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Back Hurts, But Maintain Your Indomitable Spirit

I'm setting out to make a positive difference in my life and the lives of others today. My goals for the day include completing paperwork for my upcoming job, creating a new website, and organizing my home. I'm also taking care of my leopard gecko and staying engaged. My motivation is to make sure my child has a good experience in life and to help others feel good about life. I'm starting with the living room to make it a special place for my family.

Making a Positive Impact Despite Back Pain: Achieving Goals and Helping Others Today

By Michael Levin

Monday, February 20, 2023

Okay, I’m going to take today to get my life in order and help bring about the best possible futures for both myself and my child. That’s the goal here, along with helping as many other people (and life-forms) as much as possible with each of their personal journeys. Help myself. Help my child. Help the world, blah, blah, blah. Visualize the end of today:

Okay, that’s nice and humble goals. It’s not like I’m trying to take a stroke off my golf game, LOL. Okay. 1, 2, 3… 1? Get yourself in the mode where you can get up do stuff about the house and come back here to sit down for some more writing, with neither endeavor becoming subsumed to the other. Do both. Do the writing here and do the organizing… uh, here. Place is a funny thing.

My leopard gecko is having difficulty peeling on his face. I’m making a humidity chamber to help soften the unpeeled skin. It can affect their eyesight if you’re not careful. Help make sure Fusilli stays as healthy as I can keep them. Continue sitting by the big window in your apartment. Try to stay “engaged”.

Don’t use internal automatic delaying tactics. There’s something inside us that wants to keep us from moving our life forward. If we’re not getting killed and eaten by predators, we must be doing something right. That’s why lack-of-complacency is such a thing. That’s why finding and fueling motivation is such a thing. Motivation is a rare and necessary component of moving your life forward.

If my child asks me if I have a purpose, I do. It’s always 2-fold. Making sure they have a good experience in life, and that I contribute what I can to helping everyone’s experience that much better. Have a good time myself and help others feel good about life and such.

Of course projection. This is what I need for myself, so it’s an attribute I want to ascribe to an idealized me.

Okay, I need a plan for today. Today is all about the living room. Focus like a laser beam on the living room and get it really nice for Adi.

Ugh, my back hurts. I’m starting to feel my age I think for the first time, but I don’t want to believe it. I’m still in the believing I’m indestructible mode of your early 20s. Fifty-two. In August, I’ll be 53. Then I’ll be in my mid-fifties. Wow, I don’t think of myself like that, and I looked at the Teenager filter on TikTok today and didn’t see any difference.

Beaten down? By hell, no! If I haven’t made it by now, I’ll never make it? Eff that! And I don’t have to necessarily start a company to do it. Although this YouTube thing is sucking me in. If I could do that as my full-time gig I think I’d like it, but only if it was by so much I could catch up on how behind I am on retirement savings. Sheeet. Okay, get serious today. Get serious with life. Flip from explore to utilize.

Ugh okay I did a lot. This kind of thing has to be in layers. Lots of small steps. I have to make that sort of thing central to my message. Remember the baby-steps. Remember the layering things on.