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Reverting WSL2 From Ubuntu 20.04 to 18.04 To Get LXD Containers Working

I recently explored the process of downgrading Ubuntu 20.04 to 18.04 under WSL2, as well as concepts such as LXD, venv, virtualenv, tmux, screen, and Python. I discussed the importance of good fixed-file-location habits, and how LXD is similar to venv/virtualenv in terms of packaging dependencies. I also compared Docker and LXD.

Learning New Technologies: Exploring WSL2, LXD, venv, virtualenv, tmux, screen, and Python

By Michael Levin

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

In a previous video, I Charlie Brown kicked at the football… and missed. In the voice of Lucy:

Oh, Charlie Brown. When will you stop trying to win the prize?

NEVER! Just don’t chase the rabbit forever.

Improving Backoff & Retry Methodology

Figure out what backoff and retry in this case properly means. I’m not alone in wanting this. Others have explored this particular Wonderland. Figure out how to walk in their footsteps.

Make the above the beginning to a new video!


(py310) ubuntu@LunderVand:/mnt/c/Users/mikle/github$ sudo lxd internal error, please report: running “lxd” failed: timeout waiting for snap system profiles to get updated

Ah, information! That helps. But get straight the documentation you’re going to be following. Make this primarily about:

https://wsl.dev/wsl2-lxd-funtoo/ https://blog.simos.info/how-to-run-lxd-containers-in-wsl2/

After all this, it may still be a colossal fail! Let the world see you try to kick that football Charlie Brown!

Don’t be embarrassed!

The Methodology of venv, VirtualEnv and LXC / LXD

LXD is like Docker, but part of Linux proper.

LXD is the Container system allowing virtual machine-like Linux instances but better because they are faster and more efficient (sharing host machine’s kernel i.e. resoures). It comes from the Unix chroot command, but is much more user friendly now.

Put your keys back in place so that git cloning works, and you get your stuff back!

.vimrc Key work repos (git repositories, usually off of Github)

ZFS is better because the old Sun Microsystems is generally better at everything than everyone. Research OpenSolaris (or just Solaris) and ZFS in particular. It was designed for nearly zero- compromise against data-loss.

The OS tied truly to the hardware is special. The OSes tied to virtual machine management layers are interchangable and more flakey.

Good fixed-file-location habits… you’ll never wonder where that that thing is again!

There’s no place like ~/github

Docker won… in a lot of place. Better for resume. However Docker is not an official part of Unix. LXD is core Linux knowledge now… Docker isn’t.

LXD is just like venv or virtualenv… it’s just about packaging dependencies and keeping play-work from polluting your important main OS.

Think about Python without venv or virtualenv… it’s unthinkable.

WSL2 installs on Windows 11 easily… not so on Windows 10, so my Pied Piper message of easy wsl –install ONLY WORKS if you’re on Windows 11. Why?

Windows 10 makes you (too much for the average user):

On Windows 11, you just type:

wsl --install

…and it does all the above steps.

tmux vs screen screen is part of the official GNU command set (every Unix or Linux has it)

LXD (if not today then in the near future) is always there. It’s generic tech.

Generic tech (as unsexy as it sounds) is ALWAYS better than fad du jour.

Python is better than JavaScript… huh?

Python has replaced PERL in Linux default distros… more important than JavaScript in a browser because browsers are just one API (to humans). Linux is the API to EVERYTHING. Python is the new Unix Bash Script.

Timeless LXD… timeless.

3 Timeslots you might catch me:

~8:00 AM EST before work ~12:00 PM Noon EST (lunch) ~6:00 PM - *wildcard (whenever I’m inspired)

I plan on getting new *nix commands “into my fingers”… that means it’s ready to use any moment of your life from now forward… no question of whether it’s there. No questions of how it works or whether it might ever let you down. No, it’s now like it’s part of your body.

As an in-house SEO very happy where I am, I don’t have to pander to the resume keywords… I can develop my skills how I like… Kubernetes

Heavyweight tech liability, both on the actual hardware (even if cloud) and in your mind. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB… because mikey likey sqlite.

SQLite good

I’d be on venv full-time, except all sample code uses virtualenv