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Cast Aside Your Fear of Linux

Cast aside fear of Linux by running this tiny 20MB version on your Windows, Mac or Linux desktop with a double-click. Login and sudo rm -rf / with pride.

Levinux Tiny Virtual Linux

Levinux is a Linux remix made from an old version of Tiny Core Linux and historically popular binaries of the QEMU PC Emulator.

What To Do

Download the ~20MB zip file and uncompress it onto your desktop. Double-click the icon for your OS. You may have to get over whatever the OS does these days to prevent this sort of behavior, but if you do, it’ll build a little server on your desktop that hosts a website, you can log into, play around with, reset, yadda, yadda. It’s a great way to test Linux without even an install. It plays a bit like an Alice in Wonderland adventure.

Historic Context

Levinux was an amazing accomplishment for its day some 15 years ago. I made it to be a portable Noah’s Ark for running Python code. Better things have come along as development platforms like LXD, but nobody has made the whole platform quite so portable, floating across radically different host operating systems without an install, perfect for USB or cloud drives.


I get nothing out of this, but for a kick that people enjoy the trick. Yeah, it’s more like a magic trick than a Linux distro that you’d use beyond a fun initial experience, getting the hang of SSH login, first time editing a file with the vi text editor, and destroying and resetting it with the sudo rm -rf command that everyone tells you you should never do. It’s still cool enough that it’s got a still-growing Facebook fanbase. And here’s a little Levinux slideshow.

Dedicated to Lynne Levin

By the way, my mother’s name was Lynne Levin and the part of my site you’re on is Linux / Levinux. I dedicate this oddly popular side-project of mine to that crazy old lady whose illness and demise I’m still only coming to grips with after a decade. Here’s to you, Chick ‘N Lynne (my dad’s name was Chick).