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A Short Bio of Mike Levin (the one in purple)

Daddy's AmigaIn the late 80s, Mike Levin started out simultaneously in technology and marketing at Commodore Business Machines, where he lived one of the world’s great case studies of how superior tech can crash. His addiction to doing cool things with tech led him to dabbling in Windows during Active Server Pages days, where he spawned the HitTail Web 2.0 keyword tool for SEO named one of the most innovative products by BusinessWeek in 2006, now ported to Ruby on Rails and still going strong—though Mike has long-since moved to Python.

As the rules of SEO changed, so did the tools. Mike created 360iTiger for one of today’s hot marketing firms, which crawled websites directly into Google Spreadsheets, among its dozens of other mash-up functions that included social media and influencer marketing—helping 360i receive top position in Forrester’s 2012 annual Wave Report. During this time, Mike also assisted with getting one of the most notorious Google-bans of all-time lifted for JCPenney, and was trusted at the helm of such SEO engagements as Apple and Kraft.

Today, he’s an active participant in the Github community, leading two projects: Pipulate, a free SEO and Social Media tool; and Levinux, a way to get hands-on experience with “old-skool” Linux Server before actually buying a Raspberry Pi. Mike spins this technology into proprietary secret weapons for the SEO department at Flying Point Digital, where he’s helping push forward state-of-the-art best practices in this rapidly evolving industry.

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