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Considering Generating a 100% AI Site From Google Suggest

by Mike Levin

Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Let’s create a site that’s 100% AI-generated just for the experience. I’m going to use 100% free tools and perhaps even have a little manual involvement at first. Let’s assume I’m not even coming with particular topics in mind. Let’s let online tools guide us. How do we even start? Well, we need a hosted site. For that I’ll use Github Pages. It uses the Jekyll static site generator. I’ll throw the domain guerillatech.com to the cause.

Okay, let’s use the markdown and css from Pipulate.com. That’s pretty stripped-down and a good starting point. Alright, the template files are in place but not really even a template yet. Go strip them down to bare minimum fast.

Okay, set it’s Google Analytics code. It’s called a Measurement ID now. Strip out the old site logo. Okay, filled in some basic content suggested by Google Suggest and some content created by ChatGPT, but I’m about running out of steam for today. Think about carrying out a public project that uses Google Suggest and keyword clustering to identify the topics, then ChatGPT to write the on-page content, and some sort of scraping tool to come up with what successful competitors are doing on the same keywords.

This project may stall out depending on how the next week or so goes. I’ve got a number of possible discretionary projects to take on and they’ve got to be the best ones to set me up for my next professional opportunity. Generating content out of ChatGPT and things like it are what anyone can do. Focus on stuff that has a slightly higher barrier to entry and which is still of great public interest. Choose one of them and take it to best-in-the-world status.