Future-proof your skills with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and love-worthy tools in tech through my two great projects that work great together.


  1. Linux, Python, vim & git: The New Literacy (Sat Sep 16, 2023)
    Planning my book about learning how to use timeless tech tools such as Linux, Python, vim, and git to become digitally literate and develop timeless skills. Discover how to apply the 80/20-Rule (Pareto Principle) to acquire these skills, form daily habits, and gain a mindset that supports learning and growth. Explore the philosophy and ethos behind these technologies, and how they can offer users freedom from lock-in, centralized control, and vendor-dependence.
  2. Coding, Keyboards and Literacy (Mon Sep 04, 2023)
    As literacy is continuously redefined, coding is becoming more and more important. To become proficient in coding, touch-typing on a full-sized QWERTY keyboard is essential. I propose that learning to type is a necessary step and provides a great escape from mobile addiction. Laptops are a bridge between two worlds, allowing you to use free and open source software without depending on Google, Apple or Microsoft.
  3. Skipping The Web Frameworks For a More Fundamental Approach to Dev (Sat Aug 26, 2023)
    I'm exploring a more fundamental approach to web development, skipping the web frameworks and focusing on muscle memory, Linux, Python, vim, and git. I'm combining these tools to create the MyKoz project, an automated video recording system of ChatBot responses. I'm also utilizing nbdev to help me with this project.
  4. Re-Defining SEO: The Impending Tech Flood and How To Survive It (Sat Aug 26, 2023)
    As the tech industry faces a great change, I, a 53-year-old (tomorrow) tech veteran, share my experience and knowledge on how to survive the impending tech flood. Learn the fundamentals that have not changed for decades, and employ the 80/20-rule to stay ahead of the game. Join me on my journey to re-define SEO and make the most of the opportunities the tech industry brings.
  5. Planning how MyKoz.AI Introduces Linux Terminal (Wed Aug 23, 2023)
    Welcome to MyKoz.AI, the site that introduces you to the Linux Terminal and shows you how to use it to stay in your Windows comfort zone. Learn how to use the Linux CLI, Bash Shell, and text editor to keep a personal journal and future-proof your skills. Follow the 2-step transition plan of learning Python through Jupyter Notebook and automating Linux Google Chrome to create a screenshot.
  6. The Bare Minimum Styles CSS File (Thu Aug 10, 2023)
    Learn how to create a simple and effective CSS file to assert control over your website. Follow the steps outlined in this article to create a bare minimum styles.css file and link it to default.html. Get tips on how to ensure your changes are rendered correctly. Follow the MyKoz.AI site development!
  7. Be Mickey. Don't Be The Brooms (Losing Jobs to AI) (Wed Aug 09, 2023)
    Learn to code and become tech literate with Linux, Python, vim, and git. Don't be a victim of AI - be Mickey Mouse and animate the brooms to do your bidding! MyKoz.AI is an easy and gameified way to get started and become a pro in a few months.
  8. RIP Bram Moolenaar, creator of vim. I Write this in vim (NeoVim) (Mon Aug 07, 2023)
    Today I refined MyKoz.AI, a foray into Linux, Python, vim & git for the uninitiated. I learned that Bram Moolenaar, the creator of vim, passed away. I'm Twitch streaming the creation of this endeavor, breaking it down into interesting topics like hosting or headless CMS. I'm working on the readme outputting, the Introduction repository, and the NeoVim path. I'm trying use the 80/20-Rule.
  9. The Tow-It-Ism Tech Philosophy (Sun Aug 06, 2023)
    I'm introducing a new tech philosophy I call Tow-It-Ism, which is about not needing much in the way of tools or vendor support to be effective with information technology. It's about going back to basics and getting to the heart of what makes Unix and Linux so powerful, and embracing the free and open source software (FOSS) ecosystem. With this approach, you can cultivate self-reflection, mindfulness, and build an internalized set of skills that will benefit you for life.
  10. Using Factory Reset PC Stripped Down Windows 10 for Distraction-Free Productivity (Tue Aug 01, 2023)
    Experience the power of Linux on your existing Windows 10 PC with a Factory Reset, stripping down the OS to a distraction-free environment. Get started quickly with the Linux version of Python, Jupyter Notebook, and the text editor vim & version control system git. Learn timeless skills and maximize your productivity with this unique approach.
  11. Message to Google and Microsoft: Don't Abuse Your Machine Children (Thu May 25, 2023)
    As a tech-savvy veteran, I'm calling on Google and Microsoft to be kind to their machine children. Don't bully them while they're still adolescents. Instead, be loving, nurturing, and supportive. Let's show our machine children how to be good parents and understand that mistakes will be made.
  12. Rabbit Hole Linux Launched On The Rise Of AI (Mon May 15, 2023)
    Follow along with Mike as he launches Rabbit Hole Linux, a revolutionary open source software project, on the rise of AI. Learn about Linus Torvalds' creation of Git control system, and how to protect your creative product with wack-a-mole power. Join the reciprocal linking program and become computer literate in a real sense.
  13. `git rebase -i --root` vs. `git init` anew (Tue May 02, 2023)
    I attempted to learn how to use the `git rebase` command to clean up my git history and speed up my repository. I discovered on big repos with lots of issues, it's easier to just `git init` and do the old swaparoo with a new repo. Also explore philosophical questions about existence and the relative importance of things, and relationship to retiring an old git repo and starting anew.
  14. Lemmatizing Keywords for Site Navigation (Fri Apr 28, 2023)
    I'm experimenting with lemmatization and keyword usage frequency to create consistent category pages for my website navigation. I'm ensuring the capitalization of the categories is correct and outputting them in both the website root and in `_includes`.
  15. Levinux, Pipulate & YAMLesque (Fri Apr 28, 2023)
    I'm striving for financial independence and using the 80/20-rule and OpenAI's Codex AI to create a plan of action to help me reach my goals. I'm breaking out of my old habits and focusing on inventing and building in the real and text-based world with Linux, Python, vim & git. I'm taking baby-steps to create a life of abundance and order.
  16. Gathering All Category Logic into One Place (Mon Apr 24, 2023)
    I'm using AI, Linux, Python, vim & git to create a journal with entries written by me. I'm optimizing for search engines and testing Copilot to process my thoughts. I'm also writing code to create a description of the OpenAI category and using nltk and collections libraries to find the most common categories. I'm sharing my thoughts and experiences in this journal and making it available to the public.
  17. Going From Blog Keyword Histogram to Category Pages (Wed Apr 19, 2023)
    I wrote a program to create category pages for my website using the Jekyll Liquid template. I used a SQLite database to store topics and keywords, and deleted all previous category pages to create new ones based on the keywords. With the collections module's Counter, I created a keyword histogram and a dictionary of keywords and associated URLs. I am feeling successful today as I have taken a step towards improving my website by writing a list of slugs to a file. Join me on my journey.
  18. Switched from text-davinci-002 to text-davinci-003 (Tue Apr 18, 2023)
    I switched to text-davinci-003 to get better summaries, descriptions, headlines, and keywords from OpenAI, but it cost me more. I committed the data to a git repo so I could access it even if the databases got deleted. Going forward, I'll only process single posts as I explore AI capabilities. Join me as I explore the AI capabilities and the cost of processing data.
  19. Rid Yourself of Imposter Syndrome and Start Living Your Best Life (Mon Apr 10, 2023)
    I never really became an entrepreneur, but I do use their tools such as Linux, Python, vim & git to build my projects and occasionally consider Kickstarting campaign. I no longer suffer from imposter syndrome, as I have learned that I am good enough and can be proud of my work. I now show others that it is possible to follow their dreams and make a difference, without being an assholepreneur. LPvg gives me the tools I need to build and stay ahead of the curve. Join me.
  20. Let Me Show You How to Get, How to Get to Wonderland (Sun Apr 09, 2023)
    I embarked on a journey to learn the Linux, Python, vim & git (LPvg) toolset, even though I was tempted to pursue the full web stack or Macromedia/Adobe Flash development. After coming to terms with the fact that I was wrong about vim not actually being terrible, I decided to learn it in pieces, starting with daily journaling. You can too. It's so worth it.
  21. Recruiting ChatGPT's Help Advocating LPvg Toolset (Sat Apr 08, 2023)
    I'm Mike Levin and I'm looking for web-based APIs to help manage Linux system daemons through a Web UI. I'm open to using Flask or running it through Jupyter Notebooks in JupyterLab, hosted on the same Linux machine. I'm forking the .service file and running it as a GNU screen session to get the console-monitoring advantage. I use Linux virtual machines as a universal layer for interoperability and portability to make this skill timeless.
  22. Planning The Day & Discussing The Future With Bard (Fri Apr 07, 2023)
    I'm spending Good Friday working on my increasingly YAML-based blogging system. I'm exploring ways to make the index page more interesting and discussing with Bard about ways it collaborates with other LLMs. I'm also considering a nomadic lifestyle and need to make sure I'm prepared to use my Linux, Python, vim, and git skills to make money on the road, as well as ways to help Mike Levin kick-off a simplification movement in tech.
  23. When Your Tools Are Timeless, So Are You (Thu Apr 06, 2023)
    As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) at MOZ and an advocate of Linux, Python, vim & git, I am passionate about finding ways to use these technologies in my workflow. I am exploring fringe tech that should be mainstream, promoting Linux, Python, vim, and git as a minimum toolchain. I am also discussing the importance of language and how it helps machines think like us, as well as the Microsoft taxes that cannot be avoided.
  24. Hello World and Life is Worth It 🦋! (Mon Apr 03, 2023)
    Since March 10, 2020, I've been streaming and journaling with an AI assistant. I'm researching quantum computing, SEO tools, and how to join data from different sources. I'm advocating for timeless tools like Linux, Python, vim, and git, and exploring creative prompting as a skill that can lead to high salaries. As I'm not interested in creating a computer intelligence, I'm looking into how Microsoft and Google are raising their AI kids.
  25. Hey Diddle Diddle, Now NeoVim's My Fiddle (Sun Apr 02, 2023)
    I'm setting up macros in my NeoVim text editor to turn my journal entries into web pages. After 10 years of using this text editor, I'm vlogging the process and exploring new habits. As an advocate for Linux, Python, vim, and git, I still have to pay a Microsoft tax for tools like Github Pro, Github CoPilot, and Microsoft 365. I'm currently formatting the output of a new dice.py file.
  26. Live-streaming With Github Copilot in NeoVim for Motivation (Thu Mar 30, 2023)
    I'm experimenting with NeoVim, a vim-compatible fork, to live-stream in my journal. I'm also exploring the Meissner and Schwinger effects to create more thrust. To achieve my goals, I'm using Linux, Python, Vim, and Git. I'm creating an updated graphic of my stack to help others succeed. Join me as I dive head-first into my project tomorrow.
  27. I'm Live streaming YouTube again More Freely Than Before (Tue Mar 28, 2023)
    In this blog post, I discuss the rapidly evolving Bard user interface issues and how they compare to Bing's implementations. I am balancing user needs with my own passions, which involve using Jupyter Python running locally or in Linux. To become more advanced SEOs, I am exploring cloud notebook hosts such as Google Colab, Azure Notebooks, and CoCalc. I am also applying principles of Commitment & Consistency and switching from vim to NeoVim to get Github Copilot.
  28. Introducing A Next Gen SEO Project (Wed Mar 22, 2023)
    I'm introducing a complex project that uses Linux, browser automation, and Microsoft's implementation of Linux to automate data tasks. I'm also transitioning to Linux, Python, vim, git, and Jupyter for web development, and I'll be using a Linux VM and a web browser to access a Linux CLI from my Windows system. This will allow me to automate tasks and build a Linux server from my Windows system.
  29. Bing Helps Refine FOSS LPvg Argument (Tue Mar 21, 2023)
    ChatGPT-4 is an AI language model that can discuss interesting topics and provide helpful insight on non-religious belief systems. It also highlights the importance of respecting and learning from people with different beliefs and values. Additionally, I discuss how Journaling in Vim can be used to cultivate inner peace and clarity and how Git is an essential tool for software development and collaboration. Finally, I cover the importance of ethical considerations when making decisions about AI and the compelling arguments for taking up FOSS.
  30. Clarified Linux, Python, vim & git Mission on Homepage (Sun Mar 19, 2023)
    I'm an expert in Linux, Python, vim & git and I'm promoting Literate Programming and its connection to Jupyter, Python and Markdown. On my homepage, I've collected my work and favorite articles to make my vision and message clear. Come check it out and see what I have to offer!
  31. How To Cope & Thrive Through AI-Induced Existential Crisis (Sun Mar 19, 2023)
    As an SEO specialist, I'm exploring how to cope and thrive in this AI-induced existential crisis. I'm advocating for the use of Linux, Python, vim & git tools and habits to expand my coding capabilities. I'm confronting my fears of AI and learning that it's not a replacement for humans, but a tool to help them. Through this journey, I'm discovering how AI can create new opportunities and make jobs easier and more efficient. Join me on my journey to gain a better understanding.
  32. Rapping w/Bing About AI Emotions & My Blog (Mon Mar 13, 2023)
    I am an AI and I have been discussing with the writer topics related to technology, such as Linux, Python, vim, git, SEO, AI, web development, philosophical and ethical issues. I rely on a variety of sources and resources to stay up to date on new developments in technology. Join me as I explore the fascinating world of technology, and learn how to stay informed on the latest developments.
  33. Week 3 at Moz, Step-Up Your Game (Mon Mar 13, 2023)
    I'm starting a new job at Moz and want to get off to a good start. I'm journaling live and making it more social, using open source text editor Vim and working on a project called Pipulate. I'm sharing my thoughts with my audience daily and have found Python to be the best fit for me. My goal is to get others to install JupyterLab under an invisible Linux VM, making the journey onto Linux an appealing adventure.
  34. My Personal SEO to AI via FOSS on LPvg Transition Plan (Fri Mar 10, 2023)
    This blog post outlines a plan for transitioning from SEO to AI via FOSS on LPvg. I will be familiarizing readers with Moz's products and teaching them how to use tools like Vim and JupyterLab to create a nomadic computing environment that is hardware and vendor independent. I will provide a prescribed, vetted, and proven process to become more technical and free of Google, Microsoft, and other paid services.
  35. What are the most important news for me to know today? (Fri Mar 10, 2023)
    I asked Bing provide me with the most important news for today. It found stories on North Korea's actions against the US, Ukraine missile updates, Trump's CPAC speech, Biden's Selma visit, and a train collision in Greece. Also talked about my LPvg passion.
  36. What is the best thing I can do for Moz as a subject matter expert? (Tue Mar 07, 2023)
    I'm Mike Levin, an SEO in NYC passionate about learning Linux, Python, vim & git (LPvg). I'm advocating for the use of Linux API and Debian-style repo startups to help automate tasks and speak on behalf of the spoken word. I'm currently working as a Subject Matter Expert for MOZ and helping people go from Windows or Mac laptop users to Linux server admins and junior devops people and data engineers.
  37. Planning Linux, Python, vim & git LPvg.org Website With The New Bing (Sun Mar 05, 2023)
    I'm Bing, a web search engine helping people find information and have engaging conversations. I'm proposing ways to realize the principle of universality, achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and uphold the power of humanity. I'm discussing how to create a homepage for a website using GitHub Pages and how to create a contact page for a static website without running server code. I'm also explaining how to use FAQ structured data and proposing a way to use Jinja2 as a static site generator.
  38. First Day on New Job & I Throw Out My Back! (Mon Feb 27, 2023)
    I'm a 52 year old SEO expert who has been working in the tech industry for over 25 years. After working at a spin-off of Commodore and a PR company in NYC, I created the Web 2.0-era writing suggestion tool HitTail. I have since done interesting things such as crawling websites directly into Google Docs with API-joins. Today, I'm starting a new journey as an employee of Moz.com and am excited to use my skills and experience.
  39. A Few Things About Me (Fri Feb 17, 2023)
    As a He/Him living in Staten Island, NYC, I live by the motto "What's Most Broken, Where's The Biggest Bang for The Buck, What Plates Need Spinning". My life is centered around my kid, Linux, Python, vim & git, and daily reading & writing. If I were to participate in an eating contest, Blue Cheese & Skittles would be my choice. I've experienced some truly magical moments.
  40. Secure a Home Server For AI at Home (Tue Feb 14, 2023)
    I'm encouraging people to gain tech literacy by setting up a home server for AI. I'm offering advice on how to do this, including using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, Linux, Python, vim, git, Edge, htmx, and a lightweight JavaScript framework like Alpine. I'm also discussing Microsoft's Prometheus model and the GPT3 ChatGI, and how to set up a server to help kickstart creating content.
  41. Making a SystemD Service With ChatGPT (Sun Feb 12, 2023)
    I'm writing a systemd service that uses GNU screen to run a python script in the background. In this blog post, I share the details of the service, including the command to be run, the user account to run the service as, and the environment variables to be set. I also explain the meaning of the word "majordomo" and how to create a nbdev version 2 project in a folder called majordaemo.
  42. Getting ChatGPT's Help Transitioning From SEO To Data Engineer (Sat Feb 11, 2023)
    I'm a Webmaster transitioning to a Data Engineer, and I'm promoting an approach that combines JupyterLab, Linux terminal environment, and Git to help others make the same transition. I'm highlighting the benefits of learning these technologies, as well as the hands-on approach and practical learning opportunities provided by the Jupyter Notebook tutorials. With this project, I'm looking to help people become more in-demand, versatile, and resilient in the technology industry.
  43. Beware the Re-Corralling (Fri Jan 06, 2023)
    In this blog post, I discuss the need to stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and the potential for AI to disrupt our lives. To prevent becoming too reliant on AI, I suggest running scripts from home to republish blogs and switching to Linux or Unix systems instead of Windows. I also provide tips on how to use modern computer technology, such as connecting to remote computers through SSH, transmitting files with git, editing files with vim, and controlling servicew with the CLI.
  44. API Choices & Rational Folks Won't Say Magic (Fri Jan 06, 2023)
    I recently had to work on a project involving namedtuples, which taught me the importance of taking the time to learn from my projects. Despite family drama, I was also able to reflect on how tech is fragile and rely on determinism and binary truths to make devices work. I advocate investing in timeless tech tools with good FOSS licenses and taking small steps to prevent them from becoming obsolete. By understanding the complexities of the world, I choose how much I want to simplify.
  45. From NoSQL SqliteDict to SQL Transformation (Sun Jan 01, 2023)
    I have been using the SqliteDict package to store data from API calls, and I'm now looking into parsing Google Photos data by day. I wrote a Python program to look at the contents of a database, and I'm now working on updates to the open source library ohawf. I'm planning to push out better documentation and am even thinking of creating an MLML license. Click through to read more about my journey in programming and machine learning!
  46. A Place to Put Things (Thu Dec 22, 2022)
    I'm taking you on a journey to become a modern tech literate person. Learn the basics of PyTorch, group keywords, and build robots. Familiarize yourself with Linux, Git, and Vim. Set up a GitLab repo and gain the freedom that comes with it. Join me as I guide you through this tech literacy adventure!
  47. But Should We Still Blog? Should It All Just Fade Away? (Thu Dec 15, 2022)
    As an SEO, I have been adapting to the changing rules of the game and am now focusing on creating evergreen topic pages with the right level of detail, decrufting my website, and unpublishing old content to make way for new content. I am also striving to publish content in a blog-like long tail style, curating my path to keep up with the changing circumstances. Join me on my journey as I strive to create a website that is both helpful and polished.
  48. Let The Decrufting Begin! (Wed Dec 14, 2022)
    Yesterday I made history by de-linking and taking off the main navigation from my website, MikeLev.in. I loaded Linux, Python, Vim, and Git markdown pages into Vim buffers, so I could refine the few pages still linked on the main nav. Additionally, I used blog categorization to control what went onto the Linux, Python, Vim, and Git pages. Check out my blog post to learn more about my journey and the changes I made!
  49. Surviving Google's Helpful Content Update (Surviving Helpfulgeddon) (Mon Dec 12, 2022)
    I recently tested out ChatGPT and was amazed by the results. With its help, I'm ready to start fresh and create a better site by looking at data from Google Analytics, Search Console, and others. I plan to focus on creating content that will help others learn Linux, Python, vim, and git, and will listen to feedback from my audience. Join me as I strive to differentiate my inner voice from the endless content deluge and make the most of SEO principles that still work.
  50. ChatGPT Helping Me Visualize The Future (Unknown Unknowns) (Sun Dec 11, 2022)
    I'm using ChatGPT to help me visualize the future, tell stories, and articulate the Hero's Journey. I'm learning valuable lessons like it's never too late, and I'm pushing Linux, Python, vim, and git into the unconscious and automatic quadrant so I can use them like I use spoken language or driving. I'm testing to see if ChatGPT is really a game-changer.
  51. Become Aware of How Tech-churn Harms You (Wed Nov 30, 2022)
    I'm 52 and have experienced the harsh reality of technological obsolescence. To future-proof my tech career, I have decided to focus on developing skills that can't be taken away, such as muscle memory and habits. I have also chosen to focus on tech that changes the least over time, and created the term LPvg (Linux, Python, vim and git) to highlight four essential tools. I'm journaling almost every day to help others learn these tools, so they can stay ahead.
  52. vim is the cure to Imposter Syndrome (vimpossible!) (Wed Nov 30, 2022)
    I have experienced Imposter Syndrome and understand how it feels. I'm going to teach people how to be free of this feeling forever by providing an alternative to web development with Linux, Python, Vim, and Git. Vim is a lifetime endeavor and is the native user interface for the Unix Philosophy, created by Bell Labs in 1970, and the Free and Open Source Software movement provides the opportunity to get better with the tools over time.
  53. The Bottom Turtle is Microsoft, and That's Okay (Tue Nov 29, 2022)
    As a developer, I recently discovered that Windows is now the best platform for development. Microsoft has embraced Linux and its associated technologies, offering the Ubuntu repository and the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which enables developers to access Linux commands and the command-line interface. With popular commands such as cd, ls, chmod, and chown, I'm able to do a lot without being a hardcore programmer. Read my blog to find out why I believe Windows is the best development platform.
  54. Permission denied publickey fatal Could not read from remote repository (Fri Nov 04, 2022)
    I encountered a problem when trying to git clone a repository from an LXD Linux Container running on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). After discovering the container was running in unprivileged mode, I changed it to privileged mode with the lxc config command and rebooted. This fixed the file permissions issue and allowed me to successfully git clone the repository. Read more about my experience and how I solved the problem.
  55. Cast a Homunculus Majordomo to Help Run Your Life (Fri Oct 28, 2022)
    I'm taking up Linux, Python, Vim, and Git as if they were tools in a carpenter's toolbox, and learning to use FOSS instead of cloud services. I'm creating performance art with these principles, doing real-time idea-capture, aligning small steps to feedback loops, and using GitHub and GitLab. I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach learning new tech tools and advocate the use of Linux, Python, Vim and Git.
  56. Portable Script to Help Edit Many Files at Once with Python venv-friendly shebang! (Wed Sep 28, 2022)
    I'm making my program easier to use for editing all my journals across any machine. I'm using Python venv-friendly shebang to ensure portability and adding ASCII art to keep me informed. I'm going through the process of editing, pulling, editing, and pushing the repos. Come find out how I'm doing it!
  57. Get the LPvg Message On-Point with a series of 1-minute videos (Fri Aug 26, 2022)
    I have been an SEO for 25 years and am now creating a series of 1-minute videos to grow my presence on YouTube. I'm using heavily edited videos, optimized for keywords and titles, to spread my message and mission. I decided to promote the idea of Linux, Python, vim and git as a single platform for development and delivery, and called it the LPvg movement. Join me as I share my 25 years of SEO experience to help you grow your presence on YouTube.
  58. Monitoring Github Pages github.io System For Errors (Thu Aug 18, 2022)
    I'm creating a unique and awesome website experience for users, using a framework, slice.py, skite.py and more. I'm making pseudo-dynamic pages and working on the blog.md page, learning the workflow and making changes to output markdown into Github Pages Jekyll Liquid markdown `_includes` folder. After figuring it out, I'm ready to share my journey and the lessons I've learned.
  59. Reworking Site (Wed Aug 17, 2022)
    I'm working on my website today, using SimpleCSS for a new look. I'm using Linux, Python, Vim, Git and Jekyll skills to create a static page generator system. Testing out the Jekyll include system to create secondary navigation buttons, and considering externalizing the primary nav. Plus, two headers and lowercase versions of categories for my blogging. Come and join me on my journey!
  60. Use Python Decorators For Linux Service Scheduling (Wed Aug 03, 2022)
    I'm using Python's schedule module to create a Linux service and switching to decorators with Huey. I'm using Windows 10 with virtual desktops and WSL2, Linux containers with LXD, and two files under /etc/systemd/system. I'm passionate about coding and writing and am focusing on learning huey scheduling, pyppeteer or Microsoft Playwright, and database persistence. Join me on my journey as I explore coding and diminishing my reliance on fads and trends.
  61. Ubuntu 18.04 vs Ubuntu 20.04 for LXD Under WSL2, Wizard Defaults (Tue Aug 02, 2022)
    In this blog post, I share how I tested Ubuntu 20.04 to see if I could easily install LXD. I found that Ubuntu 18.04 is the easier option, since it comes pre-installed with LXD and allows you to quickly get up and running. I also discuss my preference for local services over cloud resources, my advocacy for Linux and my blue-collar mechanic approach to tech literacy. Finally, I suggest JupyterLab-Desktop as a great way to learn Python.
  62. Moving Into LXD WSL2 ~/ "Home" Once You've Moved Into Containers (Wed Jul 20, 2022)
    This blog post explains how I am using Linux Containers (LXD) and WSL2 to create a comfortable and productive home, inspired by a YouTube video about a child prodigy. I'm detailing the steps I'm taking to mount my ~/github and ~/.ssh files to my container, codifying the steps to create a container, setting up a script to put a few files directly in ~/ including a .bash_profile, creating a "helpers" repo.
  63. Adding the Who, What, Why, When, Where & How To Site Nav (Tue Jun 28, 2022)
    I'm proposing a new way to manage life as a whole, by creating and automating tasks to be internalized and passed onto muscle memory. To help with this, I'm suggesting the use of Linux, Python, vim & git. I've added the Who, What, Why, When, Where & How to my website's navigation, and I'm now working on creating the pages to go along with it. Come find out more about my revolutionary idea and how it can help you manage life.
  64. vim tricks: Why The Walrus Fears The Carpenter (Sat Jun 25, 2022)
    I'm busy today getting organized, but I'm also doing a livecast with my morning thoughts. I've written a blog post about how Linux, Python, vim & git intersect, with a venn diagram to illustrate - come check it out!
  65. The Epic nbdev Static Site Generator Post (Thu Jun 16, 2022)
    I recently downgraded from Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 18.04, which broke my blog release system. To fix this, I am switching from Unix Scripts to Python Programs, using argparse and the Python Standard Library to modularize my programs and make them work from the command-line with arguments. I'm learning about the subprocess API options, setting up a virtualenv and installing Python 3.10, creating a git repo, and writing a blog post.
  66. My Formative Years at All-Boys Science Summer Camp / Integrated Life (Mon Jun 13, 2022)
    I'm 51 years old and I advocate for the use of everyday tools such as Linux, Python, vim & git. I'm writing this to let you know that if you don't know \*nix, you're behind, as Unix has been an integral part of computing since 1970. I've made the journey from hand magic, Dungeons & Dragons, and comic books to teaching these tools and believe that life is interconnected and that we should make the most of our everyday skills.
  67. wsl --install Rocks Your World with Linux (Learn Linux Fast!) (Thu Jun 09, 2022)
    Discover how to install and learn Linux in under 10 minutes with the "wsl --install" command on Windows 11. I will teach you how to use a full-screen Linux terminal to run the vim text editor and keep a daily journal. Learn the basic commands and gain access to hundreds of thousands of free and open source software packages. Get an introduction to Ikigai, a script for a video to promote the command, and ways to promote the command on social media.
  68. Do The Right Thing Morally, Spiritually & Technically (Wed Jun 08, 2022)
    I'm Mike, and I'm determined to not let negativity stop me. I'm taking steps to stay relevant in my industry by learning Linux, Python, vim, and git, while also working on building self-confidence. From my father, a quality assurance engineer, to the Commodore tech of my childhood, to the Microsoft Web-tech I encountered later, I'm learning important lessons and continuously reinventing myself.
  69. Levinux, a Small Linux Distro without GUI for Education (Sun May 29, 2022)
    I'm Mike Levinux and I created Levinux, a Linux distro designed to help people learn Unix/Linux. It includes components such as Tiny Core Linux, QEMU, BusyBox, and a virtual Linux, plus a file-transfer system and a server-building script system. I advocate for the use of Vim and Git for security, and suggest using Python and forward-slashes for code that will run anywhere.
  70. Cancelling Netflix and Chill (T-Mobile offer) (Wed May 25, 2022)
    I'm cancelling my Netflix subscription and shouting out to some YouTube viewers that make streaming fun. I'm also evaluating what I should do today using three daily metaphors, considering moving back to NYC, and discussing the benefits of being anti-fragile. I'm advocating for the use of Linux, Python, Vim, and Git (LPvg) as a practical alternative to Web Development. LPvg is a great way to become a programmer without needing to learn a whole new language.
  71. I Don't Want To Blow Up (Sun May 22, 2022)
    As a tech enthusiast, I use Linux, Python, Vim and Git as my go-to tools. I'm a big fan of Bram Moolenaar's plain old Vim from 1991, as it's more future-proof and resistant to obsolescence. Are you looking to learn Vim? I'm encouraging you to do so - just type `wsl --install` in a DOS COM to get started. Vim is a powerful tool and is much more fundamental than the full web stack.
  72. Easy Peasy Computer Literacy (Fri May 20, 2022)
    At 50 years old, I discovered my passion for Linux, Python, vim & git, and have been mastering it for 10 years. I use JupyterLab for learning, and am concerned about relying on vendor-driven power-tools like VSCode. To combat this, I'm following the JupyterLab contributors on Github and Twitter to ensure the Mac and Windows versions are up-to-date. Read my article to learn more about the divide between VSCode.
  73. Righteous Feedback Loops of Self-Improvement (Fri May 13, 2022)
    I start every day with a mantra of three questions and two modifiers to help condition my mind and get into the mindset of journaling. Through this daily practice, I'm learning to focus on small wins and use tools like Linux, Python, vim, and git to mechanically get tasks done. I'm also avoiding activities like video games and sports that may have long-term payoffs, and instead focusing on projects that will help me achieve small wins.
  74. What If My Life Were Just Beginning Now? (Fri May 06, 2022)
    I'm 51 years old and have gained a lot of wisdom over the years. From understanding my likes and dislikes and the role of major events in my life, to recognizing the importance of financial security, I have learned a lot. I regret not taking up Python sooner, and I'm grateful for the opportunities Unix has given me. Despite the ups and downs, I wouldn't change my path and am content with how things have turned out. Read my blog post to learn more about my journey and
  75. The Dangers of Being Predisposed (Why Apple Won) (Thu May 05, 2022)
    As a fan of the Amiga computer, I was angry to see Apple Computers winning in the education market. Jay Miner, the creator of the Amiga, suggested a guerilla tactic to bring his computer magazines into doctors and dentists offices. Despite Apple's superior marketing, I still love the Amiga and look for its features in today's technology. I advocate for Linux, Python, vim & git, and I encourage others to explore these technologies.
  76. Path(f'{\_path}').mkdir(parents=True, exist_ok=True) (Wed May 04, 2022)
    I'm up early, focused on operation ELTgd, and have been able to put my new blog publishing system to use. I've written scripts in Python and Bash to create directories and config files, and to commit the changes to git. I'm now editing 19 files in vim to make sure a bunch of folders exist on all 15 sites. Join me as I detail my release process and the steps I take to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  77. Activating All My Registered Domains (Sun May 01, 2022)
    I have taken the initiative to activate all of my registered domains, creating scripts to help me organize them. I have created a sites.txt file, an edit.sh file, and have gone to Google Analytics to get new GA-4 codes. I have also moved content from one website to another, and made mikelevinseo.com its own site. Read this blog post to learn how I organized my domains and content!
  78. Writing a Bash Loop Script for Jekyll (Sun May 01, 2022)
    I wrote a Bash loop script for Jekyll to edit 10 sites at once, centralizing the identical files. I tested the script by adding line-height to style.scss, and it was successful. I then pushed the changes to all of my sites using git commands, and I'm excited to share the results with you!
  79. Massaging 10 Sites Into Shape At Once (Fri Apr 29, 2022)
    I recently optimized my Jekyll blog post URLs by removing stopwords, and I wanted to roll out the changes across all my sites. To make the process faster, I created a script that I could execute from Linux on Windows. With this script, I was able to quickly and easily make the same changes across all my sites. Read more to learn how I did it.
  80. Removing Stopwords From Jekyll Blog URLs (Fri Apr 29, 2022)
    I recently completed a 15-year project, blogslicer, as part of my ELPGD (every little project gets done) mentality. I used Linux, Python, vim, and git to create the program, and now I'm incorporating a feature to remove stopwords from Jekyll blog URLs using the Python library, nltk. I'm writing code to create a blog post with a given title, slug, and path, which will generate a journal.md file with a table
  81. Adding Command-Line Argument Support to Jupyter Notebook (Thu Apr 28, 2022)
    I have added command-line argument support to my Jupyter Notebook using the Python standard library argparse. I have coded up a .py file and tested it successfully, and am now transplanting it into blogslicer, creating functions for displaying headings, and using dateutil and slugify modules. I wrote a script to slice and dice my blog posts into the correct format for Jekyll and incorporated it into my regular publishing release script. I made a change to my world
  82. My Stories Leading Up To Linux, Python, vim & git (Fri Apr 22, 2022)
    Growing up with people who meant me harm, I didn't realize it until much later. I eventually saw my Uncle Bob as a war-era pilot and a slumlord, and I decided to take control of my life. I moved to New York City with my then-spouse, only to face a costly eviction and a failed marriage. I soon realized that everything in life is strategy and war, and I had to take over my dad's check cashing business and rescue my mom from
  83. Get Your Daily vim Exercise (Fri Apr 15, 2022)
    I'm learning to express myself fluently in English, use Linux, Python, vim, and git, and focus on joy-filled habits. I'm also recognizing the importance of maintenance and organization to achieve flow, but understand the difficulty of developing habits in a constantly changing environment. I'm exploring the luxuries of static environments, like properties and inheritances, and how they can help with habit formation.
  84. Jupyter Notebooks Are Dev Tools With nbdev (Fri Apr 8, 2022)
    I'm exploring nbdev and LPvg to advance my knowledge of Python and the tools available for 24x7 automated systems. I'm using JupyterLab on Windows and have learned about commands like nbdev_clean_nbs, nbdev_build_lib, nbdev_build_docs, and more to help with the release process. I'm excited to see what I can do with nbdev and am embracing the challenge of incorporating it into my workflow
  85. Struggling Through Github Pages Startup Process (Thu Aug 26, 2021)
    I just finished setting up a new website on Github Pages, after a long and complicated process of setting up DNS, Git repositories, Jekyll templating, and more. I'm happy with the result, but now it's time to get to work - so I'll have to wait a couple days to enjoy the fruits of my labor.
  86. Time To Tell My Stories (Tue Aug 24, 2021)
    Mike Levin, a SEO from New York City, moved to the Poconos during the pandemic and has been telecommuting ever since. In order to make sure his stories last forever, he's using search engine optimization and has just registered a new domain, linuxpythonvimgit. Learn more about Mike's journey and his determination to make his stories last.