Success Poem

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Success lives in Method — by Detail and Knowledge,
Near Foresight and Know-How. Some find him through College.

With him live Passion, The-Peak-of-Your-Game,
Thoughtful-Endeavor, and Purposeful-Aim.

Together they play — their games long-and-late
Preparing in ways that their names indicate.

They fashion their plans — revising them new,
Testing to litmus what is best to do,

…Always assessing conditions abroad,
Insisting decisions be sound and be bold.

They play as a team, know each at the table,
Make clear expectations, play each-as-is-able.

The aim of the game is to turn what they know
Into meaningful action; to make fortune flow.

Together they play — long into the night.
Earning the names they use in the light.

Copyright 1998, Mike Levin