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Day 3 at MOZ

On my third day of my new job, I'm setting up to work on both Mac and PC as many influencers use Macs. I'm troubleshooting a few issues with permissions, and staying organized and on top of my expectations. I'm also thinking of article ideas to entice readers to click through to the blog post, such as 'How Do You Still Target The Long Tail? Is The Long-tail Dead?

Setting Up Mac & PC: Troubleshooting Permissions & Crafting Article Ideas on Day 3 at MOZ

By Michael Levin

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Day 3 at the new job. Getting myself set up to work equally well on a Mac or PC, which will help your mission because a lot of influencers are Mac-based.

Don’t let yourself get hung up on the little stuff. Make sure you know what your start-up expectations are and work your way through them. I got my Mac day-one but because I was already a company employee, there were a few hitches on permissions and stuff. Working it out.

It’s going to be critically important to get and keep myself organized.

Article ideas: