The Lizard Tail Task

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There’s a tale I’d like to tell you
Of Lizard whose tail had value!
This lizard was for all intents
Upstanding and the best of gents.

He worked with mice to earn his keep
By shucking corn and shearing sheep.
But by far, his skill was wielding
Tons and tons of work unyielding.

His boss, the bird, the yellow tail
Was often heard to scream and wail
“The work is of the urgent sort!”
But Lizard knew not to retort.

From years of this, he would avail
To load much work upon his tail.
That work on tail made bird-boss sing
But in the end, meant not a thing.

When times got tough and things got grim
Guess who was to lose a limb?
But lizards, you know, have a knack
To lose a tail and grow it back!

While Lizard’s good for a new day
Guess who got stuffed and on display?
Replaced by frogs who promptly ask
Lizard for a lizard-tail-task.

The moral is that when you deem
A thing to be a bird-brained scheme
But you must do it, put it where
When it does fail, you will not care!

Copyright 1998, Mike Levin