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Every Little Thing gets done (ELTgd) Leads to More Epic Days

On Juneteenth of 2022, I had a productive day full of accomplishment and pleasure. I wrote a difficult letter to my ex, created a sub-arrow system for my Jekyll and GitHub Pages static site generator, enjoyed a hot bath and a meal at the local diner, interacted with my YouTube audience, and created one of my best videos ever. I was reminded that life is what we make of it, and that everything after a certain point is of my own choosing.

ELTgd: Juneteenth 2022 - A Day of Accomplishment, Pleasure, and Self-Realization.

By Michael Levin

Monday, June 20, 2022

My precious time-off from work time on this Monday the Juneteenth of 2022 are rapidly winding down. I pulled off some things I previously thought impossible in my mind.

I shit you not, this was a most excellent day. I’ve interacted with my YouTube audience even though I have not livecast in a number of days. I pushed out one of my best videos ever: This is the way the world is saved, not with a bang but a whimper that talks about Alan Turing’s not-told-enough story.

By external measures, things should probably be getting me down. But I know how to exercise my uniquely human facilities and marshal my endless internal energies and skills. Writings like this would be a good example. Lead by example.

Don’t be a sourpuss and don’t assign blame. Don’t rain down pessimism on everyone around you looking for the next reason it’s not your fault. Everything in your life past a certain point is of your own choosing. The line demarcating that point is blurred and dim, but that’s no excuse either.

So what now? I’m waiting for some reports to generate for work to double-check some numbers. When it’s done running, I’m going to pull up the Web user interface for the same report and create a screenshot to go side-by-side with the Google Sheets-based dashboard. Okay, that’s done.

Back to what you want and need to think about. Hmmm. Almost everything is done, but not quite. I need to add support for categories to skite. If ELTgd (Every Little Thing gets done) then I need to finish this out, or this little thing isn’t really done. Dependency-blocking… yeah, one thing is almost done but it depends on another thing and another thing and so on down the chain so that not even one little thing can get done. Don’t let that happen. 1, 2, 3… 1?

Look at the 10_slice.ipynb code. Look at the most convenient place to inject the support and HOW you’re going to test it. Think! Okay, put in some category data on MikeLev.in (this file).