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TechSmith Camtasia Took Away Screen Recorder Hide Taskbar Icon Feature

by Mike Levin

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

How to record your day-to-day work honestly and without much editing.

Can you imagine the video editing just on this sequence if I weren’t just showing you everything? 2x longer? 10x longer?

This allows me to go at a very fast pace.

I’m uncompromising on certain things (like minimal editing)

I’m compromising on certain things, like dealing with quirks, feature roll-backs (come on TechSmith! Don’t do that) to get a type of software that isn’t (yet) better in the Free & Open Source Software world.

I may learn Blender to see if it has these TechSmith Camtasia screen recorder & editing features.

I just recorded a video that explains why I won’t edit my videos just to hide the Taskbar Icon for the Screen Recorder.

This was my first video recording with the Camtasia 2020 recorder, while doing the editing with Camtasia 2022. Why? Because only Screen Recorder 2020 or earlier has this feature, an important reason why I use(d) it, and only the newer editors make the user interface fonts large enough for my poor old eyes to read.