Who Let in The Bees?

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If A’s hire A’s and B’s hire C’s,
The question at hand’s: “Who let in the B’s?”
The B’s will take over — they’re killers, you see!
“Aye!” shout the A’s. “We can’t let it be!”

But the damage is done — the B’s have a hive.
All’s left is to run — while the place takes a dive.
“No!” cry the A’s. “Our dreams are in there!”
“Oh?” say the B’s. “Show us just where.”

There, the A’s falter, for B’s have a knack
To swarm like a bastard and drive the A’s back.
B’s win in the end — as every A sees…
At root is the problem: some A’s let in B’s.

Copyright 1998, Mike Levin