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Always Be Publishing Via Journaling

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By Michael Levin

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Definitely keep thinking and keep moving forward. Evaluate your sites:

Always be writing for one of them. Create that overarching story for the public that pushes you from 10K followers on YouTube to 100K to a million and beyond. Have that fuck-it attitude about YouTube and the need to be successful on YouTube.

I should really just pick one of these and make it my major site. Update it almost every day. Or also maybe just treat them like they’re all the same site. These are meta-issues and belong on whatsametaphor.io. That’s where you made your last few journal entries, so run with that for awhile. Switch this journal entry over there and continue very much with that “audience” (theoretical as it may be at this point) in mind… vim command:

:badd ../whatsametafor/index.md

Okay, so now I have 2 vim buffers and I just copy/pasted a section of today’s journal entry over here to the index.md on whatsametafor.io and on the next git commit and push, it’ll be published.

Hmmm. Okay, overarching publishing systems. Habits to compel you forward. Cialdini principles of commitment and consistency.

Tie all your medias together.

Make a super-script of some sort that begins to tie all your article content (here in vim, mostly) and your video content (entirely in YouTube) together with articles that work a lot like your finger-trick video/article. That is to say, align article/video combinations to search trends of at least niche-interest and search-volume so that they’re working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where do we start, specifically?

At the beginning and work your way out, stupid?

Okay, but WHOSE beginning? Mine or the theoretical audience out there (you)?

Let’s start with YOU. I start with myself plenty, being of the attitude that I really do this writing and video primarily for myself as a sort of thinking-out-loud function. Self-therapy, reflection, introspection, feeling your way through it, navigating life, using a sounding-wall, call it what you will, I produce lots of content that’s really not for you and honestly not even meant to be re-read at all. It’s the process of processing… of writing and getting it out that’s really important.

Talk about what’s a meta for, huh? That’s why I’m dropping that stuff here. This is the most self-reflective navel-gazing sort of writing that I’ll allow out to the public. It’s roughly analogous to the driving videos I do on the way to pick-up and drop-off my kid on the weekends, a 2-hour drive each way which allows me time to shoot a video in one of the directions.

Leverage all that. 1, 2, 3… 1?

Well, I always list my sites that I consider dropping content onto and developing. Why not do that for the audience here with a global navigation device that ties all my sites together. Then I can start to craft some sort of experience.

Pages dedicated to passion-worthy topics!

Making better use of jekyll but without over-committing yourself to jekyll.

THAT’S my 1, 2, 3… 1? step procedure. Jekyll templates!


Okay, there’s an easy win here before I make that global navigation. And that’s to switch mikelevinseo.com from a journal site like it currently is (append that content to the bottom of this site) and use the Github/Pages interface to switch that registered domain over to serving the github.com/miklevin/mlseo project, which more appropriately belongs on that domain.

Okay, all mikelevinseo.com journal-like content has been yanked over here. Commit and publish.