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Getting To Know MOZ Through Mermaid ERDs

I'm creating an SEO deliverable on April 4, 2023 by creating Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) of the various MOZ products. To do this, I'm using MermaidJS, a markdown-based language tool. I'm exploring how to use the Mermaid syntax for ERDs, which is compatible with PlantUML, and the statement structure of `first-entity [relationship second-entity : relationship-label]`. Come

Creating SEO Deliverables with MermaidJS and ERDs on April 4, 2023

By Michael Levin

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

For this next step, I will create an SEO “deliverable” of the type I might do in an SEO agency, or even a company looking at who is doing well out there in terms of Web traffic.

Think in terms of ERD (entity relationship diagrams) of the various MOZ products, without getting too deep into the weeds. And without giving away anything as a MOZ employee, though I haven’t learned enough to know anything different than you would through the standard product interfaces.

Standard product interfaces, you say?

List ‘em…

I needed to have a visual language tool that wasn’t Visio and all that proprietary desktop software. Even FOSS desktop WYSIWYG is too much overhead. I just want to slam out markdown and have ERD diagrams, so MermaidJS looks like the way to go. This is the sample ERD diagram from their interactive web designer:

erDiagram CUSTOMER }|..|{ DELIVERY-ADDRESS : has CUSTOMER ||--o{ ORDER : places CUSTOMER ||--o{ INVOICE : "liable for" DELIVERY-ADDRESS ||--o{ ORDER : receives INVOICE ||--|{ ORDER : covers ORDER ||--|{ ORDER-ITEM : includes PRODUCT-CATEGORY ||--|{ PRODUCT : contains PRODUCT ||--o{ ORDER-ITEM : "ordered in"

Mike Levin: what is the erd symbol system for mermaid js such as one to one, one to many and the like?

Bing: Mermaid syntax for ER diagrams is compatible with PlantUML, with an extension to label the relationship. Each statement consists of the following parts: <first-entity> [<relationship> <second-entity> : <relationship-label>]¹.

Here are some examples of how to use it:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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I now need to know the ERD symbols. Found them on https://plantuml.com/ie-diagram

Type Symbol  
Zero or One o–  
Exactly One ||–  
Zero or Many }o–  
One or Many }

And let’s talk about the entities that exist in the field of SEO:

erDiagram SERPS Keywords Links