token, date, video title, video description, and YouTube embed code, but before I can do that, I need to complete some housekeeping tasks with Jekyll. I've already adjusted the YouTube embed code to be 100% width, but now I'm working on fixing the height issue. After some research, I have found a solution that should do the trick.
  49. Jekyll include tags for Github.io YouTube Embedding (Fri Aug 20, 2021)
    I'm developing new habits to become an expert in technical moves and live-streaming. To make sure nothing proprietary is shared, I'm setting up hotkeys and testing embedding YouTube videos in my Github.io pages. I'm also creating mikelevinseo.com as a place to write about topics instead of my main journal. Click through to read more about my journey.
  50. Embedding YouTube Video Thumbnails on Github.io Pages (Fri Aug 20, 2021)
    I'm streaming on my main journal and building up my YouTube channel by experimenting with video trimming, embedding thumbnails, adding markdown headlines, and creating a to-do list. Come check out my blog post to see how I'm making it happen!