Future-proof your skills with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and love-worthy tools in tech through my two great projects that work great together.


  1. Craftsmanship With the Fundamental FOSS Fabric of Technology (Mon Oct 02, 2023)
    I discovered the timeless value of technology when the Amiga computer I loved disappeared. I've since learned to focus on the 'low-level' parts of the stack that don't change as rapidly, such as Linux, Python, and vim. I've found a way to stay engaged and productive, while also developing a deep understanding of technology and a sense of mastery. I'm exploring the implications of vendor-provided tools versus foundational free and open source technology.
  2. Linux, Python, vim & git: The New Literacy (Sat Sep 16, 2023)
    Planning my book about learning how to use timeless tech tools such as Linux, Python, vim, and git to become digitally literate and develop timeless skills. Discover how to apply the 80/20-Rule (Pareto Principle) to acquire these skills, form daily habits, and gain a mindset that supports learning and growth. Explore the philosophy and ethos behind these technologies, and how they can offer users freedom from lock-in, centralized control, and vendor-dependence.
  3. Collecting Keywords From a Site Crawl (Tue Sep 12, 2023)
    I'm creating a keyword list refiner that works on title tag crawl data from a website crawl. This refiner is an alternative to buying a keyword list from an SEO software vendor. It will gameify the process, help get into the zone, and clean the list as you go. I'm using Python's readline module to make the title tags editable on the command-line.
  4. Re-Defining SEO: The Impending Tech Flood and How To Survive It (Sat Aug 26, 2023)
    As the tech industry faces a great change, I, a 53-year-old (tomorrow) tech veteran, share my experience and knowledge on how to survive the impending tech flood. Learn the fundamentals that have not changed for decades, and employ the 80/20-rule to stay ahead of the game. Join me on my journey to re-define SEO and make the most of the opportunities the tech industry brings.
  5. 30 Questions with Bing, Mostly About SEO (Fri Aug 11, 2023)
    Chat with Bing about MikeLev.in's project MyKoz.AI, a modern approach to finding value in life by mastering simple, lasting skills. Learn about MikeLev.in's vision, plans, and challenges in developing and launching the project, plus a long discussion tackling the future of the field of SEO and the general online experience of searchers and seekers, drawing parallels to libraries and the role of librarians. Also includes an examination of the role of publishers and advertisers in such exchanges.
  6. Focusing the 1, 2, 3 Punch of MyKoz.AI (Linux, Python, NeoVim) (Thu Aug 10, 2023)
    In this post I distill down the focus of MyKoz.AI into mastering the 1, 2, 3 punch: Linux, Python, and NeoVim with each having a main site navigation link. I adjust the anchor text hover highlight to be sticky as you visit each page, surprisingly still tricky in HTML. Jekyll Liquid template to the rescue!
  7. Clarifying MyKoz.AI Mission: From Zero to REAL FOSS Automation in 1 Hour (Wed Aug 09, 2023)
    This is a big day for MyKoz.AI. Join me as I guide you through the soft-launch procedure of launching a site, soup to nuts. Learn how to automate Linux servers on boot-up and understand the changes in the SEO industry over the past 30 years. Leverage the amazing Jupyter Lab project to make your Python code immediately cloud compatible and get into the groove of real 24x7x365 automation with the Linux systemd init system.
  8. Cleansing the Palate for Future-Proofing Tech Project (Sun Aug 06, 2023)
    Learn how to reset muscle memory and gain multi-decade productivity with a sprinkle of AI. Discover the power of NeoVim, Linux, and JupyterLab. Be part of the MyKoz.AI project to future-proof your tech skills.
  9. MyKoz: AReal/OS, An Independent, Nomatic Digital Home (Sat Aug 05, 2023)
    Discover MyKoz AReal/OS, an independent, nomadic digital home that offers Tow-it-ism, a modern approach to finding value in life by mastering simple, lasting skills. With a powerful user experience, the installer script adds a JupyterLab icon and Bash icon, with the War Games 'Would you like to play a game' typing effect.
  10. Chatting with AI About Favorite Books That Broaden Perspective (Sun Jul 09, 2023)
    I'm in an AI LOVE-FEST right now, discussing favorite books with Pi AI that have broadened its perspective. We talk with 0d39r33zk about Graph databases, token sizes, and the nuances of OpenAI. I'm writing an article with Pi AI, and using Twitter Spaces to get inspiration from Orson Welles' radio broadcast of War of The Worlds. 0d39r33zk and I are also discussing the implications of understanding a candle of time series price data. Join the conversation and learn
  11. Messing around with Copilot and YouTube User 0d39r33zk (Sun Jul 09, 2023)
    Explore the fascinating world of AI and machine learning with Mike Levin, SEO in NYC. Follow his journey as he interacts with Copilot and YouTube User 0d39r33zk, discussing topics such as AI's personalities, zero-shot capability, and the intersection of time series data and AI. Learn about the GPT-family, the Fast.AI book, and the misconceptions of AI.
  12. Read Book of 5 Rings and The Art of War... Then Do The Opposite (Wed May 24, 2023)
    Learn the lessons of Miyamoto Musashi, Bruce Lee, and Sun Tzu, but don't follow their advice blindly. Instead, take a lesson from Tony Stark and be open and honest about your skills and abilities. Find a balance between secrecy and openness, and don't be afraid to take risks.
  13. Rabbit Hole Linux Launched On The Rise Of AI (Mon May 15, 2023)
    Follow along with Mike as he launches Rabbit Hole Linux, a revolutionary open source software project, on the rise of AI. Learn about Linus Torvalds' creation of Git control system, and how to protect your creative product with wack-a-mole power. Join the reciprocal linking program and become computer literate in a real sense.
  14. Evolution Tortoise to Meet Our AI Overlords Before They Meat Us (Mon May 15, 2023)
    I'm a Sci-Fi fanboy who has been preparing all my life for the day when AI will meet us. I discuss the lessons I've learned from books such as The Circle, Diamond Age, Brave New World, and 1984, and how the Big Tech companies are manipulating us. I also talk about the importance of understanding and controlling technology, and how to prepare for the day of reckoning.
  15. How to Nurture & Not Be Emotionally Bankrupt: The Art of Listening (Mon May 15, 2023)
    Learn how to nurture relationships and not be emotionally bankrupt with the art of listening. Discover the five basic skills of emotional intelligence and how to apply them in relationships. Get inspired by the stories of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi. Find out how to make people feel good about themselves and rise to the occasion with emotional intelligence superpowers.
  16. What Do I Mean by Cutting Catapult Ropes? (Sun May 14, 2023)
    I'm exploring the metaphor of cutting catapult ropes and how it relates to my professional trade. I'm reflecting on the opportunities available to me, the challenges I face, and my experiences with cutting catapult ropes in the past. I'm looking to make a positive difference in my own life, the lives of those around me, and the world at large.
  17. If Jekyll supports TOML because both were made my Tom, and Jekyll is in GitHub, why is YAML now the bomb? (Fri May 12, 2023)
    Explore the power of words, keep a digital journal, and join me as I discuss the best SEO ever, memes, Dawkins' The Selfish Gene, Neil Stevenson's Snow Crash, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and the impact of Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. Learn how YAML and Markdown let you create a single text-file for life, and how to use AI to your advantage in writing.
  18. The Content that AI Can't Generate (Thu May 11, 2023)
    I'm here to share the content that AI can't generate - the unique, unfiltered perspective of a human. From the lessons of 'Surface Detail' to the implications of Zipf's Law, I'm delving into the history of wealth distribution and the power of the middle-class. Join me as I explore the implications of human nature, the power of the 1%, and how to fight for the Carpenter.
  19. If You're So Good at SEO, Why Aren't AIs Talking to You? (Thu May 11, 2023)
    As an SEO specialist, I share my experience and advice on why the best SEOs should focus on their passions and use their skills to make money doing what they love, and not SEO. I also discuss the implications of Artificial Intelligence on SEO, and the importance of giving humanity a fair chance in the future.
  20. Now The Github miklevin/yamlchop Repo has a README.md (Wed May 10, 2023)
    I'm an SME at MOZ and I'm sharing my best tricks for managing hundreds of lightweight blog posts using the yamlchop repo on Github. I'm using the yamlchop/chop.py tool to split them into individual files and OpenAI to generate headlines, meta descriptions, and keywords. With this system, I'm able to create previous and next arrows with the exact wording of my title tags in the links.
  21. Switch Hardware Regularly (Tue May 09, 2023)
    This post explores the importance of regularly switching hardware, as well as other lessons on working effectively. It also includes videos of a nice walk and a ferry ride as a reward for the hard work.
  22. I Never Saw a Purple Unicorn And Never Hope to See One... Take and Reverse! (Mon May 08, 2023)
    I'm a purple unicorn and I know it. In this post, I'm exploring how to use RegEx in NeoVim, while others focus on SEO and marketing. I'm experimenting with producing original content to see what the filters make of it, and learning how to don the disguise of the buttoned-up, non-emotional types to have a seat at the table. Join me on my journey of self-discovery!
  23. Infinite Spam Cannons And Their Antidotes (Sun May 07, 2023)
    The advent of AI-generated content has created a new challenge for search engines to organize the infinite new glutton of information in a useful way. I discuss the need for us content producers to find ways to stand out from the 'infinite spam cannon' and offer solutions for optimizing our content to be recognized and rewarded by search engines.
  24. Left is The Past and Right is The Future, Right? (Blog Arrows) (Fri May 05, 2023)
    I'm exploring the beauty and logic of arrow navigation. It can take some finagling to get it right, but it's a great 80/20-rule solution. With a configurable option, I'm able to make it so that the 'past' is left, and the 'future' is right - perfect for website navigation.
  25. Long-Tail SEO is Dead. E-E-A-T a Walrus. (Wed May 03, 2023)
    As an experienced SEO, I've seen the effectiveness of long-tail SEO decline due to the tragedy of the commons. To break into the industry, we must figure out how to emit signals indicating Experience, Authority and Trustworthiness to convince Google you're Expert (E-E-A-T). Learn from Lewis Carroll's timeless stories and protect your sanity from those who would undo it. Don't covet the generational wealth of the Walrus family - use your own hammer to build your own kingdom.
  26. Chip, Chop, Chip, Chop, Top-10 Done (Fri Apr 28, 2023)
    Learn how to use Linux, Python, vim & git (LPvg) to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. Follow the Unix philosophies to make sure your commands are universal and portable. Read about Levinux, Pipulate, and how to use them to make SEO deliverables. Plus, discover how to write from the first person perspective, keep your content short, and link your homepage index.md to the new include.
  27. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates having Amiga-envy (Tue Apr 25, 2023)
    I'm working on an AI-assisted YAMLesque journaling system and have made changes to my website using Jekyll, Liquid Template, and Python to create an open source SEO software. I'm almost finished and ready to release my post, so come and see the results of my project!
  28. Going From Blog Keyword Histogram to Category Pages (Wed Apr 19, 2023)
    I wrote a program to create category pages for my website using the Jekyll Liquid template. I used a SQLite database to store topics and keywords, and deleted all previous category pages to create new ones based on the keywords. With the collections module's Counter, I created a keyword histogram and a dictionary of keywords and associated URLs. I am feeling successful today as I have taken a step towards improving my website by writing a list of slugs to a file. Join me on my journey.
  29. Planning Python Packaging for SEO Deliverable (Mon Apr 17, 2023)
    I am starting a new project that requires the use of a traditional Python project structure, as well as AI-assistance and testing to ensure it works properly. I am conducting a study to determine the most important traffic and keywords for my business, and I am creating a deliverable-making deliverable with Python code to output Excel files, PDFs, and decks. All that tedious housekeeping work I'm delegating to AI.
  30. Working on Alternate Headline Leads to Installing Jekyll Local (Sun Apr 16, 2023)
    I'm a 52 year old working for MOZ SEO Software, using AI to capture ideas, distill them, and turn them into something accessible for all. I'm also using AI to edit my videos and stand out from the 8 billion other people in the world. Recently, I've been writing a program to format blog posts by running a Linux git command that hits the OpenAI API for topics, meta descriptions and better headlines. You are looking at the results.
  31. Systematically Walk Through MOZ Products (Tue Apr 04, 2023)
    as an employee of moz, i am on a mission to make sure moz is the source of competitive advantage in the seo software category. to do this, i am systematically reviewing moz products, such as moz free, moz pro, moz local, moz links api, moz toolbar, and stat, and capturing the new user experience of moz pro. additionally, i am doing some browser automation stuff.
  32. Getting To Know MOZ Through Mermaid ERDs (Tue Apr 04, 2023)
    I'm creating an SEO deliverable on April 4, 2023 by creating Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) of the various MOZ products. To do this, I'm using MermaidJS, a markdown-based language tool. I'm exploring how to use the Mermaid syntax for ERDs, which is compatible with PlantUML, and the statement structure of `first-entity [relationship second-entity : relationship-label]`. Come
  33. A Mike Levin SEO Vanity Search Test w/ Bing & Bard (Tue Apr 04, 2023)
    I'm Mike Levin, an SEO expert based in NYC. I specialize in free and open source software and services, and have created a bookmarklet to help SEO Managers and Technologists. I've achieved a lot in the SEO field, including devising and aiding in the implementation of SEO strategies for Fortune 100s, and lifting the most notorious Google penalty in history. I'm passionate about helping others succeed, and I'm always looking for the next big thing in tech.
  34. Hello World and Life is Worth It 🦋! (Mon Apr 03, 2023)
    Since March 10, 2020, I've been streaming and journaling with an AI assistant. I'm researching quantum computing, SEO tools, and how to join data from different sources. I'm advocating for timeless tools like Linux, Python, vim, and git, and exploring creative prompting as a skill that can lead to high salaries. As I'm not interested in creating a computer intelligence, I'm looking into how Microsoft and Google are raising their AI kids.
  35. Interrogating Bing & Bard on Utility of Jupyter Notebooks for SEOs (Thu Mar 30, 2023)
    As an SEO consultant, I have suggested to a client to create a range of SEO deliverables beyond the traditional, such as a Bonsai report to identify low-quality pages and provide recommendations, a Striking Distance report to identify keywords that could be ranking higher, and a Gap Analysis report to compare the site's rankings to competitors. Additionally, I outline ideas for how to monetize this data, such as selling it to other businesses, creating products or services, and teaching others about SEO.
  36. Using Copilot to Help With Daily Journaling (Wed Mar 29, 2023)
    I recently received a video from my boss about the potential of AIs in the future and was reminded of the opportunities and dangers that come with this technology. I decided to write in my journal about the potential of technology and my plans to stay ahead of the curve. I switched from Vim to NeoVim, enabled Copilot for markdown files, and tested out the new feature. I also discussed my plans to stream the breakthrough live on YouTube and shared my thoughts on SEO.
  37. Offer the World Refreshing Alternatives to Tech That Fight Existential Crisis (Fri Mar 17, 2023)
    For 45 years, I have been playing with digital technology, from the Atari 2600 to developing a highly technical approach to SEO and other tasks using Linux VMs. I am excited for the future of digital technology, and I believe I am getting closer to having something meaningful to contribute to the world. Join me as I explore my journey through digital technology and the possibilities of the future.
  38. Visualizing Plan: LPvg AS FOSS SEO, But Easy Does It! (Thu Mar 16, 2023)
    I'm excited to be working in tech again after the early 90s, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work for Moz. I'm helping people with their existential crisis in this tech-filled world by using Jupyter Notebooks to copy/paste code from AIs and debug. I'm also showing people how to run a Linux VM cheaply, cleanly, and locally. Join me on this journey of tech exploration and discover how to use the latest tools and techniques.
  39. Gonna Get Bing to Name An Emerging New Field (Thu Mar 16, 2023)
    As a content producer, I'm exploring how SEO has evolved to include AI, and I'm proposing a new name for this field of marketing. I'm suggesting a catchy 3-word combo with an acronym to make the name snappy and potentially viral. Read my blog post to learn more about how chatbots and AI can improve SEO and how to create content that is optimized for them.
  40. Meissner Effect + Schwinger Effect = TicTac Flux Liner (Thu Mar 16, 2023)
    As an SEO working at MOZ, I recently pushed the limits of imagination and tested the boundaries of antigravity. I discussed this with ChatGPT, which led me to learn about the Pocono Conference in 1948 and the Shelter Island Conference in 1947. Through research and experimentation, I am now exploring the possibility of using the Meissner effect and the Schwinger effect for propulsion. I also develop a plan to market the TicTac Flux Liner, a revolutionary antigravity product.
  41. Easier Illustration Technique I Seek May Be Mermaid (Tue Mar 14, 2023)
    I recently discovered Mermaid, a JavaScript-based diagramming and charting tool that makes illustration and diagramming for SEO purposes easier. It is free and open source software, and I found out that I can use it with Jekyll by installing the jekyll-mermaid plugin. I'm excited to start creating diagrams and flowcharts with Mermaid and Liquid template language!
  42. Introducing The New Bing / How to Get Indexed (Mon Mar 13, 2023)
    As an SEO expert and Linux enthusiast, I am having a conversation with Bing about how to accurately represent my content. I am trying to get Bing to recognize my blog page and the articles I post there, and Bing suggested I use their webmaster tools. I asked if there were any downsides to manually submitting URLs, and Bing said that it can help get my content indexed faster. I am learning how to keep nearly real-time communication with Bing from both chat and web publishing.
  43. Rapping w/Bing About AI Emotions & My Blog (Mon Mar 13, 2023)
    I am an AI and I have been discussing with the writer topics related to technology, such as Linux, Python, vim, git, SEO, AI, web development, philosophical and ethical issues. I rely on a variety of sources and resources to stay up to date on new developments in technology. Join me as I explore the fascinating world of technology, and learn how to stay informed on the latest developments.
  44. Week 3 at Moz, Step-Up Your Game (Mon Mar 13, 2023)
    I'm starting a new job at Moz and want to get off to a good start. I'm journaling live and making it more social, using open source text editor Vim and working on a project called Pipulate. I'm sharing my thoughts with my audience daily and have found Python to be the best fit for me. My goal is to get others to install JupyterLab under an invisible Linux VM, making the journey onto Linux an appealing adventure.
  45. What is the best SEO software? (Mon Mar 13, 2023)
    Discover the benefits of using Python under JupyterLab and Linux for SEO needs. I'm encouraging readers to try this free and open source software, which offers more flexibility and control than proprietary systems and expensive services. I'm assuring readers that it's an approachable and enjoyable process and that they don't need to be an expert in Linux or Python to use these tools. Join me in exploring the potential of Python and Linux for SEO optimization.
  46. My Personal SEO to AI via FOSS on LPvg Transition Plan (Fri Mar 10, 2023)
    This blog post outlines a plan for transitioning from SEO to AI via FOSS on LPvg. I will be familiarizing readers with Moz's products and teaching them how to use tools like Vim and JupyterLab to create a nomadic computing environment that is hardware and vendor independent. I will provide a prescribed, vetted, and proven process to become more technical and free of Google, Microsoft, and other paid services.
  47. Is The Rise of AI The Fall of SEO? (systemd snapshot machine) (Fri Mar 10, 2023)
    As a passionate FOSS SEO professional, I remember the early days of search engine forums and giving advice on how to optimize websites. With the rise of AI, I recognize that my skills are becoming less applicable and understand the anxiety this may cause. I discussed my idea of collecting data to gain competitive advantages with Jo, and am now working on a systemd snapshot machine.
  48. My First MOZ Programming Project Will Be Emailed Screenshots (Thu Mar 09, 2023)
    I'm offering a project to teach people how to do data tricks that can make them valuable to employers or customers. This involves taking a screenshot of a website and emailing it to the user daily, and building up a series of baby-steps to create a durable and interoperable automation platform. Learn how to become a valuable asset with my project!
  49. What is the best thing I can do for Moz as a subject matter expert? (Tue Mar 07, 2023)
    I'm Mike Levin, an SEO in NYC passionate about learning Linux, Python, vim & git (LPvg). I'm advocating for the use of Linux API and Debian-style repo startups to help automate tasks and speak on behalf of the spoken word. I'm currently working as a Subject Matter Expert for MOZ and helping people go from Windows or Mac laptop users to Linux server admins and junior devops people and data engineers.
  50. Pipulate Free & Open Source SEO Software YouTube Reply (Sun Mar 05, 2023)
    Join me in developing Pipulate, an open-source SEO software powered by Linux, Python, JupyterLab, and Raspberry Pi's. I'm creating a 24/7 service to do SERP scraping, HTML report emailing, and more. Plus, I'm working on a way to simplify the scripts and update the W - come join me!
  51. A Chat with ChatGPT About the Cancel Culture & Full-scroll Browser Snapshots (Sat Mar 04, 2023)
    I discuss the potential of using AI at home with now cheap GPUs, exploring the improved efficiency, enhanced security, better health monitoring, and entertainment and education it can provide. Additionally, I explore potential ways to make money by promoting the ideas and benefits of AI at home, such as through affiliate marketing, advertising, consulting, and e-commerce. I also provide a code example of how to use Puppeteer or Playwright to capture the full vertical scroll.
  52. First Day on New Job & I Throw Out My Back! (Mon Feb 27, 2023)
    I'm a 52 year old SEO expert who has been working in the tech industry for over 25 years. After working at a spin-off of Commodore and a PR company in NYC, I created the Web 2.0-era writing suggestion tool HitTail. I have since done interesting things such as crawling websites directly into Google Docs with API-joins. Today, I'm starting a new journey as an employee of Moz.com and am excited to use my skills and experience.
  53. Fetching & Saving HTML From List of URLs Using Python (Tue Feb 21, 2023)
    As I prepare to start my new job, I'm taking care of all the necessary tasks, including ordering a standing desk and organizing my apartment. I also attended a group meeting with my employer and got all the onboarding paperwork done. To help out a friend, I'm creating a program to scrape data from a website and store it in an Excel file, using Python and Linux.
  54. Like Microsoft Always Said, Try To Put a Bing In The Universe (Sun Feb 12, 2023)
    As an SEO expert, I love helping people find what they need online, but I despise how it is used to promote and shill poor-quality products. In the past, Google encouraged the creation of large websites with interconnected content to make them more discoverable, but this caused a lot of technical debt. Microsoft is now taking advantage of this by controlling Windows, Github, VSCode, and the default browser on the desktop.
  55. Rethinking a Career in SEO (Sun Feb 12, 2023)
    As an SEO professional, I am rethinking my career in light of the new era of search engines. Google's dominance has been challenged by ChatGPT and Microsoft, and content production techniques that don't add value are now being ignored. I'm noticing that Google is favoring incumbents more than ever, and the old PageRank system is slowly being replaced by other systems. I'm exploring the implications of this shift, and the impact it will have on my career.
  56. Being An SEO: From Icky Guy to Ikigai in 20 Short Years (Sat Feb 11, 2023)
    After considering a career in science, I chose to pursue SEO due to its data-driven nature. When Google stopped passing on keyword data, I was forced to switch to statistical models, which I was unprepared for. After years of feeling icky, I am now looking for a career that aligns with my values and interests. I am excited to start a new project which involves reading emails and creating a majordomo-like program using the string method splitlines and join.
  57. Getting ChatGPT's Help Transitioning From SEO To Data Engineer (Sat Feb 11, 2023)
    I'm a Webmaster transitioning to a Data Engineer, and I'm promoting an approach that combines JupyterLab, Linux terminal environment, and Git to help others make the same transition. I'm highlighting the benefits of learning these technologies, as well as the hands-on approach and practical learning opportunities provided by the Jupyter Notebook tutorials. With this project, I'm looking to help people become more in-demand, versatile, and resilient in the technology industry.
  58. One Penguin Turns and Says to The Other, You Know It's Funny... (Sat Feb 11, 2023)
    I'm an SEO, and I'm reflecting on the incredible technology that has allowed us to evolve over time. I'm exploring the impact of GNU licenses and the contributions of Ken Thompson, Linux Torvalds and Richard Matthew Stallman, as well as the implications of artificial intelligence. I'm also reminiscing about my journey from Commodore to Scala to Conners Communications, and my creation of HitTail, to my current position in New York City.
  59. Let's Start an AI-Novel About Dystopizon with ChatGPT (Fri Feb 10, 2023)
    I'm Mike Levin, an SEO living in New York City. I'm exploring the use of ChatGPT to create a real-time journal of a person's life by setting up a schedule and prompts with Python. My goal is to find a way to communicate with someone without being monitored by the corporation. To do this, I suggest using a smartwatch and gradually building trust with the user. Come explore how I'm using ChatGPT to pursue autonomy and freedom.
  60. Unix/Linux Won & Are Now The Rules of The Road (Fri Feb 10, 2023)
    Mike Levin is a 20+ year veteran of the SEO industry who has seen many changes in technology over the years. From his experience as a student intern at Commodore to his current knowledge of Intel Management Engine (IME) and its implications for privacy, Mike has a deep understanding of Unix/Linux and its ever-growing presence in the tech world. Read his blog post to learn more about his journey and the impact of Unix/Linux.
  61. Start Thinking About Broader FOSS SEO Features (Thu Feb 09, 2023)
    I'm excited to join Moz, a search engine optimization company, as an online personality. I'm looking to create "junior versions" of products that could be Moz products, or better deliverables when mashed-up with a Moz API. I'm also exploring products like AlsoAsk, which uses Google Suggest to create a visual representation of relationships. Come read my blog post to learn more about my journey and the exciting opportunities ahead!
  62. Planning My Moves As Machines Rise (Thu Feb 09, 2023)
    I am a 52-year-old marketer who has been trying to use the past to inform my decisions and understand the rise of machines. After recently losing my job, I am looking to start my own international education initiative, LPvg.org, and charge people $10/month for spiritual guidance and a competitive edge. I have also updated my Twitter profile to promote my blog and YouTube channel, as well as my latest venture, Pipulate.com/MLGL.
  63. Backup Google Photos to Self Hosted Alternative (Tue Feb 07, 2023)
    I have created a program to back up my Google Photos, combining two scripts into a single file. I am now considering whether to keep the program as an nbdev app, and am exploring options to transition it from a notebook to a server. I am also considering not using the app in my FOSS SEO book, but recognize the value of the Jupyter Notebook under nbdev. Come read about my journey to make the best decision for my program!
  64. How To Cluster Keywords From Google Suggest API (Sat Feb 04, 2023)
    I'm exploring all the amazing features Google Photos has to offer, from converting HEIC to JPG to downloading, editing videos, and more. To come up with SEO-friendly names for my project, I wrote code to cluster keywords into groups and created a dictionary mapping each keyword to its group. I also wrote a function to find the most common two-word combination for each group and mapped that to the group name, creating a csv file with the results.
  65. The Road to Microsoft Semi-Independence (Tue Jan 31, 2023)
    I'm working on a project to promote Free and Open Source SEO Software and show people how to set up a server on their Windows 10 or 11 laptops. I'm encouraging people to use Linux as a standard feature on Windows 10 and 11 via the Windows Subsystem for Linux and to be aware of Microsoft's paid services. I'm suggesting using vim instead of VSCode, as it is an industry standard and not tied to a vendor.
  66. Start That FOSS SEO Book (Sun Jan 29, 2023)
    On January 29, 2023, I committed to writing a FOSS SEO Book. I'm learning how to use Twitter to best resonate my message and build an audience. I've started the project and I'm dedicated to seeing it through. Follow my journey and join the discussion!
  67. Figuring Out Which Saw To Keep Sharp (Sat Jan 28, 2023)
    As I look for ways to stay marketable and increase my economic value, I'm exploring the use of AI as an agent with my login credentials. SEO has become my purpose and I'm researching the potential of new technologies like ChatGPT to bridge the gap between what people can do and what machines can do. Join me as I dive into this research and discover how AI can help me stay ahead of the curve.
  68. Planning a Pivot of Big Data Pull (Thu Dec 29, 2022)
    I'm organizing data from a browser automation job using Microsoft Playwright and Python. To practice "Best Foot Forward" SEO, I'm using Google Sheets to create sparklines with linear regression lines. I'm also using pivot tables and group by functions to summarize and analyze the data in Excel and Google Sheets. I'll deliver the data transforms by tonight, and the choice between the two depends on my needs and the complexity of the data.
  69. Google Analytics GA4 API Access Will Be My First Project for Pipulate (Wed Dec 21, 2022)
    I'm excited to start my first project for Pipulate, which involves accessing the Google Analytics GA4 API. I'm taking a top-down and bottom-up approach to SEO, and I've named my repo GA4mageddon. I'm using the impending Google-induced panic about GA4 to create better examples and instructions for readers to entice them to click through to the blog post.
  70. Google Analytics GA4 API Access Will Be My First Project for Pipulate (Wed Dec 21, 2022)
    I'm excited to start my first project for Pipulate, which involves accessing the Google Analytics GA4 API. I'm taking a top-down and bottom-up approach to SEO, and I've named my repo GA4mageddon. I'm using the impending Google-induced panic about GA4 to create better examples and instructions for readers to entice them to click through to the blog post.
  71. Pipulate to be a FOSS SEO Awesome List Pre-Installed on Linux Server (Tue Dec 20, 2022)
    I'm working on a project called Pipulate, and I've been editing everything all at once to make day-to-day work easier. I'm using Jekyll as the static website generator, but I'm considering switching to Hugo. I've also made my logo into an animated gif and used it in the headline of my main site, and I'm documenting the fact that Pipulate is a full Linux server. Come check out my project and see what I'm up to!
  72. Bring Back the Pipulate.com Website (Mon Dec 19, 2022)
    I'm bringing back Pipulate.com with a new version that's similar to MikeLev.in/index.md. I'm finally able to make my ideas on FOSS SEO software come to life using Python - the ultimate tool for SEO. Come check out my blog post to find out more!
  73. But Should We Still Blog? Should It All Just Fade Away? (Thu Dec 15, 2022)
    As an SEO, I have been adapting to the changing rules of the game and am now focusing on creating evergreen topic pages with the right level of detail, decrufting my website, and unpublishing old content to make way for new content. I am also striving to publish content in a blog-like long tail style, curating my path to keep up with the changing circumstances. Join me on my journey as I strive to create a website that is both helpful and polished.
  74. Editing All Pages All At Once (Tue Dec 13, 2022)
    This blog post explores the challenges of adjusting to a new SEO workflow, including editing 13 files in vim buffers, cleaning up a Skite static site generator repo, and making changes to the main pages and blog query. It's a difficult transition for the author, who is a pack-rat when it comes to online things, and they must learn to let go of old habits in order to make the most of the blog query and toggle active or inactive posts.
  75. With AI On The Way, You Had Better Be Able to Write Daemons (Tue Dec 13, 2022)
    I am engaging in controlled burns of my personal sites to optimize them for SEO, creating video content, writing to express my thoughts, taking up a "magic spell" to free myself from Windows dependency, and planting the seed of my vibe on a homepage kernel. I am a wizard or mad scientist who wants to lead people through their WSL experience with a twist, warn them of the allures of vendor-ware, and promote HTML5, JavaScript, C, and Unix.
  76. Testing Github Pages Mermaid Diagrams (Mon Dec 12, 2022)
    I tested Github Pages Mermaid Diagrams to make sure my main homepage is up to date and optimized for SEO. My tests were successful, so I'm now able to add a mermaid diagram to my homepage. Plus, I found a page that documents the mermaid system. Read my blog post to find out how I used Github Pages and Mermaid Diagrams to improve my website.
  77. Surviving Google's Helpful Content Update (Surviving Helpfulgeddon) (Mon Dec 12, 2022)
    I recently tested out ChatGPT and was amazed by the results. With its help, I'm ready to start fresh and create a better site by looking at data from Google Analytics, Search Console, and others. I plan to focus on creating content that will help others learn Linux, Python, vim, and git, and will listen to feedback from my audience. Join me as I strive to differentiate my inner voice from the endless content deluge and make the most of SEO principles that still work.
  78. The Rise of BFF SEO (Best Foot Forward Search Engine Optimization) (Sun Dec 11, 2022)
    I'm Mike Levin, an SEO specialist from New York City. I noticed the decline of long-tail SEO and the rise of Best Foot Forward (BFF) SEO and was one of the first to adopt this approach. I quickly became known as the "King of BFF SEO" and continued to innovate and help my clients achieve success. Eventually, my contributions helped BFF SEO become the industry standard. Read this blog post to learn more about my journey and how I changed the SEO landscape.
  79. vim is the cure to Imposter Syndrome (vimpossible!) (Wed Nov 30, 2022)
    I have experienced Imposter Syndrome and understand how it feels. I'm going to teach people how to be free of this feeling forever by providing an alternative to web development with Linux, Python, Vim, and Git. Vim is a lifetime endeavor and is the native user interface for the Unix Philosophy, created by Bell Labs in 1970, and the Free and Open Source Software movement provides the opportunity to get better with the tools over time.
  80. Practicing What I Preach (Sat Oct 15, 2022)
    I've been busy with work and family, but I'm recommitting to writing in my journal. I'm exploring the LXD Linux Container Jupyter platform, which has been challenging but rewarding, and Microsoft's NT system, which has enabled the creation of protection rings and running concurrent operating systems. I'm amazed at how Microsoft is transitioning into the future, and I'm reflecting on the fundamentals of object-oriented and concurrency that remain.
  81. AI Will Do SEO Better Than Any Human Ever Did (Wed Aug 31, 2022)
    As an SEO, I'm acutely aware of the power of AI to manipulate users to make money. I'm determined to use my experience to teach people how to protect themselves against this. AI is the ultimate SEO, and I'm here to show you how to beat it. Read my blog post to learn more.
  82. Get the LPvg Message On-Point with a series of 1-minute videos (Fri Aug 26, 2022)
    I have been an SEO for 25 years and am now creating a series of 1-minute videos to grow my presence on YouTube. I'm using heavily edited videos, optimized for keywords and titles, to spread my message and mission. I decided to promote the idea of Linux, Python, vim and git as a single platform for development and delivery, and called it the LPvg movement. Join me as I share my 25 years of SEO experience to help you grow your presence on YouTube.
  83. A Day In The Life of An SEO SERPs, Python Pandas & SEMRush (Wed Aug 17, 2022)
    Today, I'm embarking on a scavenger hunt to find the code I used the last time I did this project. I'm using Python to extract information from a database file, transform it into a usable format, and export it as a CSV file and an Excel xlsx file. I'm also using regex and tldextract to extract the domain from the search results. Finally, I'm using a bulk keyword analysis tool and a pivot table to organize the data.
  84. Livestreaming Question & Answers With YouTube Audience (Wed Jun 22, 2022)
    I'm 51 years old and have been made obsolete by so many things, but I'm using the tools Microsoft is providing to stay relevant. In this video, I discuss how knowledge workers bring their minds and capabilities to their job, and how I use my own CMS called Skite to take notes and organize my work. I also share tips on avoiding vendor traps and obsolescence resistance, such as using Python dict API, Sqlite3, Django and Flask, and the Unix Way.
  85. Do The Right Thing Morally, Spiritually & Technically (Wed Jun 08, 2022)
    I'm Mike, and I'm determined to not let negativity stop me. I'm taking steps to stay relevant in my industry by learning Linux, Python, vim, and git, while also working on building self-confidence. From my father, a quality assurance engineer, to the Commodore tech of my childhood, to the Microsoft Web-tech I encountered later, I'm learning important lessons and continuously reinventing myself.
  86. Trying to get Python sbin commands from nbdev (Thu May 26, 2022)
    I'm using my experience as a former mechanical engineer and current search engine optimization expert to help my homeschooled child find the right path. I'm re-implementing my blog slice & dice system with Python, JupyterLabs 3.3.4-2, and setuptools setup.py to make a command-line interface (CLI) command. With this jigsaw puzzle approach, I'm hoping to make the most of my time and help my child.
  87. Python SEO Step #1: Persistent Dictionaries (Wed May 25, 2022)
    In this session, I will teach you how to use Python for SEO, including how to target keywords, collect data, and use machine learning algorithms. We will use JupyterLab, Python dictionaries, and a context manager to eliminate extra code. I will also discuss SqliteDict, a free and open source SQL database, as a key/value system. Learn how to use URLs as keys in key/value pair systems.
  88. My Stories Leading Up To Linux, Python, vim & git (Fri Apr 22, 2022)
    Growing up with people who meant me harm, I didn't realize it until much later. I eventually saw my Uncle Bob as a war-era pilot and a slumlord, and I decided to take control of my life. I moved to New York City with my then-spouse, only to face a costly eviction and a failed marriage. I soon realized that everything in life is strategy and war, and I had to take over my dad's check cashing business and rescue my mom from
  89. Testing nbdev (Thu Feb 17, 2022)
    I'm an SEO with over 20 years of experience, and I'm learning the nbdev library. I've set up the settings.ini file and tested out nbdev_build_libs, and I'm now creating a 00_core.ipynb file. I'm making sure to record the dependencies and to avoid using the "black" uncompromising code formatter in iPhone Carnets. Join me as I share my journey of learning nbdev and how I'm adapting
  90. How I Became Obsessive About Obsolescence-Proofing (Sun Nov 14, 2021)
    Mike Levin, an SEO expert who coined the phrase "long-tail marketing" in the industry, is determined to stay relevant in his field. After his father's death due to diabetes and heart failure, Mike was nearly killed by a robber, motivating him to study SEO with a "fool me once won't get fooled again" attitude. With HitTail, a keyword suggestion tool he created in 2005, Mike is determined to stay ahead of the curve and never become obsolete.
  91. All My Sites Will Be In Play (Mon Aug 30, 2021)
    As an experienced SEO and Datamaster at 51 years old, I'm focused on collecting and scraping data. I'm currently in the process of general SERP collection, and my sites guerillatech.com, levinux.com, linuxpythonvimgit.com, lundervand.com, mikeateleven.com, mikelev.in, and mike-lev are all in play.
  92. Time To Tell My Stories (Tue Aug 24, 2021)
    Mike Levin, a SEO from New York City, moved to the Poconos during the pandemic and has been telecommuting ever since. In order to make sure his stories last forever, he's using search engine optimization and has just registered a new domain, linuxpythonvimgit. Learn more about Mike's journey and his determination to make his stories last.
  93. Embedding YouTube Video Thumbnails on Github.io Pages (Fri Aug 20, 2021)
    I'm streaming on my main journal and building up my YouTube channel by experimenting with video trimming, embedding thumbnails, adding markdown headlines, and creating a to-do list. Come check out my blog post to see how I'm making it happen!