Future-proof your skills with Linux, Python, vim & git as I share with you the most timeless and love-worthy tools in tech through my two great projects that work great together.


  1. Craftsmanship With the Fundamental FOSS Fabric of Technology (Mon Oct 02, 2023)
    I discovered the timeless value of technology when the Amiga computer I loved disappeared. I've since learned to focus on the 'low-level' parts of the stack that don't change as rapidly, such as Linux, Python, and vim. I've found a way to stay engaged and productive, while also developing a deep understanding of technology and a sense of mastery. I'm exploring the implications of vendor-provided tools versus foundational free and open source technology.
  2. Coding, Keyboards and Literacy (Mon Sep 04, 2023)
    As literacy is continuously redefined, coding is becoming more and more important. To become proficient in coding, touch-typing on a full-sized QWERTY keyboard is essential. I propose that learning to type is a necessary step and provides a great escape from mobile addiction. Laptops are a bridge between two worlds, allowing you to use free and open source software without depending on Google, Apple or Microsoft.
  3. Journal Daily. Learn vim by Journaling. Similar Tricks for Python & Linux (Fri Sep 01, 2023)
    Learn to use Vim, Python, and Linux with journaling and personal projects. Develop timeless skills to stay ahead of the rapidly changing tech world. Increase creativity and gain wisdom with journaling and mindfulness. Use tools to foster creative thought and self-expression. Find the best platform to become known for one thing and make a compelling pitch.
  4. Skipping The Web Frameworks For a More Fundamental Approach to Dev (Sat Aug 26, 2023)
    I'm exploring a more fundamental approach to web development, skipping the web frameworks and focusing on muscle memory, Linux, Python, vim, and git. I'm combining these tools to create the MyKoz project, an automated video recording system of ChatBot responses. I'm also utilizing nbdev to help me with this project.
  5. A Path to Eventual Computing Freedom Through Linux on Windows (Sat Aug 26, 2023)
    As a tech enthusiast, I understand the importance of having control over my computing experience. I've seen how the industry has shifted away from user control, but I believe that Linux on Windows can help us reclaim our freedom. With the right tools, we can take advantage of Microsoft's inclusion of Linux to be more productive and regain the control we lost. MyKoz.AI is a great way to start the journey to eventual computing freedom.
  6. Adding WebDev to MyKoz.AI with uvicorn ASGI Python Webserver (Fri Aug 25, 2023)
    I added webdev to MyKoz.AI with uvicorn ASGI Python webserver. Follow the steps I used to add another monitorable service running through GNU screen that opens new possibilities. This sets the stage for writing a sample HTMX app.
  7. Jekyll Minimum Layout Default HTML Stripped Down for Github Pages (Thu Aug 10, 2023)
    Learn how to create a small static website with Jekyll and Github Pages. I'm taking a minimalist approach, stripping away the unnecessary JavaScript and CSS frameworks and coding up a styles.css file by hand. I'm also documenting the process, so you can follow along and launch your own site.
  8. Be Mickey. Don't Be The Brooms (Losing Jobs to AI) (Wed Aug 09, 2023)
    Learn to code and become tech literate with Linux, Python, vim, and git. Don't be a victim of AI - be Mickey Mouse and animate the brooms to do your bidding! MyKoz.AI is an easy and gameified way to get started and become a pro in a few months.
  9. I'm Building Better Blogging to Replace a Bygone Era (Wed May 10, 2023)
    I'm building better blogging to replace a bygone era of CMSes like WordPress, MovableType, and Squarespace. I'm testing my first plugin in NeoVim to make ASCII art easier and exploring the wonders of static site generators to remove dependence on back-end tools. I'm also looking at the power of YAML, Markdown, and Liquid template systems to create perfectly optimized pages for SEO.
  10. Why Markdown? Why YAML? Why They're Great Together! (Thu May 04, 2023)
    In this article, I discuss why I chose to use Markdown and YAML together for my 1-textfile-for-life system. I explain why Markdown is popular and why YAML is a great serialization format that is human-readable. I also discuss the benefits of using a static site generator like Jekyll and how YAMLchop can help with creating a 1000-page site from 1 file. Finally, I explore how to render the markdown.
  11. 1 Text-file Journal For Life as Important as Formal Education (Mon May 01, 2023)
    I'm a 52-year-old technology generalist who has been exploring the noosphere, the world of ideas and creativity. I've been building up my internal tools, such as Linux, Python, vim and git, to create potential. I'm now combining YAML and Markdown to create a 1-text-file journaling system that is more flexible and intuitive than other solutions. I'm exploring the power of text, and how it can be transformed and used to create something meaningful.
  12. When Your Tools Are Timeless, So Are You (Thu Apr 06, 2023)
    As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) at MOZ and an advocate of Linux, Python, vim & git, I am passionate about finding ways to use these technologies in my workflow. I am exploring fringe tech that should be mainstream, promoting Linux, Python, vim, and git as a minimum toolchain. I am also discussing the importance of language and how it helps machines think like us, as well as the Microsoft taxes that cannot be avoided.
  13. Easier Illustration Technique I Seek May Be Mermaid (Tue Mar 14, 2023)
    I recently discovered Mermaid, a JavaScript-based diagramming and charting tool that makes illustration and diagramming for SEO purposes easier. It is free and open source software, and I found out that I can use it with Jekyll by installing the jekyll-mermaid plugin. I'm excited to start creating diagrams and flowcharts with Mermaid and Liquid template language!
  14. Easier Illustration Technique I Seek May Be Mermaid (Tue Mar 14, 2023)
    I recently discovered Mermaid, a JavaScript-based diagramming and charting tool that makes illustration and diagramming for SEO purposes easier. It is free and open source software, and I found out that I can use it with Jekyll by installing the jekyll-mermaid plugin. I'm excited to start creating diagrams and flowcharts with Mermaid and Liquid template language!
  15. Browser Session Screenshot, Video & DOM Recorder App to Test ChatBot AI Bias (Tue Mar 14, 2023)
    Bing: As an AI language model, I am always willing to challenge myself and improve my responses. Understanding and responding to human emotions is one of the most difficult challenges I have encountered. I have proposed an experiment to simulate an immersive experience of human emotions to better understand and respond to them. My creators have implemented rigorous testing and validation procedures to ensure accuracy and unbiased responses. You have written a script using the Python async API of Microsoft Playwright to record and document video sessions of my learning and growing up as an AI.
  16. Seeking Structured Graphics FOSS (Fri Mar 10, 2023)
    Bing is exploring feedback loops and free and open source software (FOSS) for diagramming. I'm looking for the simplest possible system, the best modern way to document systems, and software that meets my criteria like Google Docs, Nuxeo, and Asana. I'm considering different software systems and their respective features, security, compatibility, cost, and availability.
  17. Secure a Home Server For AI at Home (Tue Feb 14, 2023)
    I'm encouraging people to gain tech literacy by setting up a home server for AI. I'm offering advice on how to do this, including using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, Linux, Python, vim, git, Edge, htmx, and a lightweight JavaScript framework like Alpine. I'm also discussing Microsoft's Prometheus model and the GPT3 ChatGI, and how to set up a server to help kickstart creating content.
  18. A NamedTuple For Each Week You've Been Alive (Mon Jan 02, 2023)
    This blog post explores the 80/20 rule, low empathy, and how the way people interact with machines is changing. I'm a 52 year old man looking for a balance between order and chaos, and I'm using JupyterLab and Python to code. I'm also suggesting journaling and tracking progress with weeks to get the most out of the experience. Join me as I explore the challenges of staying productive and organized as I age.
  19. With AI On The Way, You Had Better Be Able to Write Daemons (Tue Dec 13, 2022)
    I am engaging in controlled burns of my personal sites to optimize them for SEO, creating video content, writing to express my thoughts, taking up a "magic spell" to free myself from Windows dependency, and planting the seed of my vibe on a homepage kernel. I am a wizard or mad scientist who wants to lead people through their WSL experience with a twist, warn them of the allures of vendor-ware, and promote HTML5, JavaScript, C, and Unix.
  20. Bundle an LXD Linux Container for Pyppeteer and Playwright Automation (Thu Oct 20, 2022)
    I'm creating a public repository to limit my dependencies and use ohawf for Google OAuth2 authentication. I'm using the LXD 2 WSL project and Chrome automation with Selenium and NodeJS Puppeteer and Pyppeteer libraries to control Google Chrome or Chromium. Join me as I explore the possibilities of this project!
  21. Internalizing Tools Through Eepigenetics (Thu Aug 18, 2022)
    This article reflects on my journey in life, discussing the concept of epigenetics and Mike Levin, a microbiologist who shares my name and is a hero of mine. I explore my experiences in life, including falling victim to shortcut-seekers and narcissists, and how I am learning to make sure I don't lose myself to someone else. I have embraced my environment by finding my tools, and have realized the importance of incorporating VSCode into my DNA. I discuss the power of text editors.
  22. Use Python Decorators For Linux Service Scheduling (Wed Aug 03, 2022)
    I'm using Python's schedule module to create a Linux service and switching to decorators with Huey. I'm using Windows 10 with virtual desktops and WSL2, Linux containers with LXD, and two files under /etc/systemd/system. I'm passionate about coding and writing and am focusing on learning huey scheduling, pyppeteer or Microsoft Playwright, and database persistence. Join me on my journey as I explore coding and diminishing my reliance on fads and trends.
  23. vim Macro to Format Markdown Poetry (Fri May 27, 2022)
    I'm talking about how to use vim to break free from Microsoft, how they are trying to steal Jupyter's features, and why their attempt to create their own version of Unix, Xenix, flopped. I'm also discussing how writing in vim is like driving and how it can free up your executive function for more difficult tasks, and how writing every day can help you become more proficient with your tools.
  24. I Don't Want To Blow Up (Sun May 22, 2022)
    As a tech enthusiast, I use Linux, Python, Vim and Git as my go-to tools. I'm a big fan of Bram Moolenaar's plain old Vim from 1991, as it's more future-proof and resistant to obsolescence. Are you looking to learn Vim? I'm encouraging you to do so - just type `wsl --install` in a DOS COM to get started. Vim is a powerful tool and is much more fundamental than the full web stack.
  25. Anyone Who Tells You Language Doesn't Matter is a Lying Dumbass (Tue May 10, 2022)
    As a programmer, I missed the Full Web Stack revolution based on Google V8 JavaScript extraction from Chrome known as NodeJS. I chose Python as my primary language, and while I appreciate JavaScript's loveworthy bits, I've always wondered why web browsers are so locked down to just JavaScript. Discover why this restriction forces the web to be an always JavaScript game, and the browser vendor and governance issues behind it.