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Chasing The Tech Rabbit

Today, I'm trying something new by using vim :b2 for my personal journaling and creating videos to show the best experiences. I'm also creating something that would be useful to SEOs, exploring GPU utilization, CUDA and alternatives, and doing a JupyterLab demo. Join me on my journey and learn more about these topics!

Exploring New Technology: Join Me on My Journey!

By Michael Levin

Friday, October 28, 2022

My actual personal journal being on vim :b2 is really a change. My muscle-memory can feel it. But I’m doing enough videos where I’m starting with loading the journal with my “all” command, it makes for the best experience if it drops right into the Wonderland Rabbit. You can always switch to :b2 to do some personal journaling, starting out as if just for yourself as the only audience, but then change your mind and “extract” a new public journal entry by copy/pasting between the two journals.

BAM! Public entry. Next step? Do something that would be useful to almost all SEOs. Make something that has clear viral value. Portable switch army SEO product because anything can host LXD images, even Windows 10. If on Windows 11 then the graphics works without the extra X-server trick you have to do on Windows 10. Why not just make a video out of it right now? Why not just make it your switch from pyppeteer to playwright and your testing steps along the way. Why not mention GPU-utilization, CUDA and alternatives?

But then go do a JupyterLab demo. All roads lead to VSCode. Learning Web Browser automation in yet another road to VSCode. Beware. I’m taking you down the JupyterLab Server (on Linux) route.