About The Mike Levin Website & Blog

This is the personal website of Mike Levin, a suburban Philly kid who grew up in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. I’m the son of the stereotypical Jewish man who died young because he wanted to. I had to shoot a guy in the course of running a check-cashing store he dumped on me when he croaked. My mom went crazy and disappeared, to which I played “white knight” once before wising up. I’ve been recovering ever since.

I think using Linux, Python, vim & git (LPvg) is a much nicer way to make a living, and after a long circuotous route through Commodore Computers, a love for the Amiga Computer, the field of SEO (search engine optimization) and 15 years in New York City and having a kid, I kinda sorta found my way to something that’s feeling love-worthy for myself, and hopefully something I can teach others.

LPvg isn’t just for success & career so much as it is for grounding and sanity.