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Consulting With The New Bing On How to Go Viral

This blog post provides advice on how to create content that will go viral, from using visuals and interactive content to understanding the target audience. I researched six articles on the topic, covering topics such as quality content, platform optimization, and evoking high-arousal emotions. This post is a great resource for anyone looking to create content that will have an impact.

Creating Viral Content: 6 Tips for Success

By Michael Levin

Sunday, March 5, 2023

How can I publish in order to teach people this in such a way is it is sure to go viral. keep in mind the target audience of folks who can do incredible technical things in Excel and Google Sheets but have not taken that next step onto Pytnon on Linux even though they can now by running JuputerLab unde Linux under Windows now with WSL and magic install scripts. They can start using Python on a real Linux server and take the first major step to real 24x7 automation without having dependencies on cloud platforms or proprietary systems. Make that argument for an audience of people who are right on the edge of taking that step and tell me where to use the message.

Thank you for your question. Based on my web searches, some of the tips to create viral content are:

To reach an audience of people who are proficient in Excel and Google Sheets but have not taken the next step into Python on Linux, you might want to:

Some of the platforms where you can publish your content are:

I hope this helps. Do you have any follow-up questions? 😊

Source: Conversation with Bing, 3/3/2023

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