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OpenAI Category Pages Nearly Done

I'm nearly finished creating category pages for my website using Jekyll's YAML-like front matter, and I'm using a Python-based YAML validator to make sure I don't make any mistakes. I'm also lemmatizing keyword groups and picking categories from a top-N list to limit the number of categories. I just need to make the category pages look better, have the correct titles and descriptions, and use the most common proper case.

Nearly Finished Enhancing My Website with Jekyll's YAML-based Category Pages

By Michael Levin

Friday, April 21, 2023

Wow, so the old keystrokes I use for New Journal Entry and Add Headline are still the ones I use now, but the @h macro command for Headline is now for Header data, because that’s what Jekyll’s YAML-like front matter really is. That was a big realization, and once I had it I was able to use a Python-based YAML validator at just the right point to keep me from having to figure out my YAML-format mistakes on the Gihtub site during the Github.io publishing step.

I need to insert category pages. But I need to limit the number of categories for the site overall. I do have that place already where I choose the top-N (usually set to 100) keywords based on a frequency count. The keywords are lemmurized, so they group up into single, unique categories best. I can get that top-categories list during site generation (and basically do already), but the trick is to have each post pick just those categories out of that list to which it belongs.

Okay, classic task in my field. I’m moving the lemmatizing to earlier in the process so that keyword groups are lemmatized keys. Slick.

Okay, category pages are almost done. It’s going well. Release this post and get onto follow-up issues, like: