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Flattening The Curve of AI & Free Energy

This blog post explores the impact of AI on our world and how it can be leveraged to create cheap, clean energy and new technologies. I discuss the need to flatten the curve of these changes and suggest using memetic hacking to shape the future. I explain how decisions must be made based on approximations and how AI will allow us to solve problems in a fraction of the time. I conclude by exploring the potential of fusion as a viable option for the future.

Exploring The Impact of AI and How to Flatten the Curve of Change

By Michael Levin

Friday, December 30, 2022

This article is about human consciousness, and how to survive the coming craziness about to be wrought upon our world with AI. Let’s start with the fact, sentient or not, it’s pretty cool to have a flashlight that could analyze a bridge for collapse-danger without you yourself needing the expertise. At very least, learned-skill devices are here. Society’s about to be transformed.

Remember all that talk about flattening the curve with quarantine when COVID-19 broke? Well, AI means cheap, clean energy at very least because rapid iteration through and optimizations of designs is a machine learning sweet-spot. And that’s what it’s going to take to bottle-up a star-in-a-jar for fusion (a.k.a. cheap, clean, limitless energy). It’s inevitable, but society and the top 1% aren’t ready, so the curves, they are a flattenin’.

That is, the radical existential crises you will be forced to deal with through new discoveries and disclosures on a day-to-day basis will be minimized to a levels below those that would induce the collapse of society. We are in the countdown to:

And so now is the time to comment on this, make predictions and perchance to help shape the future through memetic hacking, like SciFi writers do. The time is ripe for a few well designed and intelligently released “mind viruses”. Here’s one: LPvg. I LOve Linux, Python, vim & git as eternal tools whose licensing allows your coding them into you genes and other epigenetically transmitted traits, like running systems or the magic words required to instantiate new ones from hereditary archives.

Are we talking the Dune generational memory here? Yeah, a little bit. Insofar as you can encode the memories into digital format. So it includes all forms of media, plus the very important category of running-system images or snapshots or build-instructions. While running data centers in a shoebox become

Most of the time when you get something right, it should sing out with rightness. This is how you make continual micro-adjusts to your decisions, snap-decisions using broad sweeping stokes, because knowing everything down to initial conditions to make a fully calculated decision is nigh impossible. You can’t see down the atom, nor calculate the outcomes of multiple complex systems.

So we have to make approximations based on everything we have encountered in life before. But living at human scale as we do, everything we encounter and interact with is statistical in nature. Waveforms are collapsing around you, actualizing potential and presenting to you your world as it exists for you. This does not make me a solipsist. It makes me… maybe Hindu.

We life in a focused snapshot of blurred possibilities. Everybody else you know, and all others too are spread out as clustered dots on the surface of another big dot called Earth which is in a galaxy that’s itself one dot in a galactic cluster that spreads out through tendrils of a space-web that looks much like the neurons in our brain, and also slime mold.

We’re understanding a thing or two, and we’re getting a lot of things right now, finally — as you can see through the rapid rise of Machine Learning, more sexily coined AI. Okay, okay AI. I’ve been beaten into accepting it by the media and culture. But remember in you’re heads, we’re really talking about “machine learning” in practical sense for the foreseeable future. But that’s quite enough to cause the future to be unforeseeable, because AI. Neat, huh?

With the type of rapid design iteration that ML/AI make possible, certain solutions should take only 30 days or 30 hours that used to be projected at 30 years. Take a magnetic containment system for fusion for example. A sustained star-in-a-jar is not possible today because