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Election Reform and Fixing Democracy with Andrew Yang

Learn how to fix democracy with Andrew Yang from the Forward Party in this video. He explains how to make the fiction of winning 51% of voters a reality, and how to eliminate party primaries to create a more fair system. Start with a $200 million media campaign in 5 states.

Discover How Andrew Yang is Working to Fix Democracy and Election Reform!

By Michael Levin

Sunday, September 17, 2023

I was drawn to this video because of the AI title, but I learned a lot about election reform from Andrew Yang Forward Party

He talks about making the fiction real, the fiction being that to win the election you have to win over 51% of voters. The system is broken because incumbents only have to motivate the tiny percentage of voters who vote in the primaries, and independents are locked out.

Fixing democracy by eliminating party primaries. Start with 5 states for a $200 million media campaign.