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Use Linux Command Line to Resist obsolescence and Future-proof Yourself

As technology changes, it can be hard to keep up. I advocate for the Linux Command Line interface, as it is the most stable and will help you resist obsolescence and future-proof yourself.

Resist obsolescence and future-proof yourself with the Linux Command Line!

By Michael Levin

Friday, July 28, 2023

Use Linux Command Line? Resist obsolescence? Future-proof?

What do you mean, Mike?

User interfaces change. The way we interact with computers changes.

This is different than the way we interact with the world. The world is relatively stable. You get to get better at things over time.

You see this in tools like the hammer. The hammer has been around for a long time. The way we use it doesn’t change much. The hammer doesn’t go from a dropdown menus to a ribbon to a hamburger menu to docking palates. Tabs don’t switch from horizontal to vertical and keyboard shortcuts don’t change between versions. A hammer is just a hammer.

Expertise amassed over a decade or more can suddenly be rendered obsolete by a new version of software.

When’s the last time a major phone or OS upgrade made a rough patch where you had to re-learn all your habits?

Say you were to keep a daily journal. You’d want to be able to read it in 10 years, right? Where would you keep it?

A word processor on a laptop which might crash? In a Web-based word processor and be beholden to a company?

Why should such basic ability as writing have such strings attached? It seems silly. Writing should be like a hammer. It should just work.

This is the primary reason I advocate for the command line interface. It’s the most stable interface we have.