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:b2 or not :b2, That Is The Question

I'm sharing my thoughts and ideas publicly using slicing & dicing, Github Pages, mlseo, and blogslicer for search engine optimization. I'm determined to gut my project Pipulate and make way for it now. Join me on this journey and read my blog post to learn more.

Gutting My Project Pipulate: My Journey to Share Ideas Publicly

By Michael Levin

Friday, May 13, 2022

:b2 or not :b2, that is the question: whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to publish and share with you the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune here on MikeLev.in, or to keep all my thoughts private and proprietary, secrets between only me and my Jedi trainer, Oh :b1. Oh! No, this post is about SEO. So, it’s :b5 to stay alive!

Hmmm, I am forever more tempted to just think out loud about my latest right here in the public eye. And my latest is that things are clicking in my head for the first time in a long, long time. Sometimes you just gotta say eff-it and do those things you know are right for the reasons you know are right.

Okay, so eff-it. Let’s ideate in front of y’all and show you what it is to be novel, unique and uncompressible.

One of those novel and unique things I do is a method of web-publishing via my old principles but with the benefits of the new ways. My old system was, is and probably forever will be thought of as slicing & dicing, or just slice & dice. I’ve already got:

pip install blogslicer --upgrade

…in PyPI.org already. See, it was just so friggin’ easy once I decided to try implementing it again. Implementation of such things is almost just becoming a transparent aspect of muscle memory now. Re-implementing something that took me months in the past is now just like taking a deep breath and warming up to get to the first roughed-out, but fully working and having an impact on the world, first implementation.

There are new ways. I just shot from the hip using the new ways to flesh out a first pass, but it doesn’t stop there.

The new ways have many benefits. Much of the technical liability in particular is dispensed with. The greatest example of late has been Github Pages, which is the Jekyll static site generator to do away with the tech liability overhead of things like WordPress.

Okay, so this right here, MikeLevinSEO.com and MikeLev.in, are probably my biggest overture to the world right now, right along with mlseo, my free and open source software (FOSS) for search engine optimization (SEO).

pip install mlseo --upgrade

I’ve got to blend everything seamlessly together, make astoundingly novel and effective sites with them, and make it a very meta process. Think through the purpose of each site again.

Yeah, soooo…

But blogslicer and mlseo should both be dependencies of Pipulate.

Pipulate has a lot of stars in Github, but very few people will actually be using it in its old form. It’s soooo old, and Google API-stuff has changed so much.

Be like a bull in a china shop, even though that expression has been discredited. Bulls are actually very careful in china shops, LOL. Either way, the point stands. Go in there and gut Pipulate as much as you need to clear the way to this very important project.

Do it now.