Lion on The Savannah

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Lyin’ out on the Savannah —
Like a Buddha in Nirvana,
From a nap that I am takin’
Comes a scent, and I awaken!

In no time at all, I’m certain
There is Zebra — out there herdin’.
Silent as before they woke us,
Out, I crept intent and focussed.

Out to them I glide, unbidden
In the grass that keeps us hidden.
Now, I have them in my vision,
Blind, they are as to my mission.

This, I’m made for! No denyin’
With my nature — I’m allyin’!
Not one moment am I sorry
When I pounce upon my quarry…

But on the brink I do delay —
I feel more like Warthog today!
If to you this does seem bogus,
Think on it when YOU lose focus.

Copyright 1998, Mike Levin