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When Are We Not Adapting to New Realities?

by Mike Levin

Monday, December 05, 2022

Getting started with a new day. Excited about midnight tonight when the next and last book of the ExForce SciFi series starting Skippy, the AI, comes out. My place is still a mess. Didn’t do as much as I had planned over the weekend because I was watching Criag of the Creek along with Adi, for which I am glad. I like having similar taste in TV programs as my kid, at least on the cartoon-front.

Okay, let’s get to work. Another day, another expansion to… do I really want to market it as “DinkMe” Linux when I have the perfectly good and ought-to-be-reused Pipulate to work with. I should probably retire it in PyPi.org, especially if I reuse it in this way. Think! I could always update the pipulate library. Make it what mlseo was sort of becoming, but this is better than than that because I own the domain, it’s a made-up word, and it doesn’t imply machine learning SEO, which I should also be addressing, but each thing in time.

On the other hand, DrinkMe does have that strong Alice in Wonderland adventure connotation. It also plays off of a bit of groundwork I put in with Levinux.

Let’s get through the tooling and infrastructure part of… of what? A sort of modern Noah’s Ark platform. A basic unit of Linux-computing, now courtesy of Microsoft. Just don’t lose those systemd services to stupid Microsoft decisions to freeze Linux services in the background. Yup. Microsoft has decided to freeze Linux services in the background and this really puts a damper on my plans to always run Jupyter Server that way.

Every vendor product is trying to lure you into a dependency.

Everyone with an alternative to local Jupyter