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A Short Bio of Mike Levin SEO (the one in purple)

Mike LevinProfessional search engine optimizer (SEO) Mike Levin started out 25 years ago as the ultimate Amiga fanboy beamed up by the Commodore mothership. Mike’s ship-leaping skills eventually led him to New York City working for the digital marketing agency of 2013 Super Bowl Oreo-tweet fame where he helped 360i receive top position in Forrester’s 2012 annual Wave Report and save JCPenney from a giant Google penalty. Currently, Mike leads up two projects in Github of his own invention and rising in popularity—the tiny Linux virtual server for education, Levinux, and the free and open source SEO software, Pipulate and spins this technology into proprietary secret weapons for the SEO department at Flying Point Digital. His 2006 creation named one of the “Best Ideas of 2006″ by BusinessWeek, HitTail is still going strong, and much of his new energies go into raising a daughter into a technologically accelerating world.

Design, programming and communication rarely work together in perfect unison, but when they do, it can be magical.

Why SEO Encompasses Half of Marketing

Michael Levin I am in a much-maligned field, because… just when I thought I was out… well, you know. My multidisciplinary restlessness drives me to explore new incarnations of age-old human truths—namely how the grapevine, watercooler, or whatever you want to call the thing that happens when you drop something interesting into the midst of the chattering masses—think the opening scene of 2001, a Space Odyssey. We are coded to be who and what we are, and so long as that’s true, there will be SEO—or some-such variation where the payload-design has pre-determined that it will propagate causing those who are forced to continuously shell out precious resources (pay for advertising) to be jealous. I’m doing this today for myself with Levinux and Pipulate so when I talk the talk, people see that I actually have walked the walk.